Wisconsin: 4th-grade teacher allowed students to take part in political protest

On a tour of the Wisconsin State Capitol building, a teacher led his 4th graders into the circle of a political protest that was happening in the Capitol Rotunda and encouraged them to sing along with the protesters. And if it weren’t for the local Fox News station in Milwaukee, the school would have never been held accountable.

This is the in-depth report by WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee, WI:

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  • Darren Anderson

    This is sickening! Let’s think about it for a minute…. We have our teachers who are part of the union taking our children to a political protest that benefits them. Can anyone say indoctrination.

    This is just a small example of why there should be NO UNION for any public worker! They are suppose to be there to serve the American citizen instead of trying to figure out a way for the American citizen to serve them.

    • Anonymous

      And you paid for every step along the way, from the teachers salary, to the union dues. All ever increasingly paid for by you (and me).

  • Joe

    The teacher should be sanctioned

    I hope tghe parents see this

    • The teacher should be ̶s̶a̶n̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶e̶d̶ FIRED, and it takes a lot for me to say that. Civics teacher? “Duh, it was a protest?” give everyone a break.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll second that. He’s not paid to brainwash children.

  • Anonymous

    This is why home schooling is becoming more & more popular . Teachers union should be busted and the Government should stay out of our schools . The Dept of education should be abolished .

    • Anonymous

      That’s the way to break these teacher’s unions. We should push more home schooling and point at the teacher attempting to brainwash children as his “TEACHABLE” moment.

  • Anonymous

    Very good reporting. That’s journalism.

    Every person involved ought to be fired.

    I’m glad we home school our children.

    I can’t believe parents put their children in public school.

    • I have homeschooled my son since kindergarten. He’s in 3rd grade now, and he’ll NEVER step foot in a public school. I went to public school and I know how awful it is. I agree with you that it is a form of child abuse. If anyone is a parent they need to yank their child(ren) out now. Sacrifice the expensive clothing, video games, eating out, and any other material things to get them OUT of these “dumbing-down facilities”! It’s hard work, but it’s my responsibility to protect him from this type of behavior.
      And one last thing… if this so-called teacher didn’t know that a political protest was taking place (bull!), then they are apparently brain-dead and/or flat-out stupid and should be fired anyway for their ignorance. So either he knowingly put them in the middle of a protest or he was too dumb to know what was going on… either way, he shouldn’t be a teacher.
      (P.S.- That one tall protestor with the blue shirt and gray hair trying to get the kids to clap along was VERY creepy. Even the kids looked uncomfortable near him. Awkward to watch.)

  • Anonymous

    Even the kids knew something was wrong. I hope the parents of those kids make the lives of Dr. Charles Poches and forth grade teacher Mike Hemming, both of Portage, Wisconsin, miserable. Maybe a few evening calls to their homes would help them to understand the error of their ways.

  • Hmmm, as far as the School District is concerned their embarrassment really revolves around being caught promoting the practice of turning 4th graders into protesters.

    I’m not surprised at all, standard lib tactics.

    Kudos to Fox 6 for bringing the story to light.

  • Anonymous

    I think this teacher should be knighted…with a nightstick…and a pink slip.

  • Anonymous

    What’s next the OWS protest?

  • ..and the indoctrination continues.

    • Anonymous

      You got that right!

  • Dan


  • Anonymous
  • Dan

    thank you Scoop for getting rid of the merchandiser pimp….that was fast lol

  • Anonymous

    I would sue the teacher and the school. Enough of this massive BS!

    • Dan

      i say close down the school and make the parent responsible for what the children are taught…other wise the indoctrination will continue and and the Soviet Style Brain Washing will destroy the children and our future…we have no choice we have already lost one if not two generations of our children we may not have a second chance….

      • Amen!

        Brick and mortar schools are bad:

        1. Truly enthusiastic environmentalists abhor the diesel fuel wasted to bus school children to and fro to the eighteenth century school house; they also hate that electricity is wasted to cool and light the school buildings.

        2. After over a hundred years of hiring teachers the schools are just as incompetent as the Catholic Church when it comes to screening pedophiles.

        3. Your children are corralled in a kill zone. School districts still have not figured out how to protect your children from mass murderers.

        4. School districts have still not figured out how to protect your children from bullies, drug dealers or sexual contact by other students or STDs.

        5. Public schools indoctrinate your children think the correct progressive way. I’ve never heard of schools being accused of conservative/constitutional brainwashing/conditioning.

        6. Public schools are rife with unions eager to teach the solidarity way of the workers united and hating the bad billionaires to their students. Class warfare indoctrination can be served up to the children multiple times a day. Welcome to the re-education camps of the U.S.S.A.

        7. There is an alternative — at least in Arizona. K12.com will provide an alternative online education to your students. And it’s as free as the public school system. The students computer and internet connection is provided at no additional cost. The fees are paid for by the same property taxes that the brick and mortar schools are funded with.

        AND, the teachers are all non-union.

        • Dan

          this is some good stuff here…we home schooled our two till 7th grade by that time we made them aware of what they we in for ….the school system hated the two of them because they asked questions others didn’t even know to ask lol…but these people who trust the Soviet School System are betraying the trust God put in the parents the care and teach there children and now we all suffer for it…..thanks for the post

    • Why? As long as people continue to participate in government-run education these kinds of things will happen. Every time a parent drops his kid off at the public school he is giving the government access to his kid’s mind, emotions, political bents, and ultimately his kid’s future.

  • Anonymous

    If there are any true dads out there, please tell me why this teacher has not been punched in the nose yet? Any dads with balls? crickets………

  • love the last part where the anchor says, “the teacher wasn’t aware this was a political protest? I woldn’t want him teaching a civics class…”
    no kidding.
    I’d love to take my son to a tea party event as part of our homeschool, but that would be MY CHOICE. This is NOT right.

  • Dan

    in case anyone is interested here is a link to Sara Palins speech last night…hey Scoop maybe you could see if you an get a hold of it…..


    this is just a short segment of it…

  • When I pulled my kids out of public school many years ago, my daughter’s teacher (a very devoted teacher) made the comment to me that the children learned more than just book work when in school and it would be a mistake to take that away from them. I told her she was correct and it was those things, the things I wasn’t told about that she was learning from the school that I was most concerned about.

    I never looked back. We homeschooled all of them for the rest of their education until college. It was a hard road, but we are all very close and I am grateful for the choice I had in their education. Not everyone can homeschool-not everyone can send their children to private schools-my advice would be to stay focused and very involved in what they are learning (and talk talk talk about what they are learning) until they graduate highschool or head off to college. It is worth the effort and your children will remember your devotion to them.

    • Anonymous

      Cheryl, the way you and I see things are a lot alike. However, I not only believe that every parent can home school their children but I believe they have a moral obligation to do so. Will parents have to change the way they live to do it? Like you wouldn’t believe. But it can and should be done for the sake of our children. How in the world can we raise those precious little lives up to five years old and then at the most vulnerable age, turn them over for the secular, immoral government to do it? baffles my mind. It’s awesome that you are schooling your kids all the way to college. we are doing the same.

      I feel just as strong about day care. Pathetic.

      Parents, raise you own children! They’re yours! Not the governments!

      For their sake!

      • I don’t know how to get parents to care other than to pray for them and to encourage involvement in their children’s education. I don’t think most moms and dads, Christian or otherwise are going to give up their day jobs to homeschool-and but I hear you and agree with you! Just getting Christian parents to teach their children their faith and not rely soley on the Church and people they hardly know is difficult enough much less their children’s entire academic education.

        My kids are all grown now and I can say without reservation I did all that God directed me to do at that time. I did my best. It was a very challenging road but one I would do again and am doing with our adopted daughter!

        Daycare-don’t even get me going! How very sad that women are encouraged to give up their babies at such a young age to people that couldn’t possibly care for them the way their mothers do. Just tragic!

  • Anonymous

    If this teacher took a group of students to a Tea Party Rally, the Libs would see to it that he was gone and never heard from again. WHY IS THIS GUY NOT GONE? The answer says a lot as to why they are in control. Some of the parents of these children did not show excitement over thier childrens indoctranation. Conservatives must learn to fight or get your ass kicked time and time again. This is a culture war and is being fought by one side at this time, get on the offensive or watch this Great Nation Crumble. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” History repeats itself.

  • Anonymous

    …fire them all , thats all COMMIE BASTARDS !”

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere, there’s a gay pride parade missing it’s grand marshal.

    • cabensg

      Yes and Home Depot invites children to gay parades where they provide entertainment, coloring books etc. I’m not against gay parades but why would you make a direct effort to invite children. Some of these parades aren’t even fit for adults to see let alone children. I never shop at Home Depot for this very reason.

  • Fired!!

  • Why does this impotent superintendent still have a job? There is no reason why this teacher should still be employed or that superintendent. Disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    How dare teachers do this! This is a volatile situation and FORCING these children to participate endangers their lives.
    (Yes, FORCING. They must attend school and must follow the teacher -the supposed adult.)
    My goodness, how would you feel at that age, what, all of 10?
    Did you notice the big male protester standing so close to them bending to loudly sing in their faces with raise arm, his FIST moving in time with the music as the children were forced to walk in that circle? In front of the crowd!
    Did you read the body language of some of those poor students? Arms crossed protectively over their body, looking away from the man.

    STAND-UP Portage parents, STAND-UP NOW! Or it will happen again.
    I LOVE the response at the end of the reporter in yellow shirt. If the teacher didn’t realize it was a political protest, I don’t want him teaching a civics class.

    • Anonymous

      How dare parents send their children to public schools!

      What do you think teachers are doing when they have your children’s attention and focus for more hours out of the day then you do?

      • Anonymous

        Correct in the first part.
        Wrong in the second. I didn’t give teachers a chance to change my childrens minds to mush. I did realize they were socializing our children wayyy back in the early 80’s and did the unexpected in those days. I took responsibility for my own children and gave them an education that allowed them to think and make decisions. Woo Hoo, now that’s truly winning.

        BTW. I agree with John 3:3 and am.

  • Anonymous

    I have two words for this.


  • Anonymous

    The kids are like… so this is politics…

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t make myself watch this. Thank God for the local Fox affiliate.

  • imagine if he had taken them to a tea party rally… oh the media would be up in arms

    • Dan

      they would have called for the death penalty….and then tar and feather and then water boarded him then put women’s under wear on his head then the German Shepperd would have been brought out and then The N.A.G.s would have made him kiss Madeleine Albright… then…….

      • Anonymous

        ok ok ok ok ….. I’ll give up…. I’ll talk

        Just don’t make me kiss Madeline Albright!

  • Anonymous

    You see, this is how GROSSLY PERVERTED, these left wing,liberal,socialist, SCUM have been screwing with the ciriculum of our children brainwashing them with their FILTHY LIES AND PROPAGANDA FOR GENERATIONS!!! And this is why so many so called “higher educated” are TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD DEMS/LIBERAL/LEFTIES.

    • Dan

      WOW!!!!!!! you sound like me LOL…way to tell it the way it is

  • Here’s the thing. When you drop your child off at public school each day, you are inviting the government to teach your child whatever the government deems important. We have (for a while longer anyway!!) freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and that is what this teacher was involving her students in that day. It’s a field trip. It’s a hands-on activity.

    If you want to have a say so in what your child is taught you need to be ready to do the teaching YOURSELF. Take responsibility for your own child’s education. Unless you are doing that you really have no reason to be shocked, concerned, irritated or upset. When you drop your child off at the public school you are giving the government (the good and the bad) access to your child’s mind, emotions, and future (the good and the bad).

    • cabensg

      It’s getting pretty hard to find any good when children can’t even read. I can’t imagine that my parents would have tolerated a school that couldn’t even teach a child to read. It looks like children aren’t the only ones brainwashed.

  • cabensg

    With all the violence we’ve seen associated with these protests it wasn’t just indoctrination it was child endangerment. It’s time for parents to stand up to this kind of BS and demand this teacher be fired on the spot.

  • Reprimanded? Sanctioned? NO! The teach should be fired!

    We need a clear statement by state, local, and school officials that such behavior is not tolerated. Period. If the school won’t fire the teacher, remove funding until they do.

  • Z

    This is the worst use of children for political purposes imaginable. These left wing Union Teachers should be removed from the classroom for using children for propaganda purposes. We trust teachers to be neutral in how they approach politics and other issues. This is a gross violation of that trust and should result in legal action. Union teachers are doing this all over the nation, using children for political events to deceive the media. This is disgusting and must be stopped.