Video: Weiner officially announces his resignation

Weiner officially announced today his resignation from Congress:

There are lewd heckles coming from who I believe is a Howard Stern writer so be forewarned of adult language from the heckler.

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  • Professor Why

    Yeah, it was reported that the heckler was Benji from the Howard Stern show…

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  • Mark Smith

    Oh, there were more than one Howard Stern/Late Night comic plants there. Jimmie Kimmel long ago jumped on that bandwagon.

    “Bye-bye pervert!” “Senator (sic) Weiner, the people demand to know! Were you fully erect?” LOL.

  • Too bad. Both Weiner AND Wasserman are the PERFECT face for the DemocRATs.

    I was hoping the DemocRATs were too stupid to figure out how damaging they are.

    LOL!! The hecklers are pretty funny.

    Weiner, your parents FAILED or you would NOT be in the situation you are in.


  • Professor Why

    The resignation speech was well-written and well-delivered… but I can’t really classify all of what he’s done as merely a “distraction” or a “mistake”… Using his congressional equipment to tweet *ahem* HIS equipment to women who may or may not have wanted it is akin to him going to Times Square in just a raincoat flashing the passers-by…

    (and, of course, that’s just the stuff we’ve had CONFIRMED so far…)

    • Anonymous

      But he thanked his Mom and Dad for instilling in him the values that got him thus far. Yucky!!! if I was his Dad, I would go on extended vacation, change my name, and his mother and I would become masters of disguise.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, if I was his father I would take the whole ”I thank my parents for instilling in me the values…” as an insult and an attempt to pass up the blame.

      • poljunkie

        We couldn’t believe that either! My husband was yelling at the television! Values? Really?

      • Anonymous

        And right before Father’s Day, too!

        This guy has no shame.
        And yeah, it was yucky…and creepy too.
        It begs the question: ‘Where were those values when he was taking pictures of his package and sending it out to strangers?’

      • I am certain it was his way of trying to lessen the shame he has brought to his parents-by stating that they “did not” raise him to act like this…I would be mortified if that were my kid.

    • Anonymous

      If I am daddy, I would slap his arse for let out the family secret, y save the negatives in the dark room….stupid boy weinner !!!
      Why spent 4 mins to deliver a speech for all such follies, to audience that disgusted with his behavior , just get on the podium and say “I am a FOOL, SORRY for all the fake tantrum, I resign today, and I’ll seek God’s help, to save me from being a pervert, and correction please, 7″ to 1 3/4 ” and now i say good bye to myself

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit I was wrong. I’m shocked he resigned. But I stand by my belief that not a single Democrat told him to resign to his face. I don’t care what they said in public. None of them wanted him to resign. And he didn’t resign to avoid any ethics probe. That’s stupid on it’s face.

    My guess? He got a lucrative job offer and his wife decided money is better than being the wife of a Congressman.

    • Lucrative job offer? Uh, yea. Maybe in a porno or from Lucifer.

      Damn, the low road people will go to trying to twist morality to defend this loser is profound.

      • Anonymous

        Brief, to the point, and well said.

      • Anonymous

        Loser? He’s a liberal hero. Liberals have no morals. If they did they wouldn’t be liberals.

      • KenInMontana

        Look for him to pop up on CNN or MSNBC.

        • I’ve just heard he has been signed up for the the old t. v. show ”SAVED BY THE BELL” called where are they now, playing SCREECH.

    • Anonymous

      Oh! He’ll be back! He is choice meat for CNN. Who’s knows he might be one of the host of the next SpitzerWeiner Show. Boy! They will have a lot in common…!!

  • Anonymous

    This is a great day for conservatives. This guy was a disgrace to America. I agree that none of the Dem’s wanted him to resign,none of them have a Moral Compass either. It’s a Dam good day when guy’s like this are dispatched!

  • Anonymous

    “Distraction that I have caused”
    “So I can continue to heal….”
    This guy is still living in denial and is a complete egoist. He really believes that this was just a distraction (aka: meaningless) and that he needs to heal from this distraction…ugh….

    • Anonymous

      That is the real deal, he was a distraction from issues, it wasn’t his poor decisions, lying, cheating, false accusations, and driving an illegal car. Having the name Weiner only made it worse and kept it alive. Being he is a Jew married to a muslim that works for Hiliary there is no telling what kind of power and secrets exist in that arranged marriage. His political goals were high and he had the right people supporting him. It’s now come out there is a muslim women’s group to help infiltrate, the wife is the first person I thought of. No doubt someone has given him a job already and he will still be very prominent and active in politics. It’s all he knows. He won’t go for rehab and he will be back. It seems his passion and calling would to have been a porn star. With his connections I would guess some of the other dems are pooping in their pants afraid he will talk and that is another reason they resisted pressuring him. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the closed door meetings. I am sorry to see him go, we could have gotten a lot more milage out of him for 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Just how he ignored the rants from the audience, he was able to ignore the people of his district who did not want Obamacare and who voiced their opions just as loudly. They all just keep on talking ignoring us. He is case and point.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that too, perhaps he had a tranquilizer before going to the podium, the man did not flinch once. Some of the heckles were pretty brutal.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if there was even more disgusting stuff out there that could’ve been coming out soon.
    If there had been an ethics investigation…couldn’t all of his Emails have been subpoenaed?
    It would have been interesting to see the panic over that.

    Since he got heckled, the liberal media will probably try to make him into some sort of ‘victim’ now.
    Even though the guy who did the heckling is probably a liberal.
    Some guy named Benji from the Howard Stern show…I don’t listen to Stern, so I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    Typical crap from a guy with NPD…he can’t even face the truth of what he did. LOSER.

  • I think this guy is the most detestable p. o. s. there is. Do you notice theses people play the same game when there caught out, they go in front of the camera’s and praise their parents and friends, and spouse, and how they are one hundred percent behind them. If they thought about that really, they would not do the things that totally embarrass their parents, spouse, and friends.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t ever want to see any person life put into ruins but I must say I am so happy after watching this man who was so rude to Megyn Kelley and who wanted to raise the inheritance tax to 65% My prayers were answered!

  • I am surprised that the decision was left up to him. These people are very well paid for their judgment and intelligence. Pols, always claim that they want to attract the best and brightest when giving themselves pay and benefit increases that are light years beyond the average persons frame of reference…..and yet time after time these turds float to the surface, showing the worst kind of judgment and sense of entitlement. If it is any consolation it happens here in Canada as well. The left has manipulated the greed of the populations of our countries in order to get the job with the best perks in the world and damn what is best for the country. North Americans are so overtaxed that soon we will not be able to afford T-shirts from China and these clowns keep turning up. Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Larry Flint has offered Weiner a job.

    Which is pretty funny, even though Flint is serious, it’s not meant as a joke.
    He offered Weiner 20% more than his congressional salary, with same benefits, and will pay for his relocation to California.
    I think Weiner would fit right in, in California.

    I guess Flint recognized Weiner’s writing skills in those text messages.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever called him a “pervert” is awesome. It got quiet and he got his insult out perfectly. Yes!!