I don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with people that they would attack the most vulnerable among us? Delbert Belton was 89 years-old, waiting in the parking lot of his lodge at 8PM and these 2 black teens approached him and beat him to death. They are thugs and they are cowards!

Now I’m not saying the attack was race-based because we don’t know, but clearly we’ve seen a lot of crimes like this lately. But when you think about it, what motivates teens to attack and beat to death an 89 year-old man? You can rob someone without beating them to death. You can steal someone’s car without beating them to death. And none of that was reported to have even happened. If race or gang activity isn’t the motive, of if the teens weren’t hopped up on meth or something, I honestly don’t know what else it could be.

And to top it all off he was a WWII veteran who even took a bullet for his country in the Battle of Okinawa. And this is how it ends for him. What the hell is going on in our country?

KXLY-TV – WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

Belton, 89, died from the injuries he suffered in the beating Thursday morning at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Witnesses say the Belton was in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge at 6410 N. Lidgerwood, adjacent to the Eagles Ice-A-Rena, around 8 p.m. Wednesday when the two male suspects attacked him.


Belton died from his injuries Thursday at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

“Shorty,” as he was known by his friends at the Eagles Lodge, served in the U.S. Army in the Pacific during WWII and was shot in the leg during the Battle of Okinawa. He went on to work at Kaiser Aluminum at the company’s Trentwood plant for more than 30 years.

He loved playing pool, even though he claimed he was no good at it and had been a member of the Eagles Lodge for the last four months. In addition to playing pool he loved working on cars.

Belton’s wife passed away several years ago.

Spokane police are looking for two male suspects in the attack. They said the suspects are African Americans between 16 and 19 years old. …

Police investigating the deadly attack on Belton are also working to obtain surveillance footage from the scene.

UPDATE: Here are the photos of the suspects:



UPDATE: One suspect has been arrested and charged with first degree murder/robbery:

Spokane police said Friday they have arrested one of two teenagers wanted as suspects in the beating death of an 88-year-old World War II vet who was wounded at Okinawa.

Delbert Belton, known as “Shorty,” died Thursday from head injuries suffered in the attack Wednesday night outside the Eagles Lodge.

KXLY-TV reports that the suspect, a juvenile, has been charged with first degree murder and first degree robbery.

UPDATE: Second suspect identified as Kenan Adams Kinard and is still on the run. Here is his Facebook page:

UPDATE: First suspect identified as Demetrius Glenn. He turned himself in to police.

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812 thoughts on “UPDATE: 2ND SUSPECT IDENTIFIED AS KENAN KINARD – 89-year-old WWII veteran BEATEN TO DEATH by two black teens

  1. How could two unarmed black children possibly beat a grown man to death? If a much bigger, older Trayvon Martin posed no threat without a weapon, how could these two innocent black children possibly have hurt anyone? I don’t understand.

    1. Well, he was an old man, and at least one suspect was 16, so if you really find it hard to believe a 16-year-old and another teen could beat an elderly man to death with metal flashlights… I don’t know what to tell you? Just FALLING wrong can seriously injure an old man, let alone being knocked down and pummeled.

      1. It was a sarcastic response following the liberals claiming poor little skittles couldn’t possibly have hurt anyone because he was “unarmed”.

    That made no sense whatsoever.
    Stop focusing on skin color.  You can’t win an argument over something that’s totally stupid to begin with.  It’s like watching people argue over the correct way to boil water.

  3. jdbaird K-Bob Desjardins  
    What he said was typical flame bait for “you apparently never looked up statistics, and I’m here to tell you what”
    Which means that in addition to being antagonistic, he missed the entire point of Dr. Strangelove’s comment.
    And yes, it clearly happens the other way ’round.  Just not as often. That’s what the statistics show when people actually DO look them up.

  4. That’s right! I said it…NO CHARACTER. This vet is dead because of 2 dumb arse teens……May God rest his soul. And because it was 2 black male youth, it’s the end of the world???I bet y’all didn’t go all out because the white man in Florida killed the young blackman for playing his music too loud. You all are very sick people. This includes all races that always want to throw out the race card. Grow up and get a life. A man has lost his life senselessly…..regardless of the perpetrators race. And those young men will be tried and convicted as they should be.

  5. RNBSNLSU SophiaH8  
    That’s enough fake history for tonight.
    You folks knock off this loser argument.
    Skin color doesn’t mean anything.  Never did, never will.

  6. AlEng1 EugeneTrahan Realjustice  
    Focusing on skin color is like looking at the wallpaper when your house is on fire.
    Skin color is meaningless. It’s the leftism, the racism (mostly Democrats), and the totalitarian urge to control everything that is the problem.

    1. Wouldn’t totalitarians want to limit random violence? I mean, maybe you could argue they’d want ORGANIZED, SYSTEMATIC violence against their enemies, but not random teenagers assaulting old folks. I agree with you on your stance against racism, but the rest of this makes no sense.

  7. Lee0521 
    “…the second was not deporting them in the 19th century.”
    Aside from being a non sequitur, that’s just incendiary nonsense.
    Only Democrats Care About Skin Color.

    1. False. Lots of people who vote Republican are racist. So are many Democrats, certainly, but you can’t legitimately tell me no Republican voters care about skin colour.

  8. anon1886 It would still be a Democrat Voter Plantation.
    It ain’t the skin color that’s the problem.  It’s the left.  Stay focused.

    If you think people venting anger over this man’s senseless murder it evidence of “no character” then you are part of the problem.
    The man who could do the most to stop this remains silent.  He wants his stupid race war, and he’s determined to get it.

  10. AlEng1 EugeneTrahan Realjustice I grew up across the street from blacks and we had no problems. everyone got along and the kids played together. at supper time where every you where that is where you ate black, white are purple. Use to have a black lady we cald and josephine and she treated us like one of hers. Would love to see the world go back to this way of living.

  11. lvlive365  You’re mistaking the Democrat party for people who actually give a damn.  They are using the black community and don’t want things to get better.  The black community are victims, and any other scenario doesn’t work for the Democrat party.
    Could you imagine the left’s playbook working on blacks (or sympathetic guilt ridden whites) if they were all like Zo from Zonation?  The propaganda they use only works on people that believe blacks are victims of the white man and of modern day racism and oppression.  They’ve got blacks believing they can’t do anything without the guiding hand of the Democrat party, and that’s not going to change until blacks abandon the Democrat party.

  12. ThomasSh bfunk  Our GREAT society America is set up around GOD. Not so much religion but GOD. The bible or the ten commandments are just a guide for life. You said you don’t need someone to tell you this you already know. Here is some  questions for you to ponder. How do you know? In what you know what is the basis for it? What’s it’s origination? Once you honestly answer these questions for yourself you will have the true answer. This all did not happen by happenstance.

  13. EugeneTrahan Realjustice  In this case color has everything to do with it. Many african Americans are brought up to hate the white society. Until families realize America and it’s greatness is not against them there will always be problems. Until african Americans stand up for families there will always be problems. Time for Al and Jessie to get on the correct train if they want to lead.

  14. When you have a community (blacks) where it’s considered uncool to stick around to father your kids, where 70% of all children born are born into fatherless homes….
    When one third of young black men are incarcerated….when 1/8 of the population commits over half of all murders…..when black white violence is 95%+ black on white….
    It’s time to have a serious discussion as a nation about what the answers are. But first, BLACK LEADERS, including Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama, who have made their way in life by using race as a tool, now need to show real leadership, despite the fact that it will anger many in their base. It’s time for tough talk, and hard decisions, and the leadership needs to come from within.

  15. concerned2 Orangeone Typical liberal demanding others do the work so they can suck off the government. Do your own research. Try the liberal-favorite search engine google.

  16. concerned2 Orangeone I don’t start out my citizenship with European countries, my allegience is pledged to the USA and my family fought in the world wars to give you the freedom to spout off.

  17. SophiaH8 funny how whites didn’t respect any boundaries when they sailed over. Do you plan to divide white people too (meaning where they came from)?

  18. SophiaH8  and they were illiterate because why? – illegal to teach them to read. Where is my 40 acres and mule?

  19. Orangeone – btw which part of Africa – it’s a huge continent not a state. Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya …….

  20. butchywutchy actually we have “bad” neighborhoods and trailer parks – who lives in the trailer park?

  21. prelude17  that would be an assumption to say they wouldn’t have beaten an old black man not a fact. For the most part, whites kill whites and blacks kill blacks because our communities are rarely integrated. I live in an area that more mixed than most because of the colleges that are here but white people aren’t targeted by black folks. Crime is generally an opportunist thing so ……… I don’t know what to tell you

  22. the visitor then it’s fifty fifty right? I mean if one is mixed then you have to acknowledge the white…….

  23. SophiaH8  good to know you read beyond what they teach you in hs history. Lyndon B Johnson had reservations about the civil rights act too – in the end he went with it.

  24. havoc777  
    This will go on and  get worse until  the  law  abiding  citizens BEG for  Martial  Law
    Problem, reaction, solution.

  25. Hang the bastards right downtown so the rest of them can see what will happen .I will stop this.Let them hang there til they rot.

  26. As I said many times over this will keep going on and getting worse until the government starts enforcing the death penalty. Justice is meant to make the punishment fit the crime and set an example for those who would attempt the same. In this case those bastards took the life of an innocent and not just any innocent, but, a war veteran. They need to be faced with true justice, execution in compensation for murder.

  27. RNBSNLSU MB1629   Bottom line?  Slavery was never right, never fair, never should have been tolerated by our modern way of thinking.   However, it was the natural result of war, of business (debt-slavery, working to pay off a loan), and of peace (slaves traded as hostages to die first if the other party broke a treaty).  Slavery was better than slaughter when one side lost a battle or a war, or the world’s population would be half of what it is today.  And at times, slavery was better than starvation in times of drought or famine.  
    Today, most Americans are de-facto slaves.  We owe our lives, or days, our devotion to others who own our homes, our cars, our other ‘property’ for decades until we pay off our debts.  Most of us will never manage that feat before we die, so we buy life insurance to settle our final bills so that we don’t make our children slaves to the people who we owe.
    Only the few, like the Amish, own their own land and grow their own food, sub-cultures who take nothing and need nothing of “modern” wage-slave society.   Those on welfare (5 times as many “whites” than blacks, half as many Native Indians) are slaves to the State, at the mercy of the High Duke (Mayor), Count (Governor) or King (President) of a growing feudal state.  Come soon, that King is planning to order the welfare serfs to move, to depopulate the cities and turn over prime real estate back to Land Barons who will build new castles for the Yuppies where Harlem and Watts, South Side and Pigtown stand today.

  28. RNBSNLSU MB1629 Because Zimmerman was defending himself and the evidence proved it. Not only that night but in the trial too. There was no favoritism because he was “not black” there was only justice. The justice system worked like it’s supposed to and freed an innocent man. Blacks will never see that though……..sadly.

  29. The two thugs made it a racial thing when they randomly attacked a white man because he was white. It and the Lane shooting are hate crimes and the victims were killed for being white.

  30. RNBSNLSU MB1629 On Zimmerman’s case:  one key difference between Martin’s death and Lane’s or Mr. Belton’s deaths was simple.  Zimmerman called the police BEFORE any punch or shot was fired, and he stayed on the scene until police arrived.  Zimmerman never ran away, never hid from the police, while the killers in Oklahoma and Spokane left their victims dead or dying as they walked or drove away.   The five boys in OK and WA were found after their friends and family members, shocked by the cold-blooded nature of the killings, cooperated with police leading to their arrest.  To my knowledge, none of them walked into a police station with their parents to surrender, they had to be hunted, chased, and captured as fugitives.
    As to historical references, here are some words to look up.  Janissary.  Mameluke.  (White and black slaves held under Islam by the Turks)  Serfs and serfdom.  Feudalism.  
    In Africa, look to the history of the big slave-trading tribes: the Yoruba, the Ebo, the nation of Ashanti (they defeated the English in 3 out of 4 wars), the 11th Century Bonomon or the Bono State.  Look up the Imbangala.  Ndongo.  The Kingdom of Kongo (it was an African state larger and richer than France or Germany in the 13th century).  Read about the Nyamwezi, a huge tribe to the east of the continent.
    Learn about Timbuktu, a city older than most European cities and a center of the slave trade in Africa for perhaps 1,000, maybe even 5,000 years.  Look for the Kanem Empire, which thrived while London was a small town of a few dozen families.  Check out the Fula (aka Fulani) and Hausa people.
    You look hard enough, and you’ll discover that “black” is but one of a dozen colors of the native African peoples, as complex and different in language, history, and culture as Mayans are from Germans or Italians, as varied as Turks, Irish, or Vikings.  “Black” Africans are a minority on that continent, as there are brown, tan, and white people who were never Europeans.  The tribes and people of Africa over the past 10,000 years have warred as often and as violently as the tribes/nations of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Europeans never took slaves ‘by force,’ they bought men, women and children from Yoruba, Fulani, Ibo or Nyamwezi royalty who had captured or bought slaves from other nations, other people all across the continent (to include Arabs and Europeans).
    Look at Ethiopians, Egyptians, Tuaregs and Zouaves, none are as dark as the Yoruba of Nigeria or the Kongolese.  People in the US who call themselves “African American” come in the various shades and hair, skin, and vocal tones of the many different people of the true African variety.  It’s foolish to think that Cleopatra ever looked like “Oprah,” as the people of the Nile were more likely to resemble Halle Berry.  300 years in America didn’t make “black people” all mixed up.  They were a diverse group of captives when they came off of the boats in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, Mobile or New Orleans.   “Blackness” was a myth imposed on slaves by Europeans (English, French and Spanish) to lump a dozen different African cultures and peoples into one servile class, one common denominator as being “different” than the myth that all “white” people come from the same tribe, same nation.  Humanity is more complex than that.

  31. ig·no·rantˈignərəntadjectiveadjective: ignorant1. lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.”he was told constantly that he was ignorant and stupid”synonyms:https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+uneducated&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CC0Q_SooADAA, unknowledgeable, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+untaught&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CC4Q_SooATAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+unschooled&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CC8Q_SooAjAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+untutored&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDAQ_SooAzAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+untrained&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDEQ_SooBDAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+illiterate&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDIQ_SooBTAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+unlettered&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDMQ_SooBjAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+unlearned&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDQQ_SooBzAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+unread&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDUQ_SooCDAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+uninformed&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDYQ_SooCTAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+unenlightened&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDcQ_SooCjAA, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-a&hs=uQg&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=define+benighted&sa=X&ei=DN4XUsP5DKKE2gW6sYGgDw&ved=0CDgQ_SooCzAA;

    According to this definition it appears that most of the people commenting on here actually are just the opposite of ignorant since they know what the problem is and what to do about it.

  32. WordsFailMe SophiaH8 faustmanv 
    Your  words are nostalgic for me.
    My  Granma on  Dads side was a church  lady quite wellknown  as Grampa had some  wealth and  property and  she  was very  active in the  community a medium  szed town by standards  fo those days  earlier than your  salad days.
    We  had Negras  to  do the yard work and laundry and house cleaning. They  could not  sit in the kitchen but  stood at the  counter  to eat  lunch. They   were  polite and  never did  we think to  give away any  clothes shoes  or  accessories  without discussing  which Negra  might  like it and  putting  it  aside for them even if  it were for their MANFOLKS.
    There was a  SISTER  CHURCH to  Granmas  Baptist one.
    There were  financially  better  off Negra women  in  charge of that church and when it was  nearing  thanksgiving and later  Xmas  those  Negra  women  would  visit  Granma  and sit  on the porch to  discuss  how to  gather in the usual  donations and bag them up  for  delivery to the  poor  in our  city and the outskirts  of the black  town  a  few miles out  side of  our  city.
    when  the  WW2  was still on those  Negra women  visited  granma and the  woman who  lived  across the  street and one  from  way down the  street also came and all sat out on the lawn  behind the house  and one  Aunt  sis and I carried out  sliced  watermelon , lemonade, Iced tea and  sugar, salt and a pitcher of  iced water  and  lots of  paper napkins which were still new fangled but  Granma wouldnot  lay out the linen  napkins outdoors even for  family
    All those women  spoke with  respect and  kindly  and  even a bit  of mirth when  mentioning a  sad family  that  needed  more  care every year but  carried on  as  good  xians were  suppose to  do.
    There was laughter at a Negra man who went to  the  Sheriff when  he  got  drunk so he could get  locked up and  stay out of  trouble.
    If one  of the  Negra  families  had a death Granmas  church would make sure to  sent them a check  to help with burial  expenses. If a  man was not taking care of his  family and the women  were giving up on him  they told  Granma and she  told  Granpa and  that  Negra  got sent for and  Granpa told him  how  tings are  and he  would  straighten up at least  for  awhile.
    Sis and  i  played with the  children of the  Negras when they came with an  adult to see Granma for some   reason
    There was no  disallowing this as  they would not be there long and all of us would be where any adult  could  keep an eye.
    The Negra  children were interesting  for what they said about some  views  we saw  differently  like how  families  dealt with  some  issues . They  always  had a bit  of reserve when playing with us but  we all did  laugh and push each other on the  swing or see saw.
    This is a  short  glimpse of  black/white  relations in pre and  during  [email protected] in  deep  South

    we were  separate but  equal and  got on well as each had our own  space and mutual respect
    If  my German Granma  ever heard  the word  nigger  except in  ref to a nasty acting  drunk  black how  hurt  his  family  she  would  speak  very  sharply  and  the person who used that word  would be in  her  dog house for  days ! and not let that one  forget  it  by shunning  and giving the sharp  eye at   every turn.
    Both communities had  similar constructs  and  lived  similar  lives but the  differences were to  large for any  sane person  to  consider mixing.

    separate  but  equal as my  Dad always  said

    it worked very well  for  a very long time.

  33. I had a reply to my first post, but slow ass computer can’t find it and keeps freezing up. I think everyone needs to read these stories and these posts better. My replier scolded me on what I had written. I never used the word Black, I questioned the wittnesses who let this happen. I said instead of watching somebodies Grandfather get killed. They should have run the little bastards down with their car. I don’t care if they were Black, White, Brown or a mixture of all three, They should have been stopped. All of you are posting here because you read the Right Scoop. There is a religious group that wants to kill us all, Black, White, what ever shade you are. If you are a christian you are dead. I’m sure some of you have heard of them. We get into some bullshit race war with each other, a lot of people will die. How many in the last civil war 700,000 and more, all the extremist will have to do is sit back and wait awhile and then come on over and mop up whats left. Maybe my replier doesn’t know the difference between ethinic groups and race MMmmmmmmm. I do think these teens should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If that means the death penalty well than so be it. Again doesn’t matter what color they are, should have been raised better. The  picture of the one that turned himself in, I don’t see any hate in his face at all, I don’t understand what the motivation was.

  34. Bottom line! You are ten times more likely to be attacked violently by a black male under 25 than whites and hispanics combined and that number will be going up with more retaliation attacks like this one and the Lane shooting. Obama only gave the young black thugs carte-blanche when he first went on TV to announce that TM could be the son he never had then went further to excuse TM’s thuggish beating of Martin by saying that only black people understand what it’s like being black in America.
    Well, if that’ the case the only blacks know how to fix it!!! As for me, attack me and you will reap the consequences!! Unless you’re a coward like the Lane killers and shoot me in the back!

  35. toongoon RNBSNLSU 
    School shootings are committed by mentally ill individuals. No one I know would support such crimes. What’s the part about democrats whom “I’m sure get your vote are denying people mental health care”? I am a registered Republican and I don’t vote for anyone who is liberal (democrats, usually). I do not justify these kinds of crimes, in fact they are deplorable. People are no longer safe on American streets. Why is that? Do you suppose it is who our current POTUS is?

  36. You are correct, it is  A RACIST move. Where are the 2 fake joke, revernd’s (jackson/not-so-sharpton) on this? Why are they not speaking out AGAINST it? Why? because it is totally against thier agenda, the agenda of the hate they spew and the anti-white they spew! How about our very own joke-in-cheif??? What kind of a stance is that joke taking?? He does not have a cluer because he never served, and has in many ways, caused what is happening in the USA! This is a total loss of control, and he is on vacation, doing interviews renouncing Rush, the Tea Party, etc, etc………
    He has no clue! HOWEVER, he did have Zimmerman tried and convicted within a week of that race war!!! WHAT A JOKE!!

  37. Orangeone Overman112 ChrisSpieglan I’m new at this, but I how do I post my handle? Is my handle Overman112 ? Do you mean my WordPress handle? Thx!

  38. 12graceRNBSNLSU 
    he is  really  stretching  into the  propaganda bag when he  says  WHITE women wanted  black men  then OR now.
    There are some  wiggers  from  among the  low IQ  emotionally  dysfunctional but the majority  of  WHITE women Angewidert von Rüden schwarz !

    It has everything to do with progressive democrats.  Their policies and practices are responsible for the disintegration of american society.  It has been their objective to sabotage the foundations and values of our culture.
    They are the ones who lobbied to have the Bible and prayer removed from school.
    They are the ones who introduced the false interpretation of the 1st amendment to turn it into a tool to remove god from schools, business, gov’t etc.
     They are the ones who lobbied to make divorce easy via no fault divorce which destroyed families and made marriage a throw away arrangement.
    They are the ones who introduced the liberalsism of Dewey into our schools destroying values, etc. of our young people in order to make them children of the liberal state.
    They are the ones who created the welfare dependency cyle which led to men and fathers leaving the home w/ gov’t being the new caretaker.
    They are the ones who rewarded women for having children out of wedlock so that now in among blacks 73% of children are born out of wedlock.
    On and on it goes – and just look at how CommieCare is destroying our economy, health care, etc.
    And for your acid reflux – take 2 or 3 Tums.

  40. RNBSNLSUSophiaH8 
     As a WHITE WOMAN  from the South  who  listened to the  horror  stories  from  family I can tell you  those women  did not want any  part of  black men as MANY  of us  do not  even in this  day  when  we are forced to see  Mischlinge are everywhere in  movies, tv , public 
    Those women  were  disgusted by the  black males
    so   you can  give up your childish  propaganda BS that  is your  own  fantasy and not even near  reality
    By the way  you  think  one  suspects  what your  heritage  is…
    mind  in the  gutter .

  41. MB1629  good info. Can you give me some references.. I DID Know Blacks own slaves and whites owned white slaves. Wonder if many on this page know white owned whites too. So there has been white on white violence and black on black violence since the beginning of time. 
    the reason why some black and whites were upset with the TM investigation was because GZ wast not even held over night after he shot TM. All cops are even investigated if they shoot someone. But lets see what happens when the table are turned and its their minor child who gets shot and they are unarmed.
    Second, after all these attacks by these black boys, they were found instantly and jailed. No questions asked. Unlike GZ

  42. Orangeone SophiaH8 HeyzeeThrillz  
    But a  firing  squad  on PPV is so entertaining  and shows how  weak  the pitiful misanthropes are so their  peers watching  can  see them  squirm and  grovel.  A  better  deterant  for the thugs  still  out there.

  43. USMC 64-68 IMDOINMENOTU   Not trying to redirect anything.  But i c everyone else is.  This is about an old man, God rest his soul, that was murdered by 2 young men.  So i have been told the young men posted things on FB.  Whatever they get, they deserve….But do we always have to go back and forth with this race thing????  That has nothing to do with the democrats…it has to do with how you/me as children were raised. I am always thankful I was taught to LOVE EVERYONE.  WE ARE ALL FROM THE SAME. Then too, after one is grown and gone on from home, they may can make choices for themselves to be racist or not.   We all bleed the same…the madness will never stop with all the stinkin thinkin people do against others.  I will pray for you all.  Even if ur atheist, i will still pray for you. You all make my acid reflux flare up.

  44. I used to live in Spokane and Shorty was a friend of mine and I hope they get the death penalty for what they did. They deserve nothing less. Shorty was a man that would have helped anyone who needed it. Rest in peace friend

  45. SophiaH8 Orangeone MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886   LMBO…PAYMENT???See…time to grow up.  Living in the past is not a good thing.  We never got our 40 acres and a mule, but life goes on.  Just sad…down right sad.

  46. OrangeoneMB1629anon1886 
    Many Americans think of Abraham Lincoln, above all, as the president
    who freed the slaves. Immortalized as the “Great Emancipator,” he is
    widely regarded as a champion of black freedom who supported social
    equality of the races, and who fought the American Civil War (1861-1865)
    to free the slaves.
    While it is true that Lincoln regarded slavery as an evil and harmful
    institution, it is also true, as this paper will show, that he shared
    the conviction of most Americans of his time, and of many prominent
    statesmen before and after him, that blacks could not be assimilated
    into white society. He rejected the notion of social equality of the
    races, and held to the view that blacks should be resettled abroad. As
    President, he supported projects to remove blacks from the United
    Abraham Lincoln’s Program of Black Resettlement .

  47. Orangeone MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886http://www.pbs.org/newshour/extra/video/blog/2009/01/slaves_built_the_white_house_u.html

  48. Orangeone MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886
    Which graves?  The graves of the freedom riders of the 1950s and 60’s?  They were heroes, but they freed no slaves.  Soldiers of the Union militias and US Volunteers killed in battle or in disease ridden camps between 1860-1865?  They didn’t fight to free slaves, that’s a modern myth.  Read more original writings, the news of the day, the books and memoirs of the survivors.
    Remember:  Robert E. Lee freed slaves he inherited by 1863, while Gen US Grant owned slaves all the way into 1865.  Explain why slaves were still held in DC, Maryland, Delaware and Missouri, Louisiana and other “occupied” Southern States throughout the war, up to 1866 and 1867.  Lincoln never freed a slave held in federally controlled territory.  Slaves working for the US Congress were still building the Capitol Dome and the Washington Monument until Jan 1866.    Even Nancy Pelosi admits it:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/02/congress-honors-slave-labor-that-built-capitol/

  49. Orangeone MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886 
    where  is the  payment for the  property  my  family  lost  to the  northern  carpetbaggers who  gave  Southerners lands over to  illiterate blacks lock  stock and barrel and often the WOMEN  and  children of  the  farm also?

  50. MB1629 SophiaH8  
    Yes and the blacks brought more  fees on the market  as  the  attitude was the Irish are so  plentiful  we can  get as many as we want
    but the  blacks  were  brought   in those  Dutch jewish  slave  cargo ships
    that  went mostly to the  islands as the blacks  could  take the heat  and  the WHITES  did of  heat prostration  so there was more value on  the  stronger blacks
    In  Europe  WHITE men were  taken  right out of the  cafes and  bars  and  stunned/drugged to be carried off to a  ships hold to  sail to the  colonies and  be sold there.

  51. I think the majority of you are just down right ignorant, just like these 2 young men that committed the murder of this man.  Thats my opinion of the whole thing.  Everyone’s going back and forth…fo what????  To see who can out do who in ignorant s????  Wow!!!!  Sorry for u and ur children, if you have any.  I always told my daughter to be careful what u say about people, it will come back and bite u dead in the arse.  My thoughts…my words…YOUR BAD!

  52. IMDOINMENOTU MB1629   Wrong is always wrong, no matter the cause or back story.   You are correct.  Sadly, it is unlikely that the parents of these two murderous children will be arrested and prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of the boys.  The parents, fathers and mothers, should be prosecuted as “accessories before the fact.”

    Shame on you for trying to redirect the righteous indignation and anger of people who uphold decency, and by implication laying the accusation of racism on them.
    If you want to thank anyone thank the policies and practices of the progressive democrats who have created the cultural degeneracy we suffer under today.

  54. MB1629  So two wrongs make everything alright????  Those young men were def wrong for what they did, that man wasnt bothering a soul and they do this to him????  Such a sad thing.  Then i read where people say it was how people were brought up….if those young men ar saying negative things, and then killed that poor old man becasue of that then serves them right for whatever punishment they get.  To me, it’s not about the color of the skin, but the content of ur character.  and many here i c have no character at all.  Folks need to check the mirror and check themselves on how they were raised.  Nothing good will come to those people for some of the statements they have made.

  55. MB1629 Orangeone IMDOINMENOTU anon1886 I guess all of those graves are empty. Liberal trick, spew the lies long enough and people will believe them to be true.

  56. Orangeone MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886   If you refer back to our history in the US, 1830-1865, very few men or women died to ‘free the slaves.”  Col Shaw of the 54th Mass Colored Troops did so, as he was an ardent abolitionist willing to die to end slavery.
    600,000 other federal troops didn’t volunteer and die to end slavery: had they been told that was a war aim in 1861-1865, they would never have left the farm or the factory for a day.  They fought for the Union, they fought for glory, they fought for their brothers-in-arms, but not for the black slaves.
    Read the diaries and letters that survive by the thousands: free men of NY, Boston, Chicago and other northern cities rioted against the 1863 Draft Act when they were told to report for duty following “Emancipation” proclamations.

  57. Overman112 Orangeone ChrisSpieglan If you are on Twitter, post your handle, several of us are and will follow you and RT your tweets.

  58. TheBeaver Yes!  And there are many good black leaders trying to right the ship, including Larry Elder, Alfonso from ZoNation, Rev CL Bryant who wrote and produced Runaway Slave, Elbert Guillory, the members of Bala.org, Carl Boyd, Jr., Tim Scott, Stacey Dash, Crystal Wright, and many others. They are speaking out and many are passing on their messages.

  59. I agree but you all didnt want to work in the fields….trying to make us look lazy….and you all only came bc the Queen was sick of your ancestors…..Luckily, we survived the diseases you all had while the Indians died. So you all had to use somebody..

  60. You don’t get it? Zimmerman did!
    White folks think that by being civil, black people will change.
    If you are out at night, alone, do what Zimmerman did. If you hesitate, they will do this to you.
    There is a reason they call it the “bad side of town”, all you have to do is find out what the people look like on the “bad side of town”.

  61. IMDOINMENOTU    The race-based element is found in the facebook pages of the suspects.  I suppose you haven’t read them yet, pages with the same sort of white-hate found in popular rap lyrics, blaxploitation movies and videos, and the comments mirroring the boys who murdered Lane, the Australian immigrant earlier this week.

  62. Seems to me this thread is not about this poor elderly man that was beaten to death…it’s all about who did it and the color of their skin.  REALLY????  Shame on the most of you for making this a racist thing, I c many of you here.  But we also must thank the media as well…always gotta keep some shiggity going.  God dont like ugly.

  63. MB1629 IMDOINMENOTU anon1886 Are you spewing reparations?  One way ticket back to Africa is a good start.  Many died for the “slaves” to be “free”. Where are the reparations for those families that risked and lost all because blacks sold blacks into “slavery”?

  64. Blacks were doing the selling and the largest “slave owner” in the US was black.  Africa still practices slavery today.

  65. IMDOINMENOTU anon1886   He’s not a racist per se, just a sad, lonely, foolish man.
    In a way, he may have the solution.  If there were a way to empty the ghettos, broken neighborhoods and dead cities and give folks a new start, an “Oklahoma” style homestead plan and the possibility of building something they would OWN, there would be no excuse for the following year’s failure of the lazy, the careless, the hopeless.

  66. MB1629 anon1886 I disagree.  They absolutely should have been returned to Africa.  Today is not too late to start returning those with allegience to Africa.

  67. toongoon Picked him at random leaving a veterans’ establishment. Wonder if there are extra gang initiation points awarded if their kill is a veteran.

  68. anon1886  Then again, maybe the world would be a lot better place without people like you.  God dont like ugly.

  69. tinlizzieowner GregZotta Background check to buy the flashlight and a license to buy batteries with the purchase reported to the gov’t.  
    Must ask, why didn’t the NSA pick up on these threats given their monitoring activities. /sarc

  70. anon1886  i know your views and thoughts are your own, but they are def racist as hell.  i am a black woman, and i know i was made in HIS image,  where did you come from????  Sad…just really sad.  this is why things happen in this DEVIL world, because of people like you, that still want to have the thoughts you have about Blacks/African Americans.  I thought this was about an old man being beat to death by 2 young men.  Not about races finding a place of there own.  What kind of crap is that????  Oh…i know, it’s some down right, in yo face racism.  SMDH

  71. SophiaH8 HeyzeeThrillz Electric chair is more painful, let’s use the ammo on the Ft. Hood murderer’s firing squad.

  72. anon1886   Your comments and attitude are part of the problem (never mind that was Abe Lincoln’s vision, and the Abolitionist plan to deport the freedmen back to Liberia and Sierra Leone).
    One must remember that we ARE equal in potential and in rights, and we have an equal number (or more) poor whites and Native Americans who are under-educated, trapped in their own despair, and equally capable of random and senseless violence against each other.

  73. ilxys LawrenceBell WA has the death penalty and that must be the only punishment.  Hope they have the electric chair.

  74. concerned2 anon1886 Not for long, Chaffetz is spewing amnesty and the illegal aliens are relocating.

  75. SophiaH8 MB1629 Not news to me, my family shares the same past… ancestors came to the Colonies as “white slave” aka indentured servants, in a time when few indentures were ever paid off before death in bondage.

    African slaves were usually better treated and given better quarters than Welshmen, Scots and Irish debt-prisoners.

  76. anon1886 physicsnut With 23 million Americans out of work and 50 million on food stamps, the immigration faucet needs to be shut off.  We need to educate and employ our citizens.

  77. MaryWalker With Trey Gowdy and Lindsey Graham stumping for amnesty, watch for crimes by illegal aliens rise in SC.

  78. RNBSNLSU toongoon 
    The school shootings are by deranged individuals. I have already admitted that there are killers in every race. Nobody condones them or tries to make excuses or them.
    Democrats, whom I’m sure always get your vote are denying people mental health care. They emptied out the psych hospitals.
    Why do you keep trying to justify these murders and violent acts by finding some moral equivalency?

  79. I agree. America has made two grievous errors. The first was  importing Africans in the 17th century and the second was not deporting them in the 19th century.

  80. What we have here are kids who respect nothing or no one. A person commented that “we don’t know if it was a race crime”, but what else would one call it? I live in SC and crimes like this happen periodically. The judges are pretty strict yet these crimes still happen. This guy was old and probably couldn’t fight back. If the prosecutors wanted to make a political name for themselves, they would go after the death penalty in this case!

  81. MB1629 
    Many  WHITES  were brought to the  Colonies as debt  slaves  to work off a debt while  others  came to  get free of  taxes and  religious tyranny
    My own  family  was  traced back to  entry in S.Carolina in 1724 but no info on whether  they came as freedom  seekers  or  debt  slaves. We  have  had menin every  army  this nation  fought but only  one on the Southern  side in the  War of Northern  Aggression  Against the  South . Old  time  REBELS who  still believ in the ways  of  gentlemanly  conduct  as was the  manner of the  Planters and their  charges including  the blacks and non  family  WHITEs
    There was a code of  CONDUCT  enforced by the upper  classes  of  WHITES.
    Here is one  of  a  classic  series  about the  WHITE  slaves
    Do  view the whole  series, fascinating  stuff.

  82. blood on hands =  Shapton, Obama, Jackson  ..  Many other race batters .. all of them  .. bastardsssssss

  83. physicsnut 
    When I  worked in  the  Village just off 6th  AVE and  W 4th  St near Wash Sq Park I had  many occasions to  go to  the  Tomkins Sq park with  friends  looking to  cop. Always  got  stung with shake  for  tip  prices by the blacks there and it  was never  safe even when we were a group. That  was in  the  80s from ca 83-88 and it was  gentrifying  by then  and I  left politicking  and rabble  rousing .
    At  that   time  I  was the ONLY  WHITE person  who  would  speak with and  share info with the ” Black Vets  for  Social Justice” ,  Mustafa, an  excon as the  leader was  a hard  core hater feared  by  other blacks   but  he  respected me for not being  afraid of him and willing to  listen  and  write his  views as he told  them  to me and not  twist them  to suit  my own  views .  We got to  trust each other  enough  to  share  a  laugh and  joke about  race and why  every  race needs  its own  space.  Once we even went  for a coffee on a cold day. The Village  has changed since then, not so much for the better.

    Here is an  intelligent  black  man  speaking  TRUTH 
    enjoy BLACK MEN, Stop Blaming The WHITE MAN!


  84. RN, the worst treatment afforded to the African-Americans of the middle-late period (1865-1965) was from the upper, middle, and working classes of the NORTH.  When some of the freedmen left the plantations and farms of the South and walked to Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, they were shunned and scorned by racist Yankees far more than ever happened “down South.”
    Inner city ghettos didn’t arise in the northern/midwest cities because of the Confederacy, they were created by bigots and racists of all classes.  Yet they were never the lowest of the low, they enjoyed for 100 years a status well above that of the Native tribes (kept on concentration camps/reservations) and even above the immigrant Irish, Italians, Poles, and others oppressed even worse because of religion, because they were Catholic or Orthodox.
    Modern Democrats from 1865 to 1970 conspired to keep freed blacks confined, separate, and limited for 100 years.  Democrats wrote all of the “Jim Crow” laws, Democrats created the welfare system to reward black families for staying out of the labor market, and controlled all of the urban school systems that never allowed more than a tiny number of young black men and women to rise above that invisible, controlling line.
    Only those who learn can escape: hence the despair and emptiness of hundreds of thousands of functionally illiterate young black men who have no expectation of celebrating their 21st birthday, as they see no future, no plan, no road ahead other than to the graveyard.

  85. StephenMeyer I think it probably more a crime against someone weaker as opposed to being race based – there is no way to say unless they admit to that. But either way the rest of your examples, I don’t think were brought forth to help just black people. The “free” phones are also for the working poor (which also allow to be upgraded if you can afford it (income based). Affordable Care Act was designed to help – especially those with pre existing conditions, and Obama’s economic policies weren’t any worse that FDR’s. BTW the entire black community did not racially stamp the incident as racially motivated – do you know the entire black community?

  86. physicsnut I beg to differ. Immigration being out of control is NOT the problem. The problem is where all this immigration is coming from. You bring people from Korea, from Sweden, from France, from Spain or from Italy, and none of that is gonna happen. Now, you bring SCUM and you turn the country into a hellhole. Plain and simple. I think it’s pretty easy to understand.

  87. RNBSNLSU  
    Nancy  Grace is a  DIS GRACE to  humanity 
    and your  views are so unbalanced I have no interest in  interacting  verbally with you.

  88. StephenMeyer 
    funny how the libs all keep repeating to themselves that the Trayvon thing “was all about RACE” – so they don’t even need Hitler to repeat a lie – they repeat it to themselves over and over and over and over on EVERY freakin lib site i spy on.

  89. you don’t get it ?   before I moved out of the east village, there were 3 puerto rican punks who attacked an old ukranian guy who was about 97, and kicked his head in. Then they went ‘jogging’ in Tomkins Sq park  to escape.
    why the heck do you think they do it ?  Why do you think people said it was like ” a war zone ” ?  And what do people do in a war ?  THAT is what happens when ‘immigration’ is OUT OF CONTROL.    This is the reality that nitwits like Karl Rove and Dick Morris and Zuckerberg  do not care about. How come they never have to deal with it ? Do they deal with 100,000 gang bangers in LA ? Nope.  Do they deal with the South Bronx being burned down so it looks like Dresden ? Nope.   They think all immigrants are ‘hard working’ decent types.  What a total crock.  They just make up stuff to suit their propaganda needs.  You wonder why people had three locks on the door, and had to put up with continual robbery and burglary.  I want FRONTLINE to find out once and for all WHO BURNED DOWN THE SOUTH BRONX – and parts of the East Village.

  90. RN, your comments are a bit off-topic, but worthy of an honest response.
    On the Slave trade: that started tens of thousands of years ago, and continues to this very hour.  We in the US may have made it illegal as of 1865 (not 1960), but laws have never proven to be 100% effective.  Please look deeper into the history of slavery in Africa, for your own knowledge.  White Europeans never landed on the African coast and captured slaves en masse, that just wasn’t possible in the period between 1400-1860.  Portuguese and Dutch traders followed the African Coast from Casablanca south, and found slaves in the markets in African cities, in chains placed there by African kings and princes, slaves captured in war between African tribes, between African cities.
    Arabs, Europeans, and other Africans bought human slaves (black and white men and women) from African dealers.  European monarchs and aristocrats found that the native people of North and South America were unwilling to “serve” their Spanish, English, and other European invaders, and made poor slaves – they fought, they escapes, or they committed suicide rather than accept involuntary servitude.
    Africans made good slaves, new serfs, because they had themselves chosen to surrender (and live) rather than fight losing battles (and die) in the ancient political framework of their culture.  95% bought for the New World were sent to the Caribbean and South America, where Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese owners and overseers worked most of them to death for short-term profit in rough and inhumane conditions.
    5% of the slaves taken across the Atlantic were sold to new colonies in North America, mostly to English aristocrats and “developers.”  Those luckier 5% were treated as valuable parts of the new communities, protected and well provided for (never mind the Hollywood images of Harriet Beecher Stowe). Mistreatment, rape, and murder of slaves (black and white) did happen: there is no denying that.  But that was the rare case, not the norm… if it were, rebellions and riots would have been common and the population (black, mixed, and white) would not have grown and prospered.
    Don’t forget that many slaves (they were African, Irish, Slavic, Germanic, French and Scots) earned their freedom over time.  Freed black slaves in every colony prospered and founded local free communities in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Carolina, and Louisiana: many even became wealthy enough to BUY SLAVES themselves, and owned/operated plantations and businesses equal to some of the richest white planters.

  91. anon1886  
    Its  time we gave them a  section  of  a few states and  cut them loose
    This would  force the more intelligent and  reasoning  among them to  rise to the  responsibility and start teaching their  kids  how  to  behave in  a social  construct  fare and  free phones would  be on their  taxes NOT OURS

    Same  for the  Spanics
    give them an area with clear boundaries and  let them run it  as they wish all n their own money and  culture
    make  sure  the  rest of    WHITE America  has  clear  cut  boundaries so the  religious  fanatics  have  their own  area and  the Self  realized  people can  get on with safe and  productive  lives.
    Every one  gets a slice to  eat  at their own  pace  and  the better managed  ares will  survive and prosper. ….naturally so.

  92. rclapper66 
    Terry  Swoope, a black man,  says he never  heard this back in  2009 !
    He  says its because its a black man  killing a WHITE teenager.
    He said the media  is  trying to start a race war.

     Published on Jul 22, 2013
     The race dividing mainstream media never covered the story of a black
    neighborhood watchman Roderick Scott was found not guilty of shooting
    and killing a unarmed white teen boy Chris CerviniBlack Neighborhood Watchman Shoots and Kills White Teen Boy


  93. America would be a much better place without blacks. And yes, there are many good blacks out there that get a bad name because of this subhuman riffraff. But let’s face it, as a community, they’re a disaster. They take more than they give. I live near Atlanta, and that city has been destroyed by the blacks. If Atlanta were a white city, we can only dream what it could be.

  94. LawrenceBell Hey man, as much as I agree with you, they’re in a bad spot at home, seriously. I say rehab in prison’ll help, Kenan will regret this for the rest of his life.

  95. I say throw the book at them and then find them a nice prison where they can get to know Bubba.  I think they need to put them under the prison and pipe in sunlite and air but never let them out.  That crime was way out there and these guys are gonna do it again because they are ignorant and have nothing better to do than killing a good innocent man.

  96. GWShrub …you are right..The white kid drive them . What I don’t understand is how the black kid says whites are nasty but his girlfriend is white. The weed is killing these kids.

  97. silaxo1  This is happening down the street a few blocks down, we were listening to the police scanner last night(?) and were shocked to hear that it was happening.

  98. I know Kenan Kinard personally, and I can’t really say that much. The above picture was taken inside one of his classes at Lewis and Clark. He’s a grade above me. This is absolutely horrific, a neighbor down the street (has a junior at LC) had to identify the suspect.

  99. GWShrub ..and the White kid drove the truck. and the black kid says he thinks whites are scum BUT HIS GIRLFRIEND AND OTHER FRIENDS ARE WHITE. I think WEED IS KILLING THESE KIDS and f

  100. It is my understanding, via Tweet, that there is a hostage situation with a SWAT action going on in Spokane right now, and the person who Tweeted this believes it could be the second suspect.  If so, this suspect should do the only honorable thing he ever did in his life and that is die at the hands of the Police or kill himself.  He would save the Spokane County tax payers a lot of money and trouble.

  101. RNBSNLSU wrong one is obviously black, the second is mixed but identifiably  black and the third one is mixed race but is being considered white. If he was totally white he wouldn’t have been a Crip too and allowed to hang with the hate filled other ones. I don’t give a shit ,but since u are defending it as not being a black on white,you are wrong

  102. Sophia……Do you watch Nancy Grace and Unusual Suspect..?  Blacks are usually on the First 48….and for your info, Statistically speaking, the Asiatic race have killed more than any other group and that’s with KNIVES. Please do research before making remarks. at least LSU taught us that much…

  103. …and GZ is hispanic……..get it right.   And the black & mixed kids did the killing of Chris Lane!!   Get that right, too.

  104. harglide Seriously. My man is White….All I am saying is this Black on White crime is no similar to White on black crime. How is that being a racists? Is it that people don’t see the similarities or they don’t want to hear about?

  105. RNBSNLSU  
    Correction: Most white people are NOT buying the manure that you are peddling anymore, R.

  106. HeyzeeThrillz  
    televised  firing  squads showing the  wussie bois who attack in  groups when their time comes they  piss  in their pants and  go limp  and  whiiiinnne  and  cringe and  beg.
    Firing  squads  could be  great  PPV   to pay  for the  AMMO.

  107. GWShrubt and you are right. Whites have been called scum and nasty.  But as I have said before on this page, when the tables are turned, people cant handle it. 

  108. Already being discussed with VFW, American Legion, SAR, SUV, SCV, Rolling Thunder, Patriots Guard, and other organizations…  but hey, we can’t hurt anything by spreading the idea farther.
    It also requires the consent and approval of his family first.  Respect them in all of this, as I would want my WWII Veteran Grandfather respected.

  109. RNBSNLSU SophiaH8  
    Yes, we all know the truth, you are trying to justify the brutal murder of an old white man by two ASocial black predictors.

  110. toongoon..Seriously. Houston we have a problem….Lets compare these crimes to the last 6 school shooting  by White kids who killed black and white people.
    Outcome: All communities have Problems. And a white kid drove the truck in which the Australian man was killed

  111. SophiaH8 WordsFailMe faustmanv I remember the South of my parents in the 50’s and 60’s. The black neighbors hoods were destitute, run down and chaotic. Black beer joints on the edge of town were noisy, dangerous and forbidding. Black people didn’t go downtown and were restricted from the park near my grandad’s place, except on “June Teenth..”
    We all shared the grocery store, since there was only one, but one of the 2 drinking fountains was labeled, “white.”
    I remember the enormous courtesy between the races though. The “separation” was accepted. Though I was intrigued by the mysterious black businesses and neighbor hoods, I could not enter. No blacks came into my grandparents neighborhood either, so to me, an Air Force brat,who never met a person I didn’t like, it seemed apparently fair and, moreover, the town seemed to be a happy place. 
    Today I watch the old film, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” with some sentiment.  Sure we were separate. But you never worried about going to the store or not being able to get help if you ran out of gas or slipped off a muddy bank and fell into the mill pond.
    Words fail me when I try to express what I would trade to have the kind of peace I felt, sitting on the mill pond bank, with my racist grandfather at the racist cotton mill in that racist , little, southern town, waiting for a sun perch to bite my hook.
    What comforts me is that Trayvon and Jesse and Al will never know that kind of peace and neither will the Obamination.

  112. RNBSNLSU  
    The reality is that the black on white crime is even worse than it was in 2007. look it up.
    Using the race card is no longer effective, R. None of us are buying it.  The fact is that two black Asocial predictors, beat to death an innocent white man. You cannot excuse that away  by saying that black people have been victims of slavery, etc.

  113. Hmm, I seem to recall MANY ocassions where ALL WHITES are referred to as scum & all kinds of nasty names by the black community.  And the difference is…….???

  114. RNBSNLSU 
    Most white people are buying what you are peddling, anymore. 
    Wake up, R.
    “Why Black People Are Haters & Losers” – Rev Manning Rant

  115. @rnbsnlsu: AN agenda????? How about turning around and looking at your hateful self?
    If there is any flippin agenda and spew of hate, and racism it is certainly being written by your fingers on your keyboard!!!!

  116. Poor Trayvan Martin gets killed in SELF Defense and it’s stamped as racially motivated by the entire black community, and even the President makes comments about it. Whites get killed at random by blacks and no big deal is made about it. In tis country, it seems the only racist people are the blacks. Hispanics don’t whine about racism…they come to this country and the vast majority of them work hard and put family first. They don’t ask for handouts or to be given preferential treatment due to their race. I am white, and far from racist. But I am a victim of racism just about every day. We have a President that runs the government with a predominantly black leaning agenda and it’s a shame. I actually voted for him the first time around, sad to say, but the free cell phones to the poor ( Obamaphone), the health care law ( Obamacare) and the failed economic policies with record deficits ( Obamanomics) have me kicking myself for believing he could be a non-biased leader with the interests of ALL americans on his mind, not just the members of one particular race.

  117. SophiaH8 RNBSNLSU ..really? What happened to the babies made? Or maybe like the movies say ‘The white girls wanted it”….and the white men HATED THE FACT THE WHITE WOMEN LIKE THOSE BIG MANDIGO MEN….and then cried Raped….You know the truth Sophie8

  118. ThomasSh bfunk  
    North Hills, PA. 1963. The day America spiraled out of control. This is the day that one Atheist family managed to take prayer out of all of our schools.
    Have you read the Harbinger?

  119. JonWax bfunk  
    Nonsense. We are in desperate need  of the G-d of the bible. And support and expression of HIM need to be broadcasted everywhere.

  120. RNBSNLSU  
    All blacks? Attacked by who? Factual, according to who? What is your source of factual information?

  121. these Guys have seen their last days because it wont matter what they do with them or where they send them. They are going pay dearly.

  122. I left you a reply under Sophie about those FBI STATS…THEY ARE OUT OF DATE. It covers 1975 to 2007…..STATS HAVE CHANGED….

  123. I gotcha…I just hate,when people use old data….if they want bring up the past, lets do it. But what folks dont know is we slaves to DEATH…CUS ALL OF US EVENTUALLY DIE. ..

  124. YoDix  
    Excellent post.
      I have never heard this concept expressed so articulately.
    The irony is that white people pay the majority of taxes if these racists manage to get rid of the white race, who will pay for all the slugs in our country and in the world?

  125. death by firing squad for these teens.  Hey hypocrite Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, where are you guys in denouncing this outrage.  Oh yeah you guys are racists.  Hey I’m Filipino and the I don’t see these guys as leaders at all.  You guys should put a bullet in your heads too.

  126. Tamela Heim  
    I call for all Christians to pray to G-d to remove the demons living in obama’s body. obama is the epitome of evil.

  127. Right. Those stats are fron 1975 to 2007. If you are a college grad, you should know your data cannot be used if over 5 years. I only brought up slave trade because PEOPLE USE DATA FRON 1975…Please get new Data folks bc New York crimes went from over 1000 murders a year to about 300….
    Seond Blacks have issues with each other like Northerb and Sourhern Whites….so please. And Remember the Civil War.

  128. White people, Old People, Babies, Conservatives and Good People are all under attack in obama’s Satin-filled, black bias, America. 
    May G-d’s peace be with this poor man’ and his family.
    I highly recommend Tim Larkin’s book “Survive the Unthinkable” . This is a book for women but I think people of all ages and genders can use this information. Learn how to protect yourself with easy to apply methods and live.

  129. bfunk  i disagree  we dont  need religion or god to know what is right and what is wrong…its just common sense that you dont go out and murder people or steal or whatever…i dont  need someone telling me this because i already know it and have known it from a young age…whats needed is for parents to do  a better job with thier kids and if that doesnt work then  a harsher sentence for teens that commit crimes…the problem here is that these teens think they can get away with murder,,,maybe if teens knew that if they killed someone their life would be forfeit as well then maybe they wouldnt do this at all…but i dont believe religion helps at all in fact in some cases religion makes things worse

  130. SophiaH8 JonWax RNBSNLSU 
    He also sued so that so that slaves would not be released after a period of time forcing slaves to be captive for life.

  131. GregZotta
    ” these two black thugs did not use a gun; they beat the elderly white man to death.

    With 5 cell flash lights. I don’t hear a cry from the ‘gun grabbers’ to outlaw them? Where’s the cry to have to go through a background check to own a flash light? 😉 😉

  132. RNBSNLSU  
    Uhhhh rnbbie

    the KKK was formed because of the  rampant  raping  of  WHITE  women  by  blacks  who  were “freed” and because they  were  slaughtering  WHITES and  taking over their  lands and killing off the stock  for  food and laying  waste to  all
    Knowing  REAL history is always  so  enlightening

  133. Why is it when a black person or persons kill a white person it just get in the news for a couple of days but if it is  the other way around it makes national news.  Killing is killing I dont care what color it is but its wrong no matter what.  This gentleman was not able to defend himself and because two teens decided they needed something to do they picked a man that was older and couldn’t fight back.  This is the definition of a coward.

  134. toongoon GeorgeNestico RichardHenryLee  
    you  need to  count  above the  tens
    try  a hundred or  more.

  135. MiltonBassHayek  
    There are no  African French or French  Americans
     there are no  Hispanic  Australians  or  Australians  Hispanics
    who  are hell bent  of  dissoultion  of the WHITE RACE

  136. @ rnbsnlsu: DO YOU TALK THE SAME WAY YOU WRITE???
    Must be loud for the folks around you! I don’t get your continued caps…….

  137. JonWax RNBSNLSU  
    The FIRST  slaves in  America  were  WHITE
    the  first  owner  of a  WHITE slave was a BLACK PLANTER
    the  ABUSE of  WHITE  slaves by  Indian and black  slave owners was so  horrendous  there was a  law  passed  denying  black or indian slave owners to  own any WHITE  slaves

    this  crying  of  we wuz yo  slaves is a programmed  response  hypnotized  into  gullible low IQ people who are under the  thrall of their emotions  so are easily  led to  parrot the propaganda  for the  current  slave owners who  own  all of us  of every  color
    wakey wakey  folks

  138. Curtis….in the case of the 3 kids that killed the young man from Austrailia…1 was Black, 1 was Mixed, and 1 was White. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!
    If Trayvon double backed to GZ truck, that means they fought from the truck to where TM died and That means evidence of fighting would have started there….WAS THERE ANY EVIDENCE FOUND THAT THE FIGHT STARTED AT GM TRUCK….NO….. AND WHY DIDNT TM HAVE ANY ABRASIONS OR DNA FROM GEORGE?hmmmmm…the rain washed it away….really?…BLEACH CANT GET RID OF DNA FOOL…..

  139. WordsFailMe faustmanv  
    As another  former  Southerner I  fully  agree 
    Up until  he  passed in ’92 my  Good Ole  Reneck Dad  kept telling me  he had business partners in   various  projects who were black and  dependable and honest
    He had over many years  quite a  few black  employees
    plumbing and  construction bizs
     but he  vetted  each one  as a  person before  tying up a  temporary hitch   with any of them so  even as a REBEL as only  Southerners  can  grasp  he stood up  fo r there being  some  among them who were worthy  of being  given a  fair  shake  just as  he warned of the  trash  WHITES  to  be  careful  of 
    he  constantly  warned  SEPARATE  but  equal

    It is not the  just  thing to  do  to paint all of them  with one  TAR BRUSH while holding  a bag  of  feathers  in hiding
    IT IS  to seek out the intelligent and honorable ones  and  ask politely to join in  stopping the insanity  before the lowest  common  denoms  start  killing  everyone  they can  aim at

    There  ARE  many  blacks who  would  happily extend a  hand and sit  to  discuss how to have unity between  races BUT  ALWAYS  SEPARATE
    circle the bullies and take away their  fangs.

  140. RNBSNLSU 
    Bringing up white drunks and what slaveholders did over 150 years is called looking for excuses. We’ve got a problem with black youth today and it will eventually have to dealt with, hopefully by the black community because the alternative is worse..

  141. RichardHenryLee And sad but true.  Most of the black 16-19 year olds killed are by other black 16-19 year olds.  Far more young blacks killing other young blacks than other races killing them.

  142. More black on white
    crime. Two black thugs beat an elderly white man, Delbert Belton to death in
    Spokane, Washington. More black thugs who would look like Barack Hussein
    Obama’s sons if he had any. Black thugs have been emboldened to commit violent
    acts against whites since the racist AG Eric Holder refused to prosecute the
    New Black Panthers’ for voter intimidation, during the 2008 presidential
    election in Philadelphia and his reluctance to prosecute black on white crime. And
    note to the gun grabbers, these two black thugs did not use a gun; they beat
    the elderly white man to death. The
    murdering cowardly thugs attacked Belton, because he was a frail, elderly white
    male and they lack of the value of life.


  144. JonWax bfunk No one is forcing their religion on you.  You are free to worship or not.  We only ask for the same.

  145. Takes a real coward to attack an 89 year old man.  Kids are not being raised today…they are animals.

  146. MiltonBassHayek no. you have it wrong:
    they are black american. in order to be african, you’d actually have to be involved in african culture. africans are african. black americans, for the most part, aren’t african. they rejected the african culture in the 60s and again in the 80s.
    but what we are dealing with is “thugs” and “thug life”.
    THAT needs to be classified for what it is: domestic terorrism.
    then we will be able ot fix things.

  147. Maybe you should stop thinking that America was the only one in on the slave trade. More black slaves were used in Africa itself (and still is, by the way) and every other country than this one. I’m not sure why you choose to blame only those that are easy to blame. I’m pretty sure its to make yourself feel like the victim and in tern try to recieve handouts for it. So, maybe before telling others to “go open and American History book”, you should go open a World history book.

  148. RNBSNLSU seriosly, none of the folks on this board ever owned slaves. you can’t keep playing that card. it’s played out. and dark skinned blacks are CRAZY racist against light skinned blacks. that was one of the first sad lessons i learned in the 80s.
    man, you gotta let go of the past and deal with today.
    todays fbi stats are gonna be hard for you to accept.

  149. Predators almost always attack the most vulnerable, and they almost always work in packs. A moose, even a sick, old, moose, stands a good chance of kicking the life out of a single wolf.
    Our situation calls for the Cape Buffalo’s attitude. Do some googling or reading about the revenge of a wounded Cape Buffalo: relentless, merciless, well-equipped. A Cape Buff will leave you alone if you leave him alone, but may God have mercy on you if you wound him and he can reach you before he dies. Only crazies or very brave men risk it.


  151. harglideFor the record we have 3 instances here to examine

    Trayvon Martin Black youth ( killed while attacking a white person)
    Chris Lang White man (shot in the back my a black youths for the fun of it)
    Delbert Belton – (89 years-old war vet-beaten to death by 2 black youths for no apparent reason)

    The only difference in the 3 instances 
    Trayvon Martin ( the attacker) was shot and killed by the victim

    The other 2 victims were unarmed and could not defend themselves from these cowardly thugs who snuffed their lives out like a spent cigarette

  152. RNBSNLSUFor the record we have 3 instances here to examine

    Trayvon Martin Black youth ( killed while attacking a white person)
    Chris Lang White man (shot in the back my a black youths for the fun of it)
    Delbert Belton – (89 years-old war vet-beaten to death by 2 black youths for no apparent reason)

    The only difference in the 3 instances 
    Trayvon Martin ( the attacker) was shot and killed by the victim

    The other 2 victims were unarmed and could not defend themselves from these cowardly thugs who snuffed their lives out like a spent cigarette

  153. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, Mexico for the Mexicans, White countries… for everybody.
    Whenever you hear the words “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality,” substitute these with the words “white culture.” People who want to eliminate “social injustice,” “prejudice,” or “inequality” really want to eliminate white culture.
    Whenever you hear the words “white privilege,” substitute these with the words “white civilization.” People who want to eliminate “white privilege” really want to eliminate white civilization.
    Whenever you hear the words “racist” or “racism,” substitute these with the words “white person.” People who want to end the existence of “racists” and “racism” really want to end the existence of white people.
    The anti-racists say they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.
    What they are really against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.
    They say they want a world without “hate,” without “racism.”
    What they really want is a world without white people, a world without you.
    When non-Whites pursue their group interests it’s called “civil rights.”
    When Jews pursue their group interests it’s called “lobbying.”
    When Whites pursue their interests it’s called “White Supremacy.” 
    Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White. 

    STOP White GeNOcide  http://youtu.be/9dpeMuUQQkc

  154. Does the,TRUTH HURT FATHER?…Sorry!!!!! People uae fowl language when they have límited vocabulary. DONT FORGET THAT!!!!!

  155. GeorgeNestico colliemum FACT! FBI: Blacks 40 Times More Likely to Assault Whites than the Reverse
    the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”
    Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. http://patdollard.com/2013/08/fbi-blacks-40-times-more-likely-to-assault-whites-than-the-reverse/

  156. Earl…look at the results for future census. Brown people will be the majority in about 15 to 17 years..GET OVER IT!!!!!

  157. harglide    oooo Jethro  this coming from some one who is bouncing around calling everyone a troll, and a racists and everyone is hateful if they  don’t agree with you warped trend of thought. Jethro   who calls home Texas one of the top 5 racists states in the country, the state that before the inked dried on the SCOTUS slashing of the voters right act, started implementing tougher voting laws all directed in area’s of people of color, Texas, # 5 in poverty, the right to screw the worker state, and you are just enforcing what all of America knows about Texas the white mans hate of people of color and  it lights up in you  like the New years ball In NYC  Yet  I’m a Troll interesting as I see your juvenile comments of hate  all over this, a racists like yourself hasn’t a clue their a racists, I would think no I would hope that the moderator kicks you off Jethro lol ahhh stupidity at it’s highest level, I’ll be just trolling a long.

  158. The mutates of society have been given free rein to do what they want by this incompetent administration . We have scumbags because, as someone here said, we have abandoned the Judeo-Christian principles that serve as a restraint against such behavior. Black and Hispanic leaders are silent to the disproportunate attacks on whites by blacks reported only in local papers and radio; they refuse to speak out because they would be embarrassed about it. This is not an attack on an entire group but a call to see the reality that unless there is a change in behavior, racial tension will become worse and blacks and hispanics will be even worse off than they are now.

  159. Earl….have you looked at census lately? Brown people will be the majority in about 15 to 17 years. And if you cant handle it, ROLL OUT….THERE IS TOO MUCH RACE MIXING TO PROTECT THE FUTURE OF WHITE KIDS….MY CHILD BEING ONE…:)

  160. RNBSNLSU 
    Correction. Blacks are not called scum and and animals. These kids are being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
    Yes, white drunks are no better than black drunks. Stop looking for excuses for the thugs.

  161. How much longer will we whites remain divided against each other?  What is it going to take for us to put aside our differences and stand together to fight for the existence of our people and a future for white children?

  162. Its amazing that Blacks get called scum and animals,but the white kids get a psychiatric diagnosis…HOW diacriminating is that,,,But they should get their punishment. Here in Louisiana whites kill People by drinking and driving and no one calls them nasty names like WHITES ARE DOING ON THIS PAGE….SO STOP..A WHITE YOUNG DRUNK DRIVER JUST KILLED 4 People last month and one was pregnant. They buried baby in moms arm in casket….And the drunk driver had a record since 1999.

  163. Hey george, TROLL ELSEWHERE!! Your hate is enough. Only time before moderator kicks you off of here. You are typical libtard with hate and insults. Must be about, I would say, 12??
    Get lost!

  164. GeorgeNestico colliemum how coem you don’t get just as mad at pookie and them who shoot up the spot? when are you guys going to focus on the people who cause the problem? it’s thug life that is dragging this country down. time for the thugs to be put down for once and for all. by any means neccessary. you call that racist?
    if you go against it, i call you a traitor. if you are  a thug, i call you a domestic terrorist.

  165. GeorgeNestico colliemum 
    I don’t think anybody denies that whites do kill black people sometimes. The problem friend is that it is rarely being reported in the media, and if it is they take measures not to identify the perpetrators. Ignoring race does not help the black community. Blaming whites does not help the black community. Stop complaining about white people and work with black youth. It’s the best thing you can do. 
    Blacks and liberals have made this a hands off issue for whites, it’s got to be up to you. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hurting you.

  166. GeorgeNestico
    Thank you – you are doing precisely what the race mongers do: excuse any crime by any blacks ‘because whitey did it’,and totally disregard the huge number of murders blacks perpetrate on other blacks. 
    Btw – calling me or others racist for daring to mention that these are black scum shows that you have already lost the argument. It is racist and offensive to try and veil their skin colour behind weasel words because the problem is black aggression, and if we cannot name a problem, then how will it ever be solved?
    As for God forgiving me – rather, may He forgive all those, you included, who facilitate such race violence by their race mongering. 
    Where are your protests about the black kids killed by other blacks in Chicago, btw? Or do black kids not matter to you, as long as you can blame ‘whitey’?

  167. Rappini Pasta lol
    if it starts on friday it’ll be over by monday morning.
    trust me when i say you REALLY don’t want to do that.

  168. GeorgeNestico spideronthewall Clearly GeorgeNestico is a troll with nothing intelligent to say, his only purpose to polarize people.

  169. What’s wrong with our society is that we’ve kicked God out. To fix it, we have to invite him back in. Simple as that.

  170. I believe the S.O.B.s should be put to death slowly and given time to reflect on their hideous crime
    and YES i’m BLACK. It’s not always about race it’s about justice!!

  171. GeorgeNestico RichardHenryLee 
    There are killers of all races. African Americans aren’t special, except that there are more of them, everyday.
    For every white killer you show me I’ll show you ten black killers.

  172. GeorgeNestico colliemum  
     Blacks commit crimes against whites at 10x the rates whites do versus blacks, and that doesn’t even factor in the vast disparity in population.

  173. BethPriceAlmeida I couldn’t agree with you more. I especially like the “…emotionally and morally bankrupt…” part.  So true.  This crime is so pathetic and it makes my heart ache for that man.  Even the death penalty is not enough for them.

  174. colliemum  Interesting because that’s exactly how they portrayed the, the white guy at sandy nook, and the white guy who blew people away in  the theater, and were you this outraged when, (I hate to burst your racists bubble)  A group of white youths beat down a black father who was heading home after work had a chain tied to him then dragged on pavement for miles, so it’s only blacks that commit horrific crimes, right I wonder what your thoughts are regarding the white mother who let her white boyfriend rape her infant child. hhmmm   yes may God rest this brave American, and may God forgive you for your racists thoughts

  175. Worthless black pieces of shit… Somebody in Spokane find them a blow their brains out. KILL them

  176. KenWood1969 MSNBC will lead on every talk and op-ed show with ‘ white 80 year old man, tries to entice gentle black youth into drug usage, which turned bad when they had to defend themselves after Belton pulled out a pocket knife on them” The Huff Post will say ” Black children’s amazing death defying escape from white racist nearly tragic”…..What the hell am I talking about?… we’ll never hear a word about this from the progressive propaganda outlets.

  177. Hmmm “between the ages of 16 & 19”. Can’t be Trayvon Martin, he’s dead. Can’t be Chancey Luna, he’s in custody. Can’t be De’Marquise Elkins he’s in court today.  Outside of those it’s hard to say since there are millions of black teenaged killers in that age range in the US.

  178. faustmanv WordsFailMe What gets me is that I had a geat past where black people we welcomed in, where we could all see a bright future where racism would have no place. 
    Well, here I am, in the future and suddenly it dawns on me what my formerly scorned, Southern forebears meant by “separate but equal, but separate above all.”
    I believed. Then I woke up.

  179. This is beyond sick. 
    The black scum – yes, let’s not be mealy-mouthed about their race, because the race mongers have brainwashed them into thinking they can do this, and they know nothing much will happen to them because they’re ‘youth’, thanks to the left – this black scum did it because they could.
    Now what will the Brit (sorry, I apologise for that tosser) Piers Morgan say? 
    Clamour for laws to control hand and feet?
    One thing is for sure: if the MSM report this, they’ll tell us these were good little boys, poor and misguided, and surely Mr Belton must have said something to them to make them angry?
    May God rest this brave veteran, who did more for his country than this black scum will ever be able to.


  181. To go through WW2, only to succumb to injuries inflicted by daddy-less welfare recipients is nauseating.

  182. KenWood1969MB1629 
     no  excuses

  183. I wonder what Al Sharpton will have to say about this “hate” crime? You would have to have hate in your heart to do this to an old man who poses no threat. I suppose at trial it will be said he called them names and hence the beating was justifiable….shame, shame..

  184. You can thank OBAMA for ALL these RACIST Crimes against WHITES because OBAMA stood up for TRAVON trying to KILL the neighorhood watch volenteer and it Backfired on TRAVON the THUG so Now that OBAMA spoke He wanted THUGS like TRAVON for Sons NOW Blacks are going after Whites..WORST RACISM in HISTORY and its the BLACK RACISM against the WHITE

  185. Why does it say witnesses? What the hell were they doing, just standing there watching. More people, wait not more people, everyone needs to step up to the plate. This bullshit saying “I don’t want to get involved” has got to stop. If nothing else, get in your car and run the little bastards over. This is the kind of shit that this country is going to explode over. We’ll be acting just like the retard ethinic groups over seas-Killing each other! When we should be worried about them coming over here and trying to kill us all.

  186. BethPriceAlmeida  I would like to believe a death sentence would be cheaper for the tax payers but I doubt it

  187. Desjardins Dr. Strangelove  
    when two  very  diverse cultures are  forced to integrate  the one  that breeds the most will overpower the more intelligent and  reasoning  culture bringing  down the IQ level of  all  descendants  as  has  been  proven so  often  by  studies  that  are just  as often buried as  they dont  support the  current  CONTROLLING ENTITY’s  agenda
    Remember  what  Disraeli  told us about the HIDDEN  HAND in all  governing  actions and  he shold know as he  proudly  trumpeted his  belonging to  that  CONTROLLING  ENTITY and the  plan that worked so well to  remake Britain  to suit that  agenda.
    when people let go of the  diversity is  good  thang
    the  OBVIOUS  will slap  them  between the eyes to open the  pineal  gland
    Uh oh… DHS will  mess with my  emails again….

  188. @  Dr Strangelove
    Would you  kindly  show  some  articles or  vids of  WHITE  kids beating  down a black  kid
    how many
    it would  surely  support your  view  of  that bigger  picture.

  189. MB1629  
    Why not  send that  valid  suggestion to  Gordon  Duff at  Veterans Today
    if they are not already organizing  I bet he would  appreciate your  suggestion
    and they  have the outreach to  do it.

  190. This is why many of us carry legal concealed firearms.  Just more violent bad news from the Democrat created Dependence Class.


  192. jdbaird Desjardins K-Bob I don’t think he’s a strong conservative at all, I’d put him in the Lamar Alexander camp.

  193. Desjardins jdbaird K-Bob He’s a strong conservative as far as I’ve seen, I was just saying that even conservatives in an attempt to show how “not racist” we are, are sometimes willing to indict people who may not necessarily be to blame. And saying that there are white people who are just as bad, isn’t necessarily true if, like you said, you look at the statistics.

  194. Are you kidding me? How tragic. May GOD accept this man in to his chambers and reunite him with his loved ones. May GOD help the police in finding the murderous slugs that decided they were good enough to take another life.

  195. Dr. Strangelove Desjardins when statistics tell you teens, and folk over 80 are the highest risk categories for drivers, what category would that be considered, a lie, a damn lie?

  196. We need THOUSANDS of Veterans and others to mass in formation at this man’s funeral, and show our support in the most obvious way.

  197. K-Bob Desjardins Wait a second, what Desjardins  said was valid. When was the last time you heard of a black man being killed by a group of white “thugs”? I haven’t ever heard of it, not in a long time atleast. I know it’s politically correct to say “There white people who are just as bad” and that’s fine if it’s true, but give examples of it, don’t just throw that out there and expect us to go along with it.

  198. Jay Allen Keyes thatguy626 Orangeone DanBarrett WordsFailMe This is a serious bunny trail from the actual harsh subject. has nothing to do with being Indian!

  199. I also think that every American should flood the city of Spokane with letters demanding that these low life pieces of human garbage be sentenced to death! Or at the least LIFE without the possibility of ever seeing daylight again.

  200. Okay
    really? This man SURVIVED WARS and life in general and these two
    ignorant SOB’s beat him to death??? They SHOULD GET THE DEATH PENALTY!
    How emotionally and morally bankrupt would an individual have to be to
    do this kind of crap? Oh yeah, the look real macho beating this poor man
    to death. I don’t care what they are. The could be GREEN and it would
    still be wrong. However, since they are black monsters, this should be
    considered a Hate Crime. Yep, I just said it. I think any person who
    attacks an elderly person should be charged with a hate crime just to
    make the punishment more harsh.


  202. Desjardins Dr. Strangelove Sure. As Disraeli said, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” My experience is that on the street punks will victimize anyone they can but if it’s someone of a different race, that’s just icing on the cake.

  203. You can take these worthless  pieces of shit out of the Ghetto but you can”t take the Ghetto out of these worthless pieces of shit. To hell with trying to “help” these animals. They should be lynched. Cut and dry!!!

  204. K-Bob Dr. Strangelove It’s also the parents who don’t give a rat’s caboose as to how their children come out or do in the mean time. There apparent care is that they are allowed to live. In order for a society/civilization to survive, each generation must contribute to it and if it goes in reverse as it is now, that society will end. At this time, the heroes to this generation are thugs themselves so I don’t see a way out unless we put them down first. 
    Face it, prison hasn’t helped one, but since we’ve decided that punishment while being in the custody of the state isn’t humane(shooting ourselves relentlessly in the foot), it will never be more than just a time out.
    This is an entirely different topic other than the absolute horror of this senseless murder.

  205. Orvain  
     What is  needed  now  are RE-EDUCATION  CAMPS
    Send  all unemployed  under  21 yo  who  refuse to  attend  school  or  take part in  their  education  to  a  camp to  do manual labor  to  produce their own  food , uniforms, et al.
    Using the  inmates who  have been in  longer and  learned the  process of  becoming  productive to  oversee the  new  incoming  will  all ow those older ones  to  realize they  have  gained  trust  from  the  admin as  part of  a social  structure and  from  that they  feel  pride
    and  do a  fine  job   of  teaching the  new incoming  how to  behave in a  communal  situation preparing them  for  some day  returning to  the  outside world
    Where  you  have  a massive social problem  that is  destroying your nations  people and  economy  setting up  work  camps and  rounding up  the  wilfully indigent  is  the LOGICAL cure

    SOME  prison  systems are  run  in  similar  manner with  positive  results
    Law  wont  allow  we the  law  abiding ot  send  these  misanthropes  to prison  until they have  committed  a  crime
    the LOGICAL  solution  is  RE-EDUCATION  camps  that  any  kid who is ‘ jus  hangin out’  with no  education   or  plan  for a  productive  life  can be  sent  on the  order of a local  circut  judge  to live until  he is 21 yo and has  proven is  sense of  responsibility  or  can  be sent to  a place where  emotionally  regressives  can be  kept  for their own and the public  safety  can  be  guaranteed.
    The  safety  of the  larger  community   must  come  before this  sub  cultures  sand  box  rap  cultures  fantasy  world  view.
    more and  more  of these  killings will take  place  everywhere
    and who is next
    a baby  shot in the  face 
    an old veteran unable to harm  even a buzzing  mosquito
    a woman jogging  in the park  in  daylight
     ?   ?



  206. BrendaWagner 
    It  was  going o  keep  happening  no matter the  Zimmerman  verdict
    It  STARTED  wellbefore  the  Zimmerman  verdict
    which was  all set up to  give a  trigger  point  for the escalation of the  necessary  race war
    so the  CONTROLLERS   can openly  display  the Martial Law  that has been in place for many years
     This one  is a harsh  test  to  see if  Americans will still lay down and allow  our  veterans,
     our  elderly and most  vulnerable to be  victims  of the  THUG  CULTURE  set up and  fertilized to  COVER THE  AGENDA of the  real  culprits
    This  admin  is   totaly in  the  vest  pocket  of the  international  muslim take over  movement
    WHY  the  bummerO  bowed to   and kissed the hand of the Saudi top  dog

    see:The Saudi Connection
    But al-Mansour’s sponsorship of Obama as a prospective Harvard law
    student is important for another reason beyond his Islamic and
    anti-American rhetoric and early Black Panther ties.
    Since then, Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Foundation has given millions
    of dollars to Muslim charities in the United States, including several
    whose leaders have been indicted on terrorism-related charges in federal
    He also has given tens of millions of dollars to Harvard and other
    major U.S. universities, to establish programs in Islamic studies.
    For Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood
    Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), these latest revelations about
    Obama’s ties to Saudi financiers were an important wake-up call.
    “To me, this opened up more questions about Barack Obama and his relationship to the Muslim world,” Peterson told Newsmax.
     At the time Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour, says he was raising money for Obama’s graduate
    school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi
    Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United
    This is  the  muslim  radical who set up the  education  of the  young  soetero
     His good fairy was a Muslim radical named Dr. Khalid al Mansour. A lawyer with close ties to Saudi princes. As they were not sure Obama can get in on his own merits, Mansour got Percy Sutton to write letters to all his Harvard buddies.
    In other words, he financed his education in the same manner he
    financed his house, with a little help from his unsavory friends who
    also happened to be Muslims.
    But why are they so “helpful?” Is he groomed for something very “special?”


  207. Dr. Strangelove  
    Exactly so.  The problem isn’t the skin, it’s the quality of the people running things today. We need leaders who are accountable, and we need to stop treating criminals like misunderstood clients of the all-encompassing state.

  208. We are all Chris Lane, unless something is done, we will all suffer the same fate. This old vet is just the latest.

  209. It Looks like its time to bring out the chains again.. We fought for black people to be free. Maybe we’ll just have to take that freedom away from ’em again.  If those kids were picking my cotton they wouldn’t have been out beating up old war vets or being so bored they go out shooting baseball players.

  210. I scrolled down and skimmed a lot of the comments which seemed to dwell on the kids being black. Don’t forget there are lots of white kids exactly the same, think Occupy. This entitlement attitude pervades society at all levels. I’m not making any excuse for this heinous crime, I just want to point out there is a bigger picture here.

  211. So isn’t this consider a racist hate crime. 2 African American men beating an WWll vet to death? Why is no one jumping the racism wagon now. Where is President Obama stating how terrible of a crime this is and how it could have been his white grandfather. I’m not saying anyone deserves to die, but wake up people. racism is racism no matter what side it comes from.

  212. Everywhere I go I see this man’s face.  this story bothers me in so many ways.  this could easily have be my dad, my uncle, my neighbor.  And 2 young, stupid, evil MFers beat him up to death.

  213. Another two black poop here. They should be shot together with the low life thigs who killed an australian. I didnt know gorillas are very dangerous.

  214. TexasPGRRider AmericanborninCanada I know it my Texas Brother. The video me and Tex made has been giving me fits for the past week, and then this happened, it just… a bit of my spirit dies every time I hear stuff like this.
    And I just sent in an article last night about the Australian boy Christopher, and included the Timothy verse. So too much crap all at once. Thank you Texas. I need to make more time to read my Bible tomorrow. I’ve got to finish saying hi to my “Boys” on twitter right now, do a couple of e mails and get to bed. My eyes can barely stay open as it is. 3 am again. The video was just posted up top by tinlizzieowner just now if you’ve got 20 minutes to spare. If not, I understand- it is a hard one, but well- you’ll see.
    Night sweet brother. ((()))s

  215. AmericanborninCanada  I`ll be up awhile; this story hit HARD. I`m havin` trouble with it. As midnight approached, (1 1/2 hour ago), I saw where you recommended someone read 2 Timothy 3. When I`m awake at midnight, I read two chapters in the bible, then leave a marker as a place to start the next time. I started today with 2 Timothy 2 and 3. I don`t care Who you are, That`s Hard Core !!! Peace be with you Sister Soldier

  216. If you really want to know how we ended up where we are right now, take 20 minutes out of your busy life and watch this.

    Just for the record, this was produced by people who post here, on ‘Right Scoop’. A few of you know who I’m talking about. 😉

  217. Jay Allen go troll elsewhere.. your argument has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand, which by the way are to black kids.. and that’s using your stance on races.. I won’t call them “afro-americans” , when was the last time these 2 hood rats were in africa ? chances are they couldn’t even point it out on a map. I’m Navajo, I have pride in my ancestry.. My family can be traced back over 100 yrs ..

  218. Orangeone Jay Allen It’s a lot more respectful than some of the other names used for Native Americans

  219. Delbert Belton survived being wounded on Okinawa during WWII but couldn’t survive the Nero Obama regime’s drones.  Clearly the two Obama drones who beat him to death were two of the Democrat Party’s finest and most courageous members. 
    And it comes on the heels of three of the Democrat Party’s even finer and more courageous members shooting an unarmed Australian baseball player in the back because they were bored and needed something to do since Nero Obama’s shovel ready recovery wasn’t “quite as shovel-ready as they thought”.
    Of course, Nero Obama will somehow find a way to blame it on Bush.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  220. Orangeone  Input from Col. West is Much Needed on This one. WELL DONE O. Good Lord Willin`, The Colonel will Come Out Swingin` later today ! ! ! !

  221. TexasPGRRider K-Bob  
    Interesting choice of words.  Supposedly Glenn Beck’s new production “For The Record” (with Laurie Dhue) is supposed to be covering that sometime.

  222. Hey Keyes, I’m beginning to think maybe somebodies trying to play ‘bait the old farts’ around here.

  223. A whole bunch of professional anthropologists, historians, archaeologists etc. disgree with that.

  224. OrangeonetinlizzieownerSaraKasprowiczAlEng1 
    He was born in Africa so can use that if he likes. The others are fakes.
    Oh and he does too. Not to mention he was ‘a minority’ in South Africa, as well. 😉 😉

  225. I’m about as far from pc as anyone could get.
    However, being a rebel and Confederate at heart, there is a strong possibility I would have joined the Sioux or Cheyenne against the US back in the day. What the USA did was not right but history favors the most aggressive and organized side. A lesson we should heed now, lest we are displaced by, say, the Moslems.
    Your people were the original holders, you just were not indigenous, if that helps any. You were displaced because you fought as warriors, and the Spanish, Americans and others fought as soldiers. All that’s over with and we are all Americans now.

  226. I believe we should impeach President Obama. He has done more to divide the American people on racial issues than any President has in over 125 years.  He has done this repeatedly and purposefully. He has supported and encouraged the racial demagogues. People voted for this man because he promised to bring us together but instead he has done the opposite. As our first Black President could have done so much to build up the Black community. Instead he has sown to the wind and the Nation is reaping a whirlwind of senseless crime.

  227. I  hope Mr Belton  R.I.P       London England is exactly the same, we have the same social problems and not a thing we can do about it

  228. K-Bob  I`ve watched reports the last few years. Most have been “off the record” from agents, but now the Facts are beginning to surface for the general public

  229. JudiAFisher  
    Thank you for the vague, universal, condemnation of ‘violence’. Jesse Jackson couldn’t have said it better. 😉 😉

  230. TexasPGRRider AmericanborninCanada Hey Texas Brother.  I’ve been so busy tonight, here and everywhere. How are you? 
    CFP came out with our latest video just now. SilentTexan is our video guy and he did a fantastic job on this one.

  231. Orangeone chris3  
    ‘Color’ over ‘Character’. M. L. King is rolling over in his grave. 🙁

  232. They are still on the loose. maybe with any luck, when they are caught, they will ‘resist arrest’ and we won’t have to waste taxpayer money listening to some defense lawyer tying to tell us their diapers weren’t changed often enough when they were babies.

  233. faustmanv WordsFailMe The truth! The blacks have been conditioned by the media to think they are the victims and need to fight back against “Whitey…the Caracker….the White Devil” and this violence against Whites will only continue.

  234. Allen West, …… The country desperately needs a leader to speak to the Blacks, the youth , the mis- guided – and you are that leader .. Don’t stop,
    God bless Delbert Belton’s soul.

  235. nosilasunny Elder is referring to JJ’s tweet that he frowned upon the violence against the Aussie.

  236. deleted_19172101_just jo SusanStoneDubois She called Mr. Belton a National Treasure, which he was.  I can understand her point, but these punks are the product of decades of liberalism, and when you come from generations of welfare babies under the care of the nanny state- they have nothing to hope for.
    When you’re taught that life is meaningless, and that the sanctity of life is what you determine it is instead of being a priceless gift, we have evil punks like this.

  237. Keyes thatguy626 Orangeone DanBarrett WordsFailMe Oh my god…..do you think whites were here first? Why did they not hold on to this land and keep it?

  238. WordsFailMe They will always try to paint themselves as the victim. This hostile attack on whites is coming from the true racists that believe in a religion called ‘Black Liberation Theology’. Obama sat in the church for 20+ years and didn’t know his pastor, mentor and self proclaimed father figure said controversial or anti white things. They (the black thug gangstas) see it as payback time and open season to do horrific things to innocent white victims they can take advantage of easily. The moral decay is at an all time high today! I am very concerned about my children/grandchildren’s futures and their ability to pursue what may or may not be left of The American Dream.

  239. famouswolf I am just as angry as everyone else. The collage kid and now this OFF LIMITS WW2 vet just got my IRE up!

  240. Keyes Jay Allen Mongoloids have nothing in common with the people of this continent…..just look at the bone structure.

  241. What is it? 70. 80 or 90 percent of black people voted for Obama for the second term, and you don’t get it? Racism in reverse. It’s called projectionism. And the Obamas, and Whinfreys and Whoopi and David Grier and Bill Cosby and on and on…-they get rich off white folk money and then complain we ‘aint givn’ enough, y’all.

  242. SusanStoneDubois  So, you think the two thugs beat an 88 year old gentleman to death because they “feel so hopelessly helpless.” Supposing you are correct, I have a few questions for you. Is
    white America really responsible for the fact
    that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven
    times those of white America? Is it really white America ‘s fault that
    illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the
    black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent? Are you aware
    that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than
    the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the
    first three years of this decade as the reverse? Did you know that black unemployment is twice that of whites? And, did you ever consider that given the trillions of dollars that have been spent over the last 44 years on affirmative action programs, contract set-asides, quotas, scholarships, welfare,
    stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans,
    legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs
    designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream that by now they should be advancing by leaps instead of slipping backwards? The illogical mindset and policies forced on us by liberals like you brought on the increasing devastation we see in urban America. You need to take some responsibility for what happened to Mr. Belton.

  243. Jesus…..how old are these artfacts? just when on the timeline is it okay to deem someone “Native” to a certain area? I don’t mind my family and ancestors being called native because they were here for thousands of years…….don’t be so politically correct about things….being native American is not a bad thing…..all you people seem to want to make it a thing like a secret society or special group……

  244. Wow. Don’t go crazy there Jesse. You frown upon a child taking a cookie from the jar before dinner. You condemn senseless acts of murder and seek justice for the victim. Good grief. What a transparent, selfish jerk.

  245. They don’t tell me what the correct term is, being of free choice leanings themselves. Looked at your posts so far, and I don’t think we are antagonistic, so I’ll let it pass.
    I’m really ticked tonite.

  246. WordsFailMe Don’t refer to them as African Americans……..that just fuels the racist fires. They were born and raised in the same country as you, so that makes them just plain ol’ Americans. When we put other labels to our races, we distance ourselves from each other and create barriers that the media will use to help divide us further. If you were born on this soil, then you are an American. Plain and simple. Mexican American? African American? these are labels that the medis uses to help to keep us divided. We are all Americans and need to act like it.

  247. TexasPGRRider Orangeone Yup because our children are not being raised to respect themselves, way to many live in homes without fathers.

  248. SamwiseSheehan  
    Add to that, you better be careful which old Vet you attack, some of us ‘are packin’. 😉 😉

  249. AlEng1 Orangeone Round ’em up and I’d be happy to ask them that and a lot of other things.

  250. AlEng1 Orangeone tinlizzieowner SaraKasprowicz I don’t run around with my ethnic labels either, they would fill this comment box. I’m with you, I’m an American and I will die defending the freedom our elected officials are giving away.

  251. Orangeone tinlizzieowner SaraKasprowicz AlEng1 Actually the proper term would be AMERICANS of african decent. But I don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder stating I am canadian indian American or german American or polish American or russian American or Irish American. I am just plain old dyed in the wool true blue AMERICAN!!!

  252. Jay Allen Keyes 
    All of us that were born and raised here are native Americans. Period.
    Your post is why I hate the term “native American”. You said they inhabited it before the outside races came is precisely why I loath the term. They were orientals before they became native Americans.
    I saw on the History Channel last year that they have found European artifacts on the Eastern seaboard that pre-date the arrival of the Orientals.

  253. Jay Allen well said Jay ;-] All the racist crap coming from the liberals and their brainwashing the sheeple media outlets. Our media is controlled by Obama, Soros, Unions, and environmental wackos funded by liberal special interest activist groups. Liberalism is the opposite of reasoned thought and simple common sense. They deny the facts and historical evidence that clearly shows their socialist, government is the answer to all mankind’s problems ideology fails every time! The shocking part to realize is that nearly half our nation is already brainwashed and in complete denial mode. God Help Us!

  254. tinlizzieowner He was an easy target for these cowards who feel they have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove

  255. ColeVidrine  
    I’m 12 years older than you are. Most of these people would be surprised how fast a ‘Macho Punk’ will go down if you grab him just the right way. and once he is down, I make sure he doesn’t get up soon.  😉 😉

  256. SaraKasprowicz AlEng1 Al and Jessie are the bane of American blacks. Then they turn into african Americans and this is what we get. I am sick of it and I wish I was there to help out this WW2 HERO. Execution of these african Americans would be fine for me.

  257. famouswolf Well, some folks have found things that indicate early rafters made it to the western shores of South America. So I’m guessing there were some folks  here even before the Asian land-bridge wave.

  258. Keyes Jay Allen I can agree with you on the “label” as I am a person of “native American” heritage…..Cherokee and Aztec……But I feel comfortable with the term because to me, it says that the people who inhabited this continent before the outside races came were the original holders of this land.  All who contest this fact can show me on the timeline just where it is appropriate to refer to a class of people as native. How far back does one have to go for you politically correct people to term them as native? My ancestors were here thousands of years ago…….

  259. By the way I am a American with polish & german. My Husband is American Indian & German! My Son in law is American Mexican! So I am not against any race!!!!!!!

  260. thatguy626 Orangeone DanBarrett WordsFailMe 
    Yes, all of us born and raised here are native Americans. Our point is the left made up the term to apply to Indians. It was done to make whites appear to not really belong here.

  261. Well that is the whole point. There were no indigenous people in North America before the migration across what would become the Bering Straits.

  262. famouswolf Yep. We all have ancestors that migrated somewhere. They are all still quite dead, and don’t get to tell us what to do.

    I’m a Citizen of the USA.  That’s all that matters.

  263. DanBarrett reason911 Keyes But you did know the part of the gun for which I was referring too? Right?

  264. Jay Allen Orangeone 
    Also, my point is they now believe Europeans landed on the Eastern seaboard at the time the Asians were starting to come across the Great Berring Strait during the last Ice Age. So, those Europeans would be more “Native American” than the “Native Americans” ….of course “America” did not exist back then.
    It’s ashame you weren’t taught this in school. I was and it was very interesting.
    Also, they believe the Japanese came over in boats and settled on the Western part of what is now South America. They look Japanese and their artwork looks Japanese.
    I have traveled throughout Mexico, Gautalmala, and Honduras and when you go into rural areas where the Europeans did not intermingle, you will see the people Oriental.

  265. famouswolf Funny thing is people like me have let it go.  I knew Zimmerman was going to get off, and race had nothing to do with why.  It was lack of evidence and reasonable doubt.  That is the law, and I’ve moved on.  I chimed in here hoping to silence the folks that refuse to let go.  For weeks since the verdict all I read on here and other  blogs ar epost asking why the media isn’t all over this killing or that killing by black kids of white people.  Then comparing it to the Trayvon case.  They don’t compare.  Time for them to move on and help find the killers of this poor vet

  266. K-Bob iceman97  
    And then ship them off to the front lines of Afghanistan. They want to see violence, we can fix em up. 😉 😉

  267. I would also like to know were the 3 stooges are on this! This poor man did nothing to anyone and look what happened! It doesn’t matter if your white, black, purple, Asian, Mexican or green YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HURT ANYONE! THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED! AS SHOULD OF ANYONE WHOM KILLS FOR NO REASON!!!!!!

  268. AlEng1 K-Bob Orangeone JoelDick And as the evidence shows, the more legal gun owners the lower the crime rate. VA is a great example.

  269. AmericanborninCanada  If the Good Lord`s willin`, I`ll be doin` Just That in a few minutes… Peace be With You, Sister Soldier

  270. tinlizzieowner SaraKasprowicz Orangeone AlEng1 He was born in Africa so can use that if he likes. The others are fakes.

  271. SaraKasprowicz Orangeone AlEng1  
    I have a friend who is an ‘African American’. He’s White and he was born in the Union of South Africa . 😉 😉
    These 2 thugs are just ‘Ni**ers’.

  272. famouswolf Like you wolf :} and wolfie but I haven’t seen him lately :} My two favorite wolves that protect this kitty.

  273. pushtheredbutton It’s true. They are like bees on honey. The come here, make their comments and then run away to their lefty websites and say, “See, look at them!” But we’ve got good moderators here.

  274. Jay Allen 
    The point is Jay, the left made the term Native American up in recent years to make whites feel guilty for even being here.
    I keep trying to respond to your posts, but it just keeps twirling.
    Look up, “Scariest pro illegal immigration video you will see all day” and you will understand why I hate the term “Native America” used to decribes Indians. It’s been made up and is now being used against white America.

  275. Sigh. If you do some research you’ll find some interesting material about a land bridge from Asia to Alaska (pre historic) and the mass migrations of Asians who became the various tribes of ‘Native Americans’.

  276. Jay Allen Native American is a PC term the government created, a little box to put people in so they can control them just like they boxed them on to reservations.

  277. tinlizzieowner And are being encouraged to murder whites by O, H, NBPP, Sharpless, Jack’soninprison.

  278. okay…..so you are saying that all native Americans are not “native” to this continent?……Okay….if we are talking semantics……just what period on the timelime makes one a native?

  279. ChrisSpieglan Piers Morgan is getting slammed on Twitter for not even acknowledging this heinous murder.  Instead he’s tweeting about thugvon’s parents, again.

  280. The gun control people are PISSED that a gun wasn’t used in this despiccable crime.
    BTW, why are the 3 stooges, Jesse, Barack and Al silent on this one?

  281. thatguy626 Orangeone DanBarrett WordsFailMe What does your reply have to do with my post to DanBarrett ?

  282. famouswolf Here’s another one.  This is a hot topic! Wonder when a reward will be offered for the arrest and conviction of the killers.

  283. ” I don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with people that they would attack the most vulnerable among us?”
    Because it’s easy and they are lazy, ‘entitled’, cowards.

  284. all of this Violence is for the birds. NO that man did not deserve a beating which entitled him to loosing his life. All of these hate crimes are against what the lord has in store for us. But the evil violent things people are doing to each other is crazy

  285. K-Bob nosilasunny Who is this Sherrif Ken, I keep hearing about this guy. But I never see him. Does he comment here?

  286. LibertyLinda Thank you for providing the words I cannot express for myself right now. This story has struck a chord deep within my soul, and my emotions are affected. I MISS you LibertyLinda; Peace be With You…tim

  287. Orangeone DanBarrett WordsFailMe How old are the Anasazi people? and the ones that came before them ummm 200k woeth of “migrating here” kinda makes you native

  288. famouswolf So the indigenous people that were here (aka the native Americans) migrated from where exactly?

  289. Thanks, good character reference that. Like most of us, I’m pretty fast on the trigger this evening.
    Thanks for the kitty bump too.

  290. CherieSawyer If any of the perpetrators are above 18years of age. There is not doubt that this behavior deserves the death penalty.

  291. WordsFailMe been saying the same thing for 20 years now . they think white people owe them a living and they can just take what ever they want because in there minds us whites owe them . well I don’t owe anything to them except a ass kickin !!!!!

  292. No, you just need to be able to think things through. It is a fact that every group on this continent migrated here.
    I guess that makes him class brain.

  293. Keyes DanBarrett WordsFailMe Dude quit trying to be the class brain.. It just makes you look asinine.  How can you say no one was native here? Just when on the timeline do YOU consider it okay to be deemed native to a certain locale?

  294. DanBarrett WordsFailMe Thank you for demonstrating responsibility and accountability as we all should do.  No matter our race(s), gender, ethnicity or other labels the gov’t and liberals wants to saddle us with, we are responsible for our behavior, must respect our elders and continue to help those in need.

  295. AlEng1 “Let’s be clear.”  Whatever you want to call it, Al Sharpton isn’t going to raise press for this one, no, it doesn’t suit him to bring THIS type of hatred to light.  Of course not.  If the roles were reversed, it would be racist, but since it was an innocent white man, it is apparently something that is brushed under the rug.  Got it.

  296. Do NOT let this get swept under the rug!!   This is a blatant hate crime  and Delbert Belton’s name should flood the airwaves! Do NOT let this man’s life go unnoticed. He was an American War Hero and should be remembered as such. To allow these blacks to get away with the murder of this White man is an outrage! If White people have to “walk on eggshells” when it concerns blacks…..all hope is lost! Justice needs to be served in this instance! Hell, Travon was not even killed by a White man and that case flooded the national media yet the White race was accused and all Whites were made to feel guilty.  It is way passed due that we stood up to the racist media and said “Enough is enough!” Call a hate crime for what it is! This man was murdered because he was White…….these blacks need to pay the price for that!

  297. DanBarrett WordsFailMe 
    I’m part indian too, but I never use the term “native American” because no one was native to this hemisphere. In fact, they have found European artifacts on the Eastern seaboard that pre dates the Orientals (Indians) coming here.

  298. WordsFailMe Plenty of people have been born into less than advantageous situations, yet somehow manage to come out on top .. I’m sick to death of this race crap.. I’m Native American, you don’t see me holding grudges, there’s only one person responsible for my quality of life.. ME

  299. reason911 Keyes last ime I checked, pistols don’t have stocks, just sayin’ get your facts straight.

  300. How many dead white me EQUALS 1 dead Trayvon Martin?  I’m am getting so sick of the black race s***. Shut up, African America. We are tired of your race bull sh**! 
    Born poor? F*** you, live with it. Born crippled? F*** you, live with it. Born stupid? F*** you , live with it. Born black?

  301. https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/justicefordelbertbelton
    Diversity is just a pleasant way to say White Genocide.
    Flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with mass non-white immigration, FORCED integration, and assimilation IS Genocide.
    Those calling themselves “Anti-racist” insist that no living space be allowed for white people anywhere on Earth. Wherever we live they (“Anti-racists”) always claim it is TOO White and needs more “Diversity”.
    “Anti-racist” campaigns only target Whites because they are really Hate campaigns against us.   Diversity is White GENOCIDE and anti-racist is just a CODEWORD for anti-White.
    STOP White GeNOcide  http://youtu.be/9dpeMuUQQkc

  302. DanBarrett SusanStoneDubois Mandatory draft and service in the Middle East would start turning the libtards around.

  303. K-Bob so , because “some” african americans served honorably, we should show respect and courtesy when referencing these two useless hood rats ?

  304. JoelDick We’ve all done it. Believe me, I’m waiting for the slug Piers Morgan to blame the victim.

  305. SusanStoneDubois could you have a more liberal , blase attitude towards this blatant race crime ? God you liberals make me SICK

  306. KayleeStroud Could be brothers.  One in shorts, one in long pants with what looks like a rolled pant leg (gang leg)

  307. JoelDick Thanks for the clarification, trolls on this thread tonight.  Helpful to use /sarc when posting for those of us not familiar with your posts.

  308. I’m just pointing out the hippo racy of the left. They will make ANYTHING about gun violence, even two Black thugs beating up a defenseless senior. You and I both know, this was really about race.

  309. Is it just me or do the images of the perps seem to be the same person! Black long sleeve with logo on upper left, white tee hanging out of the bottom, black shorts. Only difference is he’s zipped up in one image & unzipped in the other. Maybe its just me.

  310. Orangeone JoelDick It was confusing, but I think it parses the other way better. I took it to mean that it’s evidence that gun laws don’t have any effect on crime. These guys wanted to commit violence and were going to, whether they could get a gun or not.

  311. JoelDick Seriously?  You make this about destroying the 2nd Amendment? When is the last time you put your life on the line for America’s freedom?

  312. iceman97 K-Bob 
    That’s scary because they would have no problem shooting the American people if dear leader told them too.

  313. K-Bob iceman97 Unfortunately it’s also a problem in the military. We were so desperate for “bodies” over the last 10 years that we pulled from the scum of society and they’ve infected the ranks.

  314. I remember when those 3 white guys drug the black man, Mr. Byrd by a chain in Jasper TX.  All hell broke loose.  One  of those men has been executed.  2 others are still in huntsville.  The black p anthers and the KKK were all over the place.  I think some VETS need to gather together and demand justice for this man who helped to save this great country.  Something needs to be done NOW!!! Before they do it again.because someone is going to go to prison over this

  315. iceman97  
    Gangs are one reason I stopped watching NFL and NBA.  Some of those idiots don’t leave their gangs even after getting multi-millon dollar contracts.

  316. If this was Gang related we need to finally get tough on gangs. Punishment for BEING IN A GANG should be 10 year minimum sentence. Punishment for ANY illegal activity within a gang should be LIFE or THE DEATH PENALTY.  
    I realize sometimes people are “reformed” from gangs, but most aren’t and with drugs and other illegal activity on the rise, we need NO TOLERANCE policies in all cases.  Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire (figuratively speaking of course).

  317. Thanks, I was upset and must have missed that. I guess I assumed since he served in the Pacific Theater that he was a Marine. I forgot the Army had several action there as well. He was a warrior and he deserved so much better.

  318. I have just been edited.  Excuse me, but that is censorship.  Only certain people are allowed to say what they think?

  319. steprock  
    It won’t last long if they actually start one.  You don’t win a war against overwhelming odds by being stupid.
    Just think, in 2008 we all had great hope that the racial divide was firmly in our past.  barack and his cronies wanted non of that.  They decided to ramp up the racism to eleven.
    This is all on him and his “advisors.”

  320. As a vet I am so disgusted that this happened. I don’t understand how this can not be a hate crime. If it was two white men and a black man then the media I believe would be all over it.  But regardless of color these crimes have got to stop. How sad that he survives war only to die at the hand of wanna be thugs.. who think of no one but themselves.. Rest In Peace for you ARE a HERO!!!

  321. Race war? He’s close to getting one. Look how hard you mods are having to work on this thread. Tensions are boiling over.

  322. My guess is they beat him up because they didn’t have a gun to pull the trigger of.
    Thank god for WA gun control laws.
    What’s that you say? Guns are not restricted in WA? Ummm…


  324. Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  325. Keyes K-Bob Orangeone That’s excellent news especially after learning Chaffetz just came out for amnesty.

  326. I am 55 come and play with my old ass. I don’t have the wind I used to so when I hit, I hit for keeps. I train Krav Maga almost every day so if attacked the first 3 to 5, I own their asses. Then I make my escape and live to stomp ass another day. Should I go down I won’t be alone. KIDA KRAV MAGA. I don’t need a gun nor a knife, but with either then I am a bad ass.

  327. K-Bob Keyes Orangeone 
    NumbersUSA gives Scott an A+ on illegals. He has been doing quite well and I have personally thanked him for it.

  328. You were there, yeah?
    It obviously isn’t water under the bridge- people like you won’t let it be.

  329. Orangeone Keyes K-Bob 
    Indeed. I do wish West had voted more conservative though. Scott is doing very well in that arena.

  330. nosilasunny  
    Thanks! ABiC is the good one.  I’m the bad one.  Sheriff Ken stops by once in a while to keep us in check.

  331. K-Bob Keyes Orangeone 
    Eating it right now. It’s the really big pieces of pepperoni and it’s nice and greasy.

  332. now you want to know what the term nigger means?  Well it refers to two people like this, no matter what color they are.  I volunteer to pull the trigger at their execution.  Hell I’ll even provide my own gun and ammo.

  333. K-Bob Keyes Orangeone 
    Oh man,now I have to go eat some of my pepperoni before I go to bed!
    It’s all your fault!

  334. I have to say this site has the best moderators. This is a hard topic and you are a bright spot in it. Thank you!

  335. reason911 Keyes Murder is murder. What thugvon attempted was the murder of an innocent man.  The WA thugs made sure there were two of them to beat an innocent man to death.

  336. KeyesK-BobOrangeone 
    You just want my jalopeños and cheese.
    Lo Carb redneck pizza recipe: plate full of cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, co-jack cheese cubes, and olives.
    Toothpicks get one tomato, one pepperoni slice, one cheese cube.  And you can throw it at people who bother you, too.

  337. Keyes K-Bob  
    I could not agree more.
    Keyes “gets” Liberty. The Bush clan is out-to-get Liberty.

  338. reason911 Keyes 
    Of course you can’t compare a punk lying in wait and attacking Zimmerman walking back to his car with a couple of animals attacking and beating to death an unarmed 89 year old man. Not even close.

  339. This horrifying act of foolishness is the same as tearing down a National Treasure. As for the boys responsible, it is sad they feel so hopelessly helpless and harbor such disrespect of life and meaning of what life is.

  340. Keyes reason911 I was replying to the comments from other posters wondering where the media outrage and outrage from BHO, Sharpton, Holder, etc over this incident was.  I did not bring it up 1st just replying.  Whether you think I wrote garbage or not, you simply can’t compare sick incidents like this to what happened in Sanford Fla.

  341. EdwardJoseph1 We don’t use that language on this site.  Please edit your post to be respectful to the veteran that was murdered.

  342. OrangeoneK-Bob 
    I have bacon, cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrots, smoked turkey bites,  cauliflower, diet soda with caffeine,and jalopeño stuffed olives.
    And extra jalopeños for the cheese.
    I’ll muddle through somehow!

  343. reason911 Keyes Yes we do know. The jury has spoken, it was self defense.  Thugvon laid in wait to get his gang kill, target Zimmerman.  Self-defense won.

  344. K-Bob Keyes 
    Yeah, Keyes gets it. He is one man I have agreed with everything he’s said. He’s one guy I wish were our president. He such a staunch defender of our Constitution. Wish he’d won instead of Bush in 2000 and we wouldn’t have this punk that we have now in the WH.

  345. JeremyAbolitionistChoate K-Bob 
    barack was bleeding black voters heading into the election.  Only the ridiculous levels of fraud and Romney’s failure to actually CAMPAIGN won the day for the left.
    This is why barack wants his race war.  He’s trying to consolidate his base.

  346. I am outraged!!! not a racist crime??? let it be reversed..I am so tired of the one sided crap..we are all Americans & this should be an outraged..if it was reversed it would be a media sensation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. reason911 Keyes 
    Even Trayvon’s girlfriend said he threw the first punch.
    Zimmerman had no time to warn him….he was walking back to his car when Tray jumped him from behind. All Tray had to do was walk home, but he chose to hide in the bushes, which is what prompted Zimmerman to get out of his car to see what the name of the street was…if Tray had just walked the last hundred feet or so to his condo and gone in, Zimmerman would have seen him go inside.
    Stop bringing this back to that punk Tray. Your last comment was deleted and you just posted the same piece of garbage.
    How dare you turn this thread about this WAR HERO that was murdered in cold blood into a discussion about that piece of trash Tray.

  348. PressWatchusa Waiting for Piers Morgan to blame it on……wait for it……America’s involvement in WWII

  349. Keyes K-Bob  
    I’ll bet he didn’t screw up and view this problem through a skin-color-only lens (like too many black “pundits” have).

  350. Keyes reason911 Trayvon is dead.  We don’t know who attacked who.  All we really know is that trayvon was winning the fight.  A fight that would not have occurred if Zimmerman followed the training of a neighborhood watch captain. Or simple identified himself as a neighborhood watch captain.  Or as a last resort reached for the stock of his gun and warned Trayvon to back off.  No one is going to continue to be aggressive if they are unarmed vs a gun.  Like I said Zimmerman was going to get off.  Had Trayvon lived to tell his side of the story, things would be different.  Water under the bridge.

  351. mkees Orangeone rick2340 You don’t interest us either, we just like a new troll to slap and claw at.

  352. LongJohn JoeWhitman And the black race is diluting the white race by going after low self-esteem white girls, getting them pregnant and walking away to leave them in poverty and on the government dole.  Been happening for decades.

  353. When I was a kid, I lived in North Spokane for one month.  It was pretty nice then.  After I grew up I made a donation to the large Orphanage there & the proprietor was so kind he called me & thanked me himself. That’s the way the Spokane people used to be. There’s too many ANTIFA there now.  This is what Spokane get’s for welcoming Katrina victims in & the west side of the state shipping in their Wastes of Life. God Loves You Delbert & God Be With You, His Nephew who Loved Him So Much.

  354. News stories don’t usually make me cry, this one did. You don’t EVER mess with an elderly person who won’t be able to defend themselves, and ESPECIALLY don’t mess with a vet who fought for YOUR freedom. This is sickening.

  355. Keyes Orangeone Scolded for the Truth mkees But it was Reagan in 1986 that started it to begin with. He was the first ever president. The only reason it stopped in 2007 was because Democrats didn’t want to give it to Bush.  Boehner, Chaffetz, Gowdy all came out for Amnesty and are all blocking Benghazi select committee to keep O in our WH.

  356. Orangeone Scolded for the Truth mkees Keyes 
    Yes and no. It was Republicans that stopped the 2007 amnesty….minus Juan McCain and Miss Lindsey.

  357. Scolded for the Truth mkees Keyes Not just the liberals, the Republicans have been selling out the US for decades too.

  358. JWCamp mkees Keyes The borders are wide open so please leave if you think so little of America. Take your hatred to Mexico.

  359. K-Bob AmericanborninCanada Glad you 2 are here on this one. It is getting mega traffic tonight, mainly because we were the first to pick it up. I sent to Drudge and then he blasted it everywhere….but TRS was FIRST!

  360. therightscoop AmericanborninCanada easternshorecritic RJWagner I just happened to see a comment he posted the minute I was looking at someone elses and it was pathetic. Enough was enough. Thanks Scoop.

  361. As a Vet I am deeply saddened by this sensless murder. I am angered that this loyal old Marine fought for our freedom and liberty and then met the end of his life at the hands of a feral pair of thugs.
    There appears to be a moral vacuum in the heart of the black community. Will this never stop? This hatred can only have a bad ending for all of us.

  362. reason911 
    The police DID investigate. In fact, they questioned Zimmerman numerous times.
    Treyvon attacked Zimmerman. Did you not see the pictures of Zimmerman? His swollen bloody nose? You are despicable for trying to make this about the punk known as Treyvon.
    This 89 year old man was a true war hero. He was minding his own buisness. He did not jump those two punks (like Treyvon).

  363. Folks: Respect the warrior who died: keep your self control, and don’t forget about the many African Americans who are proud supporters of Liberty and the Constitution.

  364. Proud Army Wife So very sad this happened. WA is such a liberal state they will probably increase their food stamps, welfare and give them free college along with a get-out-of-jail free card because of “slavery”

  365. SilmarilTelerin Yes, according to the liberal media you are a racist for thinking such. Don’t you know that only whites can be racists and that blacks are always the victims?

  366. K-Bob AmericanborninCanada I have had a break, this is the first time in weeks my e mail alerts have come in real time instead of days later. But I do appreciate that K-Bob.
    I’ve got other stuff going on, I’ll pop in and out 🙂 Thank you.

  367. I have no use for anyone who picks on the eldery. It is beyond heinous and reprehensible. Not many people teach the young respect for their elders anymore. Children think they are on the same level and everything is owed them. I also think this is a contributing factor of the breakdown of society.

  368. K-Bob AmericanborninCanada 
    I was just about to say you moderators are going to be up late with this one.

  369. What the hell is happening in this country! First they
    shoot a small toddler in the face and then the jogger. Today they beat an 89
    year old man to death.Am I now racist
    to think there is a problem in the black community?It’s time to start again with a New


  370. K-Bob AmericanborninCanada I agree.  I’m just so sick right now of all of it. Didn’t feel like feeding a troll, but didn’t want to make more hateful stuff either. 
    sigh. too much crap going on. I’m tired.

  371. AmericanborninCanada
    Good to see you, too!
    That’s the trouble with taking the night shift.  I miss hanging out with folks who are on regular time.
    But I tend to have a near zero tolerance for the “I’m new here and I’m going to educate all you dumb folks”  comments.  Especially on a subject that invokes so much anger as this.
    A warrior went home yesterday.  That’s the takeaway for me.
    He’s probably laughing at us now for being angry.

  372. real Democrats Good luck with all of this LOSER!!! QUICKLY, YOU WILL BE REMOVED. Probably what you are wishing for!!!!!

  373. real Democrats 
    ALL of us deserve to breath, and you DO NOT deserve oxygen, YOU OXYGEN THIEF!!!!!!

  374. This is a moral depravity that is almost beyond comprehension. I place
    some blame on the Race Industry that feeds and re-stirs all the race
    hatred of the 1800’s and early 1900’s and imbues a false sense of righteous entitlement
    and quasi-justifiable vengeance in young black men. It is a Formula that
    breeds hate and Death. Sharpton,Jackson and Obama have his blood on their hands!

  375. The country is fucked all we do is talk about the poor. Bullshit no poor just lazy. Government money is the cause of every problem we have all crime is committed by those on the doke. Its a fact stop feeding the poor and they won’t commit crimes because they will be busy working. Think about that anytime u hear about a crime and u will see it would have prevented it. Try it. We must return to the constitution before the 13 amendment. And if we have free speech then put nigger in ur post and see if it stays. Is this america. Kill all lazy ass niggers and white trash.

  376. nibblesyble harglide I hope that Mr Belton is singing with God, and enjoying his everlasting life with Jesus Christ. I hope to meet him some day.

  377. Where is al sharpton now? Typical liberal hypocrisy. Destroy and lie about Zimmerman, but not a word on what these niggers did and i mean niggers because that is the perfect way to describe them. Niw lets see all those who get offended by nigger more than there crime. Wake up America!!!

  378. They better hope the cops catch them first.  If Shorty was my relative, I’d torture with artistic care to make it as excruciating as possible.

  379. JohnnyDeathrasher  
    No, it’s about people who believe in race and being racist.
    Skin color doesn’t commit crime.  Racist thugs and other criminals do.
    We have many proud conservative and patriotic African Americans in this nation.  ANyone wanting to throw them under the bus is part of the problem, not the solution.

  380. Those bastards have got to have a yellow streak a mile long, they don’t deserve to live. They need to split Hell wide open. Send there asses over seas, maybe they will get brain shot.They don’t deserve to die, they need to suffer….

  381. harglide Thank-you for your service. I agree that we can only find comfort in God as we struggle to understand such evil.

  382. BrianJones1 JA_Topfke  
    The truth is never a problem.  The problem is when people smear the truth into broad-brush accusations.
    We love many strong African American patriots.  So it isn’t skin color that’s the problem.  It’s the marxist/islamist axis of violence that is the problem.

  383. clockwindingdownsilaxo1mkeesPastorTerryjWW
    “mkees is just TROLLING…”
    We can move that into the past tense now.

  384. Why do it , why pick on the old ,  no guts its easy to pick on the young or the small or the old  and the lain excuse are just a pathetic cover for a piss weak human existence , its just that simple . these people are even too low for Walmart  , because even Walmart  have there standards to keep  .

  385. mkees
    “…every comment is about race”
    When you are a leftist, that is 100% true.
    Sad.  Disturbing.  Moronic.  But true.

  386. My heart is truly troubled with this. I too am a Vet and NEVER, in 20 years, accomplished what this MAN did!
    I am very upset that this happened and well, there is a time for all in God’s word. That is the only peace I can find for this heinous murderous act!!!!
    WHERE THE F*&^ IS THE GREAT (in his own mind) sharpton AND Jackson on this one?????
    OH, we will never hear from their LAME RACIST PIE HOLES!
    This is the worst story in a long time that I have heard. What did the Honorable Mr. Belton ever do, pay his Taxes??
    I pray that murderer is found and, well………It’s WA, SO, I doubt he will get much……….
    I am troubled with this, and WHY don’t we hear about this on ANY other media source???? THANK-YOU RS.

  387. JoeWhitman  
    THey say that because they failed at math.
    Whites birth rates vs. immigrants have them on track to fall below 50% of the total population in about 25 to 50 years.  That doesn’t mean that “whites will become a minority”. It means whites will be the largest plurality among all skin color groups.  Which means exactly nothing. 
    If nothing else changes (like the borders being closed) those who are classified as white will still be in the largest skin color group until well after the end of the century.

  388. I will say it again, I profile black kids based on thier actions…key words “thier actions!”

  389. mkees AmericanborninCanada Keyes  
    Wading into a new site and accusing the folks there of needing to learn about something is juvenile.
    You can have a time out to learn to listen before opening your yap about things you don’t understand to people you don’t even know.

  390. mkees Keyes The country IS great! Liberals have been dismissing the US Constitution and the morality that was this nation’s foundation. Don’t blame America; blame those who hate America–the LEFT!

  391. I have seen dozens of cases in which these things happen. Blacks will commit armed assault against a withe or hispanic person and not just commit robbery but then cowardly kill the person assaulted. Those niggers do this for racism. Then the rest of society have to defend theirselves. I always have my Smith and Wesson near me. Police sometimes take to get more than seven minutes, but the bullets go faster.

  392. mkees Keyes  
    He did use restraint–clear to the point of getting his head bashed into the concrete.  You just refuse to see it.

  393. There were around 4 million slaves in America, all sent to the US from Africa by mostly Black Muslims who killed 5 tribal blacks to capture 1 person for the slave market. Over the last 1400 years Muslims (who are happy to be considered non-white) have massacred 120 million Africans. Where is the black animosity toward Islam’s absolute slaughter of Africans? Instead Blacks attack American whites for slavery against which millions of whites helped to abolish. Most American whites have no racial issues whatsoever, but mostly all whites are called racist. Shorty was an American hero who risked his life to preserve American freedom, a freedom that two blacks misused to take his life. You can blame President Johnson and other democrats for the present state of the Black community, but also to blame are the leaders of Black America. They know that entitlements have destroyed the Black community; however, they take advantage of this deleterious situation for their own financial gain. Few Blacks  speak out against the Democratic Party’s destruction of their own. They choose to stay on this political plantation and keep others sucking the government teet to their own destruction and, sadly, to the destruction of every other American. Please Black America–go back to your roots and find the personal responsibility that was prominent among black families prior to 1965. Join the rest of us in fighting for the freedom of every human being who will commit himself/herself to the preservation of the US Constitution and the liberty it provides for all. You will have to overcome a great deal of liberal and Democratic lies to find the truth, but the truth is worth discovering and you can do it.


  395. You ought to Hear him sing Muslim prayers……it’s obvious that he’s done this quite a great deal…

  396. JWCamp Namvet6566  the Obama is a MuzzyBroAssclown and most likely a card carrying member of the Muzzy Bro Hoods…

  397. My blood is boiling.  This poor old WWII vet took a bullet – for what?  So that these racist savages could roam free?  If I know where this filth lived, they wouldn’t live to see daybreak.  I’d deal with the law later.

  398. I feel sorry for this man in the story. Let some punks try that shit with me. They would need 20 or more of them and they would lose about 18 of them before they got the weapon out of my  cold dead hands. I don’t care what color of your skin but you mess with me you will find out what death feels like.

  399. Cowardly POS isn’t he? I’m sure White folks are starting to wake up now…I know I am…Their is a large population of Blacks that are racist murderous cowards and they need to be Trayvoned….

  400. JWCamp Namvet6566 Well, he did attend a madrasa back when he lived in Indonesia.  And, if he isn’t a Muslim, he’s a racist Jeremiah Wright pseudo “Christian”, so take your pick.

  401. Two black angels did this? That is incredible!!!!! But if every fucking black “leaders” in this country said Tryvon Martin’s death was an act of racism, then I have the right to say that the death of this man was an act of racism from those black bastards …

  402. pushtheredbutton daisybud 
    The two likes are probably from your mother and father who never had a choice.

  403. Since obamas ‘policies’ are killing the country and priming the world for WW3, that’s right- it’s not about race. At all.

  404. Keyes mkees AmericanborninCanada Trust me I acknowledge it!. I don’t want to live around that filth and trashy behavior.

  405. mkees AmericanborninCanada Keyes 
    Yes, that is good, but it’s also good to call evil evil and to point out this epidemic. If you don’t acknowledge it, you can’t stop it.

  406. clevonlittle Don’t bother to call the White House.  He’s not there.  He’s doing the college bus tour thing.  The world is crumbling around him and he is talking about making college affordable.  Useless idiot.

  407. AmericanborninCanada mkees Keyes  Actually, I was agreeing with you. It is commanded that we baptize the people who have gone astray and those that need their faith strengthened. Stop tearing one another down and build one another up.

  408. Stick around and learn something before you make self righteous pronouncements. There are black commenters on here.
    Maybe it’s you who is the ‘close minded fool’. Try taking things in context, and understand how pushed people feel, here and everywhere. Or get lost.

  409. mkees AmericanborninCanada Keyes You don’t know me or what I do concerning Jesus’ command. I was trying in a way to agree with both sides, but I am done here. Just keep the personal attacks out, don’t project and you’re fine here.

  410. mkees Keyes 
    Spare me ‘all races do it’.
    I am so sick of that line. I am well aware that all races have bad people, but there is an epidemic of black on white violence. It’s all about race with these blacks that are hunting down and murdering whites. There have been incidents of blacks driving for miles to nice neighborhoods to go after whites.

  411. mkees Keyes There are lies,there are damn lies,then there are statistics,and statistics don’t lie

  412. mkees Keyes 
    You’re the one viewing the Zimmerman case through race.
    Zimmerman DID use restraint. That is why he was beaten to a pulp while he kept yelling, “Help!”

  413. Keyes mkees I don’t need to speak on anything. You need to be honest with yourself. Murder is all over the television and not one race can take all the credit. Humans have lost their dignity. Dignity don’t exist in the “ghetto”

  414. mkees clockwindingdown silaxo1 PastorTerryjWW I asked, but apparently I didn’t make it clear.  You talked about the white teens mass murdering innocent kids and adults, indicating it was all across the land as it is happening with blacks on whites all across the country.  I asking:  When, Where, Why, What and How.  I haven’t heard of any.  If you are aware, enlighten us please.  Thank you.

  415. The author is not going to say this was race based??? We see this in the news now ALL THE TIME. And now we have an Australian baseball player gunned down on the road by ‘youths’ and the excuse is they were ‘bored.’ Bullsh*t!!! This kind of thing will only continue and intensify as long as we White people continue to tiptoe around the obvious. America is embroiled in a full fledged race war of black on White violent crime. Are we going to be like the Whites in South Africa, too afraid to say the obvious out loud thus leaving us as sitting ducks for more vicious, violent savage attacks while we are disarmed and intimidated from fighing back??? Is this what your White children deserve???? Are you effing kidding me??!!!

  416. It appears if your white your an open target these days, after all the way our society sees it were to blame for everything that has happened since the United States became a nation. The first nations blame us for taking their land, the African America blame the white man for holding them back as a people.  If you stand up against the acceptable teaching of those in leadership your a racist, or a member the tea party and don’t belong in america.  If a man walks into your house with a gun your supposed to let him do what he wants to your family your home and do nothing.  Hold your ground you end up in jail.  Speak about god, or  agianst the alternate life styles now your being promoted as a homophobic.  No one talks about morals principles and standards anymore because they mean nothing.  Pride in being american means nothing anymore and our children are taught to lower themselves and speak out about their parents if they discipline them. and you ask why its like it is.

  417. Keyes mkees And so do I. Which is obvious if you read the very first line of this comment. These closet racist are like gnats. They hide and then they just appear in droves. And I mean on both sides. Blacks couldn’t accept that Trayvon more than likely attacked Zimmerman. And whites couldn’t accept that Zimmerman could have used restraint. All in the name of Dividing this country.

  418. clevonlittle Obama got the call!He rolled over and mumbled something about having a tee time!

  419. mkees Keyes 
    Ever heard of righteous anger? Even Jesus got mad.
    Why don’t you speak out on this evil. Stop patting yourself on the back for your “understanding”.

  420. Blacks breed for welfare and are killing our country, why not just kill each other, all libs should abort themselves

  421. Keyes mkees I am speaking on your attitude towards your fellow man. This country was great, now its just a cesspool for hate.

  422. White’s are the only race that does not stick together, if we did we would not have a Muslim black/whippet in Washington. It will not be long before the white race is gng, long gone.
    Well Mr President I do not hear you screaming about this man like you did with the thg T. M.
    This country is gone thanks to stupid people who vote

  423. Orangeone mkees rick2340 
    why because I said “you” instead of “You are”… typo.. now go play kitty… you don’t interest me..

  424. mkees 
    Hey you BOTH those stories were posted here. The teacher one is posted RIGHT NOW.
    Black on white crime is through the roof. Speak out on this evil…or just admit you are fine with it.

  425. rick2340 What do you say to two black females who have just come from aborting their babies? Do they also need to be dealt with accordingly?

  426. Maybe if America stopped giving rights to admitted criminals. Send their asses over to Iraq and let them do their crimes against other criminals. I don’t care what color they are, this foolishness has to stop! 
    Stop this nonsense. You people act as if blacks aren’t in the news everyday showing their love for their fellow man. Such as the little black boy who followed a kidnapper and saved a little white girl. Or this woman http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/22/us/georgia-school-shooting-hero/?hpt=us_c1
    No doubt, men, both white and black, are showing a really ugly side of America. Most the comments on this page are disgusting. You are disgusting people for carrying on this nonsense, So Al Sharpton gets his country bumpkin ass on national tv talking like we haven’t experienced the civil rights movement and you act just as stupid as he does. 
    Not every black thinks George Zimmerman is guilty and not every white thought he was innocent. You close minded fools. Open your eyes. Divide and Conquer!

  427. pushtheredbutton Realwriter24 IMO murder, sexual assault, child molestation.  One and done with zero opportunity for repeat behavior.

  428. MichellePrescott One wearing short pants,the other long pants.Otherwise the same ghetto uniform.

  429. will someone please call the White House and tell them there are problems out here………and ask them to wake Mr. Obama up , we need a leader . If he won’t do it ask him if he wouldn’t mind going back to Chicago .

  430. mkees rick2340 If you graduated from a University, did you complete the “like” class?  Did you learn to spell?

  431. mkees rick2340 I actually don’t care, but when the media and democrats call conservatives racists for being against obama’s policies there is a segment of the population that believes it and it poisons both the political debate and the culture in general.

  432. NeniMehrhoff KevinMurray1 The FBI’s statistics, you know Obama’s federal do nothing on Benghazi law enforcement agency even says blacks commit the most crimes.

  433. nosilasunny me too dang it. Im bawling right now. Wouldn’t have even come on right now if it weren’t for possible trolls. For one alerts are instant and I don’t want to see it.

  434. KevinMurray1 As a percentage of American citizens, blacks commit far more crimes, particularly violent ones than whites.  Get your facts straight.

  435. Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority
    Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.
    So why are they saying Whites will be a minority in America in 2042? In Britain in 2036?
    And Sweden in 2024?
    That’s because there’s MASSIVE non-White immigration in EVERY White country and ONLY White countries.
    Because there’s a program of White geNOcide.
    They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  436. HillaryShackley it’s real ugly……lived through it in D.C. in 68 . Not anything I ever want to see again.

  437. ((((())))) for my dear sis. I am really pissed off and incredibly sad all at the same time. I keep looking at his picture and thinking why and then I start crying again.

  438. MichaelIanWright esther3 youre absolutely right. I want to know what politician is going to have a new precedent set for this murderous wave of hate crime and do it now! Why isnt someone demanding something of this faker-in-chief in the WH? And what a real legacy he was offered time and time again the last 5 years and he never offered to bring anyone together. Epic fail. It has to change!

  439. mkees clockwindingdown silaxo1 PastorTerryjWW I see what your saying.  You’re saying you can’t answer.

  440. rick2340 NeniMehrhoff KevinMurray1 and what is the response from Black leaders ? More of the same…….not working too well is it ? time maybe for Obama to become president of us all , or Mr. Holder to hold “his people ‘”accountable for their crimes ? I gave up on Holder being A.G. of us all after he reversed the DOJ’s prosecution of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia . You are correct that most crime is black on black………when is it going to change ?

  441. I absolutely despise this crap. Murder is murder, no matter who it is, but damn it this one just is so wrong. I was pissed enough to stay quiet when those evil brats murdered that precious little boy by shooting him in the face in front of his mother- and crickets from the leftist hyprocrite “Revs”.  I was disgusted at Jackson’s “frowning” yesterday, but this, oh my Lord I just can’t find anything to say anymore. This just…. damn.
    I’d like to send these punk a$$ brats to a room with a few Marines. It wouldn’t be long.
    God forgive me, but I have actual hate for these right now.

  442. rick2340 mkees  who really cares?.. not me! Like really, you care what a politician says about your party affiliation?.. I am from Kentucky and a registered Republican.. Graduated from Liberty University.. you barking up the wrong tree my friend.

  443. KevinMurray1 You’re wrong!Young black men commit 50% of murders while being only 5% of the population!Since you’re def ending these slugs you’re either black or as evil as they are!YES!I said evil because that’s what they are!

  444. Elephant in the room: 
    the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”
    Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. http://patdollard.com/2013/08/fbi-blacks-40-times-more-likely-to-assault-whites-than-the-reverse/ 

  445. mkees When conservatives are against obama’s policies and are being called racists by the democrats I’m sure you are posting comments about how it’s not about race.

  446. rick2340 KevinMurray1 Agreed, but it’s an insult to animals to call them that.  How about the phrase “sorry excuse for human beings”?

  447. mkees clockwindingdown silaxo1 PastorTerryjWW
    “hardly trolling.. This is my first time on this page and my first comment.. now I am moving on with my life…”
    “if the country was run by you morons the country would be in an even more shit than it already is. ”
    Come on who are you kidding, you are TROLLING!

  448. “What the hell is wrong with people that they would attack the most vulnerable among us?” The article goes on to call these assailants thugs and cowards. 
    It’s sad when an innocent and vulnerable is killed. Not died on his own. Was killed! Value for human life is lost. Our people are no longer respecters of human life, made in the image of God. It is evidenced in events like this and every day, over 3500 times in abortion clinics. We have lost respect for human life. 
    Should we kill the ones who commit these murders? 
    Why is it legal to kill the unborn?

  449. Our country isn’t very “religious’ anymore and Christianity, in particular, takes a beating in the public square.  However, at the risk of offending some of you, it is my opinion that America is spiritually bankrupt and society, in general, is giving way to the evil in man’s heart because of the mass rejection of God’s Truth.  The following quote from the Bible book of 2nd Timothy sums it up well.  “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come; for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,… (2 Tim. 3:1-4).  I think you’ll agree that we are increasingly seeing this!  It’s scary and sickening that we live in a society barren of virtue but abounding with vices.

  450. clockwindingdown silaxo1 mkees PastorTerryjWW 

    hardly trolling.. This is my first time on this page and my first comment.. now I am moving on with my life… the internet is full of low lives who have the nerve to judge other low lives… if the country was run by you morons the country would be in an even more shit than it already is.

  451. NeniMehrhoff KevinMurray1 Oh please.  You don’t think there are statistics that show blacks commit more violent crime than whites?  The sad thing for blacks is the majority of the crime is committed against other blacks.

  452. KevinMurray1 It’s not a coincidence.  When two thugs beat an 89 year old to death who fought in WWII they deserve to be called what they are – animals.  They have no place in a civilized society.   Similarly, those three thugs in Oklahoma driving around shooting people in the back are animals.  They have no place in civilized society either.

  453. I would like to have a….talk….with those two.
    It would be interesting to see how long they would last.

  454. Divide and conquer is how they beat us. The whole race baiting is only obscuring the fundamental problem. Because we now have a government that controls so much of our lives, people have lost their self respect and respect for others.

  455. KevinMurray1, no statistics will show that Blacks and Hispanics do more assault, murder, mayhem than Caucasians. Caucasians are more “white” collar crimes, you know fraud, stuff like that. Look up recidivism and Black population. Of course you probably will blame the “system or man” however, lets start at home, blame their parents and if they are going to act like animals then yes they need to be called out. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Chances are more than good it’s a duck. It is racism and those teens were racist against elderly people. My opinion

  456. I almost want one of these demon monkeys to break into my house, we need to start fighting back, but we aren’t so ignorant to walk into one of Their jungles and just start shooting like they do. Please break into my house so I can legally put you down the the diseased monkey that you are.

  457. This gentleman was part of America’s greatest generation. He survived being shot in WW II in Okinawa, a true American hero. This was clearly racially motivated and most likely related to Trayvon  Martin . What else could it be ? If these two thugs were jumping into a gang ,they are poor excuses for humanity .This was clearly a racially motivated crime. I hope that they will be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  458. What a coincidence, Black teens commit a crime and everybody has their excuse to pull out the “animals” speech. Meanwhile, Whites still commit the most crime in this country – by any assessment! But of course, race has nothing to do with this!

  459. Get use to it people!  They are breeding them quickly, to gain more assistance. Period. No morals,no respect, no descent upbringing. Results, thugs!

  460. This is disturbing! I can’t help but think what if it was my grand dad 🙁 What this poor elderly man endured.. This man fought for this country and even lost his wife.. He was a frail 89 year old man and could not protect himself while this sick, ugly, evil, coward beat him to death.. I love god but we can’t let this just continue while so many innocent is being abused and killed.. This idiot is going to get his in the end 3xs fold and he better watch his back.. Its NOT a threat its a PROMISE.. I have meet some very nice African Americans through the years and even they are ashamed of there own kind, they are a disgrace to there own they say..

  461. a facebook page has been created. please join…. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Shorty-Belton/594903433905748?hc_location=stream

  462. mkees PastorTerryjWW Well, tell us about them mkees.  Don’t just shoot off your mouth and expect us to believe you.  When, where, why and how?

  463. Wow, two black males.  What a surprise.  These people are not human – they are animals and need to be dealt with accordingly.

  464. Booker The short answer is Hell is going on because with this administration people know they will be rewarded for bad behavior.

  465. PastorTerryjWW  what about all the WHITE teens mass murdering innocent kids and adults?? Its not about color its about psychopaths.

  466. Folks we have leftist trolls among us trying to pass themselves off as conservatives while making broad brush racist statements on this thread. Be wise and beware. Ignore them, flag them and dont let them discredit this website. God bless us all and Mr Belton’s great memory too. Amen.

  467. Another of what is becoming a daily tragedy and though I’m not a race baiter I cannot help but think with what is going on that race has to be a part of it. This is the fault of the Obama administration and the Left who have preached racial hatred. May God help us remove those in power and evil from our midst.

  468. warpmine MizAmerica3 I know we do and will we have the spine to deal with them?  That is the question.

  469. pameladis4 MizAmerica3 coralchristie The thing is that even with the POS gone the mindset remains, the race baiters remain, the liberals remain spreading their bile.  Do we have the spine to stand up and say ENOUGH!

  470. welltempered2 Usurper is causing discord and wants this type of behavior.  He is a sick man and needs treatment

  471. esther3 MichaelIanWright My apologies, they both seem almost interchangeable in their sliminess.

  472. MizAmerica3 coralchristie The usurper wants this kind of division in OUR country.  the usurper is trying to destroy it.


  474. coralchristie I read that today.  I also read an article from St. Louis that there is actually a gang called the Obama Boyz, one of their members is wanted by the  police in 2 shootings…..nice huh?

  475. Oh and you missed a male nurse in Memphis Tennessee that was shot and killed by two black males. (it was reported as a robbery but they didn’t even try to take anything)

  476. Ya have to understand those 2 darlings probably heard car doors locked when they walked by and women holding their purses close. So what’s a couple of scum bag punks to do?
    You could easily argue the grievance industry is an accessory the this crime.

  477. Let’s see…three black teens beat a boy on a bus….black teens shoot an Australian man in cold blood….black teens beat a WWll veteran an 89 year old veteran to death…..it’s time for people to say enough is enough!!!!

  478. CherieSawyer Dump their dead bodies on the front door steps of their families home so the neighbors can see and then let the family deal with them!

  479. daisybud All infant life is innocent and precious. Calm yourself down. Then kindly carry on masturbating to your kkk altar. Btw I see you have two likes. Probably from Margaret Sanger and her guardian demon.

  480. JA_Topfke Now that people are FINALLY seeing it, they’ll NEVER be able to unsee it again!  People on this very website used to call me a racist for mentioning the very thing this thread is about!!!  But, that’s all water under the bridge as long as people are FINALLY waking up!!!

  481. They aren’t human beings.  Human beings have a conscience.  These are stone cold feral subhumans that can never be rehabilitated.  They are beyond repair and should be put down like a rabid dog.  Nobody is safe as long as they are walking the streets.

  482. Orangeone nibblesyble Amen!!! Wonderful prayer for a good man that fought for our freedom!!! May the good Lord keep his hands on his family!!!

  483. You don’t have to say it was race-based hate crime- I will. And so will any rational human being. Of course Jesse Jackson will release a strongly worded statement that this behavior is “frowned upon”…

  484. “…but clearly we’ve seen a lot of crimes like this lately.”
    It is not “lately”; it has always been like this. Black on White crime has been at epidemic proportions for decades. The only thing that has changed “lately” is that conservative websites like Drudge are starting to have the balls to report on it. You won’t see it in the mainstream media.

  485. my blood is absolutely boiling. this is the LAST generation of good honest people..WW2 vets should be treated as “kings” , and they are getting beaten to death by young friggen hood rats.. how are we not supposed to racially profile? before i clicked on this story i was not surprised at all what i saw at all.. would love to see these sh*theads in jail and see them squirm for life. 

  486. Realwriter24 I agree with the latter. Across all the states, the death penalty should apply for all murders. But the trial process should still be a painstaking process not something sorted over three days. Murder is serious. And for too long the West’s penalisation of it has been a joke. These two things called ‘teenagers’ must perish if indeed they are guilty. And the Tea Party must find a way to remove Hussein and friends and reform the land.

  487. daisybud These don’t get aborted.  The one who could be something that are black DO GET ABORTED.

  488. suzy000 Amen to that!!! I totally agree!!! Go after the damn parents, put their asses in jail along with their thug kids and I would bet things will calm down!!! I’m a law abiding citizen and I carry, if they mess with me, they will meet my guns!!!

  489. I can barely write a comment about this story 
    The MSM is not helping this situation by hiding the facts of these stories and not calling out the Race Baiters including the DC crowd 
    Earlier there was a story about a “Race War” – be careful what you wish for – It might come sooner than you think http://therightscoop.com/we-are-going-to-have-to-kill-a-lot-of-whites-dhs-employee-preparing-for-a-race-war-also-buys-guns-for-ice/
    No guns were involved in this – These were two BLACK cowards
    Purely racial – Disgusting!

  490. celestiallady IsraeliCojones Been away too and (very) slowly coming back… I’m happy to see you 🙂

  491. MarkKeating nibblesyble Mark, God gave us our own free will, that means we can conduct ourselves in any manner we choose, but then we have to live with those choices and the fall out from them. I believe that God was there at the end and during the beating comforting him through the Holy Spirit.

  492. Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, etc. have blood on their hands. There’s no doubt in my mind that their race baiting over the Zimmerman cases is responsible for at least some of these attacks.

  493. Im getting tired and fed up of hearing this everyday it seems, innocent  people getting beat up or killed over these little punk thugs! they are going to end up causing a race war with whites that i dont think they want to do…i know alot of you out there hate guns and thts okay but im a law abiding citizen and i think its going to take someone being attacked and start shooting before it stops cause how do we suppose to deal with it when we have a president provoking racism and is just as racist as any! bash me i dont care im just tired of people getting picked on cause they are cowards and wont fight alone!

  494. Who raised these kids?  This is the problem.  The parents of these thugs should be held responsible since they never alerted society that their thuggish kids are roaming loose.  Is it race?  Maybe  Did the parents teach them racist beliefs?  Maybe  I say go after the parents and be consistent and we will see changes real quick!

  495. Maybe we should stop complaining about Obama giving money to Planned Parenthood.  Keep vermin like this from being born.

  496. IsraeliCojones celestiallady Oh my gosh IC – how are you? so good to know you are well and still around. I am good – just retired and enjoying it. Hope to see you again on here. I have been away a bit but back!!!

  497. “What the hell is going on in our country?” 
    RS: I’ve been asking this question for almost 2 weeks now. It’s almost as if we are getting a steady stream of these stories now.

  498. MarkKeating nibblesyble This is a wicked, evil world. Thankfully, this brave man is at peace out of this mess.

  499. This is the kind crap that makes my blood boil..Hang em HIGH boys..you bitches want a race war..YOU GOT ONE

  500. nibblesyble MarkKeating Where is GOD when this poor old man was being beat to death  ,and was doing no one nothing  ?

  501. Race isn’t what comes to our minds first of all, but you know holy damn well that if this were two white teens who beat up and murdered a black elderly man……….Katie, bar the door.

  502. My neighbor is an 89 year old WWII veteran and I love him to death. I am furious! How dare anyone do this to someone who fought to keep them free! Every time I look at this man’s picture at the top of the page, I start crying again! Dear Jesus, hold this dear man in your arms and surround his family with your love and comfort, in your name, Amen. I am completely sickened by this senseless act and callous disregard for life!

  503. Scums like these feel empowered to do this and is all becuse Obama is president.

  504. I’m spitting nails.  I’m one of the most laid back, easy going guys on planet earth, but I haven;t even processed the tragedy of Matt LAne and this comes across my feed.  Every day it more and more of this bloodshed of innocent, law abiding citizens.  Is it time for us to say all murders get processed within three days and any loss of life due to murder results in capital punishment within the week…..We have coddled the criminally insane to the point they have no fear of anyone or anything.

  505. It’s about race, who the hell are people kidding. Obamamama is the blame. Shoot em dead……

  506. Proudhispanicconservative I most certainly agree with you. I can’t stop crying for this man. The little black bastards can do anything they want. It is Obama’s fault. All of it. I am so angry I could scream. This kind of crap is happening all over the country. It’s for trayvon. May be burn in hell.

  507. I understand where you were coming from. We conservatives are not in the business of making accusations without all the facts, thats what liberals do.

  508. People wonder why Geroge Zimmerman and others carry a gun. I can’t imagine why….. I bet you these two were unarmed just like Trayvon was… People for some reason think if someone is unarmed they can’t kill someone. So many ignorant people in this world.

  509. MarkKeating We are all feeling the rage Mark, I have turned to praying as I had some nasty images in my head about what I wanted to do. God save us all.

  510. He was vulnerable. That makes him a target for useless failures of humanity like these punks that have been produced by the political aspirations of Uncle Toms Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Soulglow the Buffet Slayer (NC NAACP chairman), as well as all the racist White Democrats. If he had shot those punks in self-defense, then racists JJ, Sharpton, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. President Hussein, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, et.al. would be accusing him of murder just like they do with everyone who refuses to be a victim of the racist violence they encourage.

  511. They are fucking cowards and pieces of shit and should be hanged , they onlydo it cause he couldent fight back , I wish he would have had a gun and shot both of them fucking cowards

  512. Scoop you asked “what the hell is going on in this country”, I have a simple response Obama is president.

  513. IsraeliCojones celestiallady Opinion only:  We do NOT have much time left to reclaim our Constitution Republic!  The time to stand up and chose sides is coming rapidly!

  514. Security photos show deadly N. Spokane beating suspects 

  515. I guess these two teens got the memo from Ayo Kimathi time to kill more whitties, by the way Ayo works for Homeland Security.  What say you Obama ,of course The Apostate Mr Allah Al Sharpton in the african struggle for murder, and of course Brother Jessie Jackeson of the same tribe,  wheres you are? hidden agains? like the scoundrel you are!   Mr King would spit on you, but don’t feel to bad because he would spit on Sharpton too, after seeing what despicable damage you two have done to his dreams and answered prayers, he would cast you into the fires himself with great gladness.
    You civil rights leaders are not worth the shad given by a mighty oak to keep you from the fire of the son.

  516. LuvU You must have stopped reading at that quote.
    Either way, I’m ‘losing’ nothing. We don’t even know who the teens were that perpetrated this, much less exactly what they were thinking. But I did speculate that it may be about race. Perhaps you should keep reading after the quote to see it.

  517. Can’t we just call a spade, spade? Obama is responsible for these rash of racist murders. (RACIST is a synonym for SENSELESS, isn’t it?)
    Like all fads in African America, this one will fade. Too bad so many unsuspecting, tolerant white folks have to die before the teen craze for white massacre ends.
    Who knows what these little devils will come up with next?

  518. celestiallady This is the question I’ve asked when I read this. It’s just atrocious

    Hope you are well, celestiallady. 🙂

  519. therightscoop Much respect you have gained in my eyes tonight moderator. Thank you for displaying clear integrity. The people most horrified and frightened by news like this are Right thinking  members of minorities like myself who fear that such unimaginable atrocities will be used for nefarious means such as that commenter was attempting to do. God bless you trs. If I were an American Indian I would this day dub you Man of Integrity. Thanks again. Pray 4 Mr beltone family tnight.

  520. “Now I’m not saying the attack was race-based….”
    TRS, you’re losing it. If you won’t say, everyone else with a brain WILL.

  521. DCGere The gangs will go to where the demand for drugs is and if a certain political group gets their way, the gangs will multiply in size and power over night.

  522. Not saying this is gang-related, just that crime in Spokane has gotten much worse in the last couple years. I’d be carrying if I ever stop in downtown.

  523. Spokane has been infected by gang members. Police aren’t doing a great job controlling it either.

  524. nibblesyble Orangeone How about we pray together.
    Dear Lord, please embrace this wonderful man who is now by your side, a man who risked his life so that we may enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us, the liberties you blessed us with and helped to defeat an unspeakable evil.  We will miss him here on Earth but are smiling in our hearts knowing he is with You.

  525. nigger- definition as in the dictionary:noun
    1. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a. a black person. b. a member of any dark-skinned people. 2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ignorant, etc. 3. a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.
    I would say that this fits the assholes perfectly.

  526. Orangeone nibblesyble I know Orange, tears are falling as I struggle with this..it makes me more determined to raise my kids to be kind and caring and respectful. Praying hard over here.

  527. nibblesyble Hug those kiddos instead and say an extra prayer for this man who is now with our Lord.

  528. Dear Lord help me, as I want to get on a plane and track these animals myself….I need some whiskey!

  529. http://youtu.be/NJxmpTMGhU0
    These are all people who hate
    America ,just like Obama and he set them in places they can do harm
    to the American people. Do we want more muslims abnd their Sharia law
    in OUR country?Look who’s new in the white house! Arif Alikhan –
    Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of
    Homeland Security Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser
    Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the
    Islamic Conference Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder
    Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director mam
    Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North
    America Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood
    Partnerships The foxes are now living in the hen house…Do you feel
    OK with this ?? Now we have Race card players trying to stir up a
    race war in America. Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson can go crawl under
    that rock they came from..How can this happen? Will we wake up ?We
    are Loosing our freedom, And our great Country is being destroyed by
    Islamic terrorist under Obama’s hand. Are we going to let this
    happen? I hope we all stand together and flood our congress with
    letter demanding prosecuting Obama and his Administration with
    Treason. Write to your state Representatives daily. Vote to take back
    the Senate in 2014. Tell them you want Obama Impeached and prosecuted
    along with any Senator or congressperson who trys to take our
    constitutional rights from us:: NO AMNESTY, NO NEW GUN LAWS, NO
    CAP AND TRADE, DEFUND OBAMACARE Let them know you are watching their
    votes. Holder Hillary and Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Jarrett,
    Boehner, Reid, McCain, Rubio and Biden are murders. DON’T
    FORGET BENGHAZI and how this administration killed four
    Americans and stood by watching it happen”Barack Obama is just a
    flat out liar and murderer.These people should be tried for High
    Treason:Greedy Queen bitch Michelle , Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton
    ,McCain, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein,Biden, James Carney
    ,Jarrett,Rubio,Schumer,,Donna Edwards, Paul Ryan, James Clapper, Leon
    Panetta, Lois Lerner,Graham , Sheila Jackson Lee, Senator Cornyn ,
    Rangel, John Boehner, Senator Chambliss , Franken ,Klobacher and
    those sorry ass poor excuses for Americans who call themselves
    Senators and Representatives for the people, DON’T FORGET BENGHAZI

  530. DonnyBlackmoretherightscoopUnless you can speak with more specificity, I will not allow you to make such irresponsible generalizations on this forum. If there’s an issue you are talking about, spell it out. But when you say “The “African American” population is getting totally out of control”, then you are out of line. And yes, it does sound racist to say such foolish things.

  531. Jay Carney will no doubt insist that he never heard of this, Jesse Jackson will no doubt ‘frown upon’ this, Sharpton will be hiding out (we much), and the Preezy will issue a typical crickets reaction.

  532. No two ways about it. They should be caught, tried, and executed. And so should/must their enabler. Look out Hussein; your time draweth nigh.
    More importantly, I sincerely hope that Mr Belton is now enjoying the sweet unspeakables of eternity with Christ the Saviour.

  533. DonnyBlackmore therightscoop And their filled with White People too. And Mexicans. But that’s not the point. 
    This post isn’t about your typical crimes like theft, etc. From what we can tell so far, they beat this man to death for no typical reason…perhaps no reason at all. And it’s crimes like this that are being perpetrated, many times, by black teens. 
    So yes, you are generalizing way too much.

  534. KennethWoosley Spokane is not Seattle. This is a farming/ranching/logging/mining community that leans well to the right. 

    I would have said the same thing as you yesterday. Now this shit has come to roost here in my own community. Time to start packing the Glock I guess.

  535. I don’t give a GIANT CRAP if they are black or white they should put them in a sell give his son a bat and let him in and if he does not have a son or he does not want to do I WILL STEP RIGHT UP FOR HIM……….WTF

  536. There IS a race war that is BOILING.  Obama and Corp driven. 
    IT”S UGLY, but that’s wthe way it appears from hear!!!

  537. DonnyBlackmore It’s not the “African American” population. That is far too wide a generalization. it’s a much smaller subset, mostly black teens that are perpetrating crimes like this.

  538. The fact that Barack Obama has given a pass to every black crime , will continue to make them more and more prevalent. They want to see if they too, will get away with it.

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