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I know some of you are going to hate this stuff, but I love it and I know some of you will enjoy it. Walid Shoebat brings such an interesting perspective to Bible Prophecy and this is a lecture he gave just a couple of weeks ago. It runs for about two hours but I wish there was more. I’ve spent the better part of the day listening to these two videos, pausing them long enough for me to do some research of my own. I will add that there is a very handy site I’ve found for locating ancient territory names such as Edom and Meshech & Tubal called

The interesting perspective that Shoebat brings is basically that he grew up in the middle east and has a completely different and possibly more accurate understanding of Bible Prophecy than most I’ve ever heard. While the west typically believes that the EU is the center piece of Bible Prophecy, he says that’s completely wrong, that Islam is the center piece and even notes that every country that Christ does battle with in the end is a Muslim country. He says most prophecy experts will agree that Islam means something, but that they will decline before the end. He disagrees with that and unpacks his ideas in this lecture.

As a side note, he ends his lecture by saying that Iran will nuke Saudi Arabia in the future, and that’s according to the Bible. He says that he’s been called a loon for predicting this from the Bible, but says that even the recent wiki-leaked cable suggests that Saudi Arabia knows that Iran is planning on taking them out and that’s why they want our help to prevent it.





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