Who Built America?

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  • sDee

    This boils things down to the fundamentals of the great leap our Founders made. If this is the outline of what Ryan brings to this ticket, things are looking up for 2020-2028.

    Particularly encouraging is this:

    “Both political parties have failed the American people over the years, and both political parties have — time and again — prioritized political gain at the expense of principle.”

    “Big-government economics breeds crony capitalism. It’s corrupt, anything but neutral, and a barrier to broad participation in prosperity. Both political parties have been guilty of this trend. ”

    It also is a sign that Ryan may be allowed to pay more than lip service to the Tea Party movement. Worth keeping an eye on.

  • Show em how we Wisconsinites get it done Mr Ryan. Scott Walker showed Wisconsin how to get things done, now you can show the US how to get things done. Let the vile and stupid attacks from the media/democrats slide off you and show them the logic and truth behind conservatism. A couple of discussions on Fox with DWS never hurts to show the difference between the two parties. ON WISCONSIN!

  • 911Infidel

    The government sure didn’t build America. The people did. People like my ancestors who came here from Europe, who built the towns, roads, bridges, and defended their settlements and fought in every war since the French And Indian war. And where was Barry Sotero’s family at that time? Oh that’s right they lived in Kenya doing what for America? How about not a damn thing.

  • “By Rep. Paul Ryan on 8.13.12 @ 6:15AM”

    What? He posted this at 6:15AM? I hope he got an assistant to put it online. Get some sleep Ryan. I don’t understand morning people. I have such a horrible time at those… err, times of the day.