ZoNation on abortion outrage: The difference between rights and food stamps

I’m stunned once again at another brilliant monologue from ZoNation exposing the racist demagoguery of Planned Parenthood:

Abortion activist Ludwig Gaines made some outrageous allegations about the pro-life movement. Zo responds to this Planned Parenthood controversy and explains why and how the Democrats have arrested the development of the Black community.

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  • Very good! Wish it would go viral.

  • Maxsteele

    “Declaration of Dependance.” Love that line.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Yeah, that was a gem!

  • Nukeman60

    Darn it, Scoop. I was just getting ready to walk away from my computer and you go and pop up a Zonation video. I do love me some Zo. I guess the world will just have to wait 🙂

  • Nukeman60

    Sweet video. Zo: ‘…Oh, yeah. And you’re evil.

  • WordsFailMe

    The Black community, as if there is one, has had 160 years to integrate into this society, to understand capitalism and to get ahead individually, on their own initiative and effort.

    50 years ago, Republicans helped to pass laws to GUARANTEE equality, access to housing, healthcare, jobs, promotions, union membership, political office and the armed forces. Instead the “black community” signs up for voluntary genocide, self-degradation through music and communism where men are required to meet only minimum standards.

    Then they lowered the standards.

    When you are too weak to make it up that first step, drag everyone else to the ground floor.

    Is this assessment/opinion fair to all Black people? No. But you can’t be fair and honest at the same time.

    All “fairness” requires at least one lie.

    • keyesforpres

      They actually integrated quickly after the Civil War, but after the Union troops pulled out, Democrats cracked down. The Union troops pulled out because the dems cheated in the presidential election and it got thrown into the House. Dems agreed to give the election to the Republican (who won it), if the Union troops would pull out.

      I highly recommend reading the book, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”, by David Barton. I was amazed to learn that there were 9 blacks elected to Congress shortly after the Civil War and a black Speaker of the House! All Republicans. All the state legislatures were dominated by blacks. All Republicans of course. I was amazed how successful blacks were coming right out of slavery!

    • Julian Sequeira

      “self-degradation through music”

      How awful the would the pop music industry be without black people? No jazz, no blues, no rock and roll, no soul, no funk, no hip-hop.

      • Rock and roll wouldnt have been the same…….Black people have donr more for art in this country…then us white folk…..But all things equal Most of us dont want the black population dessicated by abortion and government ghettos.

        • WordsFailMe

          I agree with you but would have added “..Abortion, ghettos, and lowered standards…”

          How do you wake up each day and know that there were 5 candidates for the job you were given who were more skilled, more prepared and more disciplined for that job, but they gave it to you anyway? You put on an air of pride, arrogance and disdain for the system that took you in.

          Does such selection make you respect the people who promoted you? Does it make you want to excel at your job? Does it confirm the hate your already held for the society making this hollow gesture?

          Black people are people and deserve to be treated as equals to anyone. When you treat the black man like some one who is incapable of competing on his own, you reinforce the Liberal Party/Progressive lie. You teach people to live lies. You carry the hate to another generation.

          There are weak members of every group on people. The fact is that social evolution, engineered by Democrats and progressives, unlike physical evolution, favors the weak and corrupt in the community. The most corruptible members are selected out for this negative success while the strongest, Herman Cain, Alan West, Thomas Sowell, people who contribute to society, are despised and ridiculed.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I heard an interesting statement this morning: Black people have become irrelevant in this election cycle. Hear me out before you scream raaaaaaacist!

    Over 90% of black Americans voted for maobama in 2008. Now, that number is down thankfully to 83%, which is still ridiculously high. Why do many of them vote for maobama? Because he’s black… well, okay, and because they’re demoncrat. So, they’ve become irrelevant because the demoncrats know they have the black vote no matter what. The repubicans know this too, so they’ve stopped trying to win them over. So blacks don’t really matter… the demoncrats keep them on their plantation – in slavery to the government – and the black voters keep the demoncrats in power. No one is caring for their issues or helping that community.

    What has this got to do with what Alfonso is saying? Blacks, statisitcally are having a lot of babies out of wedlock. So, there’s new mothers and newborns coming into the system all the time. And if the father runs out on them… which happens a lot in all situations, then those mothers and babies become part of the moocher class – the 49.5% of those who pay no taxes. And that gives clowns like Ludwig Gaines more power. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Alfonso is excellent as always!

    Here’s another interesting insight into this:


    • johnos2112

      I wonder why Obama and other left leaning lunatics do not asked blacks to become Mormons. You figure they could procreate at large levels and take over America. Just a thought!

      • Idahoser

        they only tell them they’re for them, you know. It’s not really true.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • TruLevinian

    I said something similar in college. I said that welfare is like crack cocaine in terms of how easy it is to become dependent. You should have hear all of the moans and groans in that classroom! It was my political science class. I got an A even though the professor was an undercover lib. You know… The kind that say things like “I’m not a Dem or Repub. I’m an American” in the attempt to make these fresh young minds think that their absorbing ubiased information.

  • marketcomp

    Well said, Zonation and PJTV!

  • CalCoolidge

    How do we get rid of Bill Maar and replace him with Zo? This guy is the nuts.

    Maybe Romney could find a spare $100 mil and give to Zo buy a TV Network.

  • That was freaking awesome!!!!!

  • This bull crap is the same argument that the left gives to try and justify the atrocity which is abortion. They always claim that we pro Life folks care more about fetus’ than children who are growing up poor because we don’t support socialized government programs. What a pile of crap and lies. They don’t care to include how much private charitable efforts many of us give to help all people.

    Well said as usual Zo. Abortion is evil no matter the race, and it’s just as evil for the left to try and justify it by turning on those who recognize that ALL life is sacred.

    Oh, and for those who mock Christians about such things as “slippery slopes”, explain this one: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ethicists-argue-in-favor-of-after-birth-abortions-as-newborns-are-not-persons/


    and if you think this is just a couple of wackos, think again. This view is gaining much popularity among so called ethicist professors and many on the left who are pro population control. It is evil to the core, and soon, this will be legal as well. Think about what comes next. Real CHOICE is ADOPTION.

    • nibblesyble

      Go ABC!

    • denbren52

      Call me whacko but these secular humanist, socialist, evil pigs think that they have the right to decide when a life has value. We are well on our way to selective infanticide, euthanasia, death panels, and every new mother I know was pressured to have pre-natal testing to determine if their babies would be “normal”.

      Slippery slope? Someone flushed the toilet on us and we’re all headed to the cesspool. This country is in big trouble if we don’t begin to reverse these EVIL trends.

      • Amen and well said. I agree. We’ve hit the skids from this slope when we even have people considering the idea of infanticide- or to be more to the point, baby murdering.

    • NCHokie02

      Exactly. They say our programs are broke already so we can’t even afford more “unwanted” babies. So aborting them is the “humane” thing to do so they don’t grow up poor and to parents who don’t want him. I suppose the same argument could be made for social security and medicare. “Hey we’re already broke with those programs so we’re just going to off you when you reach eligibility for those programs.” Of course with Obamacare that is going to start happening when they say “Hmm…your 70 with cancer…we’re not going to cover your expenses we’re just going to let you die.”

      Scary times. Just remember don’t look back when Washington D.C. gets turned into salt.

  • nibblesyble

    Newt/Zo 2012

  • nibblesyble

    I love me some ZO!

  • CMP


  • Alborn

    Keep it going Zo. The more you voice the truth the greater the chance for others to wake up to “these truths are self-evident”.

  • W.

    Abortion is an outcome of the sacred dogma of the left: se xual freedom.

    Contraception and abortion were supposed to give people freedom to have pleasure without the inconvenience and danger of unwanted children, to prevent poverty and child abuse and to make men’s and women’s lives happier and give them more choice and freedom.

    However, these, devices, pills, procedures, have had the opposite effect. Child abuse has risen 600% since 1973 and Roe vs Wade. Unwanted pregnancies have risen. Women have the highest rate of depression in human history. Divorce and domestic violence have risen. Adultery has risen dramatically. So have the number and incidence of STDs. Suicide has risen with the increase of promiscuity. Sexual promiscuity has risen at an earlier age. Se xual abuse and pornography have risen. The number one cause of death of pregnant women in the US is murder. There are other physical and emotional effects of contraception and abortion. The dramatic rise in breast cancer and infertility, miscarriage and other female problems including dysparunia.

    One thing has decreased though, the male sense of protectiveness and respect for women and children has decreased. This was never more evident than when the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground in Italy recently. Men shoved aside women and children to get on the life boats and the captain was one of the first.

    As Rick Santorum said, the se xual revolution and contraception has not been all that good for women or men.

  • This idiot [Ludwig] is just too stupid to see himself as part of the racism problem. He automatically assumes that welfare and food stamps were made for blacks. He feeds into negative stereotypes, and yet would scream like a virgin having sex with John Holmes, if someone white were to say welfare and foodstamps only existed because of black people. He’s just as stupid as Jessie Jackass, who says that Obama should be “honored” to be the foodstamp president, in perpetuating a stupid stereotype. Its the same stupidity, that would lead him to think that he’s been elevated by getting foodstamps and welfare.

    • keyesforpres

      Not saying welfare and food stamps were made for blacks, but they were encouraged to quit their jobs and get onto it. Rudy Guiliani’s book, “Leadership” he tells how blacks were encouraged in the 60’s to quit their jobs and get onto welfare.

  • glassnwood

    Every black person in the country should listen to this because he is dead on the money. Great summation of how the liberal mind really works now.

    • stage9

      I take issue with the the fact that you imply that liberals have minds. I emphatically disagree with you.

      • glassnwood

        Good one. Don’t know what I was thinking. Must of had a brain fart.

  • mike morrison

    Zo needs to run for office already.

  • jzaik

    Libruls love population control, birth control, weather control…..

    these control freaks like to control everything….but themselves.

    Best line.

  • keyesforpres

    Everyone should read the book: “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White” by David Barton.

  • Hey, Democrats are the party of food stamps and “after school programs” and murder.

    They want to keep people on the plantation.

  • I like the ending, you are also evil. Oooops, he brought up a dog whistle for the atheists.

    By the way, if people are descended from apes, why is it that the Democrats keep hearing dog whistles? Are they descended from dogs?

  • aZjimbo

    Good stuff as usual.

  • hongryhawg

    Maybe he and Obama could have a beer summit; in the ‘hood.

  • PVG

    BRAVO and AMEN!!

  • NCHokie02

    Another great point by Zonation. Can we petition to get Alfonso as the next Press Secretary, and have him involved in the debates against Obama? At least give him a speaking platform at the Republican convention.

  • PFFV

    Government assistance encourages laziness and dependency but it accomplishes the Democrat Party’s goal of keeping people on the Democrat plantation. If you receive government assistance you should be exempt from voting because we all know a beggar will always vote for more free stuff.

  • msverde1

    God, this boy is goooood!! Keeping it simple!!!