Heritage: Allen West Speech on 21st Century Battlefield

Heritage Foundation featured Rep. Allen West to talk about the 21st century battlefield. I’ve separated it into two parts. First he gave a great speech detailing what our strategic vision in this war against Islamic extremism should be as well as his strategic view of what the 21st century battlefield looks like regarding military and economic conditions.

After the speech he answered questions from the host and I must say that was fantastic as well. I highly recommend you watch both.





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  • Andy Sharia

    So clear, so articulate, so well informed… A true leader

  • KenInMontana

    Great catch Scoop, definitely a must watch.

  • Tony

    Awesome…Allen West and Paul Ryan are now tied for my favorite politician in America ;D.

    My blog @ http://knownquantity.wordpress.com/

  • Tony

    Hey he mentioned the book (by Samuel P Huntington) I said Cain should start with for his foreign policy… Nice.

    My blog @ http://knownquantity.wordpress.com/

  • steprock

    Wow. I mean wow.

    I had almost forgotten what it’s like to listen to a true leader.

    • The Right Scoop

      Yes! And one with vision and clarity of thought. But more importantly, one who cares very deeply about this country.

      • steprock

        Absolutely. I get sooooo weary of politicians talking about what’s wrong with MY country so they can bash their political foes.

        I was raised on a military base as a kid and I was taught to have a deep love and respect for the greatest nation on the planet. We called that Patriotism. I still remember my dad pulling the car off the road, getting out and saluting because the US national anthem was being blasted out into the Panama skies.

        Army brat and proud.

  • West says he’s not going to run for the Presidency but wow, what a great Secretary of State he would make…

    • KenInMontana

      Or Secretary of Defense or even the Chairmanship of the House Armed Services Committee.

      • steprock

        Yeah, no matter which way this shakes out, I really hope he gets more authority and a bigger pulpit.

        Like a dagger to the heart, I think he’s going to be a great 2016 candidate. But we need him now!

  • Jackyl

    This guy gets better and better with every speech!

    His speaking skill is lightyears ahead of just a few months ago!

    If he keeps this up, I am going to start thinking he is the next Reagan. I would let this man lead me in a battle against satan himself!

    Man I wish he would decide not to waste his much needed talent on Congress. We need him in a higher decision making position.

    Of course, as fast as the radicals are pushing for all out mayhem, we may soon get our chance.