AFTERBURNER: Bill Whittle on why learning to lose is so important

Something a little different from Bill Whittle today:

There’s a new theory in child development–no cheering. ‘Silent Saturdays,’ as they’re sometimes called, are sports games for youth in which no parents or fans cheer, jeer, or coach. They are trying to make sure that no child feels the sting of a loss by hearing the excitement of the opposing team’s supporters. In this Afterburner, Bill Whittle examines the effect this will have on men and our society.

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23 thoughts on “AFTERBURNER: Bill Whittle on why learning to lose is so important

  1. Sometimes it takes a loss to figure out how or to motivate us to win. A sword is pounded then forged in fire… to become useful and perfect.

  2. Bill has recently combined his wide variety of operations into a single website, Check it out. Part of it is subscription-based but there’s a lot of free content.

  3. Bill Whittle, is great. His message is true, to be a successful winner you have to know what it’s like to lose.

    1. 12grace, I want Mr. Whittle to run for President, he always sounds great to me. He knows a lot, lot more than the current pos and I love his demeanor – it’s sorta like Dr. Carson’s – that would be a great dreamy ticket, yeah. (I know this was off topic, I just felt like writing it.)

  4. Right, Bill, they don’t want the boys to grow up to be real men. It’s the chickification of America, as Rush so succinctly calls it.

  5. If there’e no thrill of victory or agony of defeat, what’s the point of competing in the first place?! The idea reeks of social engineering, and about as far removed from natural law as anything.

    I only have a few stand-out memories of my little league days at that age, but one of them rang hard as I listened to Bill. I had made this really excellent “chase down the ball and throw to first” play for an out, and my coach was all, “nice job, but you didn’t have to try so hard”. Huh!?!

  6. Incredible, have similar story, everybody though I was crazy with little league team, I said wining is easy to handle, loosing after giving it your all is the ticket, don’t quit, road to wining. Must loose, only way to win, gives it meaning, not complicated, although disappeared as of late.

    Threat of being punched in head, more powerful than the shot, (case in point) experience leads = leaders are created from failing. oh yea / first year lost every game, following year undefeated. One constant, took them all out to eat on Saturdays after game win or loose, my treat, off the menu, priceless. I felt selfish ..

  7. I love Bill Whittle. I admire him. I admire his raw, basic understanding of what a truly successful individual needs to embrace. I say successful not in a monetary way but in a way that brings out the best in humanity and lets humanity express itself and advance itself without having to be hampered by ill conceived regulations, laws and politically correct dictums.

    I love him because he has the insight to realize the origins of America are rooted in the rejection of ill conceived regulations, laws and politically correct dictums.

    I love him because he has the talent and energy to convey these ideas.

    1. Me too, Gino. I hang on his every word and rarely disagree with him. An amazing individual. I wish he would run for office; he’s such a straight talker I know he would have a huge following.

  8. Good Grief! Meanwhile here in my Province we have a bloody school that sent a note home with the kids to say they have a no touch policy at recess time to ‘protect’ the kids. People are losing their bloody minds!

  9. Those parents and coach should be thoroughly ashamed. I couched baseball for my two boys when they were little. They never would’ve played for that team or that coach.

  10. Well, we know that Democrats will never tolerate Silent Saturday in politics. Oh sure, they’ll tell the other side to have more “civility” all the while saying the most vile things.

    It’s the usuals. Dems want rules for others, not for them.

      1. He does have a way with words brother. We could all play adult sports together, if ‘adult’ didn’t have to always mean, booze and/or debauchery.

        As always…I’m with you.

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