After calling Ted Cruz the worst liar he’s ever known, Trump back to calling him a ‘good guy!’

El Trumpo showed his infinite flexibility with the truth again today, pretty much his only skill, as he went back to calling Ted Cruz a “good guy”!!

In case you’ve forgotten, his nickname for the Tednado was “Lyin’ Ted.” Trump is an infant who acts like any single thing he dislikes is the “worst ever” and then moves on to the next “worst ever.” Is there any statement he’s ever made that he HASN’T flip flopped on eventually?

During the primary contest he had called Cruz the worst liar he had ever known:

Trump has a tenuous and strained relationship with reality, but he doesn’t seem terribly interested in getting counseling to improve it, unfortunately. And why would he? His most rabid supporters seem to prefer his absurd lies to a more difficult and discomforting reality.

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