ZoNation: The Obamaphone lady is proof of how liberalism arrests development

A great ZoNation, using the Obamaphone lady to make his point of how liberal social programs keep people from improving.


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  • PVG


    • warpmine

      As alsways

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Right On!!! Right On….

  • AwakenNow

    Thank you. We need more people like him putting out the truth.

  • marketcomp

    Some Black Americans will always stay on the plantation!

    • sno_warrior

      It’s not only ‘black America’. There are a lot of ‘white America’ on that bandwagon too.

      • It’s true that there are more white people on food stamps than black, which is why when I hear Liberals calling Conservatives “racist” for trying to reduce food stamp dependency I get so damn angry! It’s not a race thing, it’s an economical thing!

      • marketcomp

        The worst slavery is economic slavery and some will make it their job to find ways to live off Government handouts and that transcend race, its character.

        • Idahoser

          “The worst slavery is economic slavery”
          It’s easy to get caught up in a topic and say something without thinking it through. You might want to think about that for a minute.

        • Hmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with opportunity.

          • yobabe

            My family arrived in the United States with $20 in our pockets, little to no ability to speak the English language and somehow we found plenty of opportunities to improve our situation…and all the while NEVER taking a dime from the government. How is it that a 40-year-old foreigner, his wife and children can find opportunities, but American-born citizens like our video star cannot? What excuses does she have or what excuses are YOU making for her? Enough of the sob stories, please. Stop complaining and blaming other people and please stop demanding what does not belong to you. Shameful!

    • warpmine

      Those be the house “niggas”, the ones treated so very well. The slaves treated like dogshyt are the ones risking it all for freedom and this was always the case.

  • CDS in Manitoba

    Every time that I see this clip with that woman, my mind wants to tell me that I must be watching sketch comedy. I mean, how in the world does someone in real life actually say such ridiculous things and in that kind of a voice? How could anyone possibly take her seriously?

    • kong1967

      I doubt anyone does.

    • What things does she say that are so ridiculous?

      • Are you kidding me? Did you actually listen? These people want free phones, some one else to pay their mortgage/rent and get free medical care! Big problem is SOME ELSE IS PAYING FOR IT! You included! You must be drinking the same kool aide Obama is selling

        • Yes Sara, I listened, I didn’t hear her say anything about wanting someone else to pay for her rent or mortgage or medical care. I heard her mention Food Stamps & disability. Did you actually listen? Also, Kool Aid doesn’t have an e on the end. You probably need more of our publicly funded (socialist) schooling. By the way, what is the difference between publicly funded schools and publicly funded medical care? Why is one ok but not the other? And where do all you conservatives come up with this same old Kool Aid line? Is this directly spoon-fed to you from Fox News? I think we liberals should start referring to YOU as having drunk the Kool Aid.

          • warpmine

            Nothing. There isn’t any difference in the two except in collection. In both cases, money is confiscated from somebody that and given to someone else. Both programs, however, are going broke because big government liberals you are running them both into the ground. When SSI, Medicare programs were conceived people lived much shorter lives so if you lived long enough you could get a small benefit. Medicine has extended those lives by at least ten years and some twenty exponentially sucking more form both systems as age increases and more sign up for benefits.

            Both were conceived to broaden the Democrat bases knowing full well people would never vote to curb their appetite for entitlements. This very notion is sickening to any individual that desires Liberty before government slavery.

            • 1. Your poor grammar renders your response almost incomprehensible. 2. The two systems I compared were publicly funded schools, and publicly funded medical care. Somehow it seems you turned it into SSI and Medicare and completely ignored schools, the crux of the question. 3. Any person such as yourself who actually believes that SSI, Medicare, public schools, free phone service or whatever was “conceived to broaden the Democratic base” should proceed immediately to the nearest psychiatrist to be checked for paranoia. This is ridiculous. I challenge you to provide a shred of evidence to this effect.

              • yobabe

                Hi, Kayla! You’re little argument is not as awesome as you try to assert. All the public programs you mention are in chaos. Proving that government run programs pretty much suck. So why take a health care system for the entire population and give it to the government to run/dictate?!? Have you been to the DMV lately…all I can say is NO THANKS to more government. Your logic only leads to misery. I have lived in a country to which you aspire (government-run everything) and all I can say to you is…be careful what you wish for, my dear. I will forgive your ignorance.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Conservatives believe the Department of Education should be abolished. Further, as a Christian conservative, I would LOVE to see publically funded schools abolished. Parents entrusting the education of their children to strangers is a huge mistake.

            Perhaps Sara was thinking of the lady Democrat who, during the last Presidential election cycle, was excited about government paying her mortgage (voice clip played often on a conservative radio show).

      • meyou

        I think what CDS meant to say was the few words that we can understand are ridiculous. Those words that we cannot understand are, we’re sure, totally NOT ridiculous (It’s hard to speak upsidedown; I don’t know how libs do it).

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What a coincidence I was watching Milton Friedman speaking about the free enterprise system, and Equality. I encourage all my fellow scoopers here to watch him as he makes his case that only free enterprise has created the most wealth for everyone.
    In this video he makes one of his most famous remarks, “A society that aims for freedom and equality will end up with neither”

    • kong1967

      Much like saying a society that fights poverty with handouts will only create more poverty. He’s right about fighting for equal results. You have to reward the pillars and the doers or there will be no reason to “do”.

    • bongobear

      Good point. The problem is that people like this woman and Obama supporters in general probably won’t watch the Friedman video because they’re not open to considering another viewpoint. This woman apparently has no real concerns except who will give her what and how much. She’s the kind of person who needs some education in the free market system and how to help yourself by working for what you want in life. Ain’t gonna happen.

      • warpmine

        I concur except that I doubt that she would be willing to take the time out of her busy schedule of protesting and soap opera/reality television TO view. Chances are, she’s been living this type of life since day one and thinks it ought to be this way unless she come into lottery winnings on a grand scale. We cannot blame her for this, it was always this way thus understanding the concept of government confiscation of other people’s money isn’t there.

        Those that gain favors from the government in this manner should never be allowed to place a vote and we all know why.

  • unclesamnephew

    it wasn’t until i had listened for the third time, i understood her. i thought she was saying fool stamps

  • keninil

    One of Zo’s best !!!

    • PVG

      I can’t stop smiling! Very funny.

  • Yeah Romney was most definitely wrong about the whole 47% comment.

    • PVG


  • storykeeper

    I just love this guy, telling it like it is. I have yet to see one of his videos that did not make absolute sense. Entitlements are a cancer in our society and destroys family values. The great society has done more to destroy the black family than any other act of man.

    • kong1967

      Hamas uses the same tactics to win people over in small communites they take over. Communists use the same tactics. They know it’s the perfect way to control a large group of people. It makes me sick. Reminds me of Whoopie Goldberg when she said communism is so great and that it just happens to be a coincidence that leaders that commit genocide happen to be communists. No Whoopie, it’s no coincidence.

  • Kordane

    I disagree with Zo about his claim that Democrats are “selfish”. Instead, I would argue that Democrats are “self-destructive”, and that it is not in your self-interest to act self-destructively. The fact that you gain material goods does NOT mean that you’re being selfish. Selfishness is a virtue – It requires you to think about what is actually in your long term self-interest, to make your life the best life that it can be. Democrats have a track record of acting self-destructively – Their whole philosophy is a philosophy that advocates the destruction of the SELF. This is why the Left wants to destroy America from within; to hollow it out; to weaken it; to knock it down some pegs. No, I flatly refuse to acknowledge that Democrats are selfish. The only people who are selfish are those on the Right who advocate limited government, capitalism, a free market, and individual rights – It IS in our self-interest to have these things. It is NOT in our self-interest to advocate the things that Democrats advocate.

    • kong1967

      I agree with the premise of what you say, but I don’t really follow your definition of “selfish”. We are selfish because we advocate limited government and etc., while Democrats are not selfish for wanting everything handed over to them for free while someone else has to pay for it.

      You don’t think this lady believes getting free stuff is in her best interest? She doesn’t have any outlook for the future so it’s not like she’s going to be planning for a nice house, nice car, or a good job.

      Other than the definiton of selfish, I think you’re right on.

      • Kordane

        Selfishness is simply concern with one’s own self-interest.

        It is in one’s self-interest to have limited government (etc) because of the incredible benefits one receives from living in such a free society.

        It is not in one’s self-interest to live under tyranny, whereby one lives a tortured life, or is simply destroyed by it.

        I’d love you to explain how it is in my self-interest to be shot by the government’s secret police/death squads, or how it is in my self-interest to create wealth, only to have it seized by government police/troops, or how it is in my self-interest to own a business, but have no control over it because the operation of my business is dictated by fascist government bureaucrats.

        It’s not in one’s self-interest to live under tyranny. It’s self-destructive to live under tyranny; the self is destroyed; it is selfless (less of the self) to live under tyranny.

        Now, as for that Democrat woman…

        How is it in her self-interest to become dependent on the government? How is she ever to gain any sense of pride/self-esteem? She can’t. She loses it. How it is in her self-interest to have any remnants of pride/self-esteeem, that she may have, destroyed by the ‘free stuff’ she gets. The fact that she gets ‘free stuff’ does not automatically mean that she’s acting in her self-interest. I don’t consider that to be selfish. I consider it to be self-destructive/selfless. She’s harming herself. If she wanted to act in her self-interest, then she’d go get a job, earn her own wealth, and she’d gain a great sense of pride/self-esteem from that activity.

        Getting ‘free stuff’ is BAD for you. It harms the mind of an individual. It turns you into a victim and a dependent, rather than a self-sufficient and independent individual.

        The main point: Just because you ‘gain something’, does not automatically mean that you’re being selfish, because you’re not looking at what negative consequences there may be. For instance: You may shoot up with heroin, get a great high from that. You’d probably consider that selfish, right? WRONG. Now you’re going to suffer the negative consequences – Addiction, physical harm, mental harm, social harm. Drugs (like heroin) destroy individuals. I’ve seen some of the victims of heroin – You can NEVER tell me that those victims were acting in their self-interest by shooting up with heroin. Those victims of heroin have destroyed their lives, and hence, they have acted self-destructively/selflessly.

        Whenever someone calls me “selfish”, I take it as a massive compliment, because selfishness is something I strive for; something that’s incredibly hard to achieve consistently. Whenever someone calls me “selfless”, I take it as a massive criticism, because I’ve been acting self-destructively; I’ve harmed myself somehow.

        This moral contradiction is something that the vast majority of Conservatives NEED to comprehend and deal with. This crap about selfishness being evil and selflessness being good, needs to STOP.

        I’ll leave you with this: If selfishness is evil, then your desire to live is evil. There is nothing more evil than a moral code which calls ‘your desire to live’ evil.

        • warpmine

          “It’s in our self interest that all are seeking to better themselves by their own talents.”

          That of course isn’t selfishness, it’s concern for our fellow man. Somewhere, it’s just semantics when defining this. When I see people that come from nothing, work hard at a concept turning it into wealth, that gives me pride in the sense that it’s possible to transcend that of humble beginnings to the top.

          • kong1967

            Yes, and you’re right about semantics. We all agree on the premise of what he’s saying, and no matter what you call it the facts still remain true.

        • kong1967

          I understand (and agree) that living under tyranny is not in our best interest, so bowing to it is self destructive. However, libs don’t see it that way. The “evident” downside is not here…yet…and they view it as compassion. Yes, being a lifer on welfare is bad….it steals your self dignity, self worth, removes your self sufficiency, leaves you at the mercy of others and makes you a slave to their will. But when there is no downside at the moment other than being poor (lazy people will accept it), they think government cares about them. They believe that bottomless pockets pay for it and it’s only fair because the rich hoard all the money. To me, that is the definition of selfish because they want others to give things up to give to them that they didn’t earn.

          The desire to live is innate. It is natural to want to survive, although many give up and want to end it.

          As I said, I agree with everything you say other than the definition of a word. That is a very minor disagreement and has no bearing on anything, because your descriptions are spot on. Good post.

          • Kordane

            “To me, that is the definition of selfish because they want others to give things up to give to them that they didn’t earn”

            You’re not considering the long term harm that getting that ‘free stuff’ will do to them. You’re not selfish if you get some short term gain, such as shooting up with heroin. You’re only selfish if you gain a ‘net profit’ long term. In the case of getting ‘free stuff’, I would argue that you actually suffer a ‘net loss’ long term, because as you said yourself, it steals your dignity, self-worth, removes your self-sufficiency and leaves you at the mercy of others and makes you a slave. Sure, you might get some ‘free stuff’ (even though you know you didn’t earn any of it) in the short term, but you’re doing serious harm to yourself long term, and I would further argue that such people suffer a ‘net loss’ by losing the very precious human qualities that you listed. These people are wasting their lives being unproductive and unhappy on government benefits. I don’t think that’s selfish.

            I think being selfish would be if those people never went on benefits, but instead got themselves jobs, worked hard, scaled the ladder, achieved great things in their work, and were able to provide for themselves and their family.

            I think being selfish means to make your life the best possible life that it can be. And you know – That is HARD to do. Think about it: The best possible life? That’s seriously tough to achieve. The sheer discipline and willpower required.

            • kong1967

              “You’re not considering the long term harm that getting that ‘free stuff’ will do to them.”

              Yes I am. Long term welfare (total dependency) destroys people. I just don’t think a lot of the people on the take realize what it’s doing to them.

              As I said, everything you said is spot on. I can understand why define the word selfish the way you do. It’s just a matter of perspective on the word. But your points are all very good.

              • Kordane

                I’m just basically repeating what Ayn Rand wrote decades ago. I come on here and articulate it to people, but it has all been said before; it’s all out there in much more articulate/concise language than I can achieve.

                If you truly think that what I said was good, then I’d like you to watch this (far more articulate/concise) talk given by Yaron Brook (president of the Ayn Rand institute) – http://capitalism.aynrand.org/illinois-policy-center-talk-free-market-revolution/ (Skip about 12 mins in to hear the speaker).

                That’s the kind of talk I’d give on here, if it wouldn’t look like a gigantic wall of text to everyone. Have a listen to that, and tell me whether you still think it’s a “matter of perspective” on the word.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t have time to watch it now, but I opened the page and bookmarked it for later. I’d like to see it.

                  I came across some Ayn Rand quotes and I want to copy a couple here. She has some very, very wise and great quotes.

                  Ayn Rand Quotes:

                  “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

                  “Government “help” to business is just as disastrous as government persecution… the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off.”

                  Well, I guess that leaves liberalism off the table immediately.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          My moral code is based on God, Whom you deny exists, but everyone in their hearts realizes from creation that He does. He also has written His law on your heart.

          And He said:
          Philippians 2:3-4 NAS

          ‘Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.’

          A desire to live comes from God and He designed our bodies to be wired for self-preservation. To be willing to relinquish one’s life for someone/God takes great love:

          John 15:13 NAS

          “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

          Notice what the first definition of selfishness is in the World English dictionary:

          1. chiefly concerned with one’s own interest, advantage, etc, esp to the total exclusion of the interests of others

          And Oxford’s definition:

          (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:


          • Kordane

            This kind of stuff always comes down to mysticism, because that’s all that it’s based on. If I asked you why man should sacrifice himself for the sake of others, why should man be treated/considered like a sacrificial animal, and why this is morally good – You’ll tell me “Because God said so”. Basically, there’s no Earthly reason to justify any of it. It’s all mysticism.

            I’ll leave you with this: If selflessness is morally good, then why should you want heaven? If you want heaven then you are selfish and therefore evil. You should want the opposite of your selfish desires, which is hell. You should want to be tortured and burned in your mythical hell, because it’s precisely what you don’t want, because it’s precisely the opposite of your selfish desires.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              You know there is a God, but willingly choose to reject your Creator- that’s what it comes down to.

              Are you referring to God, the Son- Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, as a sacrificial lamb, in atonement for the sins of all who would ever believe on Him? Why should their be an earthly justification for what God does? God does not need to justify Himself to you. He chose to put on display His love and I don’t know why Jesus died for me, but I’m glad that He did.

              Are you questioning people in the military sacrifice their lives so that others might continue to live in freedom? I’m thankful for the love they display. Are you questioning why a parent lays down their life so that their child might live? I believe that sacrifice is admirable and displays great love.

              Heaven would not be heaven if God weren’t there. I want to be with God. Desire of the promised gift of eternal life where God is and perfection in heaven and reuniting with Christians who have gone on before does not constitute that I want that to the exclusion of others, as the definition of selfishness entails. I desire that all men be saved.

              Hell is not mythical, Kordane, it is very real and I pray you will become a Christian by His grace through the faith He supplies and come to know and love God.

              Hell is a place where God is not, where those who sin against God and have rejected Christ’s work of attonement on the cross in this life continue to rebel against their Creator in torment and separation from God. Your denial of reality does not make your perception true. I’d hate for you to die and only then come to the realization of how wrong you are now.

              • Kordane

                I don’t ‘know’ there is a God. That would require direct observation and/or experimentally testable evidence, or in other words empirical evidence. I have and you have about as much empirical evidence for God as I and you have for the existence of boogeymen, fairies, unicorns, etc – Which is to say None. The fact that believers have ‘faith’ in the existence of God is proof that there is no empirical evidence. If they had empirical evidence, then faith wouldn’t be needed. Instead of “I believe God exists”, they’d be able to say “I think God exists” (which is a step up in terms of certainty). I could literally make up some deity right now, let’s call it “Sluggorz The Creator of Worlds”, and it’ll have just as much empirical evidence supporting its existence as there is for the existence of your God or any other God for that matter, ie. None.

                Quote: “Why should their be an earthly justification for what God does?”

                I asked for an Earthly reason for why Man should sacrifice himself for the sake of othes, for why Man should be regarded as a sacrificial animal, and for why this is morally good. All anyone ever offers in answer to these questions is a purely mythicism based response, which is to say that they offer nothing based on reality.

                Quote: “Are you questioning people in the military sacrifice their lives so that others might continue to live in freedom?”

                If the country I was fighting for was a free society, then I would gladly put my life on the line to protect it – It would be in my self-interest to do so. It is abhorrent to me when people say that they fight “selflessly” for the preservation of their nation, because they’re implying that it ISN’T in their self-interest to fight for their nation; that their nation is of so little value to them that they consider it a personal sacrifice to have to go out there and risk their lives for it.

                Quote: “Are you questioning why a parent lays down their life so that their child might live?”

                The parent clearly valued the life of their child greater than they valued their own life. I think it’s totally selfish in that case, since they stand to ‘profit’ from the relative value of their life vs their child’s life. They’re trading a lower value for a higher value, and profiting from the trade – Hence they’re being selfish.

                Quote: “Desire of the promised gift of eternal life where God is and perfection in heaven and reuniting with Christians who have gone on before does not constitute that I want that to the exclusion of others, as the definition of selfishness entails”

                Yes it does. According to the creed that denounces selfishness as evil and selflessness as good – To have any desires is selfish; you must have no desires; you must “want for nothing”; not a reward here or even in your ‘afterlife’; you must sacrifice all values; you must value nothing; you must not even desire any reward, neither material or spiritual from anything. To live totally selflessly, one must immediately run over to a cannibal tribe and offer oneself to be eaten by them, with no desire for heaven, with no desire for gratitude, with no desire for anything. That is what your moral code ultimately offers you – Your death/sacrifice for the sake of others.

                Quote: “Hell is not mythical, Kordane, it is very real”

                Ok then, provide me with some empirical evidence that is a) observable and b) testable via experimentation. Then, and only then, would I consider it ‘real’. The same goes for “heaven” and “God”.

                • wodiej

                  Firstly, this is way off topic. Second, and I say this with a compassionate heart….go get yourself some counseling, get off the juice or whatever you are on and get right.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  You do know there is a God, though you have denied it in your heart. You know there is a God because of observed creation on earth, and you know it from the observed heavens above. You know all of this design and order didn’t just happen. You know. You do not have to be a Christian to believe in God. Even the demons believe and tremble. The only reason you continue to breathe right now is the grace of God, Who gave you life.

                  Many people can create a god to their liking, but there is only one God, the Creator of the universe. It is He who made us, and not we ourselves.

                  There is only one Man who deserves a capital M, the Son of Man, Who is also the Son of God. You also took a quote out of context, eliminating the question I asked prior:

                  “Are you referring to God, the Son- Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, as a sacrificial lamb, in atonement for the sins of all who would ever believe on Him? Why should their be an earthly justification for what God does? ”

                  You say the word ‘reality’. How do you know I am real, Kordane? How do you know wind is real? You can’t see it, touch it, taste it, or smell it.

                  I take it then, with your ‘sacrificial animal’ comment you are referring to mankind who is neither an animal, nor are we going to go on living forever in this world. We have a hundred percent death rate presently. Generally with the term ‘sacrificial animal’ I would think of an animal sacrificed/slain.

                  So, you would be willing to risk your life, but not lay it down for your country (ultimate sacrifice)? You are willing to get wounded perhaps, but if it comes to it, you would save yourself if it meant your own death to save your comrades around you or the country you are fighting to continue to live in freedom for? After all, in a selfish man’s world, the country would only be worth fighting for if you could still live in it yourself.

                  Remember the definition that says selfish lacks consideration for other people? The other people would include one’s own children (take a look at the foster care system if you don’t believe me). A selfish parent thinks of themselves more than their child and would try to save themselves first, particularly I would think, one who did not believe there was any life after death.

                  You again quoted me out of context- note the sentence you left out that came next:

                  Desire of the promised gift of eternal life where God is and perfection in heaven and reuniting with Christians who have gone on before does not constitute that I want that to the exclusion of others, as the definition of selfishness entails. I desire that all men be saved.

                  I value God and what He did on my behalf so I could live and see Him in His glory. And my conscience comes from God- my sense of right and wrong. You have rejected God and seared your conscience. But God is able to save you, Kordane, just as He has/is/will save me not only from the wrath to come, but from the guilt I bear for wrongs I’ve done. He has forgiven me. I wouldn’t trade my relationship with the living God with your empty beliefs for anything. But I do hope, by God’s grace you will trade your empty beliefs for a relationship with the living God. I desire God to be pleased with my life and the life after death with Him He promises- which by God’s moral code, Who sees His perfect Son when He looks at me (see Galatians 2:20), is good. God cannot give evil desires, Kordane. Psalm 37:4
                  ‘Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.’

                  Wow, Kordane. Only God can cast you into hell. Be careful what you ask for. If you continue to reject Christ, you will get your request in regards to hell. And after you die, you are going to bow your knee and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, but it will be too late to turn from sin and become a follower of Christ then.

                • Kordane

                  Quote: “You know there is a God because of observed creation on earth”

                  No, but I know there is reality, and reality is what created Earth and the rest of the universe. Reality is NOT God. Reality has no intelligence, reality has no humanoid form, reality doesn’t need to be worshipped, reality won’t hear your prayers, but reality is what did it ALL. You don’t need to ‘believe’ in reality, because you can know it, right here right now – Just open your eyes, use your senses.

                  Quote: “You know all of this design and order didn’t just happen”

                  Actually it did, and you know why it happened this ‘particular’ way? Answer: Because there is an infinite number of universes, all with their own unique outcomes and content – So our universe, one of that infinite number of universes, was bound to happen just the way it did. It didn’t require any ‘creator’ or ‘planning’, since it was bound to be one of the possible outcomes from an infinite number of unique/different outcomes! Multiverse theory is the answer to your: “Why did all of this happen the way it did?” question.

                  Quote: “The only reason you continue to breathe right now is the grace of God, Who gave you life”

                  No, the reason I continue to breathe right now is because our species has evolved that ability over billions of years of evolution. Evolution gave me life, or more broadly, reality gave me life… oh, and my mother/father too 😉

                  Quote: “You say the word ‘reality’. How do you know I am real, Kordane? How do you know wind is real? You can’t see it, touch it, taste it, or smell it.”

                  You’re getting into epistemology now, ie. The theory of knowledge / How do you know that you know? And all that stuff.

                  Epistemology is an incredibly complicated topic, but I will give you one explanation for what my epistemology is: Reason, ie. the faculty by which one perceives reality, identifies what it is that is being perceived, and then integrates that knowledge in the mind/brain.

                  Reason is Man’s means of gaining knowledge. Faith is invalid. Faith is fake knowledge. Faith is made-up/pretend knowledge. Reason is all that you, as a human being possess. Try crossing busy roads ‘using only faith’ (so cover your ears, cover your eyes, obscure your nose) – You’ll get run over and die. Are you some kind of hypocrite? You use reason millions of times a day.

                  Quote: “Generally with the term ‘sacrificial animal’ I would think of an animal sacrificed/slain”

                  Yes, that is what I meant. It was a metaphor for something that is sacrificed. It is precisely what action (sacrifice) which you are being told is a virtue, rather than vice. I am against altruism because I am against human sacrifice. Man should never sacrifice. I do not accept lose-lose or lost-win scenarios – I only accept win-win scenarios.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  God is real. And reality is He created the world, but you have rejected Him. You have traded the truth of Him for a lie, creating a god to your own liking, a god called ‘reality’ who you say created the earth and the rest of the universe.

                  I see you also adhere to the religion of evolution, something that takes a great deal more faith to believe in- a lie for those who reject their Creator, Who is the Truth. Oh, and your mother and father also were created by God, created with the ability to conceive. God formed you in your mother’s womb.

                  The ability to reason came from God. Faulty reasoning, which is what you have, is a result of man’s rebellion against God.

                  Faith is a gift of God. The reason you think it is pretend is because you have not been given this gift. If God draws you to Himself, you will be able to know that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

                  Christ is referred to as a Lamb, sacrificed, so you might then understand why I asked if you were thinking of Him. You cannot accept other people, mere men’s sacrifice on behalf of friends. And obviously, you cannot accept, as a spiritually dead person, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, which was a win win, while we Whom He redeemed were yet His enemies. Christ had joy set before Him (Hebrews 12:2), that those who were given to Him by the Father so that we might see His glory (John 17:24).

                  I challenge you to test your reasoning and go to the website I gave you in my previous post.

                • Kordane

                  Quote: “So, you would be willing to risk your life, but not lay it down for your country (ultimate sacrifice)?”

                  I would be, if my country was a free society. It’s not though. It’s a mixed economy, meaning some tyranny, some freedom. That kind of society is not worth me risking the supreme value which is my life; it is a bad trade.

                  Quote: “in a selfish man’s world, the country would only be worth fighting for if you could still live in it yourself”

                  Yes, but one can selfishly desire to see one’s children, friends and other family members continue to live free from what enemy you are fighting against. Under such circumstances it may be valid to lose one’s life, since the family members are of greater value than one’s own life, and therefore one profits from that trade. When one profits from a trade of relative values, one can be said to be acting in one’s self-interest.

                  Quote: “A selfish parent thinks of themselves more than their child and would try to save themselves first

                  That would only be the case if the child was of lower value to the parent than their own life was. I’m no parent myself, but I find that parents value the lives of their children much higher than they value their own lives. So in a traditional situation where the child is valued higher than the parent’s life, the parent can be said to be ‘acting in their self-interest’ by losing their own life to save their child’s life – The parent profits from that trade of relative values.

                  Now, let’s contrast this with a “selfless” example of the above. A selfless parent would save themselves (the lower value) rather than save (the higher value) the child, because if they were to save the higher value (and thus profit from the trade) then they would have been acting in their self-interest, which isn’t a selfless thing to do.

                  I think that most examples of parents giving up their lives to save their children, are examples of selfishness in action.

                  Quote: “If you continue to reject Christ, you will get your request in regards to hell. And after you die, you are going to bow your knee and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, but it will be too late to turn from sin and become a follower of Christ then”

                  All the fun people are in hell any way.

                  One exit question though: Don’t you think it would be hell in itself to exist forever in heaven? You would eventually do everything and get bored out of your mind. You would crave to cease existing, sort of like in that episode of star trek voyager when they go to the Q-continuum, and there are Qs there who have existed so long and done everything, and they literally have nothing to say to eachother that hasn’t already been said countless times, and they all crave to cease existing; immorality is hell for them. It’s a good episode for you to watch, because that’s your heaven right there. At least, for atheists, we die and that’s that (there is no hell for us).

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  1. Response regarding your first assertion: To be willing to lay down your life if it was a free society does not fit in with selfishness, Kordane. After all, you would not be able to go back and enjoy it, were it a free society.

                  2. Response regarding your second assertion: As a proclaimed atheist, you would not see your children or loved ones go on to live in a free society. There is nothing in it for you to the exclusion of others (recalling the definition of selfishness) in sacrificing your own life for your children even if it were a free society. Plus, you would not be around to get any pleasure, enjoyment or satisfaction of seeing how they lived on.

                  3. Your reasoning here falls apart, Kordane. Please look again at the definitions I posted from dictionaries of selfishness. Naturally, a selfish parent would value their own life more than their children.

                  4. Saying all the fun people are in hell is a glimpse that you really do think there could be a hell so you want to minimize it by saying all the fun people are there. If you get your request, which you surely will if you do not receive Christ as Lord and Saviour but instead continue to reject Him until you die, you will learn that you will have no enjoyment whatsoever in the lake of fire. I surely don’t desire that for you!

                  5. Absolutely, positively not. It will not be hell in heaven. I most definitely will not be bored. The God Who created the universe will be there, the God Who made a way for me to be reconciled to Him! One could never get bored with God in heaven. There will be a lot to do and the Bible gives just a glimpse of this. Responsibilities will be given, food will be scrumptious, there will be a new earth which will not be marred by the curse of sin and heaven will be glorious. I will have a new body that will not get old and if Jesus’ resurrected form is any example, a body where I can do more than I can now!

                  I Corinthians 2:9

                  You sure are gambling on something you aren’t sure about in regards to your imagining there’s no hell. Hell is very real. I hope you don’t find out when it’s too late.

                • Kordane

                  1. “To be willing to lay down your life if it was a free society does not fit in with selfishness

                  – Who said anything about dying? You don’t go to war to die. You go to war hoping to defeat your enemy, and survive whilst doing it.

                  If you want a clear articulation of the view of selfishness that I’ve accepted, then I direct you to the book “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand. That will settle all your questions concerning this issue. There is an online pdf to read.

                  2. “There is nothing in it for you to the exclusion of others (recalling the definition of selfishness) in sacrificing your own life for your children even if it were a free society

                  Of course there’s something in it for me – The continuation of said children.

                  Just because it’s not YOU that lives on, does not mean that you’re not acting selfishly. If you value the children higher than you value your own life, then it is selfish to see those children live on, at the expense of your own life – You PROFIT from the trade.

                  I really don’t think you understand selfishness at all. So I recommend you read said book.

                  3. “Naturally, a selfish parent would value their own life more than their children

                  That’s a misconception. Selfishness is concern with one’s own interests, but what you’ve misunderstood is that it doesn’t tell you WHAT is to your own interests. Your childrens’ survival may be MORE in your interest (ie. higher value) than your own survival.

                  This doesn’t mean that children will always be higher value to parents than their own lives, but if they are (as tends to be the case), then you can be said to be acting selfishly be seeing them survive at the cost of your own life.

                  4. “Saying all the fun people are in hell is a glimpse that you really do think there could be a hell

                  Lol no, “hell” and “heaven” would violate my metaphysics. I don’t accept them at all. You clearly didn’t realise that I was just humoring you.

                  5. “There will be a lot to do and the Bible gives just a glimpse of this. Responsibilities will be given, food will be scrumptious, there will be a new earth which will not be marred by the curse of sin and heaven will be glorious. I will have a new body that will not get old and if Jesus’ resurrected form is any example, a body where I can do more than I can now!”

                  And eventually you would do everything that’s possible, and then you’d do it again, and again, and you’d get bored, seriously friggin bored with just…existing. True immortality IS hell. You have to be able to END your existence once and for all. You can keep telling yourself that this would never happen, but it’s just human nature to get bored.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  1. You just asked who said anything about dying. That is what we were discussing. I had said Quote: “So, you would be willing to risk your life, but not lay it down for your country (ultimate sacrifice)?” Obviously, the men and women of the armed forces don’t go to war intent on dying. But sometimes they do die.

                  I don’t have any desire to read the empty, shallow waste of time book of hogwash you have decided to believe. I am very happy with the truth in God’s Word.

                  2. You seemed to have missed ‘to the exclusion of others’. You are not excluding the your children in sacrificing your life for your children. It is you who do not understand selfishness and it seems quite evident you did not go back and look or failed to understand the Oxford dictionary when it said of selfishness- “lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” If you gave your life for your children, you would not be lacking consideration for said children, because if you were lacking any consideration for your children being able to live on, saving your own self would be your chief concern.

                  3. Again, look at the World English dictionary definition cited above;
                  ‘chiefly concerned with one’s own interest, advantage, etc, esp to the total exclusion of the interests of others’

                  There are many selfish parents- look at those who abort their unborn children for their own convenience, look at those who party hardy and don’t take care of their kids, look at those who recklessly endanger their own children in pursuit of their own pleasure, look at those who could care less for showing love for their children.

                  4. You did not succeed.

                  5. I will not be bored. In the presence of God I would not POSSIBLY be bored.

                  Psalm 16:11 NAS

                  ‘You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.’

                  Human nature will be perfect in heaven and boredom will not exist.

                  Hell is not immoral, it is perfectly just. It is pure mercy that God saves anyone at all.

                • Kordane

                  1. “I don’t have any desire to read the empty, shallow waste of time book of hogwash you have decided to believe. I am very happy with the truth in God’s Word.

                  Well that’s funny, because I (as an Atheist) have actually taken the time to study religious literature (mostly the Islamic sources), whereas you refuse to read anything that challenges your beliefs. I take the time (as an Atheist) to debate with religious folks, and I allow them to make all the pro-religion arguments they can. I think that when someone is so bigoted that they refuse to allow their beliefs to be challenged, it suggests that they aren’t very certain of their beliefs. If you were certain of them, then you wouldn’t have any problem reading anything that challenged your beliefs, since you’d know that it wouldn’t have any effect on your beliefs.

                  2. “Oxford dictionary when it said of selfishness- “lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.”

                  You’re describing Hedonism, not Selfishness. I totally disagree that it is in one’s self-interest to live the life of a hedonist, just as I totally disagree that it’s in one’s self-interest to shoot up on heroin, do crack cocaine, and take all other kinds of drugs on a daily basis – I’ve seen the victims of this hedonism that you call “selfishness” – I KNOW it is not in one’s self-interest; I’ve seen the consequences.

                  3. “World English dictionary definition cited above;
                  ‘chiefly concerned with one’s own interest, advantage, etc, esp to the total exclusion of the interests of others'”

                  Both dictionary definitions tend to suggest that selfishness is “especially to the exclusion of others” – But not that they did not say “ALWAYS to the exclusion of others”. The point you’re trying to make is that it IS always to the exclusion of others, and I am there telling you that helping others can be in your self-interest, and I’ve explained how it works in practice.

                  4. “I will not be bored. In the presence of God I would not POSSIBLY be bored”

                  Oh yeah, and how does that work exactly? Does he wipe your memory frequently, so that you can do the same crap over and over and over again, but think you’re doing it for the first time? That’s a pretty sick existence right there, to need your memory to be wiped constantly.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Why study lies when I have the truth? That would not make any sense. I have the Spirit of God within me and He guides me into all truth. I am instructed by God to walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers, but my delight is in God’s law and I should meditate on it. (Psalm 1) I am not to be conformed to this world but be transformed through the renewing of my mind (Romans 12:2), which does not happen from reading a bunch of lies and false religion garbage. I am to think on things that are pure, lovely, honorable, and right (Philippians 4:8) which are not found in books filled with lies such as the Koran and the book on selfishness you are commending. I have the truth and am complete in Christ- I feel no need to search in the slums when I have already found the pearl of great price.

                  2. You are arguing with the dictionary definition, Kordane.

                  3. You have not succeeded in proving your point- for example, if you had no love for your children (John 15:13), you would find no pleasure in trying to help them. By necessity, you would not lay down your own life for your kids strictly out of selfishness- by necessity to make such a sacrifice, you must love them.
                  4. Why not come out of the slums of life and taste and see that the Lord, He is good? Confess the things you have done wrong, turn from them, confess Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, died on the cross, paying the price for the sins of all who believe, was buried and rose again on the third day. You cannot possibly know how it works when you do not know Him, Kordane.

                  If you continue to reject Him, you will live out your very short, dull and miserable existence here, which is absolutely no comparison to the pleasure of being with God, rejoicing and working with His children, enjoying His creation without the curse of sin, and instead will learn that forever in eternal torment, while you would continue to gnash your teeth in rebellion, you will suffer an eternity in darkness without the light of Christ. Right now, you are experiencing a measure of common grace, but not so there. You could die today, Kordane, and you are not ready. And if you are not afraid you might admit God does exist, please visit http://proofthatgodexists.org/

                • Kordane

                  You’re a lost cause, buddy. I’ve tried to reason with you, but there’s no reasoning with someone who rejects reason. I’ll leave you to your fairy tales.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  I’ve been a Christian for 35 years, Kordane. I believe God, Who is truth and gives me love and joy. He holds me in His hand and no one can take me out of it- that’s why to you, I’m a lost cause. I am very, very happy God has mercy on me and has saved me from my sin and endless second death (hell).

                  Sadly, you are swallowing hook, line, and sinker the lies of your father and captor, the Enemy of your soul. May God take your blinders off, convert and transform your spiritually dead soul. And may you come to have a personal relationship with your living Creator, Christ Jesus, the Lord. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. If therefore the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. (John 8:32,36)

    • BikerHoop

      I have to disagree with you on your premise that we’re selfish because we want “limited gov’t., capatilism, a free market, and individual rights”. The definition of ‘selfish’ includes the words “regardless of others”. I don’t want limited government for myself… I want it for every American. The same with capitalism, free market system and individual rights. I even want it for the “Demorhoids”.

      But I do believe you’re correct when you say that Demorhoids (I love that word!) act self-destructively. And, their collective self-destructiveness will destroy our society.

      • Kordane

        Quote: “I don’t want limited government for myself…”

        So you want tyranny for yourself, but a free society for everyone else? That’s a massive friggin contradiction right there. Of course you bloody want a free society. I think the vast majority of ppl who post here want a free society for themselves. Sure, they want it for others too, but it’s just ridiculous to say they want it for everyone else, but not for themselves, as if they’d be happy to be strung up on some tyrant’s torture rack, whilst looking upon everyone else who walks around free and happy.

        The Democrats do act self-destructively, but what is self-destruction other than the destruction of the self? What’s another word for having less of the self – “Selflessness”. Oh, but wait, I bet you think selflessness is a virtue, right? Well guess what – It’s the same thing as “self-destruction”. Self-destruction = Selflessness. I think selflessness is completely and utterly evil, because I think acting self-destructively is completely and utterly evil.

        • BikerHoop

          “So you want tyranny for yourself, but a free society for everyone else?”

          No,no,no… You misunderstood what I was saying. I don’t want limited government for JUST me, I want it for everyone.

          I’m not quite sure what kind of merry-go-round you’re on here. After reading the rest of your response – the part about how selflessness=self-destruction=evil – it seems to me like you’re trying to play both ends against the middle. Either that or you’re truly confused.

          • Kordane

            Ok, so you want limited government for yourself (but also happen to want it for others too), fine. But dontcha know that it’s selfish to want a free society for yourself? That’s what you were denying. If you were truly ‘selfless’, then you’d want exactly what I thought you wanted, which is to live under tyranny, whilst everyone else lives in a free society. You’d put aside your selfish desires for liberty, and you’d submit yourself before a tyrant’s whip, because you know, that tyrant ‘needs’ to beat you so badly, and your job as a selfless being is to be his slave, to meet his ‘needs’ for violence, cruelty and oppression.

            • BikerHoop

              I don’t believe that in order to be selfless I have to live in tyranny, but if you want to believe that, knock yourself out on it.

              • Kordane

                It just makes logical sense, since if living in a free society is in your self-interest, and self-interest/selfishness is evil, then living in a free society is evil, and therefore you must not live in a free society, meaning that you must live under tyranny.

                This is what the creed of selflessness is telling you to do! Every single time you’re told to do something selfless, or you voluntarily do something selfless, you are essentially acting in a self-destructive manner, since you are acting (by definition) in opposition to your self-interest. If you were operating in your self-interest, then you could not call it selflessness. They’re polar opposites.

                You can’t have your cake and eat it too, meaning that you can’t claim to advocate selflessness as a virtue, but also advocate acting in your self-interest. To be selfless you literally have to be your own destroyer, by always acting against your self-interest. For instance: It’s in your self-interest (if you want to live) to eat and stay hydrated. The creed of selflessness instructs you to give away all your food and water to someone else; others must be your primary concern – Naturally, you will die from that action, but you would die with ‘full virtue’ according to the creed of selflessness.

                I know this is hard for you to understand, but you’ve just automatized this crap in your mind, since throughout all your life you’ve been told that virtue lies in sacrificing for the sake of others – You never stopped to realise that maybe human beings aren’t meant to sacrifice for others, that maybe human beings aren’t meant to be treated like sacrificial animals.

  • This guy is fantastic!

  • kong1967

    ROFLMAO!! Demorrhoids!!!! She does sound like Gilbert Gottfried, too.

    He does such a great job of describing the Democrat party and it’s members.

  • practigal

    Zo knocks it out of the park…. ATTA BOY, ZO!!!

  • iaintlyin

    Maybe for those that disagree with the word ‘selfish’, glommish?

  • iaintlyin

    I’ll tell you something, Romney got a lot or repealing to do. 1 million of these phones in Ohio alone, whew. Hopefully he has the balls to negate the damage done by 0 rather than legislate around it. Hopefully he believes what he said about the 47%, for the most part. Within that 47% I think there’s 3-5% that can be awakened if he is successful in turning the economy around. If he is bold, commits to conservative values and lets working Americans keep their hard earned money he will be successful. Its going to be hard but he has to find a way to get ‘folks’ like the 0phone glom off the gov’t. dole. Honestly, the remaining 43% are lost, will never be won back and are ummmm…. demorroids that will be here forever, unless….. foods stamps, free phones, medical care etc, aren’t given to the successive generations of leaches in return for them having their tubes irreversibly tied before they procreate. BTW, Bill O’Reilly makes me puke.

    • What did Bill’O do to tee you off this time?

      • iaintlyin

        I saw him on Fox this morning being interviewed along side Laura Ingrahm. He has a penchant for talking down to people while talking over them. His overall demeanor with everyone, even those that agree with him is the most obnoxious pompous personality I know of. His line “i’m right your wrong” (or any version of it)when used against another right leaning commentator is way uncalled for. If a liberal at msnbc treated one of their own the way BO treats his right wing peers they’d be pushed to the back of the line. This is a long term observation analysis of a guy that gave 0 the biggest softballs ever in his interviews with him (which I resent him for also). Sorry, but the guy isn’t for me and if the foxhole gets too full, he’s gone, that is, if he doesn’t leave on his own.

        • I still watch his show. Sometimes he is annoying and he does seem to forget that the show is about the topics and the guests not just him. Every now and again he has a guest or a topic worth watching. But like The Five, best to DVR it so you can skip out the Geraldo and other annoyances.

  • Orangeone

    But she has an income, she is being paid to protest Romney!

    • I bet she’d have trouble spelling “Romney” nevermind have the first CLUE about ANY of his policies. Pitiful.

      • Orangeone

        I don’t know that I can explain Romney’s policies with him now announcing the illegals O’Bambi granted amnesty too through an illegal EO will remain in our country.

        • I missed that announcement. When did he make it?

          • Orangeone
            • Thanks for that info! Disappointing as it is.

              • Orangeone

                I wonder if Romney isn’t a closet O’Bambi supporter.  Why would he make these statements?  Hispanic vote?  He is disenfranchising his base and will turn off Independents like me.

                • I think he’s getting bad advice from his “trusted advisers.” The one time he went off message and was recorded by Mother Jones I actually LIKED what he said. I wish he’d talk that open and honest and less guarded all the time! Based on this, I’m not to optimistic about Romney in the debate Wed.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I think it would be better to refund their work visa money than to continue to allow those here illegally here to continue to stay instead of trying to abide by the gaining citizenship process legally.

    • matt miller

      seiu pays 11.00 per hour to protest.but she admitted she gets food stamps and welfare to qualify for her obamaphone. isnt that a felony called fraud??
      she sure looks ablebodied to me.

      • Orangeone

        Yes it is.  All we need is her name and hope there is a Repub Gov’r in the state she lives in.  Food stamps must be high value, she looks like she eats for 3.

        • matt miller

          she’s takin mooche’s advice and eatin kobe beef and lobster and ribs….ooops.
          that was the white house menu,not the menu for the “little people”….forget i said that. seriously this lady needs to be charged.

  • M_Minnesota

    You think this could be Barry’s “Macaca” Video? With a spokewomen like that?

  • Awesome as ever Zoe!
    Demoroids! LOL! Great description!

  • bongobear

    I like this guy…I wonder what the black community thinks of him. Probably not very popular with resist we much and his crowd.

  • SouthernForester


  • But…..RACIST!

    Ha ha, I love Zo.

  • iaintlyin
  • TCH

    This is a great parody song about this lady.


    • Love it! Thanks! LOL!

    • warpmine

      That was great!

    • matt miller

      tch great link laughed so hard im cryin….for our country. what happened to people??? seriously man, hilarious link.

    • wodiej


  • How has liberalism arrested this woman’s development? Even if she didn’t have food stamps and a free phone (free phone service for poor passed by REAGAN, everybody, get your facts!) even if she had a job, do you think she’d speak any differently? No, this woman needs more education, which if you’re honest, is socialist redistribution. Take money according to income & property values & redistribute it so public schools can educate all children at no charge. Don’t act like all programs are the same.

    • gunclinger

      This woman doesn’t WANT more education!

      She wants more FREE SH!T.

      Government schools have proven over several decades to only INDOCTRINATE students, not to teach them to THINK CRITICALLY!

      They can put a condom on a banana, and feel REALLY good about themselves, but they don’t know history, how to read, how to spell.

      If this is what you consider a good way to spend my money, no thanks.

      I have already moved to Galt’s Gulch.

      YOU can’t touch me!

      • Truth be told, neither you nor I know how this woman is supported, whether or not she works, what opportunities she had or lacked in life. Your assertion that government schools indoctrinate students is funny. Exactly what information do they indoctrinate into them? Thinking critically is typically more a part of college learning, granted, one reason college needs not to be exclusively available to the wealthy. Sex ed is NOT widely available, self-esteem is NOT great where people don’t have opportunity to succeed. You evidently HAVE moved to Galt’s Gulch because you are quite ignorant about how poor people live. I highly recommend you read this article, written by a person like you for people like you. http://epicureandealmaker.blogspot.com/2012/05/occupy-galt-gulch.html

        • gunclinger

          Your sarcasm is noted.

          You have no idea of how I was raised, or my background, yet you think are qualified to tell me how I should think?

          You are a typical POMPOUS ASS liberal, knowing more than the rest of us poor souls.

          Go smoke a blunt, and ride your unicorn…

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Watch the documentary IndoctriNation if you truly are interested in what information they are indoctrinated with, but you sadly were likely indoctrinated with lies yourself in school. And as to college, many professors in colleges teach a bunch of godless garbage and revisionist history.

          I recommend you visit this site because I care about your soul:

          Re: self esteem:

          Ephesians 5:29 ESV
          For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church,

          As to opportunity to succeed- these opportunities are getting less and less under Obama’s policies, so if you would like to give this woman the best opportunity in the next four years to succeed, vote Romney/Ryan and not to re-elect the President whose policies have resulted in less people being in the workforce than when he took office.

        • matt miller

          yes we do kayla, she said herself that she recieves foodstamps and welfare in
          order to qualify for HER new obamaphone.she is obviously able bodied enough to be working or at least looking for a job. she should be disqualified for her social aid immediately. she can protest in favor of government handouts but she cant work for them??? come on kayla, time to think like an adult and be honest with yourself here.

      • meyou

        1000 “likes”!!!!

    • warpmine

      They are the same and the results as always are the same. It’s unfortunate that a pre-programmed Obot cannot see the obvious….government is the problem. Before it got richly involved, this woman had a great chance at bettering herself with the localized school system. Money may have been scarce but the system never abused it. I strongly urge you to read Thomas Sowell, Walt Williams, Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain to see how it use to be way before government screwed with it all.

      • Government is the problem, LOL. Without government we’d be living primitive lives indeed. “Each of us in this room has warmed ourself at fires we did not build, and each of us has drunk from wells we did not dig.”

        — Mark Shields, as heard, October 1997
        I think you’ll find this very enlightening: http://epicureandealmaker.blogspot.com/2012/05/occupy-galt-gulch.html

        • yobabe

          Um…infrastructure…military…not entitlements for all…we are drowning, Kayla? Do you have any concept of numbers? How far are you willing to go before you, the Obamaphone cutie and the rest of us fall off the cliff? You like to tell us that we need to educate ourselves, maybe you can take some of your own advise. We will never live in Utopia, so what’s the next best thing? I think our forefathers had it figured out…the progressives are finally slowing down the engine that made this country great. Woodrow Wilson was the beginning of the end to this great land…and Kayla carries his torch. An ever-increasing redistribution of wealth will be the nail in the coffin of the USA…remember, I come from a country that redistributes it all…and it is HELL!!!!!!!

        • warpmine

          You’re so full of it, the bleeding toilet is plugged up. If I buy a wood stove with my money and fuel it with wood that I either cut or bought, I did it with money I earned.

          “Without government we’d be living primitive lives indeed.”
          One thing for certain, with a constitutional government, we’d all have boat load more of the money we earned. Government wastes money because it isn’t theirs to begin with. If they were frugal that would be something entirely different but they’ll never be in any way shape or form.

          As far as your past comments are concerned, it is you that requires a stay at a psychiatric clinic for the cure of liberalism. This we know from renowned authors in the field is an illness we must rid ourselves of.

        • wodiej

          the government has no money they did not seize from hardworking citizens.

    • matt miller

      this “woman” is able bodied and needs to get a job. the other protestors were holding seiu union/anti romney signs. seiu pays protestors $11.00 per hour to protest. at least she could have held a sign. but she jumps around ,agitates,screams all day long,and
      verbally assaults anyone questioning or disagreeing with her. she needs to “protest”
      her entitlement mentality and her laziness.

      • wodiej

        she probably should be institutionalized as she may be at risk to harm herself or others. They walk among us….

    • wodiej

      Everyone does not have the same level of intelligence-it’s called IQ and can be measured. This woman surely is on the low end of the scale but definitely is able to work doing something that does not require much thought. What she needs educated on is “there is no free lunch.”

  • TCH

    ZoNation is great. I love all of his videos.

    • Love it! Thanks! LOL!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Too funny and too true!

    Zo is on point!!!

    • iaintlyin

      soo sad, sadly funny and yes, too true

  • Constance

    Watching that woman was one of those moments in my life when I could feel my hair standing on end from genuine fright. I’ll bet if I had been watching, I would have seen two feet of hair standing straight up from my scalp and pointing towards heaven like a pyramid. Ah, the Obama supporters. Nothing but class and intelligence every step of the way.

  • iaintlyin

    deleted by poster, i have too much respect for RS to have left this humor out here.

  • I’m late seeing this one of Zo.
    Everyone has said it all. It’s such a good ‘un!

  • Landscaper

    Our cell bill, about 4 lines down has a charge that CAN NOT be removed. The charge? Cell phones for those poor poor people who can not do better in life. REALLY? I’m 53, up at 5:30 every morning, sore back and all. Hell I work for this crap!!!!!

    • wodiej

      fyi…Virgin Mobile Wireless is the cell phone provider for these freeloaders. When I emailed them and challenged what they were doing, they wouldn’t answer me.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Zo nailed it again!!! He should be on Romney’s campaign team…if he would do that. As always he has some valid points about liberals, and the difference between conservatives and liberals.

  • Psyphurr Lock

    Zo reminds me of another great man, from long, long ago…

    “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: ’tis dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” – Thomas Paine

  • Just another one of Zo’s great rants. Brilliant! as always.

  • michael carpenter

    love it!

  • matt miller

    man….. this guy is off the hook . i would pay $$$$$ to watch this man get all up in the cellphone ladie’s space and break down reality for her deluded liberal azz. this page is going in my favorites folder NOW and gettin a shortcut on my desktop!

  • wodiej

    Good stuff. LOL…

  • matt miller

    well i hope bamaphone lady saved her reciepts…judging from the mittslappin served up to
    oclown last night id say her free minutes and “fool stamps” are about to expire!

  • BelieveInAmerica

    Here’s a remix song on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AZNb-UpwNU