You’ve GOT to hear this guy’s reason for the POLAR VORTEX

Let’s just start by rolling the tape:

Can you believe he made that argument, especially in light of the fact that a bunch of climate change scientists just got stuck in the ice in the Antartic, and all the ships trying to rescue them got suck in the ice too?

And they say global warming isn’t religion. It has to be to believe that load.

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  • Howzah123

    The stupid …

    It hurts

    • DCGere

      And reproduces!

  • Press Watchusa

    I saw that guy (TV) on line at a POT shop in Colorado!
    OOPS! – Just a little possible bias >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Nukeman60

    Yeah, yeah. It makes perfect sense. As hot air rises, cold air falls. The North Pole is higher than the US (just look on any map, it’s above us, so it must be higher and we’re below it), therefore the cold air rolled downhill to get to us.

    Hey, man, don’t bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me.

    • johnfromjersey

      This idiot makes pot heads look bad!

    • BikerHoop

      But there lots of people who are gonna hear that and nod their heads in agreement. “Well, now I understand. That makes perfect sense. I’m glad he was able to explain it in terms anyone can understand!”

    • Steve Angell

      Yes all the hot air at the south pole rose and left cold air too. This movement brought the arctic air down to us.

      This guy is nuts.

      We get this polar air every single winter. Cold spells like this are not that uncommon. Record lows are set because this one happened at a different time in winter than other have is all.

      • Nukeman60

        Hmmm. Yes, it’s called climate change and the climate changes every season. You’d think they’d know this by now.

  • NJK

    “Polar Vortex?” This is the latest? God, I can’t take these knuckleheads anymore. Are we all going to be sucked in in a month, 5 years? They’re crazy. Have you ever seen this by George Carlin? This says it all. These people are off their rockers, and they should all be locked up. I think they’ve all been on LSD or something. They hallucinate or something.

    Saving the Planet

    • John Queue

      Why is that period between the u and the b? youtu . be? What is that?

    • johnfromjersey

      Leave it to an old hippy to blow the liberals happy dream out of the water.

    • toongoon

      George had a lot of insight in his routines, unfortunately the audience is only captivated by the f-word. Everything else flew right past them.

  • John Queue

    Love it when climate drones spew the talking points they’re given like it’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ…makes me want to vomit.

  • For that to be true, we’d have arctic air all the time. What’s more, the antarctic wouldn’t be warmer than Chicago.

  • Guest

    Their countless, taxpayer funded frauds go unpunished. The billion dollar looting schemes of their growing bureaucracies continue to form. Do Cons believe that such shameless racketeers will stop all by themselves? That’s as stupid as believing you can vote your way out of a kleptocracy.

    THE Tea Party used rifles, not votes.

  • Yazz55

    … to be dutifully regurgitated by the lamestream lapdog media, low information voters and other useful idiots.

    If you keep repeating the same lie often enough, people will actually start believing it.

  • tinlizzieowner

    I’m not a global scientist but I do understand how a Model T Ford cooling system works. As the engine heats the water, it rises into the top of the radiator. As the radiator cools the water it replaces the warming water in the engine. There’s no water pump, it’s called ‘thermo syphon’. It’s kind of like the way most coffee makers work.

    If what this idiot was saying is true, the rising hot air at at the pole would be being replaced (at the pole) with the cooler air that is coming down here.

  • ok

  • RKae

    So he thinks warmer, rising air goes north… because “north” is “up,” right?

  • colliemum

    Yeah sure – it’s all globull warming, and we’re all guilty …

    For years, I’ve been reading Anthony Watts’ blog ‘Watts up with that’, where you can find excellent explanations of what’s going on with that vortex and what caused it. It’s natural, it even happens on Venus …

    For a bit of light relief:

    Minnesotans4GlobalWarming are excellent and have given many people much joy with their songs!

  • spin43

    Going for green, as in money. Why give them publicity unless for comical purposes?

  • spin43

    Never believe those that talk with their hands.

    • harglide

      He is only talking with his hands because he does not know what the heck to say with his mouth! What a flippin MORON he looks to be……

  • toongoon

    Do we have a consensus on this?…….Al?……….Al Gore?……

  • Conservator1

    Clean Tech investor Howard Gould and all who Worship at the Altar of Global Warming are like the infamous cult led by Jim Jones – got that from John Podesta. But seriously, I find it unbelievable that Howard Gould would make up a new fact – the polar vortex is caused by hot air rising and pushing the cold air down to the North America and North East Asia.

    If there was hot air in Arctic, there wouldn’t have been a huge increase in ice. They lie more everyday to purport their myth of AGW.

    • Nukeman60

      No, no, no, my friend. Don’t mix the facts. These pieces of wisdom MUST stand alone, because together they would collapse.

      • Conservator1

        Sadly, that’s the truth. Facts are just nuisances that the lefties must ignore because the truth will set the people free of progressive dogma.

    • badbadlibs

      And seemingly intelligent people believe their boat load of crap.
      I was on a couple of blogs yesterday…just ordinary blogs about homes, families, things like that. And several of them started their day with the “polar vortex” tripe. Now, I know for a fact the words, “polar” and “vortex” have never crossed their keyboards in their lives and never would have if they would just tune out the mass hysteria media.

      • Conservator1

        It’s amazing; so many Americans seem to get their beliefs directly from the MSM. They don’t think for themselves. Most are ignorant about science, so they take the word of a dude on TV making a fortune by preaching a faux myth that spreads fear among the massses.

      • NYGino

        “Polar vortex” is so yesterday. Those truly in the know now just say “Potex”. Government funded studies have found that carbon emissions will be lowered if everybody in the world used the abbreviated version.

        Be generous. Send a donation to the “Push the Potex Foundation”. You’ll feel better doing your share to save the Earth.

  • The only hot air “rising” is coming directly from your mouth Mr. Gould.

    My gosh!

  • FreeManWalking

    Does this mean an Equator vortex causes all the hot weather patterns in the summer?

  • DHardy

    Reaching, Reaching, Reaching…and the funny thing is…this has happened before. It’s nothing new…Weather patterns tend to cycle and that’s what we are seeing now..

  • Rick Smith

    The entire Earth could be under a sheet of ice ten miles thick
    and these brain dead, brain washed idiots would STILL be crying,
    The SUN controls Earth’s weather. Too bad they can’t figure out
    how to tax the SUN. Then maybe they’d leave the rest of us alone.

    • warpmine

      For Pete sakes, don’t give them any ideas. Already in MD, they have a “rain” tax for anyone with an improvement. The taxers claim it’s to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay but they never once asked PA to help out with the costs even though the Susquehanna River is the larges water feed into the bay. I can see it now, the govt that advocated for asphalt paving because of the jobs it created will now demand that it be white and proceed to tax anyone and everyone to pay for that as well.

      Progressives really do have a problem with low oxygen levels in the brain.

      • Rick Smith

        You don’t need to tell me about Maryland.
        I was born in Baltimore, but escaped to West Virginia.
        When I have to return to visit relatives, I get violently
        ill right around Hagerstown. I think I’d rather go to hell
        than have to come back and live in Maryland.

        • warpmine

          Know what you mean. I escaped to PA but still have to work my business there. Nothing has changed as you know, the central part of the state is sickle and hammer red and it’s just sickening.

          Mother has a getaway in Tera Alta that belongs in Aspen, CO. Rails against the establishment yet voted for the SCoaMF twice….go figure. Yes, I know she’s nuts as in squirrel.

          • Rick Smith

            I feel your pain, as Bubba used to say. I have relatives in Carroll County that voted for the HNIC too. They are getting screwed big time by Obamacare, so there is some justice in the world. Just watch, all these people who are ranting and raving about Zero will turn right around and vote for Hillary. I thank God I’m old now and hopefully wont have to watch the total destruction of America. We’re almost there now though.

  • notsofastthere

    The last ‘ice age’ was man made also. You know…those butane lighters, SUV’s, factories spewing out pollution, BBQ grills and all that stuff.
    Scientists agree, history repeats itself..:)

    • Kirk McLoren

      And CO2 from coal plants melted the poles on Mars. Maybe the sun did it, ya think?

  • warpmine

    Am I the only one that wants to see all these hoaxers stripped of their money, jailed and then expatriated permanently?

    • notebene

      I was thinking more along the lines of tarred and feathered and put in a stockade in the middle of the town square! You’re way too nice!

      • warpmine

        I have a roofing kettle, two of them really.

    • badbadlibs

      You’re not the only one. There just needs to be more of us to tell the truth.

  • jay28elle

    yeah, I’m holding judgement on all this global warming stuff waiting for peer review of the scientific data to be completed. oh, wait, I forgot – it’s full of fudged data and refusal to allow opponent peer review.
    oh, well…. I’ll just continue living a more responsible life than I use to; I’ll consider hybrids when the Volt federal subsidy brings the cost down to 10k, recycle stuff, slightly reduce my beef intake to help with the cow-methane gas component, and a few other things.
    We live with lies all around us. I don’t think this one is going away anytime soon – way too many peeps who feel superior by taking up the left’s GW narrative to a t, and will never admit they are wrong or modify their view one iota.

    • Nukeman60

      Actually, to reduce the cow-methane gas, you need to eat MORE beef. That way, there are less cows.

      I’m all for more beef. Perhaps the government will give us Rib Eye subsidies.

  • KDM

    LOL. The guy thinks gravity pulls air masses down from the north pole. He wouldn’t pass a 4th grade science class.

  • sjmom

    It’s all the climate change folks spewing the hot air that’s causing the problem. The hot air problem would cease if they told the cold, hard truth.

    • Nukeman60

      I think you have something there. Just as soon as Al Gore stopped talking, the weather turned cold.

      • toongoon

        So Global Warming IS man made. Algore fixed it when he stopped spewing hot air.

        • Nukeman60

          Bingo. Give that man ANOTHER 100 million dollars.

    • gigi0f3


  • NYGino

    It’s simple physics really. Gravity and centrifugal force. All those single socks that seem to disappear get thrown up into the atmosphere by centrifugal force since the Earth is spinning and then they get caught up in that pesky gravity and fall down south towards the antarctic. Somewhere down there on an iceberg not yet discovered is a huge pile of mismatched single socks just waiting to be reunited with their mates. Simple physics.

    Be generous, send a donation to the Save the Single Sock Foundation, you’ll feel better.

    • Nukeman60

      Yep, they’re stuck in the ice – right next to that Global Warming science ship.

      • notebene

        LOL! If they weren’t wasting so much money on this crap and forcing yet another business- killing, fable on us, this would be hilarious!

    • gigi0f3

      Thank you so much for letting me know where, in deed, those single socks have gone. As a mother of two girls plus my husband, if I had saved all those single socks, I would just fly north on gossamer wings and find the mates! Oh my goodness, mystery solved! She typed with tongue in cheek…

      • NYGino

        Glad I could be of service Gigi.

        • gigi0f3


      • notebene

        If you have a cat, you might want to check under your bed too! I have a klepto kitty that steals socks and flip flops and hides way under my bed with her stash! She gives both gravity and centrifugal force a run for the money!

        • NYGino

          If I’m not mistaken notebene, I’m pretty sure Obama has a Klepto Kitty czar in his cabinet. You might want to check that out and ask for government advise and possibly financial assistance on this matter.

          • notebene

            If I was a liberal, I could do that! Alas, I understand that federal money is tax payer money and not “free money”, so periodically cleaning out kitty’s stash is my fate!

            • NYGino

              Spoken like a real American Conservative.

    • badbadlibs

      So THAT’S where they went! Dang….and to think I almost bought a sign that said. CLEAN. SINGLE. LOOKING FOR MATE. and was going to hang it in the laundry room!

      • NYGino

        Yes badbad, that’s why they sew two pant legs together, so the don’t get caught up in the same cycle. ( not to be confused with rinse cycle ) Otherwise we would all be skipping around on one warm leg and one cold leg.

  • Josh

    This is just basic science folks. There is no logical problem at all, except for the inconvenient fact that “NORTH” does not equal “UP”. Wow, people have to be incredibly stupid to believe these morons.

  • NYGino

    Even some NASA scientists have thrown in with the global warming crowd. You remember NASA, the organization that used to be concerned with space exploration and which now has as it’s main goal improving the self esteem of Muslims throughout the world.

    • Dean Chamblin

      They’re right in with NOAA re-adjusting temp data making early 20th century cooler and latter half warmer. It is all documented for anyone who wishes to look at it.

      • Kirk McLoren

        it will be a bit more difficult to revise the history books. How do the warmers explain the Roman vineyards around Manchester? Try growing there now.

    • notebene

      Having grown up in Florida with NASA in my backyard, it makes me sick and sad to see what the marxists have done to our space program! I’m sad that my children will never experience the excitement and pride of space exploration, nor see a shuttle launched. Even with the tragedies, the loss of the Challenger and Colombia, the space program of that time did so much more to instill a sense of pride and patriotism for our nation that has died thanks to the marxist in chief.

    • notsofastthere

      The real shame is that we gave permission and accept that the minority can rule the majority.
      If our founding fathers were like us – we’d still be paying England tribute.

  • Dean Chamblin

    Guess Global Warming in 1899 also caused that Polar Vortex that sent North Florida Below Zero and a Blizzard? MORON!

  • JoelDick

    The polar vortex is actually being caused by racism.

  • notebene

    Global warming isn’t a religion, it’s a ponzi scheme for crony politicians! These scientist make tons of grant money manipulating data, that is infinitely disproved, to get paid by the federal government, who in turn gets money from environmentalist lobbyists for doing so! It’s a warped cycle!

    • badbadlibs

      Hit nail on the head.
      Follow the money….always, follow the money.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    I wish Sean had told that moron that in planetary terms, there is no “up” or “down.” If that were so, the planet’s heat would have migrated “up” to the north pole millions of years ago, and the cold would have settled “down” to the lower latitudes so that Antarctica would now be a tropical paradise, despite getting little direct sunlight, and the US, Europe, and Asia would be permanently at about 70 degrees.. I think maybe the top of his head has suffered cranial warming and it’s affected his rational understanding of what he calls “simple physics.”

  • Bill in Tennessee

    One other quick thought… if King Putt and his minions have their way, we will all be heating our houses with unicorn farts, rainbow emissions, and moonbeam radiation by 2016. I think the DOE must already be on it…so stay tuned.

  • svar42

    “Heat rises to the top”???? How does heat know where the “top” is on a planet? And were planetary physics to actually work as this idiot describes, the North pole would always be hotter. #AGW_ReligionOfTheStupid

    • gunclinger

      well, it’s NORTH, don’tcha know…


      • jlbs

        Yes, north is ‘up’ on a flat map. Thanks for the chuckle ….. I needed it after listening to that doofus.

  • Global Warming and the rest of this noise will continue until we are all living in 20×30 cubicles in soviet style housing. At that point there will be no global warming, cooling, etc.

  • Coming Apart

    Why didn’t they tell us(warn us) of this before it happened?
    I also heard that there was more ice because of the warmer waters!? Again why did we hear nothing of this before it happened? Science on the fly, pesky facts!

    • Kirk McLoren

      more ice because water was warmer? they must have been talking about evaporation and snowfall.


    …I am as MAD AS HELL and I cannot take it anymore so what do I do with all these GLOBAL WARMING MENTAL MIDGETS . I will pray for there acceptance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be saved from the Spiritual Warfare that is going on between GOOD & EVIL. For their arrogance in the non existence of a almighty God who is in control of his glorious universe and Natures Law here on his paradise on Earth .”

  • Brian Jones

    His argument would make sense *IF* the Arctic weren’t freezing over as well…but seeing as how (like Scoop said) those two ships got stuck (one of which was an ice-breaker ship) in the Arctic, I find it hard to believe there’s that much heat to rise in the first place, and definitely not enough to displace the arctic jet stream as far South as Chicago…

    • Gamal

      They got stuck in the Antarctica not the Artic. A major problem with this guys crazy global warming causing cooling argument is that its pretty damn cold in the Artic at the moment check the weather in Barrow Alaska on Another problem with it is that if Artic air warmed up that warm air would rise and the cold air from areas surrounding the Artic would flow in underneath it. Air from the south would flow northward and create unusually warm conditions in the U.S.. These global eco-entrepreneurs are speaking nonsense because they want your money.

      • Brian Jones

        That’s pretty much exactly what I said, except that I typed “Arctic” instead of “Antarctica”…

        Reading past my first sentence:
        “but seeing as how (like Scoop said) those two ships got stuck (one of which was an ice-breaker ship) in [Antarctica], I find it hard to believe there’s that much heat to rise in the first place, and definitely not enough to displace the arctic jet stream as far South[/North] as Chicago…”

    • Kirk McLoren

      Antarctic. It is winter in the Arctic so freezing wouldn;t be a surprise. Summer in Antarctic so freezing is strange. Supposed to melt in summer.

      • Brian Jones

        That’s pretty much what I said…Antarctica = cold, so no heat to rise to displace the jet stream, thus no way to create the “Polar Vortex” based on Global Warming.

  • Gamal

    It’s very easy to debunk the Artic heating theory. Barrow Alaska is north of the Artic circle and gives it’s temperature. If Artic heating is shifting the polar vortex all the way south it must be pretty hot up there right? 80 degrees? 90 degrees? According to on Jan 8th at 12 pm (when I’m shivering and writing this in Philadelphia) it’s -8 degrees in Barrow Alaska and tonight it’s going to be -19 degrees in Barrow Alaska. Hmm it’s cold here in Philadelphia but it’s not that cold. So according to the heat pushing theory Philadelphia air should be pushing the polar vortex toward the Artic and not the other way around.

  • timsrighty

    Anything to prop up the hoax that is global warming.

  • Unafraid


  • James1754

    The only hot air is the idiot making such a stupid comment,

  • The hot air is rising all right….

    • jlbs

      And most of it is coming from DC!

  • Article off of Drudge: What Catastrophe? MIT’s Richard Lindzen, the unalarmed climate scientist

    • PNWShan

      I read that yesterday. Great article, folks!

  • Someone needs to tell this guy the earth really isn’t a kid’s science globe on a spindle!

    There is no heat rising to the North pole making cold fall to the South pole. North and South are relevant to us as a landmark, not to space. Heat rising would rise OUT toward the atmosphere, not to the north pole.

    • Kirk McLoren

      yes, it rises around the equator and flows North and south (2 rotors) descends at the pole and departs to the equator again.
      This vortex is bullshit, the only angular momentum is 1 revolution a day from the planet.

  • aposematic

    How can the idiocy of idiots be qualified…I will not even try. The fact is the Earth is doomed; in 4-6 Billion Years our Sun will go Super Nova…’science’ says that is a fact…but what do facts matter to ‘intelligent Man.’ The Polar Vortex sucks cold are of the poles into itself and up into the upper atmosphere. The cold air then follows the magnetic field to the other/opposite pole (on Earth, that would be N and S Pole). The fact that both Poles are currently getting colder might just give a clue that another Ice Age is upon/approaching US. But, as mentioned earlier, our Sun has another 4-6 Billion years so jumping off of high buildings is not necessary. However, those intelligent Man that are determined to outlaw all carbon based fuel, humans may not be around a hundred years from now to worry about our Sun going Super Nova in 4-6 Billion years..