Winning the Culture War: Why the Left Moves to Hollywood and Conservatives Move To DC

Winning the culture war is crucial to winning the political war of ideas. Mark Tapson offers some thoughts on winning the culture back.

Mark Tapson – As my friend the late, great Andrew Breitbart was fond of pointing out, politics flows downstream from culture, and the results of the last election confirm that. Conservatives lost last November in the political arena because for decades the radical left laid the groundwork for it in the cultural arena. Politics is obviously a critical battleground, but unless and until we start thinking in terms of waging a vigorous cultural campaign, we will never win another presidential election. Following is a rough beginning of some thoughts toward that end.

There is no way the radical and insubstantial Barack Obama would ever have been taken seriously as a presidential candidate, much less be elected to two terms in the White House, if the left had not successfully infiltrated the key cultural realms – education, news media, and entertainment – and spent decades indoctrinating generations to reject traditional American values, feel shame rather than pride in our country’s history, and embrace their own enslavement to a big government, post-American, cancerous ideology rebranded as progressivism. That indoctrination runs so deep in too many American hearts and minds that not even the reality of four disastrous years under Obama was enough to shock them out of their irrational addiction to his hope-and-change snake oil. Deprogramming that indoctrination and seducing subsequent generations to a renewed vision of American exceptionalism means retaking the culture or creating a parallel one.

In the wake of the presidential election loss, conservatives have agonized endlessly about our “message.” We need to get our message across better, we say; we need to change our message, we need a more effective, compelling messenger. Well, the best way to get our message across now is through stories rather than political lectures, through values rather than political talking points. Nobody likes to be preached to, not even the left, which is why leftist message flicks like Matt Damon’s “Bush lied” anti-war movie The Green Zone and anti-capitalism Brad Pitt flick Killing Them Softly bombed in theaters. But people are seduced and changed by great stories, whether the teller is a screenwriter or a politician.

I can’t say I totally agree with this article. Wallowing with pigs just makes you a pig. But he does raise some good points.

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  • 911Infidel

    I’ve been pushing this point repeatedly. Mark Tapson just put it all into words better than I did.

    • las1

      Wallowing with pigs just makes you a pig.

      That conclusion doesn’t follow from this article at all. What Mark Tapson is saying, however, is that the arena has not changed, the venue is still the same. For the conservative world view to be absorbed in the culture, its ideas and message will also have to play out in the exact same theatre where all of culture plays out. And that playing field will be Hollywood, TV, movies, the internet etc. and wherever new media appears.

      • 911Infidel

        “That conclusion doesn’t follow from this article at all” Like I said I don’t entirely agree with the article; and that is my conclusion not the author’s.

        • las1

          You are absolutely correct there Infidel. It was my conclusion about your conclusion that didn’t follow at all.

      • 911Infidel

        “That conclusion doesn’t follow from this article at all” Like I said I don’t entirely agree with the article; and that is my conclusion not the author’s.

  • Interesting. A lot of folks have been saying this for at least a decade now. We do have some major quality folks on the Conservative side, in music, some authors and some in Hollywood. We have guys like Alfonzo Raphael and Bill Whittle who are long on common sense and if spread around by all of us, could hopefully be seen by younger folks.
    I don’t want to seem defeatist, but there don’t seem to be enough people willing or knowing what talents they have to start creating new outlets for Conservative change and social/culture ideals. I hope still that we can get the pendulum swinging back, but we’re going to need a whole lot more talent, Constitutional talking folks and time, which I don’t know if we have enough time.

    • msverde1

      We surely do have them, ABC. At 48 and a former participant in the arena for some years, hope still prevails…at least for now. Well said!!

    • TexasPGRRider

      I believe ZO has been Blessed in a Special way. He has an ability to “unlock” chained minds with logic and common sense, and his delivery is amusing and direct. Todays young people can more easily relate to a peer. I`ll be the FIRST to admit, with current events such as they are, I have more than once been tempted to throw my remote thru the TV screen !!! I love how he begins his segments….

      • Exactly!

        I have often said Fox should give him his own show. Or Zo should create his own channel ala Glenn Beck or network ala Rush Limbaugh.

        • TexasPGRRider

          Fox could provide a Most Xlnt forum for this Voice of Freedom !!!!

    • ryanomaniac

      We need to be witnessing to the masses. We need to show people the Lord and how to get saved. A saved man or woman is a more wise man or woman. Ten people who are saved have more power than a hundred unsaved Obamabots. What was Jesus’ main purpose for coming to this earth? To save the unsaved. When you stand on the Rock you CANNOT lose. We’ve got to preach the Gospel. Only the Gospel saves and that’s exactly what this country needs.

      I for one need to recommit myself to exactly this. When I was strong in my Race I couldn’t be stopped and that is the way forward. Good to see ya ABC!! Since you’re a moderator maybe you could suggest a morning prayer thread? Lets get the power we need in the mornings. Iron sharpens iron. God bless.

      • TexasPGRRider

        Your concise comments speak VOLUMES !!!! Peace be with you….

      • Well said Ryan! I don’t know about Scoop putting up a morning prayer thread, but I can always add a verse or two in my comments, as can you or anyone else. Give us all a bit of a lift from the Lord 🙂 Yes, we do need to sharpen each other- and encourage, and you and others have been doing that all along. Have a Blessed Sunday brother!

    • It’s Alfonzo Rachel. don’t want to seem picky but if you are going to direct someone to him the name will have to be correct.

  • TexasPGRRider

    One of the Most impressive and important practices I enjoy, is the testimony of immigrants who have shared their stories. Their warnings about why they left their particular situations, and witnessing the same groundwork beginning to take hold in America, is something worthy of pursuit….

    • Betsey_Ross

      Oh, yes. Their stories are compelling and interesting.

    • ryanomaniac

      Can I ‘like’ this more than once??

    • Excellent Texas!! It’s always good to hear from experience!!

    • I agree but with Obama and his proclamations those are precisely the immigrants that are getting left out.

      • TexasPGRRider

        “Don`t worry about the mule, just load the wagon”. Quoted from an old friend from the “oilpatch”….

    • I wish I knew how to do real media stuff. We need someone who can interview folks who fled or immigrated from communist/socialist/dictatorships. Get them to explain a little what life was like where they came from, why they came to America and what they see now in comparison to what they fled from. Then we need to broadcast the videos on you tube and wherever else might be an outlet for people to see and learn.
      Texas I love your comment. It makes me think. Darn I wish I knew how to do stuff or at least have a way to do them!

      • TexasPGRRider

        THANKS for reminding me ABiC…As I was typing “Don`t worry about the mule”…the thought came to me: What if we could get a group of immigrants to share their experiences and views and produce a documentry or something. BY GOLLY, That just Might be something to look into !!!!

        • It’d be awesome wouldn’t it?!

          • TexasPGRRider

            Roger That….

          • TexasPGRRider

            I`m watchin` the rerun of Dr. Carson on Hannity. It`s broadcasting now. Yes, it`s XLNT !!!!

            • 😉 Give you something good to dream about when you go to sleep! 😀 Night brother!

        • One might send Rubio this scenario…

  • demographicallychallenged

    The Democrats are much better at packaging than the Republicans. Clinton”from a place called Hope”. Obama promoted as a Black man from a harsh back ground. Made his announcement to run for President from the steps of the State Capital where Lincoln announced his candidacy. The speeches are more like sermons. He has borrowed, copied anything and everything that has worked for other candidates, even Reagan’s speech in Berlin. We the People have been duped. The Media, Hollywood, the schools have supported, and promoted his/their philosophy. Look what the media did to McCain(tired old man) Was his candidacy just pay back? The attacks went undefended. I am getting angry so I will stop. We have been duped, the Nation in general and specifically the majority who elected, and reelected him.

    • Because we didn’t listen to McCarthy. Notice they used the same playbook on him that they use now?

      This crap has been in the making long before you or I were ever born.

    • las1

      demo… Democrats are better at packaging lies you mean.

      Obama had no “harsh back ground”… his background was just dysfunction with leisure.

      Libs package lies and discontent and grievance and envy wrapped in fake righteousness. All served up on a platter of scolding and guilt.


    …even with a blitz of the TRUTH on American values ,morals and history towards the LOW INFORMATION OBAMA DRONES will we ever sway their votes from DEAR LEADER PART II SANTA CLAUSE handouts … cell phones , obama care , food stamps , student loans and what ever else comes out his big red bag.”

  • c4pfan

    What about supporting things like The Bible mini-series on A&E?

    • Has that started yet?

      • 1endtimes2020

        The date is March 3rd, Laurel. History channel.

        • Thank you! I will write it down. I watch little tv so when something comes up I do want to watch I forget. I hope they don’t ruin it since History has a tendency to screw up history.

          • 1endtimes2020

            I hope so too, Laurel. It does seem to be well researched, however, and sticking to the facts as written in the Bible.

  • One thing’s for certain: the GOP corpse is *not* the avenue to reach Americans (see Bill Whittle’s video: “what it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism”). GET IN THEIR FACES: in your daily life…SPEAK UP for what is right/Right! RIDICULE the bastards back! When enough people see that there are enough of “us” willing to proudly and happily stand up for “our side,” only then will they begin to warm up to Conservatism.

    • I have to say I don’t care what they call themselves..GOP, etc so long as they do actually believe in conservatism. Notice Dr. Ben Carson espoused perfect conservatism but titled himself a political Independent.

  • c4pfan

    Don’t forget that the Iron Dog in Alaska is starting and Todd & his team member start Sunday! It’s a fun thing to follow.

  • ryanomaniac

    The Culture War is like WWII. Its over and in the past. Except this one has been lost. There is no reason to try and find a positive because any positive there was has passed years ago. If there was any way to wake people up from there slumber it will be because of a disaster of some kind. Horrible times will be this country’s only chance. Many people will have to suffer from the collapse of their own ignorance before they see they have been led like sheep to the slaughter. Lets pray that the suffering will quickly wake Americans up from the utopian dream they have lived in for too many years. God help us.

    • Well there is something to what you say. All the decadence of the Roaring 20’s, which is very much like the decadence of today replete with hippies called Bohemians, brought the Great Depression.

      Let’s hope it doesn’t bring another FDR.

    • las1

      Ryan, what you say is true enough.

      And I unfortunately believe what I just don’t want to believe… that we’ve reached a point beyond which there is any return and that tribulation and disaster is around the corner.

      Once a well is contaminated it’s undrinkable. America is like that well. The solution is to dig a new well. The old will have to be swept away and that can only happen through some sort of national calamity or disaster. Something in which not even Hollywood can survive, at least not in its present form.

      Harsh events and realities are exactly the kind of soil that the Church of Christ grows in. Do I say this with relish? Absolutely not! I say it with circumspection.

      Could I be wrong? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO! I sincerely hope there is another way, that the DNA and cells of natural law and conservatism and Christian truth lying dormant in the American people will suddenly and miraculously spring to life. American conservatism is the last cultural repository of American Christianity. That’s why the war against conservatism is so fierce. The goal is to expunge any remnant of Christianity from the political and cultural sphere.

      So the only hope I see against a cataclysmic event is the seeds of Christian conservatism springing to life… and we are seeing signs of that now. That’s America’s only hope.

      • PhillyCon

        I hope too for my children’s sake. But, I have come to the same conclusions as Ryan unfortunately.

    • PhillyCon

      Horrible times will be this country’s only chance. Many people will have to suffer from the collapse of their own ignorance before they see they have been led like sheep to the slaughter.

      The sense of entitlement is so bad, that this may be the only way. B/c reason and facts do not even matter. Reality does not matter.

      Unfortunately, we will be taken down with the ignorant masses b/c of this.

  • m0r0

    Well, I reject your wallowing with pigs summation.
    I have worked in the Hollywood industry or wallowed amongst them for years. They haven’t won me over. Working with them illustrates more clearly how deaf, dumb, blind, arrogant, and judgmental they really are.

    • 911Infidel

      I learned long ago, that if one wishes to mature, then one needs to hang out with folk who are mature. If one wishes to be a jacka$$, then one should hang out with jacka$$es. My old man had a saying that has never been proven wrong (to me):
      A man is known by the company that he keeps; not by his words, but by his deeds.

      Maybe Hollywood didn’t rub off on you. But it gives me hives. I reject it. Time for a new studio production company dedicated to God, country and the American way.
      That’s what I’m looking for…along with a parallel culture that conveys the message that the left is now the establishment and conservatives are the new rebels with a cause.

      Being a conservative is the essence of rebellion in a world of universal deceit. Conservatives are the “cool” ones. Hollywood is nothing but a big dog whistle for leftist crowd-followers; in lockstep with the neo-Marxist borg.

      • las1

        911… it’s not just Hollywood that exudes the decay and depravity of the present age. Schools, particularly universities, the work place, sports… its ubiquitous. But it is possible to be in the world and not a part of it.

        That “new studio production company”, or companies, would still be “Hollywood”… sheep among wolves. In fact it would become the “old” Hollywood in some way. The trick is to blend in,,, in the exact same way that the old Hollywood progressives (communists) blended in and took the industry over. Under the new paradigm, the ultimate winner will be the one who has the superior product which the masses (bad term… i know) will like and flock to.

        The Hollywood subversives can flail and rail all they like, but they will be stuck with declining box office revenues and ultimate insolvency. But we are a long way from that yet.

      • white531

        “Being a conservative is the essence of rebellion in a world of universal deceit.”

        I like that.

      • m0r0

        And I don’t disagree with you about Hollywood. But there are also very good people within it doing very good things. Sadly, they are not the ones in control and they are certainly not the ones the media tout. But to imply that when wallows with pigs one becomes a pig is simply not universally true. Many of us are better than that.

        • 911Infidel

          There have always been decent people in Hollywood and there still are a few left. But I’ll stay with what I said.

  • If by ‘message across’ the author means that we need to show where people are mistaken about the GOP and they actually do share the same values I agree. If the author means that we bury our message and lie about who we are I don’t agree.

    Politics is a reflection of the culture. We have dumb politicians because we have a dumb electorate. We absolutely need to take back the culture in all areas including education, media, etc. What we really need to do simultaneously though is fight back! Push back! Fight fire with fire when it will be effective and appropriate. Us e their own rules against them like they try so hard to do to us.

  • There is truth to the post. Yet, the culture war has been waging for years with very little to show for it from a Christian perspective. The problem though lies in the fact that Christians have moved to “character” or “values” and not to the heart of the issue, a transformation of the heart.

    When we moved from teaching Law and Gospel to just being a good person, we have lost. As with Conservatism, returning Christians back to understanding their responsibilities of the making of disciples, is going to be an upward climb.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Sharing one`s personal Testimonial with others wanting to hear, is More Powerful than you might think. I believe it`s a Blessing when the opportunity is afforded; let the hearts and minds fall where they may. The Truth is Constant….

      • Texas,

        I do not disagree with you at all. My only point was that for the past 20 or 30 years are more interested in making people “good” not redeemed. This is due to a variety of reasons. One, desiring to be liked and given access to the public square. Sounds vaguely familiar from a political bent.

        We do not call out false teaching or teachers. We have men like Andy Stanley not wanting pastors to be called pastors but rather CEOs. Scholars refuse to challenge liberal thought head on, but massage it so that they can at least be accepted by their more liberal peers.

        There are some Christians who excuse their lack of sharing their testimony because of a fear over the dreaded question. They would rather leave it to the “experts”. Sadly, most pastors are caught in a catch-22. They are looked on as the “expert” because they may have had the training and/or degree or gifted just right. However, their expertise vanish to mere mortal opinion when they happen to cross the wrong path or person.

        Does this mean that we are through? Hardly! God is still on His throne. He brought down the Babylon king who was the most powerful man in the known world at the time to eating like an animal. Surely, we are no roadblock to His fulfilling what He desires to do. However, if His people only adhere to the need and not accomplish it, He may start looking elsewhere for those willing to be blessed by their obedience.

        • TexasPGRRider

          Don`t get hung up in dogma or what others do or think. Jesus warned his disciples of many things, among them the facts: “they have ears but will not hear, and eyes but will not see”. Keep your Faith Strong !!! I try to remember among other things it`s THY Will be done, Not My will be done. Also, “The book of life is written”. Jesus Christ suffered Death on the cross for the Salvation of the Sins of mankind in this life. If you believe it, and accept Jesus into your heart as your Personal Savior, His Sacred Heart becomes the pathway as well as the guide to share in His Eternal Glory, at the right hand of Our Heavenly Father, for All Time. The perils, setbacks, and challenges we face in this life will only serve to make us stronger, not unlike tempered steel. Peace be with you, and Happy Easter !!!!

  • white531

    Scoop, I don’t think he was thinking of wallowing with pigs. I believe what he is saying, is that what they are doing is working, and what we are doing, is not.

    Conservatives tend to think in terms of Politics. What is best for the nation. How to preserve what we have, because what we have, or at least used to have, is worth saving.

    Liberals don’t think like that. They have an agenda of change. Progressive. Look up the definition. Discarding old ideas that don’t work. Looking for new solutions to old problems. Moving forward. Progressing.

    Here is the stark difference between Conservatives and Liberals, as best I can state it.

    Conservatives believe in everything The Founders ever wrote, most importantly, The Constitution. The Boy Scout Handbook of Freedom. Considering they did all this over two hundred years ago, you have to admit they did a pretty good job. In spite of what some would tell you, this is still a free country. In large part, because of their wisdom.

    Progressives, which is what Communists/Socialists like to call themselves nowadays, believe the future of our nation and the world, is somehow impaired by this historical instrument. They consider it outdated, and no longer applicable to the way humans live, in these modern times.

    This is what Mark Tapson touched upon. The Progressive Indoctrination of America. It is something dear to my heart, because I am doing research on it right now. The Progressive Indoctrination of America, is the root cause of everything wrong, with not only our government, but our Society as a whole.

    Because all of the problems we are facing right now, can be traced to this one ugly thing.

    The Progressive Indoctrination of America. It has almost destroyed this country. Obama is the embodiment of this destruction. He was put in office to finish the job.

    It began a very long time ago. It began when most weren’t even thinking of such things. It began in the mid-to-late 19th century, the 1840‘s, to be exact, with the intellectual development of Marxism, pioneered by two German philosophers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. All of the other, “isms,” that we currently refer to in political discussion, owe at least a part of their genesis to this ideology, except perhaps Fascism.

    According to Marxist analysis, class conflict within capitalism arises due to intensifying contradictions between highly productive mechanized and socialized production performed by the proletariat, and private ownership and private appropriation of the surplus product in the form of surplus value (profit) by a small minority of private owners called the bourgeoisie. As the contradiction becomes apparent to the proletariat, social unrest between the two antagonistic classes intensifies, culminating in a social revolution. The eventual long-term outcome of this revolution would be the establishment of socialism – a socioeconomic system based on cooperative ownership of the means of production, distribution based on one’s contribution, and production organized directly for use. Karl Marx hypothesized that, as the productive forces and technology continued to advance, socialism would eventually give way to a communist stage of social development. Communism would be a classless, stateless, moneyless society based on common ownership and the principle of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. – from Wikipedia

    Sorry for the heavy words, but I believe all of you are up to the task of reading such things. At least I hope so. Because it is absolutely crucial to our survival as a nation, that you read such things.

    The movement from the Freedom our Founders envisioned, to the Socialism we are enjoying right now as I write this, is a timeline that any one of you can research on your own. I always tell people this. Don’t trust anything I say. Check it out for yourselves. Do your own research.

    One other thing, and this is just for AmericanborninCanada. This is just a taste of what I am working on.

    • Awesomely said whitefriend. It’s funny that you added that last bit to let me know, because as I was reading, I thought- gee, I wonder if white will let me post this on the CFP blog?!
      I can NOT wait to see the finished product. You are doing an excellent job if this comment is an example. Thank you so much.

      Might I add something for everyone else who happens to read the comments here on this thread. So many of us have good ideas, or at least touch on some good ideas or what we’d like to see.
      I’ve been observing things since November, right after the election. Not just here on Scoop but other web places as well- and I see the same things. People are wanting change- back to what the nation was built on- Godly beliefs and morals, and the Constitution. We are all sick of what the past few decades have brought.
      What I am about to say, I hope doesn’t offend anyone- because that’s the furthest thing from what I intend. But I have to say it.
      I see folks “wishing” or “dreaming”, believe me, I’ve done the same.. I wish so and so would run for office, or I wish someone would come out with a plan for this… that.. or whatever.
      This brings me to not just CFP, which most folks probably know about already from me spamming it, but also to what I commented above- that we need people to realize what strengths, talents and skills they have and do something. Start something. If we keep waiting for others to do something, we’ll continue to see the greatest nation in the world collapse and become another failed experiment on the ash heap of history.
      Yes, there are others out there who have the outlets, the money, the backers to be out front and center- whether it’s Rush or Levin, Sarah or Michelle Malkin, Zo or Bill. They have ways already to get messages out. I know they didn’t all start off with what they have now. They started once upon a time as “nobodies” or just regular folks- like us. They knew though what their talents, their drive, their desires and their dreams were and went after them.
      When I started CFP- I didn’t have, nor do I still have a clue of what I’m doing, but I have a passion to write, to educate. I needed and need to use the passions that the Lord gave me and use them to try and help this beautiful country that I have come to love so much. I haven’t done much, and I don’t know that it will grow much, but I’ll leave that to trusting God, whether He wants it or not. But I had to get out of my comfort zone and do this,and believe me, I’m not comfortable trying to organize and rally people to do things. I’m not a leader, don’t feel like a leader and don’t want to be one either- but I’ve found myself having to be. I feel like a failure more days than not, but I can’t just sit and complain anymore.
      I hope folks here will think about maybe what lights their inner fire. What talents, what dreams, what God has given you all a passion for. Then do something. Think of anything and do it. Pray about it and seek direction. Then inspire others you know to do the same.
      We’re not all going to do big things or attract huge followings, but we never know though until we try.
      Think about it. 🙂
      I Love my family here!

      • las1

        Excellently said there ABiC. No up-puffery, no condescension. A woman of God doing her part. It’s the “ideas” aspect that will educate people and a forum like this or the CFP provide that as well.

        • Thank you las1. 🙂 We all have ideas and need to keep talking about them, to form them into plans and do them. YAY! Have a Blessed day brother!

    • TexasPGRRider

      CUDDOS white!!! After the turn of the century, Wilson, as President, is credited with getting the Progressive agenda really rolling with the help of Bernaize. Hitler`s Goebbels, during WW2, thanked his propaganda achievements to the American, Bernaize. (Not sure of my name spelling, I think Bernaize was also kin to Marx). Keep up the pursuit of the history, we ALL Need to Know the TRUTH !!!!

    • las1

      Oh man Whitey… I was just about to run off and do some stuff, then now I come across your wall of text… oh well, a few more minutes of sitting at Scoop can’t hurt…


      There.. read it.
      this is just for AmericanborninCanada
      Sorry there Whitey… I snuck a peak at it as well.

      Well summed up. One slight change:
      distribution based on one’s contribution That would be redistribution based on one’s need. Distribution in the Soviet system was based on five year plans and monthly quotas. Because the supply system was in a constant state of collapse, quotas could not be fulfilled and the production numbers were falsified and inferior products resulted. The standard rule in the Soviet Union was to try to “not buy” products made at the end of the month because they would be missing parts.

      • white531

        Thank God, for Scoop. Stop just for a moment, and think of what Scoop really is.

        Scoop is not my idea, or your idea, or even Scoop’s idea. It is everyone’s idea, presented here each evening, in a nice, neat little package. You are free to contribute, or abstain. It is your choice. I hope you decide to contribute. Because everyone contributing, is what makes Scoop what it is.

        Regardless of what you choose to do, the world moves on. With you, or without you.
        We don’t really know the outcome, but I think at this point, it is still changeable.

        What do I mean by, “changeable.” Well, what I mean, is that the outcome of all this, is not yet written in history. We can change it. Conservatives in this country outnumber Progressives, by a wide margin. We believe in Freedom. We believe in limited government. We believe in a strong defense. We believe in controlling our borders. We believe in a lot of things, but we don’t fight for them, the way Progressives fight for the things they believe in.

        If we don’t fight for what we believe in, then they will win. It is as simple as that.

        There is not a single thing, that Progressives are trying to force upon the American people, that makes sense to any one of us. I believe it is time to make that truth known. They are the minority. We are the majority. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

        I would like to begin here this evening, a new movement. Let’s give it a fancy name. Let’s see. How about, “The Conservative Cause to Save America.”

        You know, The Tea Party started in about the same way. It started I feel, because most Conservative Americans just reached their limit, with all the bullsh**t.

        They got tired of people making a mockery of Freedom. Of what The Founders did for us. What they tried to protect us from, long after they were dead. This is not something that is taught in our schools to our children, but these people were remarkable human beings. They came at just the right time in our History, and they did what they were supposed to do, and we will probably never again see anyone in the future of this nation, even close them, or their wisdom.

        Sometimes, I get sick of all the Americans who were born here. Because compared to the legal immigrants who went through hell to get here, they fail the test, of what it means to be an American.

        It’s easy to be an American, if you were born here. Much more difficult, if you were not. Some of the greatest Americans among us, are the children of legal immigrants.

        Like Michelle Malkin. It is no secret, that I love the girl. Mia Love. How can you not love, Mia Love?

        What I am trying to tell you here this evening, is that I have given up on the America that is in front of me, because I think it stinks. But I think we can still change it back to what it used to be.

        I want to start a new movement, to take back America. Call it anything you like. Conservatives For America, or anything like that. Let’s begin to take back our country.

        It took them a long time, to do what they did to this nation. It may take a long time to reverse the process. But like I always say, it’s worth a shot.

        I believe we can use Scoop, as a tool for doing that. I believe AmericanborninCanada, will use her site, as well.

        This country is worth saving, for future generations of our children. We have to prevent the outright theft of our history, and the legacy that our Founders left us, by the criminals we call, “Progressives.”

        • las1

          the outright theft of our history, and the legacy that our Founders left us, by the criminals we call, “Progressives.”

          Ain’t that the truth.

  • shield1

    Two Words: Frankfurt School.
    This indoctrination had been in the making since the early part of the 20th century. The only question remains is… is this cancer terminal or treatable? One thing is for sure, we’ll have to take off the kid gloves.

  • These radical leftist anti-Semitic, anti-American propagandists, projectionists in the US Media complex industry are the Leni Riefenstahl’s and Joseph Goebbel’s of today.

    They are so indoctrinated, they have become the very embodiment of the 2 I just mentioned, that they have made it their mission in life to rewrite history in their corrupt distorted mind, to dissuade, blurr, pollute, and poison the truth.

    Just like the MSMedia’s attempt to absurdly paint Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as water drinking racists, is truly out of the script pages of the Twilight Zone. And yet, this is exactly what is happening now in reality.

    Of course such people never see themselves as such, for what they are, and what they say and do, that is bad and wrong, ie; promoting, promulgating, furthering and advancing an evil that will engulf and destroy everything that is good in this world.

    That is why we the people must never stop trying to confront them and defeat them, for nothing less than our US Constitutional Republic, Freedom, and Liberty is at stake.

  • las1


  • Pyrran

    I still don’t take Obama seriously. It’s the people pulling his strings I take seriously.

  • ApplePie101

    I had to read this one because it was news to me that conservatives move to DC.

  • clockwindingdown

    I’m not so sure that it is about the message as much as it is the persona created of the person that is POTUS. The left works really hard to make their person likable as a person, someone that younger folks would like to hangout with. The left also works really hard to demonize the person on the right, “make him out of touch”, anti this and that, someone younger people wouldn’t want to hangout with, a villain.

    The right has been about responsibility while the left is about no accountability. People want to be with the fun crowd, not the hard work lets get it done crowd. I’m beginning to think people would rather fail having fun, they sure vote that way.

    Look at Clinton, major bad guy, no morals, broke our laws, set up many things “O” is doing, people love him, they want to party with him. How many would trust him with their own wallet or wife/girl friend? Obama, has been made out to be a pot smoking party guy that likes to play basketball, and wants to give stuff to you, mean while he is robbing people of their future, their wealth, their retirements, and their healthcare.

    The right really needs to get a person that is likable, someone young, someone people want to hang out with, that laughs and enjoys themselves, or at least create that image… Running someone that is good at business, a leader, has ethics, is also needed but that persons image must be of a fun loving individual!

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Winning the culture war is crucial to winning the political war of ideas”.
    With any luck, many of you watched ‘Killing Lincoln’ on the National Geographic Channel. It was quite good, objective and contained NO Political ‘Spin’ what so ever.
    Quite coincidentally (and I’m sure it was no coincidence at all), on the History 2 channel, occupying the same time slot, there was a program titled ‘Stories On The Road To Freedom’, which opened with a speech by Barack Obama and then went on to document every indignantly, oppression and crime foisted upon the Black race by the ‘racist’ Whites, in the history of America. A blatant ‘hit piece’ skilfully written to keep ‘Black victim hood’ alive and well in America.