[VIDEO] – CNN reporter says reporters should consider SKIPPING White House press gaggle

CNN reporter Jim Acosta is very frustrated at the fact that the White House is holding press gaggles that can’t be recorded and wonders if reporters should consider skipping these White House press gaggles:

I’m no fan of Acosta, but he does have a point. The White House should hold daily press briefings where they are on the record answering questions for the American public to hear. After all, they are accountable to the people…or at least they should be.

But the other side to this is that Trump has been under siege from a very hostile media and he’s changed the way the White House does these briefings to try and mitigate some of the pressure. I’m not entirely sure it’s helped all that much, to be honest.

The thing is that neither are fair and neither are how things should really be.

Look I’m not excusing Trump for pulling back like this on these briefings, but I do understand his position, especially when the last administration got a free pass on so much by the very same media.

But I also understand Acosta’s lament here because he’s not wrong.

The whole system is so out of whack right now that many of us just shake our heads and throw up our hands at this point.


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