ZoNation – Abraham Lincoln: Democrat Hunter

Another good one from Zo where he explains why both libs and the neo-confederate libertarians are wrong about Abraham Lincoln:

AlfonZo Rachel reviews the new film “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” for PJTV viewers. Hear what Zo thinks about the story that ties the supernatural, slavery and the confederacy into a single story. What relevance does this fanasty thriller about the first Republican president have to reality?

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  • KenInMontana

    The Neo-Confederate movement is indeed an embarrassment to what once was a valid political position (Libertarianism), however huckster so-called historians went way too far with it, most of you are familiar with some of the bigger names in that cult. Lincoln did in fact commit transgressions against the Constitution, however they appear almost minor in comparison to those being currently carried out by the current occupant. Many make the mistake of conferring a deity like status to Lincoln, however Lincoln was a man and man is flawed. If we remember that, we are less likely to be disappointed in those moments when our “heroes” display their human failings.

  • Joe

    Very ironic that the DemocRATS twisted around what they wanted then and what they want now

    I guess they were abducted – indoctrinated and then let loose on Earth.

    Only kidding –

    They are just very, very confused!

  • Nukeman60

    The attacks are coming from multiple angles, y’all. Better sharpen your axe.‘ – Zo

    Indeed. If the Supremes come out in favor of Obamacare on Thursday, all war is going to break out between the Federal government and the States. The Feds are on the warpath against the States with this immigration issue, against the Churches with the contraception issue, against gun owners with Fast & Furious, and will be against all of us with Obamacare.

    Buckle up, lock and load, and get ready to rumble. Summertime’s here and November’s coming.

    • Jay

      Lock and load indeed. I hope Obama sends his SA- oops, New Black Panthers out to my polling place. Sorry, for a second there I confused Hitler’s bully-boys with O’s. Could you see some riled up Tea Partiers up against the Occupy rabble? What a mismatch.

      • Nukeman60

        Heh, yeah. They’d forget about taking a dump on police cars and just do it right there in their pants. lol

  • stage9

    yep, libertarian anarchists and marxist liberals are one-in-the-same.

    • socially, yes. fiscally, no.

  • bindare

    Alonzo’s righteous tirade explains the Democrat’s fascination with vampires for me.

  • Sober_Thinking

    What a dumb concept for a movie.

    Democrats – bottom dwellers that live in the dark all their lives.

  • toongoon

    I checked the movies listings last weekend and saw this lame excuse for Hollywood obama donors to make money.

    Unfortunately, this movie will probably be the most exposure to Lincoln that a lot of kids in school will ever get.

  • I love Zo but his history is a little off. Democrats did violate human rights for certain but Lincoln did want to free the slaves while keeping the Union together hence the reason The Emancipation Proclamation became the rallying cry and turning point in the war for the North. Lincoln is on record for most of his adult life of being abolitionist, not vehemently as some, but he was. The industrialized North was not pro slavery. Remember they had to pay wages. Yes they did have wage slaves but wages are overhead none the less. Slavery wasn’t just about right and wrong, it was about economics as well.

    This is the first time I have seen Zo’s history needing quite a bit of polish.

    • gilleysuited

      Start of Civil War: April 12, 1861
      Emancipation Proclamation: Jan.1 1863

      Did not free all the slaves of the South, only the ones in areas of rebellion.

      The Civil War’s main cause was not Slavery.

      • I didn’t say the main cause was slavery. What I did say though was the Emancipation Proclamation rallied the North.

        The main cause of the war was states rights with slavery being the lynch pin issue in regard to states rights.

  • aZjimbo

    Go ZO!

  • 911Infidel

    I got my own cognitive dissonace about Lincoln. But I wouldn’t go so far as to make a stupid movie that twists history into knots about him. Leave it to Hollyweird to do that.

    Up on my wall in living room are displayed prominently a picture of Robert E Lee, the father of the Army Corps of Engineers, in a Union Col’s uniform and on the other side, a picture of Abe Lincoln posing on one knee… praying. It pisses people off to no end, because I admire both.

    I admire that a man with no means could rise up from the absolute depths of poverty to become President of the US.

    Lee never used a single disparaging word about blacks or anyone else. He was a godly and decent man who believed that his “country” was Virginia and that he owed it his allegience however controversial that sounds today. He was a 19th Century man and should be understood as such.

    Lincoln’s early speeches were sprinkled with the “n-word”. I’m pretty certain, that Lincoln’s abolishonist agenda was hidden over the use of his 1860’s-era slang in his speeches.

    I believe it was Grant who famously stated that if he thought that the civil war was about slavery that he would have given up his sword and fought for the other side.

    In my opinion, before Gettsburg, the war was about Union for the North, and slavery for the south. After Gettsburg, the war became a righteous cause for the North and States rights for the South. Sherman considered the south to be in rebellion and prosecuted his war as such. His march to the sea is still controversial in the south to this day.

    So, I got my own views on the Civil War. But it remains a true fact that Lincoln did not end slavery with one proclanmation. The post-civil war era didn’t end it either. It prolonged it. However it was the Republican Party….the party of Lincoln that had the guts to try and carry out Lincoln’s legacy with the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

    It was the Dhimiratz that kept Jim Crowe and slavery alive…especially during the Wilson administration. And it was Repubiks that won the day in 1964.

    Lincoln remains a controversial figure who in my view, grew much larger in death, than he was in life. Just like Kennedy did.

    Had Lincoln’s life not been cut off so soon, I believe he would have carried out his promise of …”with malice towards none and charity towards all..”, instead of the revenge of Andrew Johnson. I think Lincoln would have moved quickly and harshly on the KKK and rebuilt the South.

    But Hollyweird can keep their damn movie. I’ll pass on seeing it.

    • Good points on all, don’t agree with some of them but it is hard to read the hearts of men 170 years after the fact. It is telling though that there are not too many, only a handful through out recorded history that were truly saints, so my point is that we should not hold our elected servants up to sainthood, and we should understand that it is up to US to keep them honest, and doing our work. That is the problem more than anything in my opinion, we send mostly good men to Washington, but then we abandon them and leave them to the wolves, so perhaps we can use your bit of history as a reminder that we need to stay engaged and not only hold their feet to the fire but also support them when they do something courageous…Moses had God…who does Rubio have?

      • 911Infidel

        Our forefathers were heroes. To me anyways. An inspiration. They overcame much to deliver to us this great country. They are treated with disrespect and dishonor by the relativists in the classroom, and that should disturb all Patriotic Americans to their core.

        As to Rubio, I believe his inspiration is his dad.

  • Idahoser

    sorry Zo, yes, slavery was wrong, no, a Republic is not what was left when Lincoln was done with it. It ain’t a union if it ain’t voluntary, it’s just that simple. We have the mess today because all along both sides felt it was okay to break the rules ‘just a little’.