James Clyburn’s Views On Calling Clarence Thomas An “Uncle Tom” Have Evolved Overnight

And not for the better. On MSNBC on Saturday, this sad exchange took place between host T. J. Holmes and Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina.

When first asked, Clyburn goes into a long explanation of why Clarence Thomas should be called an Uncle Tom without actually saying that he should. The host sort of weakly tries to follow up since his question had not been answered. To which the Congressman continues to obfuscate before saying that he, personally, wouldn’t use that term, but he also wouldn’t say scumbag as someone else did in referring to the Obama administration, which is of course exactly the same thing. And guess what, it’s not his first time. Yesterday he “didn’t know” if Thomas was an Uncle Tom. Today he knows Clarence Thomas is one, he just wouldn’t say it out loud.

It goes without saying that T. J. Holmes did a terrible job in the interview and made it abundantly apparent he didn’t want to ask the question at all. At MSNBC that’s called par.

It has been a theme all week at MSNBC and among liberals online regarding the Uncle Tom comments. No don’t say that! But totally say that, though. The bottom line is that liberals and Democrats simply have no problem with calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, a race traitor or worse.

Because he is black, and yet he does not do what the Democrats tell him to do.

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