WOW. Special Report fact checks Obama’s alleged back story and it ain’t good

This is a fantastic MUST WATCH video from Fox News Special Report just a couple days ago where they fact check Obama’s rags to riches story to find the truth, and well, to put it nicely, it ain’t the truth Obama wants you to know:

The same guy who worked with Fox News from the Washington Examiner has a great section that goes into much more detail. I haven’t gone through it yet but co-blogger Kimberly Kaye (Red) loves it: The Obama You Don’t Know

Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent this.

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  • MiketheMarine

    Some of us, who do our own research, knew this in 2007 and 2008.

    • Linky1

      I could have killed an old growth forest giving Brett Baier research I have had for years. Thanks to Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and others for getting me to “do my homework.”

      While it’s good to see someone in the MSM taking notice, like the old saying goes, “a day late and a dollar short”.

      • MiketheMarine

        Just wait till they get around to the social security number thing. I’m estimating that the MSM will cover that story in 2023.

      • Orangeone

        But it is great that they’ve done it before the 2012 election. And it’s good that at least some traditional journalists still have ethics.

        • Linky1

          That remains to be seen.

          I have lost all respect for FOX after they capitulated and fired Glenn Beck because George Soros didn’t like being exposed.

          • Orangeone

            I was referring to the Washington Examiner.  I’m with you, I think Fox has shifted left.

            • bartman99

              do you really think you will see this reported on any other network ?

              • Orangeone

                Unfortunately no. Thank goodness for conservative blog sites, until O’Bambi issues his Internet EO that is and he eliminates our online access to the truth.

          • NJK

            I agree, I quit watching them about over two years ago. They’ve enabled him. I watched the clip that was on RS a couple of days ago, with David Horowitz and Megan Kelly. When he bought up the fact that Huma Abedeen had deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, she literally shouted him down. It was disgusting. I just don’t get that people like her. She certainly doesn’t get it. She lives in NY, right? She has two small children, right? Does she think there’s some magical force protecting them, in the case of another terror attack? She thinks it won’t affect her? It’s arrogant, and deceitful.

            Then you have the feigned ignorance of the three stooges in the morning. They act shocked, shocked I tell you when someone brings something up about Obama, thats been right there for everyone to see. Nothing in particular, but you know they’re feigning ignorance. They all get those serious looks on their faces, and I just want to throw something at the TV, and say, ah cut the crap already.

            It’s the usual, oh, I just think President Obama,(I won’t even refer to that liar as President, because I don’t believe he’s a legal one, if the Constitution matters,)means well, he just has bad advisors? I guess Ayers and Dorhn, probably would be considered bad advisors, right? Dana Perino, is one of those types. I can’t stomach it. It’s as though they’re saying, you little people, you are stupid, we need to tell you what you really see. You can’t reason for yourselves. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so long, but I just needed to rant.

            • pajamakat

              Not too long NJK. Your read was worth it. What’s even worse is the FIVE. I cannot stomach Bob Beckel and today Juan Williams is on. I can’t believe they took off Beck for these clowns. Oh, did I forget to mention that the WON is a nice guy and EVERYBODY loves him personally?

            • Linky1

              Your post was just fine. Sometimes you need to vent to get all out of your system. Being in Canada, I have SUN News which is like what FOX News once was-Fair, balanced and unafraid to rattle cages. I’m getting better coverage of the election there than I ever would from FOX.

          • BaconHotline

            They didn’t fire him; he quit! If you haven’t seen his network, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s my daily 5 p.m. dose of sanity. He’s the SOLE owner of his news operation. He’s not beholden to the Saudis or either political party. It’s just the truth. Please subscribe to The Blaze via internet/ROKU or watch him on Channel 212 on DISH.

            Glenn’s got BIG plans and the everyday news that Americans are missing because he left “corporate” TV behind is staggering!

            • Linky1

              I watch Beck every day-and yes, he was fired. Whatever reports say he quit, I disagree with.

              I’m in Canada, can’t get DISH, but I subscribe to BlazeTV. Along with that, I watch SUN News in Canada, what FOX once was. They have a lot of co-reporting with Blaze staff, so I am well acquainted with their news people.

        • they do?

          • Orangeone

            There is a great female reporter from ABC, cannot remember her name, that has been very truthful in her reporting.  Posters, please help me remember her!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on!

    • SineWaveII

      So true, Mike. I’m beginning to believe that I was one of the few people who actually read his books. After reading them I made up my mind that there was no way I would ever vote for him.

      • MiketheMarine

        Lately, I’ve been catching hints of an Iranian tie in to Maobama which really makes me nervous.

        • Kelly60

          Yes, Mike, it’s Valerie Jarrett

        • sDee

          Off topic….. but an this amazing video by the Bill Warner of Political lslam shows what emerges when someone does the research needed to connect the dots.

          Why We Are Afraid? A 1400 Year Secret,

          • Rshill7

            Thank you for that link sDee. I listened to every bit of it. Puts many things into perspective.

          • toongoon

            Thanks sDee, that was very enlightening.

          • warpmine

            I assumed as much without the details but this definitely gives valuable data to the facts. Thank you sDee.

          • Landscaper

            Very long, but watched every second of it and well worth my time. Sir I tip my Auburn ball cap to you. {sorry it’s football season} 🙂

    • Cindy09

      But, but you can count on your fingers how many in the media are doing their job of vetting O even so late in the game… Kuddos to the Examiner for doing such a good job and Fox for reporting on it!

    • Indeed we did. Elitist statist types like El Presidente adhere to the belief that a select ruling elite governs the people and shapes regulations, policies, and laws. The regulations, policies, and laws would not apply to them. They are above that foolishness. No, what they craft and pass on to their civilian population is meant to control and oppress. El Presidente and like-minded individuals believe that there should be no middle America, but everybody should be poor and remain poor, all the while being subject to and dependent upon a centralized, police state government. So hypocrites like El Presidente, Horrible Harry Reid, Nincompoop Nancy Pelosi, Mad Max Waters, Dirty Dick Turban, Chuckie Shoomore, John Effin’ Kerry, Barbara Boxcar, and others remain, dare I say, RICH and enjoy the privileges that come with their positions that they believe they’re predestined to occupy. All the while, squalor, destitution, and misery get equally distributed to the poor masses, conditions that are shared collectively among them. That would be America in the minds of El Presidente and his merry band of useless idiots.

  • hventure22

    Gee a Democrat that is ‘a champion for the poor people’.. who’s really not. I am stunned.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc, nytimes, wapo would you care to comment? ….. crickets chirping.

  • Rob_Bryant

    haha! First “job” as a community organizer : P

  • patriotbens

    The poor privileged Obama. No wonder he takes this great nation for granted. Everything came easy to this malcontent!

  • 911Infidel

    Many of us here knew that Obama was a fraud way before the 2008 election. He’s never been properly vetted because the MSM continues to function as his audio-visual department. That some are just now getting around to vetting the faux Messiah is a good thing, but way overdue.

    • steprock

      Yes, if they had done as much checking on him as they did a VP candidate named Sarah, or into Herman Cain’s love life, we might never have had to put up with 4 years of amateur hour.

      • 911Infidel

        But since the MSM functions as Obama’s audio-visual department, fair and balanced reporting is out of the question. Oh and I see by a recent poll that 60% of the American people also don’t trust the MSM. That’s bad news for the audio-visual department.

        • I imagine the audio- visual department will be getting a nice taxpayer funded stimulus bail out before long, courtesty of dear leader.

          • 911Infidel

            I’ve heard talk of that happening. WAPO and the Slimes are going under fast. CNN is becommingmore and more irrelevant. O’Kenyan best hurry up. He’s running out of time.
            He won’t be able to bail out squat from his new pad in Hawaii after being trounced in November.

            • Beachcomber-in-Chief or Beachcomber Barack seem like fitting names for Dear Leader.

              • 911Infidel

                I was thinking maybe Sponge Bob Square Pants could use a new buddy. We couldcall him Barnacle Barack the new owner of the crabby pattie.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I am fine with this house of cards falling. I won’t pretend that most politicians don’t have their fingers in corrupt pies but from what I’ve heard and what I’m learning, Obama has both hands and both feet in that pie.

    I can’t wait to see Washington kick this corrupt phony’s lawless butt out of office. And I sincerely hope the truth keeps coming out and that it breaks through the LSM barrier and let’s all the lemmings who supported this liar, to know just how duped they were. But I guess even then, they’ll show no remorse.

    Keep it coming! Good job FNC!

  • Dear leader, the carpet bagger. Much of this is new, yet so much info was available 4 years ago. I’m glad for this story getting out now.

    Dear leader and his friends are great marxists- they claim to be for the poor while they screw the poor. Karl must be looking up at them so proudly.

    • kong1967

      I haven’t heard “carpetbagger” for years. He’s about as much as one as you will find. Is Kenya far enough away to be considered an outsider?

      I love seeing these videos but I don’t think they will do a darn thing to help. The MSM will ignore them and Democrat voters don’t care. Lots of this info was out before the last election and the Independents didn’t seem to care.

      • I agree. Everything dear leader has done, everyone he has surrounded himself with, everything he has believed has been well known for years, many of us warned people before the last election of who he really is. They didn’t care then, and many of them still don’t.

        • kong1967

          I think a lot of conservative Democrats are going to abandon ship. Between our enthusiasm, their loss of a few voters, and their lack of enthusiasm should be enough to blow him back to Kenya.

        • Patriot077

          I can’t help but think that large numbers will desert him because they can’t ignore the effects of his policies. I hope they will carry their change of heart to the down ticket races.

          The comatose zombies are not capabable of rehabilitation.

          • MiketheMarine

            That’s ok, though. The zombies are voting on November 2nd.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Wait a minute….did that video indicate that on more than one occasion obama lied about something in his past? I am totally stunned….NOT. He’s a hollow man that lies repeatedly and will continue to do so forever. Why anyone would vote for him is beyond my comprehension. He’s just awful…absolutely the worst president in American history.

    • kong1967

      Yes, but he is the gateway for freeloaders to get their free healthcare, free birth control, extended unemployment benefits, welfare checks, and etc. It’s a powerful drug and Obama and the libs provide it. Character means nothing to a Democrat voter. Corruption is acceptable because they get their cut.


    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Hey now … no reason to disparage the rats by association with this bottom-thinker.

  • Rshill7

    I read all ten parts of this Washington Examiner article yesterday. It’s well worth the read.

    If Obama were a Republican the MSM would be spouting all of this ’round the clock.

    I would like for the multibillions in energy loans to 31 of his bundlers would come out of the shadows and into the glorious light of daytime truth. It seems like that would be illegal doesn’t it? After reading it, I think he should be in a similar cell as the two former Mayors of Chicago.

    Evicting poor people in the dead of winter when the temperature was -11F wasn’t very “caring” either was it? That’s some audacious hope he gave them huh? The guy is pure lying whore, will all due respect…which is less than none.

    • kong1967

      Lol, when I saw you say “with all due respect” I was thinking he doesn’t deserve any respect…but you beat me to it.

      Obama makes scumbags look like good people.

  • 911Infidel

    Wrong place to post? Don’t care. Here’s some good light reading from the “Drive-by-Pundit:”

    • Rshill7

      Liked it 🙂

      • 911Infidel

        The guy is so right on its scary. But only to the left.

    • Linky1
      • 911Infidel

        There is far more ammo out in the heartland than in all the Federal agencies combined. Now if O’Kenyan wants to spark a civil war; I’d have to say that first off the vast majority of the military will NOT back him up. And second of all, he doesn’t have enough good shooters in the civilian ranks as evidenced by the cops in NY recently. On the other hand, the heartland is full of good shooters.

        So, I’m not worried about NoBama. He’s one and done in November…Note to revolutionary Dhimiratz: There’s a reason why the Brits feared the American rifleman in the Revolutionary war; and why Audie Murphy and Alvin York were so effective in combat. Revolutionary Dhimiratz like Van Jones might want to rethink their goals just a tad.

        • MiketheMarine

          Right on, Brother Infidel.

        • Landscaper

          Brother you are so right. The northeast and west coast will need to worry big time. The southeast, heartland and parts of the southwest has the feds covered. And I dare say ZERO of our military will do one damn thing to harm a fellow AMERICAN.

          • 911Infidel

            One of the reasons that I believe that Obama talked about having a civilian army as big as the military was to counter the fact that the military is just not on his side. In a civil conflict in which the military was ordered to fire on civilians, Obama or someone like him would be faced with a conflict similar to what is going on in Syria with whole units either refusing to shoot on civilians; or who would break ranks and join the civilians. But even with a large civilian Gestapo militia they would be outgunned, and would be no match for the hunters and range shooters that are of the American rifleman tradition; most especially in the regions that you mentioned. There are however, a large number of “gunners” in the east. And them boys and girls can shoot.
            I know, cause I used to go shooting with them. WV, Western PA, even Western MD, are some countrified folk. Anyone thinking of subduing them are in for a rude awakening.

            • Landscaper

              Northeast to me is Manhattan to Maine. I lived in Baltimore for 2 years. Some rough cusses in Maryland. WV, PA and MD were not even in my thoughts. For that matter, New York state like Syracuse, Buffalo, etc, etc. are not the NY I meant. {should have been more specific.}

              • 911Infidel

                I agree with everything that you said. All excellent points.

      • PJRodman

        Gee thanks…I think…so after declaring some wobbly and ill defined “National Emergency” allowing Obama to shut down communications-which I would guess precludes the seizing of private property and the re-location of populations (wowza, that has an fun sound…kinda like “CAMP”) we can all feel really safe, because HOMELAND SECURITY is well armed against the HOMELANDERS! Yeah! Do we get matching outfits?

  • NObama lies about everything. I wonder if he’s ever told the truth about ANYTHING!?

    • Rshill7

      I heard that once one of his advisers knocked on his office door and said “Barack, are you in there”(?) and he answered, “Yep”.

      That’s the only time 🙂

      • MiketheMarine

        He only said that ’cause he was high. LOL

        • Linky1

          He was on the Choom Choom train.

          • MiketheMarine

            Exactly !!


  • drphibes

    I’ll take your word for it. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to watch such a video today.

    P.S. – There’s another video. It’s called The Manchurian Candidate starring Frank Sinatra.

    • One of my favorite movies. The remake was interesting as well. I’ve always said, if Allen West had a movie about himself, Denzel Washington would play him. West IS Denzel in my book! 🙂

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        I didn’t much care for the retread. I couldn’t say why, specifically. I just remember watching it and thinking “Meh.”

      • drphibes

        Love Denzel as an actor, but he’s a lib, so he would decline to play Allen West.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      GREAT flick. That one could make the round in theatres @ the cineplexes annually, and I’d still see it each time.

    • Linky1

      The ’63 version is much better than the remake.

      • drphibes

        Yes, Angela Lansbury was terrifying as the teapot.

  • Obama’s Library will be an empty building with nothing in it. How can he now tell us anything about himself after all these lies.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Nonsense. He’ll just write more.

    • Linky1

      Bill Ayers will be the custodian of Obama’s library.

  • kong1967

    Of course. The Dems use the poor to advance a corrupt machine and they don’t give a rat’s a$$ about them. The war on poverty has done nothing but create more poverty, which helps the Democrat party. It’s pretty obvious what their agenda is and that they aren’t out to lift people out of poverty. Take the SCHIP program for instance. That includes a range of wage earners up to over $80,000 a year. They want to expand the welfare roles to people who don’t need it. That may not be rich, but it most certainly is not poor and most certainly is out of range to need help from the federal government.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Yeah, sorry, but hasn’t quite a bit of this actually been known for, what, four years? Literally, practically nothing this charlatan has claimed can be supported by actual records b/c he (or those he serves) have had everything sealed. The boy-king has lived in privilege his whole life, so long as anyone’s been able to determine.

    As to that whole “hole in the floorboards story? That’s lifted from the history of the Toynbee Tiles.

    • Liberals deny the truth. They refuse to admit it. The more the truth is put out there, the less chance they have of denying it to themselves. Liberals like to think they are open minded. They are not. So publishing this stuff either A) infuriates them, or B) their bubble they live in shrinks just a little.

  • Obama is a liar….

  • wodiej

    I think this is the obama most of us know.

  • gilleysuited

    I will preface this post with- I’m a conservative native Texan, born again. Obama is going to be reelected. Too many non tax payers, too many people on welfare of various forms, too many muslims, too many progressives who don’t fit in the first three categories. What we need to be discussing is what are we’re goina do when he is reelected!

    • poljunkie

      Thanks for your sunny optimism.

      • Rshill7

        That was pitiful huh? Yikes. He might be slitting his wrist as a type.

    • toongoon

      I’m sure they hope too many people feel the same way.

    • MiketheMarine

      The USA will not survive another 4 years of Maobama. You need to start getting loud in public.

      • pamela brock

        Maobama!! Finally, the perfect name! It won’t wake people up, though, Mike, I fear. One of the problems is many Americans, esp. 40 and under, didn’t get any meaningful history education in public school. They don’t know that a productive country really can become a death trap for its citizens, its government jailing and starving them for having a conservative opinion(in the case of China and America in the future if Maobama gets a four year pass to do WHATEVER he pleases). Will Maobama cause this country to go into a speeding spiral downward, making it impossible for its citizens to produce and distribute food? Will he invade the banking system and the real estate markets with an eye on making sure his friends are well taken care of? (His close circle only, of course. All of Mao’s supporters, with the exception of this small circle, suffered the same poverty and starvation that the targets, the conservatives suffered). Yes, yes, clearly, seen in the light of history, ESPECIALLY OUR OWN RECENT HISTORY, this is a very appropriate name for our President.

        • sDee

          I believe you are on track but, that our politcal class is engineering something much closer to the new model in Communist China – State Capitalism. The central party still retains all power, wealth and privilege but the politcal class permits, with their discretion, a wealthy “middle class” of professionals, bankers and business owners. They of course are not free and live with the real possibility of their Party patrons kicking them back into the lower class of slave labor.

          This model fits many things happening like the financial collapse needed to centralize power, the propaganda media seeking the favor of those who will hold power……including the Republican establishment that has done nothing serious to stop Maobama but have been growing the size and power and government along with our debt. Every one jockeying for Party favor and power.

          This I believe is what the intent for the restructuring in store for America after Hussein’s Cloward-Piven collapse.

          They however failed in sabtoging the Second amendment, nor the First, and we still have the internet. Big mistake. We will take our stand first at the voting booth. But they have greatly underestimated us.

          Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! – Patrick Henry

    • Riot! What have you got to lose. You won’t have a job, house, savings or anything else, so Why not! LOL Just kidding! I’m not the kind to riot. But stay out of my driveway if you are not invited!

    • Rshill7

      You’re one of the most faithless “born again” people I’ve ever heard from.

      I’ll betcha $1,000.00 Obama loses the election.

      You ought change your name to Eeyore and go Pooh on Winnie. That was pathetic.

    • Nukeman60

      As a Conservative, a native Texan, and a born-again Christian, you should have more faith in God and ‘We the People’ than that. This fight we are undertaking is a worthwhile, necessary, and winnable fight.

      Obama has the liberal left, the Lame Stream Media (otherwise known as the Obama Porpaganda Media), and the power of the bully pulpit on his side. With all that, even the skewed polls of the OPM say he is barely ahead in the race. I say he is not ahead in the race and the media is just trying to get people to say just what you said.

      Have faith in the Lord. Have faith in your brothers and sisters of the Conservative viewpoint. Remember that the enthusiasm in 2008 went to them, but in 2012 it is roaring to our side.

      The 2010 elections were not a fluke. The Wisconsin recall election was not a fluke. The 2012 elections will also not be a fluke. The left will be flattened and bewildered as to how it all happened, but that won’t stop it from happening.

      Get ready to party all night long on November 6th. Do not give up the faith.

      • gilleysuited

        All governance is ordained by God. If some how you don’t think I have a rosey outlook, you are mistaken! All thing are going to turn out peachy, believe me.

        • Nukeman60

          There ya go. 🙂

    • Patricia Behrens

      GS Have just a little faith in your fellow patriots. We are conservatives, so like Clint said ” we are conservative by nature” I have heard folks say, they would crawl over broken glass thru a hurricane to get to that poll. Do you really see all those gimme gimme’s doing that ? But, just so you can sleep tonight, take a peek at this article, even they know there not going to win.. sweet dreams

  • Yeah, man of the people! Bull crapper from the word GO!

  • Yazz55

    Please try to act surprised as you watch this video.

  • poljunkie

    Come on November!

    Obama is a narcissist. He enjoys the tributes, and honors that come with the job, but cannot handle the work load. He takes pleasure in campaigning and running for office, but isn’t interested in a day of work. He likes the adoration from half the population and keeps score against those who don’t show him praise.
    Instead of putting effort thought into our problems he’d rather put his feet up on the desk and turn on some Beyonce or turn on the radio and listen to Pimp with a limp.

  • For those of you who voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racist, please vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot!!!!

  • Uh, this video does nothing to “debunk” Obama’s story. As a child in Indonesia, an “exclusive” neighborhood was a home with running water & electricity. Raised by a single mother until his mother’s parents took him in, living in Hawaii yes, but definitely not wealthy.

    He went to college on scholarships & loans, and became a successful attorney (but nothing that made him rich enough to even pay off his college loans).

    The idea that Obama lived some sort of “life of privilege” to try and mitigate Romney’s own upbringing in extreme wealth is sad & pathetic (and more than a bit obvious).

    • MiketheMarine

      Really? IN his own book he admitted he didn’t study in high school. By his own admission he was stoned and drunk. So how did he get any scholarships? Can you prove anything at all? College records? Social security records? No, we are just supposed to believe what he says without any proof. Yet, you all want more tax returns than is required by election law from Romney.

      • Stoned and drunk? That describes about 90 percent of those who presently attend our colleges and universities.

    • toongoon

      Well, finally someone who knows Obama’s life story. Maybe you can tell us how he got a visa to go to Pakistan when no one else was able to go there and why, if he studied so freakin hard, he is spending so much money trying hide his college records.

      Obama is a blank slate, we can fill in whatever truth we want about him, the left does.

    • He went to an exclusive school in Hawaii that only the richest were allowed to go. Wasn’t exactly living the life of poverty. There is nothing in Obama’s story that suggests he ever worked or earned anything of significance.

    • Linky1

      I could have posted pages of links disputing everything you wrote here, but they wouldn’t get through your kool-aid soaked brain.

    • El Presidente talks a good game, until he is proven to be what we already know he is: A liar. Oh, by the way, President Class Warfare and his wife are doing rather well today:

      Not bad for a guy who was a community agitat…organizer, an empty seat state senator, and later an empty seat U.S. senator who spent much of his term as U.S. senator running for President. I’ll agree with you on one point: He is no Mitt Romney, there is no mistaking that.

    • Landscaper

      The moon is made of cheese, Obama told me “so it’s true.” Idiot ! Gezz….

  • (dupe)

    • Rshill7

      Is that your autograph?

      • Linky1

        It should have been “dope”, not dupe.

  • NJK

    Great idea. I’ll have to make some of these.

    • LOL! Now that’s some funny stuff right there.

  • NJK

    Please watch this.
    VIDEO: Pamela Geller on CNN’s @ErinBurnett, abruptly cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, FULL AUDIO secretly recorded

    Erin Burnett does not like the word “savages,” used to describe Jihadists. What would she like us to call them, “nice men?” She’s a perfect example of the idiocy in the media, FOX included.

    • toongoon

      Thanks for the link, good interview.


    …they are all crooks and the sooner we get them out of power the better .”

  • SKL53

    Isn’t it comforting to have a president who has the integrity of Benedict Arnold, with an added talent for lying!

  • brendawatkins

    If he was pinocchio we could climb his nose to mars.

  • Nov. can’t come soon enough. The liar needs to go…

  • I saw this a couple of days ago…I knew when she made that speech at the DNC that much of that sad story of poverty and deprivation was not true…but it appears that it was a total fabricated lie. and she seemed SO pitiful…trying to make them both seem “common”, ( you “regular folk”) ..and the Academy Award for most pitiful performance goes to….

  • Jay

    A lot of this was exposed in Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, “The Obama Nation” back in ’08. Some of us blessed to live in the People’s Republik of Illinois already knew of his business dealings with Tony Rezko and dirty politics when he defeated Jack Ryan for senate by revealing sealed divorce records. If not for the media’s slobbering love affair (TY Bernie Goldberg) with the Annointed One the sheeple might have looked up.

  • Obama. Jarrett, and pals sound like typical Democrats to me.

  • This man is a disgrace. I can’t believe America fell for this piece of trash.

  • You know Barack, you can fool some of the people some of the time but you WON’T fool all of the people all of the time! People are indeed waking up to who he is! We will show him in November!

  • bartman99

    the most CORRUPT ever.

  • I saw it when aired been sending out tweets about DC Examiner articles but never saw again on TV totally doubt CNN played and of this at anytime not their agenda and MSNBC would choke selves first. A lot is in 2016 movie now on here for a little while have to catch fast though gets taken down like a top. None of this will be talked about or questions asked of Gibbs and the like. Where was it last election I never believed a word out of Obamas mouth never will. Now he is the most disgusting arrogant person I have ever seen. What a shame he has taken the presidency and removed all respect and honor from the highest office one can hold in this country,all in one term, just think what another will bring us.There has to be rewards for good and punishment for what he is and is doing. If it weren’t for no character he would have none mentioned about him.

  • No Matter.. lets just get rid of this buffoon that is masquerading as our President. We can not.. MUST not have this man child bring this country down further then he has already done. Say NO to l(ing Obeyme in 2012 !!!