200 teens RIOT in Louisville Sat night robbing, assaulting people; Man claims victim of attack the night before

Riots broke out in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night, according to WDRB News, when 200 teens began robbing and assaulting people, including a 13-year-old girl and a man trying to help her. A woman  who was parked in her car with two children in the back seat said she was also assaulted by a group of teens. She told police they repeatedly punched her and threw trash cans at her car.

WDRB News also reports that a large group of teens robbed a convenience store, assaulting the clerk as he tried to shut the doors on them. They actually have surveillance video of this attack and all the teens shown appeared to be black.

Police say there were another three victims of assaults in three separate attacks that night and they all had to be taken to the hospital. The mayor is now calling for calm in the city.

While all of these attacks were on Saturday night, WDRB News caught up with a man who told them the attacks actually started on Friday night. He was out with this partner when a group of teens broke off from a larger pack and punched him in the back of the head, trying to knock him out. He said one of them actively tried to fight him.


Here’s another video report that documents the attacks written about above:

With something like this you’d think it’d be all over the news. But not a peep. Might race have something to do with it?

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306 thoughts on “200 teens RIOT in Louisville Sat night robbing, assaulting people; Man claims victim of attack the night before

  1. HAHA and they won’t do a thing about it.. you cant tell me the first assaults were not reported to the police before all the other ones took place and you can’t find 200 black youths running around downtown smashing and looting everything they see? I mean not the woods are far out of town .. DownTown it was Downtown Cops won’t do a thing about it, until people start getting killed and children getting killed only then they would call the swat team not themselves in fear.. pathetic excuse

  2. Flash mob – white definition: meeting at a bus station, mall, etc. and randomly dancing.
    Flash mob – black definition: meeting downtown or some other place in large numbers and randomly attacking people, robbing, stealing, and causing general mayhem.
    Funny how a term can have very different meanings to very different groups.

  3. It is my sincere hope that white people all over the country will continue to get their heads kicked in by roving packs of violent black youths. Maybe then, when enough heads have been smashed, white people will wake up and realize they are under perpetual assault in the form of attacks, burglaries, robberies, and murders disproportionately by black perpetrators.

  4. White people are the cause of so much of this negro violence. They have
    falsely and illogically authorized and validated a vicious and violent
    species to walk the streets of Louisville unleashed and/or unattended. It’s just retarded.

    21st century science is clear, negroids are a biologically and genetically differing species that should be relocated to a more natural habitat for everyone’s safety.

  5. we need Bob Barker to campaign to spay/neuter these monkeys so they’ll stop breeding these little niglets.

  6. We should capture them, put them in a cargo carrier aircraft, strap a parachute on each of them and drop them in Sudan or other militant countries. Then we can start emptying out our prisons, in the same manner, on those parts of the globe where the whole country has already been taken over by degenerates. If we don’t lump them in together, and wall them off, they breed and bully until they are able to take over every neighborhood on the planet. It’s because we allow their existance that we no longer have room for wildlife and nature and it will be because of them that all good people must die with no safe place left on earth.

  7. If Obama has sons…
    According to the Liberals, you don’t need guns. Just let these thugs beat you, rape, rob and stab you. If you happen to survive, you are morally superior to them and that’s what’s important

  8. Liberal laws, so you rob and burn people’s stuff that weren’t alive back when it happened? There is no excuses for except that they want other people’s belongings and don’t wanna work to get their own.

  9. This is why we conceal and carry folks!!! Cops get there after the crime has happened!!!

  10. Unfortunately, these “Youths” don’t even come close to having the “equipment” to understand what they are doing and the ramifications of same. The fault falls on their parent(s), the bankrupt culture of our inner cities, and the enabling (progressive) policies we have allowed, as well as a complicit media, entertainment, and race baiting political industries.
    Now that it has become multigenerational there doesn’t appear to be any way to go back. I believe a complete breakdown and associated genocidal cleansing may actually be around the corner. It appears too late to pull back and avoid it.

  11. For God’s sakes, can we please stop calling them teens and say it out loud? They are out of control blacks operating as a criminal mob and committing multiple violent felonies.

  12. these teens are angry about the injustice of the past thet need time machines so they can get the ones responsible.. why explain they’re to stupid to see how they are being used

  13. Oh kids will be kids. Another example of the culture of violence the black community embraces yet no one wants to discuss. This is not a isolated event despite what some will claim. When will society wake up and demand the black community to accept responsibility and stop blaming everyone and thing for this type of behavior?

  14. These are not human beings. They are animals and should be dealt with like wild pigs. The Liberals have caused this to start a race war. If you get yourself into a situation like this, please be very careful about what you do to defend yourself. By all means if you have a CCP and good aim, take down anyone that threatens you. I’m not instigating violence here but your life, your wife’s life or another family member’s life may depend on how you react. Please use good gun control if you must and double tap the SOB to protect yourself. Good gun control IS hitting your target.

  15. Right its to side with blacks, its giving blacks a pass in remembrance of the millions of undocumented lynchings and assaults from whites over 300 years. Thats exactly what it is. smh

    1. You’re high.
      You do realize there were not even 1 million blacks until 1800 right?
      Your making assumptions based on no facts and you forget to mention the whites, Jews, and Catholics also hung.

    2. There were approx. 3300 blacks that were lynched by RACIST DEMOCRATS, but did you know the racist democraps also lynched over 1000 whites?? They were white Republicans helping blacks.
      I suggest you read the book, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”. You would be amazed what blacks accomplished coming out of slavery and REALLY pissed when you read what RACIST DEMOCRAPS did once the Union troops pulled out.
      By the way, blacks kill more blacks in ONE YEAR than in ALL the lynchings COMBINED…………………………………..

  16. They would be a lot less aggressive if they had to step over the dead and dying bodies of a few of their thug buddies to get to you.
    Cal 1-911
    They will stop only when forced by superior force to do so.

  17. This is why we have the castle Doctrine and the stand your ground law here in Florida,things similar to this used to happen here,not any more,You could use deadly force to defend yourself in a situation like this in florida,if you dont like it write your congressmen about it.

  18. A big thanks to the Vile Racist Liberals who have brought this on our heads. What do you think is going to happen when the Vile Racist Liberals tell an entire segement of the population….”Oh we know you are too stupid to do for yourselves…let governement do FOR you” Well done Liberals !

  19. I wonder why the little Negroes act like this? Do they feel empowered by MagicNegro OBAMA! ? Knowing they will never be prosecuted because of they are prefered Federal Citizens?

  20. Im so sick and tired of the news media, hiding the racial component of these riots, what will it take for the media too report on these crimes, how many will have too be maimed and killed, before they warn white ppl, about whats happening???

  21. Why is this country’s most stupid and least productive subculture literally taking over the place? Has everyone else just had the spirit beat out of them by slavish jobs, real responsibility, and constant PC haranguing?

  22. This what you get when President in office continuously breaks the law, is not held accountable, because everyone fears being called racist if they even attempt to breathe a word against him. So now under the auspices of political correctness, we have a specific minority getting to break laws on a repeated basis without any accountability. Just like the President refuses to hold him himself accountable choosing to vocally and repeatedly blame others for everything that he does wrong.

    America wanted to vote this guy into office, to prove to the world and themselves they aren’t racist. Sadly America got what it deserved – total incompetence, and probably an anarchist revolution to follow.

  23. This crap won’t stop until goodly numbers of them begin to develop leaks of various calibers.

  24. The Police Chief says there is nothing to worry about at the park, after earlier saying the police were running from incident to incident trying to keep up with assaults as the mob moved from one location to another……
    The bottom line….Police cannot control a society out of control, with no self control, anarchy results.

  25. Couldn’t we just gather Kagan, Sotomayor , Mootch, Sheila Jackson Lee, Janet Reno, HRC and all the women democratic voters and politicians and scare thugs of the democratic party off the streets? A very interesting and plausible possiblility… Imagine any of them lurking on the streets late at night, IT SCARES the heck out of me. Alas, it does seem the uglier the democrat the better chance at a high position in office- Got to love it. America knows how to pick a democrat.

  26. We can’t resolve a problem if we’re unable to even speak of it.

    It’s hard to miss the epidemic of increasingly vicious and lawless black youths in this country unless you deliberately look away from the facts in some bizarre sense of political correctness.

    – The was an incident of a mob of young black “wilding” at the Florida State Fair in February.

    – Several hundred blacks youths rioting at the Highland Mall in Austin, TX last fall (October, I think?).

    – 600 young blacks rioting at the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville in December.

    – 400 young blacks rioting and looting at the King Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, also last December

    I could list many, many more specific examples plus dozens, or even hundreds, of black youths in “flash mobs”, robbing stores
    or attacking bystanders are occurring all across the country. And who hasn’t heard of the “knockout game” (which is what the media call it, but young blacks call it “polar bear hunting”).

    And it’s also a well documented fact that black men, who make up no more than 6%-7% of the population, commit nearly 50% of the murders (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-3).

    If the authorities won’t address this problem bluntly, squarely and soon, there will be a backlash and it won’t be pretty.

  27. With a community organizer (agitator) as president, is it beyond reasonable to ask what ‘stimulus’ is being applied by his goon orgs like Acorn redux, unionazis like SEIU, or just plain hired thugs?
    Followed by white citizen with ccws that respond? Leading to the “Opportunity” for the “O” to give Amerca a “teachable moment.” with more gun confiscation, and Progressive Political Correctness.
    Some may debate the behind the scenes “mechanics”, but the Reality is right in front of our lying eyes.

  28. They have videos of the culprits. They should all be rounded up, arrested, and thrown in jail. If they get away with it once, they will do it again.

    1. “They will do it again”…….That is the point, comrade! They are being trained to do it bigger and “better”. Wait til the economic collapse and EBT , & welfare goes away………..Then the real show begins………

      1. ***Wait til the economic collapse and EBT , & welfare goes away………..Then the real show begins……***

        Then it becomes open season and no bag limit.

        1. Plan ahead,comrade. The “O”‘s goons are doing this nationwide, going unreported in national media, to what end? The Gov response to initial flare up and backfire IS the real show. Act tactically to protect,but think ahead a couple of moves strategically before you show your MoJo.
          Food will be most valuable, then the means to keep it. All the best.

  29. I have a CCW. I carry more now than I ever did; especially when I am with my family. I never used to think I was racist or a bigot; but thx to obama I now am. Bring it on.

    1. You are NOT a racist. Remember that. You are only reacting to the reality of what this country has now become. These are FACTS! And it was done purposely! Protect your family from the hoards.

  30. Louisville has spent millions to create a beautiful waterfront and draw people into the struggling downtown area. Then these hoodlums run wild like a bunch of animals to destroy everything. We hear all this rubbish about how these bastards have nothing to do, how they’re bored, how we need to build another community center for them to destroy. Where are the parents? (Yes, I know that is funny.) And law enforcement won’t to anything about it. What I’d like to see is citizen patrols ( who have carry permits) by local motorcycle clubs.

    1. Vancouver, British Columbia did the same thing to beautify their city to draw in people . Then they build Meth labs for the druggies and restored old buildings for them to live in right next to the Tourist District. With that came the crime. It happened to us on vacation. The local police did all they could. They also explained that the Government doesn’t care about the crime and lets these creeps right back out on the streets because it is a victimless crime. The day will come in America when people get sick and tired of what is going on..

  31. Teenagers? Interesting that they can establish their ages but seem unable to tell their skin color.

    1. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

      Presently enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the world!!!!!

  32. Sadam’s press secretary was better than the patronizing, spineless, worthless media. Evolution in reverse. They are afraid of their own shadow because it’s dark. They are in terror Al Sharpton and company will require months of apologies if they speak out against this.

  33. The Main Street media is corrupt and the most obvious symptom of how corrupt is the stories they ignore. The Washington Post spent a fortune vetting the VP candidate Palin and at the same time propped up the zero accomplishments of Obama.

  34. Government is so far removed from the problem and likes it that way and creates more regulation from a distance which results in lowering the bar and creating stagnation for those that want to break out from the pack of violence.

  35. Interesting that race is not mentioned once in either of the news reports despite the fact that the “teens” were all black. This is not a new phenomenon. It needs to be stopped. They see it as help yourself reparations.

  36. EBT and O Phones make the youth of the ghetto do stupid things. It makes their parents do even dumber things like vote for radical community organizers.

    1. copied by the middle East turmoil…. Rand Paul should stay home and work on his state. Its not as big as NY or PA so why not set an example for how to take control of your own states probes before solving the weight of the worlds

    2. ‘”That’s why we need Der Homeland Security, just as big, just as strong as the military”………”O” will provoke those “Bitter Clingers” eventually and nobly will have to clean up the mess with his SS.

  37. MOAR, MOAR, MOAR senseless acts of violence, brought to you courtesy of liberal Democrats and 50 years of their idiotic “Great Society” programs!!! Liberal/Leftist/Progressive politicians have redistributed over $7 trillion since the inception of these moronic programs.


    And it’s all based on the liberal Democrat promises that these programs would “eradicate poverty in America”. They LIED!!! These programs didn’t “eradicate poverty in America”…. they eradicated the family structure in poor neighborhoods. When you replace PARENTS with GOVERNMENT…this is what you get!!

    And yet you dopey liberal morons in the MSM keep painting the Democrat party as the party of “compassion”. VVTF is wrong with you? There is NOTHING compassionate about making blacks the slaves of big government, all the while destroying their lives!!!

    “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” — LBJ (touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs to two like-minded governors on Air Force One]

    Liberal Democrats have intentionally destroyed the black family for purely political reasons!!

    They are despicable!! ….. as are the Republicans for allowing it to happen!!

  38. Why do so many black Americans revert to violence and crime? Answer:

    When misguided liberal politicians treat human beings like they treat animals in a zoo…by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them and taking care of their medical needs…then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal-like behavior?

    When you no longer have to be responsible for your own actions; when the government takes over those responsibilities for you, you no longer have to behave. Language, cultural differences and poverty don’t cause this. There have been many poor people in this country for centuries who didn’t laugh when they beat up a defenseless women or randomly kill strangers.

    FACT: Today’s black behavior is a direct result of the “new slavery” in which blacks are chained to government handouts, and unfortunately, America has one political party who is more than happy to be their Master and put them in chains, the Democrats!

    “Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance and self-control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle never know.” — Charles Kingsley

    1. I Agree. The political party how ever is Progressive. It includes All Democraps and the Establishment Repubs. The clean up is much bigger than just playing the 2 party game as we functionally have a One Party Government, Comrade. USSA has been implemented.

  39. Every American who isn’t blinded by political correctness knows that a very large percentage of the black community is uneducated, violent, feral, and de-evolving before our very eyes.

    Even Mr. Bill Cosby acknowledged this when he stated: “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

    These facts are not “racist” ….. they are “reality”:
    ► Fifty percent of all of the homicides in America are committed by young black males, who make up just four percent of the total population.
    ► Almost seventy-five percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. That means the taxpayers are stuck paying for all of the associated health care costs.
    ► Millions of young Mexican men travel thousands of miles from their homes in Mexico to get jobs in America, yet young black men can’t seem to find jobs….why?

    Honorable black men and women struggled for decades to obtain their civil rights, so why do today’s blacks ignore their civil responsibilities that are associated with those right?

    Sadly, I’ve come to the realization that most blacks don’t want equality, even though they say they do. Equality carries great responsibilities and requires that actions have consequences. I think that what blacks really want is special treatment, as a protected class, who can’t be blamed for any of their bad decisions or behavior.

    More and more whites, like myself, no longer feel any guilt or sympathy towards blacks.

    We’re tired of excuses…..

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the problem as being that deep. The fact that a website called Worldstarhiphop shows videos of these criminals beating others to a pulp means they do it to be “fashionable and famous” in the “hiphop” community. Try arming yourselves and see how quickly it changes.

    1. They don’t look so white to me. Round up, beat and jail the thugs. Then go after their parents and do the same. No mercy for the criminal underclass.

  40. This is what Liberal/Socialist policies give you. Generation after generation of black babies brought up by whores (is there a better word?) who won’t keep their legs closed. With all the noise Democrats make about availability of birth control devices and pills, the only reasonable conclusion to arrive at is that these whores want babies out of wedlock. Doesn’t hurt that all those freebies and money is available to these baby machines.

  41. PEOPLE the cops can not protect you from WHITE HATING Black Mob violence ..Carry a gun with extra magazines… if you are attacked by a group OPEN FIRE..any good lawyer will be able to show the jury you were surrounded, in fear of death or great bodily harm, I mean are gonna wait until you are dead to defend yourself ???

  42. The perfect example of the family breakdown. They should be rounded up and sent to prison, along with their mothers and fathers, if they even have any.

  43. More of Obama’s sons and Holder’s daughters acting like animals once again. Nothing a little lead would have stopped it quickly..

  44. Looks like a bunch of 70 year old Tea-Hadist, Vet-Terrorist, Baby-Killing NAZI, Racist/Homophobic/Sexist”…fellos..or whatever thingys…right???..ya know Dude.

  45. I live 20 miles from Louisville. I have no desire to go there anymore. Louisville police and the mayor have a major problem on their hands now. Thunder over Louisville is in April, and with 700,000 people on the waterfront, There is going to be big trouble. There are always fights, but this could be a game changer.

  46. I did not see any “diversity” in the group of perpetrators in the video. They all appeared to be of a monolithic variety. Why did they not reach out to whites, Asians, or Hispanics? Oh that’s right, they did reach out. They were the victims!

  47. I wonder if they were Skin Heads, if this would have been so ignored by the MSM? It’s a rhetorical question. They’ve virtually ignored all of the flash mobs stories since Obama took office. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Also, it’s a major coincidence the prez and his lackey AG, Holdit, have also made no comment.

  48. If they are asking for a race war,Give it to them. Mob rule is unacceptable. Complacency is more insidious than violence. What is wrong with people? What if they decided to round everybody up and put them into cattle cars, would people just go along with that? Apparently they might. tsk

  49. “I am not in favor of concealed weapons. I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.” — Barack Obama

    1. That might be true if applied to a bunch of feral punks like these.

      But every time and everywhere concealed carry has been passed, the liberal gun grabbers caterwaul about how blood will be running in the streets, but their predictions of mayhem and murder never happen. Never. Happen.

      Allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons lowers crime rates, it doesn’t raise them.

  50. For those of you wondering about the brick attack in Phila, last week. The suspects have been identified, and it was 4 16-17 year old black girls. Video at Alan West.

    1. Thanks for the update! By the way, coincidence or connection between Louisville & Phila. (both on the same weekend)?

      Here’s the video, which also is posted on the original story at RS:

  51. Hmmm…. I wonder if these rioting youths are the future “Brown-Shirts” OTyrant wants for his “civilian national security force,” who will be equipped as well the U.S. Army.
    Just food for thought.

    1. I remember Pinocchio talking about his national security force , that well be equipped better then the army . Your right , but it won’t be him because he has NO BALLS to do his own dirty work .

  52. I lived in Louisville in the early 70’s. Even back then the residents who weren’t black had to lock their cars doors if driving in black neighborhoods after 9:00 PM! It wasn’t unusual to read where drivers were accosted at redlights, robbed and beaten! I remember one account where a driver was robbed by the mob with his own handgun, which they got to in his glove compartment! The things go down so fast because they plan these acts of violence! Seems the only thing that has changed in black Louisville is the numbers of criminals involved in each incident!

    1. What a sick vile “community” these animals are raised in. Gutter dwelling scum of the lowest order. whoever said “we should’ve picked our own cotton” nailed it!

    1. Standing by watching so they can make their speeches standing in the blood of the black children.

      1. Are you kidding? Our deeply racist and corrupt Attorney General, Eric Holder refuses to prosecute black on white crime.

  53. They have kept the black population corralled in the worst neighborhoods of inner cities for years, keeping them disillusioned and demoralized. The time has come for them to rise up. They have an election to postpone this year and the only way to do that with any credibility is to claim unrest in the United States. What better tool do they have at their disposal than the pressure cooker they have been keeping at slow boil just for a time like this.

    A political cabal and a compliant media in obvious complete denial. There is little media record of the attacks these tools have been committing against people of other races and they ave been allowed to get away with not reporting it or the complaints of the victims for years.

    Politicians, media and race baiters want bloodshed. It will give them what they couldn’t get with Trayvon Martins death didn’t, partly because it turned out that Zimmerman was a hispanic. When a white person takes out a few of these savages the news reports will be about how the white racists killed these poor black children completely unprovoked.

    We will have a race war before the end of the year. Obama has given himself powers that he and the liberal politicians want to exercise. They have strings that they can pull and they have no intention of giving up any of the power that they have taken.

  54. when people start to carry hand guns as we all should be this wouldn’t be a problem for very long.

  55. they’re investigating??? It was a bunch of violent, ignorant black thugs. Political correctness has gotten way out of hand. “Mystery” solved.

  56. I notice that both news reports gave no identification of the members of the mob(s), though the video was rather specific.

  57. “The mayor is now calling for calm in the city.” Greetings mayor; are you black … or yellow? How about calling for the National Guard with LOADED weapons to patrol the streets? Or how about encouraging law-abiding citizens to carry concealed and shoot attackers? How about scheduling greater police presence and urging less police restraint in dealing with violent mobs??

    Stupid mayor. Your city will turn into a black racist’s hunting ground. Those who are smart are already packing heat or packing their belongings and moving away.

    Why in the gross obscenity would anyone be calm when the race war is breaking loose full-tilt? And why weren’t any of these victims carrying concealed?


    1. Kentucky is an open or concealed carry state. To conceal you need a permit, to open carry you don’t need a permit. Sadly, it’s going to take a bloodbath to teach any group with the mob-mentality that they are not victims, except by their own choice. Our current regime of Chicago criminals and the fake reverends are the ones with blood on their hands.
      One has to wonder how many senseless murders these DC thugs are going to be explaining to a Righteous God on Judgment Day!

      1. God speed the Judgment Day!

        So far this hasn’t touched me or mine. We’ve been lucky and careful. God grant that continue. No matter how willing I am to dispense justice in the form of self-protection, it is obvious that the obama regime hates justice. The consequences of successful self-protection are becoming difficult to bear.

  58. One arrested, no reports filed, why aren’t those officers involved and the chief suspended without pay? Could it be the democrat mayor wants a cover up?This should suprise no one, its just subhumans doing what they do best, assault, rob and steal.

  59. Moral of the story: when moving through “teen-infested” areas, always, ALWAYS have self defense weapons handy. Check out the stuff available on Amazon.

    1. just stay away from these areas. That way when they get the urge to manifest their misplaced anger, it will be on each other.

  60. Sadly, I only needed to read the headline to know what was up. This is what the welfare state has brought us.

  61. I’m waiting for Holder to proclaim that “nothing” happened here, no investigation is needed. If a white, however, had kicked leaves into a black’s yard, then this would be an act of white-privileged racist terrorism.

  62. Where are the two tribal leaders, Sharpless and Jackoff. Those two need to be ran out of the country. They should spend some time to control their own. No it is more important to hold a rally for voter fraud and praise a black woman for getting away with voting 6 times for Obama. I would love to get Sharpton alone for a few minutes and have a one on one conversation without his body guards around.

    Did they say anything about arrests or were they doing a what the head punk Holder told them to do and not arrest blacks cause it looks bad. What will look worse, black teens behind bars or a row of body bags lining the waterway at the park.

    Time to set a plan for next to get the Kentucky Volunteers re-activated and go to the park next weekend and do some cleanup work. I bet the police would be hiding like rats in a flood.

  63. You are starting to see the result of shipping jobs overseas with no future for this generation in the job market . You can bring out all the guns you want but you will see more of this but don’t worry the 1 % won’t be affected they will just watch on tv and chuckle mumbling “chumps”

    1. No one is shipping jobs overseas. My god, that myth is so easily debunked. Jobs are going overseas because of the government clowns like you vote for. Regulations with swarms of regulators taxing and spending hard earned money is forcing companies to survive by reducing costs by, unfortunetly, moving to other countries. That in turn eliminates the jobs these little bastards might otherwise have.

      1. Sorry I don’t vote republican who by the way during the years of 2000-2005 the country lost 6.3% MFG. jobs which by the dept labor statistics was the largest drop in MFG in decades .Almost 80% of our employment base is Service oriented ..All stats are available on the dept of labor website . But fox news don’t report this stuff

        1. So you would rather vote for a corrupt, lying, thieving, race-baiting racist, genocidal, deceiving and immoral democrat aka communist? You don’t like freedom and you’re too lazy to make your own choices and want the government to make them for you? You sir are one of the PC really blind and “useful idiot” ignorant enough to allow these people to destroy our nation further. Just what has Obama done for our economy or has he tried to quash these kind of incidents or hasn’t he further incited more racial division??? Why hasn’t he brought our jobs back from nations over-seas? You can’t do anything but blame Bush, spout your parties hypocritical propaganda. Go away troll, I’ve heard enough of your rhetoric; you and your kind own this failure.

          1. Show me one communist leader who wants the work force to make a higher minimum wage . I guess the saying is right you can’t fix stupid

            1. You are way out of your league with this kind of come back. Raising the minimum wage is going to create more jobs? You’re already claiming that in 2000-2005 the republicans lost 6.3% of the manufacturing jobs. That is because taxes, unions and regulations created by the Democrats and radical environmentalist like Czar and Communist Van Jones and Al Gore made it more lucrative for manufacturer to move their jobs out of the United States and into countries where they could manufacturer their good cheaper and with less hassle. What?? Do you think we are all stupid enough to fall for that rhetoric. It’s all about bottom line for businesses, it doesn’t make this right, but you have to create an environment for profits; and the United States has failed miserably in this area thanks to your parties efforts. Republicans have lobbied for lower taxes, fewer unnecessary regulations and fought unions to create more jobs here, the Obama administration and the Democrat party have worked harder to destroy our economy than any other administration in history and when they owned the house and the senate in 2005 & 2006 and created the policies they accused and blamed Bush for only to get their party elected. Go back to your book of lies.

        2. If your trying to get me to defend republicans don’t bother. But, no one does Detroit like Democrats.

        1. Henry there is 3 to 5 % percent that will always scam the system no matter what.,and here in Florida it the white as much as black who do it .

          1. changing the subject matter from ‘violence committed by (filmed) black thugs’ to ‘scamming the system’ is a typical troll tactic… good luck with that!

          2. That may be true,I don’t know, but the main topic of this is the black savage’s violence which in these cases is 100% committed by blacks.

    2. So why aren’t whites ever involved in this type of incident? Why are whites and other races the victims of blacks all the time? It has zero to do with jobs, mr. democrat. It has to do with the white-guilt meme that this president has intensified 100-fold by his racism.

      Same old excuses for violent racist mobs. This is the larval stage of genocide.

      1. Typical republican you guys can’t even keep track on what you say ,so Lawngren did you blame the the blacks for occupy wallstreet demonstrations .because I didn’t see many there. Fox and the far right throw so much out there you can’t keep track anymore

        1. yes and I blamed gladiolas for the cracks in Mt. Rainier because I didn’t see many there.

          Makes as much sense as what you said.

        2. Occupy mostly was a protest that involved thought processes. These goons don’t really possess that ability. Your comparison is stupid as well.

  64. These are Black kids doing what they do…barbaric heathens…and I also noticed that there was some black man standing over the commentator/police to assure no “Racist” comments were made…Come on folks this is Racism and it’s a race war and you all better wake up to the fact…Obama has his community organizers out pushing these kids and they are too mindless and racist and barbaric to see they are being used…It’s Clear our enemies are attacking our weakest link…the Black community and it’s clearly working because we refuse to call it what it is…

  65. this why a 30 round magazine is necessary ….to bad we can’t shoot automatic that will back them off

  66. where were the damn police, cowering in Dunkin Donuts because they don’t want to “offend” these black punks ???

  67. Time to LOCK AND LOAD. You threaten physical violence against my family and I or any third party…I will shoot you. PERIOD! This CRAP has to stop and there’s really only one solution at this point.

    These “teens” never face consequences and that is why they keep on keepin’ on! Trayvon Martin learned the hard way.

  68. Maybe Rand Paul should be more concerned with the crime in his state before making the freedom speech on spying. Maybe Kentucky has too much freedom and some spying on the youth, our future might help.

    1. Paul’s solution would be to legalize smoke a dope so as to get all these young pukes to vote Republican.

      1. He is not a conservative republican but rather a libertarian which is closer to a liberal than a republican, IMO

    2. There is never too much freedom. There may be too much crime but that is not caused by too much freedom as criminals do it because of their nature and not because of freedom that all enjoy. Take away freedom and only the law abiding citizens will be affected. The bad people will go on being bad and killing because we will have no way to stop them.

  69. If you think Greece had troubles with their so-called “austerity” plans, just wait until these feral monsters have their EBT cards cancelled.

    Carry concealed and stay safe, everyone.

  70. I fully support shooting these kids. They are rabid now. They have been taught that this is their due. They have no respect for life, law, or the concept of self control.

    I don’t know who started this but isn’t new. It started with black teen flash mobs at the Iowa state fair a few years back. Shoot them like a pack of wild dogs and you’ll either stop this or flush out the ones that are instigating this and we can then prosecute them.

      1. Holder doesn’t have any jurisdiction over these riots. In this case, it’s the Louisville Police Department that has the blind eye. Let’s give credit to where credit is due.

        1. Holder is the Supreme Leader of the Department of JUSTICE. The Local Police Department is the basic structure of the Department of JUSTICE…thus, Holder ultimately has ALL power over them (since he Commands the District Attorneys, which are the ones responsible for actually criminally charging defendants…)

          As shown with the Zimmerman trial, when Holder ordered the DOJ to investigate their own set of charges to file at the Federal Level, instead of only at the State level.

          1. Hey Lo-Fo…the AG is over the FEDERAL DOJ…unless a FEDERAL crime was committed, Comrade Holder has no dog in this fight.

            1. Except for when Holder wants to take jurisdiction (such as when he decides he wants to apply Hate-Crime charges, Prosecutorial-Discretion, Prosecution-Directives, etc.), which is ENTIRELY up to him. HE CAN DO IT whenever he wants, thus, he has ULTIMATE authority.

        2. holder has been supporting and encouraging this type of behavior since he was appointed. He is therefore responsible. And I’ll bet anything you like that if the mobs were white, the victims black, and the mayor only called for calm afterward, holder would be in the air en route before you could say “racist”. And he’d destroy the mayor.

        3. He may not have jurisdiction, but the fact that he won’t prosecute black on white crime is known in the black community. Therefore, it emboldens the thug element of the black community to commit crimes without fear reprisal or the consequences of their lawless behavior.

    1. It started long ago. In this country the beginning may have been the “long hot summers” of the late Sixties.

  71. Two words: concealed carry.
    These teens know that they won’t be prosecuted, so there are no repurcussions. Wait till this summer when the days are long and the nights are warm. Arm yourself.

    1. Better believe it. And have more than one gun, because if you are “caught” defending yourself, you’ll go to jail. You know what that will be like. If by a miracle you should manage to stay out of jail, the police will still confiscate your gun “as evidence”.

  72. This will ONLY get national attention when a few of these black teens are shot. I don’t condone that… but the criminal MSM, Holder, Sharpton, Obama, Jackson, etc. – all the race pimps – look the other way. This is OBAMA’S doing… why? Because he has destroyed our economy and young black teens are hit hardest by unemployment. Couple that with his divisive rhetoric… his class warfare… Furthermore, NOTHING is being done about broken families in the black community or inner city violence. So, a bad economy, high unemployment, a pResident rooting ’em on (more or less)… boredom… and they pack together and lash out at the world. 200 teens in a pack? A mindless, mob. Yeah, they’re going to try and rob the wrong store, or attack the wrong person(s) and then blood will spill…and this could all be prevented.

    1. The minute these thugs start dying we’ll have mass riots on our hands. And those of us trying to protect ourselves from the thugs will be the ones prosecuted!

      1. Yeah… I know. It’ll give more ammunition (pun intended) to the gun control nuts and Holder will unleash his FBI on us.. this is currently Obamaland… and the black mobs are the victims. Which is ironic if you think about it… because they are doing all the crime and Obama and his ilk are making these mobs (in large part). Twisted world.

          1. All too possible… man, I never thought America would become like this. Unbelievable. So preventable.

      2. If the police become the enemy they’d better expect that some people will treat them too as the enemy. Just sayin’.

  73. More evidence of the decay that has occurred in our cities. The youth are feral. I’d hate to be caught in a major metropolitan area, some hot summer, when the EBT system fails, what with all the race baiters among the progressives spewing their hatred. It’ll make the riots of the mid to late ’60’s and the ’92 riots in LA in the late look mild in comparison.
    This is a big reason why there won’t be cutbacks in welfare spending, no matter who is in charge, there is to large of a dependent class in the U.S.A.
    We have met the enemy and they are us.

      1. In this case sure, but having visited almost every major metropolitan area in the US over the past 35 years I’ve seen plenty of inner city Caucasian youth that are just as violent as any Black/Hispanic/Asian youth. When hope is taken away from ANY people group, and they are made dependent on a government entity, take away the bread and circuses and those people will riot. History is replete with examples.

        1. I’m stunned that ‘plenty of inner city Caucasian youth that are just as violent as any Black/Hispanic/Asian youth” somehow haven’t made the news.

          Do you think maybe the media is prejudiced against blacks and that’s why they don’t report all these “‘plenty of inner city Caucasian youth that are just as violent as any Black/Hispanic/Asian youth”?

          I notice you did NOT mention anything about violence by illegal aliens – Latinos, that is. I have. But if you haven’t, golly, I must be wrong on that too.

          And BTW, who mentioned violent Asian youths? I haven’t heard about any of them involved in “polar bear hunting”. Gee, I must have your sources. I’m sure you can supply documentation for all these violent white and Asian youths.

          First give me the links to the stories about the white and Asian youth knock-out attacks.

          1. Really Lawngren!?! I didn’t mention “Latino’s” as they are also known as “Hispanics”. And I totally agree plenty of violence is perpetrated by Latino=Hispanic illegals.
            And BTW I mentioned violent Asian youth.
            You are correct recent news has been about Blacks. But to find mention of the viciousness of Asian gangs one only needs to Google their past behavior in L.A. Same with Caucasian youth and the violence they perpetrated against civil rights demonstrators in the South (unless you don’t consider hangings, beatings, shootings and bombings as violent).
            I’ll let you find the links via doing Google searches, unless you find it to difficult to do.
            Or perhaps you could go to a library and do some research of the commonplace violence that occured when new waves of immigrants landed on the shores of the U.S.
            You do know that history didn’t start when you were born?
            If you are unable to do so, I guess that terminates this thread since I can’t out-think someone who isn’t willing to think.

            1. “You do know that history didn’t start when you were born?”

              OK, then let’s include the Vikings’ violence, and American Indians’ violence, and Mongol violence ….

              I though we were talking about current and increasing violent threats. Now you tell me this is a history lesson. Gee, I’m wrong again. I’m so embarrassed.

              I agree, there’s no point in further discussion wit you. There are so many logical fallacies in your attempts, it’s obvious that you are on a mission to induce white guilt and to cover up the race war that is now happening. I won’t accept guilt I do not deserve, and I will waste no more time dealing with your absurd red herrings.

  74. They may not know who their daddy is but I know where my gun is. Don’t be a victim. Ever.

  75. The welfare state and liberal Democratic economic and cultural policies create a society of dependency on government, broken families or no family, and no jobs. In the meantime, no matter how much “aid” these people get, it doesn’t give them a job, self-respect or a sense of self-worth, nor does it breed any motivation to better their lot in life. Ironically, it also breeds anger and frustration, because they know they are living worthless lives and lash out.

    Eventually this will come to a head in this country, again. The Democrats are just trying to appease for now to avoid the race riots that will burn down the cities, again. Because then they won’t be able to cover it up and the people will rise up demanding law and order be restored. For now, everything is just simmering…

  76. Are they training for Obama’s domestic security force? They are just part of Barry’s new nation within our country. I hope these young thugs are covered under Obamascam, Mark Dice’s videos are back up on YouTube.

  77. These punks are all stupid thugs and if that many were involved you can bet a lot of folks know the who and why. They need to put out as much info as possible and start rounding them up.They should also all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  78. These are all young democrats and Nero Obama supporters.
    You can’t expect Nero Obama and the democrats to be able to control
    their thugs and goon squads once they’ve sent them on their way with their marching orders to commit mayhem. What do people think Nero Obama does – sell insurance? Ohhh, wait he does sell insurance – it’s called protection but you have to pay through the nose for it.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  79. They’re being raised to believe they are victims and the white man is holding them down. There’s a lot of rage going around, and I think it was cultivated by the left’s constant messages telling blacks that this is true. They are discriminated against and they need the Democrat party to get anywhere in life. Oh, and Republicans are racist.

    Instead of teaching division, Democrats need to teach self reliance, perseverance, and success. If you fall down, get back up and try again. Nope, not in the leftist playbook.

    1. Good ‘ol Alex Jones. He’s a nut job that puts out propaganda, so I would never watch that show or listen to his perspective on it. No way did the police intentionally murder a homeless man in cold blood. He had a weapon in his hand. A knife. They actually said “knives”…plural. If you pull out a knife to the police who have guns trained on you, you’re going to get shot.

      This guy didn’t get shot for “camping”. They let the dogs chew on him because he wouldn’t drop the knives.

      Alex Jones is an idiot. He ignores facts in order to serve his purpose.

      1. And he had a history of violence against the police and others.

        I’m with you, I’m not an Alex Jones fan. I don’t know all of the facts in this case, but I’m sure not going to take his angle on it.

        1. Agreed. Nice to start off on a good foot. I figure the shots are coming from Alex Jones fans.

        2. Sorry MaxineCa,
          I’m perplexed at your statement about Mr Jones being a violent person. For the many years off and on I’ve seen Mr Jone’s in TV Documentaries, in his video’s, in video’s taken recorded by everyday American’s I have never seen or heard anyone say Mr Jones was a violent person nor ever have I seen a video where Mr Jones committed violence against anyone. So if you please, give me just 1 example where I can go and see the violence that you say Mr Jones of much less against police officers, or maybe shows he has a history of Violence against anyone for that matter. Any link would be appreciated.
          I have seen his red faced anger and I have heard him speak in anger, but never any violence nor threats of violent.
          I’m not a Jones fan, or a Scoop fan or a drudge fan, I’m an American, who loves freedom, liberty and the US Constitution who wants information that affects my family, my nation, the information that we will not hear or be explained by the mass main stream media.
          I am a big fan and I love the American Tea Party Movement, of which I am.


          PS: It’s not the man or woman reporting, it’s the information that’s being presented that is important.

          1. I think Maxine meant that the victim here had a history of violence, not Alex Jones. Your reading comprehension pretty much sucks.

            1. Hey Crassus,
              you’re right on, at 3:00 am I did miss MaxineCA’s point. I did think she was talking about Mr Jones. But thanks to K-Bob who proved a great point about Mr Jones and just a few minutes ago MaxineCa pointed out to me again about the guy’s violent history and now you making sure I get it right, glad to say now I get it and sorry about missing her point that she was talking about the guy.
              All you guys are really great and I appreciate all the help getting it right.

                1. Thanks RLevio,
                  Forget EmilyL., and think of freedom, liberty and being willing to listen to others who may have more of an in depth understanding than yourself and can teach you something you didn’t know or understand. But even so, I understand that is very hard for those who are in their on minds convinced they are the Einestines of society. Hence Obama and his communist democrat party.

                2. While you are of a blessed people it is not sure that you are, for your discernment is based in your arrogance and tempting the Lord, who you use as a weight as the gentiles that cheats the balances for their personal favor.

                  We pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

                3. HUH? I really have no idea WTF you’re trying to say, except that you strike me as proof that a LITTLE education can be a dangerous thing.

                4. I know you don’t, but don’t worry about it in time it you’ll understand.
                  Have a great day.

            1. I understand your point, but they had the man out done and out gun in every way possible and he did not attack them or have a gun pointed at them so I still think they used excessive force and should not have killed the guy.
              But that something internal affairs, the justice department and lawyers will have to work out as they investigate the killing and bring their findings before a grand jury. At least there is video evidence of this whole situation.

        3. Hello MaxineCa, K-Bob posted a video from 2008 clearly showing the violent nature of Mr Jones, that means I owe you an apology and now I understand your point. so now please accept my apology.
          I thanked K-Bob and I thank you for the lesson learned.

      2. No I disagree with you that Mr Jones is an idiot.
        I first saw this report on another blog yesterday, then I came across Mr Jones report on the subject. So I’m not convinced that Mr Jones hired these actors to make this video or that he committed any crimes in reporting what recorded on this video. I think the video speaks for itself regardless who posted it. What really surprises me is how this video was posted in the first place…maybe someone (A quite whistle blower) wanting to expose this needless use of a stun grenade and unnecessary killing of this homeless person by three men in uniform.
        Not sure why you’d call him a nut job, whenever I’ve watch any one of Mr Jones reports he has documents and websites where whatever he is commenting about can be confirmed. Of course at times the information is hard to bare, and sometimes hard to follow but it’s worth being informed rather than pretending it doesn’t exist. For instance his Bohemian Grove video, or his work covering what is called a one world government plot. And we have all heard Joe Biden, Bush senior, Henry Kissinger and many others referring to creating a new one world government. And with all we’ve seen happening in the last 5 years the 1000 points of light should be clear to us by now.
        I do not agree with every report I’ve heard by Mr Jones and his guest host talk about, but primarily I believe It’s just that I don’t understand the report or I still have a hard time believing some of his reporting even when I follow up with his evidence, but that’s my problem not Mr Jone’s. I’d prefer having him out there exposing the issues rather than not. And I’m definitly not going to call him disrespectful names as a liberal would do just because I can.
        It’s up to you whether or not you believe, But the films are real: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JlFZJr8ENQ


        1. Ok, “idiot” was the wrong word. He’s dishonest in order to push his agenda, which makes him comparable to Michael Moore.

          You can hear the policeman telling the guy not to be stupid. “You don’t hurt me and I won’t hurt you”. The guy was carrying knives and refused to put them down. Instead of throwing a stun grenade would you prefer they walked up to him and took them by force and get stabbed? That’s why the cop said something like “if you were in a bar I could legally kill you right now”. The guy would be brandishing weapons around other people.

          Any time a cop has a gun pointed at you and you’re holding a weapon that he tells you to drop, you better drop it or YOU will be dropped. End of story.

          Jones is a liar because he intentionally fails to mention the weapons, and he paints the guy as completely harmless and out camping.

          I didn’t watch that other video you posted of Alex Jones. No disrespect to you, but I don’t like Alex Jones. Mind is made up. I’ve seen him many times and he always uses the same tactics. He leaves out information to paint the picture he wants you to see.

          EDIT: I sure hope you weren’t comparing me to liberals because I supposedly called names. No, I didn’t. In my opinion Alex Jones IS an idiot. It’s not a dirty name. He is either stupid or he intentionally misleads. Take your pick.

          1. K-Bob posted a video, your point is well made and so is MaineCA point. That was the first time I have ever seen or heard such garbage from Mr Jones.
            Hopefully since 2008 Mr Jones has matured.
            And no sir I wouldn’t compare you to a liberal at all.

              1. Sorry but your observation of Mrs Malkin wasn’t exactly what I saw. She was scared out of her wits, that’s why she was leaving the scene post hast. Seriously she should have thought more about it before going to that crazy democrat scene in the first place. In a sense she was the cause of the scene. Maybe that’s why the cops let her have her day. I am very happy she was not harmed. Sometimes we must allow our commonsense to take over nonsense, but I guess in her mind the photo opt, media reports and her book sales take precedence over her personal safety.
                Mr Jones was wrong for his belligerent loud threatening nonsense as well.

                1. It doesn’t matter if she was afraid or not. The behavior of Jones and his cult was out of bounds.

                2. If you have a friend that agrees with you on everything, you need to cut ties and move on. That’s not a friend. It’s a kiss-a** yes man. A true friend tells you when you’re full of sh** and when you’re wrong…..as you are, lol.

                  I’m just teasing on the last part.

        1. K-Bob thanks for the video. I have never scene this report before. Mrs Malkin in 2008 at a combination Levitation and democrat convention, now that’s a very weird combination. I can’t understand why Mrs Malkin would be at a liberal looney rally in the first place, she must have known or should have known it wasn’t going to end well. I can’t help but think it was a photo opt that turned very nasty as would be expected when you have a republican conservative in a lions den of democrat liberal wolves. I hope Mr Jones has grown up a notch or two since this video was posted in 2008.
          I’m very glad Mrs Malkin wasn’t injured.
          thanks again.

        2. He’s a raving lunatic. Thanks, K-Bob, I hadn’t seen that one. I didn’t like the little I had seen of jones, but this is unbelievable. He is stark raving mad. I’ll bookmark this one.

          1. That he is. When I first saw the vid I’d never heard of the man. I assumed he was some pro-jihad, leftist lunatic. Turns out he’s just a lunatic.

        3. Lol, that was great. Michelle Malkin took it in stride chewing her bubble gum. She even said something to Alex about him needing to take medication. I love Michelle.

      3. I understand you point, but at the same time you have 3 men who are loaded for bear, they have pepper spray, tasers, black jacks, stun grenades, pistols, a rifle, a train police dog and they could have called for Marine back up if they we so cowardly that they thought they had to kill this man. In the video the man made no attempted to attack or injure anyone of the officers. I don’t see the danger any of these men were in even if the guy had 1 or 2 knives. They could have taken him down and taken him into custody.

        1. “Tueller drill” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxeTNnEWmbY) – It’s been demonstrated many times that a man with a knife can reach you and deliver a killing stroke in 1.5 seconds or less, from 21 feet away. Even if shot through the heart, an attacker may be able to continue his attack for at least 5 seconds before collapsing. That’s minimum. Some have lasted a lot longer than that. And a man who defies multiple police officers with a deadly weapon in his hands has to be considered a deadly threat.

          You try “taking down” a man with even one knife. I can almost guarantee you’d at least have to go to the emergency room to get sewed up. You don’t ever close with a knife-wielder if you can avoid it. Not unless you’re tired of living.

          How many officers should sacrifice their lives before shooting a deadly threat? My answer is, “None!”

          1. Hey lawngren, I understand the dangers of a person with a blade, I have had a few encounters with them and it is a little concerning but fortunately with a cool head and calm reasoning I once only got a scratch on the elbow, the other times not a scratch. Once I was alone and had to deal with two men with knives, and after a couple of their swings and picking themselves up off the street, they ran rather face me face down. But I know not everyone can be that lucky or blessed. It never crossed my mind to shot these men, even when there was 2 men with their knives.
            These 3 officers had many alternatives to take down this guy other than killing the man. No I don’t think any cop should put his life in a death situation, but I also think the cop shouldn’t think right off, “the suspect isn’t listening so hell I’ll just blow him away”, especially when they have at hand so many other options and there was 3 of them.

            respectfully my friend

        2. That’s how police officers get killed. If you are faced against a large man with knives, are you going to approach him with pepper spray? I don’t think so.

          1. In this case, NO I would not have approached the man with pepper spray, nor would I have approached the with screams of anger and threat that would surly frighten the man into doing something foolish because of his fear. I would approach him in respect and tell with him what the problem is and work to avoid any danger for either of us.
            That is the better part of wisdom, killing a man is easy but bringing in the suspect alive is the better part of honor and valor.

            1. Except police officers are trained to do things in a certain way for their own safety.

              Any time there’s a death involved there will be a review of the incident. There’s video in this case, and the men would be idiots to break protocol and go robo-cop on someone. If they did, they would get punished. I assume there was a review of this video, so it’s their call.

              1. The officers in this video didn’t do any thing but scream and shout and then killed the man unnecessarily.
                These 3 officers had many other options besides shooting this man down like a dog, and beside we pay for their equipment to save their lives and the suspects life, they went in as a 3 man team against one person in an open area, they had tasers, pepper spray and so many other options before having to kill this man, why not calm down, and use those other tools first besides screaming and then blasting the man like a dog.
                Sorry but No the officers were wrong and should have known better because of their training, unless the only way they know to talk to a suspect is with screams and bullets. Keep in mind this man was not a member of the a Taliban or Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, he was an American, a homeless American not bothering a single soul on that hill side.
                Sorry but the officers were wrong, they used excessive force on this man, and out of their fear and cowardliness or exuberance over reacted to the situation. They should be charged for their crimes against this man.
                3 well trained officers and a German sheperd against one man on a hill side and they killed this man in an open environment without provocation.
                Sorry but that’s just the way the video and their actions show it. Maybe a grand jury will see it differently and if so, so be it.
                Either way these 3 officers will have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives.

                1. You said it…..the officers will have to live with their actions the rest of their lives. They always do, and for many it’s the end of their career by choice because it effects them deeply.

                  I’m not going to second guess the “other” options. I don’t know what these officers had on them and the rest is armchair quarterbacking. Unless you’re in the situation you don’t even know how you would approach it.

                  The officers didn’t just scream. They were telling him to put his weapons down and he ignored them. If you’re that stupid while officers have guns pointed at you, well….you’re gonna get it. I don’t feel sorry for the guy.

      4. “They let the dogs chew on him because he wouldn’t drop the knives.” No, asshole. He didn’t drop the knives because the Gestapo had shot him dead in cold blood.

        1. Sorry jusysaynotosocialism,
          but you are wrong calling our American officers gestapo, and you are wrong calling kong1967 an ahole. We have great men and women who do great service as our law enforcement officers and on this website we have wonderful people who ask questions and express their opinions with dedication to their points of view for very good reasons.
          So if you have an opinion please give it but be real.
          Name calling is easy, so it’s best to say what you mean without all the bluster, remembering all the great men and women who serve our nation in law enforcement aren’t out for blood and pain.
          After all we are all Americans and that’s the main thing to keep in mind.


  80. These types of black attacks are becoming daily events
    now. And they are all against whitey…

    The democrats have opened the flood gates to racism
    by their actions! The democrats started this mess,
    by calling conservatives racists, just because,
    they opposed the Obama agenda! .

    If you live in the south. or you live on the east coast;
    its time to exercise your 2nd amendment rights.
    A race war is building up, I smell it, and I feel it coming.
    These black teens are angry, and they are out of control.
    And whitey is on their radar……


    Don’t count on government, they’re to busy running from trouble,
    than trying to follow the laws of the land.
    Holder is the blame.
    Obama is the blame.

    Watch out for yourselves, especially
    if you live in the big cities! Nobody is safe!

    What’s next?
    Drive-by shootings.
    And then what America?

  81. I think we are all pretty fed up with this crap! The question is – What are “we the people” going to do about it? We can’t count on the police or the politicians to stop it, gosh darn that wouldn’t be PC. Bamster and Holder have given them a pass, ya know.

    When we got ticked off at DC, the Tea Party groups emerged which empowered “we the people”. When they attacked our 2nd amendment, we spoke and they dropped proposed gun control laws. (but they’re not done yet.)

    We’ve had thugs attacking innocent people minding their own business far too long, knowing full well nothing will be done. Don’t you think it’s high time the community rally into action? Start patrolling your streets, parks, or where ever the thugs tend to go. If you have open or conceal carry laws, all the better, (if not, I think baseball bats are still legal.) I think it’s time we take back our cities. Screw the PC police.

    Come on men (and women if you can)! Let’s stand up and fight back (legally of course).

  82. Gotta love the idiot Dem mayor who says “Nothing like this has happened in decades. Hopefully, it will stay that way.”

    Excuse me?! “Hopefully”?!! So, he’s just going to cross his fingers and HOPE that this doesn’t happen again?! Typical weak-kneed, cowardly lib response! Perish the thought that he might consider actually beefing up police patrols and cracking down hard on these packs of thugs.

  83. You know what really makes me upset…these CHILDREN are being led astray. They are being encouraged to act this way. They are being misled into thinking what they are doing is cool and powerful. They have been told a lie and are too inexperienced in life – and will remain that way by the devices of evil people – to understand what they are being encouraged to do.
    They are being used by people they think they can trust. Tools in the hands of a cruel master. Yes, my human side is really angry about what these hoodlums are doing. And my Christian side prays for them, that their tormenters will be exposed and punished, and these children saved.
    Since we are such a good family here, I know you understand what I am trying to say.

    1. Yes, we know what you are trying to say, and yes, it’s a sad state that in this country we have so many children that grow up without fathers or any moral compass. Unfortunately, we have many that have grown into teens (no longer children) that have no sense of conscience, only the thrill of being a bad a$$. That is the only thing that gives them power in their community.

      I’ll never disagree with prayer, but until those prayers are answered, my question is – what can YOU do to help your community deal with this? I’m sure you could find many other kind folks that would be willing to do something. What do you suggest?

      1. We pay for infrastructure, yet our infrastructure is crumbling
        We pay for road maintenance by the highway dept, yet volunteers are needed to clean the roadways.
        We pay for welfare and EBT cards, yet kids need to be fed at schools and families at volunteer food banks
        We pay for Police protection, yet crimes aren’t solved and most neighborhoods have a volunteer neighbor watch.
        Only people banning together will solve the problems. No way is the government going to help us out.

  84. Interesting they didn’t say these black teens were black. That’s why people who have intelligence are armed and capable of exterminating rampaging animals that threaten their existence. This happen in Florida on Christmas day and in other places. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six and yes, race has everything to do with it, everything.

  85. Funny … the news report was strangely silent about the race of the perps … guess that means a positive ID.

  86. Kentucky is becoming a laughing stock. Why does no one ask good old Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell about it?

    I’m sure Rand will blame it on the racist who bring it up.

    1. Becoming dangerous? I think Holder gave them a pass a few years back when he said he wouldn’t prosecute “his” people” and “his people” feel empowered. And the media is complicit by not reporting the whole story.

  87. “With something like this you’d think it’d be all over the news. But not a peep. Might race have something to do with it?”
    Is a frog waterproof?
    OF COURSE ‘race’ has something to do with it. If this was a bunch of White kids, it would have bumped that friggin airplane off the news pronto.

    1. I would love a group plan a faux attack of white group attacking black couple and when the marxists start howling like rabid dogs slam it in their faces and all actors reveal their ploy! Would be very satisfying to point out their absurd hypocrisy and HUGE double standard!! And I am even mixed race and I am still outraged!! Conceal and carry 24-7!!!

  88. Pay no attention to the epidemic of unruly feral teen flash mobs.

    Don’t you know that a Malaysian airliner is missing? I think this missing airliner needs more endless analysis, conjecture, wild theories, and scrutiny by our media.

    Obviously a missing Malaysian airliner effects America much more than feral marauding mobs of American teenagers rioting, looting stores, assaulting, and robbing.

    1. Right you are! And gee whiz gosh golly it’s only a GAME, people! Lighten up!
      /heavy heavy SARC

      1. If that were the case then, yes, but at this point that is conjecture

        All the media has been doing with regard to the missing airliner is speculating. They have no facts other than the plane is missing. Do I suspect foul play? Yes, but without facts it remains suspicion.

        Will the media speculate about these feral teen mobs? Will they speculate as to why they are overwhelmingly African-American? Will they speculate as to why the phenomenon has grown dramatically in frequency since Obama was elected President?

        Do you remember how the media blamed Bush for all the looting in New Orleans following Katrina?

        What is the black teen unemployment rate in Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Economy? You can bet that the media would indict the Bush economy.

        If Obama were a Conservative Republican he would receive all the blame. The media would smear and malign him with it. They would hang it around his neck like a millstone. Fortunately for Obama, he is a Marxist fellow traveler of our Marxist media.

        1. Will anyone “conjecture” what kind of “music” these “miscreants” listen to? Will Tipper Gore mount a campaign to ban it?

  89. You know Jj and al and holder are just itching for some kind of retaliation or an actual victim defending him or herself.. It will not be the animals on trial but the person defending their lives.

  90. Just another routine Saturday night for the sons and daughters of Obama. And this one’s in a red state albeit a strongly Democratic area of a red state. Most of the previous reports about the “games” being played by the sons and daughters of Obama have come from blue states.

    1. I’ve said that since he used the line: “I don’t look like the people on the currency.”
      I knew this was going to get ugly in a hurry.


    I like the way WorldNetDaily described it:

    “Five months after the New York Times said this spontaneous racial violence was an urban myth; four months after NPR admitted it happened once in a while but race had nothing to do with it; three months after CBS News said maybe it was happening after all; two months after a Philadelphia family court judge said racial violence exists because white people deserve it; and one month after CNN said the Knockout Game fad was over, victims and videos and witnesses and suspects just keep piling up.”

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/03/10-day-bloodbath-for-nonexistent-knockout-game/#DwHmwvLqtwOuHSyA.99

    1. I’m still waiting for all the blacks that flocked to this board to whine about the Zimmerman verdict.
      Their silence is DEAFENING.

      1. I disagreed with that case, however why would a “black” like me want to defend those kids who are up to no good? It is because of kids like this that regular black people like me deal with random strangers thinking that I’m some kind of criminal. I’ve never been violent or done anything like that my entire life and despite being a model citizen, even I have experienced a gun pointed at me because people are paranoid about my race. I was literally wearing a pink leotard and still had tap shoes on (just left dance rehearsal) and a group of police thought I fit the description of a suspect who just burglarized a nearby house. Most of us just want to go to work and have a family just like everyone else. This assumption that ghetto is what defines my culture is wrong. I am the norm. Most of us have never done anything like this. Most of us like myself have never been on welfare. Most black people are just as boring as any regular guy on the street.

        1. Defend these kids? Where do you get that I want you to defend these animals?
          I want you and other blacks to come to these boards and CONDEMN their actions…but very few do. Certainly not all the ones whining about Zimmerman being acquited. Hell, even Trayvon’s girlfriend said Trayvon started it.

            1. Oh I get it. Your silence is your sanction.
              To sanction this is racism.
              Not one of you blacks that was on here complaining about Zimmerman being acquited for defending himself, has condemned this out of control black on white violence.
              You haven’t and none of the others that were here for the Zimmerman verdict have condemned this.
              I guess you feel it’s hunky dory since RACIST DEMOCRATS used to do this sort of thing in the KKK in the past.

      1. FYI..Europe hates them worse than we do..and aptly confused as we are that he’s still POTUS

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