Absurdity: TSA confiscates cupcakes because frosting could be gel-like substance

The TSA recently confiscated “cupcakes in a jar” from a woman because they seemed “to have some concerns about the frosting being a gel-like substance.”

So I wonder who ate it?

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56 thoughts on “Absurdity: TSA confiscates cupcakes because frosting could be gel-like substance

  1. Using that rationale, the tsa could justify confiscating all the money in your wallet, because…ummm…well…maybe you could buy a bomb with that money.

  2. I said the next time I go to the airport, I’m going to put an entire bulb of garlic in my mouth. I’m going to chew it, and then get real chatty with the TSA. I’ll have to make sure I breathe right on them.

  3. Maybe it was THC gel. Cannabis cupcakes. I need those when I read about Ron Paul.

    This is crazy. Don’t want to racial profile though. Let’s bust a ladies balls for cupcakes because we have so many instances of women blowing up planes with the snack bombs.

  4. Sorry, but I have to give the TSA a break on this one. During WWII the Allies developed an explosive that could pass for ordinary flour. In fact, it was actually safe to cook and eat, though I understand it didn’t taste too good. This story may seem ridiculous, but we’ve already had terrorists hide explosives in their shoes and underwear. Why not something that could pass for a cupcake?

    1. Since we have technology to detect explosives, how about they just use it instead of taking cupcakes from people. Seriously, have you encountered the TSA, these aren’t highly skilled agents here, they have no clue what they are doing.

  5. This is not new. I used to work for an airline and spoke to many people who had their snacks confiscated under the same rule. Skittles are gel filled. Caramel and nougat are also apparently gels. I do agree they were probably confiscated because the TSA slacker was hungry. One person told me he saw the agent put his confiscated Milky Way into his pocket.

    1. The Cupcake of Mass Destruction

      A powdered sugar white substance mixed with liquid
      On a cupcake! Obviously a terrorist, she can’t proceed.
      “Against the laws of nature,” a TSA spokesperson stated
      Illegal and immoral so the cupcake is confiscated

      A deadly cupcake of mass destruction set to explode
      Ingredients illicitly united – blended with a secret code
      TSA just saved the day for a hundred souls on the plane
      Getting done in by an iced cupcake – how utterly profane!

  6. Did you know their original name was going to be Aviation Security System or something along that line, but when they put the initials on the backs of their jackets, they realized it wouldn’t work. True story


  7. I’ve never had an exploding cupcake. However, I do know for a fact that if you eat too many cupcakes for too long your butt will explode.

    1. Did you use the word “crappy” by coincidence or was it intentional? Good choice of word.

      If word gets out you could be responsible for all of the TSA employees going home sick. Hey, let’s all spread the word.

  8. Guess what the BIGGEST SECURITY THREAT is?

    The TSA IS the biggest threat

    They let guns through – but stop cupcakes and strip old ladies

    If I were the passenger – I would have eaten the cup cake

    You know the TSA SCREENER enjoyed it

    This bunch of misfits must go

  9. I saw an interview on another network this a.m. and I thought one point she raised was very interesting. She actually told the TSA she would take a bite to prove to him that it was not dangerous. They refused, and confiscated it.

    This is just ridiculous!

  10. Is anyone surprised?

    Any time we put the government in charge of anything, we see STUPIDITY increase!

    Let’s think about this…. EPA – Carbon Dioxide is a bad gas…. (all plants use this to make oxygen that we breath.) Department of Education – Prayer should not be in school….. Harry Ried – Millionaires don’t create jobs….. BHO – “I like to spread the wealth around….. Nancy Pelosi…. “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” (Boy! That was one wicked Christmas present!) TSA – Frosting looks funny, it might be an explosive!?!

    Let me guess… They took this from A little old lady and let the Muslim walk through with his toothpaste while he was shouting “alla akbar”.

    When will people realize that government is not the answer? IT IS THE PROBLEM!!!!

  11. I traveled to Florida about two weeks before Thanksgiving. I always buy business class so I can go right through. I always watch what the TSA are doing, and I have to say, I’m embarrassed for my country.

    It’s an absolute freak show. There was a TSA Agent checking the boarding passes when you walk in. He looked like he walked out of a 1960’s hippie commune. He had grey hair pulled back in a pony tail. He was nice enough when I asked him a question, but are we supposed to take these people seriously and respect them when they look this way?

    The second person I noticed was a black TSA Agent. She had dreadlocks all over her head, pulled up in a ponytail on top. They were sticking up all over the top of her head. For heavens sake, if you want to be treated with respect, you’ve go to look respectable. They obviously have no dress code.

    I watched everyone walk through. There was a tall white man, with jeans and kind of a straw farmers hat next to me. He was with his wife. Looked like nice, clean cut, honest people, probably somewhere from the midwest. As I was exiting to pick up my bag, I looked over to see him getting a full pat down. I just shook my head in disgust.

    We all know, that it’s white males, who look like farmers that have always hijacked airliners, and blew them up, right? I’m embarrassed at the ignoramuses employed by this Government, and those that voted these losers into office. That includes, ignoramuses like Tom Hanks, that useful idiot, Spielberg, and Clooney, who never talks about Darfur anymore.

    1. By the descriptions of these TSA agents, it would appear that they were hired from SEIU or ACORN, perhaps.

  12. The TSA is pushing it to the point that more and more of the public is going to be outraged and all hell is going to break loose. Is this being done on purpose? We are losing America as we know it and people are starting to realize this. It is becoming very apparent that the government, as dictated by the traitor now occupying our White House, is doing more harm to us than any other entity. The EPA, TSA, NEA and Homeland Security, among many, many other agencies, are ,it seems all, part of an internal assault on our freedom and security. This country was founded on a quest for freedom and it will continue to exist for the same reason no matter what it takes.

    1. The public has been indoctrinated already –

      Social engineering

      Obama knows it – They voted him in didn’t they?

      No experience – no meaningful past employment – suspicious background –

      agenda that is crazy – shows signs of a sociopath

      Hopefully – with the internet and social media –

      Faith in the Lord and common sense – It will be stopped

  13. Around Thanksgiving time I was transporting some wonderful cocoa powder and delightful midwestern Hope Creamery butter to my mother-in-law in Utah, TSA detained me, while my husband and 3 young kids watched and waited, for an extended period of time while the goods were analyzed. The powder looked suspicious and the butter could have been plastic explosives!! We were released with our contraband, fortunately. We were just trying to bring grandma a treat! No cupcakes, no buttter, no cocoa powder. 🙁 What in the world is this coming to????

  14. you know I haven’t flown in an airplane since before 9/11. (It wasn’t because of the events that happened but my mom had a fear of hights so my parents and I drove most of the time) This does not help me want to go back to flying if I cant bother bringing anything with me in case it was considered a “terrorist-threat”. Along with this, baggage fees, and no more food on the plane, (just suck the fun out of everything why don’t you) Until they stop getting so paranoid about what’s inside grandma’s Depends, I have no reason to fly again.

    1. I’m with ya there too. I never minded flying- I just like driving because it’s more interesting, you don’t have to breath canned air, you can stop when you want, you can eat when and what you want, and the scenery is more interesting. Oh, and you don’t have to sit beside a total stranger who happens to either be twice the width of his/her seat, afraid of flying- therefore clutching the barf bag the whole time, or who has lived in their parent’s basement all their lives and wants conversation with someone who is not their parent.

      1. Flying has become worse then a Greyhound bus.Packed in like sardines.A flight I took a few weeks ago gave me the opportunity to hear a vehement quarrel over the validity of the first moon landing.On the return flight I sat next to a 5-6 year old that only spoke Spanish.The flight crew determined the child’s mother was eight rows back and didn’t want to sit with her child.Learned some new cuss words in spanish when they had me switch places with her.

    1. When the dumpacrap/rino party is declared to be the terrorist organization it really is, is shut down, and disbanded. And the dumpacrap/rino politicians are in prison. And a new party is in its place (assuming we still even need parties).
      And the repubs are warned that if they don’t get back to doing their duty under the constitution and obeying the law they’re going to be next. Then and only then this BS will end.

        1. …or they wanted a gift for Mom.

          I would have stepped out of line and ate the thing smacking my lips with a huge cupcake grin on my face.

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