Who is ‘racist’?

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  • MiketheMarine

    One problem with this article, Mr. Sowell. In it, you mention the Jim Crowe South. The only problem is that the Jim Crowe laws were passed in the NORTH, starting with Illinois. That is Lincoln’s home state, for the uninitiated. The Emancipation Proclaimation only freed the slaves south of the Mason Dixon line. The North held on to their slave tradition for a few additional years. Jim Crowe laws did not exist in the south as slavery had already been outlawed.

    • Well said and pointed out myMarine!

      • MiketheMarine

        Being a died in the wool southerner who’s great, great, great grandfather was a navy Captain in the Confederate Navy, I knows my history. It blows my mind how people know next to nothing about the true history of America. I like Mr. Sowell and positions but he got this detail wrong. I guess his college didn’t cover American history. That ‘s why I didn’t go to no stinkin’ college. 😉

        • That must be so cool to know your ancestry. I know some of mine, but it’s boring lol. Us British Canadians don’t have much fun. My husband’s family now, that’s a little more interesting.
          But I hear ya on Mr. Sowell. I was digging into the Civil war to teach some of the teens in our homeschool group, and I was finding stuff I’d NEVER heard of. We didn’t learn a whole lot about the States in History classes back home, but what little we did was the typical stuff most schools teach about the civil war. Even when we had the class, the moms were like “Are you sure? I was never taught about that!”

          • MiketheMarine

            I have discovered that the men in my family on both sides were very stubborn, military bad asses. Go figure….
            My grand father was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force and served on Iwo Jima with the Marines in WWII. It does explain a lot. My parents love to watch that TV show, “Who do you think you are?” which is a geneology for celebrities. Interesting stuff. I could lecture weeks on the War of Northern Aggression, as we southerners know the Civil War.

          • MiketheMarine

            At the end of the Civil War, the CSS Webb rammed and sank the USS Indianapolis on the Mississippi. It was the last victory by the Confederates and my great X3 grandfather was on board that ship. Go Gramps…..

            • Go figure, stubborn military 😉 I thank GOD for stubborn military men!!
              I sure wish you had time to tell me some stories myMarine. I want to teach my son history by connecting him to the people of the times. When I teach him about WW2, I can tell him not only of his pappa’s being in the Pacific, but also stories I’ve heard from others in their duties.

              My brother in law has been researching my husband’s family tree. He’s found a couple of interesting characters. A guy by the name of Champ Ferguson is one. http://www.tennessee-scv.org/champ.html I am not sure yet how my hubby’s related, but there’s kin in there somewhere, as also Robert E. Lee which I am very excited about. I’ll have to do some more digging to find out where the link is there.

              Anyway, I love history, much more so than I ever did in school. Although I did like it in school too, but got lousy grades because my memory stinks for dates and places. It’s always neat to learn about other folks, so thanks myMarine for sharing some of yours with me! 🙂

    • marketcomp

      Ok MiketheMarine, I also read the same article that I think you read and their is no where in the article saying anything about the origins of Jim Crow. He merely references Jim Crow laws as a standard and widely practice in the South and that is true. When he says “jim Crow South” he is mereling pointing out the practice of Jim Crow laws and not the origins or creation of Jim Crow laws. Look I have read almost all of Thomas Sowells articles and books and his knowledge is so vast and extensive that I am not sure that he has even shared a third of his wisdom. So I know, without a doubt that he knows the origins of Jim Crow Laws.

  • aZjimbo

    A brilliant writer.