***UPDATED*** Virginia business owner declines request for Joe Biden to stop in store because he built his business

***UPDATE: WDBJ has updated their story noting that today “”Crumb and Get It” in Radford had to shut down at 1:15 p.m. Thursday because they ran out of food.” How awesome is that!***

No doubt this Virginia business owner will get some hate, but I bet he gets a lot more business because he turned down Joe Biden’s request to stop in his store. And it’s because Obama said he didn’t build his business. Ha!

Watch to the end to hear the “back story” from the reporter:

UPDATE: Because of the late update I’ve change the publish time to get the update more attention. The original publish time was Aug 15 at 22:09.

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  • HARP2

    Thumbs up.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Excellent,,,,,,,,Gutsy, Brave, Heroic, american, etc…… Thank you very much……

  • hbnolikeee

    I think this guy is smart. If he said nothing plugs comes and goes and it’s over in 5 minutes. This has legs. Assuming that some lefties don’t start misbehaving and hurt him and his business (a big assumption), he’ll get lots of air time and bring in lots of new customers.

    And he may have integrity here too!

    • Nukeman60

      Yep. Best get his books in order. That random, coincidental tax audit is just around the corner. And how about the surprise food safety inspection. I’m thinking the Secret service people took the cookies back to have them analyzed by the EPA and Food and Drug Administration. Watch for his shop to be shut down within 3 weeks.

      Coincidentally, of course.

      • Secret Service is run by, more often than not, Conservative types of people. I HIGHLY doubt the Secret Service tried to screw him like that. Now if the Obama Campaign people bought something before they left…that’d be a different story!

        • Nukeman60

          I agree there are many in the Secret Service that are conservative, but they also do what their bosses (the President and Vice President, for example) tell them to do. I’m not suggesting they took it upon themselves to do this. I’m saying if Biden said “get me some cookies and have it analyzed”, they wouldn’t be able to say “no, we won’t”.

  • p m

    Why in the world would he turn down Biden?
    Why in the world wouldn’t he?

    Good on ya, Mr.Crumb.

  • chatterbox365

    Good for him. I wouldn’t want that POS Biden in my business either. The guy should set up a website. I’m sure he will receive plenty of orders from all over the place.

  • I love that man. Thank you sir! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • I LOVE the name! Excellent! If I ever am up that way, I’ll be buying me some yummies.

    Love it that the secret service dudes went in after and bought stuff lol. I love those guys!

    • The name is what got me and my mom too! LOL! Most original name I’ve ever heard (I think)!

  • Someone (I can’t recall who) said that this whole “You didn’t build that” is one of the greatest political gaffes ever.

    I’m in absolute agreement with that assessment. Obama didn’t just show a little angle with that comment, he showed us EXACTLY who is “that man behind the curtain”.

    That ONE comment is going to bury, politically, this administration.

    • George Solomon

      I personally think we haven’t heard anything like “You didn’t build that” since George H.W. Bush said “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

      • 1mathteacher

        Oh, I think this is much different from “read my lips.”. That was a broken promise. This was a revelation of a very un-American philosophy.

    • keyesforpres

      It really wasn’t a gaffe, it was O showing his true colors.

  • cheezwhizz

    Iluvdit 😀

  • wales777

    He’s going to get the “Chick-fil-a” effect I hope.

  • so….the secret service are #RomneyRyan2012 supporters…cool…i’m okay with that…

  • Maxsteele

    If I am ever in town, I know where I am eating. Crumb and get it!

  • Nukeman60

    I’m a little confused. Why would the Secret Service thank him ‘for saying no’? Did it please them for some reason? I can see them thanking him for being up front with them or for being polite about it all, but thanking him for saying no? Sounds fishy.

    • I think that’s one part of the story the guy should’ve omitted, in the interest of not getting people, potentially, in a lot of trouble. The way Biden treats people, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he was pretty unpopular with the Secret Service.


      I’d’ve gotten Biden a chocolate chip cookie, and wiped a booger on it. Hopefully, this guy will get the equivalent of Chic-fil-a Appreciation Day, and soon.

      • Nukeman60

        Heh, the funniest part of that story was when they said Biden charged the Secret Service $2200 per month rent – the same amount as the previous tenant.

        The previous tenant was Biden’s mother!!!

      • keninil

        So I’m wondering if they will continue the story today mentioning that they ran out of food. — and comparing it to the crowd at the other restaurant.

    • wales777

      The SS hate this admin as much as we do. Trust me….. 🙂

      • wales777

        They’ll do their job with integrity but it doesn’t mean they respect who they protect.

        • MiketheMarine

          Correct. You must respect the office, not the man.

    • toongoon

      Maybe the Secret Service was thanking him for all that extra revenue he is going to pay after the audit.

    • tshtsh

      It must have been the ones he charges rent.

    • Because SOMEONE finally had the guts to tell Obama the Narcissist “NO”! Probably doesn’t happen often in their neck of the woods, and it was probably VERY refreshing.

      • Nukeman60

        The Secret Service are usually very professional and serious about their jobs. That’s what they key on and leave their personal opinions to themselves, no matter who they support. I suspect the truth is more like this idiot reporter just made it up to embellish his report. He appeared pretty inept at his job.

  • ottogo59

    Fantastic! I hope his business goes viral! Perhaps something is beginning to catch on…
    Chic-Fil-a like huh?… Somebody needs to come up with something that goes viral like “we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” calls emails to the White House or something the MSM cannot ignore… ideas?

  • Well, let us not forget the last time Biden was let loose to run around in a public place, and open his big yap:

    • PVG

      Such a cretin! Thanks Virus.

  • This site has amazing stuff

  • keyesforpres

    ha! Ha! I love it that the Secret Service came in and said they were glad he turned Biden down! I bet the Sec. Ser. can’t stand him.

    • G_unitttt

      this is the real interesting portion of the report……..the Secret Service doesn’t like Biden either!

  • Sober_Thinking

    I would frequent this store if I lived there…

    I appreciate brave business owners who stand their ground and defy these lairs – and he did it respectfully (which is likely the opposite of what liberals would have done). God bless them. May God protect them and help them to thrive.

    I commend the Secret Service for what they did.

  • This ROCKS!! To Chris I say AMEN AND A BOW TO YOU!!! Get this out so that people will flock to his and his wife’s bakery!! What character! What a contrast to the other restaurant owner who only thinks of himself and not what Obama had done and his little regard for the small business owner!!

    If I lived there I would be in that bakery tomorrow ordering 6 dozen cupcakes for my 35 employees!! I am so Proud to be an American when I see a man who put his Country over a CHEAP POLITICAL STUNT….CLASS AND CHARACTER!!

    Mitt and Paul….stop by this man’s business when you are in that area!! HE DESERVES IT!! I am so moved by his action!! What GUTS AND STYLE!!

    This man will get some hate but I promise you a lot more love!! PLEASE MAKES THIS VIRAL….get over to ACE, HOTAIR…INSTAPUNDIT, FOX NEWS, ROMNEY CAMPAIGN AND OTHERS!!!

    Secret Service comes in and thanks him and buys food….I LOVE IT!! Tells you how much they love Biden and the Marxist!!

  • Enoch73

    Crumb and Get it, Obama!

  • detectivedick

    Ok, man up TRSers, the Crumb & Get It Cookie Company is on Facebook. I would post there address and phone number but maybe it is against the Comment Policy.
    I say call them and place an order for a few pounds of Cookies. Look them up. I did and will call them in the morning.

    • Goin there shortly Thanks D!

    • T4Ut

      Too bad they don’t have a web address, otherwise we could all flash mob their site and give them a real boost in business. I would be all for it!

    • keninil

      It’s on the fb page.

  • FreeManWalking

    Team 0b0 biden, “You didn’t Bilk” CRUMB and GET IT, Get it…Get Out…

  • very savvy business move regardless, free publicity

  • crakpot

    Gotta feel so good to stand in your own doorway and tell them, “GTFO!”

    • keyesforpres

      Put Odumbo’s symbol in the O and you have a bumper sticker.

  • SaraPFan

    Wow. “He has the right to say no” for now while we’re still a free country. What’s up with the Secret Service sneaking in and thanking the guy for refusing to let Biden use his business as a prop? Hopefully they still have jobs after this news broke.

  • RIGHT ON!!!! Biden’s an idiot…

    • NCHokie02

      short, sweet, to the point…I like it.

  • AmericatheBeautiful_1

    Where can I send this man some bucks? Good for him!

  • PVG

    I wonder…..do they ship??
    Wait till Levin and Rush get ahold of this…..

  • leel004

    RC…you GOTTA follow up on this and let us know how is business does! God bless

  • rjcylon

    Things like this just make me feel good.

  • michael carpenter

    Can’t say how many times I have fantasized about pouring a beer out on Obamas shoes. No thank you sir, I would say.
    Way to go secret service!

    • p m

      You could accept his beer, drink it and then pour it out, mc, if you get my meaning!

      • michael carpenter

        Ha! I do get your meaning!

  • kong1967

    That’s odd. Why would the secret service thank him for saying no? Maybe because they don’t like Biden, but they have to go to the other joint that Biden went to anyway. Could it be just that they liked to see Biden get shunned?

    • NCHokie02

      knowing the type of people that join secret service and law enforcement communities I’m sure they can’t stand this administration. They still have a job to do but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate small victories. Small victories. Plus Biden charged them to stay on his land while they were protecting him. Who does that??

      • kong1967

        Biden charged them….or us? Either one is bad, but I’d imagine that we taxpayers would have had to foot the bill, wouldn’t we? Biden siphoning money out of our government, and it should be illegal….even if the service members paid for it themselves.

        • NCHokie02

          ultimately you are correct, yes.

        • keyesforpres

          Agreed. The deal should be no rent or no Secret Service…take your pick.

          • kong1967

            You’re hired as the new government negotiator.

            • keyesforpres

              Thanks, you made me laugh outloud! 🙂

              • kong1967


  • Yes! The giant doth awake. Can’t you feel it…the wind is shifting. That comment of Obama’s is going to be remembered as the thing that sinks him and R&R are playing it perfectly! It was the “gaff” heard round the country. It shows Americans Obama’s true heart, and it offends a great majority of this country. We did build that, and we are taking it back in November!

  • Bravo!

  • When in Virgínia, I will make sure, even if it is out of my way, will come and get lots of cookies from your place. Thanks for showing our government the right principals.

  • WordsFailMe

    Another Small Businessman Hero! I salute you sir!

  • NCHokie02

    YES! And in southwest va too. Way to stand on your principles. Love the piece about the Secret service too. Truly awesome.

    Joe stay out of Blacksburg though. There is nothing there for you except to make some more retarded comments.

  • Gateway62

    Good for him…and how about the Secret Service coming back in to THANK him?

    • Army_Pilot1967

      I agree…good for the owner, but initially I was concerned when the reporter first mentioned the Secret Service going into the store after the owner declined having Joe-Joe Biden stop in, but that turned out great!!!!!

    • dabbobean

      So the reporter was insinuating that Biden’s Secret Service detail basically hates Biden and thinks he’s an idiot?

  • RKflorida

    The reporter, Orlando Salinas, was a national Fox News reporter some years ago, I wonder why he has been demoted to a local Fox station. He used to be stationed in Florida and covered all of the hurricanes, and any “Hispanic” flavored news.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I noticed that, too. Of the two places Miami or VA, I’d take VA any time.

  • George Solomon

    The essence of the US as a nation of free people relies on the ability of an individual like MacMurray to tell the Vice President, or even the President, “no”.

    The guys who hold our highest offices need to be reminded from time to time that they are our servants, not our lords and masters.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Hey Chris! Got a website where I can buy online?

  • EchoMike

    Every person in this guys area should swamp his store, and show him all the support you can. That would definately make a statement, a line around the block waiting to get into Crumb and Get it, would send a signal that we don’t need govt to be successful!

    • MiketheMarine

      Swamp his store……tomorrow. I hear he’s out of stock today. =)

  • HAHAHA!!! Secret Service came in and thanked him! That’s AWESOME!

  • anneinarkansas

    WOW….I would buy his cupcakes if I were in driving distance of his place!

  • Yazz55

    Would you want to be seen with a known politician like brainless Biden in your store?

  • 27Words

    We all have our today’s moments where we can be patriots… this was Chris McMurray’s.

  • onetwopunch

    I disagree with what he did. I would have gladly invited Biden into my business, heck, if it was Obama that would be even better. Really a missed opportunity to to ask Joe a question or say something to expose them and have it make the news. I would lie saying I’m a big supporter and then stuck the screws to them with a question or statement. Really, I like what he did, but at the same time, oh well. Hopefully I can have the wife order some cookies online as others have suggested.

    • MiketheMarine

      I see where you are coming from but I do admire a small business owner with the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what he believes.

    • illegalpointofview

      he did it perfect … the IRS could make a mysterious interest in his life … like the Obama camp has done in the past … calling Joe the Plumber

    • keyesforpres

      I actually think this is a much bigger statement. Got way more press than if he’d ask Crazy Joe a question

  • Very brave business owner, that is the type of people we need more of.
    I say all of the best of luck to him and his wife for standing up for what they beleive.

  • Sheya

    heh.. so the Secret Service likes his food so much that they didn’t want to share it with Biden

  • jzaik

    I wasn’t sure how to react when I first saw this story. I really don’t like it when the libs boycott or discriminate against us when someone takes a political stance–a la chick fil a.

    I think it’s childish and petty, as leftists are wont to be. I think we should be doing the same thing.

    If Joey came in and wanted a cookie, on his own, he should get one. No one should be refused to purchase something at the store because of politics.

    However, in this case, I understand simply because the campaign wanted to use the store as a campaign stop. Which he does have the right to refuse.

    Still surprised that the secret service would say thanks for declining though.

    Only thing is, I would want a lib store or business to do that to me.

  • So…. stop off to get cookies for dessert after Chic-fil-A. Check.

  • I love this story…it has been covered on Drudge….Weekly Standard…here and I am hoping TOWNHALL, ACE AND HOTAIR!! I agree with Bill Kristol as TWS…Romney and Ryan need to make a stop at this Husband and Wife’s Bakery and talk to this man and allow him to speak to the Small Business Issue. This would be BRILLIANT and so important to talk to this man….RIGHT SCOOP please send over to Romney and Ryan and RNC!!! As well, come on Ace, Townhall and HotAir!!

  • marketcomp

    Americans coming together in support of this Great country and the values that it holds!

  • p m

    Just what we hoped for – a boom in business. Good on ya Virginians.

  • MiketheMarine

    The power of the consumers dollars. I love to hear this. They were Chic-Fil-A’ed.

    • WordsFailMe

      I like that image.

      Liberals–“Chick-Fil-A-ed Again!”

  • Orangeone

    Credit to Suzibasterd on Breitbart!

    If you want to support this guy, call and order cookies for delivery to the VA Veteran’s Care Center. Their number is 540.838.2288 and while they don’t ship, apparently they will deliver!!

    Might want to call tomorrow or in a few days so the owners have plenty of food on hand 🙂 What a great American small business story.

  • chatterbox365

    AWESOME!!!! So happy for this hardworking couple.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Who says Joe won’t make you mo’ dough

  • Similar things are happening to everyone that is making a stand. Curious. I sure hope this is a premonition of November.

    • If this many people are getting in line to give money away to those with a backbone against this admin, then I’d imagine they can not wait to go vote. This is no doubt terrifying the admin.

  • poljunkie

    Wish I could order online, i’d order a dozen of this and that. Just to support him.

  • WordsFailMe

    He ought to change the name from “Crumb and Get It” to “Throw the Crumbs Out!”

  • kong1967

    That’s funny. Everyone business that rebukes Obama and/or liberalism gets a massive wave of business.

    • keyesforpres

      Who says liberalism isn’t good for business!

  • Don

    Business owners have had enough. Lying morons like Obama and Biden who attack businesses have to understand if you attack business you attack jobs. I know both of you have never had a real job, but that your problem. Stop making it ours.

  • Crumb & Get it Appreciation Day.

  • HOORAY! I had already placed a request on how I can order a BUNCH of stuff from them. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! BUYCOTTS work for FREEDOM better than anything else!

    *~jumping with joy~*

  • callie1984

    I salute you and your family.
    Get your website and start shipping. You’ve got lots of support.
    Just called to order cookies for a local charity of their choice, (figured the VA Veterans Care might be good shape from an earlier post), mailbox is full…love it!
    I’ll be calling back tomorrow.

    Romney/Ryan and the Americans who believe in America

  • tinker_thinker


  • 911Infidel

    The leftists are losing the arguement…especially when it comes to social issues and this whole class envy crap. When conservatives stand hard on their values, we win, they lose.
    And now we find that a business that isn’t afraid to rock the leftist world can actually thrive. Geez who’d-a-thunk it?

  • stevenbiot

    Now that is some kick ass news.

  • badbadlibs

    With their business thriving, they just may have to hire more people.
    Who knew biden could actually contribute to job creation!

    May they have continued success!

  • anneinarkansas

    I read that the Secret Service thanked the man!

  • I just noticed their hours on the facebook page…..they’re supposed to be open until 11:00pm. They had to close just a tad early.

    • callie1984

      Read down, they had to close early because they ran out of food.

      It seems that they are a new business and they probably weren’t prepared for the response they are getting.
      If you want to place an order, keep trying, we can all help them.

      God bless their courage!

      Romney/Ryan and the Americans who believe in America

      • I know that’s why they had to close- that’s what makes it awesome. They were only able to handle about 3 hours of customers out of a 13 hour day…and who knows how many days they were stocked for.

        • callie1984

          Sorry. I couldn’t tell if you knew or not.
          Fairly new to posting here, have read a lot but not posted much.

          You’re right..it IS Awesome!

          Romney/Ryan and the Americans who believe in America

          • No apologies 🙂

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What a beautiful story, the story of americans, being americans and saying no to tyranny, this people should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (The Nobel Peace prize is a left wing Organization)


    “Bravo to Crumb and Get It .”

  • brendawatkins

    I LOVE it when AMERICANS come together, and support each other like this!

  • Gregory Derrickson

    Poor Biden, he’s having a bad week! 🙁

  • Martin2717

    These news media people are so stupid. Why should the business owner be worried about losing business because he refused to be involved in a photo op with the Vice-President who he and Obama have contempt for and no respect? Anyone with a half of brain would not show any respect back and I don’t care if they happen to be the President and Vice President.

  • m0r0


  • gothicreader

    Good for him for standing up to politicians who’s only concern is spotting their rhetoric.

  • Jay

    He’d better call his CPA and get ready for a visit from the IRS and a Joe the Plumber style colonoscopy.

    • 1654american

      Jay, that is a cowards comment. Men of courage stand up for their beliefs, as this man did. Liberty demands we push back against intimidation. It is shameful that you enjoy the freedoms that are fought for by others.

  • bobemakk

    Every business owner who built their own business should do the same….Obama and his regime must go. They are dividing this country.

  • Gulfwwind

    Right on dude ! I own and operate a very small lawn service business and would turn down both Biden and Obama as customers in a heartbeat.

  • Give out his phone, does he ship? I want to buy from them…..

  • Publish his phone, I want to order from them…