Walid Phares: Muslim Brotherhood has moved from protests to jihadi insurgency

Walid Phares says the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood has moved from demonstrations to an ‘urban jihadi insurgency’ in order to try and destabilize Cairo. But he says the bigger story is that the Brotherhood is trying to create pockets across Egypt and we see that through the 62 churches that have been destroyed and police states that have also been attacked.

Phares says the strategy of the Egyptian Army is to ‘cut off the head’ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and then to move out into the provinces. He also believes that we should help the Egyptian Army, specifically in the Sinai because they are fighting Al Qaeda there and if Al Qaeda are allow to control Northern Sinai then they could create problems for both Egypt and Israel.

There’s more, including a message, he says, to Washington from other countries in the region over choosing sides in Egypt.


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    … no support for anyone because John and Barry are on holidays , OH WELL .”

  • Laurel A

    You are never going to get Muslim Brotherhood Obama to go along with this considering he and Hillary botched this to begin with.

  • deTocqueville1

    The MB are doing openly now what they were doing under the Morsi Regime before (with no media coverage to speak of). Their Jihad has moved from terrorism through intimidation and condoned violence ‘legitimized’ by the so called ‘democratically elected’ government to outright armed terrorism. Egypt was following the Erdogan blueprint for Islamization. Let us hope there are enough truly secular liberal (in the old sense of the term) residents of the country that the military will be broadly supported. The far more modern secular liberals and the senior military stood idly by while the Islamic Regime in Turkey removed and imprisoned those most likely to oppose the ‘reforms’ to  implement Shariah throughout the country and now it appears too late to resist. It seems Saudia Araia which was instrumental in unleashing this demonic whirlwind along with the Egyptian Universities, is now coming to its senses as are some of the other leaders in the area.
    Is it now too late?

  • deTocqueville1

    Laurel A Ah yes, but it appears Putin is on to the game and he will resist in one way or another, as will China. What a topsy turvy world we live in where the defenders of Christianity and liberty are the Russians.

  • deTocqueville1

    LIBERTYUSA A good thing too!

  • Laurel A

    deTocqueville1 Laurel A No kidding…which makes Hillary and Obama’s botching of this much more profound.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Walid Phares says the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood has moved from
    demonstrations to an ‘urban jihadi insurgency’ in order to try and
    destabilize Cairo.”
    Isn’t that what they usually do?

  • yazz55

    The other arab countries mentioned who are supporting the Egyptian military are providing more $$$$ than the obamessiah.  And more importantly, they know if Egypt falls to the muslim brotherhood, their a$$es are toast.  That the muslim brotherhood along with their alqueda progenies will take over their countries next.

  • tsturbo

    It must be tough for Obama to watch his crew, the Muslim Brotherhood, getting their asses kicked all over Egypt. Oh wait, I forgot, Obama as a narcissist doesn’t actually care about anyone except himself.

  • volgeek

    Obama has never failed to back anti-America Islamists over pro-America opposition. When the pro-Western Iranians stood up to their government, they were silents. He backed the radical Muslims over Khadaffi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Al Qaeda supported rebels over the Syrian government. He had a muslim father, stepfather, and was educated in a madrasa from an early age. If he is not Muslim, he is at the very least a Muslim sympathizer.

  • Orangeone
  • mehrsein

    OLIVER STONE STATES: “OBAMA IS A SNAKE – WE HAVE TO TURN ON HIM !”http://movies.yahoo.com/news/oliver-stone-blasts-obama-again-hes-snake-turn-210038581.html

  • bluerose3335

    First, OFraud is pathetic….lets face the fact the manchild moron chose the Musline Brotherhood…Remember OFraud….oh that is right REALITY IS WHATEVER this clueless clown thinks it is.  YOU ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD OFRAUD.  You have embarrassed America in so many ways it is pathetic.  Whatever this man touches it falls apart.  Lok at his ABYSSMAL RECORD….nothing not one thing can he show for the pathetic title of President.  He was PERFECTLY fine with the EVIL BROTHERHOOD spreading their HATRED and ENSLAVEMENT when he backed that evil Morsi.  Now that Morsi is nothing more than another terrorist thug like all Brotherhood members we should be outraged over the military?
    I think not…the Egyptian Military is doing what needs to be done…they are taking it to the Brotherhood and eliminating them.  THANK GOD!!!  Some real Men not little boys that play cards and have a rainbow flag as their God.  REAL MEN that do what is needed to get rid of this evil.  There is nothing honorable about the Brotherhood…it is evil to its core.  What you see with OFraud is what happens when PANSIES are in control.

  • mehrsein

    …..Correct ! – “The defenders of Christianity are the russians” – and they are to be commended for it ! ……WE’D BE A LOT BETTER OFF WITH PUTIN IN THE WHITE HOUSE RATHER THAN obama !! 🙂 🙂

  • mehrsein

    …well said ! – particularly that last paragraph. Real men instead of politically correct rainbow-pansies like obama. – THE WAY AMERICA USED TO BE, UNTIL LIBERAL SCUM BEGAN THEIR SHAME-PUTSCH 50 YEARS AGO. Vote out the pansy-scum and vote real men back in

  • poorhardworker

    I agree with this man.  Obama DID side with the Muslim Brotherhood!  And that gave the thinking citizens of the US as much concern as, I am sure, it gave Egypt!

  • poorhardworker

    tsturbo The frightening this is that Obama thinks he is safe from us doing the same thing to him.  He is NOT teflon…but he is definitely ANTI-American!  Any one have a sign that says “Kick Me”???

  • clevonlittle

    poorhardworker well said…..

  • mehrsein If Oliver would be good enough to hang himself, we could feel some sympathy for him, but in the mean time, he’s still leftist trash that requires us to take to the dump or incinerator to destroy.

  • tsturbo On the other hand, I’m sure pride swells within him knowing that his friends are killing all those Christians.

  • LIBERTYUSA Never a great white shark when you need one.

  • kong1967

    Obama’s now going around saying that Egypt has to work this out for themselves.  Oh, really?  He sure didn’t feel that way when it came to ousting a pro-Western Mubarak and when Egypt was stable.  Oh, no!  We had to support ousting Mubarak and support a radical Muslim group to take over power.  What freaking idiots !!  Now that our funding is going to the military to behead the snake called the Muslim Brotherhood, they better not stop the funding.  Let the military decimate the Muslim Brotherhood so they can once again install a pro-Western government that Obama will hate.
    To add insult to injury, one of Obama’s aides was asked if Obama’s policies in Egypt coincide with getting the Nobel Peace Prize, and the arrogant bitch said “yes” and turned away.  The worst administration in history that’s making Carter look like a freaking genius !!

  • kong1967

    poorhardworker  Obama and Hillary have blood on their hands.  All of this is a result of policies they pushed to get a stable Mubarak out of power.  Obama just had to have the peace loving Muslim Brotherhood run the state.  Democrats are dumber than rocks, and McCain joined the effort as well.  Morons.

  • kong1967

    bluerose3335  It’s even more complicated with Obama.  He’s not just a pansy.  He has been against our allies and supporting our enemies from day one…..and the media won’t call him on it.  Fox does, but they aren’t even a legitimate news channel, and that’s what Obama has gotten his retarded base to believe.

  • kong1967

    warpmine  I agree, but any time a leftist realizes the horror they’ve unleashed it could be very helpful for him to use his talents to defeat Obama.  We have yet to see him turn, though.

  • Desjardins

    How can he tell?  They look like the same bloodthirsty neanderthals to me…

  • kong1967

    volgeek  He was a Muslim as a child and has never denounced Islam as far as anyone knows.  He may claim he’s Christian, but he doesn’t go to church from what I’m aware of.  Many Muslims believe he is Muslim.  As far as I’m concerned, until he denounces Islam on live world-wide television he is and always will be a Muslim.

  • OliviaHT

    kong1967 bluerose3335 
    The truth about the media is that they want the same things the oval occupant wants — America’s demise, the America of the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    They’re all leftist tools AND God haters.

  • kong1967 warpmine Wait and see, trust but verify, shoot first and ask questions later, which one applies.

  • lambfound

    How great does Mubarak look about now.  There is nothing libs can’t screw up.

  • kong1967

    OliviaHT Do they not realize that in an American demise they will also be poor and without?  Do they think they will be inducted into the elite government controlled media outlet and be better off?
    America’s downfall = MSM downfall.  Morons.

  • Tallgal83

    kong1967 “Let the military decimate the Muslim Brotherhood so they can once again install a pro-Western government that Obama will hate.”
    Obama and Kerry will not let this happen.  While he is vacationing the Egyptians are seeking help from Vladmir, and Xi.

  • kong1967

    Tallgal83  Well, so far Obama has said that Egypt has to work this out on their own, but that probably won’t last when he see his side going down in flames.  It sucks to be on the side of Putin, but so be it.  Between him and Obama, he’s the only one with any freaking sense in the matter.  Same with Syria.

  • OliviaHT

    kong1967 OliviaHT 
    Morons — true that!

  • tinlizzieowner

    kong1967 poorhardworker  
    Sure seems like Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’ has sprung, huh. 😉 😉

  • TexasPGRRider

    How much longer will a wahhabist sunni muzbrohood Fraud continue to occupy the the White House?

  • kong1967 poorhardworker  In a nutshell EVERYTHING these liberal progressives have touched and are currently touching , is turning to crap, just to say it mildly.
    What is happening so far , is just a warm up. Expect before long the entire Mideast to blow wide open. and we will not be immune to it.
    And not to mention that the Witch expects to run for President.  America how much longer are you going to sit back and have shit shoved down your throat?

  • vorlath

    The irony of all this is that Obama lent his support to the Muslim Brotherhood, but in doing so certified their doom towards Muslims of other sects. A Muslim is considered an infidel if they need help from Westerners according to other Muslims (because they would be weak to need help and as such are not true followers of Allah). So the Muslim Brotherhood will be seen as illegitimate from Muslims in other countries. And with weakness comes aggression.
    Obama ends up dooming even those he supports. It’s a true liberal ability.

  • As Barack
    Obama will tell you, there are all kinds of jihads. But having absolutely zero
    desire to be stoned or beheaded in my entire life, I’m afraid I’ll have to go
    with Walid on this one. —http://regularrightguy.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/mccain-what-happened-to-kaitlyn-hunt-to-turn-her-into-a-sociopathic-sex-freak/ —Full Caf

  • kong1967

    tinlizzieowner  Yes it does, lol.

  • kong1967

    NPC1  Unfortunately it appears people are willing to look the other way because Obama is the first black President and he’s Democrat.  He is untouchable from criticism, otherwise you’re racist.  Even if Democrats disagree, they aren’t going to say so.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    vorlath Not if they believe he’s one of them. It’s a real possibility he’s a closet Islamofascist.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    tinlizzieowner Yes, they’re highly organized and waiting to fill a power vacuum anywhere. Including right here.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    mehrsein Until Stone makes a movie exposing 0 for what he really is I’ll take that statement with a grain of salt.

  • Suzyqpie

    As long as Harry Reid runs the Senate.

  • Glassjim

    It seems to me the Egyptians understood how a democracy should work after all, if you don’t follow the rules in a democratic society that same society will get rid of the traitors by whatever means. Good on the Egyptian Army, that is their role, to protect democracy.


    My how time flies its already another Sunday in America, even though there’s so much happening we can’t understand,  today we have so much to be thankful for, each other, family, friends, and being born American. Today lets remember those we love and those in need our neighbors especially the elderly. And foremost lets remember to take a few moments to give thanks to Jehovah God in heaven from which all blessings flow.  Its very sad to see the good and decent people of Egypt and elsewhere in the world having to suffer because of the evil that has embraced there world, caused by mans beliefs in man,  government, and false religions.  Especially today , lets remember to left  them up in our heart felt prayers to Christ for his hand for their protection and comfort, and for us too!

    Blessings to all and have a safe and great day.

  • SilmarilTelerin

    after the Benghazi attack there were rumors this was coordinated by obama and
    the muslim bros to exchange the hostage of Stevens for the Blind Sheik; Thus
    the stand down order.What obama didn’t
    realize is our Special Forces are men of honor and will not desert an
    Ambassador under attack.

    hard to have empathy for the muslim bros.When watching an animal planet program with a reptile and mammal fighting, one
    cannot help but take the side of the mammal.
    John Galt Take Me With Youcom~~~~

  • Conservator1

    If the Egyptian Army mission “is to ‘cut off the head’ of the Muslim Brotherhood,” then I say give them saber to get the job done. All radical Islamic organizations are an off-shoot of he Muslim Brotherhood.

  • cabensg

    lambfound  Damn straight. Under Mubarak Christians were tolerated not murdered, the Muslim Brotherhood was not tolerated and many were arrested, especially the leaders. They had a very limited voice in government. There was a peace treaty with Israel which appeared to be enforced. Tourism was a thriving business for many Egyptians. All gone. 
    Dictatorships are all these people know and seems to be the only thing that keeps them in line. Mubarak was also an unapologetic ally of the U. S. so of course Obama had to get rid of him and institute chaos through his comrades in arms the Muslim Brotherhood although anything that creates instability and decreases the influence of America is fine with him.

  • cabensg

    Tallgal83 kong1967 Sad state of affairs when Russia’s dictator is more respected and right on more issues than our dictator.

  • cabensg

    kong1967 OliviaHT  They think they will personally benefit, those at the top. The people they hire are just useful idiots, products of our universities. What none of them care about is the kind of America that their children and grandchildren will grow up in. Since they don’t know any history I guess they think socialism is a stable type of government that will actually benefit everyone. They are so stupid it’s hard to even wrap you mind around it.

  • 57thunderbird


  • OliviaHT

    cabensg kong1967 OliviaHT 
    And those at the top will be personally immune from the damage they wreak on the country, immune and insulated by the enormous wealth they extract as participants in the great looting scheme they concoct. No morals, no shame, no conscience — yet these are the people who constantly lecture to us about racism and sexism, neither of which exist as sins in the Bible, but which are useful in terms of the laws that can be enacted to combat them, and the combating of them which serve to disadvantage one group over another — and this from people whose highest ruling principle is NON-DISCRIMINATION.
    I actually spoke to a liberal recently who told me without shame or the slightest hint of self-knowledge about his supreme arrogance that he didn’t think it was right that God discriminated against people, in this case homosexuals.
    These people think they are god!

  • deTocqueville1

    Conservator1 Amen.

  • deTocqueville1

    cabensg Yes but he has a far superior knowledge of geopolitical forces and events than does 0.

  • USMC 64-68

    I hear today that the commanding gen. of the Egyptians was telling his troops not to fire on the M.B.
    Too bad!

  • 57thunderbird

    Where is dear leader voicing his condemnation of the MB over the attacks on the Christians!

  • WordsFailMe

    Effortless muslim hatred–Vid of the day. A mohammerrhoid woman, who is a lot smarter today, decides to join her dung eating husband in a tune– 
    Warning Graphic muslim foot stomping on the head of muslim female is breathtakingly charming!

  • USMC 64-68

    You must have missed it, it was right after his condemnation of all the black on white violence.

  • lonestar1

    kong1967 NPC1 So true, and everyone knows it; yet no one will openly say it for fear of repercussion.

  • 57thunderbird

    USMC 64-68 57thunderbird I must miss it every time he does it. 🙁

  • K-Bob

    But, but, “binders full of women!”

  • xuxu


  • qianqian633