Will political correctness keep you from watching this show?

By now you may have heard that the famous long-running show, Doctor Who, has announced that they are making the next Doctor a female.


This just after they made the last companion a gay woman named ‘Bill’.

You know I didn’t like it when Mark Burnett and Roma Downey changed the ethnicity of Biblical characters in their NBC Bible series because their previous Bible productions were said to be ‘too white’.

And I don’t like this either.

I won’t deny that I am a little intrigued at how the show will go forward with a female doctor, but I simply hate it when TV shows like this acquiesce to the politically correct demands of the culture. After all, what is wrong with the Doctor remaining male as he always has been? Why must he become female?

This corrupt worldly culture continues to fight against God and His perfect designs. Gender doesn’t matter anymore just as heterosexuality doesn’t matter. That’s what they are telling us and Hollywood loves to trumpet this out to everyone.

Honestly I’m just getting sick of it. I’ve already had to abandon the CW show Supergirl because of their over-the-top infusion of homosxuality, estrogen and politics. Now I must decide if I want to continue watching another show that the culture is corrupting.

Here’s a poll because I want to know what you think:

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