WATCH: Andrea Tantaros gets into it with Rich Lowry over Trump loss! INTENSE!

Andrea Tantaros clearly didn’t like NRO’s anti-Trump editorial from a couple weeks ago and wanted to hold Rich Lowry accountable for it considering, in her words, the two ‘anti-establishment’ candidates won both first and second place in Iowa. But Lowry hit back, pointing out that Trump isn’t anti-establishment, that it’s the establishment that is supporting him because they hate Ted Cruz, the real anti-establishment winner.

Andrea then tried to explain Trump’s victory via how angry the country is at the Republican party nominating non-conservatives in the past. But Lowry responded by asking her if that’s the case, then why support a non-conservative now? BOOM!

Andrea answered that the country has switched to a more nationalist mode and then suggested that voters are angry and have been insulted by writers at the NRO, Lowry’s publication, and said ‘it’s really really rude’.

But Lowry hit back, saying Trump lost last night because conservatives went out and made the case that Trump is not a conservative. And while Lowry admits there’s been blowback to what they wrote at NRO in the anti-Trump piece, he says no one has stood up and credibly said that Trump is and has always been a strong Reagan conservative.

And that’s just PART ONE.

Watch below:

The second part gets a little nastier.

The conservation had switched to Ben Carson, but Lowry brought it back to Trump because he wanted to make a point about Trump’s high unfavorables in Iowa, pointing out that Iowans looked at Trump and didn’t like what they saw and that’s why he lost.

He also said TV pundits shouldn’t be judging the people of Iowa for how they voted last night. Uh oh.

Andrea countered that for Trump to do as well as he did in rural Iowa is astounding and that it’s the NRO who his besmirching voters and making them so angry. But Lowry hit back, accusing her of discounting the winner of Iowa last night, Ted Cruz.

Andrea continued with the anti-establishment line about Trump, but Lowry challenged her again on why Bob Dole is part of the establishment and supporting Trump. Andrea suggested the nationalism thing once again because are tired of losing elections or something.

Then Lowry hit back with a gut punch, saying “We’ll your man just lost an election in Iowa.” OUCH!

Andrea suggested that 2nd place in rural religious Iowa wasn’t a loss at all, but Lowry countered “So second place is a win?”


It’s way more dramatic if you watch it. And be sure and watch to the end to hear the remark Lowry gets in about Trump before it’s over.


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