Walid Shoebat weighs in on Obama’s “no god but Allah” wedding ring

Last week Jerome Corsi wrote an article about the ring that Obama wears for his wedding ring, saying that the design on the ring reads in Arabic “there is no god but Allah.” I don’t read Arabic like most Americans and wanted a second opinion on Corsi’s article, so I found an even better photo of the ring and sent it along with Corsi’s article to The Right Scoop’s favorite Arabic expert, Walid Shoebat, and asked what he thought about it. Here’s what he wrote back:

From examining the photos of the ring it does seem that one could read Ila (a god) and Allah, but not with ease. The difficulty with having two words “La” and “Ilaha” (no God but) in one piece of pattern is that the squiggles, it must be assumed, are embedded on top of each other so one cannot for certain determine the entire image. The other problem is that the fourth word Allah in Arabic looks like a W or the two letters of UU to be more exact. Allah in fact looks like this UUI (from right to left), including that the letters connect so it’s a set of waves – which could very well be an artist rendering of a pattern and nothing more, but nevertheless would spell Allah in Arabic.  But to prove that that was the intent of the artist who created the ring is not certain.

The image does have a plausible cause to believe that it does say “no God but Allah” with the “God” on top of the “no” and the “Allah” on top of the “Illa”, but it cannot be ascertained. Corsi, who consulted with Arabic readers, thinks that its a slam dunk. The other explanation would be that both patterns simply say UUI and UUI (Allah Allah) but without examining the ring itself, its difficult to be conclusive, so we need to be careful.

I would not mind if the article stated “what seems to say Allah on the ring“, that I would vouch for. It does seem as it says Allah.

So basically Shoebat says it’s possible but it’s not a slam dunk without further examining the ring. I asked him if I could quote him and he added this:

There was even a better photo of ring and I could not conclude beyond doubt that the two patterns make up an entire declaration of faith. Remember Allah in Arabic looks like a swirl and it is possible these two patterns are swirls. This by no means discounts Corsi’s argument but without physically examining the ring no one can make a conclusive case.

So perhaps the ring does say “Allah” or maybe it’s a design. I guess we’ll never know for sure unless we get much better photos of the ring.

But I will note that one thing I found fascinating was that Obama had this ring long before it became his wedding ring. That alone was intriguing and it seemed that he got the ring some time around his Occidental years. That he would have it for that long and then use it as his wedding ring seems to indicate the ring means a great deal to him. It makes me wonder where he got it in the first place and if it’s unique or if there are others like it.

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  • Thanks Scoop, excellent. Execellent!!
    Send this to all contacts!! Please!

    Tea Party Patriot

  • I’m really glad to hear Shoebat give a response like this. For one it shows quality of character by taking the time to write to you. For two it better supports the position that he is a genuine guy. Here we have a politician that we know he doens’t like, and he has an opportunity to really stick it to him like Corsi, but he decided to be conservative on his accusations.

    • Michael Shepard

      I agree 100%. Shoebat’s response make’s him all the more believable.

    • I don’t know who the guy is, but it certainly sounded like he was trying to be fair to me. I caught the reference to him being a favorite of the site, but I must have missed those posts. His name is only vaguely familiar.

        • detectivedick

          Thanks for the link to the articles…we all need to focus.

        • librtifirst

          I was amazed at how Walid and Ted Shoebat described the same thing that others are saying, which is that the rebels in Syria are mostly foreigners. As the western media tends to ignore these facts, foreign and alternative media has been saying it all along.

          What I also found interesting is how they tied in Saudi Arabia to the problem, because pastor Lindsey Williams says that Saudi Arabia is on the list of countries to overthrow, but will be the last one in the middle east. As it is, Saudi Arabia has been our ally, but due to oil interests. In short order, it appears that Saudi Arabia will be publicly blamed for sponsoring terrorism (finally), and will be targeted for overthrow.

          I appreciate Walid’s frankness concerning these issues, yet I do see that he seems to avoid talking about our support of the rebels that include our enemies who have moved in to join the “invasion”, as Walid puts it.

          They definitely add details and perspectives that improve the overall understanding of middle eastern events, and they tie in bible prophesy in the process.

          Thanks for the links.

      • keyesforpres

        Sign up for his alerts. Shoebat.com

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Watch the movie, “ISLAM What the west needs to know.” You will know Walid Shoebat and a whole lot more that you need to know. (We rented it from Netflix…then bought it.)

        • NCHokie02

          another good movie about Islam is “Obsession”

          • factsobill

            Try “The Stoning of Saraya”

        • steprock

          Scoop had that posted at one point and I watched it. 45 mins I think, if it was the same vid.

          One of the biggest take-aways for me on it was that Islam is NOT a religion like you and I know it, but it is a totalitarian lifestyle that is based on religion. Waaay different approach than any other faith than us Westerners are familiar with.

    • warpmine

      He’s worn this ring on his wedding band finger since his college days when he supposedly wasn’t married or was he? Could it be it was a wedding band denoting his marriage to another man? An enigma this guy is and calling him President is like calling the terrorists friends of different faiths.

      • In college, he was rumored to have been the boyfriend of wealthy, older roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, with whom he visited Pakistan–or Pahk-is-tahn–in 1981. The fact that he is still wearing this “wedding band” after all of these years–and that Michelle allows it–is very telling.

  • Pres. Obama is truly a mystery. These kinds of questions are absurd, but because of the shroud around his life and his philosophy they cannot be dismissed beyond a reasonable doubt. I’m still waiting for some testimonials from people who grew up with him or went to school with him or worked with him or something. Where are these people? Maybe I’ve not been paying enough attention.

    • Landscaper

      The mafia know how to “keep” people silent. Money, influence, death or the threat of it. With Islam, betrayal can not be bought [bounty for OBL] and death is not a deterrent as we know. The mystery part is becoming less and less here on TRS. I’ve read comments by people that do their homework. They have a nose so to speak, to sift through materials, sort out the BS and share their findings here. Very good reading here and food for thought.

  • 1vote

    Not shocking to me. Most of us here know where Obowma’s sentiments lie. Good article
    for those interested in proving a point.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Thanks for looking into this issue, Right Scoop!

    • PVG

      This is why RS is my first and last stop of the day! Thanks Scoop.

  • Nukeman60

    Your last paragraph is a telling one about the ring. Who makes an older ring their wedding ring unless it has some very important meaning to their life? Just a cute little swirly ring that he found in some five and dime in College wouldn’t warrant the importance of your wedding. No wife-to-be would ever accept that. It had to have extreme significance to him.

    The fact that the swirls are, at the least, very close to the phrase is huge. Obama’s life keeps coming up with coincidence after coincidence. Nothing to see here folks. Rev. Wright is just some pastor that he didn’t listen to. Bill Ayers is just some guy in the neighborhood. His Asian life means nothing, even though most of his family are either Muslims or Communists – or both.

    Nothing to see here, folks.

    • jerryrob

      And Frank Marshall Davis was just a friend of Gramps’

    • “These are not the droids you are looking for”, “We can go about our way”.

      • Nukeman60

        Obama – in his own words:

        • PVG

          Despicable despot!

        • Stephanie T

          The words he speaks are so telling that I want to question the validity of the video. Truly terrifying that this is our President.

          • Nukeman60

            I’ve noticed him saying these things over the years in various media forms. This is just a compilation, but you’re right. If I didn’t know better, I’d say somebody was lipsynching, ’cause it’s just too much to really believe.

            We’ve lived in a nightmare for the last 4-6 years – and it’s time to wake up, America.

        • detectivedick

          Great post, the only thing missing is his prayer rug

          • Nukeman60

            If you get a picture of it, I want the first copy. 🙂

            BTW, ever been in his upstairs study? I think the TV is on the East wall.

        • librtifirst

          I’ve never seen such an extensive compilation of evidence, but knew that he had a tilt toward Islam. I’m still not sure that he really believes in it, but rather think that he panders to it. His Marxist ties seem to be more solid as it pertains to his ideology, and Islam and Marxism don’t mix well.

          • Betsey_Ross

            Check out the marriage of those two philosophies. The ’30’s and 40’s in Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s early life with his general uncle tell this story very well.

    • louisiana_mom

      Exactly, nothing to see here… oh, look, Big Bird!

    • BlueGood

      and further, what woman in today’s modern world would agree to permit her man to wear a ring from long ago that she could never be sure wasn’t a gift form another woman??

      Ya think Michelle would accept this?…she’s a control freak…I doubt it….

      HOWEVER, if O’Bama bin Lyin’s ring is in fact a religious icon, then a control freak like Michelle would probably, if reluctantly accept it, rather than a wedding ring she had bought/given.

    • steprock

      Yeah, that’s what struck me as well. Mr. Shoebat wouldn’t stake a claim on it since it wasn’t conclusive enough, but the fact that he had it in college and then used it as his wedding ring was the most telling. Otherwise, you could just dismiss yet another conspiracy theory.

      Closing thought: how common is it for MEN to do this? I’ve heard of women using their grandmother’s ring, or a man giving his fiancee a family heirloom, but a man using his OWN ring that he’s had forever? Unless it really is just an old trinket and he’s comfortable with it.

      There’s just too much of a fog over this man’s past to ignore all the crazy conspiracies.

      • Nukeman60

        What’s even more puzzling about that ring is that he wore it on his wedding finger long before he was married to Michelle. I suppose some men do that, but I had never heard of it before.

        Why didn’t he wear it on the other hand? Was he in some kind of (possibly unnatural) relationship prior to his arrangement with Michelle? If it is an impression of a snake, rather than Arabic letters, did he have a marriage with the devil that continues today and trumps the marriage to Michelle?

        The conspiracy theories abound only because the curtain of doubt is drawn over his past and he purposely hides his background. It’s far too late in exposing the facts behind his birth, his religion, or his Communist affiliation, in order to stop him from being the President. That nefarious deed is already done.

        The key now is to remove him from office, and afterwards we can expose him for the fraud that he is/was and possibly stop the taxpayer payments going to him that are normally given and justly due to legitimate, outgoing Presidents.

  • PovrlaChasse

    Obama basically takes the side of the people who killed our ambassador and defends them, not us. He talks about religious tolerance but only in terms of how it applies to Islam. He is speaking to the world, the U.N. and all he wants to talk about is some stupid youtube video, and then he equates the attacks on the United States on 9-11 to other Muslim attacks on each other, as if it is all the same thing. This man is horrible. This man is dedicated to defend Islam according to his own words. The sooner he is kicked out of the American government, the better off the entire Earth will be.

    Obama Responds to Outrage Over Anti-Muslim Video

  • jerryrob

    I’ve met Walid Shoebat and his family and heard him speak several times. I have some of his DVDs and books. I have one of his son’s books. He’s a good born again Christian man who has read the Bible and knows the Truth. You can respect his opinion. He won’t fill you full of lies every time he speaks like some “presidents” will.

  • white531

    Scoop, I would ask you again, for the second time, to make available, a permanent open thread, in order for your members to comment freely, on the events that are happening daily, that affect all of our lives.

    It is needed, and you know it is needed. Why you haven’t done it yet, is beyond me.

    Your site would grow, by a factor of ten, if you would just do this one simple thing. In my humble opinion.

    • Landscaper

      O/T: I would start with a simple request like, SCOOP can you add spellcheck. I “two-finger” type and poorly.

      • detectivedick

        I ditto the spell check as anyone that has read my comments can atest,,,haha

    • Seconded. I’ve called for this before too and agree it would be a great asset!

  • Thank you Scoop for this. While it would be completely plausible for dear leader to have the no god but allah ring, it’s best to be absolutely sure before spreading a story about it. Thank you and Mr. Shoebat for digging into it more.

  • Spartan4Palin

    MyPetJawa has a HD photo of the ring. It looks like squiqqly’s to me? As with everything with Obama, we will probably never know it all?


    • SoLongSong

      Thanks for the better pictures!

      I now think Obama is just saying, “Hey y’all! I’m a SNAKE!”

      I KNEW it!!!

  • Spartan4Palin

    I would love to sit down with Mr Shoebat and ask him some questions about his life? Perhaps have a couple of beers (Coronas only) and see if I could understand his world for a brief minute?

  • SoLongSong

    If you look REALLY closely, you can see where Bill Ayres kissed it!

    • Landscaper

      Nope, that would be a body area near his wallet.

      • B-Funk

        Isn’t it Obummer kissing Ayres’ buns?

      • librtifirst

        That was my first thought, then I read your post two seconds later. lol.

  • keyesforpres

    I’d say he got it on his trip to Pakistan when he was in college.

  • johnos2112

    Madonna was right after all!

  • Looks like a traditional Kenyan pattern to me…?

    Doesnt sway me though, i still believe he has very close ties to islam in some form or another.

    • B-Funk

      My Wife is a Kenyan- and American- and she says it is pretty consistent with Kenyan jewelry and designs. So I’m with Shoebat on this. There’s nothing conclusive to go on there. I’m focused on just getting him out of office for now. ^_^

    • detectivedick

      He was raised a Muslim! Tell me when he became a Christian????

      • Nukeman60

        Muslims are not allowed to denounce their faith. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. Anything else is just taqiyya.

        • M_J_S

          Right. Most terrorists drink and bang whores if it helps them complete their mission of killing innocents.

          Obama is a muslim AND a scumbag and he’ll be unemployed in less than a month. Maybe he should get a ring for that too.

          • librtifirst

            What really chaps my rear is that we are going to keep paying him for the destruction he has caused.

        • If you try to leave Islam, heads will roll!

      • librtifirst

        He became a Christian when he realized that he was being groomed to be the US president. (by “becoming a Christian” I mean playing the role)

        • Took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard there librtifirst! Spot on!

        • He became a “Christian” to join the Down Low Club which was being run out of Rev. Wright’s church.

  • sjmom

    Mr. Shoebat is an honorable man and I respect his opinion.

    My own take is I would not be surprised if the ring referred to Allah because his father was a Muslim. Who knows maybe the ring was his father’s or he had one like it. It must have been pretty important and Michelle must know the reason because she put it on his finger to marry him.

    No matter what the ring says Obama is a little too cozy with Islamists and has been deferential to them once too often in my opinion. He seems much more interested in them than he does in the American people. Always a bad sign for an American president so he must be defeated and defeated in such a way there is no question he lost the election.

  • detectivedick

    Some talk about Sarah wearing the Star of David and others talk about wearing a Crusifix or a braclet of a fallen Soldier….it is a statement of beliefs and support. Why shouldn’t the LIAR explain the design of his ring?

  • When I was reading this earlier, I was thinking of a story a few years ago. Does anyone remember when burger king came out with a new logo for their ice cream? There was a near riot (gee, imagine that) by muslims claiming the symbol looked too much like the word for allah? Well, I dug up the story, and anyone who wants to see what the word looks like, here it is: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/106592/Allah-ice-creams-banned.html

    • detectivedick

      Great reminder, only Christian and Jews need to be tolerant

    • Nukeman60

      So that’s it – Obama is a chocolate swirl. Or is that vanilla/chocolate swirl? Oh, Allah be swirled! (Oh, oh. That’s probably too much. I’ll have to go into hiding).

      • lol. I think I don’t like chocolate and vanilla icecream anymore after that comment. Ah that’s OK. Rocky road is so much more fun.

        • Nukeman60

          Yo, Adrian. Git me sum o’ dat ice cream. Da gud schtuff. 🙂

  • The deficit is at $16 trillion, and people are talking about the design (that is DESIGN, not Arabic letters, but simply squiglely design) or Obama’s wedding ring. Let’s pretend his ring said “I’m Muslim.” That would mean he was Muslim. America has religious freedom. So you guys made up a fake thing news story that even if it was a real news story wouldn’t be anything bad about Obama. Let’s talk about fixing this country!

    • “You guys made up a fake thing news story…” Uh, many of us read the story elsewhere, as was done originally by Jerome Corsi, who has nothing to do with Right Scoop. Seems to me that Scoop is doing his best to find the truth of the story. It’s not like he’s not dedicated most days to political news already.

      • Did the Scoop do his best to find out whether George Bush murdered 3,000 innocent Americans in the Twin Towers? Did they do their best to find out how racist and hateful the Tea Party is? The Scoop helped promote this fake story. They consider it to be credible, and even in their reporting on it, they said it remained a possibility, not that it has been discredited. If the Scoop really wants to prove he “finds the truth” of any story, he needs to do some reporting on whether or not the Tea Party is racist and whether or not George Bush is a murderer and furthermore whether or not Mitt Romney is a member of the Nazi Party, which come to the same conclusion that he might be a member, even though, like in this story, he isn’t.

        • Good grief. Have you lost your mind? Scoop wasn’t around on Sept.11/o1 Get a grip. As for the rest, go back through the archives and read some. Then go back to whatever dearleader rock you crawled out of.

    • Nukeman60

      It’s a shame you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. I think most people here can. It doesn’t detract from the goal of defeating Obama by talking about this, and the article is about Shoebat saying it can’t be determined anyway.

      I’m pretty sure we won’t get Obama kicked out of the Oval Office on a Sunday night, three weeks before the election. But if we can, let us know how. I’m all ears. After all, I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

      • famouswolf

        I’m not sure he’s into getting rid of obama so much, since he said ‘fixing the country’. Obama’s ‘fixing the country’, alrighty.

        I also get a kick out of these guys that talk about religious freedom and Islam in the same breath. It would be good to educate oneself before making such comments.

        Personally I do think o’s moslem, just not very good at taqqiya. He wouldn’t have gotten out of the front door, with anything, without all that help the last decade or so. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. The ring may not prove anything, but with all those other hints, clues and innuendos how could any intelligent person dismiss the possibility?

        • Nukeman60

          In 2008, we elected a President on ‘hope and change’ alone, with absolutely no vetting of the character of the man whatsoever. Every little chance we can, we need to vet this man completely, no matter what the topic is. His Muslim roots are just as important as his Communist roots or his Chicago gangster roots when it comes to electing him to the position of the most powerful man in the free world.

          • famouswolf

            Absolutely, esp. for anyone with a basic knowledge of history.

            How do you tell the difference between a ‘moderate’ (read: one that won’t cut your throat for critisizing his ‘religion’) Moslem and one practicing taqqiya? We have a major problem with this, I would say more than with the gangster or Communist parts of the lefty poster boy.

            What a lethal mixture he is!

            • Wow, I don’t know where to start…

              You think that if someone is Muslim, they are evil?

              Sure, there are terrorists. We all know that. (And Obama’s policies have killed a number of them.) But most Muslims are not terrorists and are not evil. I mean, if you think Obama is a Muslim, you can start by looking at him. He may be a bad president, but he’s not a terrorist (unless you are a liberal who thinks that all American presidents are terrorists when they wage war).

              Furthermore, you can look at many other Muslims, who are not terrorists and not anti-American.

              You can even look at Walid Shoebat. Granted, Mr. Shoebat isn’t a Muslim, but he used to be a Muslim, and according to a number of conservative scholars, President Obama is a Muslim because he was listed as a Muslim when he was enrolled in school, and, having previously been a Muslim, he is always a Muslim according to their views of Muslim law (even though America isn’t a Muslim country and thus isn’t governed by Sharia Law), so according to that viewpoint, Mr. Shoebat is a Muslim.

          • SPELL9

            Please don’t say “we”

          • SPELL9

            it really hurts when you say “we”

          • His “Muslim roots”? He’s not Muslim! He does support socialistic ideology, as you pointed out. (You can see it in his current policies, not just his past friendships with communists.) The reason his socialism matters is because socialism is bad policy, and his socialist policies are hurting America.

            Now, suppose in an alternative universe that Obama is in fact a Muslim, does it matter? You say it would matter. Why? You don’t say. In short, it doesn’t matter. Islam is a religion, and we have freedom of religion. The only way it would matter to someone is if they were a hateful anti-religion bigot who thinks Islam and/or religion in general is evil.

            • Nukeman60

              You’re not worth the effort to enlighten you. You speak in 3rd grade terms about a complicated system and then call all of us bigots and racists. You forgot homophobes and bitter Bible-clingers. You see, your smears don’t bother us. And your ignorance of Obama’s past is very telling. So try whining to someone else. I, like many others here, are tired of trying to explain things to you.

        • Landscaper

          “Obama’s ‘fixing the country’, alrighty.”

          ………to the TUNE of 5 trillion dollars MORE unfixed than before. Because of his “playing president” instead of being FIXED, we are BROKE.

          • famouswolf

            Sarcasm. Nothing but.

            • Landscaper

              At this point, I’m getting a bad case of “blue-nads” to VOTE. Nov 6th can’t get here soon enough and let the chips fall.
              My gut tells me R/R will win and then we can sweep up after the [man-childs] mess he leaves behind. I’ll bring the brooms !

              • famouswolf

                Me three.

                My biggest worry right now is what he will try between election day and Inauguration day. Ten weeks.

                Visions of Red Dawn, that kind of thing. God only knows what the treasonous bastids have set in motion. What we can see is bad enough…

                By the way, I saw your post about your son and his buddies the other day. One vet to another, thank him for his service and tell him it was not wasted. I’m Vietnam era, and I can say that and mean it.

                He did the right thing. NO one can ever take that away from us.

                • Landscaper

                  I got kicked in the teeth jumping on Bolton for his {wording} ONLY…. “their deaths…. wasted?” It pissed one OFF and I damn sure spoke my mind. These candy-ass*s that never had treasure (my oldest son) in the game don’t get it. Screw em’
                  As far as the rest, I suspect trouble in large cities after his lost. Authorities will take care of it. No sweat Wolf. He will do all deafted politicians and move on. No big deal. As I said before, burning down your OWN neighborhood is what fools do. Let them riot and some FREE looted crap. Hurricane Katrina stuff. We survived.
                  My older brother was in Nam, so thank you too !

                • wodiej

                  First, thank you and all others so much for your service to our country by being part of the military defending our country and trying to help others. I’ve never been in the military but the ones who do and have, your contribution is immeasurable and God bless you all.

                  Second, we should all fervently pray for our country from now and going forward through the election, inauguration and Romney’s presidency. The Democrats are not going to go quietly.

              • AlabamaPatriot2

                I think R/R will have to have the Oval Office steam cleaned first.

                • chatterbox365

                  and the White House “tented.” =D

          • famouswolf

            And, you know, when we get the Great Imposter of Presidents out, we should just declare the ‘debt’ the jerk has saddled us with null and void. We ain’t broke, we are BURIED, for generations, if we actually honor all the waste of the last years.

        • You think Obama is “fixing this country”?… Wow, I don’t know what to say to you.

          • famouswolf


            You know the context that comment was made in.

            And that’s all the breath I’m wasting on you.

        • The ring doesn’t say anything in any language. Of course it doesn’t prove anything. Since when does wearing a wedding ring make someone Muslim?

          • famouswolf

            Smoke. Fire.

            Do some research, look at all the evidence. Get back to us. Otherwise don’t bother me with your crap.

      • Headline: Conservatives Run With Fake Story About Being a Muslim
        Subheadline: Conservatives Think Muslims Have No Rights, Are Evil

        This is the story you are trying to get independents to start reporting about conservatives. Usually it’s liberals who spew this nonsense, but now you yourself are promoting the liberal agenda.

        Obviously we aren’t going to make any progress on getting Obama unelected when we talk about this nonsense.

        • Nukeman60

          Exactly where in the discussion between Scoop and Shoebat do they claim a false story. It was a story, Scoop did a followup with a legitimate source, and the conclusion was that it’s undeterminable.

          The headlines you quote above are headlines you are trying to promote, not us. Obama’s background, history, and roots have a great deal of bearing on who he is. Hiding it and denying it got us to where we are today. Making headlines can be done by anybody, for any reason.

          Telling Romney that he needs to give you 10 years worth of taxes and you’ll make a bad headline about him if you don’t just shows your stupidity, not his. People will do this every day. You seem to be a good little useful idiot for them. Too bad for you.

          Obama was elected in 2008 because people, like you, didn’t vet him well enough (in fact, he wasn’t vetted at all). The left has come to the Rules for Radicals viewpoint that if they call any discussion a conspiracy theory then they can dismiss it at will. Are you one of these people?

          As soon as I stopped worrying about useful idiots calling me racist made my ability to defeat their arguments all that much better. Since I know I’m not, I’m not going to waste my time defending myself, like you appear to still be doing, and I’m better off for it.

          Go read Rules for Radicals by Alinsky and The Little Blue Book by Lakoff. They will help you understand how your being used by the left. It will set you free.

          Talking about other topics does not detract from the goal of removing Obama, just like I don’t stop going to movies because I have to remove Obama or I don’t stop going out to dinner because I have to remove Obama.

          There are many topics in life that Scoop addresses. Get used to it or walk away. Either way, it won’t stop and we will still fight to remove Obama from office.

    • wodiej

      Right Scoop made up nothing. He is reporting a story from Jerome Corsi. Did you even read the header? Secondly, most Americans would not want a muslim for president especially with all of obama’s anti American policies and actions.

      • The entire premise that Obama was wearing a ring that said something in Arabic is made up. And Right Scoop furthered that premise. Even his own article says the ring “might” say something in Arabic.

        Secondly, it is shameful of you to accuse most Americans of being hateful anti-Muslim bigots. You said America is a hateful country that “would not want a Muslim for president” even though America is a tolerant nation unlike many Muslim nations in the Middle East that are intolerant of other religions. In fact, most Americans support the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom.

        If you and your friends are hateful bigots, I would ask why? Why don’t you want a Muslim president?

        • Nukeman60

          If you and your friends are hateful bigots, I would ask why?‘ – b&d

          Another good Alinsky line. By the way, that’s like asking the question “have you stopped beating your wife?” Well?

    • white531

      Bombs And Dollars, with all due respect, the deficit is at $16 trillion, primarily because of the man who wears that ring.

      When you talk about fixing this country, one of the key elements of that, is getting rid of the man who wears a ring on his finger that says he is a Muslim, when he claims to be a Christian.

      I am sure you are on the right side of this. I just think people read your comment wrong. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

      • I said we should vote him out, and I agree. Though, to be accurate, the deficit being $16 trillion is only 33% Obama’s fault. (That’s how much it increased under his term.)

        Yes, I want to get rid of Obama. That’s why we should keep hammering him on his economic destruction. But this ring doesn’t have any text in any language on it, and furthermore, even if he were a Muslim, that would neither be a winning issue from a political standpoint or from a principled standpoint. I say, focus on the facts and focus on the economy, and don’t try to attack someone for his religion–or in this case, his imagined religion.

  • UnCL3

    we all knew it, after all…

  • OH PLEASE…..is there any doubt….LETS SEE…..Libya, Cairo, Egpyt, Syria, Iran….shall I go on..FINE….Speech in Cairo in 2009, Recent Video Blame, Hates America, Hates Israel, invites CAIR to the WH….meets with MORSI, ignores BIBI, takes Islamic Radicals side over Americans….DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?? Evidence…..GIVE ME A BREAK! Need to see a picture of some cheap ring on the hand of Lenin Part II or Marx’s long lost creep of a son….WELL the proof is in his actions! See Obama’s Daily Life!

  • Jazzee

    maybe from his Pakistan roomie? or whoever may have paid for his education and his trips to other countries. He said he was poor….right?

  • Nukeman60

    Kinda O/T, but it’s still about vetting Obama:

    Netflix will release Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America on their DVD queue this Tuesday, Oct. 16th. It’s not on the Instant Queue, but still available if you’re subscribed to the DVD delivery.

    For those who didn’t get the chance to see it in the theaters.

    • famouswolf

      What, I’m not scared enough?

  • kong1967

    I don’t care what the ring says or doesn’t say. Obama’s a muslim plain and simple.

    • Nukeman60

      One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
      One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
      In the Land of Obama where the Shadows lie.

      • Oh! Now I can go to sleep and dream of Aragorn 😀 Thanks Nukefriend!

        • Nukeman60

          Good will triumph over evil. Good night, duckie. Sleep tight. 🙂

      • kong1967

        Is that from “Lord of the Rings”?

        • Nukeman60


          Well, most of it. Obama wasn’t really in Lord of the Rings, although I think I saw him in there somewhere, with a fake Pakistani passport.

          • He thought he could fool people into thinking he was a Paki? Everyone knows he’s a Kenyan! 🙂

          • kong1967

            Lol, I think I got that part. Obama was a nice addition, though.

  • Another point could be made is that it atypical of an AMERICAN man to have a wedding ring like that. American men tend to wear plain gold bands, and any inscriptions are in English on the inside of the band. Both Shoebat and Corsi come to a similar conclusion – the band has some kind of Arabic inscription, and it does show that for Obama, while technically a U.S. citizen, America is not his native country.

    • You know that by continuing to insist he isn’t American you just marginalize yourself, yes? He’s an American who holds very anti-establishment values, informed by radical Progressive/Marxists. There are plenty of Americans like that, and yet they are still “native” Americans. Are you that provincial that you aren’t aware that in places like New York city or San Francisco that Obama’s worldview is as common as peas? Or do you assume everyone else in America is like you and then get surprised when they aren’t? Wake up, stop making yourself look the fool.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Normally I would agree with you, but this man cannot prove that he is even an American citizen. Does he even have an American passport? There is no American President that has Obama’s world view, not in the past and prayerfully not in the future. His world view is unlike anyone’s that has risen this high in American politics. As one of the signs that came out of the tea party movement in Feb. 2009:






        That sign has been imbedded in my brain. It is so correct and so soon after his immaculation.

  • wodiej

    I hope we get better pictures of the ring soon. Then we can confirm w certainty that obama is a muslim who worships Allah and not God.

    • I like your word choice “confirm” because I already believe he is at least Anti-Christian and is a cowardly secret Muslim. He hasn’t even the strength to stand up for his religion. He is a coward and a weasel.

  • chatterbox365

    Whatever it is, it’s an ugly design. Don’t be surprised if the Administration comes up with a lame a$$ excuse.

  • TJinNJ

    Great post Scoop!!!

    As you mentioned, the question is why would Barry where a ring that even remotely resembles Islam since college, as a wedding ring, and since he professes to be a CHRISTIAN…Didn’t he go to Pakistan with his roommate in college?

    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck,…

  • Rocco11

    Don’t worry, I’m sure nbc “news” will be all over this story with expanded coverage. lol

  • Sober_Thinking

    One thing is for sure… This ring does NOT persuade Americans that Obama is NOT a Muslim. In fact, just like everything around him, it just adds to the controversy. For a so-called Christian to wear something so compelling to support the argument that he’s a Muslim… well, I’d get a different ring.

  • 911Infidel

    Walid Shoebat for those unfamiliar with him, is one of the few Arabic translators that is honest. He spends a great deal of his time listening to the jihadis in the ME and translating their speeches and writings for English speakers. He is an authority on Islam and on Christian eschatology. If you see his articles in places like Frontpage, or WND, pay attention to what he says. He’s the kind of Arabic translator that should be working in the US intel community. Unfortunately, he gave his life to Chris; became a real American conservative patriot, loves Israel, and is a rock-solid source of Islamic intel. Because of people like him, the jihadis and the maruna merchants who try to hide in our culture can no longer get away with saying one thing in Arabic and another thing in English.

    He’s also involved with rescuing Christians from Muslim terror in places like Pakistan and getting them to safe houses.

    Walid is constantly under death threats because he is a Muslim apostate. So for the “believers” you may want to remember him, his family and his ministry in your prayers.

    • “Unfortunately”? Did you mean that? It would seem to me that it was quite fortunate for us.

  • Rocco11

    Obama is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the United States. I’d still love to know how the man was able to pass an FBI investigation for a simple clearance even. His extremely heavy drug use alone should have disqualified him from a job in the mail room.

    • elected people do not get processed like that.
      DNC says hes qualified, nothing FBI or any agency can do. they cannot say you cannot elect him.
      funny how the 2008 DNC filings did not use constitutional statement on some filings for him….and RNC are cowards.

    • Betsey_Ross

      He can’t qualify for any of this. An FBI agent called into Glenn Beck’s show in early 2008. He stated that Obama couldn’t get a clearance for anything from the little we knew about him back then. Now we find out that all of what we knew was true. He should be no where near the city of Washington, DC let alone living in the house he occupies.

  • He got it from the Muslim Brotherhood gift store available on the WH home shopping network

    • DebbyX


  • maybe us birthers are not crazy racists.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Calling Al Gore. Open up that Social Security Lock box, Obama has a ring to put away for safe keeping!

  • Haywoodjbl

    With all the conjecture about his true faith, I do not believe in “coincidences” when it comes to this type of thing. What astronomical odds would it for it have to be for the ring to look this way?

    This would continue to explain his odd behavior on “all things Middle Eastern”

  • trouble06

    I think Obama is a Muslim but how about this. The markings on Obamas ring looks like a serpent. In the Bible the serpent is the Devil.

  • stargrrrrl

    it is far more likely that the ring reads “there is no god but obama”

  • I want to hear his explanation for wearing a wedding ring long before he was married! I’ve never known anyone that ever did that.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I wore a trinity ring on my ring finger when I got engaged to my wife, however I transfered it to my other hand when I got married and am now wearing a traditional gold band on my ring finger. So I would agree it is odd to wear an older ring as your wedding ring.

      I wonder if Obama was wearing the ring on his ring finger before he got married or if he had it on his other hand and switched when he got married? If it was on his ring finger before he met Michele then I would consider that a big deal.

      • I can’t find the source for it, but I believe he was wearing his ring on his wedding finger before he met Michele and long before he was married. Weird!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Look if he said he were Muslim and everyone that voted for him knew he was Muslim, then I would have no problem with him wearing a ring that meant something tpo him concerning his faith. Heck, I even wore a trinity ring on my ring finger as my promise ring when I got engaged to my wife. What I have the problem with is his lies. His whole campaign-presidency-campaign is a bunch of lies and deceits! It bugs me that after all this time Obama is an enigma and the MSM could care less!

  • Would you folks please understand that Jesus Christ allowed Obama to rise to power. Jesus Christ is now raising up Romney. Why? To separate the righteous from the unrighteous. Beware Obama and his followers after they are swept from power. A demon once cast out seeks a new host to occupy and deceive.

    • donalddt

      Very true on what you say, only a few realize what the scriptures say about how God places leaders in power and then takes them down.

    • white531

      Sam, thanks for the wakeup call. Reading all these posts, we get distracted.

    • Thanks for the info,have been reading all post was waiting on this post,yes you are correct,nothing happens on earth that was not allowed by Father god,,he definitely needs prayer..Pray that he would have a heart change,When Jesus left earth and ascended into Heaven,We were left with a free will choice,we have to choose whom we wil follow,light or dark,choose whom you will serve this day,choose life,choose Me……..prayer changes all situations,Father does hear and honor the prayers of His people,if My people will turn from their wicked ways and repent,then I will hear from Heaven,Then I will bind up their wounds and heal their land…..America has forgotten God,and the Declaration of Independence,and the Constitution were written from Christian and Bible based ideas….Wake Up America…..

  • WhiteBluecollarRedneck

    Would it not be interesting if at the townhall debate tomorrow a person attending followed up their scripted question with “What’s the story about the “No God but Allah” quote on your ring, Mr. President?”

    • DebbyX

      That would be a beautiful thing!

  • wraith67

    I read Arabic courtesy of the US Army, and I didn’t think it said what Corsi said – and would side with Shoebat on this one also.

  • DebbyX

    I can recall how in his early years reigning over our Country, he didn’t have ANY wedding ring on. Seemed him and the globe trotter were feuding at that time. I don’t remember his ring (once he resumed wearing it of course) having a design on it. It seemed to me a solid gold band.

  • MominNV

    The marxist mooslum occupying The Peoples’ House MUST BE REMOVED, November 6th.

  • MagyarKishka

    Here’s a photo of Obama at Occidental that is included in the story “Did Obama have a “coke nail” at Occidental. It’s a pretty good pic of him wearing a ring. I enlarged it using Infranview, and while it doesn’t help that the picture is in black and white, it does seem to be similar in thickness and chunkiness as the one shown in your article, especially since the ring seems to be thicker on the back of the band than on the front. This in itself makes the ring “unique”.
    Might help to confirm your statement “one thing I found fascinating was that Obama had this ring long before it became his wedding ring. That alone was intriguing and it seemed that he got the ring some time around his Occidental years. That he would have it for that long and then use it as his wedding ring seems to indicate the ring means a great deal to him. It makes me wonder where he got it in the first place and if it’s unique or if there are others like it.”

    And just for the record, I’d say that was a “coke nail”, considering all his other nails are trimmed short.
    How charming ~


  • I have seen stuff like this in Pakistan. Its very likely that Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama picked it up while spending 3 months there during his student years.

    • rickcain2320

      Wearing gold is forbidden to muslim males.

  • redheadgrl

    He probably got it from his real daddy, Malcolm X.

  • rickcain2320

    I’m not a Muslim but here is some info from Islamic texts…

    The Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not wear silk or gold.” [Ahmad, with a sound chain of narration]

    The Beloved of Allah also said, “Whoever of my community dies wearing gold, Allah shall prevent them from wearing it in Paradise.” [Tabarani]

    Ali reported that, “The Prophet forbade gold rings.” [Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, Ibn Maja]