Video: Sarah Palin’s Keynote at Susan B. Anthony Celebration of Life Breakfast

This isn’t a campaign speech filled with lots of zingers, but a speech that embraces the celebration of life as well as the strength and spirit of being a woman. It’s not an overtly political speech, but she does take a moment at the beginning to defend her pick for Carly Fiorina.


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  • akw

    Thanks for posting this! It was a good speech.

  • arttelles

    Moms Of The World… Unite vs Workers Of The World… Unite

    When mom Palin speaks, I listen.

    My money is on the moms. Maybe you will agree with this, uh, “observation.”

    To use a bit of humor to make a political and sociological point, my money is on the moms of America, because, uh, when the women's movement get's the attention of the men who are following behind the women, maybe then the men will act to catch up with the women of America.

    However, this is simply one man's observation, uh, opinion… today.

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  • You can talk all you want about what we’re NOT supposed to do, but we DO it all the time. Who hasn’t seen the video of the panel of judges that were totally awestruck, not to mentioned very embarrassed, when Susan Boyle began to sing? Judging by her looks, this was not supposed to be a superstar singer. The whole crowd was guilty of thinking the same thing…”What is this ugly woman doing on stage?” Subconsciously they were thinking, “Only beautiful people can sing beautifully.” Oh, how wrong they were!

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