Walid Phares: Obama seeking negotiated solution for Syria’s civil war, but won’t use military

Here’s the latest from Walid Phares Syria and how Obama won’t use military intervention, but is trying to work out a negotiated settlement for Syria in some type of shared government:

“In an interview with BBC Arabic, Dr Walid Phares an advisor to Congress and the author of ‘The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East,’ said “all indicates that the Obama Administration is seeking to reach a negotiated solution for Syria’s civil war. And here are the reasons.

Before reelection it was difficult for the Administration to engage in a comprehensive initiative to address the civil war in Syria other than asking Assad to step down and helping the opposition to obtain arms, even though in a limited manner. However since reelection, the Administration is considering an international initiative to end the conflict, but outside a military campaign to unseat Assad.”

Phares said it is most likely that the initiative would be based on an agreement moderated by Russia with Iran and Turkey, allowing the opposition for a significant participation in power but maintaining some influence to Assad, at least for a while. “A project for an agreement is discussed, debated and considered but reality on the ground is far from being addressed strategically. Washington is not risking a military campaign in Syria as it did in Libya because of the Iranian factor. The Administration wants to engage the Iranians on the nuclear crisis, how can it engage the Iranian regime on the nuclear and at the same time fight its ally in Syria?”

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  • 911Infidel

    The Struggle For Freedom in the Middle East? WTF is that Walid? The only struggle going on in the ME is the struggle of the jihad against dictators. One dictator replacing another dictator is all it is. Its a struggle to see who gets to run the torture chambers, that’s all it is. Oh and a struggle to kill all the Jews.

    You speak Arabic Walid? Why don’t you define the concept of wala wa bara for us?

    Trying to couch the Ikwan vs Mahdi-ists vs dictator conflicts in the ME in western terms is just more ignorant western orientalist tripe.

    Get with the program. The Ikwan (MB) wants their Khalipha, and the 12ers want their Mahdi-ist paradise. They both want the Jews dead. That’s all one needs to know about the ME.

    Syria is just a microcosm of that conflict. The only real losers will be the minority sects in Syria, the Druze, Kurds, Christians and Alawites.

    So what exactly is Skeeter’s regime negotiating anyways? What the victory of the evil genocidal Ikwan over the equally evil, genocidal al-Assad?

    Leave it to Skeeter to back up the Ikwan, the MB, AQ, etc whose motto is “Alawites to the wall. Christians to the cross.”

    Oh wait Johnny Brennan knows all about “jihad”. Yeah I feel safe now. NOT.

    • Suzyqpie

      Struggle for freedom in the ME? It is all internecine moslem tribal warfare ending in dictator musical chairs. Do the participants not know they are Moslem living in Moslem countries?

      • 911Infidel

        Yep. The ME is all about family, tribe and Allah first last and always. Democracy is anathema to Sharia. Looking at the ME through the filtered glasses of a westerner is about as useful as trying to milk a bull.

        • Suzyqpie

          Interesting metaphor. Here’s my favorite and applicable, “Never count your chickens until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

  • A “negotiated settlement” in a place like Syria??? Are you kidding me? The only thing that ends “negotiations” in a place like Syria is a bullet in the head. Ask Gaddafi or Mubarak what “negotiated settlements” are like in the Middle East. Obama is a fool if he thinks this will end peacefully. Too many people have been killed and too many towns and cities have been destroyed. In the Middle East, people don’t just get angry, they get even. And getting even usually means killing your enemy AND his family as well. This just shows you how impotent and irrelevent American policy and presence now is in the Middle East. This war will end only after Assad is killed or the opposition is wiped out. Deal with it, Mr. President.

    • Conniption Fitz

      War never ends in Islam.

      Islam is alway at war within its tribes and factions, and with everything and everyone outside its ever encroaching borders. The reason is that the mandates and dictums of the first part of the Koran and the last are in complete contradiction and irreconciliable conflict with each other. Islam is an inconsistent and untenable paradigm that leads its followers into a mental conflict that spreads to families, communities and nations…and beyond.

      Islam needs to be condemned and disciplined for its human rights abuses and aggression, for fomenting hate and injustice, for sexual assaults and slavery, and its many other sins.

      The UN nations have failed to discipline and deal with Islam and so many suffer.

      They’d rather punish people for carbon units than rape, hatred of Jews, lies about Israel and slaughter of Christians.

      • Conniption Fitz

        The Religion of NO Peace outdid itself in January:

        Monthly Jihad Report – January, 2013
        Jihad Attacks: 193
        Countries: 22
        Religions: 5
        Dead Bodies: 931
        Critically Injured: 1480


        THE UN and Leftists continue to ignore the facts, numbers, evidence, actions and even the words of the followers of Mohammedanism.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Oh, yeah. They have all of Iraq’s WMD. Watch and see who negotiates now. The US. Don’t want that bit of info out there.

  • Obama is anything but a fool. He plays the people of his own party like a guitar and then manipulates the conservatives into fighting with themselves. It’s a pretty good strategy because the old adage “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” really DOES mean something. (Just look at the last election) There’s a reason he said “you ain’t seen nothing yet” during his coronation.
    I truly believe that Obama feels the only appropriate time to use military force is against US citizens. The recent drone strikes abroad issue is a really good indicator that military aggression against US citizens is not only a viable option, but is preferable to due process. When people start rising up to protect our civil liberties, those same drones WILL be used against American citizens (AKA terrorists) to “prevent civil unrest”.

    In a year or two remember these words: “YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!”

  • Conniption Fitz

    Egyptian Imam illustrates the character and intent of Islam both ‘rebels’ and ‘opposition’.

    Remember the Syrian rebels are about 10% Syrian. The rest are a mix of AlQueda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, from every Islam-infested country on the globe, including the US, UK and Canada. They operate on hate and hashish and the occasional gang rape.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Shaking my head…

    • Stunning isn’t it?

      Obama couldn’t find a clue with both hands.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Maybe if he took his hands out of other peoples’ pockets…