Watch GOP Debate Live 9PM EST

We’ll be streaming the GOP Debate Live tonight at 9pm EST. It includes Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, businessman Herman Cain and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. The Chat room is open.

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  • guest

    Cant hear…is there sound?

  • Is this a Noe Con site?

  • Is this a Neo Con site?

  • oh yea see Palin and Beck represented here.

  • Rookiehafiz

    ron paul

    • Bensmith

      Ron Paul all the way. Ron’s the only one that applies common sense and doesn’t politisize everything.

      • Pauline

        I like that Ron Paul wants to End the Fed and bring home the troops. But his position on illegal immigration and Amnesty is troublesome. Paul wants to increase the number of Green Cards given to illegals. Perhaps someone forgot to tell Paul that huge numbers of the American people are unemployed. Employers will hire illegals over the American people as they save lots of money hiring illegals.

        • Alexia

          but if they have GREEN CARDS wouldn’t that make them LEGAL?? Just curious. 🙂

          • Pauline

            It is semantics, Alexia. Please focus on the larger concept, Americans are suffering and need jobs if illegals are given Green cards the illegals turned temporally legal will get the jobs Americans want and need. And too, the American tax payers will get stuck paying for their health care and food stamps.

            This is blatantly unfair to the American tax payers.

            • Tyler

              Get rid of minimum wage (something Paul advocates for) and American citizens can make the choice to work for a lower wage, if they are desperate enough for employment.

  • Anthonygt

    Hey thanks for banning me for expressing my opinion.

  • Theanonymouseconomist

    I was banned for voicing my opinion….What a surprise…Ron Paul’s fans continue to be censored.

    • I think you’re mistaken… I can see your post…

    • Some Ron Paul fans continue to be annoying.

      • Annoying is one thing- spamming and vulgar is another

        • BenSmith

          what am I spamming, I can’t not like Cain as a Canidate? I am a bad tea party person b/c I like what Paul had to say tonight? Did you know the information that I posted about Cain? If not you should be glad I did, we should all want all the information on each canidate bad or good.

          • I don’t know who you are. I am speaking in regards to those that were blocked/banned during the debate, while in the chat room.

  • RON PAUL!!!

  • zytekfan

    Of course the Ron Paul are there en masse…

  • Mike Harp

    While I won’t say if I disagree or agree, but Pawlenty was just saying how people should be free and that the Gov’t shouldn’t be making decisions for them, but then he says he won’t allow gay marriage, abortions, ect. That doesn’t sound free to me I think personal opinions and beliefs should be kept out of Gov’t. You can’t tell people that they have a right to be free and then tell them you’re going to take away their choice just b/c it doesn’t fit your religious beliefs.

    • LoriHelmzy

      I’ve been a conservative all my life and have strong beliefs like many others, but I do agree with what your trying to say Mike. I don’t find nor see it as patriotic to preach Freedom and then tell people and make it unlawful to do such acts like gay marriage or abortions. While I may strongly disagree with the abortion who am I to say a women can’t make that call? I agree with Ron Paul that it should be a state issue if anything. I also believe to many of us are trying to push are beliefs into LAW and that wrong in my Opinion.

    • There is no right to snuff out another life. If you can kill it, then it is alive. A fetus is human, and killing a human against his/her will is murder.

      Pregnancy happens due to personal choice, and so it is a risk when engaging in sexual intercourse— A result of a poor choice does not justify murder.

      • Jackyl


        And the first time you see your own child via an ultrasound, you realize the little fetus is very much alive.

      • Tyler

        I didn’t get a chance to see this debate, so I don’t know if he was asked about it here. Every time I’ve seen Paul being asked about abortion, he’s stated that he is against it because as a Constitutionalist, he believes that the protection of life is given to even a fetus.

        • I don’t remember this question being brought up at all Tyler.

          • Tyler

            This was back in 2007 and he’s pretty much kept the same view since as far as I know.

    • Alexia

      I have to agree… and I am also a conservative…

  • Derek

    RON PAUL or death !!!

    • Last Sane Man, CA

      Death, please.

      • Tyler

        If we don’t get Paul or someone like him in the White House…you’ll very likely to get your wish…or at least what dwindling freedoms you have left will die anyway.

    • What’s asinine about this is that Ron Paul has almost zero chance of winning an election. Picking a winner is not about what you think is best, it’s about what America will believe is best.

      Do you want Ron Paul, or his philosophy?

      If you want his philosophy, then you have to plan how to get there. Liberal progressives did not get us here in one election. I took them about 100 years to push the country far enough in their direction that they could make a move and possibly succeed.

      Many Ron Paul fans want all of the glory with none of the work— it will take as much hard work or more to move the country back since many are now paid by the government.

      So if you really wanted the philosophy of Ron Paul, then would it not be counterproductive to pick someone that is highly unlikely to win? Moreover, is it not just as counterproductive, or more, to work against a potential candidate that can move things in a direction favorable to your ideals, just because they are not perfectly matched to your ideology. If the end result of your action results in loss of freedom and personal rights, then are you not responsible for the very thing you claim to be against?

      • Jackyl

        @twitter-43493272:disqus Well said Wizard. We need to organize and work together to turn the ship around. Ron Paul, while a great guy who has many ideas I agree with, has no chance of winning. Lets pick a candidate who has great ideas and a good chance to win and all of us try to get behind that person. Sure, let them duke it out for the Republican primary, but after that, let’s back a winner.

      • Tyler

        You have to be principled in the primaries. That’s what they’re for. I heard somebody call in to a local talk show here the other day and I agree with him. A bag of Dorritos could win the primaries and I’d vote for IT over Obama in the general election.

        • I can understand the sentiment that ANY inanimate object is better than our current POTUS, but I do want to help the best candidate win. Who is the best combination of principle and likelyhood to win?

          • Tyler

            Again…I didn’t see the debate tonight. Also…who all is actually without a doubt running? As I say elsewhere, I’d like to see someone who’s actually been there and done that with a record of governing and leading the right way such as Palin, Christie, Daniels or Johnson if Paul doesn’t win the primary.

            The fact that Cain has shown himself to be a Federal Reserve shill doesn’t tide well with me…Santorum is just a social conservative and that’s just an oxymoron to fiscal conservatism…and Pawlenty? I dunno. I just don’t know.

            Again…this is all what the primaries are for anyway. If my least favorite R wins it…then I will still back them up since I doubt it can get much worse.

            • Well, I can tell you who I think should run and I know they are not in line with your positions, however, they stand the best chance to win, which would derail the current mess in progress.

              As far as tonight’s debate (or last night’s):

              Cain pretty much ruined his chances, Pawlenty sounded too much like a politician, Paul was better than before but still poor at delivery, Santorum was the only guy with consistent passion, Johnson was visibly frustrated but had a real charisma— that’s my criticism so far. Cain lost the most and Johnson gained the most, considering I had never even heard of him before.

              • Tyler

                Santorum is just a social conservative disaster…but Johnson has a real record as the governor of New Mexico. You should look into him and his…700+ vetoes if I remember correctly.

              • J.A. Topfke

                Actually, according to the latest CNN poll, reported on Drudge all day yesterday, was that Paul had the best chance of all Republicans to beat Obama.

                • ….yea, I have a poll that says I’m too sexy for Natalie Portman

                  Are we discussing things that sound crazy? That poll, if true, has just destroyed any confidence I may have had in CNN polls.

                • J.A. Topfke

                  The point is, you have no basis for your claim, all you can do is repeat the same tired meme. You hear an opinion on Fox News and three days later you think it is an original thought.

                • Accusing me of poaching ideas without support for that claim is as ridiculous as your faith in the poll. Maybe you feel a little insecure about your own ability produce an original thought?

                  P.S. I don’t have FNC, try again.

                • Anonymous

                  There is very little thought that hasn’t been thought by someone else in the past. People might come to their thoughts independently, but that alone hardly makes it original.

                  Even Ron Paul’s ideas aren’t original with him. He got his philosophy and ideology from earlier people who got them from earlier people who got them from earlier people…

                • Pauline

                  CNN would like Paul to run because they know he won’t win.

    • LESTER82ND


  • Anonymous

    I have never listened to the former Gov. of New Meheee-cole. But I must say…he did not say anything I was against. He did say a needless thing against Palin near the end (dagnabbit) however, which was dumb.

    Now I know why Dan Dumser likes Rothbard. He appears to be an atheist. Methinks Dan will pay special attention to atheists. Atheism seems to be a religion with Dan. Much to his parents shame and regret perhaps. If I’m wrong and his parents are also atheists, I retract my statement.

    • Anonymous

      I had a civics intructor in college once upon a time that called me an intellectual elite (which I reject). I violently opposed this guy out loud and in class, but he gave me an A in a class where nobody got an A. I respect that regardless of how idiotic his theories were.

      I could feel the same way about Dan, except that he’s an anus with hemorrhoids. With all due disrespect of course.

  • zytekfan

    I like what Ron Paul has said before, but he can’t ride one sole issue (the Federal Reserve) to the White House.

    Go Herman Cain!

    • Anonymous

      I love, love, love Cain, but that is not his one issue sir. Listen to other things that exit his mouth. They are good too 🙂

      • zytekfan

        Like I said, I like what Ron Paul has said regarding the Constitution and individual liberties, but his foreign policy is a deal breaker for a lot of people. And when someone tries to bring up Paul’s issues with foreign policy and recently his specific flip flopping when it comes to immigration, with him now supporting an almost open border policy, he and his supporters always retreat to the Federal Reserve issue.

        I realize he’s immensely popular, but the libertarian shift in the nation isn’t quite to the point where someone like Ron Paul could become president. Now another Paul, Rand could become president one day.

        And frankly, I think Ron Paul sticks his foot in the ring just so he can get the issues important to him brought up in a debate. Fortunately for him, he has millions of supporters who easily give him the money to do it.

        • Tyler

          I think someone else said it best at one point. This kind of stuff is what the primaries are for. As someone who believes that the Federal Reserve is quite possibly the biggest culprit in the destruction of our country…I enjoy hearing Paul being the one candidate who’s willing to just flat-out say “We need to end the Fed.”

          Cain who so many seem to like…was a deputy chairman and a chairman of the Fed in Kansas City and even earlier this year stated on his radio broadcast that there’s “no need to audit the Fed.”

          Paul’s foreign policy may be a deal breaker for a lot of you “freedom fighters,” but someone saying plainly that we need not even bother forcing accountability for the Federal Reserve is a much more serious offense to me than any potential consequence of actually bringing our troops home.

    • Pauline

      I thought Herman Cain came across as intelligent, plain speaking, practical and humorous. My problem with Cain is that Numbersusa gave him a grade of D+ on immigration. This is troubling to me because I really like Cain.

      I also like Rick Santorum, he has a demonstrated strong and consistent Conservative voting record. And he would get an A+ ( in my book) on the illegal immigration issue. And he has been fighting to repeal the health care mandate at the onset of the mandate. And the majority of people from Pa really like him.

      • Tyler

        Consistent conservative voting record? You know he voted for the prescription drug program under Bush, don’t you?

        • Pauline

          Yes, I know Santorum voted for that and he explained his reasoning in recent interviews.

          • Tyler

            Let’s just say hypothetically that such a vote was not completely wrong and the exact opposite of a fiscal conservative (which I’ve been arguing anyway cannot truly be paired with social conservative which he clearly is).

            I’m just saying that’s clearly not a consistent conservative voting record…and just know also that of course Fox News isn’t going to hit him hard on any real issues which could attack him because he’s one of their contributors, so if you really like the guy…it would be in your best interest to really dig deep into his past and what he’s really about, so that you don’t get burned.

  • ProudtobeAmerican

    A lot of empty seats in that hall, felt like I was watching CSPAN.

  • Liberty Lover

    Ron Paul clearly won that debate

    • Anonymous

      He was very, very good. I think he will be much more accepted this time around.

      • Pauline

        Yea, the newest thing going around is ABO, that is Anybody but obama in 2012. smile.

        • Tyler

          Just as John Ashcroft lost an election to a dead guy…I would also vote a dead guy over Obama.

    • LoriHelmzy

      Without a doubt!! I am convinced that Ron is for the country as a whole, not just for big bus and not just for the poor, but for the good of the country and thats what we need if we want the America that we all deserve.

      • Pauline

        I think Ron Paul is a good man and I like his position in Ending the Fed and bringing the troops home. However, I think he would bankrupt us. He believes in extending green cards to all of the illegals…think what that would mean to all the unemployed Americans. And too, the illegals, drop anchors and bring in their extended families. Even with green cards they work under the table and we the tax payers are forced to pay for their health care, social services and education for their children. It’s unfair and will push America over the economic cliff.

        • Tyler

          Extending green cards to all illegals sounds bad on its own and when placed next to all our social safety nets, but he also believes in getting rid of all of those as well.

          Unemployment? Gone. Health care? Truly free market instead of Obamacare or even the partially socialized healthcare we already had, so we the taxpayer wouldn’t be paying for that either. Social services? Don’t exist because private entities and churches will take care of those who are truly needy. Education? He wants to get rid of the federal government’s involvement in education leaving it to the states and giving people more choices of private options…so…we wouldn’t be paying for that either.

          Obviously, anyone who’s listened to Paul and not just found pin points to bash him over the head with would understand that he’ll tackle the growth in government and take drastic measures to get rid of our deficit and start actually paying our debt off before he worries about social issues.

    • Pauline

      I respectfully disagree.I think Herman Cain won the debate.

  • Herman Cain won the debate in a landslide. Only one person in The Luntz group for tonights debate came in with Cain as their candidate. After the debate 90% are now siding with Herman.

    • LoriHelmzy

      I disagree, but that’s fine. I thought Paul won in a landslide, but we’re allowed to have different views. What I am sick of seeing are canidates that put a fake attitude on and I don’t see that with Cain or Paul, those 2 don’t say things just b/c it might fit everyones views.

      • BenSmith

        I like Ron Paul for several reasons but one of them is the constitution that Ron stands behind and has shown it his entire political career. Since 91 America has seen our constitution trampled on many times, while you or I may not feel it personally everyday all we have to do is look at some of the laws that have been enacted since 91 and we will see it without a doubt. I have learned that when the Gov’t says we’re going to protect you that means in my opinion that we will have to sacrifice some liberties, that’s not ok with me and I strongly believe Ron Paul is against this also. One thing America cannot lose is our constitution and I keep hearing a lot of politions argue for it, I don’t see any action only further liberties taken away.

      • Pauline

        Lori, I applaud you, we ( on this post) can respectfully disagree with one another and still retain our own perspective.

    • MJS

      Yes, and can you imagine Cain against obama in a debate?! He’d run over obama, especially since the economy is the main issue of the election.

  • Frederick

    This wasn’t a debate. All this really was was Special Report/ FOX News Sunday all rolled into one

  • Jeremy Volkens

    Everyone had their strengths and weaknesses. I
    thought Santorum was the strongest. Johnson the weakest. None of them
    ‘stand out’. Basing solely on this debate and not on what I already
    know about each candidate I’d rank it RS-RP-HC-TP-GJ.
    I went in HC-RS-RP-GJ-TP.

    • Tyler

      Santorum? Pathetic. Google “Santorum” and see what comes up. That’s all I need to say. Haha.

      • Pauline

        Santorum is a man of honor and integrity. The majority of people in Pa love him. Perhaps you might want to Google the other candidates.

        • Tyler

          I hope you actually Googled him and saw what the number one result was. If so, then know why that’s there and that Santorum got what he deserved. How can anyone justify saying that homosexuality is a “threat” to the American people? You can believe it’s a sin and you can believe that those who engage in homosexual activities will go to Hell…but a “threat?” Really?

          He has the same idiotic notion that Jim DeMint does which is that you supposedly can’t be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative when in fact almost exactly the opposite is true.Social conservatism is the kind of crap that (thank “God” this didn’t actually happen) leads politicians to think it’s a good idea spending time and taxpayer dollars putting together a Constitutional Amendment defining what marriage is.

          Social conservatism is the kind of crap that has already wasted $14+ Billion just in the last 5 months on the so-called “War on Drugs” which is an absolute abysmal failure which has also led to our so-called “Land of The Free” being the number one jailer of people per capita than any other nation on Earth which is even more billions of dollars being wasted for non-violent “crimes.”

          Social conservatism is the kind of crap that blindly leads people to believe that the way to fight a “War on Terror” is to occupy multiple countries which don’t even have anything to do with the original reasons given for fighting the war and leading to $3+ Trillion being spent in the past 15 years trying to get a guy who we could’ve captured/killed a lot sooner had we not been playing around and hiring civilian contractors to help build the nations while we were still in them basically “playing Call of Duty Real Life Edition” with people who aren’t even Al-Quada, but just want us dead because we invaded them.

          That’s what Santorum represents…complete and utter failure and catastrophe for the nation.

  • halfmadjesus

    Ron Paul’s extreme Libertarian viewpoints on foreign policy may sound great in theory, but seem borderline dangerous to me in practical application. I can agree with him on other issues, particularly fiscal ones, but national security is too important to trust to a guy who doesn’t want to deal with anything happening outside our own immediate borders. Sorry, can’t and won’t ever vote for him.

    Santorum and Cain came off the best in the debate, I think. I give the slight edge to Santorum, as I think he got dealt a harder question or two, and still managed to answer effectively. Cain is an extreme longshot, but I like almost everything I’m hearing from him at this point.

    • Tyler

      It’s not like non-interventionalism has actually been tried in the past hundred years. We are the world’s number one manufacturer in weapons. The reason so many other countries have the kind of weaponry they even have (though nowhere near our quality) is because we sold our old ones to their dictators.

      The idea that Paul is somehow just “weak” and “doesn’t want to deal with anything” is false. I don’t know how that got circulated, but being the Constitution-abider he is, he would’ve actually made sure that war was declared properly when Al-Quada attacked us, so we could’ve maybe been done with this “War on Terror” years ago instead of letting it linger on in an endless police action.

      But…”God” forbid we try something new in regards to security. I know I feel a lot safer with the TSA one step away from cavity searching everyone in addition to the grope-downs and radiation boxes. Don’t you? C’mon now.

      • halfmadjesus

        I’ve heard Ron Paul talk about Afghanistan and our decision to go there (at least initially, to rout the Taliban) and his responses, even after our being attacked on 9-11, have been lukewarm at best. Yes, he acknowledges America’s right to defend itself, but only after begin attacked first, by a clearly defined enemy. Sorry, but in the world we currently live in, things are no longer that simple.

        I wouldn’t call Paul “weak” necessarily, although he has a shrugging, matter-of-fact way of explaining himself that might play to the true believers, but I don’t believe will come off as presidential to voters. I would call him naive, perhaps dangerously so.

        I believe, despite agreeing on many of the same things, that strict Libertarianism is flawed. The rights of the individual cannot be maintained in every single instance, because the world is not that black and white. So we’re not going to see eye to eye here, basically.

        • Tyler

          There’s a very specific reason why the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag has a rattlesnake on it. That was originally our stance on national defense. This “new breed” of enemy doesn’t make it somehow all of a sudden really hard to go in and get them should they attack us. That’s our willingness to follow the Geneva Convention rules and not fight this thing like a real war. I don’t suppose you believe that the Patriot Act is a good thing, do you…or NSA’s partnership with Google? Our freedoms have been and are continuing to be taken away in the name of this “War on Terror” instead of actually fighting the war the way we should and being done with it. Things are definitely black and white when you view the difference between freedom and tyranny and unfortunately, we’re leaning further and further towards the latter and this always happens in the greatest amount the fastest during war.

      • KeninMontana

        Instead of continuing to state that the war was not “declared properly”, I really want to hear just what you consider properly declaring war is.

        • Tyler

          Declaring war is simply signing a legal declaration of war which states a specific target, a specific objective and therefore…a specific “success” or “end game.” On other words, an actual declaration of war would specify exactly what the mission is instead of leaving it open-ended as this “War on Terror” is and will continue to be as long as we are in it.

          Now, if you haven’t already stated it…you probably think that because Al-Quada isn’t an actual nation, but a group of people…you can’t actually declare war. On the contrary…you can…and can do so the same way with the same objectives and goal-setting as you would if you waged war against another nation.

          • KeninMontana
            • Tyler

              No. This link is just proof of what I was talking about in the first place. This “War on Terror” was designed to be never-ending. Since there was no truly defined objective or target…more and more “targets” will continue to pop up and we will never get out of this drain of our nation’s resources until one of three things happens.

              1. Someone with some common sense gets into the White House

              2. Congress scrounges up the gall to actually tell the president together “We’re not going to fund your warfare state any longer.”

              3. Our nation goes bankrupt and neither the Congress or president can actually expand this “war” any further.

              • KeninMontana

                Well then, I would have to conclude that you’re in some form of denial on this because the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) is a declaration of war passed by Congress, for comparison here is the text of the declaration of war against Japan, while the language is a tad more formal it is quite similar to the AUMF.

          • KeninMontana

            In addition I would also respond to this;”you probably think that because Al-Quada isn’t an actual nation, but a group of people…you can’t actually declare war” this has never passed my lips or crossed my mind or keyboard.

            • Tyler

              Hence the use of the word “probably,” but thanks for clarifying that wasn’t your thoughts.

  • Odin147

    this wasn’t a debate, just a gimmick of a 24 hr news cycle, it will be forgotten soon enough.

  • Rich

    Oy, the Ron Paul fans are as bad, or worse, than the Palin fans. They come in full force all at once to tell the rest of the masses that they are all nothing but neo-cons who don’t fully comprehend the constitution. After all, only Ron Paul has the ability to do that.

  • BenSmith

    While I like what Cain has said, I don’t believe in him for several reasons but one stands out to me .

    Hermain Cain was Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 95&96 and has recently stated and fought against an audit of the Federal Reserve. C’mon now, no audit of the Federal Reserve, the instituiton that possibly controls most things and decisions. I don’t think I can trust someone that has the Federal Reserve’s best interest.

    • BenSmith

      I meant to say Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas..

      • zytekfan

        Actually he has said he supports an audit of the Fed and making it transparent, but what he doesn’t want is a complete abolition of the Fed, mainly because doing away with the Fed means the dollar goes with it.

        • BenSmith

          No he didn’t

          Herman Cain also supported the bailout for the banks, I’m not sure how that supports the tea party, in fact that goes against what we believe in. Now when Cain announced he was running he took down removed those links about the bailout from his website. I think we need more info on this guy.

          • BenSmith

            While supporting the bank bailouts Cain also supported nationalizing the banks and went as far as criticizing opponents of the bailout, calling them “free market purists” and absurdly claiming that no valid criticism had been brought forward.
            Those are not the words of a free market, tea party conservative. They are the words of someone that defers to government when it comes to matters of principle.


          • zytekfan

            Uhh even Glenn Beck supported the bank bailouts initially. People change their minds with more information.

            • Jackyl

              Maybe so, but we still need to vet the guys record. We do not need anymore Rhino’s in DC. We need doer who have solid fundamental beliefs in freedom and limited government, not players who game the sheeple.

            • Tyler

              Yes. We heard Boner…er…I mean Bohner say that he would do things right this time instead of going along with the big government stuff the way he did with Bush. What is he doing? Going right along with everything Obama does.

              We can’t take these people at their word…any of them. The records do say a lot about a person…much more than their empty promises. What about all these supposed “Tea Party” guys? Where the heck are all of them? I haven’t seen a lot out of them after the people trusted them on their word alone with the exception of only a few of them.The only record stain Paul’s got that I’ve seen so far is that he’s allowed appropriations for his district, but hey…I would get some of my peoples’ money back too if I wasn’t able to change the system to stop stealing their money in the first place.

              If you think Cain’s changed his mind…take a look at the date of that link from Ben. He said that just a few months ago…not years ago. Sketchy at best.

  • Shelly99032

    I can see all the Paultards showed up here tonight. I like his fiscal policies but his foreign policy stinks on ice and just plain crazy.

    • Tyler

      Trying something new wouldn’t be a good idea? Heck…it’s not really new. It’s just something that used to work before we decided to send hundreds of thousands of troops to over 700 bases all over the world. We’re running an empire and we’re going broke. You know who else did that? Rome…and we all know what happened to them.

      • Cheryl~

        I guess this is what happens when we decide to stop governing ourselves and allow the government to TELL us how our lives and country will be run.

        • Tyler

          It is one of many things that has happened as a result of that. I’m still hopeful that Paul might actually get in this time, but even if he doesn’t…his philosophy for the sake of the young people needs to resonate louder and clearer than he alone is able to express it.

  • I donated to Ron Paul’s pac yesterday and I will vote for him given the chance. That said, the lack of time for Ron Paul really hurt him in this debate. He’s better in other formats. He did not get to answer the economic (gas prices) and immigration question for some reason. After a few more debates, and the MOMENT Ron Paul goes head to head with Cain, it’ll be smoothly over.

    Some thoughts I had were:

    Santorum could make Satan seem warm.

    Pawlenty looks like a cheesy caricature of a southern Republican.

    Gary Johnson was shaky, almost fidgety and it was annoying.

    Given that Cain seemed to have more questions, he almost dominated because he’s SO LIKEABLE. I found him likeable. This, coming from a Paultard. But, he may have won this battle but he’ll win the war. How many wars does that make it now? I’ve lost count.

    – Fat Lib, is out.

    • Tyler

      It’s sad that candidates are still being chosen on basis of whether they’re “likable.” Did we learn nothing from Bush? He sure seemed like a good ol’ boy and his opponent was not any better or worse (in both of his races)…just less “likable.”

      Johnson is actually a good choice for the same reasons why Christie and Palin would be if they stepped in…he’s got an actual record of getting things done and governing properly.

      • Well, they all came across good, except for Pawlenty and Santorum. My mother who is a Democrat but does not like Obama said she thought Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Gary Johnson were “sweet”. Santorum reminded us both of hannity – arrogant p*. He kept pointing his thumb at himself, it was disgusting.

        It seems strange to have two libertarians running. Do we really need to split that vote? And Ron Paul has also got things done – he’s voted no all the time. That’s my preferred way of getting things done. (I know, So did Gary Johnson).

        But, in my opinion the three guys in the middle had much more time than the guys on the end and that decided it.

        • Tyler

          If the masses would actually bother to educate themselves about these candidates, then we wouldn’t need to waste their time with these useless debates anyway. Yeah. I’d probably say Daniels would be my second choice out of all the ones who spoke tonight.

          Cain’s past with the Fed and even recently (earlier this year on his radio show) saying that we shouldn’t audit them…doesn’t bode well with me. The Federal Reserve is worse than Al-Quada, every jihadist on Earth, and all the tyrannical dictators on the planet combined as far as I’m concerned.

          • Pauline

            Johson was the weakest candidate. He also is an Amnesty advocate.

            • Tyler

              Weak how? You told me to Google the other candidates. You should do the same. The man has a great record for having turned his state around and even earned the nickname “Veto King.” Hardly “weak” in my view.

        • Pauline

          Santorum is intense and don’t always come across very well but I can tell you he is well liked in Pa because he listens to and fights for the people of pa. As an example, Santorum has been working to overturn the health care mandate.

          • Tyler

            So have many others with an R by their name. He’s Pennsylvania’s Senator and if the people of Pennsylvania like him…then he can stay their Senator. No reason for them to push this man on the rest of us and destroy our country with it.

      • Pauline

        Unlike obama, Bush wasn’t elected on his percieved likability.

        • Tyler

          Actually…yes he was. There were a lot of people (especially around here) who said that he was the “kind of guy I’d like to have a beer with.” He played the “good ol’ boy” card even though he never had the kind of middle-class or blue-collar kind of upbringing that the people he pandered to had.

  • Man, there’s a lot of paulistinians in here. You guys are nice principled folks that mean well but unfortunately he won’t get over 15% of the vote. If you care for your country and don’t want a repeat of 2008, please don’t do such foolish thing. If any GOP candidate gets the liberal (MSM) seal of approval, that’s the kiss of death, remember 2008 and the media candidate john Mclame, the media darling and veteran. Liberals ruin whatever they touch, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. e.g. BHO. Watch out for fake republicans crossing over in the NH primaries and nominating a strawman as the republican candidate for president.

    • Tyler

      How McCain won the primaries is beyond me. I think it’s part of the fact that the masses aren’t educating themselves. What’s more sad though is that McCain still managed to win the Senate race just this last year…not that his opponent was any kind of great leader…but certainly better than him by a long shot.

      People waking up is what’s going to save this country…regardless of who’s our next president. We could have the best president ever and it won’t matter if the masses are still willfully ignorant zombies who want to keep getting their “freebies” and insist that the politicians fight hard to keep “their piece” of the pie so-to-speak.

      People are even going to vote for Santorum because of their principles…but that won’t help us either really because he’s being voted for for all the wrong reasons if he manages to win the primaries.

      • If the socialist in the whitehouse has done did much damage in his 1st term imagine what he’ll do in the second term when he has nothing to lose. Deny, deny, lying through their teeth and calling their opponents “racists” is the DNC’s new strategy. Whatever st. obummer says is gospel, that’s the hope & change. Nothing can be done to reach the obamatrons, worshippers, & obamazombies, they’re clueless. ‘Hope’ they didn’t notice there’s only ‘change’ in their pockets. Don’t give up on the american citizenry, who saw through obumbler’s
        deceit regarding his birth certificate and the OBL fiasco. There is hope yet, the guys on stage today are second tier, VP material. The best is yet to come. GoD works in mysterious ways.

        • Tyler

          The only problem I truly see in Paul and it’s real apparent by people’s misinterpretations of his words as well as them saying things like “He sounds like that crazy old man on the porch” is that he just talks like the almost 80 year old man that he is. If he were younger and able to put more “oomph” into what he says…then I can guarantee you he would be more popular than he is…which leads to the problem that too many candidates are voted on how well they present themselves…or as we saw with Obama…how well they can act. I agree with you that “God” does work in mysterious ways and no matter what, things will happen as they are meant to.

          • Pauline

            His son seems to be more grounded than his father.

            • Tyler

              If Rand and Ron both run…then I will just watch them both duke it out and vote for whichever one is better. So far, Rand seems to have all the same beliefs and Libertarian-leaning ways of his dad…only he’s younger and able to “deliver better” as some might say.

      • Pauline

        Some people think that the globalists arranged it so that McCain would go against obama as they knew obama would beat McCain. Some people found themselves in the unhappy position of holding their nose and voting for McCain to keep obama from winning.

        • Tyler

          Can anyone really tell me that McCain isn’t basically the R version of Obama by which I also mean Bush III? That’s why so many independent voters either voted for Obama or didn’t bother to vote. McCain was just more of the same and everybody and their dog knew we couldn’t have that. It’s just a shame that BOTH candidates were all about selling America out.

  • this is to all the “idiots” who call Ron Paul supporters(or other libertarians) neo-cons.

    have you actually looked at what that word means? libertarians are far from neo-cons, and, if you need help here is you “webster” momment:

    Libertarian — A libertarian opposes most or all government activites. Does not favor much or any government support for either moral or economic systems.Neoconservative — A “neocon” is more inclined than other conservatives toward vigorous government in the service of the goals of traditional morality and pro-business policies. Tends to favor a very strong foreign policy of America as well.will one of you who seem “enlightened”(elitists in my book for speaking without thinking, just like a dumb-o-crap) please show me where and when Ron Paul(or any other “true” libertarian) actually wanted more government coercion?i swear, it is getting to the point of calling all of you out for being closet libtards. do your homework, and pay attention to what words you are using in describing someone. i personally love Ron Paul(me being from texas also), i think his age is his downfall, nothing else seems to be(personal thought).

    • Tyler

      Are you sure you sent this to the right place? I have not heard a single claim like you mention anywhere here.

      • @Tyler314:disqus this is what rich posted earlier yesturday:

        Oy, the Ron Paul fans are as bad, or worse, than the Palin fans. They come in full force all at once to tell the rest of the masses that they are all nothing but neo-cons who don’t fully comprehend the constitution. After all, only Ron Paul has the ability to do that.

        this MORON needs to get a clue, no one here has said anything like this(of course, i had to work during the debate, so i may have missed something). just saying tyler, you and i run along the same line of thinking most of the time, and i dont get why people misrepresent others all the time. plus, it was the fact of a learning lesson to those who use the word neo-con without thinking much about what that word means.

        • Tyler

          Some Paul supporters do pretty much just call the more conservative types “neo-cons” without knowing what it means. What I was asking you about was when you said that people were calling Paul supporters “neo-cons.” I wanted to know who was doing that…because that I have NOT seen.

  • Herman Cain! Herman Cain! Herman Cain!

  • So… Hermain Cain is a qualified candidate because he’s the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza?!?! Why not put an ad in craigslist for a candidate.

    • Anonymous

      No person can can justly acquire the power over their fellow man that is happily surrendered to Presidents and Congress. No person is qualified to be President because theres no such thing as angels or ubermenschen.

    • Anonymous

      Justin, who said he was qualified for that reason? Although, since Obama has never run a business of any kind, I think it’s a good thing. You see, a business tries to spend less than it takes in. I have owned my own business for 13 years. It is debt free also and perennially profitable. You have a lot of blind faith in academia huh? What has acedemia done for you except to make you a foolish imp?

      Cain is much more than the former CEO of Godfathers (which is already much, much, much, more than Obama ever accomplished). It appears to me that a qualification that is important to you, is progressivism. In other words, country killers, and fiscal fools. Good luck with that. When you grow up and realize what the real world is like, perhaps you’ll drop some of your silly ideas.

  • Sam

    Is the whole debate out there somewhere? I missed it.

    • Tyler

      Patriots Network has the full thing…as well as tons of other great videos that I think you’ll like.



  • JW

    Well, I’d like to see the other candidates before I make an informed decision.

    Anyhow, here is what I thought of all 5 candidates:

    Ron Paul = He makes good valid points which are easier said than done. Realistically, completely moving out of foreign policy is not an option. I agree that it’s time to bring our troops home, since they shouldn’t be involved in nation building. Domestically, I think he has the right of it. Less government and give the power back to the people.

    Herman Cain = It’s inspirational in seeing a candidate that is not part of the Washington/Government elite. Realistically, I don’t think he’ll get much traction. Then again anything can happen!

    Tim Pawlenty = Another puppet – sorry, but that was my first impression. A word of advice to whoever is coaching him. They should tell him to stop being so fake and to be himself.

    Rick Santorum – I think he means well – but he has too many baggages as a politician. BTW, his comment about reaffirming women at the home and how radical feminism has corrupted the family is so true. I’m a woman and me personally I think that feminism has destroyed the family.

    Gary Johnson – if you strip away his mannerism or lack of, you’ll see a candidate that is neutral in social views, made a good statement on how to handle immigration that we can all agree on and he is no different in Ron Paul’s stance when it comes to foreign policy.

    So did any of them make a great impression? Except for Herman Cain who isn’t a politician, quiet honestly, nope.