Walid and Ted Shoebat explain what’s actually going on in Syria

This is a fantastic interview with Walid Shoebat and his son Ted. It was recorded about a month ago and well worth watching as they explain what is really going on in Syria and that many of the rebels aren’t even Syrian. Not only that, but they explain why the Sunni Islamists want to topple Syria.

Seriously, this is a MUST WATCH.

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  • NJK

    The other day, Erin Burnett of CNN couldn’t understand calling these people savages. I wonder if this might explain it to her.

    • Nukeman60

      No, I really think an extended trip over there would do a much better job of explaining it to her.

      • I should add a VERY long extended trip for all of CNN so called “journalists.”

  • Debra Carey

    How can one comment on such atrocities? Our leaders are lying to us. And the blood of these people is on their hands.

  • Sandra123456

    The Obama Regime lies to us. The MSM lies to us or ignores stories it doesn’t like.

    So how are we supposed to know anything?

    A cleansing nuke or two ought to improve things there. These people have become/are savages.

  • This is nothing new, but yet every time I hear someone say it I am shocked like it’s the first time…I pray Jesus comes soon, BEFORE millions of Christians have to suffer excruciatingly painful and humiliating executions…

  • deeme

    Every voter needs to watch this, we know this administration knows all this and if you can still vote for people who apologize for this, then you deserve when it comes on your shores and to your homes and there are no heroes to fight for you anymore, because we wiped out our military and paid our enemies..This should be a lesson to everyone why we went there and what our brave soldiers have been doing..I have listened for many years now Bush lied, and people died, and wars are a waste of money.Someone even told me they found the WMD from Iraq in Syria , how does anyone know what’s true when our own administration is defending these savages.WEll maybe you would prefer they come on over here and do this to our seniors ..

    • WinMissouri

      When the US went to Iraq and found no WMD, Bill Gertz a prominent expert on military weapons etc said that the weapons had been transferred to Syria in the months prior to our invasion. He implied that the trucks moving the materials had been seen via satellite surveillance. The movement went on for months as we gave Saddam such advance notice of the invasion with the UN sactions/speeches etc that Bush waited for before beginning the invasion.

      • keyesforpres

        Yup, Saddam had an agreement with the Syrian gov’t that they would take the WMD’s if an invasion was imminent. Heck, we gave him months to get them out of there…Bakaa (sp”) Valley is where it is suspected they were taken.

      • white531

        They are there, for sure. You and I know it. The Liberals and the Mainstream media are nothing more than Muslim operatives at this point.

        I still take great pleasure in my government and this nation, and what it means to so many people around the world. I just don’t like the current occupants.

      • Bogdan51

        General Micheil Jon Pacepa is the highest ranking defector to the West from the communist block and a former deputy head of Romanian counter- espionage agency.

        He is also now a contributor to Pajamasmedia conservative blog.

        Pacepa has explained in one of his numerous interviews that the Soviets had special agreement with Saddam Hussain’s regime called Sarindarin (in Arabic EXIT i think) that envisaged a emergency procedure of hiding Hussain’s WMD in the case of some international action against his regime in respect of finding and destroying his stock of those weapons.

        There is no doubt that Saddam Hussain has had to his disposal enough time, while Bush was making all the noises, to conceal any traces of WMD and their prodution.

        Also general of Iraqi Air Forces, Georges Sada has confirmed that the bulk of WMD and the means of their production were smuggled to Syria prior invasion by the US and allies.

  • I’m sorry, I just couldn’t watch it all. The evil of these people breaks the soul. I know enough to know without watching that our government, and many others are perpetuating this evil. They believe in their own version of utopia, and allowing this, no, promoting this kind of evil. I find it hard to put my thoughts into words when I see things like this.
    Dear leader, Clintons, all those who paint islam as peaceful to the detriment of those who have to live with this every day, these people believe they are above everything, that they are in charge they have the power to move people and nations. They don’t believe in God, but some day they wil tremble on their knees as they answer to HIM!

    I am grateful for Walid and his son and others who continue to speak and expose the truth, but I sure pray more people start listening.

    God help those people.

    • unclesamnephew

      my cousin duck, skip to 24 min mark and watch to the end. i promise, you will not be disapointed or mentally harmed.

      • Cindy09

        That’s the tough part. The Egyptians do not know what is coming at them.

      • I will. Thanks Cousin. I’ll do that now. If I’m gonna display a GreenBeret Duck, I guess I gotta toughen up some!

        • unclesamnephew

          nice uniform, but where are your service ribbons?

      • I’m glad you made me watch that bit cousin. That was excellent what Walid said. So true. God is NOT interested in the economy- but He’s got his timeline ready, and He is interested in the Middle east and our involvement.
        I love too how he says it’s all in the Bible, and many of us have been warning about this for years. I know I did, but many people roll their eyes and wanted to believe what they want. It’s not me, it’s God they’re rolling their eyes at and mocking.

  • white531

    Now you know why I refer to these vermin as human cockroaches.

    • keyesforpres

      That’s an insult to cockroaches.

      • white531

        I thought about that. When I was still in college, I once rented an apartment, sight unseen. Big mistake. When I went in the kitchen and opened a drawer, I was met with the vision of a multitude of healthy cockroaches, scrambling for cover. I turned and walked straight out the front door and left it open. I went back to my apartment and took a long, hot shower.

        That vision stays with me today, and when I see these people on screen, I can’t get over the similarity. That is why I will always call them, “human cockroaches,” because that is what they are.

        • It’s a good description white. They scurry and can not stand the light. They prefer the darkness. 🙁

  • MarieC

    Very good…definitely sharing this…

  • MarieC

    Very good…definitely sharing this..

  • Maxsteele

    Then one wonders why anyone can question Israel doing anything to protect themselves. As Bibi said, how can anyone ethically tell Israel not to protect themselves. These are not barbarians nor savages they are scavengers that will run and hide at the first sign of trouble but will flock to a dead body to ravage it when given the opportunity of the scent of fear or weakness.

  • Cindy09

    So these “Syrian rebels” are not exactly “Syrians” but they are from Sunnis countries: Quatar, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia etc, and these are the rebels that our government arming to get inside Syria to topple Al-Assad’s government. Two factions of Islam fighting against each other.

    • Kind of like what our government is doing here as well- arming and keeping the border wide open for God knows who to keep on pouring through, appeasing muslims and promoting race and class wars… all to keep themselves in power. Topple it from the inside..

      • Cindy09

        Exactly! Everything is done to achieve an ultimate goal.

        • unclesamnephew

          but who’s ultimate goal? satan perhaps?

          • Cindy09

            The Ummah. The New World Order.

            • NoToTyrants

              Satan = New World Order = Internationalism = Globalism = Socialism = Communism = Democrat Party

  • I am sorry but I don’t buy their argument. Syrian regime is responsible for murder of US servicemen in Iraq. It has be toppled. Heck, we should’ve bombed them in 2005

    • Syria is not innocent by any means, but what these rebels are doing, it is those kinds who kill our service men. The Bible talks about the day Damascus is in rubble. I believe that time is coming VERY soon.

      • Cindy09

        Hot months ahead!!

        • Like I said to my husband earlier today when we were talking about all of this stuff, October is going to be a very hairy month.

          • sDee

            If Israel goes in, Oct 15th -is the next dark moon.

            • Oy. That’s right. Hold on tight my dear friend.

            • Cindy09

              Yikes!! We are tuck between the last blood moon (June 15th) and the next dark moon.

              • Conservative_Hippie

                God is in control and we know the end of the story!

                Psalms 121:1-2, “A song of ascents. I lift up my eyes to the hills–where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth”

    • Patriot077

      I’ve read elsewhere that the “rebels” are not Syrian. I’ll see if I can find links but it was probably on bigpeace or theblaze.

    • keyesforpres

      Their gov’t is evil, but you don’t want it replaced with these animals.

    • sDee

      But as with Egypt we the American peopel are being played for fools. The end game is the same as it was in Egypt and Libya -Muslim Brotherhood. Islamic supremacy. I posted a couple of links below on this.

      • We are being played because Obozo doesn’t lead or wants to lead.

  • Cindy09

    I couldn’t stomach the pictures of the beheaded man. It brought tears to my eyes. What Walid said in the last three to four minutes were painful to hear but they are so true to Bible prophecy. If there has been one time in history where we could pinpoint the beginning of the end, well, this is it. I will continue praying for Egypt.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Cindy, my Sister in Christ, it is always darkest before the dawn and what a beautiful Dawn that will be!

  • BikerHoop

    A very powerful video. A friend of mine, who is a minister, has said basically the same thing… that Christians need to step up to the plate when their brethren are persecuted in the Middle East. It’s coming soon where we’re going to hear of thousands being killed daily. How do we step up? I don’t know. I don’t know how every-day Americans can have that much influence over what goes on in Syria, Libya or any other ME country. At this point, I guess, all we can do is pray… and I do.

    • Prayer is a mighty powerful tool BikerHoop. Don’t ever forget that. I know sometimes I feel so worthless because “all I can do” is pray- but we have to remember how much Satan HATES our prayers which go up to the Throne of God.

      • WhiteGuy2

        Prayer is very complex, much more complex than we realize. However faith in God and prayer with God is one aspect of humanity that evil can never take away from us.

        • Amen! You said it so much better than me!

          But I’ll leave it with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite saints..
          “When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles. When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs. When he stops praying, the devil shouts for joy.”
          Corrie Ten Boom

    • sDee

      Bikerhopp, I probably do not have to tell you but Christians are not only being persecuted, they are being slaughtered, raped, tortured and enslaved in the name of allah. Much of it would cease if only Americans knew.

      If you think he or she would be open to it, please ask your friend, the minister, to watch these videos. In them Dr. Warner explains why we are afraid to face this, why we turn our backs.

      A Rational Study of Radical Islam

      Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

      • BikerHoop

        Thanks for the links. I will definitely share them.

  • marketcomp

    Wow! These people are so evil. I can’t believe we even talk to these people in the Middle East and they claim to do evil in the name of God! Allen West is right yet again when he said that we do not know who the rebels are! John McCain wanted to give weapons to them without even knowing who they are. Perhaps we do need to understand that these evil people in the Middle East are not capable of a democratic or a representative government.

    • sDee

      I wonder if McCain knows the “rebels” we support are also supported by the Turks and are slaughtering Christians? The Armenians know what the Turks are capable of – one million killed in an Armenian genocide. The Syrian army is arming the Christians who are now fighting with Armenians. This other “rebel” group of Christians is who we should be arming. Otherwise they will be slaughtered by the “rebels” McCain is so fond of.

      Syria: Christians take up arms for first time
      “The Armenians are fighting because they believe the FSA are sent by their Turkish oppressors to attack them, the Christians want to defend their neighbourhoods, Shabiha regime militia are there to kill and rape, the army is fighting the FSA, and the [Kurdish militant group] PKK have their own militia too.”

      The “rebels” will of course create the vacuum for the Brotherhood to fill, regardless of who they are. This has already been set up by the UN and subversive NGOs (which conveniently left Syria before the killing began).

      You are spot on. Islam = sharia and that is incompatible with any form of democracy. However if you want to get a sense of what a sham of dhimmitude has been set up for the Brotherhood and how the media already is running with the narrative take a glance at this propaganda – the title itself is an oxymoron.

      Syrian rebels said to seek Islamic democracy

      Same crap we heard about Egypt then the Brotherhood just killed, imprisoned or kicked out all the useful idiots.

  • lilium479

    Great work RS. Every Christian should see this and take their message to heart.

  • Landscaper

    I know it’s not this simple but my analogy is the fire ant hill has been toppled in the Middle East. Like angry fire ants, the radical Islamist are spreading, killing, biting and stinging everything in their path. Destroying everything that is peaceful and calm. At 53, I do not see this happening on our soil in my lifetime. Like others said in an earlier thread, there are too many well armed and pissed off Americans to let this happen here. With that, I do not fear radical Muslims or our Federal Gov. in suppressing the American civilian. Not one cop or military enlished would enact an order by anyone to turn on their fellow man. We should pray for those abroad and exercise our freedom to vote Obama out. Wash our hands of his filth and look to brighter days.

    • keyesforpres

      ….that is why Obama has been arming our gov’t beauracracies…there ARE many in the gov’t that would turn on us….don’t forget the muslims in the gov’t. You have heard of all the hundreds of millions of bullets Homeland Security has bought, Social Security Administration has bought, and others…

      • Landscaper

        I have heard plenty about the large ammount of ammunition purchased by the Feds. So have I and I know how to shoot a flee in the ass with a rifle. My whole family can shoot. Have heart my friend. Those piss-ant beauracrats don’t have jack on a butt load of really pissed off Americans. Think about it, beauracrats taken over Compton (serious hood land in CA) I don’t think so. Let em’ bring it brother. I can’t speak of everywhere else, but I know of rural places within 100 miles of my house the FBI, ATF, SWAT won’t go. That’s some hard-ass good old boy territory and don’t give a rats rear about an angry Muslim. It wouldn’t be safe for me to be there. Inclusive and outsides not welcome. Get my point yet? You hit a dog long enough and it will bite you.

      • TommyGunner

        @keyesforpres ~ SERIOUSLY, I have researched this, The ammo all the various alphabet agencies have been purchasing is ‘normal’ quantities. It is just a shock to hear those numbers quoted. But this is not a onetime drop shipment of munitions, but the quarterly delivery of ammunition for security personel. It actually works out to only 50 rds per person per month. Figure two range practice sessions per month and quarterly qualitication and that is a very small amount of ammo.
        I mean, it is nothing for me to go to the range with my son and two granddaughters and burn 800 rds the 3-4 hours of casual plinking. ( That’s 50 rds of .44 mag., 100 rds .40 S&W, 50 rds of 9mm and 525 + rds of .22 L.R. NEVER more than two shooters at the line at a time – the granddaughters still require constant supervision.)

        • sDee

          My take is that it is not the amount of ammo per Fed that should be getting under the skin of free citizens, it is the number of Feds with arms, in agencies that should not even be armed, and that we never needed in the first place.

          • And with hollow points and armor piercing ammo.

          • keyesforpres

            Exactly. Who cares about the math? Good grief,Obama said he wanted a domestic security force. What’s so hard to understand?

        • KenInMontana

          I tried that approach to this “Ammunition meme”, went a little further with the calculations. Here is the crux of the reasoned approach to it I tried (even though the poster I originally replied to did not want to hear it):

          “Whether you agree with it or not matters little, I am countering the claims you have posted with facts, not wild eyed assertions or unsupported theories. As a further example, the ammunition supply contract for the DHS.

          As most are aware, the Department of Homeland Security is an umbrella organization that now contains several Federal agencies that are responsible for various law enforcement and national security duties. Some of these agencies are ( I am listing only agencies that traditionally or by charter field armed agents);

          1. U.S. Customs Service, which includes;
          a. Border Patrol
          b. Customs and Immigration Enforcement

          2. Federal Protective Service

          3. Transportation Security Administration (the uniformed unarmed “thugs” doing airport screenings are only a small number of their agents)

          4. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (this center will consume the lion’s share of the ordered ammunition) This facility trains all the armed officers for the Federal Government as well as Homeland Security related training for State and Local law enforcement agencies, and weapons training for Indian Tribal department LEOs.

          5. Energy Security and Assurance Program (This agency does infrastructure protection)

          6. U.S. Coast Guard

          7. U.S. Secret Service

          Now consider this, I can burn through 500 rounds in a weekend of training drills, but I generally for economic reasons, (I am responsible for providing my own ammunition) I tend to limit it to around 200 rounds, which is about average for our officers. We are a small company with about 15 armed officers, if we do the math (200 x 15 = 3000) that is 3000 rounds in a total of 6 hours, two 3 hour sessions over two days.
          The U.S. Coast Guard (as of 2010) had just over 48,000 active duty members, their reserve component numbered just over 7,900 that same year, of those personnel roughly 75% will require firearms, training and qualification, usually twice a year for qualifying ( I may be mistaken on frequency, as I am relying on the Marine Corps standard of qualifying every 6 months when I served, it may differ for the USCG). When shooting for score in qualifying (again using Marine Corps figures), each individual fires a total of 180 rounds, this figure does not include practice leading up to the qualification session, nor does it include other “live-fire” exercises conducted over the course of a year related to “skill maintenance training”.

          So if we do the math on the USCG alone, approximately 41,000 service members, firing 180 rounds each, comes to a total of 7,380,000 rounds of ammunition for one run of qualifying for the Coast Guard itself, it doesn’t take much to imagine what the numbers would add up to if we extrapolate it out to the remainder of personnel of the other agencies listed above.

          As I have previously stated in regards to this subject of this ammo purchase, “much ado about nothing” “

          The emphasized text is the crux of the math, sadly even science and math do not break through the titanium foil some of them wear.

          • TommyGunner

            @KeninMontana ~ Thanks for the back up !!!


            S. Terry Carter

            Subject: [trscoop] Re: Walid and Ted Shoebat explain what’ s actually going on in Syria

        • keyesforpres

          I guess Ken is saying I wear titanium foil. Ok. Well, why is the Social Security Administration buying ammo?

          • TommyGunner

            @keyesforpres ~ I’ll not venture to guess to whom he was referring. But don’t let the sensationalism of a report be “SPUN” to mean more than it actually is in reality. Read the previous posts by KenInMontana and myself- Tommy_Gunner. As to the Social Security Admistration, I believe, they have approximately 300 armed agents for fraud investigation. Divide the number of rounds purchased/ordered by 300 and then again by 12 and you will have the number of rounds per officer per month. Now take into account that they have to practice at least once a month and qualify at least twice a year.
            These orders, in themselves, are NOT EXCESSIVE or UNUSUAL or OMMENOUS . The real omen,as I see it, is that the Dept. of Homeland Security and FEMA are not under any congressional restraint. They answer to the president or his unvetted Czars , only ! NOW THAT IS SCARY !!!

    • Terrenceor

      If the general population can be turned against the traditional American principles through our schools, then they can surely turn the armed forces. They can do it by promoting only General officers that are hostile to traditional American values. I am sure that many promotions were given to Generals that share Obama’s values. There is no more politically correct institution than the Pentagon. The leftist will infiltrate, then destroy.

      • Landscaper

        Generals sit in the back where it is safe, boots do the fighting. Give me a break! Everyone with all this doom and gloom that the Feb are going to round us up or WHATEVER. My eldest son is just two years back from Afghan. with the Marines as a boot. No one above a Sergeant would go out on partols with them. Their Lieutenant was too coward to step foot out the door of their base. Want to talk about a guy that got a cold shoulder from the enlisted men. I am from a military family. This crap dosen’t scare us one damn bit.

        • Terrenceor

          We are not talking about 5 or 10th years from now, but if you do not think the left is not trying to destroy the Armed Forces from within, then you have not been paying attention.

      • sDee
    • white531

      Landscaper, I like your words, but they are not going to go away.

      • Landscaper

        I never said they would go away. I believe in God, myself, my fellow countrymen. And women, ABiC. 🙂

    • sDee

      Think it is not here? In America they are termites, not fire ants

      Today’s muslim parade in NYC

      But jihad in Progressive western countries is via creeping sharia and multiculturalism.

      They know they can not bully us or they will find a semiautomatic pointed at them from every pickup truck, front porch and top floor window.

      Our enemy in this fight are our own – our politicians and the media.

      Chris Christie’s friend, New Jersey Imam Mohammed Qatanani, wants Sharia blasphemy laws criminalizing criticism of Islam in the U.S.

      Chris Christie Appoints Hamas-linked Superior Judge To NJ Court

  • Bush administration black listed syrian gov as terrorist now the free fighter who are against the regime are called the terrorist ?? that does not make sense at all it is in american best interest to give syrian the freedom they ask for as a free country we have to support freedom . This is NOT an islamic revolution for a simple reason the president is muslim and the country is muslim and the constitution based on islam 85 % of syrian are muslims so this is not an islamic revlution it is freedom seeker do not let documentary and some bad footage foul you

    • keyesforpres

      It’s islam. There is no freedom in islam.
      Oh, we shouldn’t believe our lying eyes, eh?

    • So, in your thoughts, Libya was not a revolution because Gadahfi was a muslim, and Egypt was not a revolution because the Egyptian president was a muslim. Wake up and smell the jihad. In islam, it is often muslim against muslim, and it is the Christians and other non muslims who suffer most.

      Might we remind you also that it was the so called freedom fighter rebels who murdered our people in Libya? Those same in which America gave weapons to to oust Gadahfi?

    • sDee

      There are only two steady states in an muslim country:
      (a) A brutal dictatorship to repress sharia
      (b) A brutal theocracy under sharia
      Everything else is a state of transition.

      Thanks to Hussein and Clinton’s “Arab Spring”. Syria is now is transition from (a) to (b). The “freedom fighters” are simply globalist tools so the Muslim Brotherhood can set up camp and institute the brutal theocracy under sharia.

      • NoToTyrants

        You summed it better than anywhere I have seen.

        Islam will not and cannot, by its edicts, tolerate individual liberty, individual rights, or minority rights in the Western sense. It is an anathema to their belief system.

        All must submit to Sharia, be they man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Black, Caucasian, Asian, Arab, Conservative, Liberal, for free contraceptives, against free contraceptives, for homosexual marriage, against homosexual marriage, etc…etc…etc.

        Barring an Islamic reformation or enlightenment, either of which is highly unlikely, tyranny is all Islamic nations will know. So pick your poison, somewhat western friendly autocrats like Mubarak, or fanatical fundamentalist jihadi tyrants hell bent on bringing about Armageddon.

    • white531

      The problem is the type of freedom they are seeking. They are seeking freedom from Western ideals and Western influence. They are seeking the freedom to exercise the tenets of a murderous political system masquerading as a religion.

  • white531

    This is why our Muslim President and our Muslim Attorney General, want an open border with Mexico. When the time is right, they will spill over our border with Mexico and cause chaos in American cities, under the guise of revolution, and they won’t all be Mexicans.

    This is part of the, “Hope and Change,” Obama promised.

    Almost all of the Mideast is now controlled by Islamic radicals, first Al-Qaeda, then Hezbollah, and now The Muslim Brotherhood. And they are closing the net on the rest of the world. They are already here among us. They are in the White House. They are in our State Department. They are in many positions of power in our Government. They are even in our Military Branches, and they most especially, are on the grounds of all of our major Universities.

    They have a presence, major or minor, in most of the developed countries of the world. They have physical cells of Muslims, on the ground in those countries, especially The United States of America. Those cells communicate with, and get their marching orders from the Mullahs and other Islamic leaders in the Middle East.

    In the recent riots in those countries, the militants marching in the streets, carried signs that said, “We have ten thousand Osamas!” And you know what? They do. In the end, Osama bin Laden was instrumental in their fight against us, but he was only part of their army, and in the end, was more a symbol, than anything else.

    You may consider these people to be mindless rabble, and they do fit that description. The, “rabble,” part is not the problem. The, “mindless,” part is. Because of their ridiculous religion, if you can call it that, and the Mullahs who fill their heads full of this Islamic mush, they are dangerous. Human life means nothing to them. Even the lives of their own wives and children, especially their daughters. You’ve seen the stories and the videos.

    How long do you think it is going to take for most of America to wake up to the fact that we have a real enemy, who is sworn to kill each and everyone of us, living right here in America, just waiting for the signal?

    The moral of this story? Muslims are not your friends. Never mind what Obama and Hillary Clinton tell you. Their only purpose on this planet, is to kill each and every one of us. The sooner we get politicians in office who understand that, the safer this nation will be.

  • p m

    Thank you for this video. Sectarian muslim violence almost always leads to a free-for-all against Christians, absent any pretense.

    So, let’s see if we can sort this out. Wahhabists/Sunnis from Saudi Arabia and Sunnis from Turkey coalesce to defeat the Shia regime of Syria, Shia Iran’s great friend. Thereby weakening Shi’ite Iran and by etension Shi’ite Hezbollah but not Sunni Hamas, an offshoot of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. Might explain the attitude of McCain et al.

    We know the Saudis are scared witless of Iran’s influence and this is their chance to poke Iran in the eye, cleanse the future caliphate of its Christian population, and settle in next door to Israel, which is already surrounded by these savages anyway, never mind the sect.

    This video reminds me of an excellent article in the Asia Times a few days ago, aimed at the politicians who think an attack on Iran by Israel would be a bad thing. For a ‘bigger picture’ point of view, vis-a-vis that future caliphate, it’s worth reading:

  • sonofliberty

    hey folks..i never post on here but i do enjoy the site and your comments. I just want to say how proud and grateful i am to see us (americans) join in the future of america. we have come a long way and im sooo blessed to be able to post this…we are going to take america back!

    • white531

      The obvious question being, why don’t you post here?

    • sDee


    • Thank you sonofliberty- but I wish you would post, as I think you have much to say and say it well 🙂 Welcome to Scoop regardless friend.

      • Landscaper

        ABC, she is reading the comments to see if we are nuts! This is a hot topic and I had 2 large mugs of coffee with my Pound Cake. I’m ticked off to no end and am the worst one here tonight to let my thoughts fly. Gezz, I’ll never get to sleep.

        • sDee

          Funny, pound cake never has tht effect on me. 🙂

          p.s. we are nuts

          • Landscaper

            Come on sDee, re-read “two large mugs of coffee” but the Pound Cake is awsome. Come on over, we have plenty.

            • sDee


        • I’ll join you in your bout of insomnia my friend. I haven’t slept well for months.

  • brendawatkins

    Scary stuff.. disturbing stuff. We take our christianity for granted in this country. The day will come when we will face the ultimate test, just like those christians in those muslim countries. I pray it’s far off in the future, but, I have a feeling it’s not. Just can’t shake it.

  • white531

    I hate to be so negative all the time. I am not that kind of person. But, we are living in very serious times right now. I am just appalled, that our entire government, and half the population of this country, see no problem whatsoever with the things that are happening all around us, while the entire world is going into melt-down.

    The entire Middle East is in turmoil, with people dying every day, some of them ours. The Muslim Brotherhood is like the Mafia, in that region of the world right now. Our own economy is in shambles, thanks to this Dreamer, who had no experience whatsoever, when he took office.

    Instead of taking the torch of Freedom that was passed to him, and adding to the greatness of America by bringing people together, he has instead, pitted all of us against each other, to create turmoil and discontent. Black against White, Rich against Poor, legal citizens against illegal, while putting more people on food stamps, than any former President in History.

    He has destroyed our economy, and left it in such bad shape, as to make it almost impossible for anyone taking over to do anything better than damage control for at least the first four years.

    The treaties he has signed with the United Nations, I don’t even want to get into. That particular form of destroying our Freedom, has consequences. Treaties, once signed, are hard to break. We may have to go to war, to get rid of some of them.

    Hope and change. This is what its like to have a Communist for a President.
    How do you like it so far?

    • Landscaper

      Who will one day have the balls to tell the United Nations to pack their crap and get off our soil? I await the day.

      • p m

        It is certainly long overdue. I nominate John Bolton – he already knows and hates the UN – his familiarity with it bred his contempt even further.

      • sDee

        Only us – and only when we one day have the balls to replace our Congress with nationalists and constitutionalists who represent us and the States. Until then the power, fate and fortunes of our politcal class is knitted inextricably with the UN in the march to globlaism.

      • TommyGunner

        Elect me president for JUST SIX MONTHS ! You would see such mayhem in the FEDERAL universe to make your heart skip several beats !!!

    • sDee

      It is all connected. All the same root cause. Obama was placed there to be the Post-American President. But it is not Obama alone, it is Western Progressivism and it is global – coordinated through a common ideology.

      We will have to fight! To do that we first have bring the enemy out into the light of day. Even if we have to do it one citizen at a time. Our government WILL NOT – even Romney. Our media WILL NOT. We have to do it.

      I read this today in context to of the massive gains of isalm against West civilized cultures – with full global cooperation of western Progressive governments.

      Muslim MUltiCulturalism and Western Post-Nationalism
      Destroy the national identity and you revert to the religious identity, and before you know it, you have a holy war and a theocracy on your hands.

      Progressives have been always too stupid to understand that the consequences of their progressivism in undermining the current, more advanced, phase of human society is the restoration of reactionary social and political systems. In Russia, the Bolsheviks toppled an intermediary government and restored a Czar named Stalin and feudalism under the name of collectivism, to the proud cheers of the world’s leftists at the progress they were making. In the Arab Spring, they brought back Islamism and they have brought it back in London and Sydney, and Paris and New York as well.

      The left destroyed Western national identity and brought back the holy war, but due to Christian and Jewish secularism and Muslim immigration, instead of Catholics and Protestants fighting each other in Paris and London, it’s Muslims rioting in the streets and demanding an Islamic theocracy to rule them. And why not? If rule no longer derives from the people or the nation, but panels of judges and rooms of bureaucrats, then the Islamic version is as legitimate as the Socialist version.

      Western government that deny both democracy and nationalism are acting as leftist Mullahs, enforcing their beliefs on everyone else. This is their multiculturalism and it is just as backward, reactionary and corrupt as the Islamic version.

      The West can return to national identity or it can fight a holy war between Islamist Multiculturalism and Progressive Multiculturalism. What it cannot do is avoid the conflict.

      • I do love you sDee.

        • sDee


      • p m

        This is the first thing I read this morning. That Daniel sure has a way of waking you up!

      • WordsFailMe

        Is it only me or can Al Sharpton also see that the new United Muslims States of Africa do not include the sub saharan countries where the prizes exist- natural resources, water, cheap, compliant self perpetuating labor etc.

        I wonder how Jesse, Maxine and Sheila Jackass interpret that omission? They probably believe that its because of the “special” nature of the occupants in those regions

    • My husband was always one to leave things be, not want to stir up anything beyond our county government. He has always worked hard, even while he’s been unemployed most of these past 4 years, he still works at whatever he can for gas money and groceries.
      He has now woken, and today he said, “Im not a pessimist, but with all the crap about to come down, I am a realist, and it’s gonna be ugly for a while no matter who wins this election.”
      Then he said he had been reading up on a lot of the sort of thing I had been telling him about for the past few years, and looks for dear leader to start rounding folks up. I told him I’ve been waiting for a while for them to come for me. He said, “Over my dead body will they take you.”

      I hate what’s going on, and have done my best for years to warn folks- both politically and Biblically. I can at least be grateful my honey has finally got it, and it gives me hope others have too.

      • sDee

        it’s gonna be ugly for a while no matter who wins this election

        Wise man.

        • I know how to pick em 😉 But yes, he might be a quiet guy, a crusty lookin’ redneck guy, but yes, he’s definitely a wise man.

          • sDee

            us rednecks seem to be figr’in out these geehodees a ‘hol lot faster than the Letterman cocktail crowd. And, i’ll take wagers, we are a ‘hol lot better prepared to deal with them when need be.

            • LOL! That’s what I told him the other day!! Well, kind of. I said, maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have anything fancy, because when the crap hits the fan, we’ve got duck tape and we know how to use it!!! 😉

          • p m

            Sounds like John Wayne. I adore John Wayne! Yep – you got a good one – smart girl!

            • Oh boy p m, If I told him that, he’d be swaggering all over the yard lol! But yeah, I’ve got a good’un alright! 😀 Thank you!

      • NoToTyrants

        As Walid said, all the events unfolding in the Muslim world are foretold very literally in the Bible.

        Don’t forget the Bible also tells us how it all ends. It ends with Satan and his followers defeated.

        Christ will reign.

        That doesn’t mean, as Christians, we aren’t called to fight. We must. Not just militarily, but also politically and culturally.

        • That’s a lot of what I was talking to him about. I said too, because he’s heard me talking about this kind of thing for years, I said, “I’m not a pessimist either, because I know how things are going to end, and we win.”

          I’ll fight in whatever way our Lord asks me to… of course I have to ask Him daily for strength or I’d be a basket case.

          • NoToTyrants

            I know enough from your posts, you are a warrior. I have no doubts about you fortitude.

            • Aw thank you NoToTyrnats!! I’m blessed by the company here and know I am in great company!! Have a Blessed night my friend.

              • NoToTyrants

                Same to you and your wise hubby.

    • TommyGunner

      @white531 ~ Don’t give all the credit to the anointed one ! He had a lot of help from previous generations back as far as the Roosevelt cousins. We are seeing the culmination of MANY generations of liberal,socialist planning and work. One small step at a time to lull the average Christian American into a sense of security and complacency. FORTUNATELY, I HOPE, ‘We the People’ are waking up and beginning to see the deception.
      This election will give us an answer and a possible MEANS to begin the reversal.

      • kong1967

        I agree, but Obama kinda forgot about the “creep” in the plan. He put it into full blown overdrive and said screw you, you’re going to get socialism shoved up your arse whether you like it or not.

        • p m

          I think his handlers figured the creep stage was over, and it was on to the ‘pounce’ stage. There’s infiltration at all levels which is why a top to bottom clean out of ‘libs’ is required, starting 11/6/2012. As they’ve been at this game since before FDR, it will take decades to undo. But if people really have woken up, maybe not so long as 80+ years. Maybe 8+8 will do it. But there can’t be any quarter given to the enemy within – we have to mean it. I predict a 15+ win for Romney, (to he!! with skewed polls) and a resurgence in the American spirit even more powerful than Reagan elicited. Bring it on!

          • kong1967

            It actually started in 2010. We wiped a lot of them out then, but unfortunately McCain survived.

            I don’t know if it will be as decisive as the Reagan victory because he drew a lot of Democrat votes because he was expected to be a moderate (I think). Boy did he fool them. Wound up being one of the best, if not the best President’s ever. That and fraud has turned us into a banana republic.

            I hope you are right and we will sure try!!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Maybe it’s time to consider our Founding Fathers’ approach to such government failures…


    • rich wojcik

      Syria and the rest of Arab world – do “KGB and Putin” ring a bell????????????????????
      Yes, that Putin….yes, the one who was promised who-knows-what by our “LEADer” ……

  • NoToTyrants


    Walid is correct when he said, “For Christians, this is the time when the rubber meets the road.”

  • sybilll

    I wish I had not viewed this late at night. I almost puked, and I will never sleep. Pray….hard….. my fellow Scoopers. Evil is working overtime.

  • TommyGunner

    @sDee ~ Very well stated, but the actual blood and guts war on our homeland does not have to take place IF we clean house in our own government and reinstate Christian values and limited Constitutional republican( not the party) government and an open and free commerce market place.

  • kong1967

    That was one of the most informative videos on Islam and what’s happening that I have ever seen. Drill here, drill now!! Clear the Christians and Americans out of the Middle East and turn the sand to glass. I see no other way to defeat the movement in the long term.

  • WordsFailMe

    There is no such concept in the Quran which equates to collateral damage. In this war as in all race wars, once you begin to differentiate between this kind of enemy and that kind, you have signed your own death warrant.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Wow. With this on my mind, kinda makes elections & politicians seem like minstrels in a big, ridiculous play. I fear it’s too late for Amerika, so the time has for citizens of heaven to unite and get right with Jesus.

  • Yazz55

    If there is only one web video one will watch this year, it has to be this one.
    Its that important.

    …Just don’t each lunch before viewing it.

  • rich wojcik

    Syria and the rest of Arab world – do “KGB and Putin” ring a bell????????????????????
    Yes, that Putin….yes, the one who was promised who-know-what by our “LEADer” ……

  • wmath44

    I spent 18 months in Turkey in 1963-64. The Turks were so proud of thier goverment protected by the army to always be secular. Now all that is gone and the islamist are in charge

    • white531


  • white531

    This is a re-post of a comment I made on an earlier thread. I think I may have posted it there after everyone had left the room. If the Moderator considers this a serious violation, I will remove it. I believe, however, that it is pertinent to the current discussion.

    We have many enemies who hate us. None come close to the hatred that Muslims have for us. It is not the Russians, or the Chinese that we will end up fighting to the death. It will be the Muslims, and it has already begun.

    If they were here in large numbers, the way they are in other parts of the world, the war would have already begun.

    Make no mistake folks, the only thing that keeps us safe from these rabid hordes that are invading every corner of the planet, is the Second Amendment. It isn’t our government, it isn’t our ridiculous Homeland Security, and it certainly isn’t our Muslim President. Its our guns. It will always be our guns.

    These human cockroaches have a birthrate higher than any other group of people on this planet, and they are invading and establishing beach heads in almost every country in the world. They have already taken over most of Europe. But, their number one goal is The United States of America, and they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

    To me, they are the most disgusting enemy we face, and the most dangerous, because they are using the Freedom that The United States of America represents, against us.

    While invading communities across America and putting Muslims in legislative positions in our local city, county and state governments, they are at the same time invading our legal system, and putting Muslims in key positions as judges, to help them introduce Sharia law into our own legal system. In short, they are bastardizing our entire view of the law.

    In past comments on other sites, I have often used the Star Trek episodes that were written by Gene Roddenberry, rest his soul, about The Borg. If you know anything about Science Fiction, then you understand the similarity between The Borg, and Muslims.

    The Borg were an alien race, traveling throughout the Galaxy, conquering any race they encountered and assimilating them into The Borg. There is more, but that’s it in a nutshell. Muslims are The Borg. Resistance is futile. We will assimilate you…….

    Here is a graphic image to insure that you know what Islam is capable of.
    Please be warned. If you do not have a strong stomach, do not even think of opening this on your computer.


    • WordsFailMe


    • WordsFailMe

      I am afraid for the muslim. I am afraid that their very presence will become so egregious, their acts so heinous and barbaric that extermination will become the only alternative.

      Their is some irony in that black flag the carry.


    • Suzyqpie

      Remember Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg. Remember……

      • white531

        From another site:

        Isn’t it an insult to every American to blame the ongoing rage and violence in the middle east . . .?
        on a “video trailer”, Hogwash.

        They didn’t need a video trailer when they murdered Americans on 9/11 – or suicide bombings in Israel – or the Lockerbie bombing – or the USS Cole death and destruction – or cafes – discos – embassies around the world – or the train in spain – – or their video-taped beheadings of 26 year old Nick Berg, and Journalist Daniel Pearle – – and that’s just the short list.

        Courtesy of blogger ThomasS

  • white531

    Scoop, could I get your permission to print Allen West’s weekly newsletter here? Its a pretty good summary of the current situation.

    • Suzyqpie

      Can you share the web address?

      • white531
        • white531

          I guess its better to ask forgiveness, than permission. Here is the text of Rep. Allen West’s weekly update:

          Allen’s Newsletter

          Dear Patriot,

          Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans. It is time to prepare our weekly update for dissemination.

          L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu. I pray the Jewish community here in South Florida and across the globe enjoyed a wonderful and Happy Rosh Hashanah.

          A week ago at this time, I was supposed to be visiting our men and women in combat theatre serving in Afghanistan. However, for safety reasons, the trip for myself and other Members of Congress was canceled, with some blaming the escalation of violence in the Middle East on a YouTube video that upset the Islamic world.

          My trip to Afghanistan was canceled, but it was not because of a Youtube video. A series of coordinated terrorist attacks across the Islamic world and the fallout of protests are the result of America’s failed foreign policy.

          The Obama Administration has lied and continues to lie to the American people concerning the situation in Libya and the Middle East. The “public” story is that this was a spontaneous action related to a video. Further evidence has proven that Ansar al Sharia, a radical Islamic terrorist group aligned with Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, is responsible for the attack on our Consulate. Even more disturbing is that Abu Sufian, the leader of Ansar al Sharia, was released from GITMO in 2007 after heavy political pressure.

          The policy of appeasement communicated by President Obama’s speeches and visits to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt evidenced an American foreign policy weakness destined to fail. It is telling that even at this time, President Obama has yet to visit our closest ally in the region, Israel.

          The legacy of the Arab Spring that President Obama celebrates is sadly not any different from the legacy of President Jimmy Carter in Iran when the results of his action created a leadership void, eventually filled by radical Islamists.

          Americans have been led to believe that killing Osama bin Laden is an example of sound foreign policy. That absurdity would be like President Franklin D. Roosevelt claiming credit for Operation Vengeance in 1943. Operation Vengeance is the assault that led to the successful elimination of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto by an Army Air Corps fighter pilot with the support of Naval intelligence. The killing of Admiral Yamamoto did not end World War II, nor was it called foreign policy. Operation Vengeance was a target of opportunity developed through intelligence, where the United States was able to break Japanese code and eventually ascertain Admiral Yamamoto’s flight schedule.

          The Obama administration fails to understand the three levels of war — strategic, operational, and tactical — and instead rests its laurels on the tactical success of killing Osama bin Laden.

          Vice President Joe Biden stated that when it comes to our foreign and economic policy, the bumper sticker should read, “GM is alive. Osama is dead.” True, but so is our Ambassador to Libya.

          Since the 11th anniversary of 9/11, countless United States Embassies and Consulates have been attacked and ransacked, a United States Ambassador killed and possibly tortured, along with three other American citizens killed. A United States Marine fighter squadron Commander has lost his life, six Harrier jets destroyed and two damaged, and a continuous string of “green on blue” attacks plague the peacekeeping efforts in Afghanistan.

          The Obama Administration’s response has been:

          – $70,000 “apology” advertising campaign in Pakistan funded by United States taxpayers.

          – Statement from the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reiterating Islamic sensitivity training.

          – A spot on David Letterman and parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

          We wonder why we are being attacked. I’ve said it countless times before and I’ll say it again. This President continues to show weakness with his lack of response. It’s no surprise President Jimmy Carter has been advocating for President Obama to follow his lead during the 444-day Iranian hostage crisis and “do nothing”, claiming it sometimes takes “more courage” to take that stance. From someone who spent 22 years in the Army and many years in the Middle East, I can tell you this line of thinking is insidious!

          This is President Obama’s America as of September 2012: failed economic policy, failed energy policy (unless you count Solyndra as a success), a failed foreign policy and failed national security. And he wants Americans to trust him???

          I will say that “ending” the War in Iraq was not a foreign policy success. Iran is currently flying its Revolutionary Guards forces into Syria over Iraqi airspace. There are only two ways to end a war: you win or you lose. You cannot simply pack up and go home and declare success.

          Political rhetoric is no substitute for sound foreign policy and strategic national security decision-making.

          Americans are living through a really bad nightmare, and it’s time to wake up.

          Steadfast and Loyal,

          Allen West

          • white531

            This is the real President. He just doesn’t have the keys to Air Force One.

  • white531

    It is my belief Muslims have made such remarkable advances in recent months toward their goal of world domination, that some kind of military option might have to be considered to set them back, long enough for us to regain control of our government.

    Either that, or put severe restrictions on any more Muslims immigrating here to this country and begin to get rid of the ones already here.

    • keyesforpres

      Sounds like a plan!

  • mediaaccess1

    FOX news isn’t conservative. RS is the best in syphoning out the cr…

  • white531

    Scoop, I never gave you credit for adding this most important conversation to all the others. Let me do that now.

    All of what you produce, does not miss anything, of the current problems that face us. I don’t have enough free moments to read it all, but that’s my problem.

  • How on Earth would these two outside of Syria know that the fighters in Syria are mostly foreigners. Syria is teeming with secret police. No outside journalists can ever enter the coutry. There is no way of knowing whose in the country doing what. So anyone claiming to know who the rebels are, where the rebels are, where they came from etc are complete and outright liars.

  • joe6pack


    • 1LonesomeDove1

      I’m in the new chat room as we speak.

      • joe6pack

        I hope the other folks will check it out.

        • 1LonesomeDove1

          Not our resident weaklings here. They got no hair when it comes to the truth.