Walid Shoebat explains why he believes Muhammad filmmaker may be a terrorist

Walid Shoebat was interviewed yesterday on Cross Talk America about the Muhammad filmmaker’s possible connection to terrorism and how the Jews and the Coptic Christians may actually be his target:

As it pertains to the film, Walid believes our media and government are using a narrative that is mired with contradictions, relying on false statements by the filmmaker who himself is not a trustworthy source. Walid makes this claim based upon the fact that the film’s producer, Nokoula Basseley Nokoula (a.k.a. Sam Bacile), was arrested again recently and he also changed his name again.

Walid noted that there are court documents and he has collaborated with the F.B.I. as well as with the Canadian Intelligence Bureau on the issue of Walid’s cousin, a terrorist supporter, who Nokoula Basseley Nokoula has been dealing with for some time.

Why has Nokoula been dealing with Walid’s cousin? This is just part of the narrative behind this film that the media for some reason refuses to report on.

Complicating matters even more is the fact that no one has stepped forward or can confirm positively that whoever holds the identity of this filmmaker is even that man. This means that the man who calls himself Nokoula Basseley Nokoula could actually be Muslim.

Perhaps what’s most interesting is what Walid shared concerning the Muslim world; the idea that everyone is known by their clan names. So you’d think that of the many thousands of Muslims that were angered by this film, if they really wanted to find the man behind it, they should be able to produce his siblings, wives or even ex-wives if they exist. In other words, it makes no sense that Egypt cannot produce this man.

The audio of the interview is below. Don’t be dismayed by the 53 minutes as the actual interview is less than half of that. In the second half they take questions from callers (which I haven’t heard yet).

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