ZoNation: George Zimmerman is not white, unless you are liberal

Zo hits on some deeper issues surrounding the George Zimmerman fiasco:

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  • PVG

    Bloody brilliant!!!

  • Krazy Ken

    His videos are always solid.

  • The Sentinel

    Always welcome, always real.
    I appreciate you Zo. Thanks TRS!

  • pushtheredbutton

    Challenging. Especially in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. The left would love us to see each other in terms of race. 

    We on the Right side of history, should not fall for it whatever our colour. We should strive to look beyond these false paradigms. See what I mean here: 


  • Laurel A

    I agree to an extent with Zo but this time I think he could of articulated it better. The problem is mob psychology. Mob psychology is never rational and knows no bounds. Mob psychology often manifests itself in racism. This time the mobs actually formed beforehand based upon race. It is our differences that makes us fear one another and race is the most obvious difference. It’s the low hanging fruit. That is why a certain amount of conformity in any civilization is necessary. That has been true since the beginning of time.

    The next problem is we have a culture in this country that has developed separately and entirely based upon race and formulated to be against race. Actually we have several. These cultures even develop their own dress and their own language. Countries within a country never ever succeed. I can’t help but wonder if it is too late to fix that.

    Here is a particular line in a song that sums up mobs quite well since it is a mob singing it….”We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it SCARES us…KILL THE BEAST!”~Beauty and The Beast

    • kong1967

      Laurel A  You know, you would make a good writer for a column or something.  Pretty…..darn…..eloquent.

      • Laurel A

        kong1967 Laurel A Thank you! That is very kind of you.

    • lawngreen

      Laurel A   That’s a well-written, well-thought-out post. About seven or eight years ago, I had a conversation with a black co-worker about race relations (I’m white) and we agreed that if outside influences – such as our current racist president – would just leave the race issue alone for about another fifty years, it would be over.
      No such luck.

      • Laurel A

        lawngreen Laurel A To an extent I agree but I don’t think racism will ever go away completely. It’s a form of tribalism and is not endemic to this country alone but the entire world. It may manifest differently but it is still racism. Caste system in ME and sub-Asia is as racist as it gets. Sunni vs. Shia vs. everyone else is racist.

        However it could be minimized to be ineffective and pointless. For example I am Californian and a Gen X’er. I can’t relate personally, only historically, to segregation or racism because I never really experienced it in large quantities. We didn’t have segregation. It just isn’t the stuff of the entire country or in the purview of every generation. It’s regional and in this day and age racism simply is taught…and that is at all levels. One has to be taught to have a chip on their shoulder and constantly see the racist boogeyman, and one has to be taught to be a blatant racist as well. Racists are their own classification of narcissism to think they are superior due to the pigment of their skin.

        • 1guest

          Laurel A lawngreen Keep going Laurel-

        • lawngreen

          Laurel A lawngreen Laurel, we could have a fruitful discussion on this topic – you are thinking and not just generalizing, but I think there are some elements you’re not giving sufficient weight to in your assessment of the problem. However, I’m typing this madly because I have to be elsewhere soon. Maybe another day.

        • Laurel A

          lawngreen Laurel A Possibly…or possibly not. It is difficult to put everything down in a blog post.

    • vorlath

      Laurel A Also, Liberals love to stoke the fires of hatred that exists in the Democrat Party. They have to continuously make things up to get them riled up. If they didn’t and learned what conservatism really is, there wouldn’t be a single Democrat in the country.

      • Laurel A

        vorlath Laurel A Great observation. 
        IMHO people are Democrats due to serious character flaws and being weak thinkers as well as weak individuals. Divide and conquer mentality is a cover so one doesn’t have to examine oneself and face one’s own personal failures and flaws. And yes I do think progressive liberalism is a mental disorder. For starters there is a narcissism to it but also what kind of person always thinks the absolute worst, and expects the absolute worse from their fellow man…then seeks to profit off of it?Books have been written about this but living in here in the belly of the beast I see it up close and personal.

        I recommend a book by Dr. Lyle Rossiter. It’s available at Amazon.

  • Conservator1

    Trayvon Martin is NO Darious Simmons, 13-year-old innocent unarmed black child who was shot and killed by his elderly neighbor, John Spooner. Spooner was found guilty this week (see below):
    The article contains a graphic video (direct link below):

    If the race provocateurs like Sharpton, Jackson and so many others where concerned about protecting young black children, they would have stayed in Milwaukee where a truly innocent black child was shot and killed in front of his mother. 
    If the far left wants a poster-child of racism, it’s NOT Trayvon Martin – just watch the short video. It was and is Darious Simmons.

    • badbadlibs

      Where is the left now? That was so terribly sad. That poor family and child. 13 is still a child.
      Wonder because that murderous man was found guilty promptly the race baiters found no dollar amount they could squeeze out for themselves?

    • Las1

      It’s because they don’t go after the real racists because no one will defend the real racist.  No… they go after the fake appearance of racism within the system.  That way they can shake down the system for money and perpetuate a false narrative to keep milking for money.  Pigford is a prime example.

    • Conservator1 Why is this case considered racism …becasue the shooter was white and victim black? Certainly, he hadn’t any reason to kill in cold blood and should be punished for doing so.
      On a side note, the idiots that did steal from this white idiot should feel pride and what they fomented. Want something, buy, get a job to earn money to buy it but refrain from your animal passions of theft.

  • kong1967

    I must be asleep at the wheel or live in the wrong neighborhood.  I don’t ever see people behave this way.  I’ve seen people express outrage at how the left and blacks have responded to the Zimmerman trial, but I don’t think anyone I’ve ever heard was talking about all blacks.  I might be guilty of saying “blacks” without clarifying, but my anger is only focused on the subset of blacks that use their race as a weapon or a “get out of jail free card” (an excuse).


    He is very right. I’ve had to distance myself from a lot of people and websites, when the crux of their arguments degenerated into nothing but a lot of racist crap. In a way I’m glad thIs happened, because it really gives me an insight into what people really think.

  • Laurel A
    • PVG

      Laurel A “He urged his mostly black congregation to stop viewing the world through their “black eyes” and start looking at it through the “blood of Jesus.”Amen!

    • JohnCraven

      Thanks Laurel A for putting this link up.  I honestly have never heard of Rev. Manning before but what he has said here I like.  Weought to get him and Charles Barkley and the Rev. Petersen who spoke on Hannity’s radio show today on a forum together and talk about this.  They make a great amount of sense.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      • Laurel A

        JohnCraven I occasionally watch his sermons online. He is no fan of Obama. It would be great but while Charles Barkley may disagree with Obama on this he is a gigantic Obama supporter. As I said on another thread he and Cosby are reaping the whirlwind they have sown up to and including labeling people as racist if they disagree with Obama.

  • JohnCraven

    I think there are white people who are deserving of the hatred of many blacks but George Zimmerman is not one of them whether you consider him white or not.
    At the top of my list of white people whom blacks have every right to hate is the “father of modern society” Margaret Sanger – the creator of “The Negro Project” whose express purpose was and remains the extermination of the black race and who founded Planned Parenthood for that exact purpose – to kill off as many blacks as possible before they are born.  And with the great help of Nero Barack Hussein Obama, the most merciful, and the ENTIRE Democrat Party apparatus, Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project is accomplishing its mission as evidence by the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the baby butcher of Philadelphia, who’s  murdered black babies by the thousands in the most gruesome and sickening of ways like some modern day Adolph Eichmann.  In some cities, the abortion rate amongst black women is around 75% – genocidal levels – and it is because Planned Parenthood sets up its baby murdering facilities to target minorities for termination.
    Near the top of that list, not far behind Margaret Sanger, would be the likes of Chris Matthews and Toure’ who propagandize for this Fourth Reich created by Margaret Sanger and her fellow travellers such as Nero Obama, the BORG Queen.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • tinlizzieowner

    I love this guy! (in an intellectual sort of way, of course). 😉 😉

  • Yow. Nikki Sixx the unhinged racist mob inciting bore. 
    There were many brave men and women in the U.S army during WW2 but black soldiers were especially noted for their extreme courage in combat, only rivaled by Japanese Americans and American Indians. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • Even before working in security, I despised mobs. All mobs are the same and every time. The left love, incite and use mobs and are a mob. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • James1754

    Another excellent commentary.

  • msverde2

    The truth suuuuurely hurts, doesn’t it?