Video – Newt: Why does the president make people think he’s a Muslim

I love this about Newt. He was asked yesterday if he’s concerned that a sizable number of people polled believe Obama is a Muslim. But Newt turns it around, putting aside any political correctness, and defended the American people and asked why the president would behave in a way that would make people think he’s a Muslim.


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  • toongoon

    Newt almost always puts it in sensible terms. Obama does things that either benefit Islamist’s or doesn’t affect them at all.

    • keyesforpres

      Benefits muslims. The term Islamist is a politically correct term made up in recent years.

      • sDee

        I would say just the opposite. Mulsim is a politically correct term for something far more dangerous and subversive.

        Islamist is actually a more accurate and powerful term for someone like Hussein Obama. A bit like an arabist, or an apologist for islam.

        To put this in context one first needs to recognize that islam not a religion. It is a brutal oppressive theocracy wrapped up as a religion.

        If for example, one points to the inherent violence, oppression and misogyny by using the term “muslim”, it opens you up to immediate accussations of religious bigotry. This is why islam has been wrapped in a cloak of religion. It a powerful and effective means to hide malintent behind a religion – to silence any criticism in a politically correct western world.

        Islamists are often not practicing muslims. They align their ideologies and political interests with islam in order to benefit from the power inherent to islam’s fascism and intimidation. As it does with muslims themselves, this insulates and masks the fascist, marxist or global designs of the islamist.

        A simple example of this is how no one could use Obama’s middle name during the election. A more serious example is how he could was able to escape criticism for making some very sinister deals with the Muslim Brotherhood and escape any scrutiny. Barack Hussein Obama is a dangerous islamist and thrives on the innuendo that he is a mulsim. He has hidden well behind it.

        • NYGino

          sDee, very well spoken, you’ve torn the veil off the true face of our enemy. This is why the term ‘radical Islam’ is to be avoided.

        • keyesforpres

          I have to respectfully disagree with you. I believe the term Islamists might make those uninformed on Islam think that muslims wouldn’t behave badly, only the Islamists would do that. The truth is, a muslim follows a god who hates, a god who tells them to kill and they will go to heaven, etc. The problem is muslims. Most believe in shariah law and a large number believe in jihad and most believe Islam should rule the world.

          The problem is muslims.

          • sDee

            Of course islam is the problem as are the muslims who follow it. No question that it is the greatest threat to humanity, freedom and western civilization.

            I am not disagreeing with you. We should not call a muslim an islamist, or equate the two. If you re-read what I wrote , I tried to explain that islamists are people and organizations like Brennen, Obama, Clinton, Norquist, Bloomberg, the UN, EU the Media etc. People who align with the evil of islam for their political gain.

            In the case of Hussein Obama, he is so closely aligned to islam that he fosters this “innuendo” that he is a muslim to fend off criticism or investigation.

            That, I believe is what is behind Newt’s brilliant response.

        • whendoesitstop

          There is no such word as an islamist. A muslim is to islam as a Christian is to Christianity. A person who believes in Christianity is a Christian. A person who believes in Islam is a Muslim. People making up ideas of what one means opposed to the other are part of what makes people use stupid, made up terms to begin with. Islamist is a word that came about because people didn’t know what to call a person who followed islam.

        • I don’t use the M word or the I word for those camelhumping savages. I bowdlerize each to make the web crawlers less aware that I reference the abomination of a cult that masquerades as some sort of religion to infiltrate and subvert or subjugate the citizens of another territory.

      • W.

        Islamic supremacist is more accurate.

        US Black Muslim Supremacists, started out as the Nation of Islam and other groups such Jeremiah Wright’s Church.

        They unapologetically described themselves as a religion of hate and vengeance that opposed Martin Luther King’s non-violent, Biblical Christian love-based movement:

        Black Liberation Theology –
        Hate that Hate produced – (Farrakhan/Obama/Malcolm X)

        Obama grew up in the midst of his maternal side’s Marxism/Communism and his fathers’ (two adoptive and one biological father) Black Muslim Supremacism, Indonesian and the Sunni Islam to which his biological father converted not long before his death.

        He is the product of his upbringing and his sponsors’ training.

        • keyesforpres

          The problem is muslims. They follow Islam..a violent, supremist, expansionistic, misogynistic, ideology. You never know what is in a muslims heart. You don’t know if they have taken the hate to heart.

    • Velvet

      Just an FYI or reminder of Hillary’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin (aka Weiner’s wife). Her family is not only muslim, much more than that, they are active leaders within the brotherhood. If you’ve not read this story, I urge you to do so and remind yourself of all the ties this group has to our political powers that be. Also ponder with me if Breitbart possibly had more information which may have been learned during Weinergate. Recall that he promised to Vet the Prez and had proof that would destroy his regime.

      Perhaps I am just drawing unmentionable conclusions, though at the very least suspicion seems truly warranted. These are unscrupulously dangerous people.

      • TexasPGRRider

        EYE OPENING READ …THANKS VEL… I noticed Ms.Toplansky`s article was posted 19 June 2011. I believe that`s Juneteenth. Also, this past week, I think Hillary stated that she was going “over the heads of congress” to appropriate our taxpayer dollars to fund the new muslim brotherhood govt. of Egypt. The puzzle pieces are coming together and the picture is becoming obvious. It is truly time to WAKE UP AMERICA and Pay Attention!!! Our Founding Fathers and all who have fought for Liberty and Freedom are Screaming from their graves!!! May God Bless our Troops and America….and Grant us the Strength to rise above all threats of Tyranny and Injustice.

        • Velvet

          Worrisome Security Council Presidential Statement on Syria March 23, 2012

          Hillary Clinton called it “a positive step. The council has now spoken with one voice.” She also said Washington is working with Syria’s opposition “to strengthen its preparation to participate in the Syrian-led transition process that the Council has endorsed.” By any other name, she means regime change.

          And today we have this – Obama: Window for diplomatic solution to nuclear Iran is closing. U.S. President reiterates position on Iran nuclear issue after talks with Turkish PM Erdogan; remarks come week and a half after Russian daily reported that United States had asked Russia to deliver ultimatum to Iran.

      • toongoon

        Very interesting read Velvet, glad you held on to that. The democrats were trying to keep Wiener in his seat because he was so outspoken, arrogant, and could redirect the focus of issues. When it was obvious that the Wiener issue was not going away easily they forced him to resign before Huma’s background became an issue.

        I think the Democrats made a mistake in choosing Obama over Hillary. Nobody would have accused Hillary of being a Muslim and she would have been able to do much more damage to our country without the scrutiny.

        You’re right Velvet, these are extremely dangerous people, their willingness to arrogantly defy the constitution and snub the people of the United States and create secret alliances with barbaric cultures will not end well for us, or them.

        • Velvet

          Oh and the DOJ refusing Fast & Furious subpoena, stating GOP lawmakers can’t be trusted with the information.

          According to CNN, in a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), Weich suggested that sensitive information was being leaked to the media by their staffs. Therefore, Weich is denying Issa‘s and Grassley’s subpoena because of the “sensitivity” of the ongoing operation.

          Issa spokeswoman Becca Watkins responded Friday night, saying, “It is troubling that the attorney general continues to express the outlandish view that his compliance with lawful and binding subpoenas is merely optional.”

          I believe “troubling” doesn’t quite go far enough, how about criminal obstruction?!

  • PicklePlants

    His greatest strength is his quick wit and ability to see questions/problems outside the way they are framed. Alas, his biggest weakness is his tendency to leap before he thinks. i.e. landing on the moon, global warming, etc.

    • REHLV

      That is an unfair assessment of Newt. You need to look at what was happening and the facts that were being presented by the top scientist in the world. It is easy to judge a person when all you do is look backwards. The moon will be manned someday, either by us or another nation. I like America first.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree. The moon will be manned. It is just like drilling in the Gulf. There will be drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. It is either us drilling there or China, India, and South America drilling there. Obama stops us from drilling, but can’t stop them. So how does that help protect the environment? It doesn’t and doesn’t stop rigs from being there. Only stops our rigs, our progress and our productivity. I don’t know why people don’t see that.

    • Grikfo

      referring to landing on the moon, Newt was talking about Private Industry carrying forth the venture and taking it away from NASA

      • Precisely, and he made those comments while in Florida and put them in the context of JFK’s speech about putting a man in space with the decade. It inspired people to focus on science, math, technology. Not everyone can be employed in service and financial industries, etc. He wants the youth in America to once again have dreams of big things. There’s nothing wrong with that!

    • lostdutchman

      If you are being so analytical, why can you not recognize what you see as criticisms of Newt as simply defects in your analytical abilities?

  • keninil

    Well done Newt !!

  • anneinarkansas

    Newt is a wordsmith.

    • W.

      Yes – he knows how to turn the conversation to Truth and not get snagged by the little hooks the media sets for him.

      Romney should learn to speak truth…rather than what he thinks people want to hear.

      • sDee

        For Romeny to speak the truth he would first have to be able to recognize it. I do not think either are in the man. Everything is a shade of gray. He could not have gotten what he has, on principles.

        • I agree. When one has deeply-ingrained conservative principles like Newt, the answers flow so easily. Newt never has to think for awhile before answering a question, because it’s right there in his whole being. That is what has impressed me about Newt Gingrich for so many years. He is able to articulate his positions better than any politician I have ever observed, plus he has the brain power to go with it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Excellent point. Many of the things that maobama has done have brought disgrace upon himself and this country. To say that his conduct, decisions and the policies he’s pushed are “Christian” is a complete stretch. Maobama only cares about himself and destroying this country.

    Newt as usual, calls it like he sees it. Nice.

  • sjmom

    Maybe people think Obama is a Muslim because he bows to them and disses Israel. Actions speak louder than words and Obama’s actions have shouted his beliefs.

  • 12grace

    Newt is not political correct and I love it. Finally, someone with the courage to tell it like it is…

  • stevenbiot

    Good answer Newt! I wonder if people think he’s a Muslim, because he despises Israel, gives the Muslim Brotherhood our tax dollars, promoted the Arab Spring, or because he bows to Muslim dictators. Any one of the above reasons could be valid.

    • sara holy land

      I’d like to hear,that somebody will ask him what he thinks?
      Like asking the Santorum.
      And not what others think.
      So he replies in most cases.
      He always avoiding the direct answer.
      But, on budget and how to create jobs is a specialist!
      I know the answers by heart.

      • stevenbiot

        I think conservative candidates should answer openly that Obama sympathizes with Arab countries, and gives the cold shoulder to Israel. This is the reason many people obviously agree that Obama has Muslim sympathies, and Jewish disdain.

        • sara holy land

          Your answer is correct, only that was another question .

  • 12grace

    Support The Koch Brothers!

  • Sinsonta

    It is really sad to see that a men with so much knowledge & ability to call it like it is, has been pushed out of the race by Romney’s Money Machine. Furthermore, it is even more sad, that so many Americans have decided that a Moderate is much better to defeat BHO.

    • stevenbiot

      Hopefully Santorum will gain a bit of traction. I just voted for him here in Louisiana. He’s gonna carry this state. I think Santorum will get Texas, also.

      • sara holy land

        Well done – I vote for you ! 🙂 :)……………………

        • stevenbiot

          You made me blush. haha. Thanks!

          • sara holy land

            it’s My pleasure 🙂 🙂 ………

            Have a wonderful & great weekend.

            Stunning performance.


      • Sinsonta

        Well let’s hope so. Better Santorum than Romney!

        • lostdutchman

          better NEWT than either!!!

        • lostdutchman

          better NEWT than either!!!

          • Sinsonta

            Agree 100%. However, things are not looking good for Newt at all. Romney’s money really damaged his campaign and considering that the voters let themself believe all the crap that Romney & his super-pack spread around the Nation have made his chances reduced to 0.

            • The negative ads, begun in Iowa, motivated the SuperPac backing Newt to produce that horrid video attacking Mitt and Bain. That did major damage because it brought out the old-guard GOP elitists to say it was attacking capitalism. That caused the deluge of headlines on Drudge, which I think was Jan 26 (Drudge seems to be all in for Mitt), and it’s been a battle for Newt to stay afloat ever since. Even though Newt asked the SuperPac to take down that video, the damage was done. And, the GOP elitists have never wanted him from the getgo. It’s “Mitt’s turn” and they’ve been doing whatever is necessary to make sure he gets the nomination. They all make me sick. Newt has praised Dick Armey for helping get the Contract for America accomplished in less than 90 days in 1995, yet Armey chose to jump on the bandwagon to criticize him. I don’t get it at all, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive him for his disloyalty and dishonesty.

              • Sinsonta

                Dick Armey is a traitor. Also, Glenn Beck did plenty of damage to Newt.

          • Exactly! See my reply to Sinsonta above.

      • W.

        No – NEWT!

        • stevenbiot

          I don’t have a problem with Newt. But, like Romney, he supported the individual mandate. I have a problem with that position.

          • nibblesyble

            His position on individual mandates were that a person could opt out if they showed that they were able to pay their medical bills. So not as harsh as Romney who actually implemented it. He has since looked at the data and decided it more or less sucks and isn’t the solution. My point is, Romney nor Santo can defend themselves while turning things back on Obama in the Fall like Newt can. The most major thing Reagan was able to do, was communicate with the people…bypassing the corupt media and winning them over. Newt can do that in spades. To me that is his greatest asset, and he has many.

          • wodiej

            Santorum supported plenty of things conservatives dont’ agree with. Tit for tat. Gingrich is still much more accomplished and experienced than Santorum.

          • 3boojums

            Newt support-ED Romney support-S

          • Sinsonta

            Newt clarified his initial support before for the individual mandate many times. It was initially view by the Heritage Foundation like a good thing (checking their site previous years you will find the info) When that happen Newt got involved went along with their history. THF realized & discover the big mistake they made & such Newt did the same immediately after THF walked back. Additionally, I must say that if you like the individual mandate, I don’t.

          • lostdutchman

            Are you looking at just the words, or the context of their utterances? He sure as (you know what) can’t be described as “But, like Romney…”! I doubt Romney ever heard of the Heritage Foundation, let alone be asked to speak there.

    • Kordane

      The only way to counter a consistent extreme is to counter it with the opposite consistent extreme.

      eg. To counter big government you need to advocate limited government, to counter communism you need to advocate capitalism, etc

      If you try to counter a consistent extreme with “moderation”, then the consistent extreme will either win or gain ground in its direction.

      The most consistent extreme will win the day. The middle, those “moderates”, will ultimately follow whoever wins the philosophical/ideological war.

    • I’m sad for Newt but even sadder for the country. I don’t believe there is anyone who would fight harder and with more determination than Newt to get the USA back on track. He’s done it before and I have no doubt he would do it again. Mitt is maleable, because he has no firm ideas or positions of his own. Rick would continue to whine if things didn’t go his way, but I’m not convinced he would be able to exert enough real leadership to get the important things done. Newt doesn’t “owe” Congress much of anything, because of the way they treated him as Speaker (including so many in the GOP), and he most certainly is not afraid to step on their delicate toes. He will speak to the American people, much like Reagan did, and will ask for our help in moving Congress in the right direction.

      • Sinsonta

        Indeed, Mitt is super maleable. Where the winds blow there he goes. Very bad for our Republic. Unfortunately, there are many that don’t see what for others is so evident. At this point, I only hope for a brokered convention, and maybe then will be a chance to prevent Romney from winning the nomination. Of course, it may be too late & only 2 months to fight BHO.

  • wodiej

    One of the reasons I decided to support Gingrich when Palin decided not to run. He calls it like he sees it just like she does.

    • NJK

      I am a Newt voter too. He’s such an obvious choice, I don’t understand the stupidity of those voting for Romney. They seem to think Romney is going to work some kind of magic on the economy. The economy is only one of our problems, the infiltration of radical Islam is another. I view Romney as very weak and ill informed about that. Actually, Romney doesn’t seem to have positions on much of anything. I think people that vote for him will be very disappointed. I think he wants to be president, because, he wants to be president. He doesn’t seem to have an understanding about our founding, and doesn’t seem interested in learning it.

      • wodiej

        i agree and along that same argument, why would anyone vote for Santorum other than his religious views? He’s never ran a business, balanced a budget, led anything or done anything remotely as quantitative as Gingrich has. Both have done some things that could be regarded as questionable on a conservative level. But there can be no argument on Gingrich having the accomplished resume, a huge knowledge of facts, solutions and vision, who can swat down the media and would eviscerate Obama in a debate.

        • W.

          In 2011 – Rick Santorum made $900,000.+ dollars, primarily as a lobbyist and a commenter on FOX, as I recall.

          He owns a 2 million dollar home. He’s not just folks. He’s a DC man.

          • stevenbiot

            Hey, we aren’t concerned with a person’s wealth on this side. I’m glad he has a 2 million dollar home. But, he said he wasn’t a lobbyist. If he made cash at Fox, so what?

          • In addition, while his entire family was living in VA, his home district in PA was supplementing his kids’ cyber-homeschool tuition. The district asked the Santorum’s to reimburse them to the tune of $78K. The state of PA decided the “guidelines” weren’t completely clear, so PA “settled” with the district for $55K instead. Maybe it wasn’t fraud, but it certainly seems unethical IMO.

        • Yes! People have fallen in love with Rick’s family and his passionate support for right-to-life issues. He did work hard on welfare reform (for which Newt has praised him) and has given great speeches about protecting the unborn. Bravo. But, he has been very meek on taking on unions, voted against right-to-work laws, and voted for debt ceiling increases w/o much resistance. His support of NCLB doesn’t offend me quite as much, because I do believe if the fed gov’t is funding public education, the taxpayers deserve to see results. That was GWB’s intention, but it hasn’t worked well because the teachers’ unions have fought it and complained about it from the onset. Although Med Part D added another entitlement, it has been far less expensive than originally though. Nevertheless, it probably s/b reformed along with Medicare in order to make it even less costly. I don’t know if Rick has ever proposed SS reforms, or if he has a coherent plan to make it sustainable.

  • Dittos – Newt “… defended the American people…”

    That’s a good way of putting it, Scoop.

    Is BHObama a Muslim”

    “That should bother the President.
    “Why does the President behave in a way that people would think that?
    “Why do they believe that?
    “It’s not cause they’re stupid.”

    Newt “jiu jitsu” Gingrich knows how to use the weight of the question to defend the American people.


    • MrMicawber

      More like “Newt Jitsu” 🙂

      • W.

        NEWT Ginsu – like the cleaver.

  • Cindy09

    “Why would the people believe that? It’s not because they’re stupid?”


  • Alborn

    That was a very good answer. Put it back on the liar-in-chief.

  • Yes, I do like that about Newt.

    Does everyone know that Obama wants to send the Muslin Brotherhood a billion and a half dollars?

    Its things like that.

  • I hope Gingrich stays in. South Carolina has a perfect record of picking republican nominees.

    • keyesforpres

      That was true the last 30 years, but I don’t think that will be the case this go round. After winning SC, the person goes on to win a majority of the other states and that has not happened this time.

  • NYGino

    If it looks like a duck………………………….

    • keyesforpres

      And has a middle name of a duck…..Hussein is a muslim name…

  • NYGino

    Why does he spend millions to hide his background? Why the questionable birth certificate? Why the social security number from a State he never lived in?

    • keyesforpres

      That disqualifies him right there.

    • stevenbiot

      All of Sheriff Joe’s evidence is quite compelling. Obama’s a fraud, plain and simple.

    • sDee

      We are being played.

      The birth certificate issue is a distraction. The original “questionable” BC was put out by his own campaign during the election with really sloppy photoshopping. Each time this controversy makes it to the press, it is traced back to their operatives. Even Trump brought it up once as a distraction.

      Obama, Congress, his campaign, and a team of top Constitutional experts knew Obama was ineligible because his father was not a US citizen. So… they gin up a kah-ray-zeee conspiracy that he was not born here, to distract form his true ineleibility.

      A risk turns into an advantage as the press makes a victim of Obama and denigrates anyone who questions his Constitutional eligibility as racist, bigoted, “birthers”.

      • Nukeman60

        Obama is not a ‘natural born citizen’ per the Constitutional requirements, but he sure is a ‘natural born’ conman.

    • las1

      Why the questionable birth certificate?

      It’s not so questionable anymore. The verdict is in. It’s a forgery.

      Now… who to lay forgery and fraud charges against? That’s a tough one.

      • lostdutchman

        Has no one noticed but me? The ONLY constitutional requirements for President are well known, and found in Art II, sec !. Short of those, there are no legal constraints on his eligibility.

        There is nothing about being a crook, liar, cheat, forger, traitor, or whatever else, to be mentioned there, or anywhere, that would preclude his becoming President. These ‘attributes’, may be important, but that is left to the VOTERS to decide. Not the Court.

        Get his ‘dairy-aire’ out of the WH and then get on his case for all the other things. But stop chasing things that are of no consequence in a court! That is the only place that will ‘can’ him.

        For what it’s worth, a Mombassa BC has surfaced again, and it may be genuine. But, let us not get all bound up in that tangle again. He is not natural born, and that’s enuff.

  • NJK

    Thank you Newt. We know because he walks so loud, you can’t hear what he’s saying.

    People aren’t judged on what they say. They’re judge on their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Obama said he was a Muslim and became a Christian? We all know that if you do this in the Muslim Faith, you will become an apostate and executed. So, either he’s lying about his changing faiths, and he’s still is a Muslim and is only a campaign Christian. The ends justify the means, or Taqiyya. I think it’s both.

    I think he’s working for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Weathermen. They used him to gain access to the White House. The Weathermen had plans for years to infiltrate the government and destroy the country from within. He is their man. We know that the radical left like Ayers have an alliance with radical Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood and Weathermen are prominent in Chicago. Ayers has a history of getting phony ID’s. He talked about it in his Fugitive Days.

    Who needs a bomb or a plane when you can get elected to the highest office in the land because of your half black race, and destroy the country from within. It’s true what Sheriff Arpaio found out. A postal worker who delivered mail to the Ayers home, was introduced to Obama in 1980, in the front yard of Ayers home. He was introduced as a foreign student they were trying to get college funding for. Here is an excerpt from Ayers book. Read it till the end, and you’ll see another interesting tie to Obama from around 1980. You have to be deaf, dumb, and blind or in complete denial to realize this guy is an enemy of this country. It’s treason that he’s allowed to get away with it. Isn’t the punishment for treason capital punishment?

    “After the Baltimore fiasco, stealing ID was forbidden. Instead we began to build ID sets around documents as flimsy as a fishing license or a laminated card available in a Times Square novelty shop called “Official ID.” We soon figured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart, and the best source of those were dead-baby birth certificates. I spent impious days over the next several months tramping through rural cemeteries in Iowa and Wisconsin, Illinois and North Dakota,searching for those sad little markers of people born between 1940 and 1950 who had died between 1945 and 1955. The numbers were surprising:  two in one graveyard, a cluster of fourteen in another. Those poor souls had typically been issued birth certificates—available to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks and a simple form with information I could copy from the death announcement at the archive of the local paper—but they had never applied for a Social Security card.

    Collecting those birth certificates became a small industry, and within a year we had over a hundred. For years I was a paper-made Joseph Brown, and then an Anthony Lee, remarkably durable identities. My on-paper official residences: a transient hotel in San Francisco and a warehouse in New York.

    As is typical Ayers, he throws you off on a story that is fairly true…instead of cemetery or archived newspaper hunts it was the local County vital records office where ‘infant deaths‘ of all dates–the earlier the better– were investigated by a ‘student researcher for his/her thesis.’  No funds were required as the information was only copied, conveniently both the birth and death certificate numbers were on the death certificate.  And all states were involved…during his fugitive days I don’t think he’d be in Illinois or North Dakota looking around in cemeteries especially in winter, heck even in spring.

    From there birth certificates, social security numbers, and drivers licenses were all easily made.  Over the years it was probably thousands of identities. It is also possible to manufacture multiple identities off of that one death certificate. One of the Black Panther Party/Weather Underground’s 1981 Brink’s robbers who is still in jail used the manufactured identity of “Nathanial Tate”  but his real name is Sekou Odinga, and yes, he is related to Raile Odinga, Obama’s cousin.  The Brink’s robbery was north of New York City and three officers were killed.”

    Larry Grathwohl on Ayers’ plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions

    Obama and his ilk want to murder people. This is why I’m worried about the upcoming election. Reichstag Fire anyone? Don’t put it past Ayers, he’s pure evil.

    • keyesforpres

      I have suspected for a couple of years now that O never went to Columbia. I think he mets Ayers at Occidental and followed him to NY. I think O was involved with the Weather Underground during the time he was in NY. Read an article a couple of years ago where they suspect O was with the Weather Undergroun when they threw acid in a man’s face at one of the NY airports.

      No one remembers him at Columbia.

      • sDee

        His “mentor” at Columbia was Brzezinski who groomed and indoctrinated him there. Hussein would not have to go to class for this. Brzezinski is a very powerful man. Powerful enough to get any grade, any degree and record.

        • keyesforpres

          Which means he probably was hanging with the Underground.

          • sDee

            He was hanging with worse. Brzezinski’s gang. 😉

            • keyesforpres

              Could you tell me a little about this guy. I am surprised I have never heard of him before.

      • W.

        And there was a certain brinks truck robbery in which a guard was gunned down in cold blood. One of the suspects got away.

        One of Ayers’ other specialties is false IDs.

        • keyesforpres

          Oh my gosh, I wonder if it was O?

  • NYGino

    If he’s not a Muslim he’s certainly their best friend and number one ace in the hole towards their goal of world domination.

    • sDee

      Yup. The muslms share may common interests with socialists, fascists and marxist like out president. His aligns with them. He is an islamist.

      • W.

        Islam and Fascism, pals since before WWII:

        Islam – Nazi connection: “This is the remarkable story of Haj Amin al-Husseini who was, in many ways, as big a Nazi villain as Hitler himself. To understand his influence on the Middle East is to understand the ongoing genocidal program against the Jews of Israel. Al-Husseini was a bridge figure in terms of transporting the Nazi genocide in Europe into the post-war Middle East. As the leader of Arab Palestine during the British Mandate period, al-Husseini introduced violence against moderate Arabs as well as against Jews. Al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichmann in Palestine in 1937 and subsequently went on the Nazi payroll as a Nazi agent. Al-Husseini played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role in instigating a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941 as he urged Nazis and pro-Nazi governments in Europe to transport Jews to death camps, trained pro-Nazi Bosnian brigades, and funneled Nazi loot into pro-war Arab countries.” –

        November 2011 marked 70 Years since Al Husseini – Hitler alliance was forged:

        • sDee

          “History repeats itself”
          Karl Marx

        • NYGino

          Aryan and Iran have a lot more in common than a similar sound. Put these two words in a search engine and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

  • Is anybody saw BO eat a hot dog with pork?Being curious

    • KenInMontana

      Fourth post down at this site, first photo;
      It is a hotdog but as to what it contains is anyone’s guess.

      He also drinks beer and has been photographed on more than a couple of occasions drinking it. If he is Muslim, he is not a very devout one, that is certain.

      • nibblesyble

        I think he is a Black Liberation Christian, with deep ties(from his childhood) to Muslims. He is like most liberals, who defends Muslims while knocking traditional Christians. I have a very liberal friend(we mostly fight, but have a love of cooking which keeps the friendship going) who denigrates Christians but defends Muslims. When I point out that the Muslim faith treats women and gays like second class citizens(and even kills them), he has nothing to say other than Muslims get treated badly since 911 and he feels like they get treated badly mostly from religious conservatives. Obama is of the same is not rational, it just is what liberals espouse.

        • wodiej

          I know some people have liberal friends and can manage it but any that I have had were the typical irrational, unreasonable and prone to not holding high values. I won’t have people like that in my life. It brings no purpose to my life and I got tired of arguing w people long ago. I grew-they didn’t. Bye, bye. 🙂

          • nibblesyble

            I know, he is my only rabid liberal friend,(where I live, most people are liberals or indifferent) but he is also a family friend so I can’t help but see him. We do try and focus on cooking and home design and literature..all things we have in common, but we always end up in a war about his ideals and mine. He has moved in Montreal, so we only see each other on holidays now. But he epitomizes what a liberal is to the core, as I hope I do as a conservative.

      • Thanks for the link

  • sDee

    Newt is sharp! And similarly….why does Obama make people question his birth certificate?

    clue: “The Matador used his red cape to distract his opponents, causing them to aim their attacks where it was, rather than where he was”

  • Joe

    Newt is right on as usual

    People THINK Obama is a Muslim
    because HE IS –

    He was raised a Muslim

    Knows the language

    Promotes Muslim activities in the WH

    Is a racist and hates America

    He hates Israel

    and apparently does everything to denigrate other religions by way of his policies —

    Newt is correct

    Obama is a Muslim and doesn’t try to hide it —

    The people are not stupid

    one other thing –

    I wonder if the “rules” would allow Newt to “stand in” for a candidate at a debate

    IF he is not nominated

    Just to see Zero walk away with his tail between his legs

    That would be cool!

    • freenca

      You mean like the designated hitter rule in baseball, Joe ? Yeah, great idea !

    • If Newt runs as a third party candidate I vote for him. I love this man and see no one else who can turn this economy and make some serious changes in Washington; we need this man.

  • NYGino

    Why is the MSM complicit in this sham?

    • Joe

      They are on the PAYROLL

      • NYGino

        Right Joe, I forgot. Always follow the money.

    • freenca

      Do talking heads equate to thinking brains, Guess not in the case of the MSM representatives.

      • GreenBeretWay

        Bite the heads off of the MSM snakes feenca.

        • freenca

          Biting the heads off of snakes Isn’t anything I would particularly LIKE to do, I’ll do it if I have to, One has to eat you know ! Snakes after all taste like chicken 😉

          • GreenBeretWay

            Hope your eerie snake dreams have subsided freenca.Looks like the snake running the country is still slithering around causing trouble.2012 2012 2012!!

            • freenca

              No snake dreams lately. Don’t know what the next one will bring, but I get the feeling that a lot of people are baring their teeth to prepare for snake-biting day this November, just like St. Patrick expelled the snakes from Ireland, and those snakes were heathens too.

    • GreenBeretWay

      Clean up the MSM with a Sham-Wow!

  • drphibes

    Wow. So far in this campaign (aside from the Bain Capital thing), Newt has not been gaffe prone, it has been his opponents. There have been many occasions that a delicate question has been answered masterfully and “straight-up” by Newt – and they have been home runs.

    • NYGino

      They have been home runs but the media is the umpire and they are calling them foul.

    • nibblesyble

      and standing O’s too.

      • drphibes

        Good POINT, nibbesyble!

      • drphibes

        Good POINT, nibbesyble!

    • MaxineCA

      Actually, after more investigation was done regarding Bain, Newt was actually correct. Vulture vs. Venture capital. But you’ll never get a correction on that point in the MSM.

      • sDee

        Yeah. I never understood how Romney gets away with a claim that he is a businessman. He was a henchman for venture capitalists – bankers. He is a banker, a broker an opportunist.

        • wodiej

          banks are crooked. They gave loans to unqualified people because the gov’t guaranteed them. The American people then bailed out the banks while they lost nothing.

          • MaxineCA

            The govt in cooperation with ACLU, ACORN, NAACP, etc., forced many of the small community banks to take out loans they were against with the threat of being sued (discrimination). The Big mortgage companies took advantage of this and made a gazillion dollars in fees while repackaging and reselling the loans.

            This all started under Carter with the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) under the sham that everyone “deserves” the American dream of owning a home. (Dodd/Frank put it on steroids.) It was BS from the beginning, but this is how every entitlement program starts and how they end – We the tax payers on the hook.

            • wodiej

              I agree but as far as I can tell the banks broke finance laws by giving these loans. The first time it went to court, the bank would have won and this nonsense would have ended quickly-end of story. So they weren’t forced to do anything-they gave in because they were a bunch of spineless weasels.

              • MaxineCA

                You’re correct under the “old rules” of fiduciary responsibility. But, they changed the rules. Back in the day you had to have 20% down, meet income vs. debt ratio qualifications, proof of income and have a good credit score. It was a very proud day to purchase your first home! But, the govt changed the rules, and many small banks simply couldn’t afford high power attorneys to fight the government and lawsuit threats. Some simply closed their doors.

                I’ll never defend the big Banks, as I’m sure they were part of the whole scheme. (They would make money going along, and the govt. would back the loans.)

        • crosshr

          “opportunist”, exactly how I label it !

      • drphibes

        This “vulture” thing is a slippery slope. You’ll win a lot of friends with the OWS crowd.

    • Forget the 51’st State? The new Moon Colony?

      • nibblesyble

        Steve, you are new here, so I will give you a head’s up, drphibes, nukeman60, wodiej and other Newt supporters are not going to take your guff. If you are here to stir up the pot, fine, but be prepared to get whiplash. If you support Santo, you will find a lot of like-minded posters, but we try and keep it respectful here. So support your guy, just don’t be jerky about it. Having said that, welcome.

      • drphibes

        Moon Colony wasn’t a gaffe. It was just something that sounded far-out and impractical, an easy target.

      • drphibes

        Moon Colony wasn’t a gaffe. It was just something that sounded far-out and impractical, an easy target.

    • Actually, the Bain Capital thing was NOT a gaffe.

      Romney actually is a vulture capitalist.

  • 911Infidel

    Its real simple. He gives great deference to Muslims, and does not do the same for Christianity. He has a decidedly Saidian/Qutuub view of Islam and the world. He continues to diss Israel and embrace the pedophile madman’s progeny.

    More to the point, his interview with Georgie Snuffleupicus was mosy yelling, when he began to speak on “my Muslim religion” (his words); before little Georgie…ever the sychophant corrected him and said “you mean your Christian religion.”

    Frankly, I believe that Obama worships the same god that all leftists worship…himself. He is a cultural Muslim who is an anti-colonialist backwards third-world thinker. He will embrace any culture that is not American, British or Israeli.

    • sDee

      If Christianity controlled the global oil cartels and had mastered the art of blackmailing and controlling politicians, governments and financial systems through murder, terrorism, violence and intimidation, Barack Hussein Obama would be born again. Make no mistake.

      • 911Infidel

        Nah. Obama thinks that he has god-like powers to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. He’s a true narcissist. He couldn’t belong to any religion except the religion of self.

        • Maybe Satan has told Obama he will allow him to do so.

          • 911Infidel

            My only question would be who did he call himself this time. In the past he’s used monikers like Moroni and Gibril. But self will do in a pinch.

    • No all leftist including Muslims worship Lucifer. Just read Saul Alinsky. Dedicates books to Lucifer.

      • 911Infidel

        Yep, so did Marx. The self-dellusion of the Enlightenment which Obama expouses is all the same false god. Whether he worships self or some other false entity, he ends up serving the Lord Of The Flies.

  • Noz

    Like Newt, I take Obama at his word that he is a Christian…unfortunately, that stated preference means next to nothing with his actions. Bows to Saudi kings and accommodating Islamist nuts. Americans welcome all beliefs except those that don’t believe in individual liberty…Obama not so much.

    If anybody spent 20 years in a particular church and expects consideration other than a jaundiced eye…well, paint me disproving and disbelieving.

    Obama doesn’t support women’s and gay rights if they conflict with Muslim tyranny. NOTE: surprisingly not unlike any of those that hold with the hypocrites of the liberal agenda.

    Bottom line, those that believe that Obama is a Muslim are not stupid…they are led to believe by the basest of motivation…Obama’s actions.

    • Obama also celebrates Muslim holidays in the Whitehouse.

      But Obama did tell the truth when he said America is a Muslim Country. By Islam you are a Muslim country if it’s leader is Muslim thus.

      Welcome to Ameristan.

      Obama has not done one thing that is Christ like behavior but every action has been Sharia compliant (Muslim).

  • NYGino

    Why did he say he wanted to “fundamentally change America”? From Judeo/Christian to what?

    • GreenBeretWay

      He fundamentally wants to change America into “Obama-stan”

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    He’s just so awesome. Ask the same question of the other two, and they actually try to answer it. Newt just turns it around, as he should, because it was obviously a stupid question for NEWT, unless, of course, it was designed to get him to say something they could use in a sound byte. The press forgets who they’re dealing with when they ask Newt a question like that.

    • This is why they have refused any more debates. They can’t survive the contrast.

  • las1

    “Americans are too stupid”
    Bill Maher

    “… it’s not because they’re stupid”
    Newt Gingrich

    One of these things are not like the other.

    Newt’s afraid of no one. There still are clear thinking politicians willing to call Obama out for his muslim behavior.

    This country needs a toe to toe between Obama and Gingrich. Pure and simple.


    • KenInMontana

      FoxNews cancelled Freedom Watch, but has not fired Judge Napolitano, he still works for FoxNews in his original capacity as a Judicial and Legal analyst.

      • Proves Freedom has no place at FNC though. The praise Romney at all times and never report on his lies channel.

        • nibblesyble

          Judge N. has serious issues with Santo…so I am not sure as a Santo-lover you should be so sad his show got cancelled.

  • nibblesyble

    Sigh, I love this man. While Santo is scrambling to back-track, and Romney doing the same thing, here Newt is turning everything around on the media. Don’t people realize we need someone who can communicate past the lame stream media and reach the American people? That is a gift that no one can claim except for Newt. People have made a huge mistake dismissing Newt, and it will come back to bite them in the behind. Just think of this, while the media is propping up Obama this Fall, Romney will be constantly on the defense. Or if Santo can pull it out, he will constantly be on the defense. They would try to do it to Newt, but he would splinter them with a few choosen words and make it about Obama instead.

    • MaxineCA

      My thoughts exactly! I would pay to see a debate between Newt & Bamster, just to watch Newt take him down by his words.

      Scoop – Please bring us more Newt!

    • wodiej

      Santorum will never get past Romney. The only reason he is still in the race is because of Gingrich. He has been taking the hits while Santorum wanders off on social issues and trying to defend his inane statements. If he had left the race long ago since he is nowhere close to being qualified nor will he win, Gingrich could have hammered Romney to a pulp and then been warmed up for Obama. Santorum, as far as I’m concerned is just another man with an oversized ego and nothing to back it up. Gingrich may have an ego too but at least he has alot of reason to have one.

      • nibblesyble

        I agree that you have to have an ego to run for Prez, and I agree Newt certainly is entitled to his!

      • Funny. Seems to me these social issues are exactly what is Americas biggest problems.

        Remove God and you remove all law and order. Why tell the truth? Why do anything other than what you feel like? With no moral compass society quickly collapses. This is why countries seldom last long.

        America is in trouble because of all the crooks running it. People like Mitt Romney for example that knew not a single Republican in 2002 yet in 2012 may become the nominee of the totally corrupt Republican Party (at least with him in charge).

        Santorum has a strong moral compass. He is Americas only chance IMHO.

    • I agree. I admire Newt on the way he handles the media and gets under Obama skin. They want him out so badly because he is the only one who is challenging them all. God blessed this man with wisdom.

  • SevenPercentSolution

    Hang in there Newt…!!!

    • nibblesyble

      Welcome, glad to see you making a pit stop over here from Hot Air! I concur…Hang in there Newt!

  • Nukeman60

    This is what Newt does on a regular basis. It’s not new, it’s not unique, and it’s not complicated. The Lame Stream Media is Obama’s strongest weapon, as we all know. They attempt to twist everything a candidate says to make that candidate look stupid, fanatical, or anti-somebody.

    Newt knows this, takes their idiotic questions, gives an honest but stinging answer, and twists those questions back at them like a County Fair pretzel. It gets to the point where they walk softly when asking any questions anymore. Where is that derogatory soundbite for them?

    Honesty, sincerity, hard-hitting solutions, and a desire to serve this great nation. Now why would we not want this man as our President.

    • nibblesyble

      encore, encore

    • Because he did not understand that America could not afford a 2 Trillion Dollar Moon Colony. Did not understand that we have the technology for it already. Did not understand that the Rocketry that could use improving will improve because of how useful space is.

      • Nukeman60

        Your statements don’t make sense here. Are you slamming him or supporting him? You sound like Biden, both talking for and against it. Or were you for him before you were against him?

        He doesn’t expect us to go to the moon colony store and buy one for 2 trillion dollars. He knows the technology and stated that we use it. Obama cut the programs for the improved rocketry and only idiots don’t realize how valuable space is, for many, many reasons right here on Earth.

        Starting a goal of a moon colony would create tons of jobs here in our country, boosting our economy, and eventually establishing a base from which we, not China, would reap untold amounts. But I suppose he doesn’t understand.

        • We already know what is on the Moon. Nothing of great worth for anything other than additional space exploration (fuel).

          He wanted it to become a new state and compared it to the original moon shot that was paid for by the government. He said it would take prizes (government money) sorry but the prize would have to make it worth while for a project that would cost in the trillions that is trillions.

          We do not need a Moon Shot. We need to get America back to a God loving country with rules based on his laws. That is the actual American Dream that made America great but Newt does not understand that.

          • Nukeman60

            First of all, there is plenty on the moon. There is water there and many, many other minerals for mining. Secondly, a moon base is essential for constructing other vehicles to Mars and beyond. Thirdly, he wasn’t looking for it to be a new state, merely a base we can use. Lastly, do you think that anyone building something that offers a prize does so only for the prize? The rewards beyond a ‘prize’ are immense.

            I agree that we need to get America back to a God loving country (I think most of us are there already). Just shooting for rules based on Gods laws doesn’t create jobs. They should go hand in hand. Newt has many ideas. He is not just the Moon shot candidate, as you seem to think.

            I think that it’s you who does not understand Newt, as you keep harping on what Newt doesn’t understand. I know you back Santorum and that is good. He’s a good man. Does your dislike for Newt have anything to do with the fact that he got two divorces??? That would be biased, would it not?

            And have nothing to do with performing the duties of the office of President of the United States.

            • MaxineCA

              I knew I could count on you to be informative to those that are uninformed regarding the moon topic. I remember a debate here at Scoop when Newt first mentioned it and I was so surprised how many didn’t get Newt’s point and the benefits the program would be for our country.

              For those that oppose that idea, my first question is “how old are you?”. Perhaps the younger generation didn’t experience when JFK said we would go to the moon, and we did it. I’m sure they don’t realize most of the electronic devices that have evolved to today, originated from our space program. That’s what vision is about!

              • Nukeman60

                Thanks, Maxine. I thought I was speaking alone, although I know many here on TRS understand the value of a space program. It would be a grand boon to the country. The old way was for Government to pour tons of wasted money into a holey bucket and regain a small portion of value. This is not our father’s money hole any more. Give it to the private sector, overseen by NASA, and watch it soar. There are already many private companies out there with the desire to go to the moon. The rewards would be plentiful.

                • MaxineCA

                  You never speak alone here! I guess the youngsters don’t recognize that even “Post It Notes” came from the space program, an idea that didn’t work for it’s original application, but because of innovation, they came up with another application and 3M made a ton of money, and still is today.

                  Some people just don’t get it. All the fancy, electronic devices they use today came from Bell Labs and NASA, to name a few.

                • Nukeman60

                  Thanks again. Sometimes, a person forgets just because we don’t hear others say it, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it. It’s the posters that make this site so much fun and informative.

                  By the way, I don’t think we got much from the space program, though. Just a few, for starters:

                  Satellite TV, weather surveillance, security surveillance, intercontinental communications (which include internet), global positioning system, Kevlar (bulletproof vests), high-powered batteries, digital watches, SCBA (underwater breathing and firefighter air packs), solar powered electronics, cell phones, shock-absorbant materials, laser pointers, smaller computers, water reclamation, carbon dioxide filters, pens that write upside down, better ejection seats for fighters, medical research, optical storage (CD’s, DVD’s), electronic ignition on vehicles, fuel efficient rockets, etc.

                  PS, I didn’t think these up by myself. I got them from another site.

                  PPS, contrary to popular belief, Tang, teflon, and velcro did not (although I may try to claim they did, from time to time, lol).

                • Not speaking alone, Nukeman! I had a post with several links re private companies moving into space travel, NASA/ private contractors WRT the space station, a cbs story & an article from a science site about China putting a lunar rover on the moon next year, but apparently it didn’t make it into print. Maybe too link heavy?
                  Google might help if anyone is curious.

  • lugita15

    I wish the clip was a bit longer, so we could get the context.

  • Boxofteabags

    Any of the others can sit in the office ,but I believe that Newt is the only one running that could be President.

  • GreenBeretWay

    Hey Obama? Who’s your Daddy?

  • there is no such thing as a good muslim. they all need to be exterminated. islam is a evil cult based on a child molestors teachings. the false prophet moohammad also had sex with animals, preferably pigs. if there was such a thing as a good muslim, then where are they when other muslims are killing people ? why arent they in the streets protesting these murders of innocent people ??? there are none.

    • nibblesyble

      So Muslim kids should be exterminated? You can’t make a point when you use that kind of language. Because all I see is hate, so take it someplace else.

    • KenInMontana

      That is so over the top, I can only surmise that you are one of those trolls that leave these types of inflammatory comments in order to make conservatives appear hateful. Your time here is at an end, back to the pit with you.

  • nibblesyble
    • MaxineCA

      Thanks for the clip. I’m going to donate 10 gals. of gas (in his terms). We want him to stay in the race, but it may take our help. I wish I could do more, but I’ll continue if he stays in.

      Go Newt!

      • nibblesyble

        Money and prayers…is all I can give as well. Go Newt!

        • If you have free minutes on a cell or long distance, maybe phone bank?
          http://www.newtsnetwork. com
          It is extremely easy.

          • nibblesyble

            Thanks Kari, I am in Canada, so I will check my long distance plan. Great idea..if there is one thing I can do is talk!

            • Great! I tell you, you are one of the strongest & most well spoken patriots here, Syble. I applaud you! Your replies all day & last night have been just outstanding.

              – your understudy

              • nibblesyble

                you too chicky!

                • Good grief. You’re still up too? I couldn’t get DH to stop working & now I’m awake.
                  Any minute, the dogs will get up & it’ll be all over.
                  What a day…better ones are ahead!

                • nibblesyble

                  I know, I will regret this as my 21 month old and 3 year old will be up with the roosters. I was caught up in a good book and had to finish it. Headed to bed now…sweet dreams.

                • Oh my. Good night. Pleasant dreams to you, too.

        • lostdutchman

          I’m hoping for something like a platoon of call girls to fall out of the sky and land in the political back yards of Mitt and Rick. Sort of even the playing field.
          If it truly is ‘Mitt’s turn’, then he should have to show he can work his way out of the stink that others create around him.

          Short of that, I fear Newt may be mired in a political Funk.

          • nibblesyble

            Yes, in my darkest moments I too have wished for a lurid secret to come out about Romney as well. Not because I would take pleasure in that, just so that he would be forced out so Newt could win and save the day, or rather the country. It’s not right, so I have to chide myself, but it’s there sometimes. People will regret Newt not being the nominee, especially when Romney loses to Obama.

            • lostdutchman

              I totally agree, but am unable to believe many of the deserving will recognize the loss.

              Chide not… there is merit in your thought, and many others (probably) appreciate the company. I assume , if such an occurrence resurrects Newt, you will still embrace it.

              • nibblesyble

                you are right, I would be all over it like white on rice! Thanks for the reply. ; )

      • so am I!!!!


    • wodiej

      I’ll second that.

  • DINOright

    Yet another reason I love Newt. If only people could catch on to the fact that ONLY Newt is going to be able to take it to Obama!! If only…..

  • carolt2

    Obama makes me doubt he is a Christian. Remember the interview in 2008 when George S had to correct Obama when he started to say something about his Muslim faith?

  • Thank you Newt Gingrich!

  • America will regret the day they didn’t get behind Newt

    • wodiej

      I don’t know-they might be too stupid to know what they missed.

    • It’s not over, yet! Remember what The said. Four plus months & a convention to go. ANYthing can happen!

      (but I totally agree should the worst happen)

    • Frankns

      I’m with Karl … I don’t think it’s over yet. There’s a chance that we could have a brokered convention and unseat the “crown prince of Boston.” Maybe I’m dreaming … but Newt keeps getting better and better. We might have a chance yet!

  • I am so happy that we have a guy like Newt Ginrgich who is not afraid to say what millions of us are thinking. God bless you Newt Gingrich. Romney made it clear that he is not going to say anything to offend the president and I do not want him to represent me in November. He does not stand for my lives and my rights. I say Newt is the only one who can take on Obama in a way that no one else is capable of.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    I’ve planned on voting for him from the get go! 20 years of apologizing and his journey for redemption has been paid in full and I dare anyone to say he hasn’t? Newt is the only one with the staying power! and not the Liberal Romulus and the cuddle monkey Santorum!

    • 1000 Amens, Jeffrey. He was- and is, truly a Magnificent dude. We’re all a little older, a lot grayer, & varying degrees of rounder, but the passion for this country still burns hotter than ever.

  • 08silverado

    Newt’s right, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck,common sense tells you , it’s a duck

  • TruLevinian

    Personally, I don’t know what he is, but I do know that Christianity does not coincide with the president’s ideology. For one, I remember hearing that before he gave a speech at Notre Dame, Barack made the school cover up a statue of Jesus. Now, who has their Lord and King covered up before a speech? Even aside from the abortion stuff, I found this to be much more telling.

  • Shinji_Iseki

    That obvious thing about Obama. And what a wise and sharp answer by Newt!

  • crosshr

    When Newt answers a question about anything at all, I always feel I am well protected, my rights are restored, and even feel hope even in the midst of all that are taking place at the moment here in America and even outside of America.

    I’ll do all that I can, and pray for that I can’t.

    • Exactly how I feel, crosshr. Very well said!

    • Frankns

      Thanks crosshr … I felt this a while back too. Newt makes me “feel good again.” He says what he means, he tells the truth, and he has genuine pride in America. He’s unapologetically American … and it actually warms my heart.

      He’d make a marvelous President.

  • Jay

    Come on, why would anybody think Imam Barak Hussein Al Obama is a Muslim?

  • TexasPGRRider

    Didn`t BO state in one of his books that: “If it came to crisis, he would side with Islam”?

  • The same way this unconstitutional musloid-marxist junior senator, with an entirely suspect history, could even run for – let alone become – president. Answer: CORRUPTION FROM ……ING TOP TO BOTTOM AND ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE TO THE CITIZEN! BRING BACK HUAC AND GET TO WORK ON A RICO CASE: SOROS, CLINTONS, BUSHS, KENNEDY….THE WHOLE BLOODY LOT OF ‘EM!

  • DebbyX

    He thinks we have the attention span of a gnat. And with the middle name Hussein, what else are we to think!