Walid Shoebat: The domino effect in the Middle East began with Obama’s Cairo speech

Walid Shoebat was on with Bill Cunningham this weekend to talk about the protests in the Middle East, and he says that the entire domino effect in the Middle East of the so-called Arab Spring began after Obama gave his Cairo speech and his apology tour. He also explains that all the recent protests and violence, spawned by the Salifis, are really about promoting Sharia Law in Egypt and elsewhere, they aren’t about an offensive video about Islam.

I’ve tried to distill the interview down to the pertinent parts regarding current events, but if you want to hear the full interview you can listen to it here.


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  • las1

    Bachmann thinks so as well and said so in her speech at the Values Voters Summit.


    But this ginning up of the “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube movie to put pressure on western countries to criminalize blasphemy against Islam is not a comfortable truth with the media, now is it.

    And Bachmann related the UN Resolution 16-18 to the Obama/Clinton push to clamp down on defamation of Islam. Susan Rice’s assertion that the movie caused the mayhem is actually the Obama regime’s policy position in spite of the truth that the movie had zero connection to the Libyan attacks… none… nada… zippo connection.

    • Sober_Thinking

      She’s a warrior and man, I wish she and King and a few others would get some traction on this. It would be nice if Linsey Graham, Boehner, John McCain and the other braindead GOP would assist them instead of hinder them. These GOP establishment weenies are on the wrong side of this fight.

  • stage9

    Shoebat is a GREAT man and a great AMERICAN asset!

  • poljunkie

    The Cairo speech and apology tour, as well as all the bowing were all missteps, that have already cost us greatly.

    Obama thought he could critique our great nation, undermine President Bush, and demoralize the spirit of half the American residents by stating things on foreign soil that we didn’t share the same view as he.

    In my view he thought doing these things would help elevate his stature around the globe.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Just as a lot of us thought…..obama’s apology tour did nothing to improve relations with islamic countries; they viewed it as a sign of the United States’ weakness. They only understand strength and power and obama served up weakness and surrender. He’s done a tremendous amount of damage and has positioned America as a hated country that must be attacked again and again because they know obama won’t do anything militarily to punish them. And so far they’ve been right about that.

  • marketcomp

    WOW, Walid Shoebat sid something very stark in this clip: 1) How Islamic countries and waetern see Guilt. He said that from an Islam perspective guilt is seen as a reason to punish:From a western perspective guilt is seen has a reason to forgive. So not only has the Obama administration gootong the two definitions of guilt wrong Obama has actully acted when confessing and apologizing all over the Middle East. It is seen as punishment. 2) Another term that I found interedting, Jizzieh. Jizzieh means that muslums expect taxation from non-muslum countries and this has been going on for centeries. We have been practicing this forever. We definitely need to remove all funding and reevaluate where and who we are giving money too. Very enlightening!

    • las1

      It’s actually tribute. Individuals pay jizya… states pay tribute.

      And America paid tribute to prevent further attacks by the four Barbary Muslim states. The tribute America still pays to countries like Egypt get them absolutely nothing but contempt and further provocations.

      At the end of the 18thC Jefferson and John Jay the Sec of Foreign Affairs discussed the unseemliness of paying tribute encouraging more attacks. America’s navy was eventually built to end the piracy.

      In 1802, Jefferson now as President got authorization from Congress to protect American commerce on the seas and by 1805 American raids and blockades temporarily put an end to the piracy against America but America still paid ransom to get back her sailors from the Bashaw of Tripoli. America’s fight with the British in 1812-14 allowed more shenanigans from the Barbary coast until the Second Barbary War settled it.

  • bbitter

    started by the youtube video? Of course that is not the instigator.
    A four-month plus old, so badly edited and dubbed so that it looks like a joke, video posted by a no-name group on Youtube, (which less than one in fifty rioters would have possibly seen, let alone understood as it is in English), sparks a coordinated riot and attack across the middle east which just happens to occur on Sept. 11th, and all against the U.S. embassies and the murder of a US ambassador and staff…

    Um, that’s an act of war, a calculated, planned, and tactically targeted act of war. Of course this is not about a video.

  • I have to agree…but regardless the real issue is how badly Obama has handled this situation.

    As to the rioting…video has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s a front to riot behind otherwise their would be full blown riots everyday with all of the anti-Islam crap on the internet emanating from all over the world.

    Ann Barhasrdt videos alone should cause them to riot. She actually purposely provokes them to riot. Don’t forget Pat Connolly videos directly slamming Islam.

    • P.S. I said with Arab Spring that in reality it was the Iron Burqha descending across the Middle East. I have seen nothing to change my mind about my original assessment.

  • 911Infidel

    The western media is a waste of time to read. They are frauds. Walid is correct, go to the Arabic sources for the facts. Walid is one of the few people who spends the time translating Arabic into English. His track record is damn good. Listen to him.

  • Sober_Thinking

    One of the few authorities who will be honest and show us the real face of evil and sin.

    I appreciate this brave man so much.

  • Do we really need to still be there? Drill, baby, drill, should be our battle cry. Develop all of our rich energy resources here at home and become energy independent. Then you can tell all of those petty little barbaric, medieval, mysoginistic, homophobic, creatures in the Middle East to go take a hike. Or, better yet, just let the Sunnis and the Shias do what they have literally done for centuries, and that is slaughter each other. We will win no clash of civilizations there. Either those cretins want to join the 21st century, or they are content living in the 13th century. And the way it looks right now, they’re more than happy to live in the 13th century, so I say let them. If we became energy independent, not only would we make a lot of money (just look at what’s happening in North Dakota), but we could do the most cruel thing we could ever do to the Middle East by just saying “Goodbye.”

    • We only get about 12% of our oil from the Persian Gulf. Even if you throw in African sources it is less than a quarter of our oil. We get the vast majority of our oil from domestic sources, Canada, and Latin America (mainly Mexico and Venezuela).

  • NJK

    I’ll never feel safe or protected in this country again. Not because of Obama, but because of those who didn’t stop him from getting where he is, and didn’t stop him, when he broke the law, over, and over, and over, again. I’ll never feel safe, because American citizens have endured a nearly four year act of domestic terror, while everyone sat back and said what beautiful threads Obama has on, and, “He’s a nice guy.”

    I feel more threatened now, than I did after 9/11. I feel Americans are being terrorized by a stealth Jihadist in the White House, and they just let him do it.

    • tinker_thinker

      Me, too.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Hey didn’t Hillary say that we should watch Al-Jazeera because it was ‘REAL’ news? So, shouldn’t we listen to them?

    Libya says US consulate attack ‘pre-planned’

    Hillary Clinton Calls Al Jazeera ‘Real News,’ Criticizes U.S. Media

    Somebody help me out with this? It’s no wonder this administration can’t get their ‘chit’ together? Who are we to believe? What media is telling the truth? Is it any wonder that the world is so totally off its axis? We have got the most inept, incompetent, delusional adminstration in the history of our lives.

    I have to disagree with the old addage, that if you tell a lie over and over it becomes the truth. This group can’t seem to tell the same lie.

  • DebbyX

    Did Obama really think that by apologizing for this great Nation, it would make these animals our friends and allies? He is an evil idiot, so I do believe he was dumb enough to think that. He is a danger to us and threatens to bring us down. But if we go down, so goes the global economy and more than that. It will be generations before we can regain our standing in the world.

  • 12grace

    Walid Shoebat is a brave, intelligent and honorable man, I trust his evaluation of this situation.

  • PAWatcher

    obama not only helped in setting up the dominos, he knocked the first one down with his Cairo speech- it was the go ahead to the Islamic world to get on with the caliphate I have your backs. And my news people will never question your motives, they’ll spin like a top to do my bidding.
    Do you think obama ran for the presidency to strengthen America? or to weaken it?………fundamentally tranform it from a powerhouse to a subservient nation under the UN.
    He’d have a good shot at his transformation had it not been for the TEA conservatives, those pesky TEA people will be the end of his dreams from his father.

  • I agree to a good extent. I think it started with Bush though. He, also, pandered to Islamists. Not to mention, he got into a war in Iraq that, like Obama in Libya, overthrew a secular tyrant and let Sharia take their place, foolishly thinking he could actually spread democracy to third worlders who were averse to it and only knew violence.