Wisconsin voter ID law ruled unconstitutional

So let me get this straight. The new voter ID law will suppress voters in WI, a privilege guaranteed by Article III of the WI constitution, because it seeks to validate the requirements of Article III? So we’re supposed to just take their word for it?

C’mon, that’s patently ridiculous:

HUFFPO – A Wisconsin judge declared a state law requiring people to show photo ID in order to be allowed to vote unconstitutional on Monday, issuing a permanent injunction blocking the state from implementing the measure.

“Without question, where it exists, voter fraud corrupts elections and undermines our form of government,” wrote Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess in his decision. “The legislature and governor may certainly take aggressive action to prevent its occurrence. But voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression. Indeed, they are two heads on the monster.”

The decision comes less than a week after another judge temporarily halted the implementation of the voter ID law.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Network filed suit in Dane County Circuit Court in October. Lester Pines, an attorney with the firm Cullen Weston Pines & Bach who is working on the case, told The Huffington Post at the time that their argument against the voter ID law was quite simple: It violates the provision in the Wisconsin constitution that determines who can vote.

Niess agreed with this argument:

Article III is unambiguous, and means exactly what it says. It creates both necessary and sufficient requirements for qualified voters. Every United States citizen 18 years of age or older who resides in an election district in Wisconsin is a qualified elector in that district, unless excluded by duly enacted laws barring certain convicted felons or adjudicated incompetents/partially incompetents.

The government may not disqualify an elector who possesses those qualifications on the grounds that the voter does not satisfy additional statutorily-created qualifications not contained in Article III, such as a photo ID.

He added that a “government that undermines the very foundation of its existence — the people’s inherent, pre-constitutional right to vote — imperils its legitimacy as a government by the people, for the people, and especially of the people.” …

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R) he plans to appeal the decision.

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  • “But voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression…” because everyone knows that Mickey Mouse and driving the to the voting booths is nothing compared to having people to show their drivers licence ID.

    • warpmine

      Somebody should register the jovial mouse, dress up like him and attempt to vote. In fact, why not enter the court room as well dressed in a mouse suit just to illustrate how absurd this opinion really is.

      • Maybe this duck ought to go vote. Wonder how long it’d take for the dear leader police to come? Sad thing is, if I went with a sign saying this duck was voting “D”, they’d leave me alone to my vote.

        • StandingGround

          I could see you being up for the challenge. Please, take a hidden camera with you if do.

        • unclesamnephew

          but your friends here know that you wouldn’t pull the lever mark “D”. that “D” means demonic

  • BankGuy

    This decision should not be taken as anything but a joke. This decision came out of Dane County where the ‘People’s Republic of Madison’ is located (UofW). This is probably the most radical and liberal college town next to Berkely. Place this judge’s name in nomination for the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals!!

    • warpmine

      This isn’t a federal court, it’s a state court.

      • BankGuy

        I knew that and is why I mentioned Madison; not the whole of the Federal District. You read too much into my flip comment about the nomination to the 9th Circuit. You tied them together unfortunately.

        • warpmine

          See yo point!

    • Sober_Thinking

      This is one HUGE thing that Newt mentions and that is to remove these idiot judges.

      • unclesamnephew

        this is because people no longer put forth any effort of their own, to look into you is running for any local position. i do know some, but it is a very small minority. there exist, also, under-voting. people go to the polls for the top position, and omitt voting for the other offices

  • kim

    They are trying to introduce chaos into this election. I’ll bet we see more voter intimidation this year too thanks to AG’s dismissal of this in 2008.

    On other front, there seems to be chaos in the delegate selection. I was not involved but I have heard from several that the Paulbots are trying to take over and becoming anarchical in doing so. The events have become chaotic with shout-outs and one Paulbot kicking over a bunch of chairs.


  • lilium479

    An ID prevents voter fraud, but how does it suppress……..prove it!

    • BankGuy

      Unfortunately, the way the voter laws are written, it’s the other way around.

  • MiketheMarine

    I will repeat something I posted yesterday. The US Supreme Court heard a voter id law case a couple years ago and the Supremes decided voter ID laws are Constitutional and acceptable. Why are we still having this conversation?

    • warpmine

      Damn good question!

    • Because commies only like Supreme Court decisions they agree with.

      • MiketheMarine

        Yep, and I also just responded to Sdee about states rights to impeach any and all federal judges. We have got to start holding our state governments feet to the fire, too.

    • Sandra123456


      Justice John Paul Stevens:”The relevant burdens here are those imposed on eligible voters who lack photo identification cards that comply with SEA 483.[2] Because Indiana’s cards are free, the inconvenience of going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, gathering required documents, and posing for a photograph does not qualify as a substantial burden on most voters’ right to vote, or represent a significant increase over the usual burdens of voting. The severity of the somewhat heavier burden that may be placed on a limited number of persons—e.g., elderly persons born out-of-state, who may have difficulty obtaining a birth certificate—is mitigated by the fact that eligible voters without photo identification may cast provisional ballots that will be counted if they execute the required affidavit at the circuit court clerk’s office. Even assuming that the burden may not be justified as to a few voters, that conclusion is by no means sufficient to establish petitioners’ right to the relief they seek.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crawford_v._Marion_County_Election_Board

      Yes, why are we still having this conversation? Perhaps because this decision was specific to an Indiana ID law.

      • MiketheMarine

        Federal precident is legal precident. this should be a very short conversation.

        • Sandra123456

          Well you would think so.

          What this decision says to me is, it is not inconvenient to go to a Motor Vehicle Office to get a FREE voter ID card and provide proof of who you are. That this is no more inconvenient than providing that same proof to get a driver’s license. IF you can apply for a driver’s license you can get an ID to vote.

          This is the kind of “stuff” that just makes you want to pull your hair out because of the absolute stupidity and deviousness of some Liberals.

          • MiketheMarine

            I am currently fighting off the urge to begin doing drive by slappings of liberals for this very reason.

  • warpmine

    Is it just me or does everyone else here see the absurdity of the opinion of this ruling?

    Yes TRS, we have to take their word but of course when it comes to ID for anything else well you damn well better have it. When the constitution was wrtten, I’m certain that they envisioned a certain amount of wisdom would be required for all sitting judges. Apparently they were in error.

  • hermsmd

    So, requiring a driver’s license is really suppression of one’s right to drive a car. And down is up, and up is down, and let’s play legal word games! Anyone up for playing “Let’s parse the definition of a word so much, that we can make any written thing mean anything”?

  • lilium479

    If you are against voter ID you are for voter fraud.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on!

  • sDee

    The Constitution is absolutely and unarguably whatever a liberal judge decides is important at the moment. We have to start paying much more attention to who we vote into judgeships.

    • MiketheMarine

      Every single state in the union has the right to impeach any federal employee, judges included. Contact your state reps and jump their backsides.

  • Rshill7

    Cheaters, cheaters, pumpkin eaters. O’ and other democrats are readying themselves for the mother of all fraudulent elections. Is this surreal or what?

  • The commies are comin’, the commies are a comin’.

  • Sober_Thinking

    So this is how maobama and the damn unions are going to steal the election away…

    Heck, it worked for them when ACORN did it in 2008… so why not do it again? If Wisconsin wasn’t already so screwed up and union-tied, then the people of that state should be FURIOUS and fighting this insanity.

    People show a photo ID when buying items with a credit card, to buy liquor or cigarettes, to get into a club, to do many things… but dear God, to vote it’s an infringement on people’s rights? Why wasn’t this an issue when they were trying to use a credit card, or when buying alcohol or smokes? This is fundamentally wrong and we need to kick these liars and cheats out of office NOW before they totally subvert this nation and hijack our freedom permanently!

    I’m so damn sick of this crap!!!

  • 12grace

    The rights afforded to illegals are rights they are not eligible to receive under our Constitution. And, it seems that the leftist in Washington only care about rights when it applies to illegals.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It starts right there… great point.

    Right here… right now…

  • Rshill7

    Maestro please…ahem…

    “Don’t you love farce?
    My fault, I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want –
    Sorry, my dear.
    But where are the clowns?
    There ought to be clowns.
    Quick, send in the clowns.

    Isn’t it rich?
    Isn’t it queer?
    Losing my timing this late
    In my career?
    And where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother…they’re here”

    (From Send In The Clowns)

  • NJK

    Since when is requiring an ID to vote in an American election unconstitutional? So I assume every time I give my ID for something it’s unconstitutional. These judges need to be removed and some of these rogue Federal courts shut down. These are not judges, they are marxists who’ve infiltrated our system to undermine the Constitution. This has got to stop.

    Judges don’t get the final say in this country, and that includes the Supreme Court.

  • NJK

    A Federal Judge doesn’t get to say what Wisconsin does in their elections. They’re violating the tenth amendment. Ignore this, and implement the ID anyway.

  • Amy

    It’s Dane County. It was expected. I also fully expect WI’s AG to take this to the next level with appeal.

    Having spent the better part of last week in Dane County (Madison to be specific), I can say that the Unionista’s are alive and well there. They aren’t going anywhere without a huge fight.

    If you’re from here and are conservative – jock up because it’s going to be nasty.

  • denbren52

    America has a history of allowing a few men and women to drastically change the course of the entire nation without recourse. 50 years ago, we allowed the vote of ONE justice to ban prayer in schools forever (the vote was 5-4). The following year, they yanked the bibles from all schools forever. No uprising, no protests, no demand for new laws, no demands for impeachment, no proposed constitutional amendment providing for prayer in school …

    Here we are 50 years later standing by watching yet another judge change the course of the nation by allowing widespread voter fraud that they know will only be used by the godless, lawless left.

  • Josh

    Here is a very interesting little link:

    ID cards for voting purposes in Wisconsin are FREE. That’s right. FREE. So, what is the deal with this again?

    • W.

      Crooks enabling Election Fraud.

  • W.

    From a commenter here yesterday:

    “Just last week, the voters in the city of Rio Rancho in Swing State New Mexico voted 75% for voter ID and 25% against voter ID. The city of Albuquerque has already voted for voter ID and is now implemented in every election.

    This 75%/25% percentage coincides with across the State polls indicating that in Swing State New Mexico 75% of New Mexicans support voter ID. And New Mexico is a border State.

    Gov Susanna Martinez won in 2010 primarily on strengthening the integrity of the vote and is fulfilling this campaign promise through the efforts of NM Secretary of State Dianna Duran-former City Clerk- looking into the integrity of the vote.

    Free Contraception may help Obama’s re-election however his DOJ going after voter ID is an issue which will destroy his chances.

    The fact is, a majority of Americans in every state in the Republic of all race, color and creed want voter ID.”


    Thanks to VERITAS – James O’Keefe and company for their undercover work on Voter Photo IDs.

    Write Your Legislators, Newt and Santorum.


    Make this a priority.

  • The judge is flatly wrong.The state has the right to verify your age even though you look like 65 years old,and you need a ID card for that

    • StandingGround

      It’s ridiculous. We are carded at every turn in our society. My husband was hit up for his ID over a margarita the other night, and he’s a 60 yo grandfather with a head full of grey hair!

      Electing our officials is the most important thing we do as a nation. Most take it very seriously. For those that are fighting the IDs – it tells me all they want to do is scam the system. How do we win fair and square fighting crooks like this? We have to win the general election by such a huge margin that daffy duck and kermit the frog don’t count.

  • anneinarkansas

    Voter fraud is rampant in this country.
    Photo ID is one of the best ways to stop it now.
    Eric Holder must be fired.
    Along with liberal judges.

  • WI4Walker

    Also, a citizen journalist went to check out the “reunion” rally held last weekend to celebrate the one year anniversary of the unionista march. Several people had some Chicago union name on their shirt and she pulled several aside to interview. Asked them why they drove all the way from Chicago to rally in WI. They said they didn’t drive, they were paid and bussed in. One went on to say, plus they get to see where they are going to be living soon.

    Citizen asked them if they were moving to WI? They replied just for a little bit so they could vote – one mentioned it being like a paid mini-vacation. Then a big boy union thug came running over and put a stop to any more conversation.


    Union paying people to move to Madison temporarily to vote in Recall election. Voter ID would bust this scheme right up.

    This is being investigated so who knows what will happen. Completely corrupt thugs.

  • marketcomp

    Here we go with voter fraud! We should understnad that This President will do anything to get reelected. It is interesting that the administration is starting early.

    • unclesamnephew

      this because he must travel to capitals of the “57” states, to implement his plans for voter fraud

      • marketcomp

        You are right! And traveling to those “57 States” is difficult when drinking and golfing!

  • rls77

    Anyone remember the undue burden placed on our service men and women to submit absentee ballots in Fla in 2000? Oh, I forgot they voted overwhelmingly for Bush.

    • unclesamnephew

      just yesterday on the “Roger Hedgecock” program. it was announced that his “Dictator in Chief” has diverted 9 active duty USAF cargo planes to his re-election. he has put his own interest of poticial career over the safety of our young men and women in our armed forces

  • barney59

    Dem/Socialists are scrambling to protect their voting scam.

  • so how do you figure out who the felon is if you can’t friggin ID them?

  • pappucinno

    “But voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression…” What a bunch of moronic drivel. There are already voter suppression tools in place ( age and residency requirements) the obvious intent of those requirements is to suppress the vote. Any action taken to combat voter fraud will suppress the vote (the fraudulent vote!). The logical conclusion to this thinking is that all barriers and requirements must be removed. Anybody can vote anywhere at any time and as many times as they desire. Because Lord knows we wouldn’t want to suppress the vote.

  • jimmydodge

    Every time someone casts a vote who is not within his/her rights to do so, disenfranchises my vote. The voter ID law assures that everyone who legally eligible to vote follows the letter of the law regarding registration, etc. The state has bent over backwards to assure that everyone wanting a photo ID can get one. My God, the argument that the poor and disadvantaged are being screwed by this is absurd – they can get their assistance money without a photo ID. Me thinks the dippy-dems protest too much – what are they trying to protect????

  • jimmydodge

    I am disenfranchised as a voter every time someone casts a vote that cannot prove they meet the qualifications for voting under Sec 3 of the state constipation. All the voter ID law does is provide evidence that the voter is constitutionally able to vote.

    When will my rights be upheld? Everyone of these poor folks that can’t seem to find a way to get a photo ID to vote, sure enough found one to get their free public aid!! Ya can’t get public assistance without a photo ID. Ya can’t get food stamps without a photo ID. Ya can’t get into the free clinic without a photo ID.

    One has got to wonder what the Dems are protecting by pushing so hard against this bill.

    Jimmy D

    • MiketheMarine

      I have the same problem with a presidential candidate who ends up as president and no one can prove he is eligible to run for office.

  • WestGAFlash

    “Two heads on every monster?”

    Voter fraud is one head; what’s the other? The imaginary suppression of voters in some liberal judge’s mind?

    Too many drugs in the 60’s, I’d say………….

  • williamm

    People wanting to vote for Obama without proper ID should be able to use their mug shots .

  • Those darn women and minorities! Always getting oppressed by arcane rules like showing your photo ID. I feel so bad for them.

    Seriously, they have a RIGHT to be mad. They probably never purchased alcohol, never registered a hotel room, never traveled overseas, never flew in an airplane, never opened a bank account, never cashed a check, never purchased life insurance, never got a marriage license, never rented a car, never driven a car, never incorporated a business, and much more.

    How dare we not allow them to prove who they are!

    Seriously, though, I’d like to ask anyone who does not have a photo ID and are under 30 if they ever purchased alcohol. If the answer is yes, then arrest them and the owner of the company who sold it to them.

  • Amy

    Oh, this is just lovely… The UN is being asked to weigh in on the voter ID laws? The same UN who gives seat to Iran or Saudi Arabia on women’s rights council?


  • Amy

    Oh, this is just lovely… The UN is being asked to weigh in on the voter ID laws? The same UN who gives seat to Iran or Saudi Arabia on women’s rights council?


  • So I have to show ID to buy liquor, cigarettes, cash a check, apply for membership in some big-box stores, and withdraw money from a bank, but it’s unconstitutional to show ID to prove who I am to vote. There’s a video out showing someone getting three different ballots at several polling places in the same town while using someone else’s social security card, claiming to be a dead person, and telling the clerk that he’s from Turkmenistan. He asks if he needs to show ID and they all say no.
    This country is being thrown down the toilet by idiotic judges and legislators.

  • stage9

    Another black robed anti-American despot!

    And how the heck is this unconstitutional?? If anything it’s a-constitutional….in other words the Constitution is SILENT on the matter. That doesn’t make it unconstitutional.

  • This’ll hit the Supreme Court fast. It’ll be overruled. They’re not cheating their way out of this one.

  • scrubjay

    A photo ID is how election officials determine if a person is a “United States citizen 18 years of age or older who resides in an election district in Wisconsin”.


    Legalize the Constitution (original) NOW!

  • M_J_S

    Then there should be lawsuits from people refusing to show IDs for anything: buying smokes, driving a car, buying hootch, etc.

  • ApplePie101

    Ignore the injunction. Implement the law. The revolution has to start somewhere.

    • ^^^^^THIS!!!^^^^^

      The 10th Amendment was meant to be IMPLEMENTED in time of Constitutional crisis.

      The 2nd was meant to be implemented when Washington ignores that implementation.

  • hbnolikeee

    How many times has the democratic gang been caught at voter fraud? This year (it’s March)?

    If you’re not committing voter fraud, there is no reason to not want voter ids. It’s just that tough to get voter ids for corpses (note: not “Corps Man”) for these thieves. I defy anyone to refute this.

  • Ariadnea

    Now we know how Obama is so sure of having another 5 years in office –VOTER FRAUD! US, you are looking more and more like a Banana Republic the longer Obama holds office.

  • kssturgis62

    All done just in time, for Scott Walker’s recall election. the same judge that ruled on the Signatures collected by Democrats also ruled one this. This is Outrageous. We need to pray for Scott Walker.

  • Mike Lee

    Insanity. Up is down, black is white.
    ““Without question, where it exists, voter fraud corrupts elections and undermines our form of government,” wrote Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess in his decision. “The legislature and governor may certainly take aggressive action to prevent its occurrence.”
    Except ask for ID. Unreal.

  • Wow. The real problem is that none of you seem to understand that the only relevant fact is you are guaranteed the right to vote. Period. You can only lawfully restrict, or take away a right if you can find sufficient legal grounds that pass under strict scrutiny [read you are not taking away rights maliciously, to discriminate against a protected class, or for arbitrary reason]. I don’t have to prove that getting an ID is a “signicant burden”, Republicans have to prove the ID law is unconstitutional, or amend the language to include ID requirements. Issues of whether voter fraud happens in significant numbers is a nonissue, and unfounded, there is not hard evidence of significant voter fraud. You are all looking at the nonrelevant portion, and news flash: what you feel is “easy or hard” is a subjective term.