Weekly Standard puts Marco Rubio on the hot seat to find out why his immigration position has ‘evolved’

The Weekly Standard points out the past positions of Rubio on immigration back in 2009/2010, and asks him why his policies have changed since then. Here are the first two question:

Q: Three or four years ago, when you were running for Senate, we talked about this issue, and you seemed opposed to any bill that would legalize the status of illegal immigrants. Do you agree that your thinking on this issue has changed? And if so, when and why did it shift?

RUBIO: Well, first of all, I think my position has consistently been a couple things. Number one that we’re not going to create a special pathway to citizenship that disadvantages people that are doing it the right way or that encourages people to come here illegally in the future.

And the second thing that I’ve made very clear is that we’re not going to round up 11 million people. We’re not going to grant a blanket amnesty to 11 million people. And the solution lies somewhere in between those two.

In the past I really haven’t really had a specific response to address that. And obviously I spent time learning about this issue and talking to others. If you look at what we propose now in these principles, there’s been a lot of noise made about amnesty and things like that. But the reality of it is the only thing these folks are earning is the chance to apply for a green card just like everybody else does. They’re not getting anything different than anybody else would get…

The only thing they’re going to get is the chance to apply for a green card, just like they would if they went back to their nation of birth and waited 10 years. So, we’re not creating a special visa for them.

Q: In 2009, in one interview you said that ‘nothing will make it harder to enforce the existing laws if you reward the people who broke them,’ and ‘I’ll never support an effort to grant blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who’ve entered illegally and stayed here.’ So you think that your position isn’t inconsistent with your past remarks at all?

RUBIO: No, again, the legalization that they’re getting is a temporary work permit that in no way disadvantages the people who are trying to come here permanently the right way. The people trying to come here permanently the right way are applying for a green card, and there isn’t a single person—none of these people who have illegally entered the country would get a green card before someone who is doing it legally before them would get one.

Go read the rest of the interview here. There are at least 8 more questions.

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  • badbadlibs

    Those who will not trust the Biblical ways of doing business, running the government, living life will always “evolve”. They have no steadfast, unshakeable principles to guide them….sadly, this is happening to this fine young man. I hope he can get a grip before he totally becomes just another RINO freak.

    • M_J_S

      He has always been a RINO, he’s just the slickest out there now.

      Either you support the law OR YOU DO NOT RUBIO! If any such “comprehensive immigration law” is passed, look forward to law-abiding citizens creating their own havoc, and disobeying the law. That’s a problem?!? Then we will seek our own amnesty.

      It’s only “fair”.

    • BeyondPolls

      What do you think the Bible says about immigration? Just curious.

      • sDee

        This is not immigration because the term “immigrant” means a foreigner who has entered our country legally, honestly and honors our laws.

        Foreigners who came here and remain here by lying and intentionally breaking the law are not immigrants. The term for them, throughout centuries of law, is “illegal alien”. When done en-mass, with ill intent to the host nation, they are colonists, refugees or migrants.

        So Judea-Christian teachings have many contexts for what these foreigners occupying our soil are doing: lying, coveting neighbors’ possessions and stealing.

        • HarrietHT2

          In case you’re interested, sDee, there’s an informative article over at vDare about a number of prominent evangelical organizations, such the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention), which have recently come out in favor of amnesty — much to the chagrin, and probably alarm, of their memberships. I recommend you read it if you haven’t already, and follow vDare, everyone here concerned about this issue; we need to be informed articulators of our defense of borders, as most of us here seem to be already; adding vdare to our arsenal can help keep us current.


        • BeyondPolls

          Interesting analysis. What do you think the Bible says about fair naturalization and forced diversity?

      • LadyMacKeltar

        God expects us to obey the laws of our government (Romans 13:1-7), except when they are in direct disobedience of God’s laws. Entering a country illegally means breaking the laws of such government, and therefore disobeying God. Those who violate the laws, as well as those who help them break it are in sin. As Christians, we are to demonstrate our faithfulness to God by obeying the government He has placed in authority and its laws.

        • BeyondPolls

          Good answer. What do you think the Bible says about forced diversity?

          • LadyMacKeltar

            Good morning!

            As Christians, we are followers of Jesus. Living the Christian life is to allow Christ to live His life through me. Jesus treated everyone the same (Samaritan woman, Zacchaeus – the Tax collector) and so we should regard every person without distinction, without any difference. We should aim to treat others, whether Christians or not, as Christ would treat them.

            James 2:1 “My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.”

            James 2:8 “If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right.”

            By obeying God, we would be treating everyone as our neighbors, we would not treat anyone with neglect, favoritism or contempt, on account of outward circumstances and appearances. We are not to judge, or give anyone special preferences because of their skin coloring, attire, accomplishments. We are to treat each other with equality, respect, kindness by the fact that we are all God’s children.

            • BeyondPolls

              I totally agree. Affirmative action and forced immigration diversity are unethical for these reasons. The same goes for our Communistic tax code.

            • badbadlibs

              We are not all God’s children. The best you can say is we are all God’s creation.

              John 1:12 tells us exactly who qualifies:

              But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.

              Further Jesus said this in Matthew:

              While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mat 12:46-50)

              The distinction is crucial. 🙂

              • LadyMacKeltar

                You are right, I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing out my error. 😉 God bless!

                • badbadlibs

                  You’re welcome LadyMacKeltar 🙂
                  The left always uses the phrase: “when you’ve helped the least….” as if they know what Jesus was talking about. They leave out the part
                  “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My BRETHERN, ye have done it unto me.” (Matt 25:40)
                  And in so doing twisting the meaning of Scripture to further their own evil agenda.

      • badbadlibs

        Others have already answered quite expertly. I would just add that God is fiercely protective of the lands/borders He gives His people and expected/expects those people to follow suit.
        People of the world today are having a fit over the little square footage of Israel. The Book of Numbers describes a massive amount of land that actually belongs to the Jewish people. No where in the Bible does God say to give it up to anyone.

        • BeyondPolls

          Very interesting ideas. As a side bar note, I do support the Allied Borders for Israel, the original idea drawn up by the Allied Forces, which pretty much did follow the Biblical borders. Hardly anybody talks about that any more.
          I think my main point about naturalization reform has become that I do not like the forced diversity laws we have thanks to Ted Kennedy and Sheila Jackson Lee.

  • sDee

    We are being deceived, as is typical for our politicians and media. A visa or work permit is applied for outside of the US in a foreigner’s home country. That is the foundation of immigration.

    Foreign citizens in the US without a visa/permit, or after their visa/permit has expired are, by very their existence here, law breakers. Multiple laws most likely.

    If they apply for a work permit or visa while here it would be denied and the Federal government obligated to provide them a hearing.

    So, in order to give these illegal foreigners a visa or work permit without them going home first, IS AMNESTY for the violations. Period.

    • Orangeone

      Thank you! AMNESTY for that, for illegally receiving public assistance, working for cash and failing to file tax returns and pay federal and state taxes, among a longer list of crimes for which you and I would be tossed into prison.

    • Sober_Thinking

      That was very helpful in clearing up some of my confusion. Thank you. 🙂

  • LadyMacKeltar

    Senator Rubio said the 1986 immigration reform does not have “a way to verify the people being hired are legally here”. I remember during all my job interviews being asked if I was a citizen or a legal resident, and then having to show proof of my citizenship. I always had to remind HR they couldn’t photocopy the certificate as it is unlawful to do so. Why did companies stop asking for documentation?

    • Every job I’ve had and applied for, I’ve had to “show my papers” and proof of residence.

    • sDee

      Why did companies stop asking for documentation?

      Good point. I also wonder.. how do we know that they have actually stopped?

      I will give you an example from one family we worked with. The illegal Mexican father worked as semi-skilled labor at a local state university. He complained that he and his friends did the work and the university workers sat around and did nothing. He grumbled a lot about this and he always said how lazy Americans are.

      I was curious how an illegal could be working for a government agency. I finally learned when I had the opportunity to meet his “boss”. The boss was a legal immigrant from South America who owned a small company. He hired the illegals. Who hired his company? The company that held the contract with the university – it was a state employee Union company.

      • Orangeone

        Companies are audited for compliance. We have the same loophole in MN. They are technically independent contracts and the I-9 is not applicable (for employees) This is a VERY easy fix. When independent contractors are utilized, they should be required to provide the same evidence of being legally able to work in the US. When a public entity such as a school contracts for work, they should be required to obtain the proper evidence from the contractor AND ALL of its subcontractors.

        Home owners should also be permitted to ask for work authorization evidence. The illegals love to do roofing jobs and chase storms. The home owner cannot ask for evidence that the contractor or its subs can legally work in the US. I tried the last time a storm chaser stopped by and they ran for the hills!

        Employers and homeowners also need a reporting mechanism so authorities can round them up and deport them. This will chase the illegals out of our country by drying up the income stream.

    • Orangeone

      You are correct, it is call the Form I-9. If an employer fails to obtain and review your “papers” the employer is sanctioned. The IRS is auditing the heck out of employers on this. Employers who are not obtaining proper documentation and completing the I-9 should be sanctioned. I don’t believe this is widespread at all.

    • ladyjk

      Since the democrats working on getting the Spanish vote made it unlawful for employers to harrass those illegals working here illegally. If those potential employees filled out an application and submitted a social security number the employer was stopped at this point. If that social security number was later questioned by the feds the employer was only to show the letter from the feds questioning the non-matching social security number to the employee and telling him to clear it with the social security office. The employee could just then submit to the employer another social security number which was probably also bogus. Those illegally working here also claim 14 to 15 dependents so that no income tax is withheld from their wages.

  • “But the reality of it is the only thing these folks are earning is the chance to apply for a green card just like everybody else does. They’re not getting anything different than anybody else would get… The only thing they’re going to get is the chance to apply for a green card, just like they would if they went back to their nation of birth and waited 10 years. So, we’re not creating a special visa for them.” Yet, those who do stay in their nation of birth to apply and have to take background checks, extensive health exams, show proof of sponsorship and other requirements before they even get accepted for a greencard often wait years…. yet those who are here illegally for God knows how long are not getting special treatment.

    ” A green card means you qualify for any and every, you know, federal benefit that’s available to you. A temporary status is more akin to one of these work visas that people get. It has to be renewed. You have to meet the qualifications of it each time you renew it. It does not allow you to apply—you cannot convert it or adjust it into a permanent status. And you do not qualify for any federal assistance. You’re basically a long-term visitor to the United States as opposed to a permanent resident of the United States.”

    But we do have to renew our green cards if we don’t have a way to afford the 900.00 fees to take the citizen test… as for benefits and federal assistance, seems that illegals have received so much assistance that most Americans are required to speak Spanish. A long term visitor who has received housing, education, groceries, medical care and charitable services.

    “And the idea that people could undergo background checks, pay fines, pay back taxes, and do all these other things in one day is [inaudible]. I think the bigger question is whether the security measures should happen before the legalization process happens.
    That’s kind of the recurring argument, that even before the work permit process begins, there have to be security measures in place, particularly the border….”

    Can’t find 11 million to send them back, but we can find them to begin legalization process. hmmmm. Security measures in place and the border. Yes- on this I agree Sen. Rubio, but since you were asked all of these questions first about 3 years ago, and we are still talking about the same things now, how many more millions have come streaming in? Again, I ask Senator Rubio- Why haven’t we enforced the laws already in place? Why have the Senate and Congress allowed dear leader to sue the State of Arizona for trying to do for their citizens that which is the only real job the Federal Government should be doing in protecting the US citizens against enemies foreign and domestic?

    “At the end of the day, I think your question is are we going to enforce our laws and deport people in the future when we have been unwilling to do it now, and I think the answer has to be yes or we’re going to wind up back here again in less than 10 years.”

    So enforce them right now and build the damn fence. Hire more border guards and allow them to do their jobs. Allow States to enforce the laws without being sued. Quit talking about it – it’s been talked to death for over 20 years. Enforce the laws we already have and cut off all welfare and social programs NOW.

    • LadyMacKeltar

      “Yet, those who do stay in their nation of birth to apply and have to take background checks, extensive health exams, show proof of sponsorship and other requirements before they even get accepted for a greencard often wait years…. yet those who are here illegally for God knows how long are not getting special treatment.”

      If you were a political refugee like us, then you also went through some extensive interviews where you had to convince the INS officers, you were persecuted in your country of birth, and you were not a communist infiltrating this country.

      • Well, Lady, I’m glad I never had to go through that- and I hate that you did. It makes me think though, too bad you weren’t a muslim from some islamic country, because the UN would have forced the US to take you, no questions asked- because everyone knows it’s Christians in Muslim countries who are persecuting them.
        OY VEY.

      • colliemum

        Those were the days!
        Nowadays, people demanding asylum coming from Africa simply say they haven’t got any documents or passports. How they had the money to get onto those airplanes, and how the air companies let them onto those planes undocumented – aww, that’s not important …
        (Well, that’s how they handle it here in the UK.)

    • colliemum

      “Can’t find 11 million to send them back, but we can find them to begin legalization process. hmmmm.”

      Heh. That’ll be child’s play – after all, they plan to ‘find’ and register all law abiding citizens who have guns …

      • I was thinking the same thing mum.

      • aposematic

        In my neck of the woods that would be as easy as reading the local phone book.

      • sDee

        We cannot keep up with tens thousand or at a time now. Does anyone think we can handle 12 million in one fell swoop?

        All BS – this will be immediate amnesty and citizenship.

    • Orangeone

      “Can’t find 11 million to send them back, but we can find them to begin legalization process. hmmmm. Security measures in place and the border.”

      Well we went door to door for the 2010 census. Should have required ID to participate and if it couldn’t be provided, out their arses go! Multiple issues solved at same time. But the dems didn’t want that because they wanted illegals to participate in the census so they could redistrict.

  • Evolved?

    Has this country gotten so lazy with the English language that they are going to slap ‘neo’ in front of every word and call bad policy ‘evolved’? Is that how we peddle things to the masses now?

    Let me make something crystal clear to Rubio and others like him. If you give amnesty you will have been the singular force that finally killed the GOP. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    Need evidence?

    See the election results of Hispanic voters for every GOP candidate since the election of 1984.

    Need more evidence?

    See the sad fact that has become California. Illegal immigration finished this state off and put it in the solid blue column forever.

    For all that is holy learn from the mistakes of the past and don’t even get me started on the moral relativism that undermines and sabotages the rule of law behind amnesty. this isn’t ripping the fabric of society, it is setting it on fire.


  • Because he’s competing with Chrispy Creme (NJ) to be Jeb’s GOPey running mate, that’s why!

  • I wonder if Rubio has seen this, or if he cares… http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/secret-ins-report-has-details-on-amnesty/

    • LadyMacKeltar

      They must know and have other plans for the nation.

      The report said An additional danger comes from non-Latin American agents, which include members of Islamic terrorist organizations whose Middle Eastern operatives may attempt to pass for Latin Americans to evade U.S. security measures”

      When you want to control the masses you bring outside forces to help you. Cubans help Chávez in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Angola. Our soldiers won’t shoot to kill us, but foreigners won’t give it a second thought.

    • sDee

      Great link. Here is an interview with Ed Meese saying exactly the same thing – from a Reagan amnesty insider.

      Reagan Would Not Repeat Amnesty Mistake

      Rubio and all the Republicans know this. All in Washington know this. So why, why are they proceeding down the path of a full blown deception of the American People that will destroy us – bleed us to death?

  • colliemum

    Aww, Rubio ‘has learned’ – yes indeed, he’s learned the weaselling which passes as political thought in D.C.

    Interesting how he keeps harping on about ‘details’.
    These details are the point about making a good Law. You can’t ram something through and then assume it’ll work, somehow.
    It won’t, especially when the ‘law of unintended consequences’ is so blatantly overlooked.

    I stand with Ted Cruz.

    • Orangeone

      Marco Rubio lied in order to get Tea Party support. His true colors are out now, he wants to help his fellows get amnesty!

  • ryanomaniac

    I’m tired of these guys just saying as many words as they can so as to not get bogged down in the weeds and basically was caught by his own words. Its like dude, the guy just read your position on this in the past. Just say you changed your mind and quit treating me like a fool. I know you’re used to the simpletons you can maneuver however you wish. I’m not one of them.

    I would like to thank him for clearing this up before the next presidential election.

  • blena

    ruling elites consider sovereign nations obsolete; what is important is tracking people and extracting revenue; immigration “reform” does both

  • sjmom

    Rubio will continue to “evolve” as he tries to get the nomination. Isn’t this what they all do? Marco is an opportunist, saw it when he supported Romney. Been off of my list for awhile and its disappointing because my list of possibilites keeps shrinking, just like the economy.

  • Let’s see what the House brings out. At least Rubio is being upfront about it all. I’m sure when the final wordings of any law that comes out, we’ll see what we get from that.

    • sDee

      No new law is needed. If there is a new law, it will be built upon the deception that the “problem” cannot be handled with existing laws.

      The root cause of this “problem” is that the politicians intentionally ignored the borders and the law.

      These same politicians created this problem by ignoring the law. The existing laws are sufficient. Enforcement is selective. Letting the very same corrupt politicians create new laws will not correct the root cause.

      Why do we continue to trust these criminals and lairs?

      • Orangeone

        Here’s my new punishment. 30-day warning provided to get out. If caught here illegally, you will be fingerprinted, DNA collected, deported, all assets will be sold and proceeds used by the state where the illegal is discovered to pay for deportation costs. If you are found back in the US again, you will be charged with breach of national security and prosecuted as a terrorist. All those identified as aiding and abetting the illegal will be charged as such and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Orangeone

      Cantor wants to legalize all the anchor babies. Enough said. The House will fail to uphold our Constitution and federal laws just like the dem Senate.

  • PapaLouie

    “…none of these people who have illegally entered the country would get a green card before someone who is doing it legally before them would get one.”

    Rubio is being deliberately deceptive here. What difference does it make to have a green card if you can receive the same privileges without one? It’s a distinction without a difference, and Rubio knows it. If illegals can work here and be protected from deportation, they’ll have no need for a green card. What’s “temporary” about the proposed temporary work permit, anyway? It won’t expire. Most illegal immigrants won’t even take the time or expense to get a green card if they can stay and work legally without one. Why would they?

    McCain and Rubio are trying to make us all feel guilty for forcing millions to “live in the shadows.” They make it sound like it is our fault that illegals aren’t getting enough vitamin D or something. But they came here knowing they would be living in the shadows. They chose to live in the shadows. I didn’t put them there, and I have no obligation to get them out. They can get themselves out of the shadows anytime they want by returning to their homeland. Their contrived guilt trip isn’t going to work on me.

    • sDee

      That is an accurate assessment. I know first hand from our local illegal community that this is what they anticipate. They mock us, laugh at us and spit on our flag.

      This intentional deception and the reality that no one, on any side, nor the media will call them out on it, should tell us a lot.

      Does this leave any doubt, in anyone’s mind that DC is a wholly corrupt collusion to undermine America?

      • HarrietHT2

        These two comments deserve more than a mere like, sDee and PapaLouie; I agree strongly with both of them. And I might add, that’s clever, PapaLouie, “They make it sound like it is our fault that illegals aren’t getting enough vitamin D or something.”

        Truth is, our government’s lack of enforcement and its collusion with big business has essentially sent out an invitation to all comers to cross the borders illegally in defiance of the law and against the will of the vast majority of Americans. I would say that the vitamin D shortage can be squarely pinned on the feds and their cronies.

        • HarrietHT2

          Also, I’m bookmarking this entire thread to my BEWARE RUBIO file.

    • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

      I agree, and conservatives are painted as jerks who have no compassion for these poor people who are so desperate to find a better life over here. Having been to many poor parts of Mexico, I DO greatly empathize with these people and all people who want to improve their lot in life, however we will not be in a position to help ANYONE coming to our country unless we have common sense laws that regulate the flow of immigration and protect the rights and well being of the legal citizens already here. Right now we are just a giant sponge trying to absorb a massive load of illegals and leaking money everywhere.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Amnesty would add 2 TRILLION dollars to the cost of Obamacare:

    UPHOLD THE LAW – Senators and Congressmen.



    DO IT.

    • Orangeone

      This is in addition to the $2.6 T estimated by the Heritage Foundation in other costs to American TAXPAYERS. Notice I said TAXPAYERS not just Americans? We already have 50% takers

  • Orangeone

    Well, well, more burdens for employers.

    Q: The Gang of 8 framework also endorsed a guest-worker program that requires employers to prove they first tried to hire an American before they employ a foreign guest worker. How would an employer prove that? Post a job and wait for a couple weeks?

    RUBIO: There are details that have to be worked out, and that’s what the legislative process is for. … We want a guest worker program, but not one that hurts American workers that are here now. What we can do in law and how we can create that program is something we’re going to have to talk to people that know about this to figure out the details.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Uh-oh, it appears Rubio might have already gotten into the swing of hanging out in DC and has become a “typical” politician. Early on I thought he might be a strong defender of conservative values, principles, and securing our borders against illegals flooding our country, but he might just be like the majority of the others in Congress….full of it and only interested in producing sound bites for the folks back home and hanging on to his seat.

    • Orangeone

      He lied well to get the backing of the Tea Party then sold out the US as he always intended to do

  • Self-deportation is sounding better and better every day.

  • Orangeone
  • kerthialfad

    I just finished listening to the interview with Marc Rubio about his ideas on immigration. Surprised the Cuban Adjustment Act never came up. The Senator is commendable against undocumented immigration, but his parents and wife’s parent all arrived in the US (Florida) without inspection from Cuba. Because of the Cuban Adjustment Act, a relic of the Cold War, his Cuban family was all able to get fairly instant green cards and citizenship, no questions asked.

    But here’s a question for Senator Rubio, is he willing to put the Cuban Adjustment Act on the table?

  • chatterbox365

    Rubio was either BSing us to win in 2010 or he is being corrupted by the likes of Rove. You know Rove and his crony friends are working hard to groom the next loser RINO for 2016.

    I like Rubio, but I am not liking this watered down immigration policy. Our borders must be secured first. Also, we need to deport the illegal immigrant gang bangers and low level, non-violent criminals in our jail system.

    We are going to have to watch Rubio and any GOP representative Rove favors.