127,000 student visas from MUSLIM countries just last year!

A new analysis of statistics from the Institute of International Education estimates that 127,000 student visas were given out to people from Muslim countries just last year.

From Conservative Review:

Several months ago, we estimated that roughly 1.62 million individuals from predominantly Muslim countries have emigrated here since 9/11.  We counted all of the green cards issued to foreign nationals of 43 countries with either near-100% Muslim population or an overwhelming majority of Muslims.  While some of these individuals are likely non-Muslims, we noted that it is a pretty fair estimate of the number of Muslim immigrants and coincides with the Pew estimate of 100,000 million Muslim immigrants per year.

A quick search and tally of the data at the IIE for the same 43 predominantly Muslim countries reveals that 127,332 student visas were granted to students from these same countries.  Our government does this every year and the trend is only growing.  That means that 14% of the annual student visas are from Muslim countries, an even higher share than immigrant visas relative to the total immigrant population.

Remember, about 40% of the illegal aliens who are present in America never jumped a border fence – they’re people who received a visa to visit, and simply stayed here illegally after it expired. How many of those are Muslims?

Undoubtedly it is reasonable for America to give out student Visas to foreigners who want to study here, but is it really prudent to allow so many from a region that has a large population of extremists who are openly hostile to America?

In the wake of the ISIS-inspired Chattanooga massacre by a naturalized citizen immigrant who came from Iraq, these are important questions that need to be discussed openly.

And none of this is racist because Islam is not a race, so there.

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