AK Debate: Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor

Not only does Lisa Murkowski question Joe Miller on how his West Point instructors and classmates would say he’s lived up to his military code of honor, but she goes on in the second half of the clip to deem him ‘not fit to lead’; only to hear as a reaction loud boos from the audience.

Here’s the full debate!

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149 thoughts on “AK Debate: Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor

  1. I am not an Alaskan, nor interested in Alaskan politics.But Murkowski’s actions indicate she is a power mad, deceitfull, liar.

  2. Folks….Let’s be honest with ourselves! The fact is Lisa is not only lying to the public, but she is doing it INTENTIONALLY with an “Ends justifies the means Alinsky Objective” . Joe never accused her of voting for Obama care, but only said that she lied about her claim that she appealed the very next day…Just view for yourself..Folks, sadly 8 years of power and making choices for the sake of power and self interest has greatly impacted Ms. Murkowski. The scowl on her face when she spews an obvious lie about her candidate is quite evident to most. She has spent over a million dollars on false accusations to make up for her 8 years of failed policies and mistakes…It will be tragic if you allow her deception (like Obama’s) to manipulate your vote…Those who fail to remember the past are condemned to relive it..Please listen to the below video, which reveals one of the many of Murkowskis lies..


  3. Lisa sure lost that round. Hear those boos? She tried to sling mud and make false accusations and the audience did not like that one bit.

  4. I’ve got a very simple answer to Senator Murkowski’s question: Joe’s West Point classmates could not be prouder or more supportive of his efforts! I was privigeged to be Joe’s roommate at West Point. He was an excellent cadet, an outstanding leader and an exceptional person. I’m confident that he will make an outstanding U.S. Senator. Hearing her say that Joe is unfit to lead is all the confirmation anyone watching this race should need to understand that she is not a person of good character.

    Good Luck, Joe.
    Your fellow 89 Grad

  5. Lisa, your questions were below the belt, and most around the country don’t want someone like you representing us in the Senate. You lost fair and square, so what did you not learn from the primary? Get on with your life – away from politics.

      1. Really??? That’s hilarious! I went to a podunk, low-rated law school, but passing the bar exam has nothing to do with any of that, it’s about how hard you work to pass…she obviously didn’t want it.

  6. Muroski..is a piece of shit….not even able to lick Joe’s shoes. She is an embarrassment…a quisling K..T. She needs her pompous ass kicked back into an igloo. FU…Muroski…you have no idea what service means you asshole.

    One pissed off Vet who stands with another vet.

  7. To the RINO.
    “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” Sam Adams.

  8. I heard some clapping, but I don’t know if people were clapping for those in the audience that were obviously booing her, or if a handful of people clapped for her incivility. People are seriously considering voting for her? I wouldn’t.

  9. You know when you see a person who doesn’t want to let go of that power they will try to do anything possible to retain that power. LM has cheated the AK voters and anyone who votes for her is either uninformed or just plain “stupid”.

    How can you not vote for Joe Miller? A person who you know is quiet “fit for the job”.

    It boggles my mind as to how many voters do not see what’s really in front of them. If you look closely at LM eyes, you can tell she’s in it for herself. The lady is in denial.

    I only hope that the people of AK will vote for the right person, Joe Miller!

    1. Lisa is reeally working hard to destroy Joe. Of course, he has made some mistakes in his past, which he has paid for, but when all it over and done with, I still think he will come out looking pretty darn good compared to Lisa.

  10. Millers a decorated active duty war veteran and the little princess thinks she is “fit to lead”? Truly pathetic.

  11. She needs to declare herself a Democrat. Joe Miller slapped her upside the head going and coming on her first comment and the audience was not receptive to her last insult. All she is doing is helping put a Democrat in that office.

  12. Murkowski is one bitter ole hag!!! She is gonna question the military record of an individual we she herself was to damn sorry to serve. She got where shes at because of her old man, and thats it. Good to see Alaska put her out

    1. The fact is, Lisa has no party affiliation whatsoever. In DC she is nobody. She lost the senatorial primary. The republican party is backing Mr. Miller. End of story.

      1. They did not and will not take her seniority or he committee position away from her. Ruling class sticks together.

    1. Her father was gov. and appointed her to a vacated seat, to serve most of a term and her 2nd term her father bought for her, so you see the seat is her’s by right.

  13. Waht a buncha morons you all are. One of the biggest reasons washinton doesnt function anymore is this hyper-partisan attitude you all seem to be so proud of. I want my officials to work “together”. All this bickering and nothing is getting done. There are real problems in this country. Cant you baboons see that Carl Rove wants this devided nation. Are you all so stupid that you think he or the Koches giv a $hit about any of you? Every last one of you on here needs to grow up. You all make me sick

    1. What do Karl Rove have to do with this hag touting her long service (exactly, and that’s why you should be gone) these type of politicans have no respect for our military. Daddy’s girl just seem like a spoiled brat.

      1. Im not saying that. What I am saying is that this whole thing is rove. Divided we fall. And you are lapping it all up with big fat teabaggin spoons. Wake up

    2. So be sick, the Republicans and Democrats were bi-partisan on many votes. They both voted against the bills. Working together with Progressives means shut up and do what we want. Hussein Obama has caused more division in this nation in 20 months than anyone else. The old guard in BOTH parties are on notice, start packing and looking for a nice retirement home cause you are done.

        1. I disagree. Obama’s had the media in his corner from the get go. The media tore Bush down the minute he threw his hat in the ring. To this day the media never investigated Obama’s past, ever.

        2. Yeah, true. Because he was a conservative and a Christian the liberal media hated him. And, of course, he wanted to protect us from the terrorists. The dirty rat!

    3. Some fine examples of SaucyJAK’s version of “work together” and “bickering” avoidance…

      -Waht a buncha morons you all are.
      -Cant you baboons see…
      -Are you all so stupid…
      -…giv a $hit
      -Every last one of you…needs to grow up.
      -You all make me sick

      You’re version of working together seems to be working about as well as ObamaCommieCare…not too good.

      Oh and, SaucyJAK? Learn to spell.

      1. Heres some togetherness moo; blow it out yer arse. Heres some of yer hypocrisy. ( did I spell that right jackwagon?)

        “Is lead poisoning the cause of your obvious mental deficiencies? Or the fact your mother refused to give up crack during her pregnancy with you?”

        “FOF…no my friend, I think it will be the Marines Effi’ng you. They like a little puscy now and then. And, you’ll fit the bill just fine…”

        Heres how it is moo…I couldnt care less than I do what a crazy teabaggin nut like yerself thinx of me. Put that in yer crack pipe and smoke it.

        After listening to the people you monkeys support for a while now I am beyond done. Vett yer candidate next time and maybe you all wont seem like a pile of loons.

  14. I am a veteran of THREE Campaigns Starting in souhteast Asia and ending in Bosnia Kosovo. This bitch doesn’t know what it is like to wear 22 decorations 1 being a purple heart and a soldiers medal for valor. I have a bronze star as well. She does not deserve to sit in the White House. I am a republican but no matter what party my President was when he called I WENT. No Questions.

  15. Didn’t the people of Alaska already vote….they did not choose her. Face it, Lisa. You lost.

    And what made you ready when your daddy picked you?

    1. Some people I spoke to said the election wasn’t fair — they didn’t get a chance to vote! Even a woman on Lisa’s staff said she didn’t get a chance to vote. WHAT? We all had the same amount of time to prepare, and plenty of advanced warning to get to the polls. If people couldn’t get to the polls they could have voted early or voted by absentee. Duh?

      Well, if it were anyone else, the person would have graciously accepted defeat and supported the winner as all other Alaskan candidates have done. Not Lisa.

  16. If you want to see an ELITE – ARROGANT – ENTITLED politician look no further than Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. THIS, ladies and gentlemen is the problem with Washington ! I don’t care if they are Republican, Democrat, or Independant. THEY WORK FOR US – this woman doesn’t deserve to share the same stage with this man and this clip PROVES it

  17. She is only interested in her own power. She proved she didn’t care about the will of the Alaskan people when she reneged on her promise to abide by the outcome of the Primary. She’s a RINO…vote her out !!!

  18. Lisa Murkowski brings only the worst elements to the election process. She was beaten once but refuses to go away. Why? Because she can not face the reality that she is not wanted by the Good people of Alaska. She should hide her head in shame!

  19. “Scott is not ready to lead, Joe is not fit to lead”………Really? Lead us where? Over the Cliff? Daddy…..daddy, they won’t just give me my senate seat like you did! I don’t understand why they didn’t catch her flying off on her broom. That would have been a great video shot……..

    1. WHY is she still in the race? Why is she even sitting there? She was defeated, fair and square. This is truly a frightening development in America. Career politicians are defeated yet simply refuse to go away. That’s called “banana republic” and it dangerous

      1. was just reading thru and realized i hadn’t thought of that. Since when is a ‘write in’ candidate involed in a debate with nominated candidates?

  20. And today it comes out the law is being broken with precincts handing out lists of write in candidates. (Gee, whose name is hardest to spell?)
    I think they caught it in time but all those write ins SHOULD be scrapped.
    You LOST woman! GO away!

  21. This is the daughter of the former Senator, that was appointed by her father when he left office. I don’t vote in Alaska, but if I did, I wouldn’t vote this debutante entitlist in to office, I would vote in someone that hasn’t spent their entire life feeding off of the tax payers teat.

  22. Lisa Murkowski is backed by big corporation special interest (good ole’ boy network) who are lining their pockets from government no-bid contracts and attempting to buy this election away from the true Alaskan people (those who work hard and play by the rules). WE MUST RUN HER AND HER “ALASKA MAFIA” BOYS OUT OF THIS STATE! MAKE A GOOD SHOWING ON ELECTION DAY LITTLE PEOPLE! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE………..

  23. The RNSC needs to remind Alaskans that Murkowski will have no “seniority” should she achieve her pyrrhic victory. In fact, they should declare publically and forcefully that she will not be allowed to caucus with the Senate Republicans should she win in November.

    1. Except it’s not true. I WISH they would pull her seniority and make it loud and clear that they don’t support her, but they won’t.

  24. The problem here lies in a very specific defect in the American lifestyle. Folks are so brain dead with leftism and media that they think rhetoric IS reality. That if someone paints the picture of “unfit for service” its the same as that person being unfit for service. This is the problem with leftism: its based on rhetoric, not actions. Therefore, the zombies who are on the same page as this will think the same way as MurCOWski…words, lies = reality.

  25. Lisa Murkowski you are a sour loser. From what i know of you, you were greased into the job. Quit being a sore and indignant loser and get out of the race. I think you will be imbarassed when its all over

  26. Lisa Murkowski you are a sour loser. From what i know of you, you were greased into the job. Quit being a sore and indignant loser and get out of the race. I think you will be imbarassed when its all over

  27. Wow, I thought I’d seen the lowest attacks so far. This is an all time high. Her yapping mouth is running with the freedom paid for by our men and women in uniform plain and simple. STFU STFU STFU

  28. Was Ms. Murkowski talking about that phony Democratic Senate candidate from Connecticut??? The Vietnam vet ( the Marine reservest who never left the USA) She is the lowest of the low. Hopefully Mr. Miller will win and represent Alaska Honorably and with conviction.

  29. Murkowski is just another progressive, liberal democrat……woops…..is that an “R” next to her name???….Must be a typo???

  30. Sorry, I haven’t followed this closely. But can somebody explain to me why Joe Miller is on the Republican Ticket? I thought he was a Tea party candidate?

    1. The Tea Party does not have candidates. They do not officially endorse candidates. Joe Miller is the candidate who holds the views closest to the Tea Party platform and so is called the Tea Party candidate. Also, individuals who are known to associate with the Tea Party endorsed Miller, but I don’t think the organization officially endorses anyone. He is a Republican.

    2. He won the Republican primary in AK. Murkowski lost but is trying to reinvent herself as an independent write-in candidate. There should *not* be an R by her name in this clip, as she is *not* the Republican candidate for Senate in AK.

    3. Perhaps you don’t understand what the Tea Party is, or what it is to be a Tea Party candidate. I am a Tea Party member, and this is how I would describe it.

      First, the Tea Party is a group of conservative people who come from all political parties. We are from all walks of life, all colors and all creeds who are united under the Constitution of the United States and by love of our country. We want to return to limited government, less spending, State Sovereignty, taxation by representation, and strong family values.

      We are not a political party, and there are no plans to form a new political party. We are just a group of people that is on a peaceful mission to restore our Republic. My reason for joining was to help renew the good principles of the Republican Party and clear out the RINOs. I realized that most of the Republicans in Congress are RINOs who are corrupting and dividing our party and wanted to do someting about it.

      When we find candidates that believe the same way, our Tea Party members stand behind them to give them support. I guess you could say they get our endorsement. Joe Miller is a true Conservative Republican who has our Tea Party support behind him.

  31. This is precisely why a lot of military personnel personally look down on civilians, and it was encouraged in Basic Training. When a person that has graphically demonstrated they have absolutely no sense of Honor, when a person demonstrates beyond all question they have no sense of Duty, when a person shows beyond all shadow of doubt they have no true love of Country, questioning someone that DOES hold those values dear should tell even the deafest person all they need to hear about the questioner. Murkowski is an ugly SCALLYWAG. A derelict in duty, dishonorable, country-hating scallywag that is desperate to find some weapon to use against the dutiful, honorable, country-loving CAPTAIN Joseph Wayne Miller, honorable graduate of the United States Military Academy (and looks a lot more like a witch, than the honorable Christine Therese O’Donnell every could). Just this weekend, I got the honor of CURBSTOMPING (as Mark Levin would call her) the detestable Debbie Stabenow, Michigan senator, another low-life and liar that didn’t have the guts to even put themselves in the position to perform the ultimate service, and give the ultimate sacrifice, for the country that they see as nothing more than a piggy bank and land deed. They will not personally join the armed forces all for the same reason: “all give some, some give all”. They want to give NONE. For people like Murkowski, ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. Instead of trying to go into the camp of the so-called “independents”, she should’ve run right into the arms of the democrats, as she fits so well in the ranks of others like her (the Dalai Obama, Greasy Joe Biden, Her Royal Thighness Hillary Clinton, Slick Willy, Bawney’s Fwank, etc.) that disdain both the military as an organization, it’s members — former, current and future, living and dead — and their own country. Her every action has been a loud and clear self delineation and depiction as a despicable, disreputable, untrustworthy, quibbling, petty liar, and an embarrassment to Alaska, directly, and the Country as a whole. Anyone that supports this self-absorbed, childish, spoiled champion of hereditary robber-baronism and tyranny is every bit the same things she is, even if they are first degree relatives, supporting her because she is spouse or family. Some things come before family, and certainly come before self.

    Ask CAPTAIN Miller, United States Army.

    1. WOW ! Here I thought that this type of PC-absent dialogue, genuine outrage, and polished English composition were relics of a bygone era. Thank you for the easy to read, plain-speaking, hard-hitting TRUTH, sir….

    2. Basic teaches Joes to hate and look down upon civilians? Guess I slept through that class.

      And since military service is not a requirement for office,who cares if Murkowski served or not? I’d rather not have to serve with people who don’t want to serve,so if people like Murkowski don’t see military service as their calling then more power to them.The Armed Forces is here to protect and serve those civilians who don’t see a need to serve.It’s an utterly selfless on the part of those of us who have actually served.

      Who’s questioning Miller’s military? I’ve seen many people,on the right and left,correctly questioning his character in Alaska but I’ve yet to see attacks on his military record.

      If an unemployed,workshy, person with O’Donnell’s questionable and checkered past is honorable then I’d hate to see what a dishonorable person is.

      And attacking people’s physical appearance is not a take as Jim Rome would say,it’s just weak.

      1. I served from 1967 to 1993 in the US Army and I can tell you that after coming home from Vietnam twice and having civilians spit on me and worse, I had no love for civilians. Cities around Military Bases get millions of tax dollars for their schools and infrastructure and then the business rip you off because you are a soldier and not “local”. I could care less if someone serves or not but if you did not then you have no right to question the honor of those who do.

        1. And don’t you just how the generation that’s probably responsible for the deaths of almost as many babies as Chairman Mao killed Chinese adults called YOU a baby-killer?

        2. I am so sorry for the terrible treatment you got when you came home from Vietnam. I was so ashamed of those despicable people, as were my parents and family.

          I live in a military town now and our soldiers are much loved, no matter where they are from. We love and honor all our guys, and we always remember and give honor to our Veterans. My dad was a WWII Veteran as were his six brothers. My brother served during the Vietnam war but was stationed in Germany. I thank every soldier I see on my daily travels, and have since the first troops were deployed from our local Army base. I even get a few hugs now and then.

          You are much appreciated. Thank you for your service armyranger6793, and please consider yourself HUGGED.

      2. O’Donnell is work shy? Obama never had a real job in his life and it shows every time he opens his mouth.

      3. Mr. Wrong.


        You strike me as the type that identifies himself as some sort of “ex” something. Where I came from, and where my friends that are fellow Veterans came from, anyone that is an “ex” Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman was NEVER one, in the first place. You REMAIN a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, until you are killed or until you die. That is a non-negotiable. LTC West said it, himself: ‘check your oath; there is no statute of limitations on it. Once you take it, you are bound to it, until you die’. One of the earliest things drummed into us was that we set ourselves apart from everyone else by virtue of what we do, or do not. We decided, freely and of our own free will, to live lives dedicated to Duty, Honor, Country. We volunteered to enter into some of the most dangerous, deadly jobs in the world, bar none. When enemies of America see us, their first reaction is to try to kill us. We learned that there are many things bigger than ourselves, and, again, since you seemed to have fallen asleep during those lessons, too: Duty, Honor, Country. Why did our drill sergeants look down on most, if not all, civilians? Because they believed there was a great gulf between those that would live lives dedicated to Duty, Honor, Country and voluntarily give up their lives to prove that commitment, and those that would not, for whatever reason (they had other things to do, they didn’t feel it necessary, they thought others that believed in it to be stupid or inferior, etc.).

        As usual, you’re full of nothing but strawman BS and idiocy. I never mentioned a mandate for military service, but when dealing with someone that has made the choice that military service was unnecessary, and another that believed it to be a necessity, and took that to the extremes Joe did (most officers in the Army do not go through the United States Military Academy), the choice is simple. One knows about Commitment and Honor and Truth, and lives by those virtues. The other (Murkowski), whether she does, or not, chose to avoid a life guided by those principals. Maybe they’re not important to you, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering your decidedly un-Soldierly, un-Marine, un-Sailorly, un-Airman persona and opinions. Yes, the armed forces are there to protect, but if no one feels to need to truly serve their Country, the Country that’s gotten them far more than most other people in the world, then what good is it?

        Your attacks on O’Donnel further label you as anything other than a Conservative and a Gentleman and a Soldier, spewing nothing more than leftist talking point lies about someone that, quite frankly, regardless of your ‘service’, is clearly so much better than you are, and demonstrates her superiority by a continuing optimism toward, and desire to serve, her nation, all without tarring and smearing others. You could learn from such a woman. Then, as for your lame attempt to castigate me on insulting Murkowski’s looks, I’m looking on the inside, not the outside. If you see beauty inside the woman that has shown herself to be nothing more than a dishonorable, low-life guttersnipe, and no beauty inside a man that served in time of danger as an Officer and a Gentleman in the United States Army, you really need to crawl back under that rock that is called the Daily Kos, and leave us good folk alone, for good.

    3. Thank you so much for serving our country and for your comments and I pray that the rest of the men and women follow suit and vote for Joe Miller!

      1. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure there was as little varnish as possible, and that I was as clear and straightforward as I could be.

  32. She is one nasty person…I cannot believe the Alaska people want someone like that representing them…

    1. Its not that we want her. Its that we want any one but a lying, swindeling, ethically challenged hypicrit likw miller. All you teabagger freakjobs, next time vett yer candidate, maybe ill vote for him/her. Are you losers actually looking for crazy people or are you all just crazy?

      1. The points is that all NORMAL people have warts and failing. I do, I’ll bet you do. We have gotten to the point where the only people that pass that “vetting” are so inbred and homogenized they are worthless. Their spines and morals have been bred out of them. I’d much rather have a someone represent me that has made mistakes and learned from them; has failings and flaws and learned to overcome them.

  33. Oh my, what a wench! The crowd booed her ass appropriately. Murkowski/Gollum is definitely trying to get the ring back. I was waiting for her to snap and bite his arm screaming, “It’s mine! You has no rights to takes precious from us!”

    1. I haven’t laughed this hard in I don’t know when. The Gollum quote-hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!!

    1. This is why, precisely, I support and encourage the Republican Party being JUST as harshly attacked and excoriated as the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party of America. They, just as much as the LSDPA need to be literally overthrown, cast down and destroyed.

      The party of slavery, rape, murder, racism and tyranny needs to be left on the same historical dung heap as their brothers-under-the-skin the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei/National Socialist German Workers’ Party), Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party of Germany), and, of course, the venerable Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). They all are known for their beliefs in such things as citizens’ rights coming from the state, and that not all are created equal, but some are vastly superior to others by virtue of birth and/or socioeconomic status.

      The party that formerly stood for freedom, individual rights and what was good in America has lost it’s way and committed suicide by ingesting the poison known as moral relativism, carried in the bodies of such RINOs as the McCains, Specter, Snow, Chafee, Collins, Shays, Pataki, Boehlert, Romney, Castle, Leach, and, of course, Murkowski. The GOP needs to be scrapped. Not to form a useless appendage called the “third party”, but restarted from scratch. The Tea Party stands for many of the principals that the GOP once stood for, and was spawned from (and what the LSDPA has always stood against). Candidates need to be introduced from the Tea Parties into the GOP’s body and cleanse it of the poisonous, venomous disease of the RINO, once and for all.

      The GOP establishment is just as afraid and unused to criticism as the man-child-in-chief, the Dalai Obama, himself. This criticism and justified critique needs to be forced down their throats. If it kills them, we start anew with a reborn GOP. If it cures them, then we can quickly pick up were we left off.

      1. @Virus-X : your points are well taken with the addition that we do not need a third party – we have one already – it is called “we the people” and it is now firmly up to we the people to turn these ship of fools around and sprint back to our Republic –

      2. Are you seriously calling the Republican Party the “party of slavery”??? You have a LOT to learn about American history.

      3. I like the way you think, it is time to clean house in BOTH parties. The GOP is in dire need of a shot of ethics as is the Democrat Party. I went Republican because the Democrats had move too far left and now the Republicans have joined them. Vote out all incumbents and if the replacements don’t do better vote them out after the first term. Term limits are in effect, they are called elections.

        1. Too many are in it for pure political power, oversized paychecks and perks. They’re now fighting against the will of the American People harder than they’re fighting against the bloodthirst, falafel-eating murderers that are threatening to kill them. Congress is claiming we don’t have the right or power to recall sitting national politicians in the House and Senate, and it’s time we put politicians in office that are ready to respond to the Will of the People, even if it costs them their precious political power. Too many have become power-hungry, petty bureaucrats, out for their own best interests, as opposed to those of their constituents, and the US as a whole. Others were elected to office by idiots, knowing full well that’s what they were putting in office (Grayson being a prime example). Politicians that go rogue and turn on their own People need to FACE the People. They need to face laws that are AT LEAST as strict as those they strangle the private sector with, threatening imprisonment at every turn, and they also need to look down the barrel of the recall gun. Not everybody will care, but some will, knowing that if they pass un-Constitutional legislation, they can face impeachment, indictment and imprisonment, as well as facing recall for unethical behavior that goes against the nation’s best interests.

      4. You make some good points and I think we are on the same side here but you do need to brush up on your history.

        1. And I think you really need to go back and actually read the post. Everybody else understood exactly what I said, and who I was talking about, and when I was talking about them. Everybody but you, and very few others.

      1. Would never consider looks as a campaign issue, but Lisa’s attitude, tone and facial expressions combined to make her look like a bitter old woman. Really never checked to see how old Lisa is…maybe we should see her medical records.

    2. nothing worse than a woman scorned. Boy, Miller NAILED HER on her hypocrisy with her massive “dirty tricks” campaign she is lodging again him. Typical establishment politician. Murkowski needs to move somewhere and run as a dem

    3. So sorry, we are not. The Constitution was build to protect us, and we will stay high, ruling your pointless lives.

    4. So sorry, we are not. The Constitution was build to protect us, and we will stay high, ruling your pointless lives.

    5. So sorry, we are not. The Constitution was build to protect us, and we will stay high, ruling your pointless lives.

  34. Lisa Murkowski: Have you no honor ? Without your daddy’s skid-greasing, you’d have been a wonderful chamber maid, not a U.S. Senator from Alaska….

    1. Chamber Maid … naaaw. She’d have just kept on snortin’ coke w/ her silver spoon pals, and partyin’ on thru the ’80’s, until Daddy (who was Big Time on the ‘Just Say No’ bandwagon) or some journalist caught her red handed.

    2. Sad to say that Lisa has done nothing except put all of us, and our children and their children, into debt for decades, unless we can get Joe in there to help repeal the things she has done to us.

  35. I’m no fan of Lisa Murkowski, but those were boos mixed with applause.Also, how does one “build” a work ethic?

        1. Definitely countering them.

          I mean, Murkowski has something like 30% of the vote, she obviously has people that support her.

        2. I grant you the Miller supporters were about 70, and the Murkowski’s maybe 35 or so. But the Miller supporters were made up mostly of peaceful type Evangelicals, who were always concerned with remaining ‘above the mud-slinging & meanness’.

          I am a 65yr old VN Combat Vet who is finished being polite to Hippies and selfish anti-Constitutionalists/Progressives.

      1. I was there. The room erupted in BOO’s. Princess Lisa brought the house down on her mean & angry, bitter, arrogant face … left herself struggling to stammer out her final thoughts.

        She didn’t help her cause by calling Joe, a Bronze Star awarded Combat Vet, “… unfit to lead Alaska.” I predict this will HAUNT her.

        This sucessful debate was important for the Miller campaign since Murkowski is truly afraid to debate Joe on the issues. Watch it and judge for yourself.

        I saw a man cool under fire … delivering his message with clarity, and handling the mud thrown at him with confidence … unflappable.

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