White House leak investigator appointed by Holder has donated almost $5k to Obama

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  • So he can cover up the corruption, not expose it.

  • Flat out, they need to hold the contempt vote right now, in conjunction with a vote of “no confidence” (again). Doing that, they need to follow up with the appointment of their own special investigator, answerable only to Congress, armed with subpoena power from a federal court and the Supreme Court, as well as Congressional subpoena power. Backed by the US Marshals (not the FBI; they’re compromised, and need to be cleaned out, before they can be trusted, ever again), offices need to be ransacked, houses need to be overturned, computers seized, hard drives dropped into evidence bags, cellphone records taken, texts, IMs, etc. Anyone that fails to cooperate the first time with any order should be immediately arrested and charged with not only contempt of Congress, but obstruction of justice. Until they start playing rough, they’re just going to get laughed at.

  • 911Infidel

    The fox is in the henhouse to be sure. Its the Chicago way. Holder the bagman doesn’t want the Teflon Don in the WH exposed for the corrupt dog crap of an administration it is. Otherwise, its Watergate all over again. It is a Constitutional crises all right. One that Holder and Obama caused. If Joe Arapio were on the job, I’d say “book ’em Joe.”