15-year-old defends home against burglars, shoots one of them with father’s AR-15

Not only did this brave 15-year-old defend his home against 2 burglars, but also his 12-year-old sister who was in the house with him. He grabbed his father’s AR-15 and shot one of the burglars multiple times. They got away but had to go right to the hospital where the minor was arrested and the adult who was shot was flown to a different hospital.


(h/t: Poor Richard’s News)

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166 thoughts on “15-year-old defends home against burglars, shoots one of them with father’s AR-15

  1. HMMMMNNN…So “the life of at least one child was just SAVED” by the availability of an AR-15. Do you think the Obama administration will consider that as canceling out that “One Child’s Life” they are so desparate to save by BANNING Ar-15s?

  2. This is actually OLD news. It happened so long ago that KHOU doesn’t even have a link in its search engine to it anymore. I think it may have happened as much as 2 years ago or more. I remember the incident well though and thinking to myself, “Awesome Job young man!” I think he deserves a medal.

  3. OUTSTANDING! What a great story – and THANK “KHOU” for having the nads to air the story.

    Obama’s BASELESS threat to disarm ALL responsible American’s is treasonous; additionally, CHARACTERIZING and GROUPING all of us with the sicko (and those like him) from Newtown, Ct. is absurd.

    Obama thinks we are all incapable of handling firearms and wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment, all the while overturning a law so HE CAN ENJOY ARMED PROTECTION for the rest of his life – – ON OUR DIME.

    That just goes to show you that the “gun laws” soon to be pushed down to us – only apply to the “good people” and that the “bad people” will still (and will always) have guns.

    It’s a crock of sh!t. All of it.

    Good for this kid, Good for this dad – and thank the Lord above that he and his sister are safe.

  4. OUTSTANDING! What a great story – and THANK “KHOU” for having the nads to air the story.

    Obama’s BASELESS threat to disarm ALL responsible American’s is treasonous; additionally, CHARACTERIZING and GROUPING all of us with the sicko (and those like him) from Newtown, Ct. is absurd.

    Obama thinks we are all incapable of handling firearms and wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment, all the while overturning a law so HE CAN ENJOY ARMED PROTECTION for the rest of his life – – ON OUR DIME.

    That just goes to show you that the “gun laws” soon to be pushed down to us – only apply to the “good people” and that the “bad people” will still (and will always) have guns.

    It’s a crock of sh!t. All of it.

    Good for this kid, Good for this dad – and thank the Lord above that he and his brother are safe.

  5. Only thing wrong with this video was the dumb broad describing the AR15 as an “assault” rifle. It is not an “assault” rifle! It is a firearm, nothing more nothing less! If you really want to describe it, then in this case it was a defense weapon!!!

  6. In Illinois, the gun could legally be in the house if the Mother or Father had a F.O.I.D. (firearm’s owner ID card), but it would be illegal for the child to have access to it. Additionally, it would be illegal for the child or anyone to “touch” the gun without a F.O.I.D. card. You can’t even go to a sporting goods/gun store and “touch” a gun without a F.O.I.D. While I’d like to belive that this state isn’t so far gone that the child would be subject to charges, I can guarantee we have some state’s attorney’s that would “mention” the fact that they could charge the Father…but wouldn’t because “they care”!

  7. I would have done the same thing. Kudos for the young man that protected his sister. best story of the day..I hope this sends a message to anyone that has ideas of breaking into someones home. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

  8. I would have done the same thing. Kudos for the young man that protected his sister. best story of the day..I hope this sends a message to anyone that has ideas of breaking into someones home. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

  9. This is what the liberal media keeps off the air because they know stories like this would ruin their campaigns.

  10. Way to go son!!! you don’t see this in the media or on the Pierce Bronson show (leftist pig) keep up the good work kid and maybe you’ll take over for the sheriff some day.

  11. This is a story that EVERY media outlet should report! Not all PEOPLE that use a gun are bad guys!! It’s the person not the gun that is what is wrong! I can’t stand Bias media only reporting the bad stories.

  12. Colorado has “Make MY Day” law. Come in my home uninvited, you probably aren’t walking out. Shout out, “If you come in here, I will shoot you.” If they are already inside, too late.

  13. Why do we need high-capacity magazines you ask? Well here’s a report that illustrates perfectly why.

  14. The FACT is, this type of thing happens every day, the left-wing media just refuses to report it nationally.
    Semi-auto’s are PARTICULARLY well suited to home defense, and thank God, this boy knew how to use it.

  15. Great story. What a BRAVE young man. Thank God that his father was a responsible gun owner and taught his children about firearms and what to do in case of an emergency. His father was a Constable and yet the young man didn’t call 911 and hide in a corner waiting for he and his sister to become victims, knowing that police were minutes away when he obviously only had seconds. Bravo young man. I don’t understand why the liberals can’t use common sense regarding gun laws. The bad guys will ALWAYS have access to ALL weapons. I could go on and on however, I am sure most people on this site “Get it!!”

    Don’t tread on me~

  16. Actually, the MSM will probably have a headline that reads more like this:

  17. Good Job, Dad, for teaching your son! In an age of missing dads, this one is a shining example of responsibility.

  18. here is another defense story you wont hear about… kudos to the father who taught his son.. and to the boy for defending his sister…

  19. God bless him and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution!
    All you gun-grabbing commies had better heed this. There are many, many armed citizens in this country and we will defend ourselves, our families and our rights as citizens. Executive Order be damned!

  20. a Burglar usually turns into a murderer once cornered. Anyone has the right to protect himself against a murderer by trying to kill the murderer first. a burglar is only a burglar when there is no one at the house he is breaking into, once there are people inside the burglar turns into a robber who will turn into a murderer once cornered. So you need to do what needs to be done. The more you kill these bastards the less crime there will be.

  21. This is exactly the sort of incident that needs to be included in these so called gun legislation that obama keeps talking about. Legal firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens save more lives than the liberals want to hear about.

  22. Luckily it wasn’t deer trying to break into the house, because NY Governor Cuoumo says we can’t shoot deer with an AR. I am still trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to find where deer are mentioned in the Second Amendment.

  23. Here’s a plea to all rs readers: please organize a peaceful protest against numerous violations of separation of powers?

  24. When will people demonstrate in Washington in a peaceful protest to let the country know the numbers who want O. impeached for numerous violations of Separation of Powers?

    That before civil war please?

  25. If they would put a leash on the criminals, there wouldn’t be such a need for defense weapons. They slap them on the wrist and turn them back out to victimize us again and again. if obama had a son, I wonder if he would look like that young burglar?

  26. Top stories:
    Son Uses Dad’s AR-15 To Defend Home
    CA Businessman Kills Five Gang Members
    Citizen Stops Shooting Spree & Saves Cop by Making 150yd Shot With Pistol
    GA Woman Kills Would Be Rapist With .22 Pistol
    11 Year Old Girl Defends Home with .22 Rifle.

    Much more news about guns *saving* lives and stopping criminals here:

  27. What is going to happen to this brave young man? If the media should defend anyone it is this young man.

  28. And you will never hear Biden or Obama mention stories like this one. Oh no, you will only hear about people who misuse guns. Well, lots of people misuse cars and kill literally thousands of people each year in automobile accidents, yet I don’t hear Democrats screaming that cars should be outlawed. Hypocritical fools.

  29. Well done young man and let this be a warning to any future thugs looking for easy pickins. To the news bunny, it is NOT an assault rifle.

  30. The government and liberals would rather you die, be beaten and raped then defend yourself. Only the élites are worthy of being protected. Stand up and demand you rights and never, never give in to anyone.

  31. The questions to ask: if there would have been a gun control or gun ban law in effect, would that 15-year-old been able to effectively defend himself against those who invaded the home he was living in? Would he have now quite possibly been gravely wounded or even dead? What say you, lefty gun grabber? I know those are hypothetical questions, but we do know what actually happened because he wasn’t impeded by a ridiculous gun control law and is happily alive to day as a result of using a gun to defend life, limb, and property.

  32. i wonder if the liberal nigger-lovers, whom overwhelmingly support disarming citizens and love their big federal government, would like for their daughters to be raped by these 2 shitskins.

  33. Was anybody surprised to see the perp? Was anybody giiving odds during the fist 15 seconds of this story? What a stupid joke this has become. I guess that this time we were just a couple of bullet holes short of a Trayvon.

    Teenagers at home alone in white neighborhoods are all racists!

    1. WFM, seems it’s gotten to the point that anyone who is not a “minority” is a racist. The word really has no true meaning anymore, it’s just a fuse to be lit.

    2. Right, and if the kid had killed him we’d be hearing all this tripe from the likes of Jackson and Sharpton that the burglars were just looking for some iced tea and skittles. 😉

    3. Food for thought: http://irateirishman.com/blog/?page_id=425
      ===partial quote
      • Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder,
      and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
      • When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely
      than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
      • Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and
      Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
      • The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of
      the population that is black and Hispanic.
      Interracial Crime
      • Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving
      blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
      More stats at the source here: http://irateirishman.com/blog/?page_id=425

    1. As the mother of a 16 year old son, I don’t know if I would want a 15 year old to carry that around for the rest of his life… I think it had the best ending it could, for the boy’s well being.

      1. Well I understand your point but sometimes these bad guy need a real lesson in life. Hopefully you understand my point. JS

      2. This sort of thing has been happening for THOUSANDS of years….dad leaves the homestead for a few days and the mother and children are left to defend their home and livestock. Along come thieves and marauders and it’s up to mom and children to protect each other.

        It’s just in 21st century PAMPERED America we have never had to experience this that much. But rest assured, if radicals have their way, this is what’s coming.

  34. 3 men charged in Southfield shooting, robbery, but you wont hear about it from CNN

    KENTWOOD, MI — Investigators in Kentwood said an elderly couple found slain in their home on Saturday were the victims of an apparent home invasion. but Piers Morgan wont talk about it on CNN.

    A YOUNG woman’s Christmas – and her life – was shattered Tuesday when she was kidnapped, raped, robbed and beaten in her own car by three teenagers over five hours, according to police. And Piers Morgan wonders why we need guns for protection.

    Two men were charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a 28-year-old man on Sunday evening that resulted in a car chase on the Dan Ryan, police said.


  35. Great story. I can’t help but think what would have happened if that father had kept the AR15 under lock and key from his kids. This should be a lesson to us all. Teach the children when they are young to handle and respect the power of a firearm and when it is time to use it – they can think clearly and act swiftly.

    1. I’d hate to think what would happen if the father had a trigger lock on his weapon as some libs would want.

  36. In the end, it really comes down to this. Your government, whether Federal, or State, or County, or City, is not going to protect you. If you believe that they are, even for a moment, then you are a fool.

    The responsibility for protecting you and your family rests with you. Actually, it always did.

  37. Could someone tell me whether I am right or wrong about this:

    Isn’t an AR-15 that Libs are obsessing over now, that fires a .223 round, nothing more than a military assault looking weapon that is just a dressed up .22 rifle that has used for decades to hunt squirrels, rabbits and kill nuisance animals like woodchucks and rats?

    What Libs don’t understand is you can have a very evil, scary looking weapon, and a normal looking weapon for hunting and they both can fire the same bullet, so one is no more powerful than the other.

    Another thing Libs don’t realize is that the weapons deer hunters use are extemely powerful. Libs seem to think all people need is what hunters use to hunt deer. If the women who shot an intruder 5 times recently with her revolver had instead shot him with a deer hunting rifle he probably would not be alive, and, he would have not run way from the crime scene even if only wounded.

    (BTW managed to watch the Piers Morgan show tonight. He mentioned several times that no one needs a weapon with a 100 round magazine or clip. This is how Libs argue. There are no weapons with 100 round clips or magazines. Jeez, just make things up.)

    1. Used a Military AR15, personnally field tested in VN. Reliable and easy to keep clean. The standard clip holds 20 rounds. There was a 30 round clip but at that time they tended to hang up, especially in full auto. Full auto is illegal for the GP. Big diff from a standard 22 and a 223 round though. I’ll stay with my Interarms 270 bolt action. Very accurate at most any distance. Just ask the deer I didn’t see. Practice makes perfect.

    2. That’s essentially the idea. The big improvement over an old Winchester, tubular-magazine, semiautomatic rifle (like the Model 1903, which was quite popular back in 1903, before it was redesigned), is that the AR style rifle simply works “better,” with less jamming and misfiring, than the older types of semiauto firearms.

      Sort of like how a Glock, which is in many ways “just another handgun” has a far greater reliability rating than nearly all other handguns. It isn’t the “best,” it’s just more reliable if you don’t know how to take care of it.

      The AR is based on the M16, which has been lugged and used all around the world by our soldiers, and is proven to be quite a reliable weapon, from accounts I’ve read. Returning soldiers like being able to buy the same style weapon for personal use.

      But as for being somehow more “military” than the old, standard types of long-available, semiauto rifles, no. Not in enough ways to merit being banned.

  38. While hard working Americans go off to work, the criminals are breaking into your house, killing your loved ones, and stealing your property. At the same time collecting welfare, food stamps, obama phones,and section 8 housing. This powder keg is ready to blow.

  39. Emboldened by a lack of armed homeowners, repeat offenders keep coming back to the smorgasbord.

    I’m proud of this boy… good job!

    Sad thing is, the press will not likely be kind to him. However, they’re in Texas which is very much like America used to be… so he might be okay.

      1. I’m blessed to be able to put my only child, my 16-yr. old daughter into a private, Christian High School. Apparently, the kids (not sure about the teachers) were talking about gun control and recent shootings (nowhere is sheltered or safe is it). I was stunned at the crap my daughter had absorbed through T.V. and other kids who are ill-informed. I dazzled her with facts and defended my point of view the why we have a 2nd Amendment – I won the fight but folks like me may be losing the war.

        I asked her if she heard about this particular story… of course not.

  40. Thanks to the Liberals among us, we have two things to look forward to.

    Restrictions on the Second Amendment and our right to own guns, and further restrictions on all of the Freedoms our Founders tried to guarantee us.

    Welcome to Communism.

  41. Funny how the definition of “assault” & “weapon” does not meet the leftist vernacular.

    Seen below that assault is an aggressive term, while weapon is, “a thing used to gain advantage or DEFENDING…”.

    Clearly the context “assault weapon” as used by leftist is to remove ones ability of DEFENDING oneself!

    Or to put it another way “attack, defending oneself”!

    assault |əˈsôlt|
    verb [ trans. ]
    make a physical attack on : he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer | she was sexually assaulted as a child.

    weapon |ˈwepən|
    a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage : nuclear weapons.
    • figurative a means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict or contest:

    Children should not be able to protect themselves in their own home, someone innocent could get accidentally hurt! No, the left would much rather of had these two children killed by home invaders. That would have been the “socially responsible” thing to do, a “shared sacrifice” for “the common good” we hear so much about.

    1. Apples and oranges. Apples vs. oranges.

      I was very disappointed to hear what McChrystal said. The AR-15 the general public uses and a military AR-15 are NOT the same weapon.

      Maybe it would be of great benefit to the public if someone published an article about bullets, about what they are used for and why created. I think many in the public think all bullets are the same, but they are not.

      Some sizes of bullets are used for hunting small game, some for large game where more stopping power is needed. Some military sized ammunition was created to not only kill but knock an enemy down, so they can’t kill you before they bleed to death.

      Shotgun ammunition is for uses that rifles can’t be used for. Some shotgun birdshot shells contain many small fragments of metal, smaller than BB’s to hunt game birds. If you shoot a bird with a high powered deer rifle there would be nothing left of the bird.

      I think the public needs info on this. It is not the gun that kills it is the bullet. A .22 bulle tfired out of hunting rifle or fired out of a military style weapon has the same impact. An “evil” looking gun doesn’t fire a bullet harder than a “hunting” gun does firing the same bullet.

      Then there is the difference between regular bullets and hollow point bullets…

      The public is uninformed.

      1. I think you just gave yourself a great assignment! I’d love to read it. I know the differences in my head but would love to read the specifics about them just to be able to rattle the information off categorically whenever the need arises. Do it sandra123456 – do it!! :~)

        1. I’m not an expert about this. Wished someone would write about this though.

          I wonder if the Libs are aware that a rifle for hunting deer with a scope could be used for sniping.

  42. One for the good guys. I am glad we are seeing more of these types of events being reported. Thanks Scoop.

  43. I’ll bet the father is Damn glade he purchased a “defense” rifle for his home and taught his son how to use it. Kudos to the young man!

  44. Score one for our side. Thank God the young man had access to the rifle and had been taught how to use it. His father should be very proud.

  45. And, what would have happened if the courageous kid called 911 and curled up into a ball with his sister? The Police can only be at one place at a time. The problem isn’t guns, it’s the low life slim life styles tax payers pay for.

    Sorry I meant left leaning politicians.

  46. Hey Piers Morgan…here is a child, or should I say young man at this point, not living in fear.

    There are people in the UK doing hard time for defending their homes against burglars, because they aren’t allowed to shoot someone who attempts to kill them. I suggest you return home, and work on that injustice.

  47. “Moved…”

    Edit: This was suppose to be in reply to Joe. Sorry for the duplicate post!

      1. Notice the end of the story, the reporter states, “It’s unlikely she’ll be charged with anything.”

        Well I would certainly hope not! Then again, I’m sure some of these Liberals would like to see her charged for her actions.

      2. LOL…I’m not familiar with that caliber. A special edition, maybe? Gotta laugh at those ‘tards.

        1. I believe some of the old Kentucky muzzle-loading ‘squirrel’ rifles were .36 cal. Nothing more modern tho, I believe, except apparently in the minds of the “story tellers” of the MSM?

          1. Oh yes. I forgot about the old muzzle loaded rifles. “Story telling” seems to be what those in the propagandist media arm of Zero do best. Never mind the facts, just throw something against the wall to see if it sticks.

      1. Yes and because of her being “trigger happy”, those she protected and herself are happier today.

  48. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent job Son! You did EXACTLY what you were supposed to do, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise! You protected your baby sister, which is EXACTLY what a big brother is supposed to do! Hoorah!!!

    Thanks Scoop for an AWESOME feel-good story today!!! Score another one for the GOOD GUYS!!!

  49. The reporters call the rifle an “assault” rifle at least twice. Shouldn’t those reporters have called the rifle a “defense” rifle since that would have been the correct description? Another example how the Media distorts and deceives within their reporting. The fact is there is no such thing as an assault weapon until someone decides to use a weapon to assault someone.

    1. I was looking for you

      I checked the registered voter list like you suggested

      I AM still on the list in Nassau County LI – Moved 12 years ago

      and moved from NYC 20 years ago and still on their Gun Permit list

      What a system!

    2. Yes, defense rifle would have been more appropriate. However, it still wasn’t an assault rifle to me, since it was most likely a semi-auto. I know the FBI and others define assault weapons their own way, but their definitions are deceiving. If you are ASSAULTING a fortification, would one attack the fortification with a semi-automatic weapon (maybe 80 rounds per minute interrupted fire) as opposed to a fully automatic weapon (300+ rounds per minute continuous fire)? I’m not counting the time it would take to change out magazines and charge the weapon, either. Not when your opponent has fully automatic weapons and is firing those weapons at you. Also, just because it LOOKS imposing, it does not automatically make it an “assault rifle”. That’s my definition of an assault weapon and it’s my opinion.

      1. During the Clinton ban, my wifes .22 tube feed Marlin was on the list, even though no crime has ever been reported using an assult weapon similars to my wifes target popper.

        1. Yeah, what did that Clinton assault weapons ban do to lower the overall crime rate? Perhaps gun crime went down (still in question there), but how about stabbings, bludgeonings, and strangulations? Oh yeah, what happened in Oklahoma City? Were guns used to murder people in that horrific incident? Oh yeah, what happened at Columbine? There were a few weapons on the list that didn’t make any sense why they were there in the first place. As with the Clinton gun ban, any ban law that will be passed by Zero will succeed in violating the Second Amendment and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, period.

    3. I noticed that & I see your point, but I took it as her “proving the point” that assault rifles are not inherently bad. She was using the language put forth by the nat’l media so that low-information voters could understand that she was talking about the very weapon that the current dictatorship wants to ban.

      If she’d called it a “defense rifle,” stupid people would go out & say they wanted one of those, but not an “assault rifle.” (Yes, I think people really are that ignorant.)

  50. While this news story was reported locally, I wonder if we will see it more on a national scene. Chances are, because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the liberal push to show their ignorance on guns, or their uneducated fear of what made this country fear no one, we will not see this anywhere but on conservative web sites. Thank God this young man had the knowledge and tools to do what gutless gun hating liberals would never do. (that is to fight for their right to protect themselves rather than wait to be a statistic)

    1. Can you imagine the decrease we would see in the number of burglaries and home invasions if every household was armed and protected?

      1. I completely agree. The first time anyone handles a fire arm there are two basic thought patterns that emerge. 1st is a curiosity and fear, all normal for anyone who handles a gun for the first time. While in the Army this was the biggest obstacle I faced as a sergeant getting privates to get through this so they could handle their assigned weapon with confidence and skill. The 2nd thought is a bit harder to channel, that being sense of great power. As we always instructed our privates that the minute you fail to respect the power of a firearm is the minute you put yourself and others in danger. Both of these thought patterns can be used very effectively to train once first time gun users into seasoned veterans.
        Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, guns of all types were always around. I learned at a very young age in my home that all guns are to be treated as loaded and ready. (ours were always loaded and ready) I have no fear of a gun, but worry about the person behind them. Unfortunately getting gun fearing dumb dumbs to understand this is next to impossible. Their misplaced fear will continue to cause un-necessary injuries and deaths, all the while turning more and more law abiding citizen into victims. It is simple really, if you choose to not have a gun, then so be it, that is your right that many veterans have fought and died for. If you are a law abiding citizen and wish to own a gun, then you should, it is the same right that the previous mentioned veterans fought and died for. But if you wish to deny law abiding Americans their right to bear arms, then I guess it is time for those individuals to leave this country.

      2. Did you hear the news reporter say that the neighborhood had been hit several times, but that it was not likely to happen again after that occurrence? I loved that extra tidbit she put in.

      3. Check out the history of gun ownership in Kennesaw Ga. This is what every city should have and tell the feds to go you know where.

  51. I believe the lad was emboldened to brandish the .223 caliber weapon by all the news of late. Bravo for you, Johnny Reb. Rebel against the tyrannical tentacles of socialist media and government.
    He seems to be one of the many well trained militia the second Amendment was referring too.

      1. He would not have been able to do so if he did not know how to use it. I am sure his parents are talking about how if someone at that school had had a weapon, they may have been able to protect those kids from being killed. Do you get the sequence?

        1. I was thinking the same thing myself.

          One bit of advice… Ignore at will of course!… but when you moderate a post… Perhaps mark it differently. Like this:

          “No “*******” ,he was trying to protect his younger sister from multiple buglars.”

          I might be picky, but I like to know what bit was moderated. Like I said, ignore at will! Just a thought… 🙂

  52. These stories of adults and children protecting themselves with firearms probably occur everyday but the MSM never reports them. Doesn’t fit their agenda.

    See even in a “good neighborhood” you aren’t necessarily safe.

    1. I have been saying this forever. Might I add, how many people killed in drunk driving accidents since Jan 1, 2013? There is not a much more innocent victim than a mom on her way to work hit head on by a drunk. Why no outrage about this?

  53. Praise the Lord the boy knew how to use his father’s weapon thank God it was in Texas because if it was in a blue state the child would have been arrested and the burglars pitied.

        1. That’s because they were in a State with some modicum of common sense in Government. I New York, where they have no sense at all in government, they would have been picked up and threatened with charges for sure. Not for the shooting but having the weapon in the first place…

          1. Not true, living in NY, and being a gun owner, I know this would have not even gotten a second look. Listen, I lived in Texas and I know you like to pick on NY and you have us all pegged a certain way, but NY is a big state with a lot of gun owners and hunters. The second amendment is alive and well up here and there are plenty of us who will fight Cuomo to the end. He is going to have a tough time passing all of his anti-gun measures and then getting re-elected. This could would have been subject to no penalties or even a second look other than in New York City itself. I offer no defense of Cumo and Bloomberg though… have at them.

            1. Well, New York just passed a law AGAINST the Second Amendment. You better get your rights back or move back to Texas. Molon Labe!

    1. Just wait sjmom. The ACLU hasn’t jumped on board yet. I’ve always heard that if you have to shoot an intruder, you’d better kill him because the legal ramifications are devastating if there’s survivors. I’d say prayers for this family will need to continue.

      1. We need a quota system here…there are too many blacks being shot while attacking white people.

        Holder, call your office!!!

        1. Contrary to common belief, it is also legal to do this in Illinois AND Chicago….state law protects the shooter from local laws like Chicago’s registration law, if the gun is used in self defense.. The only problem is the kid didn’t have a FOID card….the state may see a problem there….

    2. Im suprised he did not get arrested… I’m glad he didn’t, but I have seen teenagers get arrested for less in Texas…The laws are messed up

    1. EXCELLENT….here’s ANOTHER I can shove in the faces of the Leftoids in the Great White North!

      So glad Dad taught the Kids to fight back….and they are okay!

      1. BlueGood,

        Im what you’d probably call a leftoid (if you insist on labelling people to make it easier to see everyone in your out-group as being the same) but I am actually rather ‘conservative’ in terms of gun laws, meaning keep them the way they are now (too late to change them).

        So no one needs to shove anything in the face of anyone, but this IS as true as all the bad things that is going on w/ firearms and should be in the discourse of the entire issue as much as the other points of what’s been going on.

        I guess I’m just urging you not to label and polarize the issue into ‘us and them’ mentality.

        Take care, I like your avatar

    2. And that day was in 2010 when this story occured. Of course by the way it’s being cited you would think it was this week. Just think what would have happened to these two kids if they only had access to a handgun and not something military grade.

      1. Well we know that two big guys against one little guy with a hand gun is not a fair fight. Especially if the big bay guys don’t see the small weapon. He’d be disarmed in mere seconds.

        An AR is impressive, and usually causes a pause, only unarmed dummies rush an AR wielding teen.

        Would have loved to see the faces of the perps when little “Johny” (not his name) squeezed off the first rounds. Tap, Tap!!

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