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Here’s the latest from Walid Phares Syria and how Obama won’t use military intervention, but is trying to work out a negotiated settlement for Syria in some type of shared government:

“In an interview with BBC Arabic, Dr Walid Phares an advisor to Congress and the author of ‘The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East,’ said “all indicates that the Obama Administration is seeking to reach a negotiated solution for Syria’s civil war. And here are the reasons.

Before reelection it was difficult for the Administration to engage in a comprehensive initiative to address the civil war in Syria other than asking Assad to step down and helping the opposition to obtain arms, even though in a limited manner. However since reelection, the Administration is considering an international initiative to end the conflict, but outside a military campaign to unseat Assad.”

Phares said it is most likely that the initiative would be based on an agreement moderated by Russia with Iran and Turkey, allowing the opposition for a significant participation in power but maintaining some influence to Assad, at least for a while. “A project for an agreement is discussed, debated and considered but reality on the ground is far from being addressed strategically. Washington is not risking a military campaign in Syria as it did in Libya because of the Iranian factor. The Administration wants to engage the Iranians on the nuclear crisis, how can it engage the Iranian regime on the nuclear and at the same time fight its ally in Syria?”


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