Video: Israel’s IDF shoots down unmanned drone

This is flipping awesome (the shooting down part):

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was identified penetrating Israeli airspace this morning, and was intercepted by the IAF at approximately 10:00 AM. IDF soldiers are currently searching the area where the drone was downed, in open areas in the northern Negev, to locate and identify the drone.

Here’s more info on it:

YNET NEWS – A few hours after two fighter jets shot down a small unmanned aircraft that penetrated Israeli airspace in the south Saturday morning, it is safe to say that an element operating in Lebanon under the auspices of Iran and with its support, apparently Hezbollah, activated the drone. The drone itself, which was downed in the south Mount Hebron area, was apparently made in Iran.

Operating a drone by remote control from such a long distance requires advanced capabilities, which Israel was not aware Hezbollah had acquired.

Hezbollah’s drones have infiltrated Israeli airspace in the past, from the north, but their activation did not require any navigation system. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that infiltrated Israel on Saturday did require such a system. The incident showed that the Air Force has the ability to detect and intercept drones at any stage of their flight.

The drone was apparently launched by Iran or one of its allies to test the IDF’s detection and interception capabilities, and perhaps even to search for specific targets in south Israel. The drone apparently began its flight in Lebanon and then headed in the direction of Gaza’s coastline after flying over the Mediterranean Sea. This route was chosen not only because it utilized the depth of the sea’s airspace, but also because Israeli UAVs regularly hover above Gaza.

The drone’s operators may have planned to take advantage of this fact in hopes of confusing Israel’s detection and interception systems. However, the drone was detected while it was still flying over the Mediterranean Sea and was downed a half-hour later over the south Mount Hebron area after IAF jets made certain it was not carrying any explosives and that its main mission was intelligence gathering.

There is no doubt that the operation is indicative of a high level of sophistication of the drone’s operators, who are apparently Hezbollah terrorists, and also of their plans to perhaps use similar Iranian-made aircraft in the future to destroy targets inside Israel. It is also clear that Hezbollah chose such a long route so that it would not be accused of sending the drone and risk Israeli retaliation.

In other words, Hezbollah tried to conceal the fact that it had sent the drone by selecting a long route that passed through the Mediterranean Sea. It wanted the drone to enter Israel near Gaza, perhaps in an attempt to place the blame on Hamas, which is currently considered hostile to elements that are loyal to Iran.

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  • Arrgh! And want is more angering is the thought that these drones may have been reproduced by the “captured” drone that Pres. Obama allowed our enemies to take and use instead of destroying it when he could have.

    It is great to see that Israel is wise to the ways of their enemies and can combat these dangerous drones.

    • Sober_Thinking

      You read my mind! 🙂

    • p m

      And mine…

    • kong1967

      Too soon. No way could they have copied such a complicated and sophisticated technology and also reproduce it so soon.

      • Orangeone

        Kong, they could if O’Bambi leaked the design details. I put nothing past this administration.

        • kong1967

          That’s true. The transfer of the drone sure looked like it was on purpose. Not saying it was, but it couldn’t have gone any smoother if we sent it over on a carrier and hand delivered it.

    • wodiej

      good grief…no president in their right mind would have allowed them to have their captured drone back. But we already know who’s side obama is on and it’s not ours.

      • tshtsh

        That is why we need to destroy everything we do not bring back after our exit from Afganistan and anyplace else in the middle east.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        You do know that was a captured US drone?

        • No I can’t say I did know that, but being over Israel glad to hear and see it’s now scrap medal. In other words, don’t spy or scrap with Isarel. It’s means bad news with a bad outcome for any nation.

          • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

            I was responding to woodie that Obama didn’t allow “them” to have THEIR captured drone back – he failed to have a US drone captured by THEM to be destroyed.

            [There’s no suggestion that the drone the IAF shot down today is the same one.]

            • exactly. But still haven’t heard who the drone belonged to. I kind of wonder if the drone may have been outdated and used for target practise and it’s been played to the public as a renagade? I don’t really believe that but the case, I wonder about it anyway.
              It’s been very quit on the western front, if you know what I mean. no updated facts.

    • But Obama did his duty and asked the Iranians to give it back.

    • Orangeone

      Sorry puritand71, didn’t see your post until I posted mine. Great minds!

    • bobemakk

      Obama is a complete failure and allowed this to happen as you said. I pray to God above that he is ousted from the WH. Romney and Paul will do a great job bringing this country back to what our forefathers set forth. A country with freedom of speech, religion and common sense politicians, not like the democrats we have in office now starting with Obama.

      • I agree that Obama is a failure. I am though very hesitant to put all my “eggs” into the Republican basket, they have just as much responsibility and blame for many of the problems we have as the Democrats (think spending and entitlements).

        Here is an article that has made me ponder a bit and try to think through this election cycle

  • A_Truism

    Go Israel!

    2 My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

    3 He will not let your foot slip—
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
    4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.

    Psalm 121:2-4 (NIV)

  • Sober_Thinking


    Drones in Israel’s airspace is a bit ominous. Hopefully it won’t be a copy of the one Obama let Iran have. Oops! There I go again…

    • kong1967

      I wouldn’t think they would have the technology from that for years to come. We gave them the blueprint but they still have to be able to copy it and master it…and understand it.

      • Most likely China helped with decoding the Technology from our downed drone. China is EXCELLENT at reverse-engineering (they are THE BEST at it) our stuff…

        • kong1967

          That’s true. Good thing is it was easily shot down. Unless they sent an overwhelming number of them, they won’t have much of a chance of success.

          Our drone was designed to not be detected by radar (wasn’t it?), so I’m leaning more to believe it wasn’t anything close to what Obama gave Iran. I’m hoping, anyway.

          • Our drones aren’t that stealthy, from what I understand. It would cost too much money for them to be stealthy like a Fighter aircraft…part of their allure is that they are (relatively) cheap and simple.

            • kong1967

              Oh, well, then that changes things a little bit. Now I can only hope Iran doesn’t have the technology until I hear for sure.

        • Watchman74

          That’s what I was thinking, the drone is a bit too advanced for Iran alone.

      • tshtsh

        Well, 30-40 years ago they did attend our war colleges and other military training facilities.

        • kong1967

          Whether or not this drone had the same technologies in the downed U.S. drone, we do know that Obama gift-wrapped our drone and gave it to Iran. They should have our drones equipped with location detectors so they could do a fly-over and blow the thing to smitherines…or make it self destruct. If Iran doesn’t have the technology yet, they will have it sooner or later.

          • Orangeone

            Preferably blow it up when lots of enemy Iranians are standing there disecting it.

            • kong1967

              LMAO, so true.

        • tvlgds

          Yep. We were training the Irani Air Force pilots at Dyess AFB in TX back in the early 70’s.

    • Fact is this particular drone copy is dead , as is any who try to harm Israel. Their God “Jehovah” takes no prisoners and is happy to correct nations with ill intentions toward the apple of his eye.
      So Lest the world forget, Jehovah is alway’s eagar to dimonstrate his might, as with
      Egypt, Rome, and the Arabs, and would do more so if he were tempted to … America.
      So let’s stay inside his will concerning Israel, therein lies the USA’s protection.

      Tea Party Patriot

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on!

  • p m

    With these nutjobs having access to these (and now Yemen too, courtesy of the WH) you gotta wonder how safe civil aviation is too – don’t you? Medium altitude drones operate between 10,000 and 30,000 feet. You guys have any insights?

    • kong1967

      We’re going to have to make sure we have quick response defenses against them. Could you imagine if they sent in about 10,000 of these at one time armed with bombs or something? They could crash them into buildings and self detonate.

      • p m

        Absolutely, and not sure if Israel’s Iron Dome rocket/missile defense system could stop them. Plus the attacks would be multi-directional. I don’t know enough about Iron Dome – will have to do some research.

        Quite a few late birds tonight – and Scoop must be pulling an all-nighter with these treats – did you catch Allen West and Mark Levin on the other thread? Monumental! I gotta turn in now – see you tomorrow I hope:)

        • kong1967

          “see you tomorrow I hope:)” – p m

          Are you planning on not waking up, lol?

          Well, I would think that by putting a large number of birds in the air (if a large wave of drones are detected) they could be shot down without using missiles. That is, if the drone comes from outside the border. We are not so protected if the attack comes from inside the border because it will be like finding a needle in a haystack with all the planes in the air (thousands).

          • Orangeone

            Maybe there is another use for the failing “Wind Energy”, drone take down. Sorry kong, couldn’t help myself.

            • kong1967

              You mean to kill the drones like the birds the left denies get killed?

              • Orangeone

                Yes, including Bald Eagles.

                • kong1967

                  Yeah, that sucks.

      • hbnolikeee

        To repeat… a phalanx or the like would handily take care of that, yes?

        • kong1967

          Yes, but mobility might be an issue. Big ships would be too slow unless they are already in a stategic position, and fixed ones on the ground may not have the reach necessary. You would know more about that. I’m hardly a weapons defense expert.

          I was thinking F-16’s could quickly get in the air and shoot them down without using their expensive missiles. The drones are slow moving targets.

  • kong1967

    That was awesome! Was that our drone that Obama gifted to Iran, lol? Too bad it wasn’t, because they are surely using ours to learn from.

  • aussieguy64

    The fighter in this video (Israeli Air Force (IAF)) is an American-made F-16 Fighting Falcon. Be proud that a product from Lockheed-Martin (manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas), is defending the ally of the USA.

    …And this is despite President Obama’s behaviours towards Israel.

    • Jerseygalnny

      Great comment! This is signaling something, more that the mere words that say ‘Israel will defend herself.’ It is clear that she will! God bless

      • Orangeone

        We know Canada stands with her. This Christian does as well!!

    • hbnolikeee

      But but but, Lockheed-Martin didn’t make that (sarc).

      • Orangeone

        Lockheed caved to O’Bambi yet again by taking our tax dollars for legal defense and violating the WARN Act.

        • tvlgds

          The last thing I want is a foreign company building our military aircraft.

          • Orangeone

            Have you heard that China might be designing our new communications system?

            • tvlgds

              No, I hadn’t heard that, but I’m not surprised. I can only shake my head and cry at the stupidity of the PTB in DC. I know they make a lot of our military aircraft parts….sabotage anyone.

              • Orangeone

                I think it will discussed on 60 minutes tonight.  Not that they don’t selective edit stories to benefit O’Bambi…

    • Orangeone

      Capitalism is also to be thanked for Israel’s defense. If O’Bambi has his way, American businesses will become owned by him and he will decide who is able to receive products/services.

  • wodiej

    it’s good to know Israel’s army has the capabilities to detect these things. I don’t know what in the world Iran think’s it’s doing. obama will be out of office soon. If they try to attack Israel, Romney is going to cut loose “The Kracken” aka our miltary.

  • PovrlaChasse

    Two things got my attention in this report. One is they say the “drone” (or whatever it was) was shot down over south Hebron which is extreme north Israel and is of course land, and yet they say the drone was cruising well out to sea. These two facts are not compatible. Also, they describe Hamas as hostile to Iran. Hamas has traditionally been very close to Iran and has recieved billions in aid and weapons from Iran. This would seem to indicate that the rise of the MB is competition to Iranian expansion and causing tension. This is born out in Syria where the MB is fighting against Assad and Iran is an ally of Assad. An MB and Iran schism would be a positive development for Israel.

    I agree full force with the people who believe that Obama intentionally flew that drone into Iran as a gift to the Mullas. I do not know if there was blackmail or extortion or just Obama’s trademarked obsequiousness and naïveté when dealing with all anti-Western world leaders but especially when dealing with Muslim leaders. Regardless of the reason, that drone was flown fully intact and landed gently on an airstrip in Iran. It is impossible for any reasonable person to believe that a drone representing America’s highest level of technology, including ECM and stealth technology, was not equipped with a self destruct. It was. The self destruct was not utilized and an air stike to destroy it was not authorized. These decisions could only have come directly from Obama himself.

    Watching the video of the drone landing, I was half expecting to see a big red bow tied to the front of it.

    • Nukeman60

      The article said the drone came inland close to Gaza, after traveling a long route over water (apparently to give the impression it was from Gaza), they didn’t blow it up until they determined that it wasn’t carrying explosives, and, btw, Hebron is in South Central Israel (Southern portion of the West Bank, just east of the Gaza strip).

      • PovrlaChasse

        Ahh, yes. I was thinking of Hermon for some reason in the Gallile. Just a brain freeze. So, now I see. It flew out over the Med, entered by way of Gaza flew through the Negev on the way to Hebron and after possibly Jerusalem. Got it. When I mixed up Hermon with Hebron I confused myself. thanks.

        BTW, I have actually been to the top of Hermon with the IDF overlooking Lebannon and Syria. You’d think I would know the difference. Toda raba, assiti ta’oot.

        • Nukeman60

          I bet that was a beautiful sight. 🙂

          • Orangeone

            And Bibi didn’t go on national TV claiming credit either.

          • PovrlaChasse

            Funny you should mention that. I was there in the late spring. On the way up Hermon there are places to pull off and sight see. There was one stop where you are at some considerable elevation overlooking southern Lebanon and North Israel and it was stunningly beautiful. I have been all over the world and have yet to see anything like it. It was so lush, and verdant, and pastoral, as well as being fastidiously clean and manicured. Yes it was an amazing sight and one I still remember well and think of often.

            There was not much to see at the top. There was an empty resort up there and a squad of armed lookouts and soldiers, nothing more than that really. But the trip getting there was fantastic. If you ever did it, you would not forget it.

  • I know that each new administration chickens out upon entering the White House, but I really wish that the administration of President Romney would launch but a few investigations:

    1. Where did that drone end up?

    2. Why are federal government civilian agencies, some admittedly with law enforcement divisions, suddenly purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition?

    3. Why are Obama and Eric Holder refusing to enforce the law against illegal administration? (That one COULD, it seems, spill over into the Bush administration.)
    But it’s a question that needs to be asked.)

    4. Why did the DOJ suddenly drop and run from the lawsuits and investigation it
    had instigated again Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

    • Orangeone

      R Squared needs to locate, account for and seize all of that ammo and give it to MiketheMarine’s sniper squad for training and defense purposes.

  • colliemum

    Regardless of the drone having come from Hezbollah via Iran or directly via Obama – it should be clear to the watchers in the Pentagon and, more importantly, to the incoming Romney administration, that trying to cut off Israel is unwise in the extreme.
    It is unwise because, as this video shows, they are capable of defending themselves against new technology, and that the defense technologies israel develops will be of huge benefit to us all.
    What are the odds that the Taliban will soon have accessto such drones, thanks to Iran, who have helped them develop IEDS in the past?
    And what are the odds of our servicemen and women to defend themselves against these? Not looking good, is it, on past experiences.
    Therefore, remember this:

    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” – Gen 12, 3

  • 911Infidel

    One shot one kill. It applies to Mahdis too…not just their equipment. Eff you Ahmedinadinnerjacket.

    • PVG

      Another empty jacket.

  • Looks like Iran is getting intelligence it needs to invade and wipe out Israel. We need a President who will take this threat to Israel seriously.

    • No, it looks like Iran is confirming what we already know…nobody is going to “invade and wipe out” Israel.

  • Although it’s a great thing that the Israelis shot done the drone, what troubles me is how many more of them are in southern Lebanon? These things can be used as guided missiles and can be very dangerous, especially over small and undefended towns. Since there is no pilot on board a drone, you really don’t care if it gets shot down, so you can get real bold on what its ultimate target is. It can be used as a weapon to spread terror, much like the V-1 rockets did during World War II. Although missiles are faster and harder to shoot down, they can only hit one target before being destroyed. A drone can hit multiple targets before being destroyed if it isn’t shot down quickly. So I’m sure the Israelis are wondering right now how many more drones like this one is Iran giving Hezbollah, and how they can destroy them. Just shows you what a dangerous part of the world Israel is in and Obama doesn’t think much about helping them out.

    • hbnolikeee

      I’m thinking if you aimed a Phalanx in the general direction of the enemy, they can launch all the drones they want. A wall of rounds (4500 per minute) will turn them into confetti.

    • Orangeone

      Me thinks Israel is on the prowl to find the source in Lebanon and put them out of action permanently.

    • aussieguy64

      Today’s Israel isn’t defenseless or blind. See their equipment list…
      (See the “Air forces equipment” section).

      For air defense, their hardware mainly consists of American and Israeli developed systems.

      Israel themselves have become competent in developing their own advance military systems that rival the USA and Russia. Their missile and electronic systems are one of the best and well-known in military circles; they have been exported to South Korea and India. (As both have to deal with North Korea and China/Pakistan respectively.)

      When push comes to shove, Israel is not an easy target. Look at the type of advanced radar systems they have watching over the country 24/7…

      They can hold their own in a fight as they have both the training and modern equipment. They just need to know they have a friend (USA) to back them when the crapper hits the fan…But Obama isn’t that friend.

  • bongobear

    Looks like an F-4 Phantom crew got it. Good for them!

  • Nice of them to facilitate a full up tracking and shoot down exercise! All systems go!

  • Great Job Israel; when you see um Blast um.

  • Ford Prefect

    I guess those drones are not so effective if someone can shoot back.

  • Orangeone

    Was this drone modeled after the one O’Bambi didn’t destroy?

  • Awesome?? I think its scary as hell that these people have drones.

  • Too bad they couldn’t have caught it, loaded it with explosives and sent it home!

  • demographicallychallenged

    I will bet you five cents that was our droan. They couldn’t copy one that quickly but they should be able to reprogram it and use their own computers to guide it.


    …and GOD shall protect his children . Amen .”

  • aZjimbo

    That is great.