ABC News already suggesting connection to Tea Party in Colorado shooting – UPDATE: ABC NEWS APOLOGIZES


Editor’s Note: An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.


Breitbart News caught George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross suggesting a possible connection between the shooter and the Tea Party even though they aren’t sure it’s the same person as the suspect:

On Good Morning America, ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings early this morning in an Aurora, CO theater during a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The mainstream media attempted to blame the Tea Party for the Tuscon shootings in January 2011, shortly after Republicans swept the midterm elections. Now, in the critical 2012 elections, the mainstream media seems poised to do the same–and ABC News has led the way.
Here is the exchange between reporter Brian Ross and host George Stephanopoulos about apparent suspect James Holmes:

Stephanolpoulos: I’m going to go to Brian Ross. You’ve been investigating the background of Jim Holmes here. You found something that might be significant.

Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

Stephanolpoulos: Okay, we’ll keep looking at that. Brian Ross, thanks very much.

How interesting that Ross and ABC News should think to look to the Tea Party website first–and to broadcast politically volatile information without verifying if that “Jim Holmes” is the same as the suspect.


How irresponsible to connect the Tea Party to the shooter when they are not even sure if that person listed on the Tea Party website is the shooter. That’s not journalism whatsoever.

UPDATE: Breitbart News has posted an update:

The James Holmes who was arrested at the Aurora theater was 24 years old and seems to be from Denver, CO. The James Homes on the Tea Party website from Aurora, CO seems to match a James Homes who is in his 50’s and does not match the profile of the suspect. More proof and Ross, Stephanolpoulos and ABC News rushed to blame the Tea Party without confirmation that the suspect is also the Tea Party member.


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166 thoughts on “ABC News already suggesting connection to Tea Party in Colorado shooting – UPDATE: ABC NEWS APOLOGIZES

  1. The “powers that be” have guaranteed that Mr. Holmes does not testify regarding the Libor bank scam. He has a son charged with multiple counts of murder and terrorism. His son was set up quite possibly. Read this and at least consider the possibility. It’s quite possible that someone else mailed the drawings and set up the Adult Finder profile (he listed his height wrong). It’s easy to see how a drugged James Holmes could have been put in a car outside the theater and was framed. Please read this detailed report with videos and diagrams. What kind of a deal will his father work out with the bankster MAFIA to save his son from the death penalty?

  2. Funny that James Holmes dad being a scientist at the company that exposed the fraud perpetrated by the banks and was set to appear before Congress regarding LIBOR Bank scam IS NOT being discussed. The shooter being this man’s son is just too bizarre. James Holmes may have been under the control of mind altering drugs. Why did the media already declare him guilty? How did he learn how to wire his apartment with 25K complex booby traps? It took the FBI 2 days to sort it out. How did a nerdy kid become a confident gunman? Too much does not add up. The “powers that be” are trying to stop this kid’s dad from exposing the truth it seems–or at least delay his testimony. We are dealing with thugs and a crime syndicate. Obama has no intention of vacating the office regardless of the election results.

  3. My jaw hit the floor yesterday morning when I heard Brian Ross “report” that so early in the investigation.

    He must have thought to himself afterward, “did I say that out loud?”

    Useless idiots, the whole lot of them.

  4. Repugnant. Apology not accepted.

    If it were a one time occurrence I may be more forgiving, but this kind of malignant slander is their first reaction. They immediately attack Conservatives and to seek to deprive law abiding citizens of their second amendment rights.

    It is like they have this crap cued up waiting for a tragedy like this one to exploit for political gain. These people are revolting vultures.

    Their first priority is not for victims or the families, it is obvious they only care about their political agendas. They don’t mourn, but they malign, blame, and assault liberty. No sympathy or condolences, it is Marxism full steam ahead. They make me want to wretch.

  5. Brian Ross is a liberal, main stream media man. What else would anyone expect from such an individual and who can forget George Stephanolpoulos and his Oklahoma City BS? These people are not responsible news analysts, hell they would fit right in with Ivestia or Pravda without any training.

  6. There’s a biblical passage that states that those that have no mercy, will receive no mercy. Leftists do not accept apologies from Conservatives, and the apology of a leftist should be considered just as, if not more, unacceptable. They should SUE his ass, and his crappy network with him for a variety of things, ranging from character defamation, to slander, to libel (which is slander in print media) to reckless endangerment. I wouldn’t be satisfied, until he was losing his house and out of a job. If leftists are so caring and giving, Cher can spot him a few mil and give him a new house.

  7. For the first time in years I tuned into ABC NEWS tonight to see if they owned their blunder. NO and Brian Ross was included in the reporting. Screw them, I won’t watch any of ABC until George and Brian are FIRED !

  8. The Tea party and everyone remotely identifying with them should boycott ABC and demonstrate enough is enough. Until they see objection to their lies and deceptions, they have no reason to change. Their attacks will continue until you get their attention.

  9. ABC: “Gee, we’re sorry our pet skunk got loose in your house, crapped and sprayed everywhere. I think he’s finished now. Here, let us take him back home.”.

  10. Again, let me be the first to add to this debate that Rush apologized. We learned then that an apology wasn’t good enough. That’s my policy now with every Liberal or Progressive apology: it ain’t good enough. I want to see boycotts, and I want to see George and Brian suffer.

    No, that ain’t the Christian thing. At this point in our history, I think it’s the right thing.

  11. What the heck is Sasha O’Bambi video golfing doing as part of this article? Are they golfing today? Not that that would surprise me.

  12. if I was Jim Holmes in Aurora CO in the CO Tea Party that had been FALSELY tied to a mass murder as a shooter by ABC, well…I sure would be speaking out! how dare they…

  13. You can not trust American News media. They never check out their stories before opening their mouths. They donot care if story is correct as long as they can make a name for themselves. Thie media should be ashame of their profession.

  14. They did the same thing with the nutjob that shot Gabby Giffords and the others. We already know that DHS believes conservative patriots are the biggest threat to our national security. Yet, when the Muslim terrorist shot all those people at Ft. Hood, we were told “don’t rush to judgment.” God forbid we “offend” radical Islamists, but true American patriots are a threat. The world is upside down.

  15. if some have not boycotted ABC by now, suggest they do it. Like some other commentators have said, what would make a journalist go look at tea party page first thing???

  16. The James Homes on the Tea Party website from Aurora, CO should have a defamation of character suit filed against those [email protected]@holes at ABC. Time to stop these Turds disguised as “Journalists” whose ONLY agenda is the re-election of Obama.

    Time to call in Mark Levin’s Legal foundation and crush them. Hitting them in their pocketbook is the ONLY way. Another innocent American TRASHED by the stinking LIBERAL media for their own agenda!!! Release the F’n Hounds!!!!!

  17. Words fail me. This is just dispicable.

    People, vote with your remote, don’t watch ABC unless you have to.
    Certainly no “NEWS” shows.

    George just lost me on Sunday mornings, I am getting sick of the RHINOs showing up there anyway, they do not represent or speak for me ANY MORE.

    And they call this progress?

    Even though OBAME gave a good little caring speech today, no one is giving him “CREDIT”
    for the country going through a sort of a break down of sorts.

    Although I would not link this shooting to O, just as I would not link it to gun sales.

    MSNBC was itching to dive in to Gun control arguments, already, and they always link it hunting. No guns needed that are not reasonable and common sense for hunting? They decide what is reasonable, on MSNBC?

    Guns for me are for protection and declare my freedoms from tyranny, and lefties NEVER discuss that angle, except to call US black Helecopter type crazies.

    MAN, that show “NOW with Alex Wagner” REALLY needs some tear gas (from USA, large can preferable…just a joke) thrown right in there next to Gov Rendell. He only wants to control you, every day, it is something new.Liberal are all little tyrants trying to get out.

    “NOW with Alex Wagner”? Looks to me like all she thinks about is being in control of her viewers with the President backing her. She even says so in the name if her show!

    A little tyrant growing up right in front of our eyes aided by liberal Pols. How did we get so lucky?

  18. I haven’t watch the alphabet soap tv medias for almost four years now and I don’t miss a thing. They irresponsible with their idiotic bias to the leftist and liberal.

  19. No wonder why I believe the media is going the way of the dinosaur. This should never have happened on the air. For Mr. Ross not attempt to verify before he reported this erroneous information is irreprehensible. I cannot trust the media today!

  20. ABC apologizes? These liberals think apologies just cure anything. I apologize for calling your favorite president a foul, bed-wetting, thumb-sucking pig in a commie-blue suit. I apologize for implying the Brain Ross is a kiddie chaser and that Stephanopulous’ mother was an SS slut banging Dr. Megele in a Braizillian motel.

    See? Apologies just make every thing go away. A journalist, a professional, can destroy an innocent man’s reputation, maybe his life, in ten thoughtless words, but you just apologize and mommy will make it all go away. Wouldn’t it be great to be a liberal?

    It’ll be okay for you Ross and Stephan-stickit. You don’t have to live in Aurora and be named James Holmes, the murdering Tea Party Member! Yours is a soulless existence, you are immune, so far, and you are colossally stupid and criminal.

  21. Americans in The Tea Party movement or any of the other 45 freedom fighting groups in America would never attack or kill innocent fellow Americans. We are Patriots not murderers.
    Shameless leftist communist media alway’s trying to plant a seed hoping to cast a shadow over the tea party.
    Won’t work.

    tea party patriot
    we replace by voting, legally.

  22. Stephanolpoulous has always been leftwing extremist political hack. Now Brian Ross removes all doubt he belongs in the legion of the brainwashed too. They are used as tools to lie and deceive the Ameican public. If any sane person on the face of the planet ever believe one word these lying loons utter, then they are dumber than a box of rocks.

  23. An apology just does not cut it since they let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

    These amoral, unprincipled, conscience-less scumbags don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the victims, the families and all of us that have been so affected by this senseless act.

    the only thing they care about is furthering their agenda; to do as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested, not to let a good crisis go to waste

    All I can do is offer my condolences to all who suffered such a profound loss and pray for their families.

  24. In the 2nd Amendment “shall not be infringed” is being infringed. People should (do) have the right to open carry, concealed carry, any carry. Carry anywhere. everywhere, anytime. Businesses. Churches, parks, etc. do not have the constitutional right to infringe your right. They do, but it is against your right to keep and bear arms.

    1. “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
      A property owner has rights as well, if he or she decides to put up a “gun buster” sign they are within their rights to do so, as you are within your rights to patronize another merchant. The exercise of rights carries with it an inherent responsibility to respect the rights of others, in that exercise.

  25. Do they not realize they could have put that person’s life in jeopardy? What is wrong with the media idiots. It’s downright disgusting that the media cannot wait until all the facts are available before opening their mouths.

  26. The MSM sucks and everyone should not watch their propaganda. Do to them what they wanted to do to Rush. Even though I did no business with the advertisers that quit his program, I wrote them down and will never do business with them.

  27. Beck just called for this James Holmes and the Colorado tea party should sue ABC news. Totally agree.

  28. Colorado may have about a dozen TEA Party members. The rest of that state is the western capital of Marxist America. Why elso would George Soros live there?

    The eastern capital of Marxist America is Michigan.

    1. It used to be conservative, but too many pot smoking, board ridin’ dudes moved in over the years…along with a tsunami of illegals.

    2. That ain’t no shiite, Mike. But, there are a few conservative pockets, like Durango, where my mom lived.

  29. Funny how whenever there is a major shooting the mainstream media never asks if the killer is a far-left liberal or socialist. Lee Harvey Oswald was a dedicated communist, yet the media never asks if any potential killer of a public figure is a communist, let alone a socialist. When Gabby Giffords was shot in Arizona, did the media openly wonder if the shooter was a liberal Democrat? Nope, they did not. Their first instinct was to blame, of all people, Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties. And then the mainstream media wonders why the Tea Parties and conservatives hate them so much.

    1. And yet we’re not allowed to question the religious persuasions of those who fly airplanes into buildings, those who scream allah akbar, and those who behead people- because it’d be hateful, intolerant bigotted profiling.

  30. Why the Tea Party association with this shooting? The same reason Sarah Palin was linked to Gabby Gifford’s shooting. The media are relentless character assassins and will stop at nothing to tarnish or destroy the reputations of those who seek to return our nation to its constitutional roots. Pure evil.

    1. Too true my dear friend! The enemy of a free and constitutional Republic no longer hides its face. We see them on the airwaves daily spouting their vile poison.
      The question is, What shall we do about it?
      I do not watch the broadcast networks, nor their cable affiliates.
      Yet through the use of the internet, I am able to gather the news from around the nation and around the globe and stay informed. Sites like the RightScoop help greatly.

      It would appear that the ‘net is the last bastion of free speech and the free exchange of ideas. It’s no wonder Obama and the marxists in our government want control over it as well!
      As you say, PURE EVIL! VG

    1. Said the same thing myself. George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross should be FIRED!!! ABC sued.

  31. I’m wondering if the scum is a jihadi. Maybe his nom de guerre is Aknard ibn Stink bug or something. Or maybe he’s an admirer of Al Gore like Ted Kazinski. Or maybe he’s a big fan of Anders Brevik? We shall soon see.

      1. Either he’s leftist pond scum or Islamist pond scum. Either way he should be dragged out of the jail and hung after first allowing the people to get their hands on him.

  32. Oh yea because those tea partyers have such a violent history like plotting to blow up bridges, oh wait…

  33. Is there any lingering doubt in anyones mind that the LSM is now the full fledged and devoted propoganda arm of the socialists/marxists in America?

    1. These “reporters” have to have trouble sleeping at night. When bias and subjective pseudo reasoning permeate a profession, that profession becomes pointless and irrelevant. Journalism is nothing different than barbershop gossip nowadays. RIP Journalism!

      1. I think that maybe ‘barbershop gossip’ is more reliable then the journalism we have today!
        Yes my friend, I fully agree with you that modern journalism has become pointless and irrelevant as have the newspapers, magazines and the majority of media outlets that ‘report’ this nonsense.
        It seems to me that rather then ‘inform’, they seek to ‘indoctrinate’ us to the dubious joys of their socialist utopia of lies, slander, and disinformation! VG

    2. Hi VG! Hope you are well!

      I am always intrigued by your orchard. It sounds amazing. Most recently hubby and I have been reading about farm to table restaurants. I love the concept. We’ve started a small garden here at home, but our ground is so very hard (red rock) that we have to use containers. It is so gratifying to pick peppers, garlic, radishs or lettuce to use for our daily lunch or dinner. I am especially getting a kick out of the Jalapenos. I use so many, and the plants are plentiful.
      Our sunflowers are incredible too!
      Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.

      1. Greetings to you milady! It pleases me to know that you are growing foodstuffs and I wish more of our friends would do so.
        Javalinas? You must live in the great southwest. If they are fattening themselves on your pumpkins, perhaps you might shoot and dine on them! I lived in New Mexico and Texas for about 9 years as a young man and got to eat what we call here in the east, ‘wild pig’.
        I don’t remember posting an x rated reply so if it was edited, it had to have been a moderator.
        What in the world did I say? My memory must be going! My 14 year old granddaughter tells my other grandchildren that I have ‘farts-heimers” if I forget something! KIDS!

        1. Great to hear back from you!!!!

          Yes I am loving growing a few things. My moms companion ( my dad passed away last year at 92… and this gal is incredible… she helps my mom with everything 3 days a week!!!, and she is amazing. ) turned me on to it. She is a farm girl, bakes, grows, plants- I love everything she has to offer and teach us. Coming from the city, I have a lot to learn.
          Yes we have Javalina ( we are in N Arizona), and coyotes, and most recently chimunks and pack rats that are enjoying themselfs on our autos wiring. Its all out war here. The coyotes are dangerous but the Javalina are mean. When I go down to the mail box sometimes there is a pack of them. They cold stare you down.

          The “edit” if I recall was something in regards to 100 round magazines. Nipples getting hard or something. It was there for about a second or two and just when I was going to reply it was gone. Pooof.
          It cracked me up though I can tell you that!

          Stay well, VG.

  34. This blame the Tea Party card holds as much water as the blame Bush card. Liberal hordes will be repeating this nonsense for months, trying to give legitimacy to their supposition. Why the hell would a Tea Party membership cause someone to open fire at the Batman showing? I don’t think the Tea Party handbook condones committing heinous crimes against civilians. This crime was perpetrated by a deranged idiot that will be nurtured and spooned in prison for the rest of his petty little life.

    1. I don’t even know why Tea Party “membership” is even relevant. It’s not as if the Tea Party groups vet the members. Anyone can join one of the Tea Party sites and as long as no one complains about them being offensive, “they are a member”.

      It’s like saying if you subscribe to the NY Times and do something like that, the NY Times is responsible. How ridiculous !!

  35. Hey, Brian, why even bring up the suspected shooter’s name and the Tea Party if you don’t know for a fact that it’s the same person? I know you just want to plant a “seed” in people’s minds about the violent, evil Tea Party. Plus it’s more of that indepth, meticulous research that you folks are so well known for, I suppose.

  36. My condolences and prayers go out to Colorado. ..

    I say SUE ABC out of existence, tell me when and I will be happy to chip in and donate money to hire a lawyer. ..

    Now all everyone are going to remember ABC news says it’s the Tea Party’s fault, without evidence, just to cause and fuel more hate..

  37. Does anyone know if any of the victims look like Obama? You know how the Prince of Cadavers love a murder.

    I can see him rubbing his tiny little hands together with a big grin, drooling and eyes bulging like a fly headed contemplating its lunch.

    Or does the shooter look like another of Obama’s sons?

  38. Stephanolpoulous has always been a leftwing extremist political hack. Now Brian Ross removes all doubt he belongs in the legion of the brainwashed too. They are used as tools to lie and deceive the Ameican public. If any sane person on the face of the planet ever believe one word these lying loons utter again, then they are dumber than a box of rocks.

  39. Don’t believe a word the liberal media says. Why is it that they try so hard to link everything with the Tea Party? Could it be that in their heart of hearts they know that the Tea Party, comprised of Americans from all walks of life, is going to eat their lunch in Novemeber and render their existance insignificant?

  40. Hussein really DOES control the media. This is outrageous!! You’d think we are in Cuba or Venezuela. That’s why the polls still show him in the 40’s instead of the 20’s. In this “free” country the media is supposed to report the news accurately so that we can make informed decisions. So ABC has already placed the TEA party at the center of this disaster. Communists in charge of the media!!!!!!!!

  41. Who is going to hold these two accountable? have they apologized to the tea party yet for their jump to conclusions? Obviously there are several Jim Holmes in America and until the get the FACTS they should NOT be making any predictions. Oh, I long for the days when reporters REPORTED the news.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately this animal was wearing a bullet proof vest and a helmet. Although, I guess one could try aiming for his neck.

      1. I coached Mrs. WFM, who needs no coaching regarding when to use a weapon on on whom to apply it, always to aim the shotgun at the low center mass for that very reason. Learned that in the US Army.

        Just think, “low center, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and squeeze.”

  42. There are many on the internet who are claiming he was a member of OWS, based on the fact that some random guy in Florida posted on his blog that he was in a headline to an post that makes absolutely no mention of him being a member of anything.

    I was on another political blog earlier, and there were people from the right posting the facebook page of a black male named James Holmes who they claimed was the shooter because, you know, black people are so dangerous.

    Every time something horrible happens, both sides pathetically scramble to desperately try to make the culprit to be a member of “the other side”.

    Vaguely intelligent people realize that there are mentally ill people from all political persuasions.

    Let’s all take a deep breath and calm down before we start making baseless accusations of people belonging to any group or ideology. And, if it turns out they are a member of a certain group or ideology, let’s be rational and remember that “being a bad person” is not limited to one certain ideology.

    1. Although I agree with you that neither side should jump to conclusions, it is understandable to wonder if he’s connected to the Occupy movement because of their violence. There has not been one incident of a Tea Partier getting violent.

      I do agree that that man’s face should not have been posted on Facebook until the facts are known for sure who actually did it. However, having a national news agency like ABC run a story like this is truly outrageous.

  43. Are you freaking kidding me??? I live in Parker, CO – that’s just south of Aurora.

    And since WHEN do you hear of anyone in the TEA Party doing anything but peaceably assemble? To heck with this. Geez, so ticked.

    I gotta turn off politics; I’m throwing these jerks out in November. I already turned off my television, so NBC and ABC don’t get my attention.

  44. After seeing the update, I have to wonder just exactly how these idiots run ABC anyway. Having read the initial story, I googled James Holmes myself and immediately came up with a 57 year old man in Denver, Colorado – obviously the wrong guy. If I, as a mere internet user, can do that, why can’t a world news organization do it?

    Oh, sorry. Rhetorical question. We all know why they do it. The horrendous death to many and terrible injury to others doesn’t even seem important to these goons. Only ratings and agenda matter to them.

    I know the Lord will judge them justly when their time comes, and I find comfort there. But I sure wish there would be some worldly accountability right now in order for these sick and disgusting actions to be rendered useless.

  45. It is more likely the shooter was an OWS aka soros employee. Tea Party members are non-violent and would never attack anyone unless it was in self-defense.

    This is yet another ploy from the left to take our guns away. Look at the timing on this…when is the UN supposed to get the opportunity to take away our guns AND control our water supply?

  46. The Glenn Beck Show has confirmed that a man was lured to a remote area, robbed and killed. One of the murderers was Brian Ross. They are attempting to discover if it is the same Brian Ross employed by ABC News

      1. I am not one to favor lawsuits but when things get out of hand and the innocent are slandered it must stop.

        1. I agree that there is way too much suing in this nation, but this is one case that should warrant suing.

  47. Just yesterday I had to try to help calm my daughter down who’s friend’s aunt and her boyfriend, were gunned down together, dismembered, and tossed into the Detroit River. As far as a I can tell, they are still looking for the guy…the former estranged boyfriend. She was so upset she had to leave work. Couldn’t continue. She called us.

    My daughter’s friend’s family were all huddled together waiting for the next shoe to drop, and hoping for the guy’s arrest. He had been stalking other family members too. You can probably read about this story in the Detroit Free Press. It’s got to be in there, though I haven’t looked for it. Now this, along with all of the other, increasingly frequent acts of evil happening all across the globe.

    I think Satan knows that his time is short, and is active in every possible corner where he can gain entrance…every possible mind and spirit too…and many of us realize that our “…redemption draweth nigh…”

    I just read John 13…the entire chapter. Check it out.

  48. I don’t see how it mattered anyway, the James Homes didn’t RUN the site anyway, he just joined it.

    So If someone went and joined an OWS site.. then killed tons of people, he is now an OWS murderer????

    Anyone can join anything and then do something… it doesn’t matter.

    A single persons actions doesn’t matter in regards to an organization.

    Places like CNN and ABC, etc can’t go away quick enough.

  49. Would anyone be surprised if this guy was a tea party, domestic terrorist? I know of a nice, warm place where all teahadists can play with their like-minded friends. GITMO!!

    1. The thoughts of yet another diseased liberal sociopathic troll on display. What an ignorant fool you are.

    2. Guess what? You’ve been awarded the valuable prize of an increase in free time so you can spend more time at your local occupy circle jerk event. As you’re done here dirtbag.

  50. It sickens me that this tragic incident is being politicized. It also sickens me that there is so much coverage, even though the incident was tragic and shocking. There have been 250 murders in Chicago so far this year. They are on track for a total of 500 murders in one city in one year. The majority of victims are black and under the age of 30. Where is the shock? Where is the outrage? Where is the President’s statement of condolences to the families of the victims? Where is the call to suspend campaigning out of consideration for the families?

    It is time to get tough on criminals! Guns are not killing people. Criminals with guns as well as some with knives, are killing people in every major city in this country and nothing is being done to stop the violence. It is always a cry to control the sale of guns and ammunition. But when a criminal commits a crime with a gun being carried illegally, there is no just punishment for the crime. They are released back to the streets to rob and murder.

    This was one whacko with a gun who could have been stopped by one legally-armed person with a gun. If only one person in that theater had been exercising their right to bear arms, many could have been saved.

    1. Chicago’s pretty boy Mayor Emmanuel is facilitating a current murder rate that exceeds New York’s, a city three times as large as Cow Dung IL.

      Ramme, Obama’s favorite butt boy, claims the city, located in the infected swamp at the ass-end of Lake Michigan, is having a “gun crisis.” Guns are running into the Chicago ghettos and killing black children and Democrack voters. He is proposing a round up.

      The round up of guns will start after the mayor determines whether guns can vote.

      1. Now guns have legs and fire themselves after taking careful aim at black children? I guess gun manufacture and artificial intelligence have commingled to create a new generation of racist automatic guns.

        The truth, Mayor “Butt-Boy” Emmanuel, is that the gangs you are allowing to run the city in your place are importing guns, illegally but free from prosecution, into the hell-hole that Chicago has become. In the meantime, the liberal mayors of our biggest cities make it impossible for law-abiding citizens to carry weapons legally to defend against these murderous thugs.

    2. Agreed. Although it would have been hard to take him down as he was wearing a bullet proof vest and a helmet.

  51. Brian Ross ? That the name of a pediophile arrested in South Boston in the mannequin warehouse, isn’t it?

    And wasn’t “Stephanolpoulos” the name of the Nazi SS Surgery nurse who fled to South America and was known to have been sleeping with Dr. Mengele in Buenos Aires?

    Man I love Facebook. l’m going to do all my background work there from now on. Think of how much gasoline and shoe leather I will save. I feel the earth cooling already.

  52. Another pointless news cycle begins, I wonder how long this cycle will go on for where the lsm dogs will bark about everything except the truth, time to tune out the news until this crap goes away.

  53. Don’t expect a retraction. They accomplished what they set out to do which was to cast the Tea Party as a violent fringe group. Truth was never the objective. The “seed of doubt” was.

    That’s how propaganda works.

    13. Propaganda must be carefully timed.
    a. The communication must reach the audience ahead of competing propaganda.
    b. A propaganda campaign must begin at the optimum moment
    c. A propaganda theme must be repeated, but not beyond some point of diminishing effectiveness.

    14. Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.
    a. They must evoke desired responses which the audience previously possesses
    b. They must be capable of being easily learned
    c. They must be utilized again and again, but only in appropriate situations
    d. They must be boomerang-proof

    18. Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.

    19. Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both.

  54. OUTRAGE!

    How can these phonies even be allowed to be on the air? It’s so sucking wrong for them to even “go there”… this is the same sort of criminal reporting that happened with Zimmerman/Treyvon… they fabricate a story out of thin air to serve their master and the liberal line…

    I’d like to bust them both in the mouth.

  55. It is beginning to get redundant how this is playing out. We are now beginning to anticipate the next 5 moves by the left attempting to spin this before it even happens. Are more people waking up?

  56. how criminal and horrendous those so called journalists are thinking of a political agenda first instead of these innocent victims and the craziness of the shooter… Even if the insane shooter was connected to the Tea Party it would not fit the narrative and history of the organization; on the other hand this behavior would fit to a tee Occunuts but they have to try their best to connect the latter.

  57. Obama the Great has already issued a public statement about this shooting… right then, I knew there was something fishy going on. Obama doesn’t give a damn about anybody in this country, unless it benefits him somehow. For the next solid week, the deaths of these people will be a political benefit to Obama. The media will make sure of it. Think of how morally despicable that is.

  58. They now have also put the 50yr old Jim Holmes in danger. The communist malignant media is so corrupt and dishonest. I hope they’re destroyed when November shows them the truth about the people in this country. God save us from such evil that they broadcast.

    May the Lord comfort those that mourn today.

  59. Typical. These people are so transparent in their desperation it’s pathetic. Too bad there are still some who watch these shows and take what their headliners say as gospel.

  60. These DemonCrat operatives are grasping at straws. Even if there’s no connection, they hope the accusation is worse than the charge. Sort of like the Bane/Bain connection, it’s subliminal.

    1. They know there is no connection.

      What they do know is Obama’s base is flat out STUPID and will lap it up like a rapid dog and then, while frothing at the mouth, will bay about this for weeks on end….spittle flying.

  61. The insanity of the left will be exposed for the absolute lunacy that it is. The socialists know the conservatives are the only ones in the way of their transformation away from a Constitutional government, so their lies and deceptions in attacking the right will be relentless for this horrible act in Colorado. As usual, this will be Gabby II with no regards for the truth.

  62. The All BS Channel just keeps grasping at straws led by the leftist bootlick Lil Steponhis.

    As an aside, people from the left that come in here from time to time accuse us of parroting Fox News. This despite the fact that a number of us don’t even have cable anymore. My question is who does ABC parrot?

    The limp noodles at ABC should seriously think about changing their logo to a screaching parrot.

    Polly wanna cracker Georgie?

  63. Jeez – H Chrisp! If he had joined the library last year, would they be linking him to those homicidal librarians we’re always hearing about? NO… And if he was a card carrying member of the ACLU, they’d suppress it… Doesn’t fit the agenda…

    As it turns out, they had the wrong guy… So way to go on doing your research before presenting it on the air guys! Kudos to you! /sarc.

  64. I’ve discovered that ABC did an interview with Katie Holmes, star of the ‘Batman Returns’ movie and it wasn’t very flattering. Now this is significant. Is it coincidental that James Holmes went off the deep end and killed all these people at a ‘Batman’ movie showing? Or do you suppose the interview was responsible for this crazed man doing these horrendous deeds.

    The similariities in names is uncanny and ABC should be held accountable for this irresponsible action. It was rumored that he shouted ‘ABC akbar’ just prior to the shooting, but we need to keep looking into that.

  65. It’s too bad that Jim Holmes can’t somehow sue ABC news.
    If you don’t know if it’s the same person then keep your damn mouth shut!!!

  66. I laughed (ruefully) at this article because I knew that it wouldn’t be more than a breath away before the mainstream media accused the Tea Party, the conservatives, NRA etc of nurturing or housing this monster.
    Is it any wonder that nanny Bloomberg jumped to the microphone and is calling for tighter gun control laws? Liberals will be privately jumping with glee that something like this has happened and will use it for their own political agenda.
    So many families are in pain today. My prayers that they will be comforted.

  67. These media whores are so predictable,its pathetic.They tried to pull the same crap after the Tucson shootings-turned out the shooter was a diehard lib!

    1. It’s similar to a court of law, this court of public opinion. The sequestered jury hears something they shouldn’t hear and the judge tells the stenographer to strike that from the record and tells the jury to disregard it. It’s too late to disregard it!

      The problems we have in this country with a media so complicit with the left, one cannot tell where one ends and the other begins, are serious ones. They are all woven from the same bolt of cloth. Which is which? They’re one in the same. The media is like the captive totalitarian arm of a dictator.

      Where are we? What country is this? I was born in America and still reside within it’s borders. What happened? Who wants to kill my country?

      Rhetorical questions all. I know full well what happened, and so do you.

  68. LMS media is so quick to tie this murderous event to the TEA party without any credible evidence. Yet, they choose to turn a blind eye and give a free pass to Obama and Holder over the murders committed under Fast and Furious.

    I guess since Fast and Furious failed to promote gun control, the LMS will try to assist the Obama and company by putting gun control in the headlines as much as possible.

  69. What an absurd amount of desperation by the media to blame the Tea Party! Why would the reporter even bring that up without it being a fact? It had no relevance to the story other than proving that reporter probably gets turned on every time he sees Obama.

    1. Exactly, so if the shooter ate Raisin Bran, should we ban that brand? As usual just mindless “logic”.

  70. “You found something that might be signifcant”

    Why would it be signifcant if the shooter is a tea party member? I’m sure the Left are praying to their gods that he is the same guy. Sickos.

  71. …but the Ft. Hood shooting had nothing to do with Muslim Extremism.

    These people are not journalists who are in the business of reporting the news. They’re hacks propagating a political narrative.

    1. Seems like criminal negligence to me. Something’s gotta give! America cannot continue with a press like this!

    2. Precisely. These evil fools in the lamestream media still say they don’t know what Mr. Allah Icky Bar’s motivation was in the Ft. Hood shooting. Geez!

    3. Yes….what did they try to call it? Workplace Violence.
      That was not just the press…was also the current PC government.

    1. Now you know why I always use ABiC when referring to you rather than ABC, like many others do. I never want people to get the wrong idea when I say emphatically, “I hate ABC”.

  72. The guy dressed up as Bane!

    (See the UK Telegraph’s opinion coverage @ where I have already posted some comments myself.)

    Since when do Tea Party people also believe they are comic book characters?!!

    I’m sorry but is there not a way the Tea Party can issue a defamation suit, sorta like these LGBT weirdos do all the time?

    Its not even funny anymore!!!

    1. I knew he’d dressed up, but did not realize it was of Bane!
      Gee, who is that compared Romney to Bane? It’ll come to me in a minute…

  73. Even if he were, it still doesn’t change my opinion of the TEA party and ABC news.

    Grasping at straws yet again.

  74. I think its a greater chance that he’s OWS, i mean, The Dark Knight IS a conservative movie supposedly that bashes Occupy. “sigh” the body count isn’t even done rising and already they’re using to their political advantage. I say its just plain downright evil.

    1. I agree, John. Hate and evil are part of the basics for the liberal psyche who react with beligerence those those who remotely disagree with their fanaticism. This assassin, after all is said and done, will be a liberal leaning nutcase just like the fools (Stephanopulous/Ross) that blamed this on the Tea Party.

  75. Someone should search the Occupy roles. Let’s see if there was a Jim Holmes anywhere involved in that.

    1. If he is indeed associated with the TEA party, chances are he was a ‘plant’ in order to achieve their desired outcome. This behavior is out of character for a TEA party member, yet more likely fits the violent agenda of the Occupy trolls.

      1. That would be a sad development indeed, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that he’s had anything to do with the Tea Party movement. I’ve read (again, much of it unconfirmed, but a few items have been confirmed by Breitbart) that there are three James Holmes (cross-referenced) in the Colorado Tea Party movement, and all of them have been dismissed AS the identity tied to this shooter.

      1. It’s still all WAY too early, but I’m reading (all of it unconfirmed, so I’m just throwing it out as speculation) that the shooter is affiliated with the Occupy Block Back (??) group. I’m also reading (still unconfirmed) he’s a registered Democrat. I’ve also read he was in make-up AS the Joker (from THE DARK KNIGHT). Can anyone confirm anything on these details as of yet? Or am I just coming across speculation?

    2. this is a GREAT idea….those computer savy, let us know if you find out anything with this name AND occupy movement.

    3. There’s actually no mention as to whether the information was obtained from a search of tea party roles or not, so you cannot assume that it was done in this manner instead of a simple Google search. In the end, there is no proof that there was bias on the part of ABC, although I find it a shame that this tragedy has become so politicized.

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