Waste of the Day: Paying old people to play World of Warcraft! #CutWaste

After Obama’s call for raising taxes to avert the sequester yesterday, the House has decided each day to publish a specific “Waste of the Day” that should be cut instead of raising taxes:

Today’s project used tax dollars to pay seniors to play video games. The National Science Foundation awarded a grant of $1.2 million to pay seniors to play the video game “World of Warcraft” to analyze the impact it had on their brain. The President and Senate Democrats claim they have cut all the spending they can in their recent proposal, yet seniors continue to be paid to play video games.


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  • c4pfan

    You have got to be kidding me!

    Does the GOP pass the budgets knowing this?

    • Budgets allot grant money, but it gets decided on how to be used later on.

      Also, there’s been no budget for about 4 years now.

    • Remember! First you have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it!

      • M_J_S

        That’s the same thing they said about passing gas

        • johnfromjersey

          Glad I wasn’t smokin or drinkin when I read that.

      • johnfromjersey

        I once had someone spit right in my face. It was more of an insult when the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is intended to be the TOP spokesperson for “we the people”, stood in front of a TV camera and said that to our face.
        I’ve listened to a lot of people from different sites for the last 18 years and the one thing we have in common is that the government is broken, and what’s worse, we allowed it.

        • Yah, there is no question the government is broken and the reset button is about to be pushed, and “HIS” finger is the one that will do it. HE blessed this nation and HE can certainly reset it. But….the majority of the American people are not ready….so hold on for the ride!!!

    • johnfromjersey

      Know this?
      Come-on, you’re not serious are you?
      Think about it, in order to KNOW it, that would mean that they would have to read it, and more so, study it.
      How much chance is there that will happen?

  • mike3e4r7

    Funny if it weren’t so sad.

  • Really? Good lord. I play video games, can I get paid to do it as well via the Government?

    • Personally, I want a grant for playing the Sims and study if that changes my interaction to real people. I find it would be much easier if real people just had a sparkly plum-bob over their head to alert you to their mood. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/14/Sims3gameplay.png

      I know that it does make me hungry–those little guys seem to be eating all the time!

  • Myptofvu

    lvl 90 Blood Elf Pally Holy spec looking for Pug grp for Nax..have mana pots whisp me

  • Marky_D

    WTB Zimmer frame of dragon slaying!!!1!

  • americalsgt

    This isn’t serious I hope.

  • c4pfan

    GOP (and especially you Rubio) take note to Rand Paul’s move. Good for him!


    • Yep. If Senator Paul can do it, they all can as well.

      Thanks for the link. 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    Seems to me the House (which I thought was Republican owned) could defund nonsense like this.

    Boehner? Boehner? Anyone?

    • c4pfan

      That’s my point!

      • Sober_Thinking


    • demographicallychallenged

      How can you find all the pork they stuff into bills, then you will know why they wont stop it. They all have their heads buried in the trough

      • tshtsh

        I’ll raise you two porks for your three pork barrels. Also, we presume they know how to read since two lawyers claimed they did not know stealing people’s guns was in a bill they signed. Which is worst lawyers who sign documents without reading or lawyers who cannnot read.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You make a valid point… it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell Republicans from Democrats.

    • Joe

      John Boehner is a waste of skin

      He has no resolve

      He should be embarrassing this preezy on so many levels

      I believe that Boehner is being extorted

      Aren’t we all tired of saying the same thing repeatedly?

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree with everything you just wrote.

        Boehner is also a complete disgrace.

  • There’s your ad campaign against the government threatening cuts on more important items. BO would rather spend money on this “x”, than to pay for “y”- Tell D.C. it isn’t a game, stop spending our children into poverty.

  • rsfan1

    Waiting for the libertarians to complain about this… come on… where are you guys? Or is it just the those wasteful trips to Israel done by Rand Paul and Rubio that boil their blood.

    • Not sure what libertarians you speak of, but this libertarian doesn’t hate Israel(I support them, and Senators who back them), but think this kind of crap is ridiculous. Though it is a start, it isn’t enough. We have to take baby steps to fix the problem, not blind leaps into empty pools head first to fix them. I believe there are many other places that could have much bigger impacts of fixing it, but you cant get it all done in one fell swoop.

  • It really irks me that everytime these libs are talking about cut spending the ONLY thing they can think of is our Military!

    Excuse me, but those people ARE the ones fighting for YOUR freedom to be able to SIT ON YOUR ASS and do nothing all day. Show some appreciation for these men and women why don’t you!

    As far as this fiasco, if you’re wanting to study the affects of video games and their players, why choose seniors? If anything, you won’t be seeing them playing First Person Shooters, it would probably be more casual like flash games or Mario (you know, with their grandchildren). And assuming where I can see where this is coming from since the talk of gun control, study the effects of people in my generation and younger. Because those are the type of people who spend most of their teenage life on video games. (which IMO, is absurd to say that violent video games will cause them to go violent)

    Don’t worry guys, you’ll never see a news story about a grandmother on a shooting rampage becuase she was playing Mario! -_-

    • Joshua Corrao

      I wonder when someone will think of using virtual reality and games like MW3 to train soldiers……..oh wait…….i just did, an average 14 year old teenager just thought of how to train soldiers, and yet Obama says it’ll be cheaper to take money out of the military. he does know that doing that may cause some soldiers to lose or quit they’re jobs and that might lead to more unemployment……right?

  • steprock

    YES!!!! Waste of the Day – I love it!!!

    Call ’em to account.

  • Amjean

    There is an organization called Citizens Against Government Waste that does
    a good job of tracking all the pork. They name politicians names. And they
    elect a “Porker” of the year.

    • demographicallychallenged

      Thank you that was my question I asked above.

  • deeme

    Have you ever had a child, who refuses to do his homework, finding reason after reason why he can’t do it right now..well that is what this administration is..They want to play petty games blaming anyone but themselves for why they aren’t doing the work grown men and women must do to pass a budget..For gosh sakes all of U.S. have to have a budget..why in the heck is it so hard to cut out the b.s. and cut out the b.s..?? All the “Great Ones” really have passed on …all we are left with is a bunch of selfish babies, who care nothing about future generations, or the old or anyone..they just use everyone to get what they want..

  • c4pfan

    What about the stupid idea the Postal Service came up with? This country is so screwed up!

    • stage9

      “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bears rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

  • Alborn

    Where do I go to sign up. This is a way to get some of my tax money back.

  • PFFV

    Government Gone Wild! They (Progressives/Liberals) on Both Sides of the Aisle are the Enemy of Freedom and all things great about The United States of America! Only a Revolution will change the course we are on. It won’t be pretty. Prepare and be ready for the crash, mark my words it’s coming.

  • joyfulgiver

    Unfortunately, unless we forward these to friends and family, we are the only ones who will know about this garbage. Here is my charge, FORWARD it to everyone you know. Let’s continue to do the work the media refuses to do.

    • c4pfan

      From what I can tell, this is a hashtag that the GOP started. I don’t know how much it’s been put out on twitter though.

  • tinlizzieowner

    A lot of us ‘seniors’ already played ‘World of Warcraft’ for real, in places like WW2, Korea and Viet Nam. Bet you’ll never see the libs linking seniors to this game, it’s ‘insensitive’. 😉 😉
    Get back to me if you can beat 47,000 without killing a hostage. 😉

  • demographicallychallenged

    Progressive science!

  • stage9

    “Paying old people to play World of Warcraft! ”

    What’s the cut-off age? lol!

  • FreeManWalking

    Couldn’t that Dumb @$$ BAINER line item these out of funding? Doesn’t the house control the purse strings?

  • sickandtired

    The waste of the day is a good idea, finally.

    The GOP needs to man up and get things done….the things WE want done!