Video: Vicious hate from the Left

Wow, this is something else. Freedomworks has compiled some of the hateful emails and voicemail they’ve received over this whole Geico incident which I dare say rivals that of what any congressman (or woman) got from so called tea party members. I’m sure the MSM will pick this up pronto!


Click the photo to watch the video (you’ll be redirect to Right Wing News)

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  • Acidock

    That was excellent. You gotta love those who think they are on the high road of enlightenment.

    It is pretty crazy how those leftist loons go into orbit if they read a sign that says Obama is a socialist, but have seemed to forget 8 years of unadulterated hate against Bush.

    The amount of images of Bush/Hitler and Bush/chimp on the Web is staggering. They seem to have forgotten all that. I sure there was also a movie called “The Assassination of George Bush” during GWB's term.

    The Left's use of terms such as “Oreo Cooking” and “Uncle Tom” and also “House N*gger” is some of the most despicable language imaginable.

    It has long been clear the most of the hate and violence comes from the left.

    I don't know if you are familiar with Zombie, but she has documented a lot of the hatred directed at Bush. Obama doesn't even get 1/1000th of that nonsense.

    Countless images

    Death Threats Against Bush at Protests Ignored for Years

    Not of Bush, but just Leftist hatred towards America.

    Hall of Shame

    Thousands of images of the crazy's at :


    That was scary… not just because of the language they were using but for the fact they couldn't even speak in complete sentences for the most part. I mean where did they receive their education? I've run into people like that before who can not have a civil debate at all and foam at the mouth using one profanity after another.