What the world owes America – by Joshua Treviño

This is both fantastic and perspective changing. Joshua Treviño, Vice President for Communications at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, posted this on twitter earlier today and I thought it was definitely worth a post. God Bless America!

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  • Thank you, and Happy Birthday, America!

  • Overall pretty good! I don’t know as I would of posted about Qaddafi since he seemed better than the current alternative and history is still unfolding there.

    • Patriot077

      I didn’t see anything about Qaddafi or Libya …

  • Arrrggghhh

    A great tribute to the soldiers that really deserve the credit:

    • badbadlibs


      America, please don’t let these brave soldiers down who gave EVERYTHING so we could be free! VOTE! Remember their sacrifice!

      ABO ABO ABO!!!

    • Great video, thank you for sharing it.

    • keyesforpres

      Man, that had me bawling like a baby.

      It’s so heartwrenching when I see the pictures of the small children they left behind and knowing we continue to allow islamic immigration. That would have been like allowing the Nazis to immigrate here during WWII. Insanity.

    • freenca

      Now you got my eyes watering, that’s a good tribute, thanks for the link.

    • kong1967

      Wow, that’s a fantastic tribute.

      It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I am around soldiers of our great forces. I feel so proud, honored, and even small. My contributributions to this great nation cannot compare to those who have the courage to fight for our freedoms with no regard to themselves. One can never feel more connection to and pride for our nation than when watching soldiers do their marches, their salutes, and displays of honor for our nation.

      I went to a funeral on Saturday. My uncle was one of the men that started the Navy Seals. He died at 78 years old. There were three soldiers there and the only time I about cried was when I watched them approach with such grace and discipline. They folded the flag and gave it to my aunt….I about lost it. They stood in salute to every vehicle that passed by as we left. I shook their hands because they bring us honor, dignity and pride.

  • badbadlibs

    Fantastic post!

  • Really good, but unfortunately, it only reinforces my hatred of Twitter. It would’ve been great, had that been a single post or paragraph. That’s why I prefer blog sites. In any event, I’m sure the hate filled, leftist pushback will be spectacular.

  • God Bless America

  • wodiej

    Amen. I wonder how many people in these countries are grateful to us. Not enough.

    The Americans by Byron MacGregor

  • carmtom13

    Scoop thanks for putting this out. People seem to forget this. There is an excellent post titled Searching for America. Link is markamerica.com

  • Army_Pilot1967

    My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all the men and women in our military services. I’m so proud of them for the way they perform exceedingly difficult missions. It’s hard to really, truly understand and appreciate what a difficult, dangerous job many of them have, unless you’ve been there. My hat is off to them…thank you so much for your service to our country. It is sincerely appreciated. You are heroes to me!

    • freenca

      And thanks to you, Army_Pilot1967!

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I was proud to be just a tiny part of our great Army for 26 years. It was an honor and a privilege, and I met some of the most wonderful, selfless people along the way. I miss the closeness I developed with so many fine soldiers. It was a great life for many years (not every day, mind you, but the overall experience was awesome for me).

        • freenca

          Without folks like YOU, “WE” would not be. Have a great day!

  • semihardrock

    The “World” owes America….US cash or “the World Currency”….thats it!

    We do not even have “Freedom” here anymore…..Who are you kidding?

  • Without America, Iran would have been taken over by Stalin in 1946. Thank you USA. Thanks president Truman.

  • Amy

    On a personal level:

    Without America, I would not have had an Uncle Richard because the Germans would have exterminated him.

    Without America, I would not have an Aunt EunCha because communism would have overtaken all of Korea.

    Without America, I would not have my brother-in-law Hector nor my neices & nephews because Japan would have ruled ruthlessly over the Phillipines.

    Without America, I would not have my brother-in-law Freddie or my nephew Isaiah because Puerto Rico would most likely be under Spain’s rule.

  • kong1967

    Ron Paul supporters and anti-war libs should read this. They do not realize that our presence and participation in the world is a must and that it’s not about colonization. We must beat back the tyrants of the world in order to protect freedom. If you add up all the changes that came about because of America and remove those changes, the world would be a much different place and would be infested by tyrants which would be disastrous for us and our survival.

  • Oz_in_Alberta1

    First: Happy Independence Day to my American cousins. May God Bless America.

    Second: It should be noted that America sat out the first Three Quarters of WWI and the first Half of WWII while Britain and it’s Commonwealth held off the Axis alone for 3 years.

    Third: America didn’t get involved in any of those wars until it had gaged that it was in America’s(or at least an American President’s) best interest.

    The world owes America nothing, get over yourselves and your arrogant entitlement attitude. Just my opinion as a Canadian.

  • aZjimbo

    With barry hussein nobama we might not have America any more.

    • DebbyX

      Great addition to the list of nightmares!

      • aZjimbo

        Every day Debby is a nightmare with this fraud in office. I hate to think what happens if he gets re-elected?

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  • banzi641