Wednesday OT: Joe Biden thanks Dr. Pepper

Today’s open thread is brought to you by our wondering gaffetastic Vice President:

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  • MiketheMarine

    Megmillions lotto is now at $500 million. Buy your tickets by Friday.

    • Good advice man- everyone should buy and add to my winnings. 😛

    • Sheya

      No no don’t buy it. I’m counting on ALL of the $500 million can’t afford to share. I’m in no mood of spreading the wealth. : )

  • I’m a pepper, you’re a pepper, plugs wants to be a pepper too…. What a dufus.

    • lilig

      Hey!! I’m a Pepper too! Pepsi, too, but my favorite drink is fresh squeezed lemonade!! Nothing quite like a tall, cold glass of it on a hot summer day! When we lived in AZ we had a lemon tree, and I’d juice gallons and gallons of that wonderful golden juice……mmmmmmm…

      • I’m with you on the lemonade lilig- only problem is, the lemons on my mother in law’s trees never make it- they’re too busy being turned into lemon meringue pies 😉 mmmmmm pie…. LOL! Night lilig!

        • lilig

          Oh!! My Goodness! Now you’ve hit on my favorite pie too!! OHHHHH!!! I can just taste it….MMMMMMM I just don’t know how to make good ones like my mother did…that’s why mine always went into lemonade :O)

  • PChandler

    Dr. Pepper is nasty, it tastes like cough medicine. I don’t know how anyone likes that!.

    • It’s my favorite soda =)

    • I love it! Although I drink the diet one.

      • poljunkie

        i’m more of a Mt Dew gal. (Diet of course)

        But hubby and son like the Dr.

        • I’m enough of a spaz already, and MT. Dew makes me worse 😉

          • poljunkie

            I hear you- some days, after I’ve already had coffee and then I start drinking Mt Dew, I do go a little crazy….but on a good note, the house is always clean!

            • Cindy09

              You’ve got the most important thing covered!

              I’m a Sprite kinda gal! Not diet though!!

              • poljunkie

                Hubby had to switch to 7up because the Mt Dew ( code red) wasnt allowing him to sleep.
                I drink diet Cindy so I can scarf on the CHOCOLATE!!!!

                • Cindy09

                  I concur. That’s a very good reason!!

                • mmmmm chocolate!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

              • Ooooh Cindy! You have to have sprite with a dash of strawberry juice! It is SO yummy!! 😀 I drink that all the time too!

                • Cindy09

                  I love that too!!! Ummmh! Summer is right around the corner!!!

            • hmmm. My house is a mess, maybe I ought to go for it lol! 😉

    • GJPinks

      I like it…

  • d00mie

    *double face palm*

  • David Boyes

    wouldn’t YOU like to be a PEPPER too ???????? 🙂

    • Xman97

      I think in his case it goes like this:

      “Wouldn’t you like to be a PECKER too????” 😀

      • Joe

        Prune Juice >> pooper

        My Bad

    • Cindy09

      Geesh!! Suddenly you remind me of Jose Jalapeno:

  • stevenbiot

    Old plugs – inspiring the dumbest children in America, that they too can one day become vice president. You know Mark is gonna play this clip tonight.

  • sybilll

    OK, so the media is parading the young people that are covered under their parent’s plan under Obamacare. I get that part is popular, and I agree with it. That and the pre-existing conditions part. So when Obamacare goes down, simply use the money they are getting from student loans to fund those 2 provisions. There is over $1trillion in student loans in the system.

  • Joe

    The plugs on VP Plugs must have gone too deep !

    That’s the only way I can explain it

    REALLY SCARY – A heartbeat away – Think about that!

    • Either that or he got a hold of some of Stretch’s botox.

    • NYGino

      Rather have the idiot.

  • 4Hoppes2

    As long as it is open thread, let me take the opportunity to congratulate you on your new formatting with the inclusion of the newsscoops, I like it a lot and am anxious to be able to participate after Easter.

    • agree great addition to the site.

    • Joe

      Agreed – It is a quick glance to the insanity.

      Are you OK? – Why after Easter?

      • 4Hoppes2


        • NYGino

          4Hoppes2, give up flavored coffees or something, not TRS for six weeks. You might come back with who knows what.

        • Joe

          I was scared there for a minute

          See you on April 8th!

      • NYGino

        Right Joe, it’s a quick glance down the rabbit hole with our fellow TRS travelers nearby so we don’t fall in.

    • DebbyX

      Aren’t you in essence participating right now?

      I give up eating after dinner and miss my snacks immensely. And Lays are on sale 2 for 1!

      • Joe

        Free Dr. Pepper with that?

        This is getting silly!

  • Joe


    Where is this from –

    Did we loan them $$$

    Is Broadcom going under??

    Usually where Plugs goes – trouble follows

    BTW – Did I tell you I love this website

  • 911Infidel

    LOL. Joe has way with words doesn’t he. I wonder if he ever discovered how many letters are in the word j-o-b-s. Nah. Those brain maggots of his are having a time eating away at his grey matter.

    • Joe


      Haven’t seen that in about 4 years !

  • NYGino

    All of us can laugh all we want but when they invent a time machine, Jester Joe and Tip over Hank Johnson are going to travel back to the days of Vaudeville and make a killing.

    • toongoon

      Maybe obama will invest our tax money in a failing time travel company.

      • Linky1

        Good, then we can boot his sorry arse to Venus or somewhere into the Milky Way.

        • toongoon

          As long as it is a one way trip.

      • NYGino

        You’re being very shortsighted now toongoon. Why, in three or four hundred years the investment might pay off, or at least not lose that much.

        • toongoon

          Obama can Rush to go golfing in 2112.

  • I want to add my “Like” to your scoop headlines too Scoop! And after reading many of the comments on this site for so long, I have to say- Scoopers and Scoopettes are the smartest, most caring, wittiest and in some cases most hilarious folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Thanks you guys! 😀

    • NYGino

      And you’re chopped liver?

    • toongoon

      And thank you too. TRS is like a 24/7 party, oh yeah.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Who’s turn is it to bring the beer? (or wine, or other concoction you might envision…)

        • NYGino

          Are we having a beer summit? About what?

          • Is_Sense_Common

            Do we need a topic? It’s been sunny & 80 here in Indy – A beer (or lemonade & Jeremiah Weed) with friends sounds pretty darn good for no reason at all. 🙂

            • NYGino

              I’m with ya. What shall I bring?

              • Is_Sense_Common

                Pick your poison. Just bring your awesome sense of humor peppered with wisdom.

          • toongoon

            The vice president acted stupidly….again.

  • DebbyX

    And thank you Coke and Pepsi!

  • Joe

    Back to the OPEN MIC incident

    I guess Putin got the message fron Obama

    Pravda loves Obama

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  • At least he didn’t call him SERGEANT Pepper.

    • NYGino

      Or Sargent Pepper.

      • KM

        Or “black” pepper…

    • THAT cracked me up Virus!! ROFL!!

  • Oh, Dr. Pepper is my favorite. However, plugs is not.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I wonder if Pepsico will require some royalties for their product’s name to come out of that man’s mouth? Clearly he’s besmirched it!

      (although, in truth, Dr. Pepper gives me a tummyache)

  • Well, whoever the potential VP candidate is will be a shoo-in against plugs Biden

  • Linky1

    Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure my dog if nominated as VP (although, he has issues about Mittens and how he treats dogs treatment of dogs…LOL) could outperform him in a debate.

  • aPLWBinAK

    While I will celebrate mightily the defeat of Obama in Nov., I’m going to kinda miss ‘ol Joe BiteMe….he’s a never ending guffaw provider. How does that man walk with both feet in his mouth?

    • NYGino

      Can’t wait for the book.

      • Joe

        All 10 pages?

        • NYGino

          I promise I’ll do my best to color within the lines.

    • Joe


  • Is_Sense_Common

    Do you think Barry will keep him on the ticket this election? It seems so ridiculous to do so…

    • NYGino

      That, my dear friend, is a very good question. It was a question why he chose him in the first place and I’m not sure it’s ever been answered, at least not in my mind. At first I thought, as was proposed, that Biden had all this great, insightful knowledge of foreign affairs and he would negate the slam on Obama as being internationally sophomoric. But all that had to be done was to put him on a National stage and his lack of intelligence would soon become apparent.

      Some have proposed, with a tinge of sarcasm, but I’m not sure, that he was being used as an assassination deterrent. Might be so. I’m thinking if the first scenario is correct Biden is history. If the second scenario is correct he might still be on the ticket.

    • Joe

      Are you kidding – It makes Zero look like a HERO!

      Almost wants me to wish Zero “a gezunt ahf dein kop”

  • Is_Sense_Common

    This is a great headline about Justice Scalia’s reaction to having to read the Obamneycare Bill

    • p m

      Thanks sense – a good site too.

      Seems 43 rep. senators wrote to 0bama yesterday about his missile defence open mic comments. Here’s part of what they wrote:

      Last year’s defense authorization bill, which was signed into law, limits the president’s ability to share classified missile defense data with Moscow. “We caution that any attempt to treat this provision as non-binding, as you claimed in your signing statement, could have serious repercussions,” the lawmakers said.

      Are they getting some cojones at last? Maybe.

      • I don’t know pm. Wouldn’t it show more cajones just to charge dear leader with treason? But then again, maybe I’m just living in a dream world…

        • p m

          Good dream too, he’s been ripe for the picking for so long. But someone noted elsewhere that the Senate would block a move toward treason, which they would.
          Not that that should deter anyone from doing the right thing, if only for the optics and the satisfaction of millions of citizens.

          • Exactly. Even though we know it would be blocked, it’d make my day to see someone in our government demand a hearing at least.

  • drphibes

    Biden adds comedy relief to the regime’s ticket. We face a future of bleak oppression. But through the gloom, one man can always make us laugh.

    • GretaN

      Corrupt as he is stupid.

  • NYGino

    Would his condition be covered under Obamacare?

    • Linky1

      Is terminal stupidity a pre-existing condition?

  • aZjimbo

    dumb and dumber: biden and hussein nobama.

  • Nukeman60

    I got a copy of ‘The American Community Survey’ in the mail today. What a piece of work this is.

    The Census Bureau says I am required by U.S. law to fill it out. It is a 28 page survey asking some 70 very personal questions about my family, my history, my home, my finances, my job, and every aspect of my life. This 2009 article explains all the questions in it (a must read):

    I’m appalled at what they are asking. They want to know such things as when I leave for work, how long it takes for me to get there, how much money I make and where it comes from, all details of my home layout, and on and on. They even have a section asking about whether or not I was in the armed service and what all those details are (sounds like they are trying to track down the ex-military for who knows what).

    I will not fill it out. I will take whatever penalty they throw at me and then sue. I was just curious as to whether anybody here has gotten this ‘survey’ and what the consensus is about it. I find it unconstitutional and am ready to fight to stop it.

    • p m

      My God nukeman, that is Orwellian, downright sinister. Thank you for the links. Apparently it’s been around since before 2005, per the first link.
      BTW Surprised they don’t ask about number of guns in the household. Maybe that’s coming…

      • Nukeman60

        Yes, I was surprised that was the one question they did not ask. However, they were inquiring all about military service record. I assumed they want to track and monitor all potential threats to their control and the ‘MiketheMarines’ of this world, as much as we appreciate him, are not liked so much by the new regime. They are the ones who have the training and expertise to man a citizen militia.

        As to the Survey, I will not fill it out. I’ve heard that they will pursue me with numerous phone calls, and then visits, and then threats of prosecution as I continue to refuse to cooperate. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll keep everyone posted, as I am going to fight this one all the way.

        Two things I’ve found out about this since it came out in the early 2000’s. One, they survey about 3 million people each year (250,000 random (?) people every month). And, two, there is a house bill (H.R. 931) in the works to change this survey into a voluntary participation. Time will tell on that one.

        • p m

          Fingers crossed for HR 931 then. Reading the comments to the linked articles, quite a few people have managed to avoid filling it out, so good luck!
          Would this be a good subject for a separate RS article, to get the word out?

          • Nukeman60

            I read quite a few of those too, and the ones that amazed me the most were the ones that said, ‘What’s the problem? Just fill it out’. They had to be the ones that voted for Obama in ’08.

  • Ariadnea

    Oh boy, another dumb democrat character. Is there an epidemic of Dumbness within the DNC or is Dumbness a prerequisite for a Democratic Party membership?

    • Linky1

      Think “Dumb-ocrat.”………

  • Michael73501

    And we thought Al Gore was stupid…

    Both are nominees for the “Sharpton Award”.

    • Nukeman60

      I think Biden is pushing for the Nobel Peace Prize as we all know the criteria for that prize is to do absolutely nothing and to mystify and confuse the populous in doing so.

      Past winners include:

      Barack Obama (2009)
      Al Gore (2007)
      Mohamed ElBaradei and IAEA (2005)
      Jimmy Carter (2002)
      Kofi Annan and UN (2001)
      Mikhail Gorbachev (1990)