Walid Shoebat EXCLUSIVE: The Boston Bombers Radicalization (Myth vs. Fact)

Walid Shoebat was kind enough to write a brilliant article just for THE RIGHT SCOOP on the so-called ‘radicalization process’ of the Boston bombers:

The Boston Bombers Radicalization (Myth vs. Fact)
By X-terrorist and Arab analyst Walid Shoebat

I got tired of watching each expert and commentator on TV hunt for the ‘radicalization’ of the Tsarnaev brothers. They began to sound more like a chiwawa’s continual bark rather than an honest view of the problem at hand.

Americans now are still being molded to think that the two brothers got transformed from peace-loving Muslims to become fanatic bomb-throwing radicals by a slow process. So the hunt is on, not to find the real culprits behind terrorism but to find clues of a radicalization process.

But the truth is that this ‘radicalization process’ is a myth coined by Americans who were gradually transformed by Muslim apologists to believe in it. Both Anwar Al-Awlaki and Feiz Muhammad, the later was who inspired the Tsarnaevs, also stated that “Islam was hijacked by a few” to later support terrorism in the open.

The problem in understanding the whole Islamic terrorism phenomenon is not the fault of the Muslim terrorists, who for years explained that they want us to abandon secularism for Sharia, but that the Islamic terrorist sympathizers who for years have slowly transformed Americans to think that a radicalization process exists and that “Islam was hijacked by a few radical elements”.

Indeed, if our terrorism policy makers understand the radicalization phenomenon, then how can one explain the State Department and how none other than the radicals themselves infiltrated it? In order to “engage the Moderate Muslim world” they commissioned Imam Sheikh Feisal Abdul Rauf, the ‘radical’ behind the Ground Zero Mosque, who got in because he was “nice” and only moderated his tone in English.

We, not the State Department, were the first to translate his doublespeak from popular Arab media where Rauf wrote an article in Jordan’s Al-Ghad, in which he clearly supported Hezbollah and Hamas adding that these were “the trend towards Islamic law and justice” because according to Rauf “secularism had failed to deliver what the Muslim wants, which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Then, regarding the U.S., he discussed how Muslims must lobby the west to make it non-secular “Sharia Compliant”?

If westerners indeed seek honest answers into ‘radicalization’, they must first examine the process of Islamic Da’wa. It is here where one can rarely find the radical statements required to label the movement ‘radical’. It’s the process where the Da’wa proponent plays his role as ‘good-cop’ while the bad-cop makes the sinister and quick transformation of Muslims into Jihadists fanatics.

The Tsarnaevs prescribed to both, Muhammad Feiz, a fiery Jihadist and Mufti Ismail Menk, a so-called Da’wa proponent who condemned the bombings.

But until Americans understand the second element they will never see clearly the big picture; Menk is worse then Feiz since the one who introduces the drugs is much worse then the crack cocaine salesman on the street.

Like Menk, Rauf in 2008 toured the world for his “Da’wa (call to Islam)” mission and met with my first cousin, the Mufti of Ramallah Ibrahim Khalil Awadallah Shoebat to discuss the plans to Islamize the Americas. Two of the Mufti’s brothers, my other cousins, were known terrorists. One being Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat, like the Tsarnaev, was finally killed by the Israelis while attempting to bomb innocent civilians in Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. His ‘martyrdom’ is listed in the official list of Martyrs of Bethlehem. His other brother Mahmud was released after a deal was brokered by the United Nations, yet the top experts and politicians in America preferred to arrest the young Tsarnaev alive. By this they will spark further efforts by terrorists who could kidnap Americans and demand his release. Killing the terrorists should be the first and preferred option to solve the problem.

Now, does anyone believe that my cousin, the Mufti is moderate and he believes that his two brothers were ‘radicalized’? Mufti Ibrahim still regularly marches in ‘martyrs’ processions. Dare he denounce martyrdom and his head will be put on a platter.

Americans need to monitor Tsarnaev’s funeral. Will he be washed and shrouded with white cloth or will he be buried whole in his original clothes in which he died? This makes a big difference, since the second choice would mean that the family believes in his martyrdom.

But who in this naive America would even understand all this or are ready to monitor his funeral?

And it isn’t that we do not have ample evidence to explain the Jihad phenomenon, but that most Americans refuse to comprehend the obvious; they wrongly think that a moderate Muslim first must undergo a process that takes time in which the subject first undergoes brainwashing seminars in a slow crock-pot like process which removes all aspects of niceness to transform ‘moderates’ to become fanatics who are void of any humanistic features.

Lesson number one, terrorists, including their supporters and sympathizers, are some of the nicest people one can find. American’s first mistake is that they evaluate people on the basis of niceness. Niceness at times is used as a cover. There are countless testimonies on how nice the Tsarnaevs were. Usama Bin Laden also was very nice and so are Anwar Al-Awlaki and Fesial Abdul Rauf. American naiveté needs to stop making evaluations based on Muslim nicety.

Western research into ‘radicalization’ is all based on a myth; there is no slow-cooking-crock-pot and there is no process in which moderate Muslims get ‘radicalized’. Fact is, ‘radicalization,’ if indeed this term is the proper term, is not a process, but rather a button which can be pushed in seconds that transform Muslims into terrorists.

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

Shimon Erem, a retired Israel General came to meet me once with his family and began to ask the same questions, which I was able to quickly show how they have answered them already. They told me countless stories of Jews who had hired Muslims in Israel who they considered family, to only find out these Muslims killed their loved ones after listening to fiery Friday sermons at the local mosque. In these stories there was no slow-pressure-cooker, just a button and the blast was on.

The other problem with Americans is that they only examine successful terror attacks while they ignore all the thwarted attacks that were caught by the FBI. When we examine these we find a much bigger problem than the Tsarnaevs, which our policy makers do not share the full truth.

Take Khalid Aldawsari, [story here] [see full story here] a Saudi national and, like the Tsarnaevs, was a student and an Al-Qaeda terrorist whose planned weapons of mass destruction in the U.S., including an attempted assassination of president Bush, was caught by the FBI. How can anyone argue that he was ‘radicalized’, especially since Aldawsari was not a lone wolf; he is backed by an entire system, the wealthy and powerful Aldawsari clan including the powerful kingdom of Saudi Arabia who wants him released. It was the powerful Saudi Sheik Saud Bin Mut’ab who hosted a support group for the terrorist defending him publicly while funding his legal team.

Yet we, under the Obama Administration, imported seven fold of Saudi students in the last few years. Today we have between 70,000 to 100,000 Saudi students. Must we wait until a Saudi pushes a button to realize the problem at hand?

Islamic terrorism is not a lone wolf like Ted Kaczynski in which his own brother turned him in. Just translate “We are all Khalid Dawsari” to Arabic and see just how much Muslim community support this terrorist gets. Were all these supporters ‘radicalized’? The Aldawsari clan’s main website (alduwasser.net) keeps track of everything that goes with every comment in support for the terrorist linking to other supporting groups.

What about Saudi Arabia itself, the fountain of Islam, was the Saudi Kingdom simply ‘radicalized’ by Wahhabism? Saudi Arabia has always been radical and was the main agent that transformed Chechnya, where the Tsarnaevs came from. Today they want to help transform Syria into Wahhabism and they are getting the blessing and support from the United States.

The Tsarnaevs were part of the Muslim minorities in America. What about the Saudi plan to use Muslim Minorities to advance Jihad? We were the first to translate excerpts of the major plots by the elders of Al Saud who produced a manifesto, which actually uses the works of 29 sources including one family who should be of great interest to Americans—the family of Huma Abedin who is currently working to become the first lady of New York.

Huma’s father, Sayed Zaynul Abedin and his book, Muslim Minorities in the West, was a catalyst in writing the Saudi plan to control the world. This newly discovered entity which the Abedin’s served for decades gives us reasonable evidence to show: 1—The Abedins served a foreign entity, the government of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs; 2—They were part of a Saudi government scheme for a masterful plan to use The Muslim Minority Affairs program against the interests of the United States in part and the other continents at large.

The Muslim Minority Affairs is not simply a religious or social entity. It is an entire management system geared towards recruiting individual Muslims that live in non-Muslim lands as a collective entity. These recruits then must adhere to a jurisprudence that gets its planning and instructions from Saudi Wahhabist, Salafist or Muslim Brotherhood agendas in order to influence non-Muslim host nations to implement the Saudi Government’s master plan for Islamic world dominion.

The Abedins’ entire mission, which Huma served as Assistant Editor was part of this foreign policy of the Saudi government. The Saudi Manifesto used 29 major sources to construct it, one of which (#11. P. 134) was IMMA’s Muslim Minorities in the West published in 1998.

It introduces a conspiratorial idea on how the Muslim Minority in non-Muslim lands will be the main vehicle in enforcing Sharia to non-Muslim majority nations to catapult Islam’s destiny by shifting the demographic scale in favor of Muslims.

The Saudi religious establishment is steeped in supporting terrorism. Take another Aldawsari, the Saudi poet and well-known preacher Hafiz bin ‘Ajab Aldawsari, who on March 14, 2012, devoted a sermon to Filiz Gelowicz, an imprisoned German jihad supporter and wife of Fritz Gelowicz, a German convert from the “Sauerland Cell” which allegedly plotted attacks in Germany on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union in 2007. Hafiz Aldawsari urged Muslims to come to her aid with donations and weapons, stating that freeing Muslim prisoners held by the “infidels” is a supreme religious duty.

Terrorism and crime against non-Muslims by the Saudis is so much interlinked with familial ties. It was, after all, Al-Khattab, a Saudi who was a pioneer in exporting Jihad into Chechnya where the Tsarnaevs are from.

Take any Saudi clan and see for yourself. For example, clan “Ghamdi” (which has so many in the U.S.) once responded to the question that circulates the Middle East, “why does the Ghamdi clan produce so many terrorists?” “Is the Ghamdi clan the spring of terrorism?” people asked. The Clan Ghamdi on its official website Ghamid.com proudly responded to the question with a long martyrs list titled “Ghamdis the Mujahideen,” priding themselves after having given two of their young men #3 Ahmed Ghamdi and #4 Hamza Saleh Ghamdi who destroyed the South Tower in Manhattan on 9/11.

They are listed as “martyrs” and “heroes” with comments like “definitely, sons to be proud of”. The Ghamdi martyrs list are too many to include here. Even the parents of the Ghamdi’s who participated in killing 3000 Americans on 9/11 were proud of him. Countless Muslim websites describe them as “the lions of Manhattan. May Allah house them in paradise”.

Several operations that included weapons of mass destruction were thwarted in the U.S., but Americans only focus on the ones that were successful.

And the other problem in America is the major media, all of it, right, left and center. None of them want to address the real issues of Islamic terrorism when it comes to the Saudi link. With Dawsari’s case, Imam Samer al-Tabaa of the Islamic Center of South Plains acted surprised as he stated to The Lubbock Avalanche Journal his first lie, “no one in the Saudi Community seemed to know Aldawsari,” feeding into the circulating myth that Muslim terrorists are lone wolves and isolated Unabombers. “Dawsari is an alien to Islam … he is an enemy to humanity” he said.

Yet Aldawsari had friends: “my friends Rayif and A. Al-Ghamdi” he wrote in his journal. Yet the irresponsible journalist from the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Irie Price, failed to even remind Tabaa that Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, who ran the Islamic Center of South Plains before him, recruited Muslims to join Hamas. Will Tabaa say that El-Shinqiti was a UnaJihadist “alien to Islam” and an “enemy to humanity”?

So how can Americans stop Islamic terrorism?

This should be the million-dollar question. Yet answering it will save us billions, even trillions.

The answer is so simple; stop the Muslim Minority Affairs program, stop the influx of immigration and student visas from countries where Islamism is flourishing and start boycotting Saudi oil altogether.

That’s it.

So who is the main obstacle in solving the problem?

It’s all the Americans who fear the dreaded label of Islamophobia, a label invented by the terror supporters themselves.

Until Americans begin to change policies, the terrorists are the victors and America is the looser. Isn’t this what the terrorists always say?

Walid Shoebat
Author: The Case For Islamophobia

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  • mcgurn

    Obama has let so very many in on visas plus the total anmount who got in via a totally open southern border that they could assemble quite a formidable army here on our shores if they so desire. And we even say anything about it under our breath we are islamophobes or racists. Very smart they are to use political correctness to wage jihad against us. The tortoise is overtaking the hare folks.

  • Thank you Mr. Shoebat and thank you Scoop for posting this! I’ve been giving myself a crash course on the Saudi connection since Friday.  So many things I can’t possibly do on my own, but I am so grateful for the few who have been and still are keeping on writing about it.
    I fear this article is going to be preached mainly to the choir, as most of us here while we might not understand all the intricacies of Islam, we know enough that it is an evil ideology which has been welcomed with open arms in the west, and here in our country and the government.  I’ll continue to be the best little islamophobe I can be and spread this far and wide. Thank you!

    • DawgfanInFL

      @AmericanBornInCanada I agree. It is a very tangled web, and can be very confusing. I will also continue to educate myself. Though I want to note, that the lesson Mr. Shoebat is trying to convey to Americans, is the opposite of what is being taught in our public school systems.

  • wdobni

    a radical mooslam wants to shoot me later today…..a moderate mooslam is willing to wait until tomorrow morning to shoot me

  • wrongheifer

    I’d rather be afflicted with ”Islamophobia” than be an unsuspecting, even willing Victim!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    One just needs to believe in dear leader’s own words. The morning call to prayer is the sweetest sound on earth and tomorrow we begin the transformation of America. Why not believe him? He was off teleprompter on those occasions!

    • MiltonBassHayek

      GetWhatYouPayFor The “morning call to prayer” is an excellent laxative.

    • TwinMs_OneE

      We are starting to see
      exactly was meant by “transformation of America”. POTUS no longer has to fear us or be held
      accountable in elections. I am clinging to my bible and gun a bit tighter this

  • MiltonBassHayek

    Before reading this article, let me guess, pedophile worshipers intend to disrupt our magnificent 21st century world and instill 7th century rules and regulations in its place? Great! I’m going to have to get used to eating lamb testicles and smacking my wife around to prove my manhood. I didn’t want it to come to that.

  • Larchmonter

    The sweetest sound on earth. . . 
    Indeed!  The Judas Goat in the oval office , leading the sheep to have their throats slit.
    A CIA director who has not refuted that he converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia.
    A State Department infiltrated and not upset about Benghazi.
    The signs are endless that the Enemy Within is a terrified and spineless left that has captured control of our nation and is inevitably going to destroy us as a nation, economy and culture.

  • stage9

    “So how can Americans stop Islamic terrorism?
    This should be the million-dollar question. Yet answering it will save us billions, even trillions.
    The answer is so simple; stop the Muslim Minority Affairs program, stop the influx of immigration and student visas from countries where Islamism is flourishing and start boycotting Saudi oil altogether.”

    • MiltonBassHayek

      stage9 Drill here; Drill now!

    • Orangeone

      stage9 Impeachment of the Fraudster-in-Chief and every member of Congress that has violated its oath of office.

  • njmom

    So much of what we have heard is the media and Left is whitewashing and excusing irrational behavioir and Islam is not the only part of society in which they have tried to deceive everyone. Look at the number of criminals for whom we’re supposed to have sympathy because they’re misundersttood and unloved. It’s all over the place and until everyone recognizes and calls evil for what it is the world will not change.

    • stage9

      njmom Political correctness will be the death of America. And political correctness has its roots in liberalism. Liberalism therefore poses a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America.

      • MiltonBassHayek

        stage9 njmom I will disown my children if they become liberals. That’s how much I despise that ideology.

        • toongoon

          There is always hope, and prayer.

  • toongoon

    Walid is right. In America we have a tendency to see things as isolated incidents. We look at them, analyze them and fix them. Islam is a very organized political establishment which has a facade of isolated factions. We want to isolate the problem, analyze it, and then fix it and then carry on our merry way, as we are accustomed to for the last two hundred years. However, when you take into consideration the different groups and labels among the entire group, and how they all fit together to create one large apparently indestructible force, we cannot fight it using our tradition methods. We cut off a tentacle, thinking we have it 90% defeated and by the time we stop beating our chest the tentacle has already grown back. We don’t realize that all we did was the equivalent of pulling a sliver from our finger.

    The question is, do our national leaders have any understanding of the breadth of Islam or do they understand it but are cowed by “niceness” and propaganda, even the intimidation of Muslims? I know there are many in the administration who are believers of the lies. Our leaders have let us down almost completely on every issue.

    • njmom

      toongoon I uied to think they were cowed and intimidated but in this administration I think they are in concert with Islam.

  • Donny Blackmore

    I think one the major problems that the USA is facing right now is that a high percentage of people living here aren’t true Americans nor do they want to be. They’ve been “Exported” from other failing countries and we’re stuck flipping the bill just like these two useless “Muslim Terrorists” who have been bleeding the system since they arrived. Anything connected to there family had to do with welfare. There housing was paid for, there college tuition was paid for, and I’m sure there mothers lawyer was paid for also to keep her from going behind bars for shop lifting at Lord & Taylor. is this what we’re placing the welcome mat out for. A bunch of useless degenerates who are looking for nothing but entitlements. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but I certainly have and that is the American People are no longer interested in what’s going on in there own country unless something happens to them, other wise they couldn’t care less. So if a bomb goes off in someones town, then they’re  interested and if it goes off in someone elses town they couldn’t care less because it doesn’t effect them. America is now the land of selfish souls. The days when this Country stood together are far behind us, and both the United States Government and Muslim Terrorists are going to drive what’s left of the good old USA right into the ground. This country is out of control and so are the people running it. There are two major things we can thank for the setback “Television” and ” Air Travel”. Take  trip back into time with me for one second and you will realize before the heavy dosage of media arrived this country pretty much didn’t know what was going on in other countries and I don’t think we could have cared less because it was America that was a top priority not every Muslim Country in existence. To much movement in the airline industry was also this countries downfall because it allowed every piece of garbage to arrive here from other countries and please let me exclude “Ellis Island” when people actually wanted to be American and work hard to make there dreams come true. Then the 1960’s arrived and this country did a belly flop and started opening the flood gates to everyone in need even if it meant bankrupting this country. The Democratic Party is going to drive a “Stake” right the the heart of America if it hasn’t already. There are many more “Crazed” Muslims who are lining up right behind the ones we just captured or killed waiting patiently to blow yet more innocent Americans up. Let’s follow Barack Hussein Muslim Obamas lead and open the damn borders to every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to pass through and give them “Free Reign” just so the Democratic Party is confident they will get the “Uniformed Voters” Vote during the next election cycle.

    • Amjean

      Donny Blackmore  I agree with you.  You know, people like to criticize Rand Paul because they think he is an isolationist like his father.  I support Rand Paul and Ted Cruz right now with all my heart and soul because I think they are putting it all on the line to uphold the constitution. 
      However, with everything going on now, I would be happy with RON Paul as our president.  Close the borders may not be enough.  Close the whole country off until we get this mess straightened out!
      I know, I know, he may be a little crazy.  However, today I would take a little crazy over a lot of evil.

  • MotorcycleMeg

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Donny

    • Donny Blackmore

      MotorcycleMeg This Country burns me up sometimes and I feel like I’m chained and powerless to correct all the wrong being done to her. I’m tired of the Muslims and there Arrogant ways.

      • MotorcycleMeg

        Donny Blackmore MotorcycleMeg It’s not going to get any better and we can thank all the crooked politicians who are lining there pockets while average American Citizens try to live a half way decent life. As long as Barack Obama is President the White House will always be welcoming mat for both Muslims and Hollywood. Average American citizens are just a bunch of peons to these people and yet it’s the American People that keep Hollywood Employed and let’s not forget that.

        • Donny Blackmore

          MotorcycleMeg Donny Blackmore It’s not me I’m worried about. Believe it or not it’s the rest of the Country that I fear have forgotten a great deal.

        • Amjean

          MotorcycleMeg Donny Blackmore  Obama is bad enough, however, during the Bush Iraq war after 9-11, how many muslim immigrants (read potential terrorists) were let into our country?  This didn’t just start with Obama, altho, I agree it escalated with him.

  • Jayrae

    You got me Scoop! I ordered his book.

  • tfjnow

    Walid I get what you are saying. The more I look into Islam, the more violent and radical it seems. However, I am still a bit skeptical about these 2 brothers as being the sole perps. One is dead. The other cannot speak. 
    Meanwhile, the media however is hammering away at this story with full guns blazing as though they got their man. Makes me question when you consider suspects like Lee Harvey and Richard Jewell of the Atlanta Olympic bombing.
    I read your earlier post about the 3 students and they seem like more plausible suspects.
    If the one whose apt. was investigated was innocent, why did the investigating team come down with bags of materials? Were they just helping the dude out and doing some tidying up for the poor fellow? Seems to me that they don’t take things away for nothing. Then 24 hours later the dude is freed and no longer a suspect.
    This media blitz reminds me of 9/11 and WMD’s. They doth protest too much methinks as Shakespeare put it.
    These 2 are the sole perpetrators according to the media with no outside ties. With a Muslim sympathizer as head of the CIA in Brennan, I can’t help but wonder if there is more to this than the public is being told. Personally, I think they are covering up to prevent connections to real terrorist groups.
    Meanwhile, our government is supplying weapons to Syrian rebels who have Al Queda connections and the media remains almost totally silent on the issue. The whole thing smells fishy to me at this point in time.

    • Laurel A

      tfjnow I am skeptical as well. What do you suggest? Cover up?
       I’m not suggesting a cover up but I could see one happening because the roar of the public would be deafening on this and it would derail Obama and Democrats for the next four years at least if not longer due to upcoming elections. I just don’t think it is far fetched.


    … as I have stated over and over and over once again with a period
    ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY . “

  • Laurel A

    “The answer is so simple; stop the Muslim Minority Affairs program, stop
    the influx of immigration and student visas from countries where
    Islamism is flourishing and start boycotting Saudi oil altogether.”
    I was thinking that precisely when I then read it. We keep searching for these complex absurd excuses and solutions when the real solutions are staring us in the face. We could easily bankrupt the ME. China and Russia combined wouldn’t make up for our customer base, and quite frankly the chinese would never put up with the BS we do from the ME..Russia either for that matter. Probably why they get more respect than we do.
    We tried ruling with kindness. We now need to rule with fear and that fear that is projected needs to not depend on any other country in the West such as France, GB, etc. We need to say what we mean and mean what we say.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Thanks RS!  And if Walid is reading this, Thanks Walid!  Keep the Faith!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    All I know is if someone introduces themselves as a muslim, I would say what a coincidence I am a child of Abraham also, let me tell you about Jesus and then I would keep my eye on him, just in case.

    • 57thunderbird

      Conservative_Hippie Amen brother!

  • Amjean

    Its not Americans who are supporting the influx of Muslims, it is our government who has an agenda we do not fully comprehend.  We know that the progressives on both sides of the aisle want a one world government resulting in more power and money to themselves, under the apparent umbrella of the United Nations (Agenda 21 for one thing).   What we don’t understand is if/how they are allowing potential threats to immigrate to this country in order to accomplish civil unrest through mass murder causing chaos.  Are they so evil that they would turn a blind eye to potential terrorist activities bringing our country to its knees? 
    That is what it looks like to me.  Could anyone imagine in WWII that during the war we allowed Japanese and German immigrants to infiltrate our populations in all cities in the US?  Perhaps it happened and I am unaware of it.  However, I believe the only immigrants who came here from those countries did so after the war.
    And I heard Rush Limbaugh say something today that I had not heard previously.  All these terrorists have to do is claim political asylum in order to be allowed into this country.  We are all concerned about the borders which we should be.  However, in the Boston bombings, the terrorists came here under political asylum.  How do we stop that?
    Finally, the rights under our second amendment apparently are the only thing protecting us.  If we citizens have guns and plenty of ammunition there is not a terrorist who would survive running through my subdivision.  I am getting more and more convinced this is our only protection.

    • TomDean

      Amjean Our government’s agenda is closely akin to that taken by the British govt in the late 1970s. Peter Hitchens, Christopher’s smarter brother, wrote a devastating piece recently on the reason for the Left’s promotion of immigration and multiculturalism in the UK:
      “When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible.
      “It wasn’t because we liked immigrants, but because we didn’t like Britain. We saw immigrants—from anywhere—as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the Sixties.
      “Also, we liked to feel oh, so superior to the bewildered people—usually in the poorest parts of Britain—who found their neighbourhoods suddenly transformed into supposedly ‘vibrant communities’.
      “If they dared to express the mildest objections, we called them bigots.”

  • The Sentinel

    Thank you Walid! I appreciate this and you.

  • Booker

    Great article.

  • TomDean

    Excellent article Walid – thank you. I agree wholeheartedly with your solution. If we don’t change our direction we will not prevent the inevitable decline-by-Islamism that is gutting much of Europe. 
    However, given the massive psycho-social power of political-correctness and the Left’s highly successful use of it as a weapon of American cultural destruction, it is difficult to see the solution ever being implemented even in part. 
    As a nation, we can’t even bring ourselves to admit the sobering truth that in Boston, the terrorists won. The PC crowd admonishes us that if we correctly identify the enemy that attacked us and killed and maimed our fellow Americans, then the “terrorists have won”. 
    As an intellectual matter, I won’t assert that all Muslims are terrorists because that is not true But it is also true that Islam is not without guilt in this and most other terrorist activities in the world today. 

    The issue for Americans to deal with first though is that the American left, indeed the Western Civilization left, protects Islamists by draping them in the flag of political correctness – and refusing to openly and honestly discuss and debate the truth and reality of Islam and its role in terrorism against America. 

    So, after being successfully attacked we have been conditioned to tell ourselves how “strong” we are, how we will never “succumb to the terrorists” as by correctly identifying them and their motivating belief system. We just moo at each other, remain fully in denial, while we plod onward to the next inevitable slaughter.

     We should admit the truth that “the terrorists won”. We should quietly mourn and bury our dead, ensure the injured are healed and the families tended to.. and then we should get angry – very, very angry. And we should use the energy of that anger intelligently to resolutely and passionately exercise our still very considerable economic, diplomatic and military might to utterly destroy the enemy that is working to consume our nation, our people, and our the futures of us and our children. 
     But we won’t. Instead, our conniving, gutless leaders pat us on the head and tell us we “won” because we responded in perfect PC manner and moved on to wait with hapless, dulled minds the next slaughter.. and the next after that.
    The left can accuse the entire right of being racists, bigots, anti-women, anti-minority, etc. but by golly we’d better not utter an unflattering word about the reality of Islam in the world today.. Because to the American left, doing so is worse than blowing up 8 year old children, young women and mutilating hundreds. They have their priorities.

  • szootman

    thanks.very good work and i hope you succeed in bringing the truth to the American people who are so distracted by anything and everything.