Al Gore caught LYING about fish swimming in streets of Miami – [VIDEO]

Al Gore is now claiming that the oceans have risen because of Climate Change and because of that fish are now swimming in the streets of Miami:

Well fish are swimming in the streets of Miami, but Climate Change isn’t to blame as Gore wants you to believe. Rather, the National Weather Service says the cause of this is in part high tides caused by the moon:

WSVN – It seems fish are now taking to the streets in one area, as high tides continue to bring a flood of frustration to South Florida.

Drivers and residents are calling it a nightmare, as the water rises and recedes, and it’s far from over as more tidal trouble continues on Wednesday.

South Florida has been under a coastal flood advisory since Monday because of “high astronomical tides due to the lunar cycle,” according to the National Weather Service, and neighborhoods have been dealing with rising and falling waters ever since.

A meteorologist with the NWS expounded on this, saying that it’s not just caused by the moon, but also because strong easterly winds pushing high tides on shore:

PALM BEACH POST – The National Weather Service issued a coastal hazard message early Monday morning for areas from Palm Beach County to Miami Dade, and in Collier County on the southwest coast.

Brad Diehl, a meteorologist with the NWS in Miami, said high tides could cause minor flooding through Thursday and then slowly withdraw as the moon enters its waning gibbous phase.

But it’s not just the moon causing streets to turn runny, Diehl said.

Easterly winds pushing water onshore, normal seasonal changes, sea level rise and a slower Gulf Stream also are to blame.

“There are all kinds of subtle things that contribute to the higher tides,” Diehl said. “This kind of thing can be hard to predict.”

Of course Al Gore would lie about this, taking the result of a natural phenomenon of wind and lunar cycles and blaming it on Climate Change, all to keep up the myth by which he has become filthy rich.

What a puke.

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