WHAT? Arizona Billboard Shows Trump As Nuclear Nazi (Pics, Video)

Yep. With dollar signs designed to look like swastikas and everything. Here’s the pic:

A local TV station has the story:

The billboard art was commissioned by the billboard owner, Beatrice Moore, a longtime patron of the arts on Grand Avenue.

“Some of these issues are so important you can’t not speak out,” Moore said in an interview.

The Trump billboard went up Friday at 11th Avenue and Grand, to coincide with the start of the annual three-day Art Detour event in downtown Phoenix. Moore said it would remain up as long as Trump is president.

This isn’t the first time Fiorito and Moore put up controversial billboard art.

In 2004, Fiorito created a billboard of President George W. Bush and top government officials for her master of fine arts thesis on political propaganda at Arizona State University.

“Dear America,” the billboard said, “we lied to you for your own good. Now trust us.”

Moore and Fiorito do expect blowback from Trump supporters.

“I just hope that everyone involved in helping bring this message out is safe and that we all get through this unharmed,” Fiorito said.

Oh that’s real subtle, lady. You put up the billboard and then preemptively suggest you’re in danger for it. Sort of a self-heroing. Neat trick.

Comparing people to Nazis is pretty much your average day at the office in politics. Clinton was Hitler. Bush was Hitler. Obama was Hitler. Trump is Hilter. Even Hitler was Hitler, we think! But this billboard is pretty insane, and honestly, it doesn’t even convey any message. Unless that message is “argh, I’m so mad! Money sucks! Let’s blow it up with nuclear bombs and Trump’s hair!” But apparently that’s not what she was going for. Oh well.

As mad as Trump makes conservatives, it’s nothing compared to lunacy like this. The liberals are falling apart, you guys.

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