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Walid Shoebat was interviewed yesterday on Cross Talk America about the Muhammad filmmaker’s possible connection to terrorism and how the Jews and the Coptic Christians may actually be his target:

As it pertains to the film, Walid believes our media and government are using a narrative that is mired with contradictions, relying on false statements by the filmmaker who himself is not a trustworthy source. Walid makes this claim based upon the fact that the film’s producer, Nokoula Basseley Nokoula (a.k.a. Sam Bacile), was arrested again recently and he also changed his name again.

Walid noted that there are court documents and he has collaborated with the F.B.I. as well as with the Canadian Intelligence Bureau on the issue of Walid’s cousin, a terrorist supporter, who Nokoula Basseley Nokoula has been dealing with for some time.

Why has Nokoula been dealing with Walid’s cousin? This is just part of the narrative behind this film that the media for some reason refuses to report on.

Complicating matters even more is the fact that no one has stepped forward or can confirm positively that whoever holds the identity of this filmmaker is even that man. This means that the man who calls himself Nokoula Basseley Nokoula could actually be Muslim.

Perhaps what’s most interesting is what Walid shared concerning the Muslim world; the idea that everyone is known by their clan names. So you’d think that of the many thousands of Muslims that were angered by this film, if they really wanted to find the man behind it, they should be able to produce his siblings, wives or even ex-wives if they exist. In other words, it makes no sense that Egypt cannot produce this man.

The audio of the interview is below. Don’t be dismayed by the 53 minutes as the actual interview is less than half of that. In the second half they take questions from callers (which I haven’t heard yet).


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  • WordsFailMe

    So, Obamarrhoid figured out how to take out a few Jews and Christians in Egypt and elsewhere without getting his hands bloody.

    All he has to do is to keep on telling the story, over and over….

  • Steven Valdez

    Very interesting take by Walid. I was suspect of this filmmaker as soon as I heard he was convicted of bank fraud. And I didn’t care that the FBI took him in, because it wasn’t a freedom of speech issue, it was a probation issue.

    • WordsFailMe

      Everyday police use the information they have about the illegal backgrounds or activities of people against them to create”confidential informants,” etc. Blackmail and coercion is common.

      Like a man who holds a high public office and is, in fact, a closeted homosexual, he can be controlled and manipulated by those who hold his secret. Remember J. Edgar Hoover and his resistance to openly confront the mafia/cosa nostra? They had the goods on him. Couple of photos can go a long way…

      Earlier — TJinNJ —– shared this link and more and additional insight on the RS, “Special Report Details an Up to Date…” story from earlier today:

      From Caroline Glick

      • 12grace

        Thank you for the links.

      • TJinNJ

        not sure why but my post keeps disappearing….hmmm

        • WordsFailMe

          TJ I checked, It’s still there Sometime RS doesn’t load correctly on my old computer. I checked the link in to your post from mine, above, and it worked. Just keep on posting, my friend! We are going to win this!

        • WordsFailMe

          I’m really sorry this story did not get more readers and commenters.

          I would encourage you to work your insights and research and your point of into many more RS stories. What I do is take one element of the posted story and exploit it to reveal what I think. From what I have read of you posts, I think you have something, may be a lot, to add to these discussions.

          • TJinNJ

            i’m saying my post on Obama saying “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” keeps getting removed…i tried 6 times to add and it disappears.

    • Patriot077

      The only problem I have with his arrest is the optics of it. It makes the Islamists think they won this round of attacks against blasphemy.

      • Steven Valdez

        Good point I didn’t see it from that angle..

      • kong1967

        …and that’s exactly what Obama wanted. He appeased them instead of telling them it’s freedom speech.

    • kong1967

      “…it wasn’t a freedom of speech issue, it was a probation issue.” – Steven Valdez

      That may be true, but it was pretty obvious that was just an excuse to arrest him (or take him in for questioning). They had a whole damn posse rounding him up in the middle of the night. A bit much for a probation violation. Obama just wanted to throw something to the wolves.

  • 911Infidel

    Seems like we have a case of maruna to advance the deen. There are two other Mo movies out there on the web and narry a word of criticism from the hajis.

    Frankly haji doesn’t need some movie to use as a front for terror. They have the Koran and Hadith for that.

    The film is an excuse, not a motivation. The motivation has been for 1400 years…Islam itself.

  • tvlgds

    That very thought crossed my mind the other day when he was arrested and his Arab name released.

  • Steven Valdez

    I enjoyed the question part of this video also… the last couple of questions were interesting, starting at around the 42:20 mark, this guy asks Walid about a marriage between the Islamists/Muslim Brotherhood and the Marxists/Socialists agenda, Walid said there is a marriage and explains why it won’t work. Thought that was interesting.

  • cheezwhizz

    Why has Nokoula been dealing with Walid’s cousin? This is just part of the narrative behind this film that the media for some reason refuses to report on.
    That would be the same media which refuses to report on Obama running guns for mexicans ( and God knows who else) to kill Americans while taking away our 2nd Amendment right ?
    If the media have actively covered up Obama’s activities towards killing our 2nd Am ,
    why wouldn’t they actively coverup Obama’s actions towards killing our 1st Am rights?
    BTW, who could have guessed that Obama will first create a bloody crisis,
    then make sure to NOT let it go to waste ,
    to fundamentally transform the USA ?
    Just because he did it for Fast and Furious doesn’t mean that he used it for Kill the Kafirs too ?
    The media have important things to do, like Seamus the dog and Ann’s horsey .

    • IwjwI

      Exactly what I thought when the blasphemy deal came out and our free speech threatened. Just like Fast and Furious was orchestrated to take away our gun rights.

      Obama is good for manufacturing a crisis that he can use to take away our freedom.
      We ought to not be surprised and ought to automatically point the finger at him in every case.
      It is easier that way because what does Obama ever do that isn’t in the interest of becoming a dictator for the rest if his life?

  • PhilipJames

    Considering how stupid American intelligence is, this is probably the truth.

  • celestiallady

    I have thought that right from the beginning – just a feeling. It makes sense and when one looks at the circumstances and happenings. They will do anything!

  • dmacleo
    • Galatiansch2vs20


  • 12grace

    I don’t put anything past obama and Islam.

  • mike3e4r7

    So Obama, well in advance of the embassy protests and the Benghazi terrorist attack, hatches a plan with Morsi and other Muslim extremists to try to bolster the case for anti-blasphamy laws that will crimminalize criticism of Islam? The plan is to have riots and attacks at our embassies and to
    create the ficticous narrative that that riots and terrorist attacks are
    because of this film. The only detail needed is to find a ‘film maker’ who will cooperate, and not try to defend himself, so an Islamic plant poses as a Coptic Christian and creates an amateurish anti-Islam video.

    He hides his face as he is being whisked away, not to protect himself from Muslim death threats but to hide the truth of his identity – that he is a Muslim. Wow. Is that where the facts laid out by Walid are leading us? In earlier times I would have dismissed such conspiracy theories. I don’t anymore.

  • Frank

    And don’t forget this happened right before the UN conference – the perfect platform to demand blasphemy laws because of what just happened. The OIC has been asking for blasphemy laws for many years now and the result is UN resolution 16/18. The fact that 9/11 was right before the meeting was perfect timing. As muslims say: war is deceit.

  • Jay

    Did any one else notice that while everybody was focused on this terrorist attack and the tragic death of Amb. Stevens, they passed QE3?

    Also, I just finished “Path Of The Assasin” by Brad Thor and the premise of the story was radical Islam making attacks in the name of Israel to foment violence. Clancy also wrote a book (before 9/11) where terrorists fly a plane into Washington, DC. Makes me wonder if these wackjobs don’t get some of their ideas from American fiction.

  • Alex

    The movie trailer actually didn’t offend me that much. It was cheap and camply done, but it was kind of funny at parts and the points were actually true about Muhammad being a pederast. It was like a really low-budget comedy but about Muslims. Some people need to lighten up, I mean Christians get made fun of all the time.
    That said, I wouldn’t doubt if what he’s saying is true.

  • stage9

    The government isn’t to blame for all that we see happening today. Our government is a government instituted by the people. It’s the American people who are to blame. We are responsible for electing our representatives. If you don’t want evil and tyranny to rule, don’t elect RINOs and don’t elect liberal radicals! It’s really that simple!

    But yet we do it over and over and over again! And then we have the audacity to moan about it!

    Do you want change or don’t you? Make up your mind America! Otherwise shut up and enjoy the fruits of your apathy.