Andrea Mitchell is AGHAST that Ted Cruz ad mocks Hillary!! LOL!!

Somehow the newest Ted Cruz ad was released on “Morning Joe” today, and when Andrea Mitchell saw it, she doubled the normal look of disgust on her face whilst clutching her pearls and nearly fainting at the audacity of the Cruz campaign.

Poor Andrea!!

Watch her pain:

Poor wittle Andwea!! We’ll all play the world’s smallest violin for you, but I guess it wasn’t a “lack of civility” when you deceptively edited video of Mitt Romney to make him appear out of touch, right? I mean, this hack can literally lie to the American public for the sake of helping out the Democratic party, but she’s whining and fainting because Cruz dared to make a clever pop culture message. What a damn hypocrite.

You can watch the ad she’s so angry about here.

But even if we don’t make this personal to her, it’s absolutely ridiculous to say that this ad is bringing down politics. For all of American history the presidential race has been down and dirty with all manner of scurrilous accusations. All Cruz did was spoof a scene from a movie!!! It’s just amazing how “journalists” all of a sudden find a moral compass when they’re reporting on Republicans.

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