Watch Judge Jeanine’s feisty NRA-ILA Leadership Forum Speech

Fox News host Judge Jeanine gave an amazing speech today at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum and you can watch it below:

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  • YoJoe

    I love this woman !
    She is a Lebanese Catholic – That’s why she is so tough 
    (FYI – My wife is also a Lebanese Catholic)

    • She’s also a typical NY Republican – pro-abortion. I’ll pass…

      • YoJoe

        Tea Party Jew 
        Are you sure?

        • 100%.
          Worse she’s from Westchester County. Can’t get more lib than that

        • Orangeone

          Tea Party Jew Just because someone lives in a certain place doesn’t mean they practice what others do. For example, I live in a blue state but I’m a strong Constitutional Conservative.  Judge Pirro fought hard for women’s rights and I don’t mean birth control and abortion, but for protections in domestic abuse situations.

        • MarieCowsert

          Tea Party Jew I would love to see some actual proof….not where she lives..

        • I just posted a link.
          Bing search Jeanine Pirro and abortion. You’ll get a ton of links

        • MarieCowsert

          Tea Party Jew I just saw that…but will search more.

        • Conservative_Hippie


      • Amjean

        Tea Party Jew  She is entitled to her opinion and so are you.  There are many people who are not 100% against abortion if the woman exercises her right to have one.  While we wish she would chose life, we must understand it is her right to choose.  It is the law and it will not change no matter how much you want it to.  We must work on society to choose a different path.
        I thought she gave the most amazing speech regardless.
        PS – nice photo/sarc

        • Orangeone

          Amjean Tea Party Jew Amen!

  • MikeKeyser

    She is amazing

  • clubgitmo

    I was getting chills listening. These are the type of people and type of speeches we need as Constitutional Conservatives to get our point out to the people. We need to fight these radical, communist, socialists every step of the way, every day, 24/7/365. We must never back down and never stop this fight.

    • MarieCowsert

      Tea Party Jew I poked around and found nothing….

  • poorhardworker

    I would vote for her and her straight talk and logic in a heartbeat!  I think PC would be booted out the door and common sense and the Constitution would be operational again in the US of A!!

  • omgmilf, ibeesn luv


    Wow. And I could actually see the video, too.

    • Susanb958

      VIRUSX2K1 I can’t.

      • Orangeone

        Susanb958 VIRUSX2K1 Do you use FireFox?

        • Susanb958

          Orangeone Susanb958 VIRUSX2K1 I tried Google crome and firefox.

        • Susanb958

          Orangeone Susanb958 VIRUSX2K1 I right clicked it and it said I had to download JW player. I did that and still can’t get the vid. Is RS doing something new?

        • Orangeone

          Susanb958 Orangeone VIRUSX2K1 I’m not having any difficulties.

        • Orangeone
  • Susanb958

    I wonder what the problem is.

  • WordsFailMe

    This is the kind of speech I would have expected from Paul Ryan, Henna Rinse Preibus, or Marcos Rubbio, John Boehner, Eric “Little Rik” Cantnor, Twitch Romney, Noot Gingrich, Allan West –guess they were having a National Socialist Republicans botox party instead. 
    Maybe they ought to plan a testosterone party for next month.

    • MichaelGerardi

      WordsFailMe It seems that conservative women have more balls than the entire male RINO leadership!

      • lyrical

        MichaelGerardi WordsFailMe  

  • DebbyX

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • westernhunter

    Great speech.

  • BlueGood

    I LOVE this WOMAN…I just happen to own a personalized/autographed copy of her latest book…..thanx to a VERY BELOVED friend!

    GO JEANINE…..with your LADY SMARTS as you always do!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Woot, The Judge is in session!

  • KyongWalin

    Amen 🙂

  • edsmanedup

    Judge Judy is a hoot…God love her…I do…another Fighter/Warrior in this fight to the death against communist…be very afraid…
    manowar/We are warriors of the world…

  • PVG


  • misterlogic0013

    very good, leads by example, knows what she knows, part of Sarah team ..  2014  warm up ..

  • MarkWendt

    I have a crush on this woman.  Call me!

    • Orangeone

      MarkWendt She’s on Twitter!  And she personally signs her book if you send it to her with a SASE 🙂

  • njmom

    Wow what a speech! Scoop. feisty is an understatement.

  • The Sentinel

    I adore her.

    • crosshr

      The Sentinel   
      I love her.

  • Judges718

    She gave the best speech.  
    It was defiant, feisty, and righteously indignant.  She was passionate yet civil.  
    The right needs more speeches like this one if we ever hope to restore this nation to its former glory as a constitutional republic.  
    No more conciliatory, walking on egg shells, and focus group tested pablum.

    • crosshr

      Amen .

    • Victoryman

      Judges718 Amen, Judges718, AMEN.  Could you imagine Judge Jeanine debating that phony Shrillery?  She’d leave her sliced and diced on the floor like a spilled bag of potato chips.

  • doofuschmartz

    Beauty and brains…women like her and Sarah terrify the left with their brainless bimbos constantly making idiotic statements…Jeanine would kick a** as an Attorney General…whatagal!!!

  • mcgurn

    I’m awe struck! Her & Palin are a dynamic duo! Name two men with half the ba–s these two have. This, my friends is what true patriots are like. God bless ’em & keep them because we need them! She makes any & every lib look like a effin’ stooge!

  • 08hayabusa

    I love this woman.

  • MsUnderestimate

    PLEASE, President Cruz, make Judge Jeanine your DOJ! She can clean up Holder’s mess in 30 days!

    • Victoryman

      MsUnderestimate Amen, to all you say.  Cruz will not fold like the traitor, Toomey.  Knowing the judge, I have a feeling her broom would do the cleanup in one day – a clean sweep.  We love Sen. Cruz here in Texas.  What tells all that he is on the “Right” side of history, it’s no wonder the #1 traitor in the Senate, McCain and his butt-boy, Graham dislike him.

    • Orangeone

      MsUnderestimate VP w/Cruz is my dream team.  Mark Levin to kick the crap out of our DOJ and bring Justice and Rule of Law back into the department.

  • AllanRoss

    she will be 63 in june…..lookin good!!!

  • 3seven77


  • Matt2Matt

    Best speech I’ve heard in a very long time, Bravo Judge.

  • Palin and Pirro – Unstoppable! Wish we could have 100 of each!!!

    • Orangeone

      WolfieUSA Squeee, what about Palin as Press Secretary? Could you see the MSM pee their Depends??????

      • lyrical

        Orangeone WolfieUSA   think she is much more qualified than a Press Secretary, though I do get your point that she could easily handle the media, lol.

        • Orangeone

          lyrical Orangeone WolfieUSA Oh yes she is much more qualified than Press Secretary but would love to sit back and watch the MSM squirm.  She could hold that position until Senate confirmation for cabinet post :}

  • comingapart


  • badbadlibs

    She makes great points! Sum it up by saying, liberalism is a death warrant!

  • PaulLeslie

    What a great American – a patriot.  Compare her to the un-American, anti-American democrat scum like Feinstein, Clinton, Pelosi, Boxer, et. al. who preach Marx and work to undermine liberty.

  • MichaelAndrewAlaniz

    I really hope to see The Honorable Judge as Attorney General of The United States, on the Supreme Court, or in the United States Senate. What an amazing speech.

    • Orangeone

      MichaelAndrewAlaniz VP along side Ted Cruz as our POTUS, Mark Levin as Attorney General, Sarah Palin key cabinet head overseeing our natural resources.  The MSM and left wouldn’t have a clue what to do.

  • Victoryman

    The leftist, ISLAMIC TERRORIST loving, homosexual hugging, group think sheeple say, “It’s time we have a WOMAN in the White House.”  I couldn’t agree more ………we need a REALWOMAN in the White House and I am listening to her speak right now.  I can guarantee you, you’ll never hear the Judge say, “What difference does it make?”  Keep speaking out Judge, and God Bless you.

  • mickeyco

    She’d make a great Atty. General. Of course, following Holder, anyone would. But I could be enthusiastic about her.

    • Orangeone

      mickeyco Pirro as Cruz’s VP, Mark Levin as Attorney General.

  • doofuschmartz

    A New Yorker who is welcome in Texas ANY OL’ TIME…WHATAGAL!!!

  • lyrical

    WOW.  That’s all I can say about Judge Jeanine.  She is a POWERHOUSE.  Does anyone think she might run for office?  Personally I don’t care what her abortion stance is, that is a SOCIAL ISSUE that we DO NOT need to be drug into.  The Democrats use that to sidetrack the real issues of the CONSTITUTION and following the LAW.  We need to pay attention to getting our country back on track and leave the social issues for dealing with when we have a MORAL leadership.