What happened when the Brits decided to raise taxes on their ‘evil one percent’?

Rush explains what happened when the Brits accused their ‘evil one percent’ of not paying their fair share and raised taxes on them in 2010. In short, there were less of them the following year:

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  • anneinarkansas

    Obama is the worst thing to ever, ever happen to America. We have tough times ahead….most of us have no choice but to stay where we are and live with it…not a pretty future.

    • Not true. As terrible as he is, he doesn’t hold a candle to Lincoln.

      • Nukeman60

        Ah, another brilliant thinker. Lincoln was a worse President than Obama? I think you better recharge your ObamaPhone. The batteries are getting low.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Awwwww … how proud your parents must be!

      • 12grace

        Why do you believe that Lincoln was a worse president than obama? Do you think obama is a good president? If Yes, Why? Please Elaborate.

      • williamm

        Please explain how Lincoln was worse than Obama.

      • Rshill7

        If someone held a candle to Obama, would he burst into flames or just absorb them? If they held a mirror up to him, would he see his reflection? What would happen if you threw some Holy Water on him? ‘Enquiring’ minds want to know. So do I.

      • detectivedick

        I see what you mean, Lincoln is on every penny and Obama wants every penny.

        • Good one! 🙂 (smiles)

      • In many respects I have to agree with you, but too many people aren’t formilure with the rewriting of history concerning Lincoln administration and the rampent corruption. Even Lincoln admitted to violation at least 6 articals of the United Sates Constitution. And Judges of the day wrote books explaining the corruption. But after his assination everything changed, ie history.
        However every one understands the rewriting of The history about George Washington.

        Just a note not wanting to tee everyone off, Lincoln didn’t give a damn about the slaves. The south lived within it’s means , but the orth just as today spent money like a drunken sailoar. By the way, some may not know but The Northern states had as many slaves as the South,so don’t forget that. Lincoln wanted from the South 40% increase in tariffs but When the South said no that caused Lincoln’s invasion into the
        southern states, before the first shoot was fired. Not the first shot from Ft Sumter, that was just only the excuse to start the shooting war.
        One more note of Lincoln’s words you may not have ever heard, Lincoln to the South if it would pay the 40% increase to the North the South coulsd keep it’s slaves.
        Sorry everyone but history facts are there to be found and the rewriting of history is also there to be found.
        Hating to side with the (O) on anypoint at all, but he hasn’t started a war on American soil that left thousands of Americans dead fighting one another stealing wealth from thy neighbor.
        Just a side note, Whos picture do you see on the walls in schools and buildings only Lincoln, why is that, where is Gorge Washington’s picture after all he was the father of the country. Rewrite history to fit the story seems to have worked very well for the liberals.
        Respectfully to all Americans, we are Americans but we are not the Americans before Obama came along. In case we haven’t noticed we are now a socialist government. But we can deny that too if we wish, but our history as a free people not longer exist.

        I’m so very sorry folks, not trying to, nor ever wanting to tee anyone off, but after SJ statement I thought i had something truthfull to add.
        I love all Americans, alway’s have and I alway’s will. But truth must never be turned into a lie, not for anyone.

        • WI4Walker

          There is a lot about Lincoln that has been either eliminated from “official” history or glossed over. Not really sure a comparison to Obama is even relevant – but Lincoln wasn’t the hero most would like to make him out to be.

          • as far as comparisons to Lincoln and the (O), the next few years will tell the complete story. I hope the story isn’t as bleak as it seems it will have to be.
            Somewhere soon the runway ends and theres no runway left for the plane to run an buld speed to get lift for a new tomorrow. That Plane Is The United States Of America, do we crash just beyond the runway? or do we take off to a bright new beginning? from down here i see a crash of biblical proportions, but then i’m no prophet.

          • Sure Lincoln wasn’t some kind of knight in shining armor with a heart of gold, but he truly was a hero. He was one of those significant figures who helped set into motion events that ultimately granted all of us the freedoms we all enjoy today.

            If you want to see the dark alternative to that, look no further than the Middle East or Islamist-controlled portions of Africa, like Nigeria or Somalia. Slavery is still legal there.

        • Orangeone

          Thank you for your post. I’d like to add that Lincoln abused Executive Orders as well, circumventing Congress when he didn’t get his way.

          Barky Boy intends to start another civil war in this country but is trying to disarm our side first and heighten the cracker hate, knowing his NBPP and brown shirts are well armed.

          • your on it brother

            • Orangeone

              sister 🙂  50% chance..

          • I am curious to know exactly what Lincoln circumvented Congress on.

            Either way, Lincoln wasn’t perfect, but what Lincoln fought against was the true evil of slavery, of one man forcing another against his will to work like an animal for nothing in return. That was the evil Lincoln spoke out against and sent many troops to their deaths in order to destroy.

            The Civil War wasn’t a pretty war, whether on the battlefield or in the Halls of Congress (HAHA! That was a joke. There is no “pretty” war) and sacrifices had to be made, but it’s because of good people like Lincoln that we enjoy our freedoms today, and in most cases take them for granted.

            Just a reminder: Freedom Isn’t Free.

            But if you think Obama can find an evil just as horrific to go to war against, you’re wrong. All he has is so-called “class warfare” with his Occupy Wall Street propaganda ramblings of 99% and 1% or his ramblings of “millionaires and billionaires”, and people with common sense see through his lies. Obama’s “soldiers” for a brutal war will be nothing but thugs, spoiled celebrity hypocrites, and angsty teenagers obsessing about “Like, the man, dude!”. Obama also despises the military he is supposed to command, and makes no secret about it, so it is highly likely the US military will not be Obama’s political lapdog and turn their weapons against their own countrymen.

            • Orangeone

              He used Executive Order to “free slaves”. And slavery is very much practiced today in Africa.  Do a bit of research, Morsi removed the womens’ equal clause from their “new constitution” and re-implemented slavery. Morsi is Barky Boy’s BFF.

              • I am very much aware of slavery in Egypt’s sham constitution, and Dear Leader 0bama’s coddling of Morsi. Also, I already posted in a reply to someone else that slavery is still legal in parts of Africa. That could have been the USA’s terrible alternate path, but thankfully it is not.

        • If by saying the “south lived within its means” they profited from slave labor, then you’re right. It’s very easy to make a profit when you pay your labor force not one penny, and view them as subhuman to boot, or count them as three-fifths of a person just so you can count as votes for people unable to vote while not actually acknowledging them as fellow human beings, so there’s political profit too. The North was prosperous and not in horrible debt like today, because the free market dominated, not an overbearing government. As for the South: Lack of railroads, lack of growth, lack of industry, lack of progress and profits all to support slavery; back then the South was little more than a mildly feudalistic agrarian backwater, like nobles watching their serfs toiling away for nothing in their large plots of land. No room for any entrepreneurial African-American to go off to start his own business and find success, and abolitionists were punished without mercy. There were no free, successful blacks in the South for a reason.

          As for your claim that Federal troops started fighting before the Civil War officially began with the Confederacy’s capture of Ft. Sumter, can you post me a link to a historical account as evidence?

          Anyway, I get it. We all get it. Lincoln wasn’t perfect (care to tell me who is?) and he got rotten sometimes, but don’t get assume he didn’t truly care about freeing slaves. He overstepped his bounds in regards to the Constitution, but remember, this was a war not just against slavers, it was a war against a destructive idea that views another man as some sort of inferior species all because of his skin color. You have to get tough on these slavers or else they will kill you or chain you, similar to the world’s current war (or lack of it) against Islamic terrorism.

          Lincoln may not have liked African-Americans, but at least he viewed them as people, as American citizens, not animals. Don’t just focus on his negative quotes or those bad points in his career. Remember, he spoke out against the three-fifths compromise, ratified the 13th Amendment, and in the words of Democrat-leaning George McClellan (who served as a general in the Union Army and ran against Lincoln during the Presidential Elections on grounds he would end the war with the Confederacy and allow them to keep their slaves) he would “sacrifice a million white lives in the unjust cause of Abolition”. McClellan was incorrect on one point: Abolition was a just and righteous cause, not an unjust one.

          Lincoln couldn’t eliminate the institution of slavery overnight, let alone the IDEA that whites are somehow superior to blacks, but he was one of those significant figures in American history who set into motion events that would give us the freedoms we enjoy today, because someone needed to step up; the Democrats sure wouldn’t, especially the racist VP Andrew Johnson, who took over after Lincoln’s death. Don’t forget that Johnson supported Jim Crow laws and turned a blind eye to the KKK terrorists.

          Was Lincoln perfect? Of course not. But is he an American Hero who ultimately destroyed slavery in America and helped pave the way for real freedom and tolerance? Absolutely.

          And your siding with Obama (even though you claim to hate it) is a wonderful example of why the Democrats are getting their way with the institutional “Republican” RINOs. You seem to allow the few errors of Lincoln to define his entire image, not the great accomplishments he did. They convince you that a few errors of a good person (whose history the Democrats want to manipulate) means he is truly evil. If you want a comparison of your quote “the wealth earned by thy neighbor” (similar to the USA’s current welfare system so loved by Democrats), look no further than the Democrat-run slave farms that Lincoln spoke out against, where plantation owners profited off slaves who earned NOTHING of their toil and didn’t even get the satisfaction of being treated like human beings for all their efforts.

          Considering Obama’s absurdly maniacal, ignorant, and utterly idiotic redistributionist ideas and outlook on America, to side with Obama on anything is to admit defeat. Obama and the Democrats smell your weakness, and they close in like sharks.

          As for your last points: It will take time, but America will be free again. When people starve in the streets; when the elderly are put down like dogs due to death panels because the government can no longer take care of them; when everywhere you look there are long lines for loaves of bread or toilet paper or even vital medicine; when the richest man in America is the poorest man in another country; when America is a third-world technological and cultural backwater; and when Guantanamo Bay becomes our version of a gulag, only then will even the most ignorant, pampered, left-wing Americans open their eyes to the reality of what their communist utopia truly is: Misery Incarnate.

          Look at North Korea. They’re already there.

          Better to die free and fighting, than submit to shackles and terror.

          • The Northern States Had Slaves, as many as the South. Even with it’s slaves it spent more than it could create.

            The North Just as Now spends money they don’t have.

            Just as now they want as much wealth as they kind get.

            the Big Lie is the war was about slavery, it was all about money.
            Lincoln admitted breaking 6 articles of the Constitution.

            Judeges in the north and Writers in the North Tried to warn Americans about the corruption of the Lincoln administration.

            Lincoln had all those Northerners who spoke out put in prison until after the war. Many Northerners died in those prisons.

            Lincoln told the South of they willingly paid the 40% tariffs it could keep it’s salves.

            Lincoln didn’t give one thin cent about slaves. That history came later.

            Lincoln was a Republican, Obama a Democrat.

            I never have backed obama on any matter nor do I today.
            But Obama hasn’t cause a war between American citizens and families that cost the lives of 1000’s of Americans.

            The South did not state the war nor did it want to starte a war between brothers.

            So Normal, do your on research, outside of playschool, all this history and so very much more is out there for you to find and learn if you wish to. Search old books and in old news papers wood be a good place to start. It really is fascinating to have learned so much about this so called hero of the black slave.The Amancipater, and to have learned honest ole Abe wasn’t the honest Abe we read about in the history books. Just as we see and hear today the rewriting of history is what has happened to the real war between the states, and continues to happen today. i.e. the Founders, Americas Faith/ Relegion, Taxes, The Constitution.

            The rewriting of so much of Americas history is glaringly profound and is causing uncertainty that has clouded our future.

            Many historians for the past 60 years have been warning Americans the real history of our founding and founders is being rewritten by many White and Black liberal historians.

            I love all Americans, alway’s have and alway’s will. So I tell you if you want to know truth and not spoon fed rewrites, search for yourself the truth about the war between the North and the South.

            we are no longer the same Americans we were before Obama, and his 2009 & 2010 Congress and Senate. That America is gone, we are now American Socialist and and it seems every day more and more republicans are on the happy socialist train, so we’ll all have plenty of time to learn that fact over the next two years, painfully learn.

            Fact (A): First they took your body by forcing Americans to take physical drug test 1980’s.
            Fact (B): Now they have taken your freedom and liberty to choose your course of life as a free American as givien you by the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration Of Independence. This will be completed when obamacare is fully implemented. Theres the issues for all American Families to be pondering now while facing a painfully dreadful future.

            Maybe theres where Lincoln and Obama will share like history.

            sorry for any type o’s or misspelled words but my time is done.

            peace to you and with all respect

            • Nukeman60

              But Obama hasn’t cause a war between American citizens and families that cost the lives of 1000’s of Americans.‘ – t

              Not yet, anyway. Give him time. He’s working on it. It’s real close now.

              • If the Lord tarries,
                the next two years we’ll know if they share a simular history.
                But isn’t it ironic Lincoln is socalled praised for freeing slaves, and Obama a half black half white man, will be known for reimplementing slavery on all Americans, that of course includes blacks. I wonder how many White, Black, North and South etc Americans will be imprisoned or will die because of Obamacare IF there is Forced compliance on the citizen….

                History….Go figure.

                • Nukeman60

                  The Lord never tarries. It is all done in His time.

                • amen brother

            • Durr, of course states like Missouri and Delaware and all. The fact is ALL states emancipated their slaves after the Civil War, and it was because of Lincoln’s resolve that it got done. The North also wasn’t in debt like it is now, because the free market ruled and governors back then weren’t infatuated with leftist redistributionist tripe like they are now.

              Then there you go again spewing your filth about how Lincoln supposedly started the Civil War, or how it was “all about money” and not over slavery and how Lincoln was really some sort of racist moneygrubber that befits a Democrat stereotype of any white Republican. You sound like a 9/11 “truther” and deserve a tinfoil hat. You can blabber all you want about how Lincoln didn’t care about slaves or how he abused the Constitution, but the fact is, slavery was abolished after the Civil War and the slaveholding society was demolished because of it. Lincoln couldn’t change the IDEA that whites were somehow superior to colored people, but eliminating slavery was one step toward tolerance of color, and I’m sure he knew it. It was a hard road trying to abolish slavery, but I’m sure you can agree that we’re better now because of it.

              And your quote “The south did not want to start between brothers” is just rubbish. If southerners treated African-Americans like dogs, the deluded slavers likely thought of Northerners as imperialists trying to take away their “tradition” of slavery. Give me a link to some evidence that supports Lincoln and the Union started the war instead of the Confederate secession and the capture of Fort Sumter.

              Seeing as you think yourself enlightened on Lincoln and the Civil War, give me a good source (the internet has plenty) to do some further research on, because right now all you make yourself out to be is a closet pro-Confederate.

              And seeing as you seem so defensive about the South, and slaveholding societies in general, perhaps you should take a trip to parts of Africa or the Middle East. Slavery is still legal there. Then you move back to the USA and repeat your blabber about Lincoln somehow being the aggressor and slavery being practiced in the North, or how the outcome of the Civil War wasn’t beneficial to the nation as a whole.

              Just a reminder: Freedom Isn’t Free. Obama wants to take it from Americans now, to drive a wedge between all of them and undo the work that good men like the Founding Fathers and Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. did to build up the nation. I won’t let that happen, will you?

    • tshtsh

      Unfortunately, the problem is he is not alone and thus checkmated.

    • We don’t have to live with it. Alabama is already choosing not to implement an Obamacare exchange, and Michigan passed right-to-work legislation in defiance of Emperor 0bama’s union cronies. There are always legitimate, peaceful means of resistance.

      Example: Vote with your feet. Move to southern right-to-work states or states with extremely low or nonexistent state income taxes and watch the wealth flow into it, to the envy of Democrat-controlled states.

      Barring that, join the Tea Party. Maybe you can boycott leftist-leaning products like whatever Hollywood or HBO has out. If you have kids, educate them on anything public education doesn’t cover or deliberately misleads; the internet has got you covered.

      Times are tough, but never submit to Emperor 0bama and his minions. Never.

      • anneinarkansas

        I did not mean to imply at all that I am accepting the unclad emperor. We joined the Tea Party as founding members here in April of 2009 and have been active since.
        Arkansas is a right to work state but we are retired.
        The reason we can not move is age, health, and a 4500 square foot house that we are unable to sell and now find difficulty in caring for it, paying taxes, insurance, etc..
        As to fighting the Left, we will do so all the way!!!!
        As Winston Churchill said, We will never, never, never give up.
        Monday I am having my left shoulder totally replaced and will have the right one done as soon as the doctor says OK next year….hoping to beat Obama’s Panel.
        Alabama is a great state. I did my master’s degree at Auburn in the sixties.

  • Nukeman60

    …you redistributionists – and you know who you are…‘ – Rush

    Heh, I love it. Of course, it’s insane to think that these people don’t see this and can’t understand it. Insanity is defined as doing the same, idiotic thing over and over again – and expecting a different result. The left always expects a different result. That, or they refuse to look at history, which continues to repeat itself with them, over and over and over again.

    • searcher0

      Marxists only live in the here and now, they deny the past and swear that this time their socialist philosophy, despite all evidence, will work.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree. Marxists are indeed insane.

    • Sober_Thinking

      That or they’ve tried to rewrite history so much that they forget their own lies?

      Liberals are parasites.

      • If a liar doesn’t know when he lies, something’s wrong. VERY VERY VERY WRONG.

        I bet leftists are so good at lying they can fool themselves and other idiots into thinking that 1 + 1 = 2.5

        That would be something to see.

  • Rshill7

    Guess how you get rich folks to stop voting with their feet? Don’t let them leave.

    • virginiagentleman1

      You gotta know that Obie is working on that!

  • Landscaper

    The Royals are the wealthiest family in GB right? Does the Queen pay taxes?

    • Apparently, she does:
      In 1992, The Queen volunteered to pay income tax and capital gains tax, and since 1993 her personal income has been taxable as for any other taxpayer.

      The Queen has always been subject to Value Added Tax and pays local rates on a voluntary basis.
      Source: http://www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalHousehold/Royalfinances/Taxation.aspx

      The cost of the Royals to the taxpayer in Britain:
      Taxpayer paying less to keep Royal Family

      The cost to the taxpayer of the Royal Family fell to 62p per person in the UK last year – a drop of 7p, according to Buckingham Palace accounts.

      The total cost of keeping the monarchy decreased by £3.3m (7.9%) to £38.2m during the 2009-10 financial year.

      The accounts also showed the Queen used reserve funds to boost her Civil List by £6.5m in 2009.

      This is the highest amount ever taken from the reserves, which come from surplus Civil List money in the 1990s.

      However the figures do not include the cost of security for the Royal Family.
      Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10507329

  • JungleCogs

    Liberals; they are simply ‘takers’. Like any other parasite, they never contribute but always tend to make life worse for the rest of us. In time, they will be gone. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later; I want my kids to experience a decent life.

    • virginiagentleman1

      JC, you always make cogent points when you post and I commend you!

      But that damn avatar picture makes my coffee go bitter!! UGH!

  • brendawatkins

    How is it “fair share” to have only 1% of those in a country try to pay off the debt that the countries leaders made themselves? I think “fair share” is having the POLITICIANS who made the debt, pay the debt! I’m pretty sure that would bring spending to a screeching halt!

    • crosshr

      brilliant !

    • tvlgds

      Mooshelle’s $800million in vacations alone would make a dent. Add the fuel for AFOne and all the golfing trips, campaigning, etc, and it would likely be reduced a trillion or more.

  • Sadly, NObama and his cronies have already thought of this. Their solution when people move their money or themselves will probably be: To declare that those wicked 1%ers stole the people’s money… I believe that is the exact phrase he’ll use. And so to make up the shortfall… The government will now be taxing the top 5% out of existence. 🙁 Then when that fails… etc… Until we truly will be all poor socialists living in a third world nation. That’s why we FIGHT! Because we cannot let this happen!

    • crosshr

      unfortunate truth wolfie, sad but true.

      Is that why the devil is an accuser and a liar that comes to destroy and kill ? thanks O

  • LeVeloJaune

    Yeah but guess where those rich Britains moved to: The United States.To take advantage of our abysmally low tax rates on the rich. If tax rates on the rich are raised in the United States they will have no where to go because EVERYWHERE else in the world has higher tax rates on the rich than America does.

    • Orangeone

      It won’t be long before countries cater to the rich from around the world, open their borders and charge significantly lower rates to encourage the wealth. The wealthy are leaving France faster than I can type and they ARE NOT moving to the US!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Actually that is not true, we are number 40 in the world as far as taxes, we are one of the highest taxed country in the world, here is an example on Russia,
      Russia has a uniform rate of tax on the income of individuals. As of 2012 tax in Russia is payable at the rate of 13% for an individual on most income. (non-residents 30%). Russian residents pay 9% on dividend income. (Deduction at source).
      Non-residents pay 15% on dividend income.
      Exemptions are granted to certain income earners.
      The standard rate of Russia corporate profit tax in 2012 is 20%.
      Companies pay 9% tax on dividend income. Under certain terms dividend income received by companies with holding of 50% or more is entitled to participation exemption.

  • And what liberals never really factor in is all of the LOST tax revenues when the “rich” either leave or find other ways to shelter their money. Income to the government actually goes DOWN rather than up when you raise these taxes. I guess it made too much sense that when George W. Bush reduced tax rates not only did economic times boom, but revenues to the government skyrocketed, allowing Bush to fight two wars and the war on terror while still maintaining roughly 5% unemployment. Think about how much money the government would be making if it didn’t have to fight two wars and reduced spending as well. But, hey, I guess previous experience doesn’t really matter to liberals. Just soak those “evil rich people,” right? THAT will solve all their problems. But what happens when they do that and we are STILL broke? Too bad all of us will end up paying when that happens. Elections have consequences, my friends, and you’re about to see a big one happen in a few days when we sail off that “fiscal cliff.”

    • Nukeman60

      Charles Krauthammer hit the nail on the head when he said Obama’s idea of taxing the rich had absolutely nothing to do with the ‘fiscal cliff’. His sole purpose is to break the Republican party.


      Everything Obama has done – from his early campaigning back in 2006-8 days, to his full first term, to right now – was all about him and all about his political agenda. Nothing more and nothing less. To me, that is nothing short of a crime against the people of this great nation.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Don’t you think that if people knew the fate of the Titanic, that they would begin loading up and escaping in the lifeboats BEFORE the ship hit the iceberg? Wouldn’t they do everything they could to preserve their lives?

    This is no different. Folks who have accumulated wealth obviously want to preserve it… so when these dinks in Washington try to rip away and steal what those Americans have earned, those Americans are going to do what they can to preserve themselves, their lifestyle and their wealth. Period.

    “But those people are evil for having that much wealth! It’s wrong to make money and be wealthy!” Yeah right… and so why do boneheads on food stamps continue to buy lottery tickets in the hopes of also becoming wealthy? They must be evil too.

    Obama hates America… it’s a substantiated fact. And pulling this bulshoi will make the money flee this nation to where it will be welcomed elsewhere. And Obama will be another step closer to a nation that has no hope and must cling to it’s slave master for it’s very existence – the Government. All part of the plan…

  • Danny Kelly

    Let’s keep in mind that the Brits raised taxes to 50%, so it’s not exactly the same thing.

    • California, Hawaii, and New York — so far — are facing a potential 52% tax rate right this very moment.

      Is that the ‘same thing’?

      Why yes — yes it is.

      Get informed before you jump to your feet and spout off just because you can. At least be correct — or at the very least make the effort to be so.

      • Danny Kelly

        State taxes =/= Federal taxes

        It is foolish to consider state tax rates when calculating federal tax rates.

        • So the bonafide experts are “fools” — and the ‘real’ expert is Danny Kelly.

          Got it.

          • Danny Kelly

            No, the bonafide experts are determining that increases in federal taxes will push the combined tax burden of the wealthy residents of these states up to 50-some percent. It’s a fair calculation, but it’s not a reason not to raise taxes, and it doesn’t make our situation equal with that of England, since the 50% income tax also doesn’t take into account all the other considerably higher taxes they pay.

            Besides, a lot of bonafide experts recommend allowing top tax rates to return to Clinton-era levels.

            • It is foolish to consider state tax rates when calculating federal tax rates.

              45 minutes later…

              …bonafide experts are determining that increases in federal taxes will push the combined tax burden of the wealthy residents of these states up to 50-some percent. It’s a fair calculation, but it’s not a reason not to raise taxes

              I bet you get headaches — a lot.
              Yeah you do.

              • Danny Kelly

                No. I said it’s ridiculous to consider state tax rates when determining federal rates. The experts that you have cited have done just that – their calculation is fair, in that it isn’t deceptive and it isn’t necessarily inaccurate, but it doesn’t make it any less flawed from a conceptual standpoint.

                • Okay.

                  Whatever floats your boat.

  • colliemum

    Footnote to that story:

    *) it was the socialist/left government of ‘New Labour’ under Gordon Brown who raised this tax threshold in an election year, because he knew full well that it would take time for the incoming Tories to deal with this higher taxation.
    After all, its’ always the ‘evil’ Tories who look after the rich, innit …

    Not that the POS will take a blind bit of notice of that report …

  • Susanna958

    I wonder if Rush is planning to move. He did it once.

    • I’m waiting to see the huge lines of Rich Hollyweird Liberals lining up to pay extra taxes.

      • DebbyX

        Better pull up a chair, it’s gonna be a while 😉

        • Ah… Good idea… (looks around and sees an empty chair. Makes move to go sit t here) Intercepted by burly NSA agent: “Sir, the President is sitting there” Okay, Mr. Eastwood’ I say and go sit down on the nearby grassy knoll 🙂

          • DebbyX

            I’ve always liked the “grassy knoll” theory. Tell me what you can see from there:

            • HOPE and Change… NO wait.. It’s becoming clearer.. It’s DOPE and Chains!

  • 12grace

    Yes, that’s my concern.

    Perhaps this is another reason why the TSA thugs are in place. The gov’t needs legal American citizens to pay for the illegals, their off-spring, gov’t subsidies and the salaries of the criminals in Washington. And to pay for the billions of dollars sent to the Middle East to build Mosques and pay for the weaponry that they intend on using against our ally, Israel.

  • ApplePie101

    Russian Bolsheviks made a show of denouncing aristocrats and rich capitalists, but they were really gunning for the middle class. It was the peasants who got most brutally crushed, though. Keep your passports up-to-date.